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Updated: February 21, 2016

Dearest sparkle being,

I’m contemplative this morning as the past week has been so full of revelations I don’t know where to begin.

First off I want to thank everyone for your kind and heartfelt posts, as I know many of you have been following our intense journey with our little angel Olli, now having a ball over the Rainbow Bridge orchestrating miracles for us on this side. Although I didn’t respond to each I read them all and so I send everyone a hug.

You’ve all been through the rollercoaster with me these past couple months so it is only fitting that I share some wonderful glittering happiness with you too.

So many amazing synchronicities came together in such a short period of time. When I got to Seattle I had dinner with my friends John Holland and Nancy Levin. John had ordered me a silver Pomeranian ring that bizarrely looked almost exactly like Olli. I bawled like a baby and wore it 24/7 until I smashed my nose with it and decided it would be prudent to take it off at night.
The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

Since I knew I would be on the west coast already I had arranged to fly to Phoenix to write music with Barry Goldstein, a trip I was going to cancel when Olli passed. I knew it would be good for me to be on the road, but the first 2 nights I kept dreaming of Oreo cookies which freaked me out as I woke up a couple times in a sweat thinking I might have eaten a box of them only to find I had kept to my clean eating and didn’t sleep eat after all.
The mind is a tricky thing.

I found myself wistfully thinking of the dogs I had considered in the past and didn’t adopt and settled on one of them whose name was Oreo a 2 year old cute black and white pom who needed rescuing but who we didn’t take having found Coco. I couldn’t shake the memory of her photos.

Intellectually I just chalked it up to losing Olli and a way for my mind to work it all through. Intuitively something was tugging at my soul.

Barry and me began to work on a song called Pieces of One in which I was writing about those we love and lose being stars in the sky, and how we’re all made of stardust. (it’s not finished yet but as soon as it is I will share it with you!)

I had just written the lyric and we decided to take a break. Because I get so many emails my office sorts through all of it, and typically Jill does not show me much of it but she felt I would want to see this one.
One of you sent in a note suggesting you had a message from Olli that described the scene in the song that I was picturing and trying to convey almost verbatim.
Barry and me were blown away. More tears were shed and we carried on.

Then an hour later another one of you here from Australia sent in a note that you had found my book Messages from Spirit in your car. You had earmarked it at a specific page but it opened instead at the section where I described what happened when my dog Trinket died and another dog with the same name somewhere in Idaho had been put up for adoption the same day and hour she was pronounced gone at the hospital.

This now started getting my attention.

This also happens to be the book in which I heard my spirit guides name was Olli !!

I started cautiously and curiously looking online at various rescue organizations, reputable breeders etc. without any attachment.

Here is where it gets interesting.

I searched specifically in Ontario and landed on a page where sure enough a little black and white fluffy pom that looked like a puffy Oreo cookie stared up at me with the cutest face. She was put up for adoption (you guessed it) same day as Olli passed.

I copied the photo to send to Marc just to show him not to decide anything as I was not feeling any urgency about rushing into this. It was for me a way to say hey look there are other dogs that need love and when we’re all ready we will get another for our pack.

I’ve always been led to another dog within weeks of one passing knowing fully that they are all different and never to replace another just that my heart gets bigger every time it breaks and there is more love to share.

Besides we don’t choose them anyway. They pick us.

So we began to talk about our grief and what it brought up for us, how it deepened our appreciation for life and living fully in the moment and how our other dogs were so much happier in a bigger pack.

Then out of the blue my friend Arielle sent me a photo of the exact same dog. It happened to be on the anniversary of her sister Debbie Ford’s passing. I was thinking of Debbie that day imagining Olli with her. Arielle didn’t know where she found the photo just that I should see it.

She had no idea I was looking at that exact dog.

So enough “coincidences”! I made the call while still in Phoenix and with such ease and effortlessness after photos and video exchange in a week or so we will be welcoming an older pup into our pack.
She is a roly poly black and white dog so far named Annabelle who although I was 100% sure was in Ontario was nowhere near there!

The first thing Marc said when he saw her?
Just don’t call her Oreo! (I didn’t tell him about my crazy dreams of stuffing my face with cookies- some things just don’t need to be shared with your hubby)

Are we still grieving? Yes we are but its been my experience that Grief has her own timetable with us, and weaves her way through our lives without ever asking for us to shut it all down. For me Grief is not about pining for something already gone. Grief is an acknowledgment of all the life and love and presence that was gifted into our lives but will never be repeated the same way ever again. Yes there is loss, yes there is a wistful ache when we see her pictures. But for us…. Its been our experience that losing our fur babies have broken our hearts wide open and each time we end up with more and more love to give to others.

So.. stay tuned for more adventures as we will introduce her to you in a couple weeks. Until then, I’m grateful that surrendering to the process and all that I learned from that indomitable extraordinary angel dog Olli has led us to this next phase of learning and sharing. I can hardly wait to see who shows up!

I guess now I know there is no doubt in my mind that the name of my spirit guide is truly Olli.

Love never dies.. never ever ever.

Big bushels of love and light to each and every one of you!

Always and forever Colette!

Ps love to hear your story of how you were led through synchronicity to a pet, a job, a lover or anything!

Ok tag you’re it!

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  • char

    Hi Colette,
    In the last 4 weeks I have ended a 13 year relationship and also sent my 11.5 year old boxer over the rainbow bridge. Had it not been for the weigh release on line class and for this Blog, I don’t know where i’d be! Thank You for the reminder to see this from a different perspective! I got on my bird, and he is carrying me until I can stand again. Thanks Colette, Sorry for your Loss.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      sending you big love !

