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Updated: January 24, 2016

Dearest Sparkly Being,

In this moment I’m aware that you’ve taken time to read this so I am sending you a virtual hug and a thank you and a moment of my sincere appreciation since I know you could be reading something else.

In the past few months I’ve seen more of you willing to add your voice to the comments and it makes me so happy. I imagine we are in a big circle surrounded with sparklers and luminous candles and fireflies and I begin sharing then pass a sacred talking stick around so you too can share your experience strength and hope.

So don’t be shy your thoughts are welcome here in our colorful tribe of unique individuals who share a common understanding of unity and Spirit.

This week has called me to really dive deep into my belief systems that have caused me to respond to life, make choices, and then react to the consequences of those choices. Emotions being rooted in the past, conditioning my body to remember and revisit old traumas, old ideas, truths and expectations are calling me to observe, to step back and see with a different lens.
How far have we come?

I don’t know about you (and love to hear) but I am at best a deliriously happy grateful silly (and sometimes serious) person, expecting good to come out of everything. At my best I am so darn sure that Spirit has my back that I think everything has a miracle hiding in it and its my job to find it.

I have that story well rehearsed and as long as I act as if that were my reality more often and with consistency I experience a lot more ease due to that wonderful sense of inner peace. My outer world also responds in kind. Conditions eventually reflect my consistent inner state of being. And, the conditions that don’t that have been set in motion by who knows what or why, are handled with grace and grit, acceptance and trust.

At worst I am wandering in spiritual amnesia, Chicken Little at the helm of my ship wailing The Sky is Falling after being bonked on the head by a teeny acorn. At worst I am flailing against temporary conditions as if they will always be that way, with no end in sight, trapped in a prison of my own making while all the keys to any lock ever existing are stuffed into my pockets or hanging round my neck. Even worse I don’t know I’m asleep!

My dear friend Dr Darren Weissman says Infinite Love and Gratitude is the lens through which to see everything. Even the most painful moments he says are gifts in strange wrapping paper.

For a couple days last week my back was so tweaked I could barely stand up. I went to a local chiropractor. When doing his adjusting thing it was really hurting at times and making me feel worse!
I was in full throttle Chicken Little mode wondering if this would be my life forever in pain and discomfort etc etc. until he said casually that the pain was a sign that something was healing.

Ah. Bam.
That woke me up.

So in that moment I said yes to the pain and the next morning woke up good as new.

My back seizing up made sense as Olli our sweet fur baby has been getting progressively worse in spite of the medication she is on.

So I will admit that I’ve been failing miserably at acceptance and pretty much giving Spirit the finger (hoping no one notices) the result of which is falling prey to spiritual amnesia and freaking out. And, yup I got into the pity pot feeling sorry for myself grieving before I have to, and wailing that I can’t stand watching her deteriorate, how can this happen, life sucks, let’s pick a fight now with my husband etc. etc. ad infinitum.

BUT! In the overall scheme of things, I was still able to spend more time on the plus side of things, than asleep. The gift of practicing spiritual principles and consciously and deliberately observing the beauty in the dark consistently has an uncanny way of allowing the bouts of spiritual amnesia to last only so long. It’s like I have a limit to how long I get to wallow before something inside me throws cold water on me for a quick wake up.

I honestly prefer to see through the lens of miracles. I have a greater desire to find beauty than tragedy even if it appears that I might have a good excuse to choose that latter.

Many years ago I used to be addicted to seeing myself as a victim preferring drama and hardship because it was the most familiar thing in my life. Although I’m not perfect at my life by any means there is tangible progress. This progress came not because the outer conditions changed. I had to first surrender my old ways, deliberately rehearse new ones, committing to a conscious contact with Spirit and “acting as if.

You and I have the power to change perspective, perception and therefore vibration, and frequency and how that all translates in the conditions of our lives.
Will life sometimes give us lemons? You bet.
Can we make lemonade? Absolutely. But sometimes we will resist the recipe and make it too sour, sometimes too sweet, but it doesn’t matter. If we’re willing to be accountable for the energy we put out into the world, it’s ok that it’s progress not perfection.

Alrighty then it’s your turn! What’s your progress not perfection story this week?

Sending you bushels of love!
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  • Shawn Arbor

    Hi Tribe!

    Being a chiropractor, I was very tickled by your story. I have seen that happen in my clinic over and over again. I am glad that you were able to dial down your drama and find relief! I recognize we are all a work in progress and I have been helped tremendously this week by the lessons I have learned in your SOAR course. Thank you for allowing yourself to be vulnerable enough to share your experiences this week. We can all learn from each other in so many ways. Hugs to you and your little ones….

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      SO happy you are loving the Soar class 😉

    • Mary Ann

      Yes! This rings true for me as well this past week (my birthday week-which explains it all ) I too slipped back into old patterns that didn’t serve me well in the past so why would they now? BUT because of you and the work I have done I recognized it this time and that was the difference. Yeah! It is so wonderful to know that you too occasionally question and get mad at Spirit. The one thing that I have learned know about myself is that when I am connected to Spirit and trusting the guidance, things seem to turn out in the end even if there are a few bumps along the way. Thank you Colette xo

    • Jill

      I met a man at the market, who was cleaning up some coffee I spilled. He was very friendly and told me that it was a sign that I would be prosperous. I found out that he came from France and was a Berber. I try to at the least be able to say ‘hello’ in as many languages as I can. So I learned from him that ‘azul’ means hello. Just like the Spanish word for ‘blue’, your favorite color Colette.
      I know the answer for little Olli is near and you will receive it in a timely way. Love you so.

    • Sandi

      I was struck with the flu this past week, my usual response was to fight, fight, fight, I don’t get sick. When I finally surrendered, day 3, I started getting relief, I allowed Spirit to take over and heal me. I found such freedom in surrender, today as I met with my friends the topic came up either God is or Isn’t. Today God is and I am not God, again, more freedom found in surrender. When I am gratefully in this place of staying present, connected to my Higher Power, life is easy. No big bad wolf, huffing and puffing at my door, how I wish I could stay in this day forever. Then again, if I hadn’t had the bad days that come in strange wrapping I wouldn’t be grateful for this day.

    • Dawn

      Hello lovelies, I’ve had repeat patterns that haven’t worked for some time along with a low tolerance for alot of things of late. I chose to step back & take “time out” to reevaluate everything. I spend alittle time each day doing some kind of art, I find it more therapeutic than speaking to people. I do love reading your articles Colette, you are so down to earth & a treasure. God bless you tribe!?

  • lyn

    Have you tried Bioresonance Therapy for Olli? Many vets in Germany use this. I have used it myself to have my body function better overall. Love, light and prayers, LYN

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      no but I will find out about it. She has inflammatory brain disease .. so we are willing to try anything

      • Susan

        If you add turmeric to the food and quinoa you may see some positive results.

  • Hanne Nielsen

    Dear Colette,
    I’m reading your cards every day and find them reliable and trustworthy with great insights. You are very wice and a great help to me, thank you!
    In this time I have many new expiriences about life and love and I found my twinsole, I believe.

  • Merja

    Hi Colette!

    I’ve enjoyed watching your “energy forecast” weekly for some time now, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your important work. I admire your sincerity, your honesty and your own uplifting energy. Have a wonderful week! Best wishes from Finland <3

  • Nicole

    Hi Collette I’m so sorry to hear about Ollie. Our fur babies are so precious. Mine passed last year at 16 years of age. I sent some blessings and healing energy to Ollie through the Angels , for his highest good of course… Want to say thank you so much for your 40 day course that I purchased through healing with the masters. I had epiphany after was nearly too much but I hung in there. It was fantastic and helped me to transform some old childhood patterns and of course the journey continues. I really loved the meditations and the ocean music. It was amazingly powerful at connecting me to my higher self for more learning. Thank you so much. Blessings and healing for you all. Love Nic?

