2015 – A Summary of What Really Matters!

Updated: December 28, 2015

Dearest luminous you,

This is the last week of the year, the last time I will be writing knowing it’s 2015, the last bend of a rollercoaster ride that culminated in one big blast of learning about what really matters this past week.

I love taking this week to reflect on the year previous. It’s a ritual I do every year, really observing what happened, my part in things, what I manifested and when I had to surrender to life on life’s terms, and how well I responded to the call “that came without warning”.

You see I believe in a strange and powerful paradox. The first is that I am 100% sure that I co-create my reality, and have the ability, as we all do, to deliberately and consciously call in conditions that support my dreams and desires.
I believe and have seen proven time and time again that whatever frequency I put out there with consistency and repetition, will be reflected back to me in the appropriate form that represents that energy.

I know intimately the ebb and flow of that energy and the conditions that accompanies the co-creations when I am clear Spirit is my manifesting partner.

I also know that only when I’m “holding the world loosely” without too much ambition, attachment and entitled expectation, but just enough, remaining curious and neutral, extraordinary things happen in my life.

I know that whatever is possible exists in its essence in the invisible realms and can be called into form by me, and you. As a matter of fact we see this all the time. Thoughts do create reality. At the very least if you don’t believe this, consider perspective being the lens through which we are all influenced. It’s a big topic this, but one that I think about all the time now that the world is reflecting our own uncertainty of what we’ve already created and what lies ahead.

The second part of the paradox is that I also know intimately that there are times when I have to surrender to life on life’s terms. Those are the times when something comes along to kick me in the back of the knees lest I get too cocky, although truly I believe its all impersonal in the end. So somewhere between “ I create my reality” and “ Life on Life’s terms” is where I swing.

Yes this year was extraordinary in the manifesting sense of the word.
Right until the end of this year, one thing after the other got crossed off my husband’s and my co-creation list. From moving to Connecticut, to writing my best book yet Uncharted –The Journey Through Uncertainty to Infinite Possibility (September 2016) to creating and releasing my most extensive (and favorite) oracle deck- Wisdom of the Oracle. I watched my Canadian TV show Messages from Spirit do well and continue to air on national TV, and launched a 12 city successful tour.

Literally one phone call from a friend brought us the farm of our dreams, which we bought sight unseen and moved back to Canada. I was inspired to return to music and added some to my new live event format and then at the very end of the year got an offer for something that could allow me to reach so many more people than I ever thought possible from a company that could help me make a real difference. Yes all those things were true this year in 2015.

Am I proud and grateful for these things? Yes. Did we work hard, and continue to do the “do things” – the essential habits to maintain an energy that would match the reality we desired? Yes. Did I ensure I was serving in the way I knew had integrity? Yup.

Was it perfect? Hell no.

I didn’t like living in Westport, the move to Canada was hellish, the farm house needed tons of renovations and repairs, we were exhausted and overworked most of the year, then our dog Beanie died in my husband’s arms after complications from an MRI. And behind all of this, the world was riddled with horrible events that made my small world seem totally insignificant.

But in the end both are true.. the significance and the insignificance of a human life.

No matter what goes on in the world, in the broader sense of geo politics and social unrest, terrorism, and global environmental concerns- every one of us has a smaller life where the big stories play out in intimate ways. When things get too overwhelming bringing one’s life down to right size is the best recourse.

My core is close to the bone, local to my lens I see through. The world becomes more manageable living it from the inside out. It doesn’t mean that I will always get what I want. It means I will be able to find magic and meaning in the story of my life in places perhaps I never thought to look when my eyes were too glued to the proverbial prize.

Of course to get to the core of our stories we can unravel the complexities by asking simple questions.

What matters? What really counts? What’s true for me? When do I close my mind? What inspires me? What makes me afraid? Where does the power really lie? How can I lead a deeply spiritual life and make a living that has integrity? What happens when all my manifesting mojo gets kicked to the curb when a life event derails my “make it happen” train?

These are all things that came to mind this week as crisis came to our house and cancelled our plans for Christmas.

Both our younger dogs Coco and Olli taught us about some important things this week. Back to back as if a tsunami of sickness battered our home- first Coco had to go to emergency after a strange bout of vomiting then toppled into an acute hypoglycemic event. The day we brought her home from the emergency and being hooked up to an IV all day, Olli the baby, suddenly lost all her motor responses, and had to be taken into the city to emergency there. She now has a four thousand dollar reverse Mohawk hairdo, the result of numerous tests including MRI and spinal tap, which determined she has an inflammatory brain disease.

We now have surrendered to the fact we have a special needs baby and we will love and care for her every day of her life. As most of you know we have only had her for 3 weeks and although we would all like to adopt a healthy dog, the universe had other plans for our family.

The interesting thing is nothing else mattered to me while being present for all of this.

Not one thing on my list of accomplishments and possibilities mattered. My world shrunk to Marc and my fur babies. I struggled at first – knowing intellectually I needed to surrender didn’t help me. I wanted Coco and OIli to survive, and yes I prayed and yes they did but they might not have.

It’s easy to be grateful when you get what you want.

Olli had woven herself into our lives like a live wire of luminous and sparkling energy. Her presence had changed us all since she bounced into our world like Speedy Gonzales. She brought Coco alive to the point she acts like a totally different dog. Until Olli Coco was more like a cat- aloof and very independent, yet now she is loving and playful. Sebastian is less of a curmudgeon and more alert than he has been in ages, and Marc has a furry fan club he has never experienced since the loss of Beanie- his little soul mate. She also follows me around literally everywhere I go and sticks to me like Velcro.

Olli showed us all something we had no idea we were yearning for. She brought more Love and more Spirit into the house than ever before. Now she might die?!

I bargained and struggled, and cried, and let my fears yell at me until I was spent and then the most amazing thing happened. I began to pray for God’s will not mine be done. Whatever was to happen all I focused on was the love and acceptance I had in every cell in my body. Then the peace came and I was ok with whatever happened. I could just send Love and peace to Olli. I stayed in that gap – between thoughts, between prayers, between moments, and felt that beautiful quiet stillness within me.

Yes we were vulnerable. Yes our hearts would break but Marc and I talked about breaking open as a result of the beauty of her not the loss. How much she brought to us even though she came with ear mites and all kinds of other unrelated health stuff on top of all of it. The minute she came into our house she taught us to stay present and be conscious of what matters.

She is home now, a little fighter, sleeping beside me with her funny shaved head. Yes she still wobbles a bit, and she is on super steroids and we have no idea how she will do, or how long she will live etc.

Isn’t that true of life? All we can do is show up for it, be accountable, dream our dreams and take action towards them, ask the important questions, love with all our hearts, and one day when it’s our turn to leave this earth be grateful that we had this brief moment in time, in the physical plane, spiritual beings having a human experience where a puppy can change your whole world in one instant.

So for me and mine, we will continue to do our part to co-create a world we can be proud of for the highest good, dream our dreams, and enter 2016 with the intention to manifest and co-create from authenticity, courage, and inspiration. But we will also be challenged with the humility of it all just the same. And that’s ok.

As you reflect on 2015 and ready your intentions for 2016, may you be blessed with this prayer:-
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

So courage my loves as we all sail into Uncharted waters, no matter how rocky the boat gets we need to remember miracles are in the roiling seas as well as waiting to be discovered when we reach the new shores.

It’s all good.

Love you so much! See you in 2016 xoxoxox

love colette 200x103

Ps love to hear how your year went and your intentions for 2016!



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  • Amy Grams

    Colette, I’m so sorry for everything you, Marc and your fur babies have gone through! Sending you love and praying for both dogs’ health. I went through something similar less than a week after I adopted a beautiful English Mastiff a few years back. The vet told me she wouldn’t make it, but she did! Although we weren’t thrilled to pay an $1800 vet bill just days after adopting her, the rescue group was so thankful that we had been there for her. They told us no doubt the dog would not have made it if we hadn’t just adopted her because she’d just been one dog of many in a kennel. No one would have noticed her distress in those conditions. I am certain you and Marc are exactly what Ollie needs to get through this!

    I really resonated with the “Truth be Told” card. For some reason, lately I’ve really been feeling called to be completely honest and stop putting a spin on what I tell my family and friends (which is what I’ve done all my life, and I’m 47 now). I’ve had a lot of personal challenges these last few years and I’m tired of telling everyone I’m fine. I’ve started telling my family that I need their support. It feels good. I’m still mulling my intentions for 2016, but the essence of what I intend is to create love in my life – new friends, a new partner and a new sense of passion for my work.