      • Anonymous

        Colette again and again your messages are so spot on!!! I had been feeling very disappointed lately with a business coaching company that made promises that they didn’t or couldn’t keep…everything I reached out to ask for resolution, I kept getting no response. So for guidance I went to work with your enchanted map deck and it guided me to do what was right for me, to end that business relationship! I love how synchronistic connecting with you truly is. On the spiritual level you are soul family to me. Thank you for your genuineness, I love your honest humans that you share with us. My heart is cracked open with more love just by your sharing of Olli and your cute furry pak! Much love to you again and again!

        • Colette Baron-Reid

          O this made my day I send you so much love .. so happy my cards are making a difference!

    • Hillary

      Oh Dearest-Heart~
      I’m not sure how I missed this news in your fb feed… but I did.
      I send you tremendous love in the passing of your baby.
      & this story brings chills!!! W O W !!!!! How gorgeously supported, seen, & loved we are… The Divine has us!! Thank you for sharing. Thank you for you. I love you so! Looking forward of photos of ‘Belle.’ 😉

    • Peggy

      Dearest Colette,
      It was so funny as the title said Signs and Synchronicities and then it addressed “Sparke” … my nickname is Sparkley…LOL!!!
      Not only does your reading speak to me but your energy is so beautiful and down to earth. I could listen and listen to you!
      I have had to really let go of a relationship that has been on and off for the past year and a half. It was full of ups and downs of the person’s unresolved pain that was lashed out onto me repeatedly, yet, I always see the beauty in people, and he had an innocent beauty. I kept allowing them back in. Even when we were “off”, I could not move on as my heart was still “loyal” to him. As Fate would have it, he finally met a new person…this released me and I was so surprised to have a reaction of grief, even if it was always me who broke it off after each of his angry, unrelenting episodes. What is strangely interesting, is that it is a sort of repeat of 2 years prior…yet the other person was a passive person…passive-aggressive, who moved on to a new person as well, rather quickly. But this time, I have a better time detaching and letting go, keeping in mind, what is best for me. I feel a mix of parts of me mourning yet a bigger part of me feeling free and exhilarated for all that is new to enter, and to be within me. Love you so much!!! Thank-you <3 <3 <3 Peggy From Montreal 🙂

    • Carolyne 'Chevy' Pickup

      Dear Colette,
      Greetings fellow traveler. I too have been touched deeply by the love and companionship of the four legs and winged ones. Everyone who has passed has visited me in dream time to let me know that they are fine. One I had taken in who was living on the grace of an elderly neighbor had been injured and was missing fur. We had trapped him in a humane trap but I was asked to take him to the shelter, something I could not do. Of course we kept him and this old gentleman was the most grateful cat I have ever known, jumping into my lap whenever I sat down. Now science has investigated the cat’s purr and found that decibels fall under the range of healing vibration, who needs a tuning fork?! This cat was with me for many years, a constant companion to me within the pharaoh (herd of cats). One night I came home and he was having multiple seizures, we went to the vet emergency and they assisted his transition to the other side. Within two nights Eddy appeared in my dreams, but it was not a happy reunion. He was so angry his back was to me which is cat for, ‘you do not exist to me.’ I went to him but he would not allow me to pet him. I explained to him that I did not send him away, his chief complaint, I told him that his body had given out and that he could not go on in that body. I also told him that he was welcomed to come back to me in a new body when it was appropriate. I did not see him in dreamtime until a year after that. He showed up and allowed me to pet him, he was happy and his long golden fur was shiny and brushed, he always looked like a big happy lion. I loved on him and told him that he could come back to me in the future, just not now.
      Fast forward 10 years. I was down to one cat, who was 15 and heaven directed me to bring in a kitten. She was from a friend who’s cat had a litter and the mom cat was a practiced hunter. A beautiful white and mottled calico she tried to fit in but my older cat, set in her ways, would have none of that! The new kitten grew into a year old cat and it was time to get her fixed. Not having extra money for that I joined a barter club where a veterinary service was also a member. By the time I had barter money the cat was already pregnant. I had not delt with kittens for 20 years, and she had five! I told myself I would only keep one, the only girl and the runt, an all black kitten with some white hairs on her chest. That was my plan…..but the first born, who unlike his brothers was always looking at me with big sad eyes that seemed to say, you can’t send me away! You can’t not keep me too!
      As they grew I cuddled and played with them and always the big cream and white long haired boy, a mini lion, would keep his eyes on me with this sad expression. Something was up, I could feel it. I was still determined to only keep one though I loved them all, what fun they were, what a mess my legs became all scratched up by five little kittens climbing up them all the time! Finally I asked Heaven if I could keep two and was told ‘yes.’ Which was not what they had told me earlier. I began to ask about the little boy, he felt so familiar, who was he? Long hair, light green eyes, focusing on me all the time, eventually I figured it out, it was Eddy! He snuck back into my life without me recognizing him! More like a child than a cat he is again very connected to me. Unlike a cat he locks his eyes onto mine and stares deeply into me. He reaches his paws up to me like a child so that I will pick him up. He is quite the boy all surrounded by girls. I have experienced this before, that companions will return to me. If you think they have, then you are probably right.

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        I agree .. if you sense its them.. for sure it is.. One of my dogs has the spirit of one who has passed that moved in with him when she died. Sometimes I can see her so clearly in his eyes its spooky. I love it.. we are more human because of animals/

        • Carolyne 'Chevy' Pickup

          Colette Master of Maps!
          This is so true! It is mathematically impossible to lose those you love who love you back. We are cemented into each others equations.
          With our four legged companions they allow us to be more noble than we are. Sometimes the meanest person can soften when given friendship by a cat or dog who never judge. I read the book, ‘Kinship With All Life’ the story of a man taught by a dog to become an animal communicator. After that I never looked down on any non-human being as being less than myself. You have surrounded yourself with good company, as have I. We are good role models.