  • Kirsty

    I just love you Colette so much – it is so refreshing to find someone who stands out as such a shining light and yet is “normal” like everyone else – tells it like it is, warts and all, and yet has the grace and courage to show the way to being a better version of ourselves

    I bless the day I found my way into your circle.
    I send you so much love. light and green fire medicine for healing, restoration and balance, and I send an extra special dose for Olli.
    With huge love and gratitude!!!

  • Sue

    Dear Colette,
    I also had my back go out Monday last week along with dealing with a serious depression.
    Suddenly on Saturday my mother died and this week as we are preparing for her services the “Fair” card you pulled for this week’s forecast has a lot of meaning for me.
    I have sisters and a step dad with very strong personalities and I do not have a strong personality, I am having to try very hard to get my voice heard as well in making sure my mothers wishes are honored .
    I was the closest to my mom and she she shared many of her wishes with me. I pray I can find my voice and make sure she is honored properly. Thank you. Sue

  • Ann Hart

    Saw you in Toronto. I told you where to get the mocassin’s (turquoise) I was wearing. You were fiesty, beautiful and awesomer! I feel we only rent animals, our children and the earth. Trust Ollie will flourish. Being unplugged is a great space to be in. ” Just be” as Dr Wayne Dyer would say. Enjoy your week. Mizpah Namaste Ann

  • Dave Stelmaszewski

    I used to always wait for everything to be perfect and sometimes I still do before I would take a leap. Then I remind myself to be an observer, let God take the reigns and watch my life and career path unfold before my eyes.
    Last year, I was mourning the passing of Wayne Dyer, when I was drawn to his book “I Can See Clearly Now”. Now I wasn’t big reader of books in the past, but this one was calling me by name.
    As I read it , I kept reflecting on events throughout my life that has lead me to today.
    How being a musician gave me a yearning for an audience and the talent of singing.
    How being an owner of a successful business gave me an entrepreneurial spirit of independence.
    How being open to a higher power gave me beautiful mentors like yourself, Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Louise Hay, and many others.
    And now I’m at another crossroads, as I am being pushed into an author , speaker, and teacher career by my higher power.
    My ego says “you need a fancy website before anyone will hire you”, “you’re just an average guy, no one knows you”, “you have a silly last name that no one can pronounce”.
    Even though all those are true (to my ego), I adapted the mantra from my practice of running, “find your pace and finish the race”.
    I’ll finish MY race when God wants me to.
    I’ll inspire the people God needs me to.
    And I’ll appreciate the wisdom, tears, and joy along the way.

  • Leanne Bate

    I love your raw honesty – it helps to know we all move through these sometimes gruelling moments but to remember they are really fleeting in the grand scheme of things and will soon pass. I have been feeling blah and looking at Mercury and the moon as the culprits – it helps to blame planets sometimes? Lol Anyway – your amazing keep shining bright x L

  • Alison Strandberg

    Hi Collette

    I am so glad to hear your back pain has eased. I have just come through the same thing, as have quite a few of my friends and clients over the last few weeks. In my case it was all about not being supported or perhaps more about not allowing myself to be supported. Once I saw this, it lifted. I really appreciate your weekly vlog and value your wise words a great deal. Have a great week!


  • Suzanne

    Oh, I’m with you on this! My financial situation has been, let’s just say, ‘less than stellar’ for some time. When someone in my life told me I had to take a reality check, declare bankruptcy and get on state assistance before I ended up living in my car, I completely panicked and envisioned myself on the street having given away everything I own. However, I decided that the Universe has got me, I don’t have to declare bankruptcy and I won’t end up in my car. Consequently, I am still in my rental, I have not had to give away everything I own and, for today, I’ve got gas in the car, oil in the tank, food in the ‘fridge and money in the bank. I may end up declaring bankruptcy and, who knows, I might need to give my things away (or sell them), but envisioning complete disaster and doom is not who I am. I allowed someone else to apply their fears to my situation and decided to see the situation from MY point of view. Do I have moments of worry? Yes! Do I have moments of panic and days when I am overwhelmed by my feelings, certainly. But, for today, it’s all good and I know the Universe has my back. And I have faith, knowing that as I envision success I will enjoy success and my dreams will come true.

  • Carol Young

    Thank you, Colette, for your insight! It is easy to get stuck and forget how far we have come. Your concept of spiritual amnesia is right on. Sometimes it is about just forgetting to use our tools and sometimes it is selective and about refusing to use them for just a little while. A nice reminder that we all go throught it but always come out the other side! Big hugs from NH!

  • Petra

    I relate to the waxing and waning of connection with Spirit. Lately, my connection has been on and I am so grateful. I lost my dog last summer. It was a tragic accident on our blueberry farm… it was my fault. Hard. My husband and I were experiencing a disconnect, really struggling. The accident revealed humility, love, and compassion. I feel that Woody was in our lives to teach us things and he did. But that last lesson, it came at such a price, and he was so gracious in the teaching of it. I practice what I learned from that experience out of respect for the sacrifice.

  • Anna

    My back has been out since last week also. I was beginning to wonder if it was me not feeling supported in my base chakra. I decided over the weekend that I needed to go to the Chiro. Guess that will be on my list of calls to make today. I love watching your videos. Sending lots of love and healing energy to your fur baby.

  • Susanne

    Dearest Colette, thank you for your wonderful mail!

    You know, I had always wanted to play drums, ever since I was little. And in August last year I finally started taking lessons, bought a good, second hand drum set, put it up in my living room and have been practicing since! 😀 (My neighbours don’t mind, since they all play instruments themselves, which is terrific!)
    Well, I’m not perfect. How could I be? I had never learnt to play an instrument before, and it always takes me a while to even translate the sheet music into actual sound…
    But I love the progress, and I love to witness the way my (anybody’s) brain processes stuff. Even if I finished a lesson or practice feeling like a desperate windmill, with no control whatsoever over her hands and feet, I wake up the next day, try again and find I can do it quite well, after all. Isn’t muscle memory just the coolest thing?! 😀
    I have no choice but to enjoy the progress – and actually I really do. It makes me happy, it makes me feel proud of myself, and it encourages me to practice even more . So even failure feels like the seed of success, which is really cool.
    If I had been striving for perfection in the first place, I wouldn’t even have dared to start learning to play drums at all.
    (Which, by the way, is probably one of the reasons why it took me so long to try it. But then, who’s asking…… 😉

    Sending you love and lots of groove,

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I get it I used to play guitar when I was a professional singer and now I can barely play so I signed up for an online class and as I stumble and allow my fingers to build a new memory I see progress def not perfection. Its a good analogy too for everything