    Happy 2016!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      wonderful.. and good news about your dog too.. its true they find us because we will commit to care for them and in turn we get so much more than money can buy!

    • Suzy

      I really love what you said. Thank you for sharing!

    • Paulette

      Collette – When I read something sometimes one thing jumps out at me. It’s inevitably what I need to hear. What I’m finally ready to hear. This is the piece that lifted off the page of what you wrote (another day it might be something else): “I also know that only when I’m “holding the world loosely” without too much ambition, attachment and entitled expectation, but just enough, remaining curious and neutral, extraordinary things happen in my life.”

      Since I started availing myself to your lovely Tarot deck readings. I find the decks very intreguing (I once studied comparing decks and their smbolism), I have written two books. My first two books. I’m 67 years old and never wrote anything longer than a poem.

      So it seems to go. Publishing or self publishing will be another matter.

      Thanks for you at-distance help. Paulette

    • Elvera

      What a wise and moving story you shared with us and in such a heart felt way. I can relate 100percent to what you wrote because of my deep love for my two fur babies (they happen to be cats) Thanks for sharing and teaching us that your life lessons are most likely similar to all of ours as well.

    • Mary Ann

      I had a good year. I managed to achieve things that I didn’t know I could. The real truth is that about 5 years ago I was on the path to become a professional artist. It was my dream, and something that I wanted more then anything in the world. I worked hard and studied and sold paintings but this other ‘path’ kept showing itself to me in different ways throughout the year. It was actually annoying. I would notice that things would just pop up and come out of the woodwork and present themselves to me. Messages would come in different ways and also during several different card readings. It constantly came up that I’ would be involved with a charity and using my art and business skills to do some great things through this.’ I had no idea what this meant at the time, had no experience with charities and didn’t want to do that. I wanted to be an artist so I kept pushing towards my own personal artistic goal. Finally one day, I was tired of the signs and frustrated with my art so I surrendered and I asked spirit to take my hand and show me exactly what He wanted me to do. That is when the doors started to open up. The ball started rolling and the journey began. Everything just began to fall into place in a synchronistic manner. People began coming into my life and opportunities presented themselves to me that lead me to starting up … you guessed it -an artist’s non-profit society. This society is a threshold, a conduit for artists to use to inspire creativity within each other and our community through artistic connection, expression and awareness. Hard to believe that I, once a shy person was suddenly thrust in front of the city giving speeches, asking corporations for money and speaking in front of huge groups of people. I surrendered to the fact that my artist dream was on hold for a while. The society grew by leaps and bounds and within 5 months we had over 100 artists as members, and the community loved us. 9 months later we held summer event and we won a huge award in the city for the top Tourism event of the year. We had over 100 artists come to the city and paint live and over 2000 people attended. Yes, my personal art has now been put to the side as this has been a huge undertaking, but what keeps me going is knowing that this is what Spirit wants me to do for now. So I honestly have no idea where next year will lead me. -(it is up to spirit lol) I recently started taking Colette’s Invision class as I want to continue to dig deep and become the best person that I can, opening myself and my creativity up to its fullest potential. The class is amazing and I love it and its so wonderful to work with Colette. For 2016, I will continue to keep connected to Spirit and live my life with my eyes wide open. Thank you Colette. xo

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        Mary Ann first off your art is beautiful and you are SO talented. I understand this pull from one direction to the other intimately. Your presence in the small group Invision training has been so wonderful I hope you will continue to stay connected. xooxoxoxo

    • Lia Clark

      Dear Colette, no truer words have been spoken, the serenity prayer is my all go too ”
      Be still, Let go and let God.
      your story touched us deeply and our prayers and healing thoughts are sent
      Your way !! We sure learn life lessons through the most unexpected circumstances
      God bless your beautiful little companions and we pray for strength and good results !!

    • Alicja

      Just thank you for sharing your stories and inspiring the rest of us. As 2016 dawns I am in the place of endings and new beginings on so many levels in my life. I feel pulled to move to Florida from upstate NY, my relationship is uncertain at best, the possibility of a new career, my children are young…..so much to embrace and so much to let go. It is overwhelming at times. Your story helped me. Thank you. This year I will commit to doing nothing, to being still, I will put my oars down, I will stop going upstream and I will finally allow life to guide me towards the life I am meant to live. And I am ok with not knowing. I truly am. Thank you Colette, much love. Alicja.

  • Brook

    Dear Colette – How grateful I am for you gifting us with your gifts while simultaneously empowering us all! I went through some deep soul writing this morning, before reading your post, and mapped out 2015. There were important themes in every month. As I continued to explore this past year with detachment, I made lists of relationships – new, reconnections, loss, changing, and deepening ones. I made lists of achievements, events, and shifts for which I say “thank you!” Next steps: Sitting down with some art supplies and creating something more colorful which will help me visualize 2015. A sort of release and acknowledgment mandala. Then, during my introverted New Year’s Eve, I will celebrate all this inviting the unseen world to the champagne party. And there was only one item on my regrets list – not taking good care of my physical body. Now that is a very simple intention to hold for 2016! Thank you for being a wise companion during my 2015 journey and helping us to trust while we’re on that bridge. Oh…and special giddy high fives from me – I was the very last reading in the Oracle Card reading class! Auspicious, ain’t it? big love! xoxo Brook

  • Renee Sugar

    Thank you Colette. Some inspiring thoughts to reflect on.
    What I plan to focus on in the coming year, which has been unfolding in small ways, and opening doors that I may have
    not planned or discovering opportunities that could lead to who knows what??? Just before X-mas, I somehow discovered
    an event that will be taking place in Toronto from Hay House. Coincidentally, two days later, I received an E-mail application
    for this opportunity to serve as a volunteer. It was not planned but my name must have been on a list from another time???
    It is the I CAN DO IT event. I “knew” that even though it isn’t scheduled until May 2016; that I did want to participate and
    contribute in whatever way I am asked. It is a work/exchange. So sometimes the most enriching doors are not related to
    generating revenue. I plan to invite spirit to guide me to take steps to be more curious, and less invested in a particular
    “outcome”. To “experience” life , and share with all kinds of people. I am learning to flow more with contract assignments
    rather than looking for “one” specific means to support my needs. It really doesn’t matter if it is in my “repertoire” or not.
    It is a more interesting, and expanding opportunity to learn new skills, and to connect with the world. When I attended the
    Energy Psychology Conference in Toronto in 2006; it opened me in a way that has truly transformed my perspective which
    was quite limited at the time. It is what I don’t know that invites my attention. Been there, done that does not propel us
    forward, or inspire us to see other possibilities. Seven years later I volunteered at the same conference. We never step into the same place in the river twice.
    May 2016 send us invitations to learn to share in the world without walls, boundaries, and limitations. The spirit is “infinite” and
    one step can be the catalyst to propel us to live in the flow. Somehow I would prefer to ” not know” everything beforehand.
    The timing is in the hands of the divine. I am always in the right place at the right time. We can worry is we want, but WHY do that?
    Everything is unfolding as it needs to. Every detail is being meticulously, designed according to a higher plan.
    I am excited about 2016. “If we knew what we were capable of it would literally astound us”.
    Many Blessings for the “New” Year. May it be unlike any other we have created before. Let is surprise us!!!!
    Keep saying YES and doors will open in places we could not conceive possible.
    Remember Audrey Hepburn. The word “impossible” can be seen as new potential for growth.
    Onward and upward.
    XOXO Renee

  • Rose Enyeart

    Collette, Thank you for letting me walk with you through this Earthly journey. Blessing on you and you furry friends, as well as Marc. Stepping back from our desires and accepting what is is the challenge for this life for me as well but I am not public with it. I wish I had your courage. An intention for 2016, I guess. Love and hugs to all.

  • Kory

    Dear Colette and Marc!

    Thinking about you both and your fur babies. What you wrote about in your blog that when these events show up, suddenly, now all of our focus is on this event, wanting the best for our loved ones who are in danger of taking their last breath, and how we feel about it whereas everything else that seemed so important before no longer holds our interest like it once did, this was something I was just thinking about yesterday. I’ve had my fair share of fur baby deaths to struggle through and each time anything and everything outside of their well being seemed so inconsequential.

    But somehow, slowly over time, are focus begins to revert back to what we want to experience and accomplish in this life. I’m guessing this is our human way of coping with believing we aren’t enough. Whereas, when we are in the midst of praying for and directing all of our loving attention toward the wellness of our loved one, we are at our finest in this world as we experience it in a body. This is unconditional love. We want what’s best for them whatever that may be (even though we know that if they go it will hurt our hearts tremendously) and our love is of the highest in these moments of human life (or death).