    • Carollynn

      Funny how each time Idecide to open your Universal Energies Vlog, everything seems to jive … I seem to always get the answer I did not know I was looking for… Signs and synchronicity, is indeed in the last two weeks, very present… But it is my interpretation of these that I am not sure of… Perhaps through meditation I should get answers… shouldn’t I?

    • Bernice

      Dear Colette im seeing so many hearts everywhere , even in my food the repetion is amazing any idea the message thank you Bernice

      • Carolyne 'Chevy' Pickup

        Bernice dear light,
        I am compelled to share this with you. When my mother died, before I could hear the angels, my guides and the other side, she would communicate through symbols, pink roses and hearts. I found hearts everywhere! The best one was in the ladies room of a theater. As I was leaving I looked down and I discovered a perfectly torn piece of toilet paper 1/4 inch large in the shape of a heart. I immediately congratulated her on her industry and ninja like ability to sneak up upon me, I was so tickled!

        I believe Heaven is communicating with you and they are telling you that you are loved and also to love yourself more. Love is the energy that uplifts you and surrounds each of us and the more you allow it into your life the easier it is to hear your guidance. I hope that this helps. Blessings on your journey,

    • Tracey Harris

      Hi Colette. We were following along about your little fur baby on the Weight Release/SOAR calls. So sorry for your loss… They just take a little piece of your heart when they go and even though we know they are in a wonderful place it still hurts like h*ll! So sending love your way….

  • Alannah

    Precious Colette,
    This is wonderful news, I’m so happy for you and your family. <3 Yes, the love never dies.
    I lost my beloved German Shepherd, Kayla just over a year ago. She was my soul mate, my best friend, and my carer. When she passed, I found it hard to keep going for two months, and the other members of my little family, my cats, were devastated too. I started searching for another family member as soon as I could, because I too believe there is always so much more love to give. I had always shared my life with German Shepherds, and desperately wanted another one, and wanted to rehome an adult one. One big hurdle, I didn't have the money to buy one, but somehow I knew spirit would help when it was meant to be. There were a few possibilities but for one reason or another it didn't happen, even pone from a German Shepherd rescue group that was declared 'cat friendly' but tried to eat the first one she spotted. In desperation I advertised, and was eventually sent a photo of a medium sized black dog, in appalling condition, chained in the dirt, in the photo she had a cat standing next to her. The owner called, told me that she was six months old, and the dog's father was a German Shepherd, her mother a border collie, and I reluctantly agreed to a visit, as this woman was driving past my town for the day. I kept telling myself, 'she's not desexed, vaccinated, is obviously in need of care, NOT what I need or can afford. She was brought in the door, on a chain heavy enough to tow a car with. when the owner let her go, she walked straight up to me, leaned against my legs and looked up into me eyes. We knew each other straight away. My then eldest cat Merlin walked into the room and she wagged her tail. I agreed to the day visit and the owner couldn't get out of there fast enough. I bathed her straight away and what emerged was a beautiful black girl with a white blaze on her chest. She was adorable. I called the owner and she was happy to give her up. After much vet care, vet and love and a lot of financial help from unexpected sources (spirit of course!) my beautiful Zoe emerged. She is actually a Belgian Shepherd cross, so a medium sized little black wolf. She and the cats are devoted to each other. I truly believe she was sent by Kayla, and every day I know I'm blessed. <3

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I LOVE this story!

      • Yolanda

        Hello, so touched by your story. Thank you so much for sharing. Colette, so sorry for your loss. Many blessings to everyone.

      • Anonymous

        Me too!!

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      I agree Alannah;
      very well relayed journey
      Beauty in Hard Places … Colette : )
      A Lesson Worth Understanding Blessings …

  • Karen

    Hi Colette,

    I never knew the significance of 11:11 until the past 2 weeks working with your Messages from Spirit audiobook on Audible. I’ve had two 11:11 experiences this week. One was on Thursday when I looked at my phone; no biggie, just did a quick snapshot on my iPhone in case something significant happened. Then on Friday morning I’m in the middle 6 am bootcamp workout with about 12 or so other crazy exercisers. Just got done doing leg extensions by cradling a medicine ball between my feet and shins. I get on the ground to do crunches with my legs in the air; I look up at my feet and see “1111” clearly imprinted/indented on the front of my left shin! 20 minutes later, I get in the car, start it up, and on the radio is Darden Smith’s song “Love Calling”. I am glad I was receptive and paying attention! Needless to day, I pretty much cried the whole way home (I’m in middle of letting go of a long term relationship…ugh). Your blog is also very timely, as is this weeks reading. Thank you.

  • Michelle

    That is a nice story and giving one a new home. I guess spirit has other plans for you and definitely wants you to expand your love to a new one 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I hope all goes well for you, your family and the new family member.

  • Ali

    Congratulations on your new addition. I hope everything is going smoothly with the little one’s assimilation in to your pack. 🙂

    And, in regards to the universal energies reading for this week, I am taken aback because I cannot believe how on point this reading is for me at the moment. I really need to let go of internal struggles that have been holding me back for longer than I can remember (or admit); I will never become the person who I’m here to be as long as I let all this baggage contain me.

