What do A Martian, A Pranking Singer, A Russian Puppy and Sweaters for Chickens have in common?!

Updated: November 22, 2015

Dearest sparkly luminous being,

It’s obvious lately, especially this week, how the awful effects of emulating a doctrine or behavior that is destructive and divisive can cause undeniable ripple effects of fear and seed even more destructive, divisive thinking because of that fear.

Unless you had your head in the sand all week, or face in a box of cookies (OK I admit I did- but only once mind you) you might have noticed some serious hatred spreading round the world like a virus.

Yet-None of it need go to waste.
All gardens need fertilizer!
We can turn even the nastiest crap into rich soil.

We have two choices right now. Focus on fear and the division that terrorism is meant to cause or, come together in unity?

The Dalai Lama said it was no longer enough to pray you need to act.

So First things first.
Decide where you put your attention.
No I’m not talking right away.. it’s normal to react in fear and get triggered into old survival mode.
You feel threatened you don’t go all peace and love right away. So forgive yourself for going to the darker place first.
Just don’t stay there.

Hard to move to another vision of reality?

Go find something, someone, find inspiring music, a story, something to remind you of the good in humanity. The one thing the dark hates is Love and Light, Laughter, and solidarity. O and there is kindness too. What about that?

This afternoon I gave myself the task of finding 4 things that proved to me that humanity is wondrous not hateful.

First Marc and me saw the movie The Martian, which started up my hope and love engine (a MUST SEE movie). Then when I came home I went to my Mashable Home page and watched a prank video of the O so very real and incredibly talented and kind hearted Adele (for the 5th time) that had been sent to me by my friend Doug this morning and spent a few minutes laughing and crying at the beauty of those moments. Her voice, her songs, and her just being herself makes me happy and inspired.

Then I saw the story about Russia offering a sweet police dog puppy to France to show their solidarity after Diesel was killed by a bullet ( now famous French police dog killed in the raid) . And then just as I was about to close my computer I run across a story of a young woman who decided to hand knit sweaters for her chickens to keep them warm since some of her birds were battery hens and were featherless because they came from such harsh conditions. More happy tears.

Yes there have been horrific acts of terrorism. Yes this could last a long time and we must be vigilant. Yes we are capable of forgetting that all life matters becoming numb to our responsibilities to this earth and her creatures.

Yes we humans can be cruel, dark, unconscious, selfish beings.

But we can shine with the God force beaming through our hearts and no matter what we were we can become worthy hopeful and powerful co-creators when Love, compassion, inspiration and unity is at our core.

We are capable but these things are a choice.

So what do A Martian, A pranking Singer, a Police puppy and sweaters for chickens have in common?
They illustrate the best in us, the humanity in us, the potential for healing and for peace.
Light always wins.

So tell me a story of something that inspired you to have faith in our capacity for good? What gives you hope in the midst of these insane times?

Which energy will you run with as your companion? Will you react and act in fear? Or choose to act in Faith?

I know which one I pick.

Love you always and forever. Tribal dancers I am holding all your hands now and sending you so much love. We are not alone!


Love Colette XO
Ps here are the links to the stories



Police Dog

The Martian


Who are the people that inspire you and why?
If you could imagine yourself like these people what would be different?
What would you accomplish?
Who would you become and what would be your influence?
If you could pick a ripple where would it lead?
If you could pick an artist or a song to best describe you what would it be?

Love to hear from YOU ! ok tag you’re it!



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  • Lisa ByGraceGoi

    Colette .. Thank you for another wonderful blog and vlog .. I will ponder the questions at the end of the blog during my quiet time this afternoon .. Certain sentences stood out for me ! .. I do look forward to reading your blogs, and this week especially ! .. Your Thursday radio show was inspiring and was sprinkled with one liners that spoke directly to my soul ! .. It left me wanting more ! .. So thank you .. Thank you .. Thank you .. Everyone needs a friend who speaks the language of love .. And you are mine in my online life ! .xoxo all the best to you .. Your husband and your two wee doggies .. I usually watch the vlog more than once, so I can hear it with my heart fully open to receiving all that Spirit wants me to hear and put into daily practice .. Lisa

    • Lesa

      I love Adele too! I love us also, we are so loving!