    It’s sad, then, to think that when we aren’t (as) focused on the wellness (and happiness) of our loved ones because they’re doing fine, that we turn our thoughts back to the world and what we can do for it or what it can do for us but without the intensity of the unconditional love that these otherwise scary events (of possibly losing a loved one) force us to focus on.

    If only somehow we can be as present within this type of love everyday of our lives in each moment. Maybe Olli and Coco are showing us how to do this.

    I love all four of you and with many prayers of love and healing.


    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you know i don’t think its sad.. its the variable colors and shades of life.. if it was only one way all the time.. well. might be boring! lolol. 😉

  • linet

    you rock colette!

  • Heather


    Thank you for sharing your perspective on the ups and downs of life. I REALLY have been struggling with this lately. I’m tired…I’m tired of the lessons and that there is ALWAYS something happening in my life that keeps me just slightly off balance, even if I roll with the punches…there is just always something. I’m tired and recently have been having a “self-pity party”. Life has not been easy for me…both my parents were alcoholics and I have been “playing” “adult” since I was about 9…constantly looking after them, playing mediator or trying to stay one step ahead of them. My Mom died when I was 19 from cirrhosis, which sent my Dad’s 3 years of sobriety out the the window. My Dad then died 9 years later, when I was 28. I never questioned their love and always tried to understand their demons and tried not to be a victim…but in hide sight I have always just been surviving and actually thriving. I was then married to a man for 17 years that was emotionally and verbally abusive. 5 years ago I got the strength to say no more…

    • Suzy

      Congratulations, Heather, for taking that brave step away from someone else’s chaos. Obviously, you had that light shining on your path that showed you another way and Man oh Man you walked right out on it like the Time to Go card. It seems as if that bridge is supported by nothing substantial, but each step verifies that its right.
      Even doing what is right is scary and lonely. Give yourself permission to rest before you truly thrive. I’ve walked your road and have learned so much about myself and to trust the Spirit.
      Rest awhile, then Go Get It! Life and love are what it is all about!

  • Michele

    Colette and Marc, my heart is emanating love to you as I request Archangel Raphael to hold you, Coco and Olli in healing liquid emerald light for the Highest Good of All Concerned. Wishing you peace, comfort and miracles.

  • Tracy

    Wow, Colette. I just want to give you a hug and I also want to say THANK YOU so very much. Your readings have been so helpful for me in my life, and as a healer, and intuitive – having inspiration in this world, is so supportive. You are like a mentor to me in the spiritual sense! I didn’t “stumble” upon you until 2015, so I am ever so grateful to have “met” you, even if it’s only through the internet. That’s one good thing about the world wide web – it can bring about connections to people who we may never meet face to face, but who touch our spirits/paths with such an impact. I send you lots of comfort and many prayers for Ollie/your other fur babies/and your husband. Many blessings and joy for 2016!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Tracy thank you for sharing and contributing to our conversation. I accept you hug and give one right back to you !

  • Beverley

    Bless you Colette. I was at your tour in Victoria Nov. 1st. 2015 .
    I love your cards daily. Thank you for being the beautiful gifted person you are.
    I am so connected since meeting you. I love your little furry babies.
    Sending best wishes for the New Year & huge hugs to you & yours.
    Love Bev.

  • Diane Faist

    Thank you, Collette! Reading your message and watching your video were both meaningful to me. I am positioned to blossom into myself in 2016. I updated my linked in profile, website still under construction…. While I have a lot to be thankful for, …Lately, I cry at everything, literally! I am in a major state of transition. My teenage daughter thinks I’m loosing it ?. Even though I appear shaky, I am following my heart and moving forward… Even though the path is not visible ?✨. The best to us all in 2016!!! Keep up your heart felt messsging???.

  • Laurie

    Your writing brought me tears. Thank you for sharing! Sending healing energy to both of you fur-babies. I will not make a News Years resolutions – haven’t for years – but for the last few years have come up with a word or phrase that will be my mantra for the year. 2016 will be “I am Wildly Open to Receiving”. Can’t wait to see what the New Year brings!

  • Faith

    Hi Colette,

    When I read about your fur babies having to receive emergency care around Christmas, my heart went out to them, you, and your husband, Marc, as we have a Bischon/Toy Poodle dog and if anything would happen to her, I would be quite sad. The reading for this week helped me to set my mind to focus more on what is important in my life and to be able to “let go” of things that only clutter my personal space.

    Thank you again for another awesome reading! I look forward to next week’s reading and any new insights that you may talk about in your weekly blog. Happy New Year to you, Marc, your fur babies, and everyone who visits your website page. Safe travels to those who will be traveling this week and I ask the Angels be present in the lives of those who need them.

  • joyce

    Thank you for your beautiful words and guidance. Wishing you love and light, and a wonderful 2016.

  • Heather

    part 2….I guess I hit submit accidentally.

    I Left my marriage 5 years ago with my clothes and debt….I have gone through 2 jobs losses, a year of unemployment, loss of friendships and family members that I felt were no longer healthy to my mental health, but there seems to be nothing taking the place of the stuff and people that I have let go. I feel lonely, tired and uninspired. I have tried to see the lessons and the positive, but I’m feeling more and more like “to hell with it” and “why bother” and why does it matter. I feel like God has forgotten me or that my past life was “so bad” that this life is “pay back” I know so many people that are not “great people” that seem to live these charmed lives. I also know that other people have it worse. I really need a “break” or “break thru”. I problem is I really don’t know what my part looks like any more.

    • Mary Martha Pazos

      Dear Heather,

      God never ever forgets us, although we sometimes forget about God. It sounds like you are seriously depressed, and when we are down, it can feel like things will never get better. But they do. So hang in there. You can get through this and go on to great moments and warm and fuzzy contentment.

      You are unique. As such, why waste your time comparing yourself to others? Besides, you are judging by outside appearances. You have no idea how they feel on the inside. Just seek to do your best today, now. Don’t even compare yourself to your own self. Maybe yesterday you felt energetic and did a lot. But maybe today it was a struggle to get up. Celebrate that you DID get up.

      Take pride in the care you gave your parents. Know that love and good deeds are never wasted. You probably have all kinds of bonuses from heaven that you have not cashed in on yet! Celebrate that. And continue to give love.

      Remember that we form habits of the way we think. If we tell ourselves that life is awful and unfair, it will be. Read everything uplifting that you can get your hands on and put the tips into practice. But take baby steps. It took years to build your current mind set, so it will take steady practice and a positive attitude to turn it around. But remember. It is possible. Look for the magic in each new day. And may this New Year bring you wondrous experiences.

      I will be praying for you.

  • Alisa

    Dear Colette – Sending lots of healing love and light to Olli girl. I know how terrifying the unexpected is when it comes to those we love.
    In November we had 3 of our 4 dogs ‘down’ with pretty scary medical issues, and the pup I thought would have the easiest time recovering from what should have been an easy procedure (teeth cleaning & one tooth removed), had a terrible reaction to the anesthesia. Kona Bear is 10 years young and our new reality is keeping him comfortable and working with the physical issues he has now. KB shows me daily how to accept what IS, not what I think it should be. He’s a strong, happy boy, I’m so grateful that he’ll be with us on the physical plane for however long he is 🙂

    Happy, Happy New Year to you, Mark and your fur babies!!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      have a Happy Happy New Year too.. and big love to Kona Bear.. they are our teachers

  • Mia Siegel

    Happy New Year Colette,

    I am so sorry about the puppy girl!!! Sending her and your family all kinds of positive, healing energy.
    I wanted to let you know that you are one of the best things that happened to me in 2015!! I had lots of big changes, all for the good, and your energy and wisdom has helped keep me on track. I appreciate you very much!!

    Lots of love and good wishes,

  • Barbara

    Thank you Colette for all that you have shared over this year. With this latest reading I see a lot clearer things that have been taking place in my life the last two weeks.

    Prayers for you, Marc, Coco, Sebastian and little Olli that 2016 be the best it can be for each of you.

  • Erica Susstte

    Thank you Colette for the guidance this year and years to come. I pray your fur babies astound you with their recovery and that the clearing is now ready for you all to slide and glide in the next year. My year lost me the man who would come into my dreams for years and I suspected my twin, but a knowing inside is leading me to believe a replacement or a divine compliment is on it’s way; either way I’m guided and not alone. I’m forever grateful to who I became and who I’m becoming. I’ve had some amazing experiences with spirit and I’m solid in following it without doubt.