  • Nola Wagner

    Hi Colette, I’ve never commented before I don’t think although I’ve been on your sight for several years. Frist and foremost I wish to say that I’ve seen many Intuitives and you are one of the few whose energy I feel is true. I to have been blessed with the gift of intuitive sight. I have been trying my best to help people in this way for about 9 – 10 years “consciously. I say consciously because I realized after a time that I had actually been doing this all my life as I was everyone’s sounding board. And I was and am always happy in this role as I listened to everyone else’s troubles and life challenges. As I always from my heart tried to comfort, share an opinion when asked or simply listen I did seem to understand it did/was helping them somehow. I NEVER share my life’s concerns or challenges with anyone EVER. And like all of us I had/have many. I actually didn’t feel the need to. I seemed to get into and out of all my life challenges on my own.
    I always believed in a higher power. But even though I faithfully attended church I always had my own beliefs and inner support group which I realized was not exactly the same as was being espoused in Sunday school and church. But in my mind that was OK…that was their belief. And until I was older I just thought that’s the way the world worked. That you went to church for the connected loving support but everyone put their own tweeks on what the bible actually said. And not to make this comment/story any longer than need be, let’s just say in my early 20’s I began reading books on ancient civilization,the sciences, new age, etc etc. I then started reading about the history of the bible and every religion I could get my hands on . Throughout all this investigation and thought process I tweeked my beliefs some more. Not changing my basic beliefs. Only labeling my thoughts as it were.
    I continued on my way in life going through my challenges alone while helping others through theirs. My challenges have been very painful, but I didn’t start to share them until I was about 56-57 when one friend said, “You are so lucky,Nola, you have lived such a golden life!” Then shortly there after several others said things that made me realize they had always thought the same thing. I was stunned! I thought, “Have I been living my life as a fraud?” I always told myself I didn’t need to share. I could handle my challenges on my own. Why bother the rest of the world with my problems. Just keep a positive stiff upper lip. There is enough negative energy in the world. Besides I didn’t hate anyone who hurt me. Nor did I blame anyone for any situation I felt was of my own doing. Nor did I blame anyone or hate them if someone caused a situation for me that I just had no control over it other than what my perception of it was. I just sorted them, the circumstances and myself out…by myself. It worked. I thought. But after those few months of these same type conversations with friend’s, I realized it wasn’t that I didn’t want to trouble the world with my problems. It was the fact that I didn’t want to. I actually think I was afraid to open up my own Pandora’s Box to others. I never let anyone help me either….with ANYTHING. I never asked them too. Of course a lot of things happened in my life to make me the way I was. I’m not going to list them here. Not because I don’t wish to share but because, we have all had the same challenges to one degree or another. I didn’t realize how challenging my life really has been until I went to a seminar and the speaker was giving a talk on the 7 things that we put in our EARTHLY PLAN to experience and correct prior to each incarnation. I realized I was doing all 7 and when I had a reading from her a few hours later she said “As I said in my talk, most people only come into this life with their “list” of only one or two of the 7 lessons to learn from. Do you realize you have chosen to experience all 7?”
    At that moment I realized I can’t let my friends think I have the perfect life. So I started to share and I’ve been sharing ever since. I am currently 66. This intuitive also told me I should be giving Intuitive Readings. Of course that was also when I realized I actually had been doing just that all my life.

    I saw her every year for 2-3 years there after at these seminars and each time she asked me if I was doing the Readings. I hadnt. And she would frown..sweetly though. Then I felt guilty. But I felt unworthy. She explained to me it was a gift. I didn’t really ever considered it a gift. It was just what I did. It didn’t seem weird to me that I seemed to know things before they happened and could understand and know positive and negative people so well. As I got older I of couse understood this was not the case with everyone,but I never really thought much about it. When I started doing the Readings (which happened very serendipitously) I didn’t charge anything because I didn’t have to. I had money. But when the market crashed in 2008 I nearly lost it all. So I started charging because the way I do my readings is like no other that I’m aware of and it cost me money. So I started charging a VERY minimal fee. So minimal that folks started to give me more as they realized how much time,work and yes love I put into my Readings.
    Anyway, I feel I am happy and although I have gone through and now control my bipolar challenge I obviously am fighting demons recently that have returned. My mom and dad came to live with me. Now 5 years. Daddy crossed 4 years ago. My husband crossed 10 years ago. I traveled far and wide when I had the money. But now only visit family which I’m fine with. I don’t date because I’m pretty sure in my heart of hearts I don’t wish to. I always thought my parents would be with me in their later years. My brother and sister have taken their many year turns caring for them. My family, children,grandchildren and relatives are a delight. And my 92 year old mother is a wonderful companion.she is as sharp as a tack and we share so many thought provoking conversations. I am so blessed and I know it. But for the passed 4 years I have had an 18 month bout of bipolar episodes which I think are under control now again About 2 years of lethargicness which is a LITTLE better this last few months, but not much and about 4 months of returning episodes of bulimia. So obviously something is wrong and I can’t seem to put my finger on it. The only thing I can think of is the world challenges in general and my diminishing funds which no matter what I change doesn’t seem to help. But these are things that I don’t think I latch onto constantly in my everyday life and have been on going as thoughts and concerns in my mind since 2008. Prior to that I didn’t need to worry about money and to my shame didn’t really pay attention to what happened in World Events.
    Anyway, this is my story and perhaps others are in this same “Limbo Pickle” I call it. Colette maybe you can give your thoughts on this sometime. Love, peace and light to yourself, Mark and your puppies.

  • Ellen

    I loved this message, and it’s something I also work on all the time… I also wanted to add in that sometimes inexplicable pain might be a past life event that’s intruding on today. I’ve been going through this awful pain in my nervous system and my shoulder for over a year, and finally I went “deep enough” to find out what happened so I could let it go. It’s amazing what my guides have shown me, and so helpful for my being able to just live this lifetime with all its lessons. Much love to you and to your precious Olli.

  • Sue

    I am pretty sure my le.on adequate has been too sour this past week. Tomorrow the 26th marks 7 months since my husband’s crossover. I have wandered in a fog doing but not feeling like I have accomplished anything.
    I not only lost my soul mate and best friend but at the time of his passing our lives were in transition and unstable. Since I have lost almost everything. The apartment, the furniture, dishes, pots and pans, and the pretty things our home was decorated with. I have travelled to our previous home in wv trying to sort the belongings left there temporarily. Only to discover much of the material lose wasn’t needed. It was the love we shared that mattered. My grief I have discovered is tightly wrapped inside.
    Fear is firmly in place as I must venture on without his physical presence. I realized the place we were (GA) is no longer where I belong, in fact, I’ve known even before.
    However, while in the pity pot yesterday I went outside for a smoke and a moment to discover a perfect beautiful frozen heart on the stoop. I took a picture and decided it was time to be grateful for 14 years even though I get mad that 41 was too young for him to leave. I decided that it was time to make decisions that are hard, do something for me, know that he will be by my side and our love remains, and believe there is a purpose for me that didn’t include his physical presence. I am sure this will not be easy but onward I go no matter how imperfect I see the situation.

    • Sue


    • Colette Baron-Reid

      this is such a beautiful share.. so sorry for your loss Sue, but you are right he loves on beside you in spirit.. leaving you a frozen heart.. so beautiful.. bless you for sharing this with us. We are all with you here. xoxox

    • Diana Boles

      Such a beautiful moment of discovery. It lifted my heart as well.

  • Barbara-Helen Hill

    Your writing this week was such a gift when you said that a the chiropractor told you that pain is a sign that things are healing. Having Fibromyalgia the pain can be excruciating at times and then at other times it is not there. It was such a gift that I started to cry because the pain was beyond excruciating this morning and now as I write – after crying – it is barely visible/feelable/noticeable – whatever. Thank you for sharing. big hugs to you and your chiropractor. bh

  • Adair

    Wow, the other day I felt I was doing the same with giving the finger and then I read P. 25 from the Big Book – There is a solution…there was nothing left for us but tot pick up the simple kit of spiritual tools laid at our feet…which helped my own spiritual amnesia! XOXO

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      There is a solution.. true one day at a time.. God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle

  • Della

    Dearest Colette,
    Thank you for sharing. Your blogs often touch me deeply. Hugs and blessings to you. As much as it pains you to watch your little one suffer, your loved one gains from your love and attention through this painful time. Imagine the alternative if you had not come on the scene… What a lucky little guy to know your love even for a little while. In spite of it all, this might very well be the best time of his life – being loved soooo much. Who knows! Love does amazing things! Hang in there! You can do this one too.
    Love and blessings…

  • Michelle

    I lost my mom a week ago today and wander between trusting and feeling so lost and angry and doubting everything.