    • Monica Lumley-Piercey

      Thank you so much for the inspiring articles you always write. I am also a professional psychic medium and feel so strongly about coming together in unity and that we as a human collective are here to overcome this dark energy at this very important time in our history. I have changed my profile picture on facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter to a flag of world peace to show that we are human family and that there is only one side to be on…the side of peace & love. We need to demonstrate to the dark, fear mongering that we are in solidarity. Love is powerful so holding the intention and feeling of peace and goodwill definitely go a long way to growing good heart crops out of a fertilizer of dark crap!! I feel that the dark side did us favour by giving us such rich and fertile soil to make us sprout and reach for the light in a way that perhaps we never have before.
      I will post my profile pic to your facebook page and perhaps others will share and we can spread the World Peace Flag throughout social media.
      In Unity,

    • Mary

      We are living in a time when there are no borders on tragedy. What happens in one city/nation instantly becomes a tragedy to another city/nation thousands of miles away. We are living in a time when instantly we can see and hear hatred and we can see and hear love. We are living in a time when we can see the humanness of humanity or the inhumanity of humanity. We are living in a time when we can truly begin to choose either to love or to hate. To be at peace or to be at war. We are living in a time when the choices are clearly defined. We are living in a time when we can each clearly choose which path to follow. I choose to believe that this is the time of opening for all our hearts. This is the time. Which do you choose?

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        no borders… so unity and peace, love and the action of compassion.. these are my choices

        • Mary

          Beautifully said Colette.

    • Dottie

      Okay, so I teach kindergarten. I see acts of love and kindness from the smallest among us every day. I am so blessed, the children are so natural with their love. They zip each others coats up before they go out to recess, they tie their classmate’s shoes, and they even offer a tissue to a new student in our class who is crying because he misses his mom. There is so much good in this world but we must have eyes to see it.

  • Tess

    Thank you Colette.

  • Shelley

    Colette, thank you for your Universal Energies reading and this week’s share. Your weekly share always moves me, this week’s particularly touched me and lifted my heart . There has been been so much disruption and conflict in the past week, I reach even more intensely for the Light. I do not engage in arguments or even read negative feedback on Facebook. I look for happy or funny stories, music, positive activism, ways to remain working in the Light.
    I, too, saw The Martian (loved it!) the chicken sweaters story (omg, they look SO cute) as well as a post by Moby about The Farm Sanctuary and the turkey following him around “like curious little bears”…. an image which made me giggle. Photos of art or nature nourish me. I can’t help anyone if I fall into despair, so I try to take care of myself with music, art, humour and nature. I am not suggesting sticking one’s head in the sand or ignoring what is going on in the world. I am certain that each one of us can help in our own way. I need to feel hope and to be reminded regularly of how much pure good, compassion, kindness and love is in action in the world in order to fuel my own desire to make a difference in a small way.
    Who inspires me? Well, YOU certainly do Colette, I am an avid student. 🙂
    Also (in no particular order and just to name a few) Tosha Silver, Kyle Gray, Cheryl Richardson, Dr Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Heather Dane and Ahlea Kahdro, Anthony Williams, Florence Scovell Shinn, Anne Lamott…. and many, many more healers who hold a vision of peace and healing . The Course in Miracles- because it reminds me that I am always responsible to choose peace, love instead of fear, even if it is really tough.
    I’d be hard pressed to choose ONE song …but one that comes to mind right now when I read that question is “One in the Spirit”…an old song which Valdy recorded many years ago. One of my favourite musicians is Angelique Kidjo, for her awesome voice but also for her activism. I love your voice and music too, btw… 🙂
    Thank you again for the inspiration and support for good which you provide.
    Blessings to you and All.

  • Shawn Arbor

    Sending you all a big group hug,
    I choose faith… I recently hear Althea Gray say.. “Faith is the ultimate belief in oneself.” That rings true for me. Another saying I want to share is ” You may not be able to change the direction of the winds, but you can adjust the sails.”(- not sure who said that one, I have been saying is for decades) The more people that adjust their own personal awareness and embrace their belief in themselves, we as a planet will sail to unknown and wonderful mysterious places together!
    I don’t know about you but in my mind’s eye and in my heart, we are still all in that big group hugging and hugging and hugging each other.
    Thank you Spirit for all the amazing gifts that I continue to co-create with you, today after the DOCWR I was amazed once more.
    Shawn Marie

  • Jen

    Far away in Ztasmania, an island state of Australia a young primary school boy made teddy bears fir victims of the Paris tragedy. These were delivered to the Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Afdairs minister and will soon be creating joy for those seriously impacted.
    A warm glow in a sark week.

  • JAN

    Collette,a group of friends and myself decided to light candles for peace,it was a world wide event and we must have had at least 3/4.thousand pagan/ wiccan/ witch / and plain ordinary people join us ,it might have even been more.We just wanted to flood the world with light and love .Once one group heard about it another joined in.We still have candles burning all over the world and beautiful people sending out beautiful peaceful loving vibes.Its better than sitting around hating people.Love conquers all,it been proven in the past it will happen again.Blessings one and all.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      and i will add mine to yours.. let there be light…

    • Barbara

      Jan – I will be adding my candle. May the small flickers from all these candles bring healing light to the world.