    As for the new year I plan to pull out a quill and make a decree. A decree that includes my aspirations in my soul towards myself and others, wealth and health. I will be asking my children what they need from me and I will include it and they will be doing the same.

    Happy New Year!

  • Dawn

    Amazing. As I was reading this post I was feeling an extreme buildup of anxiety. It was a strange feeling – like a buzzing in my nerves (particularly in my neck and shoulders) that kept on getting stronger. As soon as I read the line “I began to pray for God’s will not mine be done” it was like a switch was turned off and the buzzing feeling immediately stopped. I was kinda of skimming over the words, not really paying attention because of the growing tension. It immediately “woke” me up because it was such a profound change of feeling from tension to calm. My Oracle card told me I was going to be getting a message soon. I’m listening…

  • Marci Cagen

    I am sitting here in tears as I type this. Not because what your wrote was so sad, emotional or frightening, but because I could relate with your words on a deep, soul level- so much. It’s as if you were in my mind and I was reading those thoughts typed out right in front of me. Your ideas and connection with The Universe sound so much like my own. My doubt, my fear, my questioning, my comparing. And also my co-creating, my knowing, my yearning, my trusting, my allowing. It all resonated with me so so much! Thank you for your vulnerability and willingness to show up and be seen, sharing such a BEAUTIFUL message of hope and love, and most of all TRUST!
    When I chose to attend your workshop last month at CYL, I had no idea why. (I’m the gal that came up to you after your book signing and told you I was celebrating 19 years clean and sober the next day.) I have a couple of your card decks and really enjoy them, but I never really knew much else about you. As I sat in your workshop, I was transformed. You will never know how your light helped me to see, but I pray you can feel as much love and oneness and connection, the same way you helped me to. I have struggled for so long in owning my spiritual gifts and expressing the love that Spirit has infused me with. I have spent so much time and energy compartmentalizing who sees what, who know what, etc. and as I sat in your workshop and heard your reading for a gal in recovery from her sponsor, you changed everything inside me. Your openness with her about your own recovery and such smashed all my delusions of self-preservation bullshit that I had been holding onto. The gift you gave me in those moments was FREEDOM! REAL FREEDOM! I have attended countless step groups, written numerous inventories, taken tons of classes and certification programs, spent innumerable hours in counseling and coaching and never felt so FREE to be me and express the shining gifts Spirit and I have co-created together, than I did that day. I want to thank you. You gave me a new pair of glasses (or maybe I just took my old ones off.) At any rate, I am eternally grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I look forward to the time when our paths cross once again.
    My willingness to reach out to you on this particular day has come from reading your blog post a little while ago. Although my heart aches for you and your family, your pain and willingness to share have been a bridge for me to reach out to you. Your little angel inspired this very message! I have been thinking about writing to you for weeks, and after reading your post, I knew I couldn’t wait any more. Your integrity and willingness to cultivate acceptance are inspiring. The courage to live life on life’s terms with such grace and ease and openness is powerful. We lost one of our beloved fur babies (Lily Bean aka “The Bean”) a couple of years ago now. She passed very unexpectedly (sick in the morning, and gone by night.) She taught me so much about trusting my intuition and relying on the unseen. She still does. Her little spirit lives on everyday, in every way. She truly is a remarkable soul as I know yours is, too. No matter what happens, I pray that you all feel that deep soul connection forever and ever. Sending you all much love and peace and the “wisdom to know the difference.” Love, Marci

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      what a beautiful gift for me to read .. you made my day.. and its a “we’ thing yes? We carry the umbrella together.. and somehow we all make it. BIG LOVE

  • Julie

    Thank you for sharing the yarns of your life. It is those experiences you have shared with us each week that without knowing when it happened I gained you in my tribe.
    I had also taken some time this morning to get some perspective on life before you shared. It was amazing how it all ran together and I want to share it with you.
    As a single mother of two for many years I felt I needed some Feng Shui cures for my bedroom to get things moving and thought it fitting to finish with your Landscape video.
    “I’m stuck as a mother.”
    My landscape was black choppy water with haystack rocks like the Oregan coast. As I turned around I faced the cliffs that hold back the storms. It was rocky and loose in places that vegetation had not overgrown. There could be a path but not very traveled. But interestingly I was standing at the tide pools where things were calm and had there own Eco system when a Blue Heron flew in and stood. When it was time to for us to go he used the wind off the water that hit the cliff which formed the thermals to sore effortlessly at the point of the in-be-tween. Hugs and kisses to you and Marc who knows what it feels like to be a mother. ?

  • Jude Scaglione

    Dear COLETTE ,I have been struggling with so much unfinished business this year. I feel at times like I am in quick sand struggling to stay a float.How can one still love someone who wasn’t nice to you at times but yet was very generous to you. One who was emotionally abusive for 42 yrs.Yes we are no longer together but, I took some of your advice and have been praying on us getting back together.I still love and care for this man as crazy as it may sound.Its been 3 yrs sense this divorce .I haven’t dated not for lack of but, because i never felt comfortable with these men.I thought we could start fresh and create a new relationship a better one.I thought we were one the same page but he has been seeing someone who really doesn’t want him to get back with me . He said something mean and he hurt me again .but for some reason i feel this is her speaking. He said the only reason i want him back was because i haven’t found someone else ,which to me is so off the mark.I am still working on me , I pray for guidance,but at times I feel that God has forgotten me . I know your probably saying girl forget him work on your self . This is what I am doing this year. I have never focused on me ever it has always been the kids and him. I used this analogy in one of my Dale Carnegie course.It went like this ,I have a box of brownie mix. i mix it up put it in the oven with love.when its done I take it out.; everyone takes a piece but, when I go to get mine the only thing lift are crumbs. This is how I have felt my life has been but, no more.this year I am making it just for me.

  • Tori

    My 2015 was good, I’m halfway through my first year of teaching and my masters program. There are moments when I wonder if doing both things was crazy, but somehow it’s worked 🙂 I want to thank you for your video I need to be reminded sometimes to just le things happen and not fight against the universe. I also found great comfort in the portion about people that play one role in our lives and how it evolves into another. Just this week I “let go” of a friendship that wasn’t bad per say, but it wasn’t the true friendship I wanted it to be. It was difficult because there is a lot of love there, your video proved to me that it was time. Thanks again and have a blessed new year.

  • Christy

    I’m praying for your sweet fur babies! Your truth and honesty is so inspiring. Thank you.

  • Ana Rita

    Dear Colette,
    thank you very much for your sharing and for the video,indeed it was a challenge year…I would like to know if you can do a reading for me,i’m in Lisbon,facing many things at the same time…And i would like to know what the Universe has for me and at the same time i would like to know if this is possible and how much it is please.
    Best regards from Lisbon,


  • Patricia

    Dear Colette – A note about your sweet dogs. Did the vet check for Lymes or any of the Lymes’ co-infections? As soon as a read brain inflamation and that you had lived in one of the most Lyme endemic areas of the USA, it was most first thought. Wishing you all health and Healing in 2016. You vlog helps keep me aligned with spirit, thank you for sharing your gifts.
    Ciao Bella – Pat

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      all the dogs were tested for Lyme and came up empty ..Olli is a Canadian dog and we live now in a place with very little Lyme issues.. just meningitis.. ;(

  • Dee Vlahos

    Dear Colette,

    You are one of my most favorite super-gifted people and I love your blogs, your cards and how you share whatever comes your way in life in complete unabashed honesty!

    My heart goes out to you and Marc and your beloved fur babies and I’m sending you love and peace! Five years ago just after I adopted my beautiful Jasmine Bear kitty from the Humane Society, she started having grand mal seizures on a weekly basis – sometimes twice a week. I’d never seen anything like it and felt so helpless as I watched by beautiful cat and there was nothing I could do. I remember telling a couple of my co-works what happened and one said, “can’t you take her back and exchange her?” I think I gave him the most horrid look – like I’d do that!

    I still have my beautiful Jasmine (Thank you God!) and she has taught me so many things; that no one is perfect and it doesn’t matter; that whatever time we have these beautiful creatures entrusted to our care, they give us more love than anyone else ever could, because they KNOW we saved them and in their own very special way they KNOW they are saving US by showing us every day how to love and give love and receive love in ways few people understand. I know that if I didn’t choose my Jasmine Bear that day, she wouldn’t be alive and she shows me that gratitude in her beautiful eyes and purrs every day! I got to save a life and I know that when it is time for her to depart from my loving hands, my heart will break and I will be inconsolable for some time but I will also know that she shared her life and love with me for as long as she could and I will be so grateful she came to me. She truly is a gift from Spirit.

