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Updated: January 4, 2016

YAY it’s finally 2016 and I am so ready for a different energy! I love the beginning of a new year don’t you? You can almost taste the hope in the air as the collective energy becomes so palpably alive with new ideas, and deliberate intentions and action plans. It does feel like anything is possible at the beginning of the New Year.

It’s the perfect and precise time to ride the wave of deliberate change into something better, when a more meaningful greater contribution to the whole is possible now. This month a window of opportunity opens to those who have the courage to leave behind the familiar ways of doing things that keep us hostage to ways that don’t work any more. Does sound a tad daunting but there is a surplus of energy we can tap into and it can be intoxicating.

It’s this time of year that unleashes a burst of energy that encourages innovation, transformation, and risk taking, more than any other time of year. It’s up to us to harness the energy, tune into it, and allow it to infuse us with co-creative fuel to make our inspirations real and tangible. Or, at the very least to allow them to download into our consciousness so that our imaginations can begin to ignite and illuminate what’s possible.

When you consider this energy we are all tapping into, its important to know how to work with it, how to hone it, and skillfully apply it to achieve our desires. This Force, right now offers us this concentrated burst of energy intensified by all our desires. Whatever you call it, (Spirit, The Great Mind, The Dude, God, Higher Power etc.) this Force is conscious and needs us to know it and so it requires something of us. It requires our minds to be calm, and receptive, to listen deeply. We need to focus on our intentions, de-clutter our minds, and our hearts, and relinquish the ring- side seats to the cyber-circus of constant distraction, that leave us over-stimulated and over stressed.

Yes that’s right I too have spent too many hours on Face Plant, when I could have been creative etc. Mental noise reduction and dialing down the drama is high on my intention list entering into this New Year.

Do you have a cyber detox list yet? Mine is:- no more gossipy and judgy content, conspiracy chatter, mindless window shopping on Ebay,(among others) and limit my time on social media. BUT I will allow some extra time for cute otters holding hands and good news as cyber medicine booster shots when I need it. I love to read posts by Marianne Williamson, Anne Lamott and others that are smart and inspirational. Discernment is the key as I learn how time is becoming an even more valuable commodity and its important to know where it’s being spent.

I want a clear connection to Spirit and a strong unencumbered commitment to our manifesting partnership. We all need to remember when we’re in alignment with our true Destiny we are co-creators- inspired by a connection to a Higher Power not running on self will alone. I can’t keep that link strong if I’m reading posts by some shaming cyber troll. If we are fortunate to have a choice then we’re accountable to that choice. I have no one but myself to

We all have access to the Force, as they say in Star Wars (OMG go see the new movie!!). Everyone can ignite the Light to dispel darkness. The more Light we shine into our shadows the stronger our Light becomes to co-create miracles, inspired to lay a foundation for a new prosperity and access the power heal the world. Make no mistake- we can’t deny the Dark is also an energy that is insidious, and organized but Light always wins when deliberately focused with strong courageous intention.

Last week I wrote about our Holiday Hardships, which left us with crazy vet bills and a special needs puppy. How everything re focused on the “things that count”. I still have that sense of what’s important but I am clear that I am also in the “I co- create my reality” phase this week and it’s equally important to honor both energies. It’s just that the extremes need to be tempered with flexibility and grace, although I have been known to be the more the bumbling, stumbling, flailing type, once in a while I really get what Flow with a capital “F” is all about. (well more than once in a while actually)
So this week feel and do Flow, think and do Focus. And remember the All is in the Small. May the Force be with you!

Have an awesome co-creative week my friend.
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  • Eva

    Dear Colette,
    I am watching your videos every week and I use your oracle cards often. Both help me a lot to understand and to act accordingly. I just want to thank you for doing what you are doing. It’s full of light and love.

    Cheers from Germany, Eva

  • Amanda

    Hi Colette!
    Happy New Year! I love your post today and your universal energies forecast for this year. I definitely am ready for new energy and can feel it all around me. We just moved into a new house in a new neighborhood 3 weeks ago and I am so excited about all the changes…big AND small. The woman who owned this house before us also is named Colette and is such a sweet and thoughtful person. (I never knew any Colette’s before finding you over the summer!) I had a good comfortable feeling from the first time I come into this house. Also, I wanted to tell you that I have been keeping in contact with 2 people I met at your program at Omega in November and they have become such an important part of my life. We keep in touch daily with this app called Voxer, which I find awesome because I’m not really a “chat on the phone” type person. Just wanted to share that with you if you wanted to check it out for yourself! So I thank you for bringing us together in addition to learning from you on that amazing eye opening weekend. Wishing you all the best in 2016…I’m ready to get on my Magic Carpet!

