Holiday Guide to Thrive (not just Survive)!

Updated: December 20, 2015

Dearest sparkly you,

The tips I’m going to share with you this week can apply to any time of the year but are most effective when things get super stressful- especially when Jingle Bells, and Bing Crosby sings over credit card cracking, family bickering, and unrealistic expectations, over indulging, Ka Ching Ka Ching and Ring a Ding Ding in the background of life.

• Colette– you mean the Christmakkha holidays? Of course and now we’re heading to the holiday finish line and some of us are going to enter the New Year moaning and complaining, and others cheering or at the very least smiling and relieved.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be a moaner when I step into the New Year. So here is a comprehensive list to steer you into the smiling/ cheering lanes and away from the moaning ones.

  1. Live in 24- hour compartments. Anyone can handle what’s in front of us for one day. Your Now is where everything magical happens and you can have loads of power over your choices now.
  2. Within the 24 hours. Break it down if you have to and set boundaries around how long you will stay somewhere stressful that you were obliged to go to. Everything has a beginning middle and an end.
  3. Sort out the emotional garbage and don’t take it to bed with you. Once you are at the end of the time limit, be aware of the emotions you take home with you. If you feel like you’ve brought home more than what you went with- do a quick inventory of your resentment hitchikers and send them packing with love and forgiveness. Ask What would Love do?
  4. Take nothing personally. I know it’s hard but people are not always their emotional best at this time of year and project all kinds of gunk onto others. Think about the Golden Holiday Tinsel Rule “Gunk unto others as you would have them gunk onto you”.
  5. Just be aware of your center and “wear the world loosely” as in the song from Frozen – Let it Go!
  6. 3 magic words. Take a step back and ask yourself “ Is This Mine?” Betcha 80% of the kray kray you’re feeling isn’t even yours.
  7. The importance of After Care. Yes once you have left said holiday experience give yourself some time to sort out the garbage. Take a daily Himalayan salt bath to clear your energy. Knowing Spirit has your back and this too shall pass act as if you believe that.
  8. Food should be eaten on a plate and also should have a beginning a middle and an end. If most of it is green don’t worry about the rest of it. Keep it simple. One plate one time. 3 times a day. 2 snacks planned also on a plate.. no not a dinner plate a small plate. Don’t deprive yourself.
  9. Mindfulness is your greatest skill so use it. Each moment, each breath, consider the power of Spirit that is active within you and in every living thing, and ground yourself by imagining you’re rooted to the earth like a tree. Imagine allowing all the swirling energies running down your trunk and pouring into the earth. Remember all that S**T makes excellent fertilizer.
  10. Don’t freak out if you’ve barely eaten anything but still managed to gain weight. Likely you’re an empath, a person who feels too much and your body is trying to protect you. Same if you’re confused and fatigued. I’m personally running a 6 weeks online class in January to manage the holiday empathy overload fall out and help you drop all that unwanted emotional and mental weight that might have landed on your butt. (more later)
  11. Finally give everybody a pass. (forgive them Santa for they know not what they do) Be gentle and loving and kind to yourself first and know a big portion of the population gets nutty butty at this time of year. Forgiveness and setting boundaries are the best gift you can give to yourself and others.

Soon we will all be yet again preparing for a stellar new year filled with hope and Light, and sparkly wishes for a better world. Let’s step over that line together smiling 😉
WE can do it!!

Loads of love to you and yours

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  • Shawn Arbor

    Happy Solstice!!! Tribe

    May the light of the season shine deep into your core and illuminate your light. May you feel the love that surrounds you and guides you. Thank you Colette, for your words of wisdom and all the “Giving” that you do throughout the year to help all of us be better at being ourselves. Words cannot express how much gratitude I have for everyone who is a part of this love and kindness that is helping to heal our world. May you & Marc… and all your fur babies feel Spirit’s protection and (as you say :- o) Divine direction this Holiday Season.

    Today, I was so humbled and theoretically speechless when Spirit, one more time, chose my oracle reading to be shared with the world. I feel the grace and love of this holy moment, and I feel Blessed.

    Let there be peace on Earth,

    Shawn & Lyn… and all our fur babies

  • Lisa

    Thank you very much ! .. That list is fabulous ! .. I think I will copy, paste and print it out ! .. That way I can put it where I will read it again .. Fantastic help for the holidays xoxo