    Your Olli and Coco are very fortunate to have you and Marc and both of you are very fortunate to have them as well. Many hugs and blessings of love and health to all of you!

  • Dee Vlahos

    Dear Colette,

    You are one of my most favorite super-gifted people and I love your blogs, your cards and how you share whatever comes your way in life in complete unabashed honesty!
    My heart goes out to you and Marc and your beloved fur babies and I’m sending you love and peace! Five years ago just after I adopted my beautiful Jasmine Bear kitty from the Humane Society, she started having grand mal seizures on a weekly basis – sometimes twice a week. I’d never seen anything like it and felt so helpless as I watched by beautiful cat and there was nothing I could do. I remember telling a couple of my co-works what happened and one said, “can’t you take her back and exchange her?” I think I gave him the most horrid look – like I’d do that!

    I still have my beautiful Jasmine (Thank you God!) and she has taught me so many things; that no one is perfect and it doesn’t matter; that whatever time we have these beautiful creatures entrusted to our care, they give us more love than anyone else ever could, because they KNOW we saved them and in their own very special way they KNOW they are saving US by showing us every day how to love and give love and receive love in ways few people understand. I know that if I didn’t choose my Jasmine Bear that day, she wouldn’t be alive and she shows me that gratitude in her beautiful eyes and purrs every day! I got to save a life and I know that when it is time for her to depart from my loving hands, my heart will break and I will be inconsolable for some time but I will also know that she shared her life and love with me for as long as she could and I will be so grateful she came to me. She truly is a gift from Spirit.

    Your Olli and Coco are very fortunate to have you and Marc and both of you are very fortunate to have them as well. Many hugs and blessings of love and health to all of you!


  • Dee

    Dear Colette,

    You are one of my most favorite super-gifted people and I love your blogs, your cards and how you share whatever comes your way in life in complete unabashed honesty!

    My heart goes out to you and Marc and your beloved fur babies and I’m sending you love and peace! Five years ago just after I adopted my beautiful Jasmine Bear kitty from the Humane Society, she started having grand mal seizures on a weekly basis – sometimes twice a week. I’d never seen anything like it and felt so helpless as I watched by beautiful cat and there was nothing I could do. I remember telling a couple of my co-works what happened and one said, “can’t you take her back and exchange her?” I think I gave him the most horrid look – like I’d do that!

    I still have my beautiful Jasmine (Thank you God!) and she has taught me so many things; that no one is perfect and it doesn’t matter; that whatever time we have these beautiful creatures entrusted to our care, they give us more love than anyone else ever could, because they KNOW we saved them and in their own very special way they KNOW they are saving US by showing us every day how to love and give love and receive love in ways few people understand. I know that if I didn’t choose my Jasmine Bear that day, she wouldn’t be alive and she shows me that gratitude in her beautiful eyes and purrs every day! I got to save a life and I know that when it is time for her to depart from my loving hands, my heart will break and I will be inconsolable for some time but I will also know that she shared her life and love with me for as long as she could and I will be so grateful she came to me. She truly is a gift from Spirit.

    Your Olli and Coco are very fortunate to have you and Marc and both of you are very fortunate to have them as well. Many hugs and blessings of love and health to all of you!


    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thanx for sharing about Jasmine.. I get it .. and the immense gratitude xoxox

  • patty

    Dearest Sparkling Being Colette! Love, light, prayers and courage being sent to you, your babies and Husband!!!

  • Marjana

    Dear Colette,
    oh what a joy to read your blogs and watch your weekly videos. Thank you for sharing your ups and downs in such honesty and open heart.
    I wish you, Marc and your fur babies a very happy and healthy 2016!
    All my love, Marjana

  • Lauren

    When I read this I wanted to dash over and give you a great big hug. I have had three Afghan Hounds in my lifetime. Sydney was mostly healthy physically but adopted because of behaviour issues which over time I helped her resolve. Ariel was mostly healthy except that she made her exit from this world with pancreatic cancer which had it own unique challenges. And, then there was Silken who had health challenges beginning with a virus that left her with small seizures when she was just a ten week old puppy. She too had to have her wee head shaved for a brain scan….very cold for a bald head in January in Ontario. Silken got through it all and I hope that your fur-baby gets through her challenges as well.
    I know that for some things, the part of me that is in form as a human Personality, can create many things, events, people to travel with, etc. And, no surprise that the human Personality is going to put energy into the “good” fun stuff when I make my efforts to create. That said, at the Soul level other grander plans are launched for growth that the Personality may not be so keen on. The bigger lesson seems to be to trust that whatever my Soul wrote as the plan for this life trumps all my ideas that I want to create. When you are a brave Soul who has planned challenges as a Life Chart it is hard to just embrace these because of all the “noise” out there that shames people for not being able to create a life that is all fun and wonderful. With all of that “noise” it is easy to forget that the stuff of life that humans think they don’t want is the very stuff that helps us stretch and grow. The Soul is only here to grow and be able to hold more Light and Love and it is usually the challenges that facilitate this growth. The Personality may be none too keen but the Soul is cheering and doing the WooHoo Dance. I am continually working on finding a way to be ok with what the Personality does not like…Gratitude at its finest 🙂

  • Diana Boles

    “Life is something that happens on your way to making plans”. I don’t know who said that but I’m certain it is so true! Life is about how we handle those impromptu roadblocks and unexpected u-turns that design the soul. Where there is a fear, we gather courage. Where there is a doubt, we call on Spirit. Where there is a question of validity, we seek truth. When there is darkness, we light a candle. The only time I am certain of the map I’m drawing, is after the footstep has been taken. It is the reason to move slowly and patiently even when being hurried and pushed to produce results.
    This year of 2015 has seen me in prayer, but it was no more often than ever before. What seemed different was that I didn’t seem to ask “for” something. Rather I was praying from a place of gratitude. I’m not even sure I realized it. There is so much surrounding me that reflects love. Every plant and building, every child and adult, every animal wild or domestic-I am amazed – sense pins and needles, just like when drawing cards. I am such a lucky woman. I am awed by the connection of “Spirit” that is part of my every day. That sense of know a thing before it happens. The slow movement that allows you to smell the change coming-feel the thickness or thinness of the surrounding air. Entering the silence so that you can hear the whispers and chimes of the language of the others.
    I, too, lost 2 animals my beloved bird, Rock-0 and Mysterious “Missy”‘ my Bichon. Somehow, I knew it was coming.
    This tribe that dances on these pages with Colette is laden with wisdom. Colette has brought it out in each one of us and brought us all together that we may share what we know. We are healers and wisdom seekers. We are Majik Making soothsayers. We are blessed and a blessing at the same time.
    Colette, you know, “never more than you can handle”. I’m grateful that Ollie has you and Mark. Coco as well, and Sebastian and that you all have each other. Your making a great home.
    Happy New Year to all of you! ✨⭐️?⭐️✨

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Thank you Diana for being part of this tribe and for always sharing your wisdom in turn with all of us.. oxoxoxo

  • Swiss Lisa

    Dear Colette!
    Amazing readings…for the ending of an amazing and testing year. I thought you would just talk about this last week…but we got the extra treat of a quick peek about 2016! Sounds like we can DO something with THOSE two cards. And for this week. . . Possibly heavy, at the very least, deep and wonderous cards . . . Sorry about your trials and tribulations with your puppies…I’m sending good vibes to you and yours. Thanks so much for these readings and take care of yourself, too.

  • Emilia

    Dynamic! Oh I could so feel your sincerity and inner stirrings. Thankyou so very much. Shared a few tears along with you too. Much love to each of you. Miracles! I sense them too. For me this year didn’t match my target – “congruency”. It’s still important to me though. Congratulations on all your achievements, that’s quite a wonderful list. This October I went to an Aboriginal “Mum-Mo-Wee” gathering of The Tribes here on Kangaroo Island,South Australia. The Elder and his family shared dreamtime stories of the land, around a Sacred Fireplace,attended to every hour,for 4 days. We were Black Fella and White Fella together(for right reason). I felt inspired and reignited and included. Then two weeks later That Elder suddenly died, which rocked my world, even though I’d only known him for a few days. I wept as though he were my own family. He was also very much about “no B.S.” and I value that. Something for me to take into my new year(no b.s.) plus something I’m so deeply grateful for – the gift of another year and so on. Every word you wrote on this blog had be right there. You really do think and express sincerely,authentically and beautifully. I soo so appreciate that. Thankyou. xx

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      happy New Year Emilia .. what a beautiful gift to be included in such a ceremony..