    Bless you. Thank you.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      best part is we have the power to change with awareness

      • Ali

        So sorry Colette. It was late when I wrote my first comment, and I must have mis-read your post and assumed that your new girl was already with you. So, my wish for her quick assimilation in to your pack stands, just held off for when she actually arrives. 🙂

  • Catherine

    I’m so happy about this new light coming into your Life…sent, no doubt, by your little Angel Olli.

    Looking forward to meeting & reading more about your “Oreo” addition to your family! 😉

    Thank you so much for sharing,

    All my Love to you & yours,
    Catherine (from France)

  • Renèe Hagen

    Thank you for sharing Colette! Your blog makes me feel connected and soo grateful. Although i don´t have exactly same experiences, to read about how the Universe, The Divine, Quantum Fred etc cares for you and all of us is just pure blissful reading. I`m not alone 😉 . Have a great week and and enjoy the full moon ! Blessings xxx.

  • Liz

    Hi Colette,

    I was so sorry to hear about little Olli – it is so heartbreaking to lose an adored pet and I my heart goes out to you.

    I love your story about how you found Annabelle and have a story of my own I’d like to share with you. Up until 2 years ago, we’d only had cats but I’d always wanted a dog – specifically a Lhasa Apso or Shih Tzu. I had a beautiful Persian cat (Priscilla) who was such a Mummy’s girl that I knew I could never have a dog as long as I had her – which was fine – she was my first priority.

    Priscilla died, aged 17, of kidney failure on May 25th 2014. To say we were devastated is an understatement – I still miss her terribly now. We had a load of prescription food left over for her, and rather than let it go to waste, on May 29th 2014, decided to take it to the local animal rescue shelter. We live in a rural area and the dogs in the shelter are nearly all farm / working dogs. I remember my partner nagging me to hurry up before we left as he was worried that the shelter would be closed by the time we got there. If he’d had his way we’d have got there 2 hours earlier 🙂

    We arrived 10 minutes before the shelter closed and passed a woman driving out as we drove in. We were taken into the office and… sitting on a table was a beautiful, very matted, completely bewildered Lhasa Apso called Alfie who had just been dropped off by the woman we’d seen driving away. One look into his eyes and that was it – the rest is history. If we’d got there when my partner wanted to go we’d have missed him. They so rarely get dogs like him I just don’t believe it was a coincidence. I think he was Priscilla’s thank you gift to us.

    Looking forward to seeing the pictures of Annabelle!

  • Barbara

    Forty years ago come St Patrick’s day I was tending bar at a nightclub when a brash young man named Bob set down at the bar. He was obnoxious and kept pestering me. Come closing time he was refusing to leave and I had to get the bouncer to escort him out. Next night same thing and this time he was 86. Came back two days later and there he was sitting drinking with the owner. Two and a half years ago I held that “young” man’s hand as he slipped across the veil. He brought into my life love and strength. He is still with me – leaving me little signs, coming to me in dreams, and as a little voice at times. Last summer three of my elderly cats began their new journey and I was heart broken. I heard Bob say “remember – you can’t rescue all of them”. Mid October a very pregnant cat showed up on my door step. My nearest neighbor is 2 miles away and had no clue about her. So she moved in and on Halloween she delivered 4 of the wildest but funniest kittens. At times I hear Bob chuckle at their antics. As he said I can’t rescue all of them because the ones that really need it will become apparent.

  • Rolene

    Hi Colette, sending you much love. Nothing like the unconditional love of a furry baby.
    Lover synchronicity…okay, here goes. years ago when my guy and I first got together, we stayed over at a hotel and our room was 1534. Last year we broke up and have remained super close friends but the romantic relationship, despite the physical evidence has never really felt over. I asked the Universe for a sign if I am holding on or if there is any hope of a reconciliation of that kind in the future. A few months ago I attended a conference and stayed in the same hotel. When I got my room card, knew before even looking that the number was…you guessed it right…room 1534. Talk about a wink from the universe!

    Lots of love and gratitude and a big hg.

  • April

    Colette, I am sad for your loss and excited for the guidance towards your coming new addition.

    I am commenting because I want to thank you for these words you shared “Grief is an acknowledgment of all the life and love and presence that was gifted into our lives but will never be repeated the same way ever again”.
    I recently, unexpectedly, lost my beautiful kit kat Willow, and while I don’t need the right words to explain what I feel, having received them through you now feels wonderful and lightening. I was so blessed by her presence and what you said is the perfect expression of my grief.
    And I loved how you said that each time your heart breaks open you end up with more love to give. It feels hard to believe at times, but so true. None of the pain of her loss can take away the beauty of the time I had with her. I am forever grateful.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us all! It is such a gift.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you are welcome April.. bet Willow is purring beside you right now.. I get it … the words are not sufficient to describe the void and the love.. and how deep it roots inside us.

  • Barbara-Helen Hill

    Oh hearing this was so timely. I have been missing people from my past and wondering what happened, why did they disappear from my life (literally) and you helped so much this morning. Loving and letting go. hugs, bh

  • Anne

    Hello all,

    I do not own a pet as such but I have a fantastic story of synchronicity and love. I was discussing with my BFF ideal men and out of the blue, the name of someone I had not seen or heard of in 4 years popped in my head. I told her he would be my ideal man. i decided to phone him in France that week (I had been living in England for a few years).
    On his side, he was talking to friend and said (for no reason whatsoever) “do you remember Anne who left years ago, I wonder what she is up to?” 10 minutes later I was phoning him out of the blue! He was so freaked out by the coincidence!
    When we met after this phonecall, it was evident to both of us that we just had to be together, it felt so right. So we ended our relationships (we had both been casually seeing someone at that point) and got together, that was 11 years ago and we are still happily married.
    this is the most strange thing that has ever happened to me and for both of us I think Spirit guided us and I am so glad I listened to Her.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      this is such a beautiful and important story… and you are definitely soul mates!