  • Catherine

    Off the top of my head, I read an article last week about out-of-the-store brand-new warm jackets that have been tied up to lampposts in a northern US city by an anonymous person with a sign on each jacket that read “If you’re cold, please, this jacket is for you”.

    The Light is everywhere if we look with intent to see.

    Catherine (from France)

  • Kristi

    Whenever see these acts of terror I always send guiding love to those that commit these crimes hoping they will feel it in their hearts and rid themselves of the hatred they have inside. I’m also kinder and more loving to those around me, because these horrible acts make me again realize how precious life is and we need to live moment to moment as that may be all we have. I comfort those that have trouble getting past the fear and love them more deeply and surround with the loving white light.
    Anything can change in a moment, whether it’s good or bad and accepting these things can happen make it easier to accept, all be it not always wanted. I know that love will prevail and I see it when people come to together in ways that hadn’t before after such tragedy. We are love, we are light we create the harmony.

  • Beth Hill

    Love the messages today. Check out the video of the father and son in Paris. I think it was a bbc reporter. The son is afraid and says they should move away from Paris but dad calms his fears.

    Also check out the dancing in this one! https://www.facebook.com/beth.hill.397/posts/10153560350522911

    They are both connected to my Facebook as I shared them but I’m not sure how else to share them with you.

    Have an awesome day! The sun is shining brilliantly in Welland, Ontario. Xoxo

  • Donna

    Thanks for that inspiring message. Yesterday, just by letting someone take my place in the checkout line a conversation was begun about how simple acts of kindness can remind us of who we are in this world. Just an ordinary act, a smile, a word of encouragement, can change someone’s day for the better and enhance ours as well. I love my country and the people in it. Your words always help to remind us of the greater goodness in us and how as individuals we can impact someone’s life for the better. Thanks Colette for all that you are and all that you do.

  • Lesa

    I love Adele too! I love us also, so loving!

  • Jocelyne

    Thank you Colette, on point as usual!

    Lots of churning in me and all around me this week.
    It made me realize that what the world needs now (oops, I’ve gone into song!), yes it is love sweet love … but also the ability to be steady, peaceful power and calm control. If we can’t do that for ourselves we need other to help us do that.
    You do that Colette, so Thank you. 😀
    Love sweet love! <3

  • Carolyn

    What regularly inspires and centers me are your new Oracle cards, Matt Khan, guided meditations with Orin, and to help calm me in times of trouble, exercise of some kind, even just a walk outside. And this past week in particular, the video of the father and son in Paris was a highlight.

    Thank you for reminding us that the initial fear response is normal, not something to judge. The sooner it’s allowed to pass through the sooner it can be replaced by something more real and true, like all the things everyone has shared. It is incredibly hard to keep a big-picture perspective, but I also choose to spend a little time contemplating how acts of terrorism, while horrible, are also inspiring ever more people to say I refuse to live in terror, I choose to live in the light and in love.

  • Laura


    Thank you for such a beautiful written blog – you are a blessing!

    And my inspiration came when I saw the video of the father talking with his son in Paris. That video helped me to reach for peace and have faith in humanity.

    Love & Light,

  • Renee Sugar

    What happened in Paris, could potentially happen anywhere.
    May this be a reminder to not take ourselves, and loved ones
    for granted. Life is the gift we receive one moment, one day at a
    time. We are all interconnected, and affected by the energy around
    us. So regardless is the gravity of the world-wide impact that
    that left its reverberations around the globe, we have alternatives.
    “Lord , make me an instrument of thy peace.
    Where there is hatred, let me sow light. Where there is injury;
    pardon. Let me seek to understand rather than to be
    understood. We are not alone, and together we can create the
    climate that honors peace, and respects the unique, cultural
    differences that enrich our lives, and brings with it a texture,
    and color that results in the synthesis of a diverse world.
    “Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely one strand
    in it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves”
    Chief Seattle.
    Sending love, and peaceful energy to all of our neighbours.
    May it be multiplied and become a force for strengthening
    our connectedness by recognizing our “common bonds”

  • marie

    Thank you Colette for the oracle .I listen to it every week, it gives me wisdow for the week to come. And since today is my birthday,it vives
    it more meaning. Thank also for your show .

  • Linda

    Good Morning Collette!