  • Dawn Rochester

    So Beautiful….So Powerful!! A joy to read. So Reaffirming!

  • Lisa Droman

    Love you to the moon and back.

  • Jen

    big love to you on your recent loss and traumas. My year sounds a lot like yours – sadly though I just feel so weakened by it. I feel like I have fallen off thos horse so many times that I just feel I should lay down here a while. But that is such a dismal existence. Do you accept the life of chronic illness and live within that small scope – is that trusting spirit? Or do you get back up and go looking, again, for another treatment, approach, specialist. Is surrender acceptance? The time is 11:11 – thankyou for your wisdom, have four of your decks now ?

  • Mary Martha Pazos

    Dear Colette,

    May each day fill you with ever-increasing joy, and may your furry family and loving husband bask in your sunshine with you.

    How can I thank you for your generous gifts which arise from your heart, for your caring, for your spunk, for your unsinkable spirit, and for your deep spirituality, all of which you share with us? Walk in the blessings of Spirit.

    Have a fabulous 2016!

  • Christine

    Could the dogs have somehow gotten into some kind of toxic building materials in your home renovation or some sort of pesticide or poison meant for outdoors issues of some kind? Sounds weird to me… and puppies are so curious and will eat just about anything. I was just thinking. It sounds weird. Healthy pups from a skilled breeder- so what happened?

  • Janet

    I’m all geared up now…awwww all I know is the universe answered Olli’sprayers… Send me to someone who won’t give up on me…. Who will love me unconditionally… Who will be by my side no matter what… And she went to you and Marc… Prayers sent for both your fur babies… Hang in there Collette, 2016 looks awesome too! ????

    • Janet

      Teared* up… Why won’t it let me cry?? Lol

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    Whew! Colette, 73 comments in the first day. That must have been a historical record : )

    Yes, Miracles; I call them “God” no matter what packaging they come in – and the breath-taking gratitude when miracles occur is life’s ‘highness’, amen.

    I made a list of achievements (about 14 of them to start) for the year, some will take longer. I have accomplished a few that I did not have at the beginning of the year however I have them now yet they haven’t been as magical as I had imagined. It would be favorable for my peers to appreciate how long and hard it takes to actually achieve higher levels of learning. Evil prefers to shoot us down so I keep having conversations with my Higher Power (and my Dream Board) but humans have needs to survive for family – waiting for my turn to come-up or just waiting to be heard, acknowledged and proactive. Working, working, working yet those miracles are surely needed for without them I barely work. My plan is bigger than my purse will allow hence the need for miracles, amen. I even wished upon a falling star last night ….

    Don’t know exactly how you are bearing the winter in Canada however down southeast USA it has been mild exactly what I had needed for my dysfunctional heating system. So, I do believe we are heard and blessed yet sometimes so much more or that one special ingredient is still needed because a particular miracle has not occurred yet, so one continues to wait for a turn.

    Looking forward to your book come September, yay!

    P : ) ACE on Earth Blessings, Thanks
    Light to All Lights, Amen
    Blessed 2016
    Puppy LOV : )

  • Lisa_AK

    Hi Colette and Sparkly Tribe,
    Sending your fur babies lots of healing energy!! It’s so hard to see them get sick…I have an 11 yr. old pug, Sophie and she has some back/hip problems, seems to be doing OK on anti-inflammatory for now. She still loves her food and snacks but has slowed down a lot. I know she’ll let me know when it’s time to go, until then my mom and I just love her and take care of her.
    Loved the reading this week!!! It was so spot on for me…a lot of times I feel like the cards are talking directly about me!! My issues have mostly been at work lately. A couple of weeks ago I was looking around on line at jobs and there was one listed I know I’d be perfect for and I think it will be perfect for me! So I applied and waiting to hear if I get to do an in person interview. I’ve gone back and forth about wanting that job, maybe my current job will get better…finally I realized, I’ve done my part, I put in the application, I’ve talked to God (several times) about what I want and need in my life, then I realized I need to let it go….let go and let God! It only took a headache to make me realize what I already knew, that God already has everything worked out for the highest good for me and all concerned. Then I remembered another saying I’ve heard, ‘the answer to prayer is yes, no and wait’ LOL! So I’m in the waiting mode and accepting that for now I can taste the sourness of the lemons in the work situation or I can add sugar and make lemonade….so I’ll be adding lots of sugar ’cause there’s lots of lemons!!
    And the cards for 2016….love them!!!! For years have been working on being my authentic self and yes that sometimes means letting go of people and/or places, but it’s always for the best. And thank you so much Colette for the idea of making a ‘co-create list’! That’s what I’m going to do for 2016!!! List what I want to co-create, put it in writing while also letting go of the actual outcome or manifestation because Spirit will undoubtedly do it even better than I can imagine!!!
    Love, Light and Peace to All
    and Happiest of New Year’s!!!

  • Genene

    Cyber-(((HUGS))) and positive energy to you, Marc and all your furbabies. Nothing turns my world upside-down and shakes it like a crisis with one of my beloved dogs. We’ve lived miracles and heartbreaks, but each experience seems to strengthen the bond with my furry companions. As always, thank you for sharing your experiences and perspectives, which always give me something deep to consider.

  • Kathy

    I cried as I read about your sweet puppy’s ordeal, and my heart aches with you for what you’ve been through. My sweet 20 year old cat suddenly experienced motor loss and evidence of brain dysfunction in September, and she wasn’t responding to cortisone very well. It was so hard for me to say goodbye to my loving companion of 20 years who almost made it to her 21st birthday with no illness through her life. I feel the loss every day and yet she is still with me always, and I find joy in 20 years of wonderful memories with her. My heart goes out to you and your husband for the loss you’ve had this year. May 2016 bring you all so much joy, peace and love.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      sorry for your loss.. even though they are still with us in Spirit.. their presence is always missed 😉

  • Rolene

    This brought such tears to my eyes and I send you love and a big hug. Going to hug my furry purry baby now.

  • Ada

    What a beautiful way of showing us it is “co-creation” and sometimes the stuff is going to hit the fan in our lives. Sending LOVE to you, Marc and the fur-babies. I know how hard it is when they are unwell and we feel helpless and all the praying and bantering just as we would for someone we love in human form. Adding you all to my thoughts and prayers…. Thank you Dear Lady….

  • Gale

    Sending much love and healing wishes to your pups, and lots of hugs and comfort to you and Marc. xxxxx

    I received The Wisdom of the Oracle deck for Christmas, and I am looking forward to getting into it. I love all of your oracle cards and find them very helpful in my daily life.

  • Kim Werfel

    Oh Colette…..my heart goes out to you and your Ollie. Maybe a healer can help him? I also can’t help thinking about perhaps a food allergy of some sort ( I have all kinds of food allergies that result in different degrees of inflammation) I’m a big believer in energy medicine, reiki and any other kind of alternative therapies. I know spirit will guide you to the best healing solutions for your little ones. My heart hurts for you.
    On another note, I want to thank you so much for your oracle cards, readings and consistent presence in my life (via the internet, but powerful nonetheless) You keep me tuned in to spirit and what really matters. How big a mission is that?!!! Thank you, from a fellow moon-child Cancerian 🙂 Much love, health and success to you in 2016!

  • Ronnie G

    Thank you for that wonderful, moving blog! I cried right through most of it. I lost my own sweet fur baby on October 3rd. Although none of his symptoms were serious, I couldn’t shake the feeling that this was the end of our earthly time together. It’s still hard to think about. Mike was with me through the loss of my mother, three dogs, my parrot, my father and my brother. He was with me when I left NY, leaving behind everything that was familiar to be with my parents in Florida. When I rescued him 20 years ago, I had no idea the twists and turns we would traverse on our shared journey. On that last day, sitting with him in my arms, at the emergency hospital waiting for test results, I felt a shift in him and I knew that he was ready to transition. I had spend 2015 learning, studying and growing. Learning to be alone in life, learning to deal with hardship and struggle, and learning to deal with health issues. His transitioning feels to me like the closing of a book or perhaps the end of a very long chapter.