    • Lee Collver-Richards

      Blessings, Michelle, you are held, so is your Mom.

  • Peggy

    Colette, I sent Olli an energy healing this morning. Hoping that it will turn the tide and start Olli on the path to wellness. I think it’s helpful to tell ourselves (and our pets) that we don’t need specific lessons in our lives and they are “free” from the process of trying to teach us something. That only leaves the experience of love, which our pets are so happy to accommodate. Many blessings to both you and Olli, that Olli’s health will return and that a long life of love and affection will reign.

  • Judy

    I’m sending prayers and healing energy to your dear Ollie. Thank you for this week’s reading and many blessings to you Colette!

  • Diana Boles

    Isn’t it pure Majik?? The hidden wisdoms and the open folly of ones Soul?
    The ability to uncover the truth and disguise the deception?
    We are wide open to formation. It doesn’t end at the dividing line between childhood and adulthood. What is around us shapes us. So we learn of success and failure—-joy and disappointment——how to please and how to push buttons. The moment IT happens (whatever ‘IT’ is) we react first, then think twice. The secret Majik is to think twice and react second. It is the Majik of time stand still. But what of the collective souls? What victimizations do they project? Just stop, look, listen. Observe —–Great Spirit is always present—–the hidden sadness of abuse and neglect can be detected if we are being present.
    Digging out of 32+” of snow gives plenty of opportunity for people to pull together and deliver the message of “The Great Spirit”……..the “love thy neighbor” factor. The, “Earthly Angel” gift. It gave me plenty of time to count my blessings and witness my Earthly Angels. I live alone, so I was anticipating a very “energy sucking” day ahead of me. But neighbors began to rally and before I knew it we were helping each other. And the day ended up in exhaustion of body, but not of Spirit. People helped me and I had chance to help them in return. I didn’t have to stay focused alone on my 5′ snowdrift of woe that covered my car in its driveway. The conversations made the time pass quickly and the laughter encapsulated us.
    Pain is a sign of a healing taking place! TRUE THAT!! ?

  • Lauren

    When my 10 week old Afghan puppy had inflammation in her brain due to a virus I took her to the University of Guelph Veterinary College and she got to see a Veterinary PhD candidate and her Supervisory Prof. They did the brain scan as part of the PhD woman’s research. What they chose to do as treatment was HUGE doses of Prednisone….all I can say is that it worked. Silken’s information will still be on file at the Univ Vet Clinic…Joanne Parent was the Prof….maybe your Vet can call the Clinic and ask for a consult. If you want to know more about all that and the other Vets involved you can e-mail me….sometimes more heads are better than one….that was certainly the case for Silken.

    Partnership card….hmmmm. That also means the partnership between the Soul (saying Woo Hoo!) that thinks everything is some wonderful tool/vehicle to expand, grow and learn from and the Personality that thinks that all the same stuff is just hurtful. annoying, etc. and just wants to sit and go Wah wah wah…..Getting both parts of me to get along and play nicely is a continuing challenge 🙂

  • Marge

    Thank you for your beautiful cards & sharing. Love this: Even the most painful moments he says are gifts in strange wrapping paper. I have a big imagination and a faithful spirit, so I am frequently envisioning the “best” outcome I can imagine. I’ve been maintaining a positive outlook on a difficult situation for almost 2 years, and recently decided to consciously STOP when I future-cast to a positive outcome, and inquire what need my vision is suggesting in the present moment. I then bring the beautiful love and light to this moment and shine it on my own need. Guess I’m putting on my own oxygen mask first…in preparation.

  • Mairi

    A furry member of our family passed two weeks ago to day. We loved and enjoyed his big personality for 12 years. We had time to be close with him before he left. We let him rest a while in the house before taking him up the hill on our property to bury him. Of course sadness was felt, however I kept in mind as the time for passing approached, it’s his body that is dying not him and to resist what is natural is unreasonable. I practiced a great deal of being in the moment, and it was challenging because we think about the past memories and future time missing and adjusting to living without them. In the moment I thought a lot about his little spirit will be free of this body that doesn’t serve him anymore, he will be free and I set him free.

    Since he passed he’s come to me in dreams to let me know he is ok.

    So Colette, the messages you channel helping so many people could be valuable to you right now. You and Ollie chose this journey together be it long or short. She’s your teacher, pain and worry will not yield any benefit. Breath and see her energy pure and healed in its natural state and if she must leave her form, it’s ok and natural and so are you.
    yours in beauty, Mairi

  • Renee Sugar

    “Inch by inch it’s a cinch, by the mile it’s a trial.”
    I always wondered WHY? I created such unrealistic standards for myself, and then expected that I would
    be able to maintain that level of perfection no matter what? It really was a huge pressure following me
    around. I was never at peace within, or without. Never satisfied, and often quite critical of everything I
    did, and that measuring gauge was applied to others in my life. Where did the notion that I needed to
    be perfect emerge from? Lately I have been reading several books about falling, failing and owning our stories by Brene Brown,
    and Presence by Amy Cuddy. Apparently there is an “imposter syndrome” running rampant in our society
    that encourages this practice giving the impression of being a certain way, but underneath, not feeling
    that the part fits or not believing or feeling worthy of certain role. I believe that shame is a part of this dynamic.
    Fortunately I am been learning to relax, and although all is not well, nor close to being perfect; IT JUST IS!!!! and I am only
    gifted with this 24 hours. So how do I choose to use these precious minutes??? Today I am not employed, but I enjoyed that
    warm bowl of oatmeal this morning. I have a roof over my head. There are some cracks in the walls, and my decorator diva
    need to have everything looking just right; has ceased to be consumed with the outside “image”. How it “feels” is more important,
    way more so than how does it look? I am enjoying excellent health. I laughed at the two squirrels I saw this morning on the fence,
    like two bookends, and said good morning to them. I love life!!!! I even posted a profile on a dating website, called
    and there was a lineup of men waiting each day at the E-mail box . Some were old, fat, bald, young you name it. After a short time amusing myself with this mode of meeting, I decided it wasn’t for me. We could call this progress. I think that I have my priorities in
    order. Health first, relationships, family, financial well-being. It is all a work in progress. My life is under construction. So are my beliefs
    and thoughts, attitudes as I become aware of what no longer serves my well-being. As I accept new assignments, and interview for new possibilities, it becomes more clear if a door might be a good choice. If it moves me forward; even just a teensy bit; it is good. Having an income source and not the “perfect” job scenario; is a better option that not having any income. At least I have the courage and willingness to attempt, and open the door try something different; and see what happens. What else can one do? Guarantees do not come with the contract. Everyone who is human; makes errors, the perfect image has been shattered. I feel relieved that I no longer need
    to carry the weight of the shield that protects, and isolates me from being “HUMAN”. Lest I forget. So here I am in “all my splendor, and
    wretchedness”. “Life is a carnival, believe it or not. Life is an carnival; ten cents a shot”.
    XOXO Renee

  • Mary

    Hello Colette,

    I wanted to take a moment today to tell you how much I have enjoyed your weekly posts, videos, products and classes! I also wanted to thank you. This year I will be starting my coaching business and wanted to let you know that you have been one of my biggest spiritual teachers since you have helped me understand and heal so much in my life. Thank you for sharing your life and wisdom with us so that we may grow. Your posts are the perfect way to start the week since they are incredibly insightful and as always spot on. Keep up the great work! Wishing you and your fur babies an incredible, healthy and abundant year ahead!