    Thank you for your wonderful words! I was feeling all jumbled up – upset about the attacks and MORE so about all the hatred, mean thoughts and words being expressed. I loved the gift of the puppy from Russia – saw that first thing yesterday when i opened up the paper. It restored some of my faith in that our world hasn’t – quite – spun completely out of control. I only wish our leaders could show a 10th as much love and compassion towards the victims and stop using the tragedy as a clarion call for more war and destruction.

    In my family, our little ones have been terrified by all this: we gathered together, sat down with them,to watch some of everyone’s favorite movies. Turned out, the hit of the day was “The Mysterious House of Dr. C” (ballet/multimedia comedy based on the opera “Coppelia”). The kids got something we never had: that there can be love and forgiveness extended to not only the victims of cruelty, but also those who commit acts of cruelty. It was a wonderful expression of love in the face of darkness.

    I’m keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers today. I hope we see more small kindnesses extended without expectation of return, and hear less hateful rhetoric and more solidarity between in the days ahead. We are afraid, yes, but not beaten down or stampeded into base stupidity – we can still think, feel, and act rationally, in love. I am wishing hugs to the residents of Paris, to you.


  • Katy

    Compassion is also the key to dispersing hate and rage from anyone xx

  • Laurie

    I was feeling lost in the senselessness of this hatred and violence when I took my 10 year old to a park play date with her friends. It was so wonderful to see those wonderfully diverse children happily playing together — agnostic, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan kids unified by love and friendship and the bond of just being human. One of the younger ones said “I don’t just pray for Paris. I pray for everybody.”

    I felt inspired for the future.

  • Catherine

    Beautifully said…Love shines the light into darkness eradicating…Fear and hatred and violence as you said are intended to further divide us but the dark forces as they ramp up are doing so because they know their time is over…We are One with all humanity and every species, our air, our ocean our planet and every day with we truly see it an feel it. His Holiness, the Dali Lama was so right on in his statement of us requiring action instead of just prayers…And it is my perspective that as Divine Sparks of God that we have to take action in combination with our prayers in whatever positive way that is for you as an individual. A smile, a kind word, fostering a dog or cat to assure they are out of a shelter with love…a coat, scarf, mitts for the homeless…or whatever resonates with you…and when you feel fear…look into it and say what it is, then let it go by feeling the love of your friends, family and community. I was brought up in western traditional Christmas…celebrating the baby Jesus birth…Joseph and Mary were homeless and wandering with no one to take them in and Jesus was born in a manager, the Son of God…teaching us that we are all sons and daughters of God…Its not lost on me that this crisis of humanity is during our traditional holiday celebrations no matter your religion or beliefs – the symbolic lessons of the Baby Jesus’s birth in such a huge big way…It is the collective consciousness that takes our Fears and turns them into Dark Acts…it is our collective consciousness and actions of positivity, light, love, kindness, and compassion that is shifting the darkness to nothing but Light. Shine brightly my brothers and sisters…We are One! So much love to you all…

  • Cheryl

    I love this inspiring site and to ward off some of the evil vibes i watch the challenges young artists face in their talent and love for music and to be coached and reach places they knew they had but the support of peers and other very talented people brought tbeir ecperience to life . It makes me so happy to listen and watch

  • Cheryl


  • alisa

    Hi Colette – Thank you for a beautiful post!
    This past week, in my yoga practice, both of my yogi’s had messages of peace, thankfulness, and love. I’m blessed to be part of a wonderful yoga community, and opening up our heart chakra’s and sending love and light into the world was our theme most of last week, it was humbling and amazing. I’m sure that most of us cannot wrap our heads and hearts around the senseless acts of terror and destruction – for me, personally, it helps to send love and light to those suffering under the delusion of their ‘right’ actions, and to hold them in light. Some days I find it difficult to do, some days it just flows.

    I visited my 25 year old son yesterday who is currently living in a sober living environment, getting ready to celebrate 1 year of sobriety -yipee! This time last year was a painful time for our family as my son spun out of control in addiction. His SLE hosted a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for the families of our recovering loved ones, mostly young men. Several family members surprised my son by attending, and to join together with over two hundred people, break bread, share stories, visit with my son and all of the families, and listen to testimonials of gratitude by these recovering addicts, and their families, brought so much joy to all.

    Thank you Colette for all of your love, light and inspiration!
    Big hugs,alisa

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Congratulations on the sober boy !! You must be so proud. One day at a time. HUGS

  • Alannah

    I’m crying Colette, with joy…. thank you for being such an inspiration, for being you. Love and blessings. <3 xxxxx

  • Margaret

    Hi Collette, I love your posts, and your cards. They are always on track. In response to your questions, I always sing the Beatles songs, and John Lennon’s “Imagine”. “Love is all you need”, when anxiety or fear rises as it does, these songs make it dissipate.

