The Power of Intention, the Magic of Synchronicity!

Updated: November 8, 2015

Dearest sparkle being,

Being on the road this time, in and out of airplanes, has made it tough to think clearly enough to write my weekly thoughts to share with you. From Toronto-Calgary-Edmonton-Vancouver- Victoria – Los Angeles and now Phoenix I’ve succumbed to whatever has been floating around and am writing this in bed before I have to head out to my next event.

I arrived at the Celebrate Your Life Conference in Phoenix worried that I might not make it through the weekend ( I must have sneezed 200 times throughout the day – excellent work out for the abs I tell ya!)  but fortunately I brought my amazing energy healer Althea Gray with me.

I am amazed at what happens when she sits down to do a clearing for me. She works with me long distance every time I do an event to keep me clear in order for me to continue my work unencumbered by the interference of energies that so many of us sensitives fall prey to.

Watching her live in action however is truly awe inspiring, and it’s shocking at how quickly I feel better when she works on me. Just her intention alone is palpable and I am mesmerized by how her pendulum so accurately shows what’s going on as each smoke screen of interference blows away. ( not literal but you get the drift)

To sum up what I witness is the power of intention. Her intention is to shift the frequencies that bog me down, or that trigger old subconscious patterns, cell memory that causes me to go into a stress/defense mode. Any public person gets bombarded by thought forms projected by others, whether they are benign or bullying. My being on TV 6 days a week has generated some unwanted attention but that of course just goes with the territory. You can’t be a stewardess but refuse to go to airports!

When our immune systems are weakened especially if we’re empathic, we lose the ability to discern whether it’s us or whether we’ve taken on the energy of others directed at us, the collective uncertainty or ancestral patterns that lie dormant until triggered. It’s all quite fascinating. (if you want to know more about her go to  Bottom line is what she does works and I am capable of being coherent and lucid today and not snorting and sneezing all over the people who came to the event.

So many more moments of intention coupled with synchronicity have wowed me from the women who came all the way from Poland just to see me and them running smack into me as soon as I arrived as they had just set their intention for some private moment with me!

I do want to share another story that beautifully illustrates how powerful our intentions are when we hold them in the power of our hearts especially for healing and building a bridge of forgiveness.

A young woman was in my workshop and shared that she had done a quantum meditation to reconnect and heal her relationship with her father with whom she had been estranged for the past 5 years. Turns out her father was also at a conference co-incidentally at the same hotel and instead of going to his registration table went to the CYL table and freaked out when he saw his daughters name instead of his. They had not spoken in 5 years. Of course, without going to too much detail, what with all of us at the conference aware of this extraordinary possibility for deep healing there was a reunion and a bridge built for mending … intended by her, orchestrated by Spirit, lifted up by all of us and managed beautifully by the divinely inspired Liz Dawn a miracle was seeded.

So think about your intentions, what you hold dear in your heart and mind your thoughts. They have power to hurt or heal. This planet needs your mindfulness, discernment and open hearts.

Choose healing, choose love, and be well!

Love to all… more next week!

Miss you guys.. xooxoxoxo

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  • Brook Packard

    The story of the woman reconnecting with her dad left me breathless! Thank you for that story of Divine synchronicity. xoxo

    • Cheryl

      Thank you, this resonates with me this week.

    • magnetiCBluedRagonflyGIFT

      Colette, and All beautiful and amazing tribeans! <3 Thank you All so much for your blessed and hearty shares! So SO Rich, in sow MANY ways!!! 😉

      Colette, this post was a real God send for me, that couldn't have come soon enough. I was in the Eleventh hour! As they say. All things in DIVINE time within DIVINE accord.

      It was very helpful to hear you acknowledge the challenges and energetic confusions that can crop up within the territory of being a sensitive and navigating "the m path"… within balance, courage, unity, harmony, integration, necessary boundaries, precautions, and respect.

      The way you described the condition of a potential "fall out", boundary blurr, or mixed bag of indentity discernment confusion… Was as though you were speaking directly to ME! As a light that dweller within the hidden valley of death.

      Which, I have felt trapped by and within now, for what feels like far too long!