  • Lynne Hunt

    Been lead from one to the other Holly Wood Hunt To Ruby Margaret ( for 7 months and 7 days) to Daisy May currently 16.7 yrs old ……Loving them is the easy part letting go that is the part when I almost lose my mind…so I have to get another fix right away……There is no love like theirs and quite frankly I would take the Pooper Scooper Job at Rainbow Bridge any day to watch all those happy little faces meeting back up with their Mum’s and Dad’s now that would be a sight to behold wouldn’t it. Love is furry face with a wet nose…..

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      omg so hilarious … me too I’d take the pooper scooper job at Rainbow Bridge right beside ya!

  • Mark Brown

    Hi Colette,

    Thank you so much for posting this wonderful blog and these videos every week! I look forward to reading them and watching them, as I feel like you are speaking right to me sometimes! Also, I am a big fan of your Real & Raw with CBR videos you post on Facebook. These capture the meaning of the cards as I see them, and I use them as an action plan for how I should go about my day.

    As far as synchronicities, I love your story about Olli. It is so amazing how the universe works with you when you let it. Also, I am sorry about Olli. My prayers are with her as she is over the Rainbow Bridge now.

    Thank you so much for all you do and keeping my life in check. 🙂

    Mark Brown

  • Leigh

    Dearest Colette,

    I’m sorry for your loss; Olli was heaven-sent to you and yours. May the memories you hold dear in your heart comfort you during this time. Thank you for sharing so fully of yourself and your experiences. I know that the wisdom you have shared will help me when it is time for my beloveds to cross over the Rainbow Bridge. My heart aches when I think about it, as they are aging. I am so grateful to hold the love in my heart that will bring the sadness into light when the inevitable comes… Blessings of peace to you, Marc, and your fur-babies. Can’t wait to meet your newest love!

  • Mel

    I loved reading your story about how Annabelle has come into your life. A few years ago, I was newly single and had an intense year of loss. The first man I dated after my divorce, died very suddenly. My ex-husband passed away too. And then, in August, my beloved Chow, Ace, became incredibly ill and I had to make the decision to let him go. I was devastated to lose him. He’d been my baby, coming into my life shortly before a miscarriage and after I’d had a baby prematurely that died, and I was incredibly attached to him. I couldn’t bear the thought of another animal in my home — that’s just where I was at the time.

    So, fast forward a few years and I’m happily re-married. My husband and I have been talking about getting a puppy and we’d talked about doing it this last Christmas. We discussed it and decided that the time wasn’t quite right yet. We needed to do some things to the house and yard to get ready to have a new family member. But then I saw this picture online (yes, I was trolling pet adoption websites) and the little face of this adorable white puppy just touched my soul. But, again, I maintained that the timing wasn’t right.

    I couldn’t stop thinking about that puppy, though. The next morning, I woke up and she was my first thought. I pushed the thought away — not the right time. Then, I opened up Facebook and there was one of those “memory” things staring me in the face. It was a photo of my beloved Ace with a party hat on his head. Because it was his birthday. I teared up and thought — ok, really? Is that a sign that it’s time to welcome a new pup into my life? A message from Ace? Well, I got the answer because when I contacted her owner, I asked a few questions, including asking for the birthday of the puppy. She was born on October 4, which was the same day that my baby was born (and died) 19 years ago.

    That was it. She was my puppy. We moved her in that very night. Desi, is my new baby and she is a beautiful Great Pyrenees/Lab mix. She’s growing like a weed and I am completely smitten with her. Sometimes the universe absolutely lets us know when there is an animal companion meant to be with us.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      O wow I just LOVE this story … and so happy you have a new baby to fill your heart and expand it even more.

  • Jennifer

    I’m in a panic this morning, I quit my horrible job 3 weeks ago to take a part time job and start up my own acupuncture business. I signed the 3 year lease, my part time job fell through and now my car is falling apart. I just don’t know how I’m going to make this work but I saw your email and I thought I would reach out for some prayer and inspiration. I need a miracle! Thank you Collett. So sorry to hear of your little Ollie. So sad when we lose our best friends. Hugs, Jennifer

  • Judy

    Sending big hugs your way, Colette. Looking forward to seeing pictures of dear Oreo! My dream is for every pet to find a forever loving home. When our cat, our dear Archie, went to Rainbow Bridge three years ago, my husband and I decided that we would like to be free to travel and not get any more pets for a while; however, the Universe had other plans. We adopted two eight-year old kitties, Smokey and Bandit, who picked us to be their family! Lots of love and many blessings to you!

  • Donielle

    Thank you Colette for sharing your talents with us. I have only recently discovered you and your great cards (and promptly signed up for the oracle class).

    I am sorry to hear about your Olli.