  • Kari

    One of my ways of cleaning up clutter from my life was to issue a challenge to all my Social media Friends and family called the “Year of Truth Challenge”. The premise is to check things we like or share for truth and if we find them to be false or misleading, post the truth instead. So many stories, memes and links are filled with faulty opinions half truths and even outright lies, I am tired of sifting through it all… So I’m choosing to fight back and challenging everyone I know to do it too. Maybe you would like to join us, Collette!

  • Mark Brown

    Hi Colette,

    First of all, thank you very much for helping me out. I look forward to watching your videos, reading your blogs, and picking your cards (I own three decks) every week. Second, I hope everything is going well with you and your pets!

    This video and blog resonated with me, as you will never know! I am currently a college freshman entering my second semester in a very short two weeks. During the time of my first semester, I went through many tough times (health issues and problems with academic performance), one right after another after another. Until it was near the middle of the semester, where I decided to change my path completely! My cards (your decks :))helped me feel that it was okay to make this big change. Ever since November, I have been so excited about beginning my second semester, that I want to leave now and go back. Your videos and decks have been telling me that I am definitely on the right path and I feel like this change is for the highest good of all.

    To finish, your Wisdom of the Oracle deck is the best oracle deck I own. It tells very clear messages and they are always so accurate. I try to apply the meaning to my life to figure out what I can do with that knowledge, etc. I definitely continue to look forward to watching your Universal Energies, picking your cards and reading your blogs in the future.

    Thanks again and I hope all is well!

    Mark Brown

  • Lorraine Charron

    Thank you so much for your weekly reads and of course for the New Year read as well. I haven’t sent a message before but I wanted you to know how very grateful I am that you do these reads. It really hit home to me that you entitled the 2016 read with ‘May The Force Be With You’. It’s what I said to my co-workers before starting my shift. It really hit as I had to give up that job as it was truly toxic for me and my whole life seemed to have crashed and burned. Funny thing is that I knew that it was a good thing all round and that I truly am working at cleaning up my life and getting back on track to what is truly important to me. Your message is definitely on track for me. (I made a head start by working on it in the last couple months of 2015.) Not sure where my life is leading me, but it is feeling a whole lot better then it has since I don’t know when. Your reads have been truly encouraging and I thank you for that and I truly pray that the Force be with you too!
    Lorraine Charron

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      welcome to the Tribe my dear thanx for sharing and keep joining in each week. Sending you big love may the Force be with YOU

  • Shawn Arbor

    Happy New Year Tribe …. And Olli !!!!

    Thank goodness we have our little fur babies to help us be present and not always stuck online. The energies of this weekend seem to draw me into a vacuum of nonstop curiosity wanting to learn more about life energies and what it’s all about. But as my dogs would protest I did a little bit too much doing and not enough being when it comes to applying what I’ve learned. My wife is blind and does not use the Internet, she is such an anchor to my root chakra and she is very intuitive. She says she’s watched me and a lot of our friends become zombies to the Internet even if what we’re reading is good. We’re spending way too much time on it and with it. So time to clean house… Remove the clutter and the chatter, breathe and be one with yourself, your family, your tribe, and this divine universe.

  • Dorothy

    So happy to see Olie on the mend. Really enjoy all your posts, especially liked this one. I have been wanting to unclutter my space for such a long time and decided to do it, clearing out room by room. I always found you can get so bogged down by too much stuff. That is both physically and mentally. All the best in 2016. Love ya.

  • Anjali

    Thank you Colette! You always are so bang on with your posts!

    Thank you also for showing us your very cute and beautiful puppies during your reading this week! How well behaved and sweet they are! I wanted to reach through my computer screen and hug them both! Thank you is not enough for what you made me feel today! My heart is a little lighter because of you!

    Have a wonderful week until I hear from you again.


  • Shelley

    I love this post, Colette: Feel, Focus, and Flow with the Force. I, also, have the intention to limit my Facebook time this year (it’s sooo easy to get sucked into an endless vortex, even of gorgeous photos and uplifting thoughts…) and *any* kind of aimless window shopping…..numbing out feels so easy to do after intense days…but not what I need. So, thank you again for reading (our collective) minds and hearts and having your finger on the pulse of your *Tribe*.
    Many blessings to you and to All.
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Barbara Sinclair

    Happy New Year, Colette! Your photo with your little one made me smile. 🙂 So precious.

    You are a beautiful Force of light. Thanks for all of your inspiration last year. Star Wars in on my to-do list. I can’t wait to see it!

    Love and Light, Barbara xo

  • Lisa

    Colette .. You are a magical being of light, FOR REAL ..
    It is a matter of choice <<<<<< that is the song title ! Written 1991 ish
    Your blog hit me in the best way possible ! .. Words won't explain, so I will not attempt !
    Blessings and thank you !