      I have been desperate for answers, and praying to Spirit to please provide a solution, please guide me, and reveal Thy way…

      Thank you so much for sharing. <3

      Now, I just pray that I can feel safe enough to Trust another in helping and assisting me, without the fear of either in any way somehow unknowingly or unconsciously causing ANY kind of harm. Any where. To any ONE.

      I'm not sure how I even got here..?(Absorbtion) But, it sure feels like some kind of hell. (Transmuting)

      God, Goddess, be willing, please help me!

      And All souls mistakenly judged, feared, misunderstood, bound, and or cast away. Great LOVE be to ALL.

      For the Highest good of us All.

      That it may be done on earth, as it is in heaven. AMEN.

      Heaven- aH even
      Earth- hEart
      AMEN- NAME

      Translation= All as even in Thy sacred hearts name. + A light and reverent even heart be as of Thy Holy Name.

      As it was in the true genuine sacredness of Thy Holy heart, sow may it be also in the NAME known as Jesus, the original unmanufactured Christ. If it be Thy Will, so mote it Be Now. On Earth, as it be Seen in Heaven. Sow blessed. Sow mote it Be. Now.

      All ways Love,
      Love All ways,


  • Reba

    This weeks reading really hit home for me. I have been asking God and the universe to send me someone to love me and me to love him. I know once again know, it’s all in good time and to let Go, Let God. Thank you???

  • ann

    Thankyou for your reading, my cards i choose are very similar. and listening to you reading them, makes me understand more. So thankyou so much..

    Namaste xxx Ann

    • Linet

      Me too!
      The more I tune into you, Colette, (and I must admit you are one of my favourite sources of inspiration), the more the universal readings are spot on. This morning I bought some software to make an online course. I had no course to give, but I knew instinctively this is a way I wanted to go….mad! Went for a walk in nature and literally 15 minutes later I was designing a course called “Drawing on Spirit”, using my strongest skill of drawing to coax the Divine through line! All these years of daily self- searching, looking for my divine purpose and wondering which skill set to use….having reached a literal aversion to drawing (which up to a year ago was my main source of income) because of doing it all for the wrong reasons…..And here you are saying this is what’s on the menu for this week and there’s no rush! Thankyou so much!
      Your new cards are PROFOUNDLY precise and helpful. I am lost for words to describe the love and respect I have for your work and your being. What an example!

  • Catherine

    I met Althea on the cruise I went on with you and Dougall a few years back…She is fabulous in every way…Enjoy the rest of your tour and I am always grateful for your gifts. Love and Prayers to you all…xo

  • Sanni

    I also feel like this weeks reading was speaking to me directly! I’ve been stressing over my career for the last months although I know it’s not yet the right time to make any changes since I haven’t finished my existing project. This gave me reassurance (once again) to live in the now and trust the process. I just recently purchased the latest card deck from my local spiritual bookshop and I absolutely love it!

  • Anna

    Thank you for this weeks reading. As soon as I clicked on it, I felt the urge to cry. I have been asking for guidance with a relationship. Once again let go, and be at peace as it will be done in divine timing. ….Learning to let go, stand in my power and go where spirit takes me without to much resistance…lol <3

  • Amy Grams

    Your reading really speaks to me, thank you! It’s that “between worlds” thing that I find so challenging. While intellectually I understand I need to be patient, open and surrender, I’m a type A at heart. I like to make things happen! So what the heck do I do while I’m “surrendering” and awaiting Spirit’s next move? What does that look like in my day to day life? That’s the challenge for me.

    P.S. I was at the Divine Wisdom retreat in Phoenix last year – sorry I couldn’t make CYL this year! Safe travels back home.

  • Annabelle

    Being able to be in Phoenix for the CYL conference has been a joy for me! I loved having the opportunity to be in one of your sessions, btw, and your radiant, authentic self was clearly there regardless of what buggabugs did there best to follow you in the door. Just thought I’d let you know that. Hope you are resting well now! ?