  • Shelley

    Dearest Colette and All
    First of all, here’s to the return of the Light, on the eve of Solstice and in the midst of holiday season for many. We (myself and my family) celebrate Christmas, and to me it really means a return of the Light of which we are all made…. a return to the state of Love from where we all come. My wish for everyone for this Christmas is to remember that you are/we are Love embodied. May we remember, and be reminded to constantly renew our memory of our common membership there, in that place/state of Divine Love.
    Easier said than done, some days. Like many people, I tend to go into overdrive this time of year…and it’s too easy to lose focus on what matters most.
    I semi-awoke this morning with the words “new life” whispering in my head, and an image, like an illuminated river, sparkling behind my eyes.
    I had been feeling depleted and cranky, and then, unexpectedly, I had a wonderful interaction with a friend which completely returned me to sanity, to love. I really felt Spirit at work, providing exactly what I needed before I even recognised I needed it. I then had a wonderful, brisk walk with my daughter, who is wise , intuitive and compassionate and all ’round good to spend time with. All of this, before even noon today!
    In your Universal energies forecast, and your blog above, you mention setting boundaries….the more tired I become the tougher that is for me to do. I had been grappling with a situation, uncertain what to do. Words from a reading with you surfaced in my mind, and I heard “stop trying so hard”. I was able to set not one but two very necessary emotional boundaries. If I take the time to remember to love myself I then have my well filled with love to offer others.
    Your words resonate deeply with me today and every day, Colette. Thank you so much for the love and wisdom you share with this *Tribe*.
    I wish you and your family all the very best, with much love this Yuletide/ Christmas. May the Light of the world shine bright.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      wonderful thanx for sharing !!!

    • Lisa_AK

      Hi Shelley and Colette,
      Shelley, love your comments. Reminded me of a book I’ve read called ‘Love Without End, Jesus Speaks’ based on true experiences about a portrait painter who talked with Jesus while she was painting his picture. Anyway one of the messages Jesus imparted was that we as human beings have forgotten that we came from Spirit and therefor from love… that we, each of us IS love…and once we connect or re-connect with Spirit/God/The One/Universe then we can remember that and start making changes in our own lives and the lives of others.
      Blessings this Christmas season,

  • Ranjana

    Perfect timing! I asked spirit yesterday I want to thrive and not survive, show me how. Then this comes through a day later. What a miracle-grateful and very thankful. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and new year xxx

  • Cheryl

    Wonderful list! Thank you! I so enjoy you and all your fabulous insight.

    I, too, have chosen to go into the New Year in bliss. This list is very beneficial!

    Just wanted to let you know that you have made a valuable difference in my life. Keep up your passion!

    Happy Holidays! Sending warm fuzzies your way, ch

  • Cheryl

    P.S. I love your holiday pic!

  • Laurie

    I am so grateful to have discovered you in 2015. Many, many thanks for sharing your perspective. Your words have brought me comfort and hope many days.
    All the best for all of us now and in 2016.
    Happy Solstice.

  • Amber M.

    This is great. I know my week is off to an interesting start …all i can say is I dont Know how this will all work out but it is good to be alive ! Love these weekly forcasts my mom (we are here for the holiday) digs the news eeek…your blog/forcast is a much better start to the day/week. Love you Colette. I am so glad your show on hayhouse is back on I think it is so healing for everyone who listens in…including me. 🙂 Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Thea

    Dearest Collette,

    This is my first time leaving a comment for you. Timing is everything and I’d like to let you know how much over the past year I’ve looked forward to Monday mornings with you. The readings you graciously provide each week (even when you might be overwhelmed with moving…congratulations!….or touring) are so spot on in my world. We must have a wonderful alignment as there are weeks where I believe the reading was specifically meant for me. Yes, it touches my heart and brings me to tears of joy having this beautiful connection with you.
    It is a blessing for which I am eternally grateful. Thank you, Collette. You are truly a gift from Spirit.
    All the best to you and your family during this magical time of our lives.
    Love. Light. Peace.

  • Linda

    Hi Colette, reading the line about living in 24 hour compartments immediately brought to mind the Dale Carnegie training I took waaayyy back in 1974. He used the analogy of a submarine where one closes the compartments behind them if there is trouble. He called it Living in Daytight compartments. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  • Faith

    Good morning Colette and company,

    Wow, thank you for the tips you have shared to help each of us bring harmony to our souls and others during this Christmas season. As the New Year approaches, I am sending healing light and agape love to those who could use extra during this time of year. I also appreciate your weekly readings as they help guide me to a greater awareness of self, others, and daily life experiences.

    A very, Merry Christmas to you, Colette, Marc, your furbabies, and everyone who visits your page!


  • Lauren

    I LOVE your helpful hints list! I think that it should be printed and posted on fridges, bathroom mirrors, wallets, closets, etc. so it can be read and re-read as needed. Wish I had it last night to remind me not to take the “problem” to bed with me…..was fighting with a so called “improvement” to iTunes and it took waaaay to long to figure it out with muttering, heartbeat rising, etc. I did do a Gratitude reset but not as soon as I would have if this lovely list had been waving at me LOL
    Wishing you, your partner and your “family” a wonderful peaceful holiday season….next up is the Winter Solstice….then Christmas….then New Years….enjoy every one of them

  • Vicky


    Thank you for the insightful Holiday Guide, which I will use EVERY day as a reminder to be my best self!!
    You are a bright star, shining your beautiful light on us, your tribe. You are an inspiration….your honesty, humour and happiness are heavenly. Ho ho ho.

    With gratitude and Love,

  • JoAnn

    Great reading and good to know what’s upcoming as we approach another Christmas.

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    LOV : )

  • Catherine

    Great Advice..Thank you…Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and the Happiest Holiday Season! Sending tons of love!

  • Jen

    Hello Lovely Colette!