    I heard Dr Northrup talking about her practice of 13 holy nights where she journals and draws cards from an oracle deck each night as guidance for the corresponding month of 2016. I decided that, as I am starting a new chapter in life and have never had any rituals outside of church, I would do this 13 nights as well. And rather than drawing cards from your website, I decided to have my own deck so I purchased Wisdom of the Oracle (I just love them). Until a October when I went to your website, I had never had any dealings with Oracle cards so I’m a total newbie! I received them on December 22nd and unable to wait, I read the beginning of the little guide book, shuffled the deck, and prayed for my angels and guides to give me guidance. Then thinking about this new chapter starting in 2016, I said, ‘show me what you would have me know’ then I drew my first three cards. On the first card I asked what they would have me know and I drew Serendipity. On the second I asked what more they would have me know and I drew Happy Happy. On the third card I asked where is this going and I drew Building Blocks – all three cards in protection! I was amazed and thrilled! Can you imagine a more wonderful reading to get from this, my very first deck, my very first time! I am still in awe! “Spirit has a spectacular blueprint for your life far beyond your imagination. Don’t be afraid to replace what’s not solid.”

    With that knowledge, I will perform my second ever ritual. On New Year’s Eve I will take each of the letters I am writing to people who’ve harmed me, along with a list of all of the things I’m leaving behind in 2015 and I will read them. To each person, I will release them from these perceived transgressions, then I will read the list. Next I will tear them up and burn them. When they are no more than ashes, I will commit them to the earth to be recycled, renewed within the soil. I will then face a new chapter with a new perspective, ready to put into practice all that I’ve learned in this year of learning!

    You’ve been such a big part of all this change; thank you hardly seems adequate!

  • Brenda

    Wishing you and hubby the best for your four legged children. I am struggling terribly myself. I had a birthday gift 12 years ago (Cane Corso puppy) only 4 weeks old when he was brought to me. I asked God to please let me be with him for 12 years as the prior loves of my life had past way before then. He is a little over 12 years old and has a heart condition which can take him at any time and I know the time is getting close. He is my soul mate and the thought of living without him is really too much for me to handle. Unfortunately we both have the same heart condition. Amongst of course having my daughter, I tell him he was always my one true baby (furry kind). I have two other furry family members, which I love dearly, but Beau is my true love. I cant thank you enough for sharing what you have gone through with your own – I believe in you and know we are together for what seems such a short time. I know I have to take your advise in dealing with the inevitable. Your wisdom is at times what keeps me going. Best to you and your family in the New Year.

  • Lone Birkmose

    Gosh what a year for you and your dogs…sending them and you love and light ❤️

    It’s been tought here too…a total without mercy review back on all my years since I got mother, my daughter had had a psycic trauma but it has been blurred up in the cover of a lactosisintollerance and very sensitiv to oat and stuff …so devoted cutting herself to gain some kind of control and succeded for a year hiding it for me..acting like a freaky teen…it has been hard times many tears and a lot of healing….been tought to be very present and yet failed once in a while coursed of stress to gain control because of me studying and I loose my scholarship if I don’t make assignments …now here at the end of the year….maybe also with a soulmate around the corner…I realize this dream of a job as nurse to reassure my living might really not be …”it” …but I’m still hanging on to it for a while ….waiting for the signs…
    I had to let go of my son …he moves to his dad a 130 km away..to Germany. The pressure of the things with my daughter made him feels stucked and stressed too so he is going to make his high school there instead …so I had to let go of him…I’m so in love with my kids…and gosh …they are growing fast …he is 17 now so it’s actually ok…
    All this opens new opportunities not really known …but one things for sure…I feel so connected to make a difference to the world…in what way ever…it just has to get a shape…and it will I’m sure otherwise I would not feel all these bubbles bubbling around making me so happy and adjusted like I actually am in the middle of this “storm” ❤️
    I think it has been a pretty hard year for a lot of us ..and still it is looking around at the kaos in the world…but even kaos tends to create a new order …so I’m heading faithful towards our future …very thing is like it has to be right now❤️

    I’m wishing you so much a blessed and joyful new year ..and I thank you for the one which has past…you really has been one of the pillars in my growth❤️??❤️

    Loving hug to you and your dear ones???


  • Holly

    Dearest Colette,
    Thank you so much for sharing this – I have respectfully and silently followed your writings for many years and it was this week’s blog that I felt a great need to contribute… 2015 has been very challenging and in the last 5 months, I have grieved the loss of my beautiful Nanna and now for my fur baby, Choppie, our boisterous boxer whom we lost on Christmas Day. I have been taking things one day at a time and keeping the serenity prayer in mind as my Nanna lived by this her entire life – so when I read your blog/ watched your weekly card reading, every part of my being felt that your message was no coincidence… Much love to you and your gorgeous family at this time and thank you for the gentle nudge into the unknown of 2016.

    Hol xoxoxo

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      O Holly I am so sorry for your loss. It really is one day at a time.. every day.. all the way with gratitude and hopefully grace 😉 Thanx for contributing to our weekly tribal circle! xoxox

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Blessed 2016, Holly
      In memory of your Nanna and Choppie : )
      to resonate higher
      Sincere Blessings

  • Eric


    As I have been reading your blog, looking at your Universal Energies video, and reading the SOAR program I’m very optimistic about 2016. In doing all of these programs you have given so much to us and I’m sure everyone is as thankful as I am for all that you have taught and shown us over the last year. In studying this blog I’ve realized that you have shown us something else, whether you intended to or not.

    When I read about all of the things that you had gone through for Christmas I was disheartened; if anything dire had happened to your fur babies then every year at this time you would have been reminded of the event. I think a lot of people have problems during this time of year because of similar events occurring in their lives. In recent previous blogs you had written about letting go, setting boundaries, and looking after yourself. You have done so much traveling and doing for others that I personally was worried about you taking care of yourself and your loved ones. After serving in the military and doing a lot of travelling I understand what a toll it can take on you. When you came home from doing your shows I’m sure that Coco, Olli, and Sebastian weren’t sitting there saying, “It’s about time that she got back! How long is she staying? Where is she going this time?” They were just glad to see you. In my time that I had my dog I noticed that, while we couldn’t directly communicate, he knew what was going on in my mind. He knew when I was happy, depressed, angry, or just needed some company (and I could tell the same about him). When he got sick he couldn’t tell me what was going on, he couldn’t tell me that his condition was terminal, he just enjoyed my company while I was there. I couldn’t do anything physically for him even though I would if I could. In that moment in time all I could give him is love. Although dogs do remember things that you’ve said or done they are not judgmental. They return the love that you give them. That’s what happened to you: you weren’t worried about the next booking or the next blog; you were worried about your family. After all of the diagnoses and treatment when there was nothing else to do you gave them love. I notice that I start trying to make deals with God for those who I love; to take their pain away, for them to have good fortune, and for them to have good health. In that moment nothing else matters and your concern is for their well-being over yours. You didn’t offer your love for the next 6 months and you didn’t plan for things in the next week. It was no coincidence that there was a full moon in Cancer on Christmas. The full moon brings things to completion and perhaps this was a lesson to us all. The Sun was just entering Capricorn, a cardinal-earth sign. Capricorn is a sign of structure and order and the cardinal modality says to take action. With the Sun representing the ego it’s no wonder that people get stressed during the holidays; if Capricorn wants structure everything goes to pot if things don’t go like they’re “supposed to”. Travel delays, late package deliveries, and other miscues disrupt that structure and causes stress. People under varying degrees of stress will disrupt the structure further and everyone’s holidays are lousy. For the first time in 40+ years there is a full moon on Christmas Day. The full moon is a sun-moon opposition; there is a struggle between the structure of Capricorn and the nurturing nature of Cancer. Cancer is a cardinal-water sign. It deals with the home and family, the water element deals with emotions and generally “goes with the flow” more than that of the “grounded” Capricorn. The opposition indicates a struggle but it offers a choice: if you know the two extremes you can be one or the other or you can try to strike a balance if you have help from other planets. In this moment instead of the normal structure of the holidays you went with the flow and in the moment showed unconditional love to your family, above anything else. Perhaps we need to show more love in the moment to those who mean so much in our lives, both verbally and by our actions, before we lose the chance. As convoluted as it may seem this is what I gleaned from the blog and hopefully others got just as much 🙂

    As we start a New Year people like to make changes to their lives, or resolutions, to get through the New Year. The verbal commitment is not enough and that is why people tend to fail. I have previously written about the things that I get replaying in my head and how they have affected me. In your blogs and other resources you mention that in order to get the change that we want that we physically have to change the tape that plays in our heads. I think this is also why I have problems manifesting the way I want, So for the New Year I will do a “cleanse”, both physically and mentally. Along with a smoothie cleanse I want to do a mental cleanse consisting of doing affirmations and listening to some brain synch recordings. I also want to remove the negative noise from my life that might disrupt my efforts. This means I plan to unplug: no news and no social media. We all live in a world with a lot of noise, both audible and electromagnetic. Have you ever listened when you’ve turned it all off? When I’ve done it recently I noticed a distinct residual sensation, just like the sensation you have after coming home from a concert or being on a boat or a long drive. We’re so busy going about our daily lives that we don’t notice all of the external stimuli and how it is affecting us. If I could do this in a retreat setting where there is no phones, etc. I would. In my bid to learn to let go when it gets warmer I plan to go skydiving; the “letting go” metaphor being self-explanatory. One of the Unity churches offered a “burning ritual” where they burned the written down emotional baggage that people have carried throughout the year. I missed it but I may do something similar. If you or anyone else has any suggestions about anything else I might incorporate in my “retreat” please feel free to offer input, perhaps others can engage in their own retreats.