  • Diane

    Thank you, Colette! Great video with very useful information.
    Happy New Year to you and Mark!

  • Faith

    Another great look at the cards, Colette! Thanks for the reading and glad to see your fur babies looking so peaceful and relaxed.

  • Lisa_AK

    Hi Colette and all you other Sparkly beings!
    Oh my gosh!! Again, seems like the cards are speaking directly to me! Over the New Year weekend I started decluttering again…the garage and living room. It’s been an on going process but had stalled out the last couple of months. The long cold dark days make it so easy to snuggle down and not do a lot. But it felt so good to get going again and get something accomplished! Full trash bin this week for pick up and will need a trip to the dump. It also motivated me to get back on track for myself physically, mentally and spiritually. Must get back to my daily morning routine…still can’t figure out why it’s so hard sometimes to stay in a routine that you know makes you feel better all the way around. But I’m determined this year to stay on track for myself and my dream. And talk about taking risks…I got an e-mail today about a job application I had put in for back in the middle of December. Going to be setting up an interview this week! Excited but nervous too…I love my actual job I’m in now but the atmosphere, politics, administration, etc. has become so toxic I feel the urge and need to move on. If this is the right job for me then I know Spirit already has it worked out. Scarey part is I would be taking a pay cut because I’ve been at the place where I currently work for 16 years. But I also know peace of mind is worth more than money. And I can’t help but feel this new job will be leading to more time spent on my long term dream of having my own healing studio for my energy work. So I’m chopping the wood, willing to take the risk and follow Spirit!
    Love your weekly blogs and readings Colette. And so happy to see little Olli feeling better!
    Love, Light and Peace to All

  • Genene

    So good to see Olli! Really enjoyed this year-long forecast using different decks. Thank you!

  • Brenda

    Thank you Collette! Much love to you and your little angels! (sweet puppies).
    Here’s to the start of a great year for all! Love Brenda

  • Brenda

    Thank you so much Colette! Much love to you and your little Angels (puppies)!
    Here’s to a better year! Much love to you, Brenda Cummings

  • Sanni

    Happy New Year Colette! I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your amazing work and guidance that we receive from and through you. I have been getting so many personal messages or cledons over the last months via the weekly oracle readings that I sometimes think they are only for me! I also really love your latest oracle card deck. I have all your decks and use them regularly but this latest one is so clear that it makes interpretations much easier. I feel like I am in a right track, despite many challenges that I am currently facing in life and truly feel that ‘Spirit has my back’, as you always keep saying. I am looking forward to 2016 and all it brings! I wish you & your family all the best for the coming year. May it be a peaceful and an exciting one!

  • Jocelyne

    Happy New Year Colette!

    Thank you …. and thank you again!
    Last week I was so moved by your post and what was going on with your puppy that I couldn’t speak/write.
    My dogs are such an energetic presence to me that I could imagine how awful it was for you with such an ill one.
    I hope Oli is defying the odds as she can.
    How accurate your reading was going into that week! OMG
    So thank you and your man for being the kind of people that care deeply for their fur babies and for the way your honesty brings about a teaching for us all – at least those who know animals as sentient beings.
    I saw Star Wars on New years eve, the force is in us all! … and did you by any chance hear the Queens Christmas day speech? She quoted from John talking of shining so brightly that the darkness cannot undo it.
    My word of the year is Shine, so let us all shine so brightly that the darkness cannot undo it.
    Best wishes to all for 2016 😀

  • Renee Sugar

    Happy “NEW” Year Colette.
    Looking forward to letting go, so I can
    focus and flow. Not thinking, but tuning
    into the “emotions”, the “heart” and letting
    that ignored part of me lead more of time.
    Toning down the intellect, and turning up the
    volume on the “intuitive”. May 2016 be a
    series of “light-filled” days that open the doors
    to places we have never been before.
    I get shivers just thinking about it.
    May our spirits ignite the spark that creates a flame
    that no darkness can cover.