  • catherine

    Sending love, healing energy and prayers to Olli…it is a tough process with your little one…my friends son transitioned a few weeks ago and the celebration of life was Friday and it was gut kicking tough…even tho I understand this life here is temporary…our souls immortal and our soul will call time and go home once all is learned to learn in this incarnation…no matter how young…it doesn’t bring alot of comfort in the beginning…and then that same evening I got the greatest news ever that I can’t share yet as its top secret for a while…lol… but the news brought life back into perspective as I was sitting in my chair letting the tears flow for my friend’s loss…Endings are beginnings…Death is life beginning for the soul’s journey and then new life…a soul’s courage to go I am coming through into that family…so it goes…the cycle of life and how we create our happiness or not…and all in between…I am grateful for all and my in betweens and for what is yet to come…Sending love and gratitude to you all…

  • Shelley

    Dear Colette ;
    First of all, sending big love to you and your family. I feel for you in your worries and reliefs with little Olli. I hope she comes through this OK…one thing for sure is that she could not be in more loving hands. I understand how easy it is to get caught up in worry when the path appears to be troubled. I fell into that hole over the past couple of weeks…and keep surfacing and bouncing back. I keep reminding myself that do not know what any of this is for, and I strive to get out of my own way and allow Spirit to interpret, rather than my limited-view ego. I am grateful that I no longer believe my ego, though I certainly get swayed strongly at times. I, too, have been experiencing physical symptoms recently – some vague, feeling “off” flu type thing which seems to come and never fully go…and at the bottom of it all, I am pretty sure it is a spiritual issue, which is good, because that means Spirit can help me and heal me. I have to be willing to investigate and surrender to the guidance I receive. I have had some vivid dreams of Bear, Komodo Dragon and Badger. These are just few of my helpers and signposts- if I keep my eyes and heart open, guidance abounds.
    Today, I let go of “my” little plan and ask Spirit’s plan to prevail.
    I am feeling so much gratitude towards you for holding this space and to All here who participate.
    Much love to All.♥

  • Dee

    Hi Collette!

    So sorry to hear about Ollie. Sending healing, love and light to your little fur baby!

    Love SOAR and so love the term you used above – spiritual amnesia! There are times I believe I live in it and then beat myself up because I stayed there so long! I live more on the serious side of life and definitely am my own worst enemy. So this year I decided to make specific ‘decisions’. I decided to do something metaphysical/ spiritual every day – no matter how small and then congratulate myself for doing it. I even started to write down the things I did so I didn’t forgot how well I’m doing. I can do something ‘larger’ on the weekends when I’m home and not as pressed for time during the week – I’ve got to take care of my fur babies first.

    I woke up last Wednesday with such a stiff neck, I couldn’t even turn my head to either side. OK – first thought – what the sam hill did I do to create this? Yep – beat myself up is the usual reaction. So I took a step back and pulled out one of my favorite books with affirmations, looked up ‘neck’ and found an affirmation that I said over and over and over and it began to release – slowly. I had an appointment with the dentist that morning – didn’t want to go and this resistance showed up in my neck speaking to me rather loudly! I was so proud of myself for dipping into one of my spiritual tools to be able to help myself.

    You have taught me so much and I’m blessed to have found you and honored to be considered one of the Tribe! Many many blessings to you and yours!

  • Crystal

    Hi Colette, I am with you. I feel like there has been a lot of what I call “Mercury Medicine” this week… tastes like crap, but it’s actually helping you heal. ? I was noticing that my emotions were really “amplified”, not really in line with what was tweaking me, so….I didn’t react, I just took note because I knew something was “off”. Staying in observer was absolutely the best thing to do because a few days ago, I was driving along, giving thanks to the Divine for creating little pockets of “no traffic” for me to drive in when the roads were icy. I had been “asking” for these and time after time… worked. So, I’m giving Thanks and saying I feel so safe and protected and BAM! I realize that I’ve NEVER felt “safe and protected” before. If I hadn’t already been sitting down… was then that I realized that I had an unresolved core belief in childhood that had caused me to always BELIEVE that I wasn’t safe & protected……and so I wasn’t. I had done forgiveness work, yet I hadn’t identified the core belief that was causing the need for forgiveness in the first place! Processing now and shifting relationships already. ? I personally think it’s the combination of the Mercury Retrograde and this amazing full moon we just had…..but, that’s just my opinion.
    Love and Hugs for Olli and for you…..I’ve had to watch a beloved pet deteriorate while I struggled to “fix” them, I’ve been where you are…..not a pleasant place to be. As much snuggle time and treats as possible was the best I could do. I hope your experience has a happier ending.
    More Hugs, Crystal

  • June

    THANK YOU Colette !!! <3 <3 <3

  • Faith

    I’ll never forget the day my friend called me and said you have to get this book! The Map! I raced to the book store. I quickly realized it was not a book u can read in 2 days or even 2 months….it is a lifechanger for me and everyone I’ve given it to! It is my second bible, always there guiding me thru stays in my purse cause I never know when myself or someone else will need the wise words so beautifully written! I love you Colette, keep up your awesome spirit fused work!
    Hoping to meet you next month at the conference! XOXO

  • Pat

    Hello Colette, so sorry for your little Olli. I have this place that I bought in Aug of last year. I have trees, which is actually the 1st time in my life ( over 6 decades ) will have to rake leaves. I decided to start at the rear of the lot cause it is close to the dumpster in alley & just doing a little at a time. Mostly cause I am disabled with balancing prob. & it tires me out.. But the good thing about my new place is I can walk & get my energy level back up so I can lose weight & stay as healthy as my Spirits let me, & my girl Windie (dog) goes to doggie parks & I walk there.

  • Carolyn

    Hi Collette
    Once again I’m astounded by how much what you write about is happening in my life too. This past week surprised me with a pattern from the past I hoped never to see again. I did some freelance work for a former coworker and assumed that was that, until I found out the actual client was another person who has dedicated the last week to making everyone else involved in the project crazy with his negativity, sarcasm, complaints, backstabbing and withholding payment to boot. I could see it was an old pattern coming back to see if I wanted to dance with it one last time, and I’ve worked hard to be compassionate and resist engaging in anything that would leave to more hurt feelings for any of us.

    However, I told a friend about it yesterday, wanting to share my wonder at it all and how sorry I feel for this man and his very inflamed ego (which is now dedicated to proving somehow he can do my specialized job better than I). And she jumped on the drama bandwagon and offered to have a whole bunch of people publically take our side and cut the other guy out of the project. All the while my shoulder was screaming in pain, which I used to have as a regular feature of my last job doing this kind of work in this kind of environment.

    Anyway, I called a halt to the circus and declared I am resolving this mess with grace and compassion.
    As soon as I did, my shoulder stopped aching and I began to feel in control of my life again. But whew! This time I could finally see that the pattern was arising to see if I have changed enough to let it dissolve out of my reality or whether I want to get on the merry-go-round for another ride. And that I have a choice with it. So now I’m happily moving on to something new.

  • Lee

    LOVE THIS! thank you. I can honestly say, I am getting to the place that I can embrace even those things that on the surface appear to “have my world come crashing in”. Case in point is right now. My hubby Joe took a fall almost 2 weeks ago, rupturing his Achilles tendon. He will be out of work for about 3 months. that massively impacts our financial life, and means I must take care of everything- including him – as he needs to be basically bed ridden for the first month.