    I had a serendipitous experience when my last cat Penny came into my life.
    I had just moved to Loveland CO and was living in an apartment that didn’t allow pets, so I had left my cat Gus to live with my parents.
    One night I was at a friend’s place in Greeley to practice our martial arts together. There was a group of us and the friend was living in a multi duplex type of complex. Me and another person went outside to train and all of a sudden there was a cat. We both knelt down and the cat came up to me, let me pet her for a minute. I put her down, my friend and I finished what we were doing. I saw the cat had distanced herself and was cleaning herself with her back to us, so we went back to my friends place. I didn’t think the cat saw where we went, but a little while later there was a cat outside their door crying. I wanted to take her, but wasn’t supposed to have pets. The other two cat lovers in the group already had 3 cats each. So, I said I would take the cat and then take her to the humane society the next day. When I left that night the cat was no where to be found, I even went around calling for her.
    The next week we were back. I went out to their garage to fo some training. Their garage was in a row of garages in a culd de sac. I was in the garage with the door half way down when from across the field here comes the cat! She came in, I petted her again. I said to myself, okay, I get it. I told her okay, you can come with me. When I went back to my friends place, she patiently waited outside for me. And that is how Penny adopted me.
    She even told me her name. I was trying to find the perfect name for her. I was laying on my bed, she was next to me. I was saying random names that none felt right. I finally said ‘what is your name?’ I was quiet and the name Penny popped on my head. I looked at her and said ‘Penny?’ She mowed in agreement and that was that!
    I had Penny for 14 years. She left me right before I went to Costa Rica to teach for a month. I still miss her. I will be excited to move into my own place again so I can have a cat again. <3

  • SunnySunny

    For a year I fostered puppies. Every night at about 7:00 pm. DingDong puppy delivery! I would have 6-8 different puppies, a literal mixed bag (or box) of love. Each night, they brought joy to my broken heart–my relationship with the Love of my Life was crumbling and I couldn’t deal with it–I’d loved this man so deeply it’s hard to put into words but he was betraying me and somewhere deep inside I knew it but I couldn’t face it.
    One night, DingDong puppy delivery…oh my this batch was special somehow. I connected with all five pups in a way that was so deep I mentioned it to the owner of the Rescue. Each night I’d hoped they’d be adopted because I was getting attached. But nobody was taking these pups. They kept coming back. Boy was I excited to see them, especially the one pound white one that I came to love as Whitey. God works in mysterious ways. Never in her 11 years of running a rescue did any of her pups get Parvo (a puppy killer) but my Special Batch got the Parvo. Three died the first two days they had it. Whitey and his brother the remaining two were taken to the vet. The Angel Vet. Since I was the foster and nobody but I knew of the pups existence, I visited them everyday. They remained isolated in a steel box for over 30 days. I have a hard time putting into words the Love that was given to me when I walked into the isolated room and the two little one pounders would look up and try to stand up for me. But they couldn’t. They were to weak. I would hold them and sing them lullabys and I swear they loved feeling the hum of the vibration on their tiny bodies. After over 100 shots each, $30,000 of his own time and money, the vet released my pups to me on my birthday. They were sick and weak but the three of us celebrated together. The Love of my Life didn’t mention my birthday that day. Whitey died in the wee hours of the morning –the day after my birthday. That pup picked me, loved me, lived to be with me on my birthday and brought me his brother, who survived and is asleep next to me right now. I did leave the Love of my Life a few months later and I could not have done it without the love of my two, little, one pound guys. Whitey watches us from over that Rainbow Bridge, happy that his brother is taking care of me, the Lady he picked. He picked me and changed my life course.
    I marvel everyday. Furry boys did it. The furry boys showed me love and gave me the courage to do it because I wasn’t alone…I had Support. The new Love of My Life is named TopDog. Miracles happen. In a month I’ll be having my birthday again…all is different now….

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      well am I sobbing my face off or what??? Thank you for sharing this with all of us Ronda xoxox

  • Renee Sugar

    An E-mail arrived on Saturday morning. When I read it, it was an invitation to a workshop, for healing , peace
    and hope. The E-mail was sent by my brother whom I hadn’t seen for several years. Although we do speak on occasion;
    or e-mail; it is rare that we see each other. For some reason I decided to attend. As there was very little time to “think” about it;
    within an hour or so; I arrived. It was an important step to have taken to be in the same room for almost 5 hours, and
    we didn’t need to say anything, just the hugs that were exchanged in our coming in and leaving expressed more than
    any words could. I only have one brother and I was molested as a child living in an alcoholic family structure. Trust
    was not something that I understood growing up, and as a family we rarely expressed our feelings. I really couldn’t
    say if being there made any difference to my brother, but being in that workshop and sharing others’ perspective, and
    current experiences was a valuable exchange. There was also a musical component which involved the workshop
    facilitator playing guitar, and the other participants taking an instrument (i.e.) tambourine, bells, and other rhythm making
    options. I chose one with three drums on a stick. As I had never explored such an option; it was a big step to join in the
    composition and just express myself. Coincidentally; the workshop facilitator; had a surprise visit from his sister and mother
    who attended without prior knowledge. Another family reconnection. Spirit does work in mysterious ways. Just as the music
    you were composing in another state, or a message from another country; the interconnectedness and source’s intelligent mind
    weaves the patterns; that bring us together when the need is greatest. G-d puts people in our lives when we are most in need
    and then we must let go. So there it is. Spirit does have our best interests at heart. Maybe it is when we have a broken heart
    that we are most receptive to listen. Today I am meeting another friend who is going to have a knee-replacement surgery this
    week. We will be visiting the Ice Festival in Toronto. The topic this year is the “Heart”. Now how appropriate is that??? No matter how
    far we are apart physically; we are a part of the fabric of life, and our presence is a vital link to the well-being of the whole.
    Looking forward to welcoming the next furry tribe member.
    Many Blessings Colette. Monday’s wouldn’t be the same without sharing on your blog.
    XOXO Renee