    I have had the same ritual for the last 15 years or so for New Year’s Eve: I thank God for all of the blessings that I received in the past year and pray for the strength to withstand the hardships during the upcoming year. Grant me and my loved ones all of the health, wealth, love, success, and happiness in the upcoming year and years to come.

    I was listening to another song and it resonated with me like many songs do from time to time. It’s by “The Isley Brothers” and I think it’s appropriate given the climate that we have in the world. I’ll post the lyrics here and hopefully others in the tribe may identify with them as well. I offer you and everyone else the health, wealth, love, success, and happiness in the New Year and for many years to come!
    Harvest for the World

    All babies together, everyone a seed
    Half of us are satisfied, half of us in need
    Love’s bountiful in us, tarnished by our greed
    When will there be a harvest for the world

    A nation planted, so concerned with gain
    As the seasons come and go, greater grows the pain
    And far too many feelin’ the strain
    When will there be a harvest for the world

    Gather everyman, gather every woman
    Celebrate your lives, give thanks for your children
    Gather everyone, gather all together
    Overlooking none, hopin’ life gets better for the world

    Dress me up for battle, when all I want is peace
    Those of us who pay the price, come home with the least
    Nation after nation, turning into beast
    When will there be a harvest for the world

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Eric what a beautiful share.. hey every one this is a beautiful read! I LOVE MY TRIBE

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Colette, Eric, Kimberly:

      It’s synchronicity isn’t it.
      Like it’s a message about the “seed”
      asking to be planted in rich earth,
      water & sun, and cared for into maturity.

      Resonate higher.
      Light to all Lights.
      Blessed 2016 : )

  • Kimberly

    My heart is with you & you fur babies, Colette!
    As for me, 2015 was a whirlwind of changing perceptions. Like you, I’ve had to learn in a very real way that life happens on life’s terms sometimes. One of the most important relationships in my life, my once healthy bond with my oldest son (18) fell apart. I’ve struggled with the letting go part, and did (and continue to) reach out to him, send him love, anything I know how to do…. Missing him terribly and not understanding how to connect with him has been oh so challenging. But, as I look back.. I realize how he has always been my greatest teacher. He continues to motivate me to be a better person, although he doesn’t know that. I’ve had to work on myself and break down old beliefs and identities just to survive this year. SHifting into 2016 with a clearer sense of who I am, right down to my core. And above all, a desire for loving, healthy relationships.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      sending you so much love and light for 2016 😉 thanx for sharing !

    • DLLGRJandfurballs


      I identify. She is 29 this January – grown (rocky) into a more responsible and proactive person (similar to myself, maybe better).
      I impart, pray, and wish a clearer and calmer resolve for you also.
      As Colette says we give it (it was not easy come, easy go [this is a good thing!]) to our Higher Power (Spirit has your back) and let them (the young adults) be themselves.
      Be a wise advisor for him so that he has a good example when making life’s decisions.
      It can hurt to hear what they are thinking at the moment but in the long run they are going through the motions to actually please us; so, be careful what you ask for you might just get it, amen. Hold on ….
      Each one of us has a path of their own to walk; yet, we meet up time and again.
      No matter what, where, when he will always be dear to your heart so if that is sincerely given to him it very well may be his saving grace – something we all would cherish in our toughest moments no matter the outcome.
      Nurture the seed and watch it grow.

      War may not be the answer;
      The fight might be.
      Resonate higher ….

      LOV : )
      GRAT : )TUDE
      JO : )
      P : )ACE

      * Sparkly Tribal Dancer Blessings 2016 *

  • cathy a corn

    Hey lady,
    I consulted your Avalon cards because I was upset about what’s going on with you and the puppies, and I got that they’re assisting you with your spiritual transformation. I should have figured that out, because I lost my little Miss Missy cat in October and that seemed to be the case. Some days I’m pretty tired of growing spiritually and would just like peace and happiness. I did Reiki distance healing for your puppies and pray for their speedy recovery. A tip for you: any bodywork you get for yourself (massage, Reiki) will benefit them, as the little ones suck up all our stuff. Also, I tried to dial down the drama during Missy’s illness, and that helped so much. Your work has been very transformational for me; I only hope peace and stability are comng in leaps and bounds to you, your husband, and the little darlings.
    Much love and light,

  • Dawn

    Years ago, in a past reading, you mentioned the triangle of Sheldon, Doug & myself. Doug passed away November 28. Thirty-four years of love and friendship. We are all making it through a passed year of many losses. Looking forward to this new year. Love to you and your family Colette… Furry and otherwise.

  • Michelle

    This past year was interesting. I know that 2016 is a very important year for my spiritual growth as I have come into my ninth personal year in 2016 at least in Numerology it shows me. This is the year for me to reflect on my life in the last 9 years and what habits no longer works, to fix old patterns that are holding me back and to finish up projects that I started but haven’t completed. Its about pretty much tying up lose ends and that is absolutely what I intend to work upon if I can. Because by this time next year I will be in a new cycle and I intend to be a better person spiritually and mentally as well as physically if I can.

  • catherine

    Oh our fur babies are no different than our human babies to me. We have a pack of 4 dogs and 1 cat…2 bigguns a Bouv, 2 and a Shepard cross 4 and two littles…Holly 12 and Bella 11…Our little Holly developed health issues around 1.5…not gaining weight and very bizarre mental behavior…She was diagnosed in Yorkville, Toronto with a liver shunt and the vet there said if we don`t operate soon she won`t survive and she most likely won`t get off the table…huh…I looked into this man`s eyes and went…oh ya she won`t survive with you…I went home called the man I bought Holly from and asked him to find me a kind but competent vet in Vancouver that could do this surgery. I flew her to Vancouver, we met and I knew if Holly was going to `make`it..this was our savior. Holly had been to a few consultation of which we were told she would never make it past 7…LOL…Her vet saved her life…taking her home with him to care for her over several nights as it was really touch and go…Before her surgery I had an animal communicator – (this was before my training as an animal intuitive healer) converse with Holly about the surgery and find out what she needed to survive…apparently it was me not leaving the building so she could feel me close by…so I stayed and used some flower essences from this lovely woman who lived at Mt. Shasta…My big boy Bouv, Hugo who has been over the Rainbow Bridge since 2001 also was close by for Holly…Hugo is our animal Spiritual Warrior guardian…My vet every year now past her 7th bday says to me laughingly…well I can`t believe how healthy she is for how sick she is given her liver readings…he says keep doing what you do…which is I cook special meals for this girl , low protein, lots of veggies, fruits and have for 10 years now…I usually don`t cook like this for anyone else…LOL…LOL…my kids just laugh…you didn`t feed us this well Momma…LOL…I pray my Holly gets to 17…in a reading a long time ago Colette you suggested this was possible…you even saw our Hugo with her…standing strong with her…Hugo was 120 pounds…Holly is all of 5 pounds…During Holly`s surgery I prayed and prayed and my healer friends helped Dr. Galloway all they could…and so in covering every facet of traditional and non traditional vet medicine, including ritual Reiki energy for our little Holly Doodle…She survives and thrives in her pack as a 5 pound alpha…….the bigguns at 100 and 60 pounds defer to her….for me it was really the lesson of being in the space of the Creator knowing what was best in spirit with Holly`s experiences here as a little fur spirit…and trusting the Creator energy to work fully in not only Holly`s best interests but mine… So I surround you and Olli with so much love and healing energy on your journey together. Olli is so grateful for all your love and kindness and you know as our Holly continues to defy scientific logic for being alive…so it feels for Olli…and for however long you all get to be together, each of you in your family are enriched by the entire experience…as love is all there is…Happy New Year everyone…wishing you the very best 2016!!

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