  • Lyn

    My heart goes out to all those that suffered mentally and physically in Paris. Thank you to all those praying for peace. I was born in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) moved to South Africa, chaos struck again, and am now living in Australia so people like us know exactly what the fear, hatred and turmoil feels like first hand. Sadly it never seems to go the way the people are told it will so expect it to all be safe—–terrorism stays as terrorism—-everyone suffers.
    So yes please, please we all must support others all the time in our actions and prayers.
    Thank you

  • Yolande Di Tomasso

    So true your writings, thougths & reflections I am joining yours! I shall light a candle in hope of spreading light where there is darkness. Thamk-you Colette!

  • Anne

    Dear Colette,
    I’ve said it before,your a gifted writer, your words are comforting.
    Your an inspiration to me.
    As of you, the puppy story, and Adele’s prank made my week.
    I had the Chance to visit and stay in Paris often, and my réaction was acute anxiety. So I’m trying to find laugjter all around, and decide to let go of difficult moments, memories regarding some ”dark energy”people I’ve meet. Looking for the light in every day, in people.
    Much love to you from Montréal.

  • Lila Kathleen Devasher Awah nugu Redeagle

    Dear Collette,
    My granddaughter 14 days old, had a high fever Strep B infection. 4 days ago she was admitted and tests for meningitis and pneumonia were taken an put in petrie dishes and wait for growth.
    I went into action brought all then elder related medicine woman circle together, the elder related medicine warriors men, My Spirit Guide Raven s black and asked Great Spirit for the power to focus his healing energy and send light to our precious relative. Healing meditation in the under ground chrystal city.
    Smudged and burned sage and sending cleansing to her in the minds eye
    Today, meningitis culture did not grow. In fact none of the cultures grew which leaves then Dr scratching there heads and finding the results unbelievable. All the medicine people sent the SPECIALIST all knowledge to heal this infant.
    This is the highlight of my day.
    Ah wee a no. Awah nugu

  • Kiran

    Hi Colette, your readings reach me here in Vientiane, Laos, the world’s most heavily bombed country. Despite the past hardships, the resiliency, creativity and gentleness of the people, demonstrated through their strong Buddhist devotion and beautiful crafts inspires me. From daily community aerobic sessions by the Mekong river, open to all for a small donation, and now the introduction of Zumba dancing, the ability to do so much from so little, and spread the kindness, is admirable.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      this post is probaly the most important that in the most heavily bombed country these things are also true.. including Zumba!! xooxox

  • Diana Boles

    Where does inspiration come from? Is it from above in the highest of the Spirit World? Or is it from the spirit connected-ness that draws one being to another. As violence is drawn to violence, so shall peace be drawn to peace. I am inspired by the youngsters that I teach. They are innocent even in their harshest moments. They can be gently redirected and that destructive behavior can become curious activity that unlocks the secret of how a thing works. From them I draw the foundation of the eternal quest for knowledge.
    I don’t think I can pick one artist nor one song. I draw from the beginning of those fields most often when I am painting. Mozart, Beethoven, Cat Stevens, The Beetles, Lorena McKenna, Frank Zappa, Cher——-who can say for listening to one has always walked me to another. And the writers and artists? Stumped am I !! (But Mark Twain often comes to mind and Einstein and Henry Ford Senior).
    Gandhi said to “be the change you want to see”. In hopes to do just that, I start in my classroom and daily remain conscious of Peace. It may be the first ripple near where the stone has dropped. I hope I can help others ride the stippled water to the end. The only endless resource I have is positivity – regardless how bleak, there are times the only way out of it is to ride through it. And Harley Davidson can teach you that!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thanks for sharing Diana !! miss your posts xoxox

      • Diana Boles

        And I have missed hanging out here! Haha—-I’ve just been swamped with classroom prep for a month. Oh, and I love the new Oracle Cards! Have a great holiday weekend!

  • Denise

    Thank you! I could start to feel and i recognize that fear feeling creeping closer, so thank you for the synchronistic reading to bring more love, light and healing to all of us and trust Spirit! Xoxoxo

  • elaine

    I come from a generation of Imagine and John Lennon, of peace and love and flowers in our hair, of communes and fearless hitchhiking, so it hurts to see images and stories of the evil on our beautiful Earth today. What happened to ‘give peace a chance?’ I know cruelty and evil have always been here but to me there is always music to turn to with its message of hope and Colette I listened to your wonderful Peace on Earth song over and over and cried and prayed. And Adele is one of my new heroes — what an amazingly mature and divine human being and only 25. Peace and Love to All Tribes … elaine

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