  • Kim Werfel

    I’m about to travel next weekend to take a course that could change my direction quite a bit and am nervously trying to control things. Thanks for this reading….trust spirit has my back. I’ve set things in motion and giving it the best I’ve got. Between worlds…tick tock. perfect.
    All through this reading I could tell you weren’t feeling 100%….poor baby…take a nice, long hot mineral salts bath and lots of vitamin C. Rest, sleep and have lovely dreams. The world needs you well. take extremely good care of yourself! xox

  • Christine

    Hey, everybody in the USA, how about lighting a green light with the intent of supporting our veterans on month and on November 11?
    Let it show that you shine a light of intent to support our vets!

  • Emilia

    You’ve got what it takes and a whole lot more. Blessings 🙂

  • Kathy

    Thank you for your work, Colette. This week’s reading is spot on for me. Am peacefully walking into the unknown as I begin to transition from my job as a chaplain in a nursing home into some other form of ministry. Hospice chaplain? Oracle card reader? Self employment or contract work? It’s all good and I am at peace living between two worlds, so to speak. Again, thank you.

  • Diana Boles

    So just as I was really missing you, Colette, your time on “Healing With the Masters” broadcast came up for replay — yep! It was great and I was laughing out loud as you set the intention with Jennifer McLean moved to tears as you synced with callers! Well done!
    I have felt a disturbance in the force. One of my sons wound up with hospitalized with a bacterial infection in the bursa of his elbow and I sensed during meditation the foretelling of this. Then I had to help my old Dog Missy cross the rainbow bridge. With “The Chief” whispering in my ear every step of the last events of her healthy days—telling me this will be her last trip to the woods, this will be the last Ike she can come to my classroom, I new all thru October good times and not so good times.
    Missy was first my mothers’ dog. When Mom became ill, the “Mysterious One” came to live with me. That was 10 yrs ago. The anniversary of my moms passing is Oct 19 (4 years ago) and Missy went back to her on Oct 21. Halloween is a major event on my front lawn, so that helped me do some clearing of my own. The next day was voice recovery and examining the event and remembering the kids that were scared and those that were not and those who let me play with them. I steal their ear wax and make them give me their peanut butter cups. All in great fun–they get a decoration if they say they want a trick and candy if they say treat, they never go away without a memory!
    November 1-2-3—– well, the 3rd is Mom’s birthday. That’s when I became so churned up with bubbling emotions. Those little realities I had ignored and suddenly they were a brick wall all around me and I couldn’t punch a whole to get out. So, what did I do?? I made a double house payment and screwed up my bank account just to bring me back to the real world! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA —– couldn’t I have found a better way??
    The banks! That left me with a soggy paper bag of emotions that I couldn’t hang on to long enough to find the “lesson” in such a huge mistake. Then came your broadcast – I had been listening all along, but being part of this Tribe of Dancers, the familiarity of your wit was what I needed. Enter “Quantum Fred”. And the laughter cleared the mud puddle at my feet – and I could see the lesson. When you reminded us listeners of the serenity prayer I began to calm and keep in mind that all these bank issues will be rectified. I just have to be patient. And that is what I had lost, my usually patient attitude in life.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      O Diana.. I get it.. life and all its complexities, heart break loss and deep abiding love for the ones who come and must go. Sending you much love.. stepping on airplane ! back on track this week… sending you much love

      • Diana Boles

        Here’s an anecdote for you. Frosty morning here in Chantillt, Va! Went outside to start and warm up my carat 6:15. RIGHT!!! Locked my only key in the car with the engine running. I have great biker neighbors—Rich Dooley to the rescue. Good thing I’ve known him for 25 yrs. I was sobbing on his shoulder at 6:30 this morning—and I’m not his wife!!!!

  • Lori

    Thank you Colette! For your support, words of wisdom and taking the time to post this, despite your busy schedule. Love to you.

  • Barbara

    Thank you for the time you take to do your weekly energy reading for all of us. And a big thank you to Althea for being there for you.