  • Emilia

    So extraordinarily Inspiring! sincere thanks. xxxxxx

  • Eric


    I’m intrigued by your synopsis to your approach to 2016. I was also fascinated by your Universal Energy presentation for this week, not just by what was in the presentation but how it was presented. For those who haven’t looked she gave a list of things to do to make your 2016 go better. We surely can use a break from some of adversity that we had faced in 2015 and it makes perfect sense that we are addressing this now, in this blog, in the Universal Energy presentation, and in our daily lives. Why, do you ask? It’s because it’s that time of year again. Yes, we are in the midst of . . . wait for it . . . wait for it . . . a Mercury Retrograde! This year’s Mercury Retrogrades will be earth elemental; you will look to see what kind of foundation your life is on, and if your foundation is too rigid to help you reach your goals then you may have to “move” (look for this when Mercury retrogrades in the fixed sign of Taurus). Currently Mercury is retrograding in the sign of Capricorn (or in the first part of Aquarius and moving back into Capricorn). As I’ve mentioned before Capricorn likes structure and order; this is why I was smiling when you gave the list during the Universal Energy video. It was like a recipe of how to make your year go better than the previous and Capricorn likes lists.

    The other thing about Capricorn is its modality. Being a cardinal sign it likes action; Capricorn not only likes lists but you need to take action on those lists. Is it any wonder why we make those pesky resolutions in January that we never seem to keep? If we are looking to lose weight/stop smoking/etc. are we constructing the lists/resolutions with the milestones that lead to our goals? We can do all of the wishing and hoping trying to manifest our dreams but if we don’t take action we will never realize these dreams (trust me, I know). If our goal is to one day run a marathon why would it make sense to achieve this goal if we don’t run at all?

    I have mentioned many times quotes from Bruce Lee; many know him as an action hero but many don’t see him as a philosopher. His daughter Shannon currently runs his foundation and recently she posted on the foundation’s Facebook page something that caught my eye. She did a fascinating “TED talk” titled: “How To Be An Action Hero”; when I read this the hairs on the back of my neck stood up because I have frequently discounted myself on things that I have wanted to do but haven’t been able to do (yet). Was this another cledon? Granted, I have done a lot of things in my life and I fail to give myself credit for them (something that I’m working on), but this talk made me look at why I haven’t done more. Shannon gives her father’s formula for being an action hero:

    Wishing to cultivate yourself, first rectify your heart;

    Wishing to rectify your heart, seek to be sincere in your thoughts;

    Wishing to be sincere in your thoughts, first extend to the utmost of your knowledge (this lies in the investigation of things);

    Discard all thoughts of reward, all hopes of praise and fears of blame, all awareness of one’s bodily self and let your spirit out as it will.

    – Bruce Lee

    Shannon gives her explanation of what this means but to me it simply means this: find out what you truly desire, determine whether or not it is for the greater good, and let Spirit act on it. This is something that you and other teachers have told many of us for years; why some of us are so hardheaded that we can’t grasp this is, well, something I’m still working on. 😛 Bruce Lee also believed in the individual; in other words, what may be for your greatest good isn’t for someone else. Don’t follow someone else’s path and expect to find success; find your own path. If you have time this presentation is definitely worth the 13 minutes of your day. It is a very good video and it may show a side of Bruce Lee you’re not familiar with. If I may list it the complete title of the TED talk on You Tube is:

    How To Be An Action Hero: The Philosophy of Bruce Lee | Shannon Lee | TEDxLimassol

    Hopefully we all can learn how to be action heroes (the operative word being “action”). We may not initially strive to do extraordinary things, but the things that we may do that we think are ordinary may be found to be extraordinary by others. We can all be action heroes, just realize that we all don’t possess the same superpowers. Look within to find out what your true calling is and use this retrograde to help you (I forgot to mention that Capricorn rules the 10th house of career and public standing). Try to ignore all of the external noise when trying to find your calling. I haven’t started my internal/external detox yet (I know, ACTION) but I will let you know of the results. Good luck in navigating this retrograde and May the Force be with you!

    No. Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try.

    – Yoda

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      brilliant post Eric… so appreciate your contributions xoxoxoxo

    • Diana Boles

      Wonderfully put into words, Eric. Reading Bruce Lee’s message had the same effect on me. And Yoda has been near the top of the hero list since my first exposure to him in 1977.
      My name being Diana, Im sometimes certain that my Mom had dubbed me correctly. My name being Diana, I know when I have rested in the “do or do not” column. Feeling physically strong these days, but this Mercury retro has turned me into an isolationist even in a crowd. The reason? I have made some stronger rules for myself and many I meet on this path I travel. The time alone is to fill my soul with a sense of grace so that I do not judge others for their choices. To fortify my being with the courage it takes when I know they have judged me. To know the difference between us and love each other regardless. Love your post

  • Diana Boles

    Happy New Year Colette! I wrote back on January 6 —but I think that something went wrong. So, enough influence of the Mercury retro – and being a Gemini – I’m a magnet for the haywire —haha! Anxious for this weeks blog–I just wanted to pipe in to let you know I’m thinking of you and the tribal dancers and check here daily!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Happy New Year to you too! big love .. blog coming xoxoxoxo thanx for piping in love it when you do xoxox

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