  • L

    Thank you for sharing. I really did love it. One time when ever thing just added all up for me was actually in 2014. I recently had been separated from a relationship that was not healthy. I knew it was for the best that we were not together and was working on what my “new life” looked like after many years of trying to make it work. . My boss out of no where asked if I could attend a meeting in the evening (this never happens) as he was double booked. I said I for sure could as my son would be with his dad, and being in a lonely house was the last place I really wanted to be.
    I contacted one of my coworkers as to the meeting details – in this conversation he figured out that I was separated (I technically had been separated since April but no one at my work knew till June as my ex also works for the company and we wanted to keep things private as we worked out our separation). It was now September (and my ex partner had just moved out 2 weeks prior) and I would have thought this coworker would have heard the news, but he was surprised.
    I attended the meeting with love in my heart and feeling positive. When I got to the meeting another coworker (which worked directly with the other coworkers) was there – one I had only really met once before at a social function a year or so prior and at the social function I remember feeling our connection but put it off as I was still with my partner.
    In the meeting me and this coworker began talking and as a result we ended up together. I NEVER would have thought I would have found love so quick and in the most random places (it is not like I would have purposely had my ex partner and current partner working with me in the same company….but it all has worked out great). He also told me that during the social function he felt a connection. He told me his boss had told him my news that day that I was separated. It was funny as during our conversations he found out I was a mom and was also a vegeitarin –something he had been looking for in a partner has his daughter is vegan (and he wanted a partner that understood how children are a priority and someone that would not judge his daughters diet)
    We have been together ever since–although it has been rough at times due to his circumstances- he truly brings me strength and growth. We have faced so much already as a couple and I am looking forward to where our paths lead.

  • Diane C Nicholson

    I cannot begin to speak of all the bizarre ways our animals have come to us over the decades. Well, I could begin, but no one would have time to read it all.

    My husband, Harry, and I, both 20 year vegans (together for 42 years), have recently opened a lifelong dream– a small animal sanctuary. 3 weeks ago, we intervened when a sterile dairy calf was on her way to be raised for slaughter. Instead, she has come home with us.

    A Facebook contest found her very apt name, Journey. She is a happy, healthy, bouncing, joyful, beautiful Holstein calf, 8 weeks old now, and has had her infected ear tag removed (poor babies go through so much), will be allowed to have her horns, and is enjoying life suckling from a bottle (infant mammals need to suckle and most dairy calves have to get their milk from a bucket). She has a safe home for life, along with our rescued horses, hinnies, goat, dog, cat and counting.

    We know she is only one and that she constitutes a tiny percentage of .01% of the calves who are torn from their mothers right after birth, but she will be an ambassador for her kind and at least she is safe and loved.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      O Diane this is so wonderful.. even one.. even one…

    • Diana Boles

      Oh, this has brought tears of joy to me! I too am a vegan. Blessings to you and your husband and all your work!

      • Lyn

        Hi to wonderful Diana Boles,
        I love, love you and hubby. You are both wonderful people/parents and thank you for being your awesome selves.

  • Linda

    Colette, thank you so much for your Universal Energies for this week. I listened yesterday and very quickly remembered the message in this last hour when I received an email.
    I am a master teacher, having worked in education in all roles over the past 22 years, from teacher to principal and teacher trainer. I have been making my way out of education for the past 4 years to focus on my business as a mindfulness educator and coach. We’ve had some big traumas, changes and moves over this past year and I had applied to work as a substitute teacher in our new community to help dig ourselves out of the financial hole we’ve ended up in because of the past year’s events (although I recognize this has all been happening with reason).
    I have been struggling with clarifying and moving forward with my business with the changes we’ve had and just in this past week I’ve been feeling some clarity and excitement about it…but still anticipating getting out of the financial hole with the help of subbing.
    I finally interviewed on Friday to work in the district as a sub. I saw this interview as a technicality. In this past hour I got an email stating I “won’t be added to the list at this time.” Wow. It would be laughable if we weren’t so strained financially right now. But, after a few tears, I remembered your vlog. I’ve been getting all kinds of messages that it’s time to cut the cords with education and haven’t been able to let go. I think it’s truly time to let go and focus 100% on this new vision with my business. Ack!
    Thanks again, Colette. Much love to you and all the family…including the soon-to-be newest furry member. 🙂

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      when we have a hard time letting go sometimes the universe pushes us over the edge slams every door and says GO OVER THERE.. if we weren’t so stubborn yes?

  • Anonymous

    When I read your post, I felt such love and compassion! Thank you for helping me to gain a deeper understanding of grief. I recently read Speaking with Nature”. a book by Sandra Ingerman and Llyn Roberta and noted this quote, on grief, which resonated with me and which I was reminded of when I read your post:

    “When you feel your heart breaking, your heart is actually expanding. The expansion helps you to be a greater vessel of love, which is the greatest healing force. There is nothing like grief to assist you in opening to a greater state of love. When your heat expands you feel more compassion for the suffering of others. And with compassion you hold the space for others to heal.” (page 269)

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I love that book I have it myself and this is a beautiful way of understanding it.

  • Kathy

    it is so true that:”Besides we don’t choose them anyway. They pick us” , in 2011 I was going thru difficult time and was looking for a dog. Search the website and found the most wonderful dog. It was a dog that was found by one of my friend, it was thrown out of a car and my friend was there to rescue her.
    She is a rescue dog but I always say: ” I saved her and yet it is more likely that she saved me. Thank you Lucy Lucky to be in my life and saving it. Love you

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    I have been seeing hearts in all the hard places… glass chips, metal junk that was used to fill or dumped in my back yard (previous landowner history), the tree branches, in my original photos from back home – there’s heart in them’there landscapes, WOW! The images that are here daily but you just have to look at it differently, images from the past but you just have to look at it differently, images on your journey which maybe one man’s junk however your treasure when you just look at it differently.