    I immediately accepted the situation as is, and prayed on it’s meaning and opportunity. I came away with reveling in the miracle of this event. this is JUST what we needed!
    From my hubby’s side:
    1- he hates what he is doing and yet feels “stuck”. He has had 3 opportunities in the past where he had time to do some soul searching and figure out what he WANTS to do, and has not done anything. AGAIN, he is given this time (and is much more open to soul searching)
    2- this injury happened primarily from a leftover ski injury 17 years ago – when he decided to ignore it and “hope it would go away” (his former M.O.). He now had the change for a “do-over” and making it right
    3- pulling out my “you can heal your life” book and looking up ankle- it said that the metaphysical causes are a) inflexibility and b) an unwillingness to receive, which made me laugh (in a loving way) and struck a “painful” chord with him. However, he got it.

    from my side:
    1- I tend to feel like I have to take care of everything and everyone – except my self, and at great expense (financially and emotionally) to myself. This now forces me to ask for help, establish well needed set boundaries, and organize and take care of my life FIRST.
    2- I have been shrinking and hiding in my professional life. Since our financial life will now be compromised immensely – I am forced to to do what I know what I want to do
    3- MOST Importantly- I feel that since I have been SO unwilling to do what I gotta do to get where I want to get, Spirit / God has now put it right in my face so that hiding could prove disastrous!

    How absolutely beautiful and perfect is this event! Of course we both have free will, and the out come is still yet to be. for myself (it’s Joe’s job to take care of Joe), I am so thankful and grateful for this experience. I am also feeling so blessed for the conversation that has opened up between Joe and I. Plus! Joe is in NO PAIN! He is doing what he is told, and embracing it, and feeling great. We were told so many “scary and painful” things.

    I believe because we are only looking at the blessings and opportunities, we will BOTH sail through this- Joe will figure out what he wants to do, and I will finally step into my power (and like it!)

  • Edith

    Hi Colleen
    I love to read what you put on paper. You seem so upbeat and so very trusting in God and the universe. I inituitively see others as their true selves and find it difficult to belief that I am worthy of the same spark. I help to boost my friends and family when reality’s bumps in the road get rocky. I believe and trust that all will be as it is supposed to be. Maybe not what we thought it was supposed to be.
    So I want to say thanks for inforcing my belief in myself and trusting that God and Spirit do walk along with me.

    Have a marvellous week

  • Gale

    Hi Colette,
    Sending healing light for sweet Olli, and calm and comfort for you. You give us so much. I use your cards several times a week, and they are usually right on the mark. If I have any confusion, it’s not the messages that are coming through, but my lack of skill in interpreting them! This week I will try to progress in turning around any negative self-talk and/or drama, and in taking better care of myself in mind, body, and spirit. You are an inspiration, and I always look forward to your weekly messages – it’s nice to hear that you, too, struggle with many of the same things that we all do. Not that I want you to struggle, but it makes you more approachable, and it’s always inspiring to hear how you turn the negatives around and make them positive. Bright Blessings to you!

  • Arlene

    For all you are … and all you do … Colette, thank you so much … I love these weekly readings & musings and your transparency of the spiritual walk of your life! I’m not one to do comments but this is the umpteenth time I have felt called so here I am… As a health professional & healing arts practitioner for a long, long time, I’m wondering if your sweet critterkid might benefit from a Body Code session. It’s one of those modalities that often finds the ‘hidden’ factors … those things not ‘testable’ in the outside world … it may be there’s an unseen combination of factors that could be cleared, rebalanced, etc. that could help everything else you’re doing to work much better. You can check out online at for more details & there are practitioners also listed there.
    Sometimes the stress of ‘fear’ creates imbalance in the kidneys which can also cause misalignments of the spine and the kind of back pain you described.
    Sending my heart blessings to you & your beloveds …

  • Trish

    Needed to hear this message today. TONS of snow was dropped on us this weekend in the northeastern US. While local officials worked hard to get as much cleaned up as they could over the weekend, we ended up with a snow day for the kids today. My husband and I work from home. This threw me into a tizzy. “How would I get what I have to get done today?” Clients don’t care if your kids have a snow day! I haven’t gotten it all done today but there’s still hours to go. The interactions I’ve had today have been positive because I took some time to assist people that needed a nudge in the right direction or some assurance. (They aren’t even paying clients!) I’ll keep “chopping wood and carrying water” today as you say. It might not be perfect but it will be positive.

  • Anne

    Hi Colette
    I so look forward to your weekly blog and energy forecast. I love your Wisdom of the Oracle cards. My friends loved them too and two of them have ordered their own!
    Best wishes

  • Dora

    Hi Colette, I’m not one to comment on blogs but I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your spirit…on Hayhouse radio, and your blogs, which convey I’m not perfect but guess what we’re all going to be alright if we just trust in spirit. I’m sorry to hear about Ollie 🙁 my prayers…I’m enjoying your new oracle cards, why? because they talk to me quite loudly and directly without bias and they bring a connection that confirms we are never alone. Thank you for your work…love and light!

  • Tresna

    Sending love and hugs to you and Olli, Collette. May Olli’s miracle of good health present itself. Having been through health traumas with my dogs I know the depth of despair and unfairness one feels. X

  • Linda

    I have seen you at three or four conferences in Sedona and Phoenix. I always enjoyed your sessions. I look forward to your weekly messages. We are out here and we are listening and learning.

    Keep on keeping on!

    With love, hugs, prayers always,

  • Laura

    Hi Collette, Ugh poor baby Ollie. It’s so stressful going through that. I will send your baby, you and hubby some healing energy.

    So my last 6 weeks has been anxiety laden. Same old programming running through my brain and I honestly think it was just the energy that was floating about that I happened to match up with. I finally sat down and really thought it through and realized I am creating it, yes I know we all preach it but I actually hadn’t really taken a good look at it and applied it to myself. Once I realized what I had been doing the fog started to lift. It’s interesting to me that we can teach and help others to heal and do energy work on everyone else but don’t really sit down to heal ourselves.

    I love everything you write, I love all your oracle cards, that’s what everyone got from me for xmas!!! I’m sending you hugs and love!!!

  • Jen

    I would so love to know more abiut the pain your back being healing – that you accepted and shifted. It certainly struck a chord.
    My husband said to me yesterday that I was getting worse in my ill condition, I certainly could not disagree after an extremely painful treatment reallly left its mark. But I had my blubber. Am still loving the life I create. But would love to badge these ‘times’ maybe they are shifting crystals inside me – which are the remnants of ecents/traumas/wounds I’ve experienced? Love your blogs!!! Olli is certainly giving you some lessons, I recall that stage with one of our damily pets. Much love to you xx

  • Cindy

    Thank you, Colette, for your message this week of progress not perfection and the card reading that was so on point for a situation I am facing. Over the weekend my sister did something that was “the straw that broke the camel’s back” in our very tenuous relationship. It has forced me to finally address all of the issues that I have let build up for many years, but I found myself holding back in discussing them because I was trying to find the “perfect” way to express my feelings. Your message reminded me that moving toward some progress is more important than waiting for the “perfect” words. The card reading also gave me hope that a positive outcome may actually be possible when dealing with a very narcissistic person. Thank you so much for all you do and share! Much love!