  • Chantelle

    Thank you Colette! Ahhh, Trust. My theme in life lately. I’m embracing it. I feel joy a lot lately. For my beautiful life. Which I am grateful you are a part of :). I really am in love with you new wisdom of the Oracle deck. To work with her is opening me to trust spirit on a new level as well. My inner child loves having received the Milk and Honey card. I have a little crystal elephant that I’ve had since I was little and I feel like this next phase is about me working with the magic of my inner child and holding safe space for her to heal. My prayer is to be supported by spirit in a financial way so that I can work part time and really pay more attention to me and my own health. Receiving the milk and honey card was delightful in connection to this. Lots of love….Chantelle

  • Jane

    Hi Colette!
    I love listening to your weekly readings, very inspirational! When are you coming back to Toronto for a show? I last came to one of your events when you were with John Holland in Toronto.
    Can you tell me what song it is that plays at the end of your weekly reading video, l love it and would like to hear the whole thing.
    Stay well

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hey Jane.. 2016 will be my big event in Toronto! I am singing the song at the end it’s called Coming Home and is on my CD I am/Grace you can get it on iTunes!

  • Mary N.

    Thanks for this incredible insight on this week.

    “Spirit’s got my back” and well protected”

    Thanks Colleen as always.

  • Jennifer

    Wow! your energy is just so amazing!! I listened to your podcast with Jennifer yesterday & you quoted a poem that just gave me goosebumps. “come to the edge…. He pushed me…..Then I flew”…when I heard that I was doused with magnificent confidence. I admire you so much. You are so inspiring!! XXOO

  • Pat McCutcheon

    I look forward to the energy you so generously share. Revving up on the power of intention. 🙂

  • Helen

    I loved the stories you shared today. I have been experiencing many synchronicities. It feels like we are at a time when be careful what you wish because not only will you get it but you will get it quickly.

  • Debra

    Colette, I was at CYL too, and came down with something nasty on Friday evening. I managed to make it to all the presenters, and was so happy to see you, as well! What a huge energy at an event like this! I understand why you have Althea’s help to clear it regularly!
    Wasn’t the connection of the young woman and her dad so special and divinely orchestrated? Love it!
    Blessings for health and safety returning home!

  • Renee Sugar

    ” All is well. Everything is working for my highest good. Out of this situation only good will come. I am safe. Louise L. Hay
    “Trust in Spirit, with all your heart, lean not unto thine own understanding. Acknowledge Spirit, and you will be directed
    in all of your paths.” There are no “coincidences”. The synchronistic meeting of the father and daughter was meant to
    happen for the healing of their relationship to occur. Source found a way to bring them together in a neutral place.
    What if we didn’t have to worry because even though we can’t always understand WHY, HOW and WHEN?? It is already
    in motion. The details are being orchestrated in ways so much better than our limited view can understand.
    Knowing this; now we can BREATHE!!!!
    Wishing you a joyful celebration of life, and sharing . Relax and enjoy the ride, even when the tempo is not what you
    are accustomed to. Also remember that you are a HUMAN soul, with a unlimited spirit. I struggle with the HUMAN part.
    Take Good Care.
    You shall not pass this way again. XOXO

  • Bethney

    Loved your story of the Dad and Daughter reconnecting. Obviously the work of Angels. Thank you so much for sharing this Colette!
    I too could tell that you weren’t feeling your best. Take care and get well soon!! ❤

  • Monika

    Wow. I really needed that calming affirmation after the crazy storm in my head all last week. I was totally off balance all week and just couldn’t gain any traction until Friday night when I met with my Arbonne ladies again. The cards for this week have definitely helped me to relax and look forward to this week. Thank you for sharing your gifts so readily…I just wish I had the courage you have.

  • Gail

    Hi Colette,
    Missed you last week and so happy you are back with your weekly insights. Thank you so much for what you do to help all of us. My house sold without even being on the market! I could not find a place to rent (for a year before I retire and buy) and keep my 30-45 minute commute to work. Sold my house for less so I could get a 90 day escrow. We are down to 36 more days and I am frantic. I am trying to calm so Spirit can do their magic. Having a tough time calming and Spirit has not been present as they usually are in my life. Yesterday I missed a turnoff and ended up someplace new. BANG…an apartment complex that I didn’t even know existed. I had not been there before and had only been looking at condos for rent. This one was only 5 miles more than my normal commute. I am going to see them on Wednesday (I have to work Mon and Tues)) but I spoke to the leasing agent and they have the two things I absolutely required; A/C and a 2 car garage! For the first time in two months I fell I can breathe easier. There is more to the story but I adore and am amazed at how Spirit maneuvers you exactly to where you are supposed to be. I feel, even before see them inside, that the exact right one will be available for me. Thank you Spirit!