    Thanks so much for the super useful reminders during this crazy time of year! I hope you are having the happiest of holidays this season! Look forward to seeing you at “I Can Do It” in Seattle!! 🙂

  • Leigh

    Blessings of love to you and yours, Colette. A ginormous thank you for sharing your heart and wisdom with all of us! You are truly an inspirational soul. I so look forward to your weekly vlog; very happy to be part of your tribe!!

    With love and much light,

  • Judi

    I just wanted to say thank you, Merry Christmas and Blessings for a Happy Healthy New Year. You are a bright light in our world, Colette. Shine on!

  • Diana Boles

    There have been many starts and stops last week and this week is the same. But the energy IS DIFFERENT!! Last week was about the social and this week is about the reflective forgiveness. There is a greater energy at work. Support that stems from Spirit to guide us, me, into that abyss where protection may not even offer a cloud. The leap of faith that one must take in order to let the past define events and catapult us into that star filled future of discovery. Finding the best person we can be and living in the absolute love of the spiralling orb that is the circle of life.
    I am sitting in a hospital family waiting room. Receiving news of a successful spinal surgery. I am here to support my X for the second time in a year. Because no matter what happened to drive us apart, we remain family. And I would not be me if I didn’t help in this time of his need.
    From October 31 until January 15, there are 30 holidays. Throw in a couple more dates for birthdays and —whew! Yah! Happy Holidays! Blessings of the Seasons to all! And A Very Merry Christmas!

  • Renee Sugar

    Thanks for the good orderly guidelines for the holidays. REMINDER . A full moon on Christmas Eve will come into
    play shifting energy and igniting drama and sometimes out of balance emotions. Best to detach, and stay contained
    in that place of “Isn’t that interesting”. (Love this)
    I have been working @Crate and Barrel this season, and if I don’t see another package or wrap one it will be a welcome
    sight. I’ll be home for Christmas, looking forward to a peace-filled day to restore the balance. It has been a quick tempo and very
    Grateful for the opportunity to share on this blog and so appreciate your insights, and perspective and learning how others
    see things. It is a gift giving exchange. All I want for X-mas is some new bras without ink stains!!! and Santa baby hurry down the chimney with those cheques please.

    Many Blessings to you, Marc and those sweet furry companions. Wishing everyone time to share and to spare.
    May the year ahead be filled with invitations for new adventures and creative pursuits. Sound health is the best gift, an attitude of
    gratitude, and a compassionate heart.
    XOXO Renee

  • Sonja

    Again another timely, insightful and appreciated post. Am going to be particularly conscious of the mindfulness. Fortunately my Christmases are full of joy and fun catch ups with family and friends. Good nutrition and sleep and what I need more of. ??
    Merry Christmas to you and your pooches!

  • Lisa_AK

    Season’s Greetings Colette and Tribe!!
    Thanks again Colette for helpful reminders. Just me and my mom at home planning on a nice quiet Christmas. Rest of the family on the other coast and have recieved their boxes. We’ll facetime with them on Christmas Eve when they open the family gifts. Love all the movies this time of year!! My favorite is It’s a Wonderful Life…which they don’t show much anymore but that’s what DVD’s are for! Love the message it shows of how every life matters. You never know how you impact someone else and then it’s a domino effect. We’re all here for a reason, the journey is finding the reason and then living it! Yes there are bumps and bruises on the journey and even when you know your purpose, it’s still not always smooth sailing because there’s this thing called being human and dealing with daily life that gets in the way sometimes 🙂 Have been having a hard time at work these last weeks and having to take some of my own (and your) advice for finding time to be still and quiet, gratitude, lots and lots of deep breaths and remembering to leave it behind when I go home. Slowly getting better and things will all work out with time.
    Wishing you and all the tribe and families and fur babies a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
    Love, Light and Peace

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      This sounds so nice. We have favorites too ( or at least I do and Marc tolerates them) Elf, Serendipity, Love Actually, Bells of St Mary’s, Scrooge, and there are so many more.. anything with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye … love it now I just want snow

  • Emilia

    I’m reading this on Christmas Day here in South Australia. Very quiet here(by choice). Am thrilled about everyone else’s choices and thrilled about being home,amongst nature,listening to music I love,reading,simple meals etc. Your blog is such fun, clever and authentic and sincere as well. Your latest Oracle Cards are just Divine and your readings are captivating. Thankyou for being awesome You. Cheers to All! XXXXXX

  • KateE

    Merry Christmas!
    I so enjoyed Christmas with my family, we probably had the best one yet, we played games, everyone got along, relaxed, joyous, and fun. We still have little one’s in our family and of course they were the delight of the night, oh, so many toys, they are twins a boy and a girl and they thanked everyone for helping Santa with their list. Yes, I did eat quite a lot, though not because I was nervous or anxious but my mother happens to be a great cook and put on a spread that would have feed the whole neighborhood.

    But I am glad to be home and ready for bed and maybe a little rest and relax tomorrow with a Christmas movie. So anyway, thank you Colette for tips during this holiday season and hope you and yours had a great one as well.

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