  • Kimberly

    Love your raw and real stories, Colette! I’m with you… I have my moments when I slip into a little pity party and old powerlessness thinking. But, I, too, have noticed that I bounce back quicker. That’s something! I also notice that a lot of times, thought, once I’ve kinda bounced back, I back pedal a bit with thoughts that tell me I should be done with s#$^ by now… lol … so thank you! Progress. Not perfection. Got it!

  • Ginny

    Wow. Life has been challenging and a change of view is perfect for all. I too have been in that victim mode but now have the ability to see that some of the events which left me bereft were actually great gifts. I have spent much of the last week thanking the universe for those gifts and continue to do so today. Gratitude helps and I now feel that even though there are still legal issues looming spirit has my back. Thank you for all your encouragement and inspiration, your honesty, openness and vulnerability. It helps me to be all that I can be. 🙂 <3 Blessings to Olli.

  • Mags

    Hi Collette

    Thank you for your wonderful insights as always. Your truth and honesty is always a lesson in itself to Stop! Drop! and Listen! to oneself. (In Australia we teach our children in fire emergencies to Stop, Drop & Roll) but I like what you inspire me to do STOP the control, DROP into soul and LISTEN to what soul has to say. LOL

    I am sorry to hear that your fur baby has been sent to you for only a short time, I can’t wait to hear what beautiful lessons you have shared with each other over this time in time.

    I was wondering with you weekly forecast readings the music you play sounds like it is you singing? Do you have a CD out?

    Thanx Mags

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      it is me singing and if you go to my website and go to shop you will see a link to the music .. I have 2 CDs out.. Magdalene’s Garden, and I Am/Grace on EMI music.. on iTunes but you can listen on my website thanx!

  • Jo Ellen Newman

    I love this post and video. I’m also sorry to hear Ollie’s state and know Spirit has yours and his back. 🙂 I was just sharing with my girlfriend this am after learning her cousin’s son passed away unexpectedly (24). He had health issues but still it ruptured the soul of those who knew him and his family. I could only share with her many of your wise comments that we often don’t know what GRACE is around the corner because we can’t see it but we can truly trust that it is there. As long as we continue to balance our energies then we too grace the earth with peace and calmness in the midst of darkness. I know it’s all good but it so helps listening, reading to your beautiful messages. (*Love your cards, have them all and use them everyday. :)) Jo Ellen

  • Cheryl

    Colette, Thank you for being so REAL! So appreciated, and I can so relate. My highest is positive, bubbly and (probably) sickeningly optimistic. I love that state. My old self still likes to let me know she’s around from time to time. Even though I THOUGHT I’d said thank you and goodbye to her. She’s more of a drama queen, complete with a sparkly tiara, broken wand and full tutu! Most of the time I can acknowledge her, bless her and thank her for getting me so far, then letting her know I’ve got a new me. Some times she’s persistent, though. She seems to think I must surely miss the drama. I do not.

    I like “progress not perfection” and I thank you for it!

    Sending love to you and yours!

  • Karen

    Yesterday my husband had made a large purchase on his Credit card and the bank put a lock on it. He was on the phone with the bank fixing the situation. I was sitting beside him. I have been having a rough few weeks questioning everything spiritual in my life. I was feeling all emotions. My husband hands me the phone and says the lady wants to talk to me? Really? She told me she felt some strong energy and it wasn’t my husband she was feeling. She asked me I had been feeling sad. “Yes”, I said. She told me that I needed more self love and I was going to be ok. She said all the negativity I’m experiencing isn’t me.

    • Dian Boles

      Fabulous — it is not easy to find light when things around you are so foggy. Isn’t it amazing that it should happen so strongly when you weren’t even expecting that light to appear! In the vision of the quantum-the ethereal plane—we needn’t use our eyes. Amazing and so excited to hear confirming type of news. And blessings to you

  • Sherry

    Love you Colette! Watch you on TV every Sunday and look forward to your blogs and tarot readings. Love, love, love the song you did after the readings…travelling down the road….
    Until my “dark night of the soul” in 2011, I lived life on my terms but felt I had an angel on my shoulder as what I desperately needed seemed to almost always appear despite my running on some very twisted limiting beliefs. Now, I try to live from the heart and like all of us – have those Chicken Little days too. Knowing what little I know in the whole scheme of spiritual living, I have come to realize it’s a moment to moment adjustment and there are days when I’m easily in that moment and days where the tragedy stomps all over the beauty and I find myself back in my old ways of reacting (which is Not good).
    Just reading what you wrote today so helped me to ground back into myself and, now I’m about to make a big batch of lemonade!
    Thank you for all that you do and all that you are to us all!

  • Karen

    I realized that I’m not alone. Spirit is with me even when I think no one is listening to me whenI want them to. just like I’ve read. Things happen when they are supposed to.
    Have a wonderful week.

  • Helen

    This most recent Mercury retrograde was exceptionally hard for me. I am not normally so strongly effected by retro grades. The truth is the last 6 months …ok maybe more like the last year has been full of the kind choices where you say to yourself ” Have I had enough yet?”. You are right in your Ah HA moment, the pain means there is healing, sometimes it just does not seem like it in the moment. Big hugs. I am sorry your fur baby is not well.

  • Jenny Smagala

    Hi Collette,
    So sorry to hear about Ollie getting worse. Apparently organic magnesium oil is good for pets as well as people, for all sorts of painful and inflammatory conditions. Have you tried it? (I get mine from Amazing Oils, in Australia) Don’t know if it would help Ollie but it might be worth a go. It comes as a topical spray, or roll on gel and as bath flakes. (better than Epsom salts but similar I think). Fingers and toes crossed that a miracle comes your way, in whatever form serves you best. Thank you for being the most incredible inspiration, even in your dark times.

  • Jillian

    Thank you for your posts which I enjoy reading. I too have been having challenges and I so agree with you about how our beliefs cause us to respond to life. I’ve become aware how easily fears, worries can take over and how we can really struggle with what’s happening but that we have the power to change this and that we have to practise that constantly. I’m discovering the difference between “knowing” and “being” – such as knowing and intellectually understanding living in the moment and changing my perspective and perception and doing that on a moment by moment basis no matter what’s occurring. So it’s not a one off event but a way of life. Practising constantly letting go of thoughts, beliefs or struggle and not letting present outer circumstances take over and be the sole lens of my life but tuning in to my inner being and connecting with that place of peace and trust.

  • Diana Boles

    Perfection is a state of mind—progress is the action. When we are present in our actions, we make progress. Is perfection even attainable? Isn’t there always something that could be tweaked? When In the observer mode the everyday miracle shows itself.

  • Renee Sugar

    “Ring the bells that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering.
    There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.
    Leonard Cohen

  • Lee Collver-Richards

    “I had to first surrender my old ways, deliberately rehearse new ones, committing to a conscious contact with Spirit and “acting as if”.”

    Perhaps the greatest gift you (the Tribe, too) have offered me is inclusion – you’ve thrown me a life line by including yourself in the dance of life and sharing it. Your humour doesn’t hurt, either. Flipping the bird. Wow! Colette! Thanks for sharing that cojones can be grown, in every delightful moment 🙂


  • Catherine Adams

    I can’t tell you how much I look forward to your weekly blog and reading. It is one of the nicest things in my week.

    I have a question that I have wrestled with for a long time, and it has to do with spirit doing things to us v. our free will. We are told, on the one hand, that we create our own existence with our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, and I agree with that to a point. When the government, for example, does something that negatively affects me, I fail to see how I created that.

    On the other hand, we may hold thoughts for what we wish or need, and we can act as though we already have whatever it is, and immediately cancel out any thoughts that would be a roadblock, and yet never achieve the healing or the betterment of our finances.