  • Lisa_AK

    Hi Colette and all you other Sparkly beings!
    Oh Colette, love, love, love you!! Your weekly words of inspiration and readings are so magical! Some of your weekly blogs I’ve kept and printed because I like to refer back to them some times to help get myself back on track or just as reminders of the important things.
    I’ve been feeling out of sorts for about a month now ever since I woke up one morning with a nagging pain in my right shoulder and hand weakness…turned out to be a pinched nerve in my neck but with physical therapy and couple of other things it’s getting much better. But it hit as the weather was turning cold, windy, rainy and dark…so much for my usual positive outlook and disposition!!! As I moaned and groaned and had a pity party of ‘why me, why this, why now…wah, wah, wah…plus lot of negative stuff at work not helping….I realized it was me and nobody else who changed my outlook. I had stopped looking for the good/positive in things and people. And a big old slap in the face bit of reality hit me as I was checking out at a grocery store and noticed a woman in the check out line next to me…she had a below the elbow amputation of one of her arms. She was having a bit of difficulty getting a box out of the cart onto the counter so I went over to help her, she smiled and thanked me. I thought now here I am going on about my small difficulty and this woman has no hand or lower arm at all but she’s smiling and carrying on with life!! So I got the message clearly of all I had to be thankful for (I had even stopped doing my daily gratitude)! I gave myself a good talking to and got back on track again. Amazing how Spirit orchestrates what we need when we need it!!
    So I totally relate with the cards this week as far as taking the action we need and let Spirit co-create in God’s time not ours. We live in a society of ‘I want what I want when I want it’ and have to remember that God knows what’s best for us if we will just get out of our own way, be at peace for the good we have in our life and set intentions for the rest as Spirit sees fit.
    As for my pity party, I realized…why not me? To go through anything, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual makes us stop and reassess ourselves…what is I need to know or learn? I learned pain lets you know something is not right phsycially and you need to see about it…sometimes things get worse before they get better…energetically I had been ignoring my body and not keeping it in balance so instead of a ton of bricks falling on my head, I got a pain in the shoulder and hand weakness…tincture of time helps all things…no matter how busy or tired I am take at least 5 minutes daily to be grateful…continue to pray and sent positive energy for others and myself…one act of kindness makes a difference.
    God Bless you Colette! Sending you lots of healing light and energy! xoxoxoxox
    Love, Light and Peace to All

  • Lisa Bova


    Thank you for the reading this week. So much of what I needed to hear. I am sitting here in ICU for the 9th day, with my 83 year old father, who feel on Halloween and has a major head trauma, top that off with dementia and me having to step in take things over for him and my mother 3 weeks ago, when he went to the store and ended up 500 miles away when he eventually ran out of gas. I am just trying to trust that we all being guided and allowing spirit to guide me to be able to do what is in his highest good. This reading is so true for me and I know I am divinely directed and that spirit has all our backs.

    Feel better from your gunk, we all get it and it is great to have someone who can facilitate the clearing of it. Much love, Lisa

  • Michele

    I was so happy to finally listen to this video Colette. Things have been topsey turvey and I have had so much to deal with. Finally this reading put me at peace. Also it really synched up with what’s going on with me and another situation. Just amazing. Thank you for your light, guidance, sharing and love. May Spirit always be with you! xo

    PS I have to get back on track with the card reading classes. It’s my birthday on Sunday so I want to buy another deck and I loved the idea of the one you mentioned on the webinar call that we can use to talk to our loved ones on the other side. Also when is your new CD coming out?? I bought your CD with “I am/Grace” and listen to it over and over in the car. I just love it and it is so healing. Can’t wait for the new one!

  • Karen from Calgary

    I work with an angry woman. I Don’t judge her because I don’t know her story, but man oh man; this past week ( and it’s only Wednesday) has been stressful. I woke up this morning feeling so wierd. I wasn’t sick but absolutely exhausted.
    I dragged myself to Painting Class this afternoon and had a fun afternoon of laughter. I felt soooo much better. I will return to work tomorrow and try not to own everyone’s troubles…..because it’s wearing me out. I will definitely look at your friends website. Indeed some tools.
    Get well xoxo

  • sarah

    Thank you, this message is really helpful.