    We are told that we create our existence, and yet when we don’t get what we need, we are told that spirit may have something better in mind and to just wait and see what happens in the future. And if it’s a healing we are asking for and working toward, then there may not be much time for a future.

    If spirit is going to jump in and do whatever it wants to do, which may be in direct opposition to what we are working toward, then how can we say we have any free will? Maybe for the small things like what to have for dinner, but when it comes to the bigger things, it seems as if we have no free will at all if spirit is controlling everything.

    If I understood this better, maybe life would be a tad easier.

    Thanks much for all you do!!!! Know it is certainly appreciated.


  • Alina

    WOW so happy 2015 is behind us. It was a challenging year for me as I am sure it was for many. For me it seems to have been THE year of seeing my fears become “reality” only then to realize it was almost all illusion created by me. What came from all of this was the deep need to forgive myself and stop blaming others for “my life”. For most of the year I felt like Chicken Little having a pity party…wow. Even after our call, I feel deeper down the spiral as I was awakening from illusion and then had a constant stuffy/drippy nose for months and when I finally remembered my tools and saw what my body was telling me (resentment and feeling sorry for myself) I snapped out of it with and chose to forgive and accept…deeply. Well, my body heard and my symptoms all cleared up. Forgiving myself was hard…2015 really brought out my ugly side and I didn’t recognize myself and my behavior in many moments. All I could see was an ugly little girl acting out and then of course the guilt and shame from my actions and how it affected others I loved.
    I am better now and your message of progress not perfection is meaningful to me. I am perfect in God’s eyes. Really?! Yep, really. WOW. So I will continue to take steps to progress toward seeing the perfection we ALL are. I am still healing and forgiving and accepting. I know 2016 will have its own challenges….my mother was diagnosed with ALS at the end of 2015. So, may God help me so that I can help her. Sending you all love and light. Blessings for 2016!

  • JoAnn Becht

    It is so important what you have said here and what you present in your SOAR sessions. Particularly last night. We have to me attentive,aware,connect to, be mindful of our feelings., so that we can move from that. If you just let them stay unattested nothing can move. We have to recognize and connect. Accept and move. Many years ago you started the Invizon process . For years I was in the state of mind,feeling of a war zone,guns,missiles flying all over the place with me hidden behind a rock for cover. It was only when I connected to the feeling. I stood up with hand up and a stiff arm everything just fell away. Thank you

  • Brenda Hardison

    I want to thank you for sharing your experience and hardship of seeing your little furry baby going through what she is going through. I am trying with all of my being to enjoy every living moment with my Baby Beau, but there are times I just lose it knowing our time now is limited. Although I have a house full of other pets, and baby sit my two grand puppies (as large as they are), Beau has been with me since he was 4 weeks old so to me he really is My Baby and he knows it. I know in losing him, this will be another life changing event for me. One I am not looking forward to but feel I have been given a beautiful gift of realizing how seriously intelligent these beings are and thank God everyday that I understand their needs when they show me. Several years ago, I was struck with acute anxiety disorder, panic attacks, the entire works, and I did not know why but the strangest thing happened, stray cats and neighbours dogs would come running up to greet me. Honestly, it is like they see something about me. In the last number of years along with my own illness, my husband could no longer work due to his disabilities, my mom has dementia (horrible thing to see someone go through), my father became seriously disabled and then experiencing what it is like to contract Lyme’s Disease in Canada! WOW, it has been a difficult pill to swallow, but I think to myself someone out there is far worse off then I am, and my life is filled with unconditional love because of my four legged friends as well as a bunny and birds… LOL. I need to know though the thoughts to keep to get me through this when the time does come as I can deal with physical pain way easier then a broken heart.

  • Brenda Hardison

    One last statement I should have made, thank you for being so down to earth and open to people, you truly have a divine gift and you are so open to share with others, I wish all of the best for you. Big Hug !

  • Cathy Corn


    This poor sweet Ollie, I just can’t let go of her so have an inkling of your distress. I tried not to write with this advice, but the words kept hounding me. Maybe your holistic vet has already tried homeopathic remedies, but if not, it’s simple, very inexpensive, won’t affect the other medications, and has no side effects. I opened my “Homeopathic Care for Cats & Dogs” by Dr. Hamilton, DVM, and it opened right to brain and spinal cord injuries. I thought of suggesting homeopathic arnica (reduces inflammation), and that was the first remedy on his list. You could give her a little 30c pellet twice a day for about a week, and it would either work or not work, but you’d only be out about $6.99 plus shipping. I’ve had good results using homeopathy. The other thing that keeps popping up is the idea that you do hands on healing work in another dimension (past life, whatever) and that meditation could help you access that.

    Wishing I could do hands on healing for both of you and extremely grateful for all you’ve done for me. If I’m serious about getting the best advice about a situation, I always grab your Avalon deck.

    Cathy Corn, RN, RM, LMT

  • Marisol

    Poor little Olli. At least she’s getting to live a beloved life, even if it’s a shortened one. And you’re getting the experience of knowing and loving this unique little pup. Must be heartbreaking. My heart goes out to you.

    Also, just wow, Colette. The Universal Energies for this week. They were *exactly* the energies that were affecting me. I came up against an unexpected hurdle. A soulmate stepped in, saw the mini-crisis with a different pair of eyes (eyes more generous to me than my own eyes were), helped engineer a fair resolution, and set a solid foundation for moving forward. Just wow. You’re so insightful. Thank you for sharing these weekly guidance cards!

  • Chandra Riley

    I realized that through the ups and downs in life, we all fight internal battles. I cannot accept when someone speaks negativity or their fear based thoughts on me. I realized that I don’T have to accept it at all. I began to say Cancel, Clear, Delete, everytime I hear that Ego coming. I have to fight my past, and focus on the now. It’s not easy but I know that I can just stay in the moment and breathe. I thank you for being honest and authentic about how things are with your life Colette, it’s refreshing to know we are all going through some kind of battle in our own way.

  • Tonia

    Thank you ! Your words speak straight to my heart. I have a 16 year old fur baby and every moment with him is precious . Good days are days of joy.
    Your words are truly what I needed to hear. Bless you. I will hold you and dear one in my heart and prayers.

    Thanks for the wise words and lesson,

  • Janet

    Sparkly, beautiful Collette,

    This morning, like most mornings, I’m having coffee in bed with our doggies and reading. Your blog this week is especially poignant; I feel my heart aching. I am reminded of my love for our sweet poodles, who make us laugh, and fill us with joy everyday. I am also aware of an underlying fear I have for their well being. That underlying fear extends to much of my life right now. On the surface I am happier than I have ever been. I have a loving husband, happy children, beautiful grand children., a warm and inviting home.

    I realize, though, that I have a fear of the unknown. We are wrestling with the idea of retiring, and the changes that will bring. I have a house for sale, and have to bridle in my impatience for it to sell. I have some health issues I have been struggling with. I feel like I am a balancing act.

    Your sharing has stopped me in my fear tracks this morning, and reminded me this is temporary. Right now, I am looking at the plants filling my bedroom window. My Christmas cactus is in bloom for the second time this season, my 5 year old poinsettia is wild with blooms, and the orchids have just gone into bloom. Outside, I have spent the week cleaning garden beds, composting, and planting seeds.

    Messages of beauty and rebirth are clamoring for my attention. Spirit is right here, guiding me to breath and enjoy this moment, reminding me that everything is perfect, NOW. Thank you for your, honesty, love, and sharing, Collette. You make a difference❤️

    Many blessings and much love to you and Ollie, and all your sparkling clan,

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