  • Shawn Marie Arbor

    Hi Tribe,
    Colette, I too have just returned from the CYL 2015 with sooooo many synchronized moments and wishes come true through acts of intention. The one I would like to share relates to an intention I created almost a year ago and within minutes of being in your Friday workshop I got a chance to watch it come true, as you introduced Althea Gray and Michele Domingo to the class. I have been asking Spirit for more guidance in learning how to protect my energy fields, as I continue to do my chiropractic work. I was well aware that I kept picking up peoples energies that had nothing to do with my own energies. Yet, I wasn’t exactly sure where to turn for divine guidance. So at the end of the class, I was able to have a clearing with Althea Gray and words cannot explain how much that helped me. As I continue through the conference during my meditations and visualizations I saw the most vivid colors, and the top of my head kept getting fuzzy and tingly. Even my “bird” Dumbo went from a light gray color in the first class with you, to a baby blue Dumbo with pink ears by the second class with you. Even on my plane ride back to Oregon I looked out the window and could see the aura of the earth, wow can’t wait to share that with Althea. And Michele helped to interpret the meanings of my bird meditation, she was so helpful. I felt a real deeply meaningful connection with her too. And the last time I got to talk with you, Colette, you shared with me that you noticed that I needed to learn how to protect myself from other peoples energies. What can I say, thank you for all your insight for inviting Althea and Michele to your class and for taking the time to connect with me, it has truly changed my life.
    I send you all love and gratitude,
    Shawn Marie

  • Krista

    Spirit has my back. A lot was set into motion this week dealing with my son’s mental health and addiction. I had to let go and let God.

  • Sage Winters

    So Much Gratitude! To you All!!

    Thank you for sharing within such beautiful Heart, Soul, and Spirit.

    So SO rich, in sow MANY ways! 😉


    First off, thank you for creating such a warm and sacred sharing space. <3

    What a beautiful reflection it must be for you, to see the gorgeousness that is SO plentiful in your club of diamonds and hearts, in spades!! 😉

    Keep Tribing On!! :))

    Thank you so much for sharing in your journey with us All. For having the courage, and putting yourself out there!!!

    For your incredible fortitude and resilience in everything that comes with so doing!!

    You, deer one, are SO appreciated!!!

    Loved and adored. By MANY.

    Thank you for your honesty and recent share about the challenges that can present, for those that are deeply sensitive and/or travelling the up trails of the 'M' path.

    I have been REALLY struggling to make sense of myself, where I'm at, where I went, and How I got here?? Feeling desperately lost in being able to discern just who I am anymore, what is mine, what isn't, what was, what never was.. etc, etc, etc.

    It's been exhaustingly blurry, confusing, and lately quite dark and terrifying.

    Sorry, don't mean to be a dampener y'all… but, them are the apples… It's just how it's been. 🙁

    All of this seemed to pick up in magnitude, or come on in full force… following an employment at a popular new age shop, where I was offering intuitive sessions, utilizing and sharing my gifts in service, support, and encouragement of assisting others in the recovery and acknowledgement of their own.

    Which, I am So incredibly grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to do.

    To have bared witness to, while being an instrument for Spirit's miraculous powerful works and divinely inspired grace…

    Words cannot express.

    But, with great light came… Well… you know!

    Since then, it's like I've been trying to get out from under some sort of unseen war or battle I never signed up for, or agreed to partake in! The only fight I'm a willing participant in, is the one where I'm now just trying to make sense of it all, and really… just fighting to feel okay!!

    God, have mercy on our souls.

    Where we All, may feel the same.

    I love you All.

    You're in my heart's most PRECIOUS prayers.

    All ways.

    If it isn't too much to ask of you right now, please, might you pray for me and for my clarity, peace, resolve, And release… within Thy divine purpose and protection. For the cooperative intrinsically Loving nature inherent in us All.
    Thank you.

    ..<3.. 2 ..<3..

    So Much Love.

    *Be Blessed.

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