    Perception Blessings
    Lil’bud Blessings
    LOV : ) Blessings

  • QiaJenae Hamilton

    So dear CBR!

    To add to yesterdays Raw & Real Peace post, since quitting the 4 hr a wk job last night, I’ve been asked if my resume can be sent in for a f/t receptionist position in Chicago, so I’m thrilled about that. It may end in nothing, but the movement is a great feeling after trusting my quitting the small gig last night. As u say above, it’s not abt predicting or outlining (u said it better), but just going with the flow. Today I intended to send out dozens of resumes, but I realize that wud b b-cus of panic. Instead, I’m cleaning the apt & doing gobs of laundry for my sister, who has put me up @ her place as I don’t have $ or a gig of my own. She’s been so helpful & I’m so grateful! Thanks CBR! Thanks Marc for video work! Can’t wait for the new song & ur still thinking of new Meds (Meditations) for us, right? I’m wearing out Grace!

    Blessings! xoxoxoxox, Still missing my 18 yo kitty that left jan 20, but she keeps sending sooo many outrageous & fun signs, I’ve just gotta laugh!

  • Deborah

    I lost my beloved fur baby, Trinity, to cancer last December after six grueling months of vet visits, medications, eye care centers and a holistic chiropractor, who did wonders with her natural herbs, but the cancer was too strong. Trinity never made it to her fourth birthday. She was my heart. I never had a dog before her. I’m still adjusting to life without her. I’m single and she filled the part of my companion in my life.
    I am hopeful that I will make a connection with another sweet soul in the future, but right now it hurts too much. Thank you for inspiring me.
    I have been sending you love throughout your posts of dear Olli. May their dear spirits play on forever in doggie heaven. woof!

  • Shelley

    Thank you Colette and all of you who have shared your stories of love, loss and grieving and the powerful confirmation of continued presence of your loved ones from beyond the veil. Colette, I am so happy for you and Marc to be welcoming a new fur person soon. I think that little Olli is helping from the other side , for sure…she knows firsthand what a loving home you will provide. Beautiful, beautiful story of all the synchronicities. I am thrilled to hear that you are making a new song, a tribute to your Angel. Much love to all. ♥

  • LeAnn

    It was the summer before my son’s senior year of high school in 2006 and I knew after he graduated he would be leaving to go to college. I started thinking how lonely it would be when he left, that’s when I started thinking about getting a dog. I have to say, it was also the beginning of my 2nd period of active addiction. I started researching little dogs as that’s what I thought I wanted. A few weeks later one of my co-workers told me that their newfoundland had just had puppies and they’d had no idea she was pregnant (she was an outdoor dog) and they had to find homes for 9 puppies. I thought about it for a day and went and told him i wanted a female if they had one, knowing she had the potential to be 120 lbs. Something just said GET ONE! So I did, named her Sadie. She was my constant companion for 9 years. We walked every day, she went every where with me. For 5 of those 9 years it was just her and I. My addiction progressed and I finally hit my bottom in 2010 and have been clean and sober since. I feel with all my heart that she was an angel sent to me during this time in my life. I truly believe I would not be alive had it not been for her (mostly because who would ever love her and treat her like I did, I couldn’t do that to her). Last July she got sick overnight and within 3 days she was gone. My heart shattered. But it was something my mom said to me as I was sitting with Sadie on her last day on this earth that I won’t ever forget. My mom said that Sadie came to me for a reason, that her and I had been through so much but now Sadie knew I was going to be ok and it was ok for her to go. My heart is still broken and I think of her every single day, I would give anything to wrap my arms around her one more time. I know without a doubt that I am a better person for having had her for 9 short years…. I am so grateful…….

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      what a beautiful story… I too am in recovery and know how much these companion animals keep us sane.. and alive

  • Dawn

    Hi Colette, I’m happy to hear you have a new fur baby on the way! I have a cat going on five years now. Ironically I was lonely. She was smaller than my hand in my garden meowing loud & pitiful. I don’t even think her eyes was opened for long, anyway after waiting to see if a mama cat would claim her, but didn’t… I took her in & bottle fed her. She is probably one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever had . She has a heart thats black & brown on her hip so how could I not think the angels brought her to me. I named her Blossom, because I knew she would blossom into a young lady.

  • Suzy

    Dearest Collette,
    This is so fun sharing pet stories! I love love love them!!
    My story is about Simon my 22 pound Siamese cat. I got him as a tiny kitten.
    I moved into a new apartment and he quickly manifested his displeasure of our move by pooping on the carpet. He’d never done that before so I knew he was mad at me. Well I couldn’t break my lease and I couldn’t break his bad habit and I consulted Everyone. I finally took him to my vet and said I wanted the vet to try to find him a home. The vet made me sign a release and pay for euthanasia. I was sick and guilty. I stopped by a month later because I missed him so much but the staff didn’t know him! Double sick and guilty. Cried all the way home.
    A year later, yes this is a happy story, I took my little rescue kitty Minnie and was chatting with the same staff member. Gulp, do you know anything about a giant Siamese male cat? She said do you mean Chris Farley?? Thank you for reminding me of Simon who found a new loving network of humans! And a great new name!!


  • Jen

    Hi Colette,
    Wow, the sentence where you wrote about your heart breaking and becoming more open to love was beautiful. I shared it with my dad because 2.5 years ago our dog Lizzy (who we’d had since I was 18 and as of today I am 33) passed away and it still affects us today. Personally, I’ve had two dreams with her in them, one where I was simply petting her and another visualization while meditating that she was walking alongside Jesus. It felt very real to me and she looked the same–an adult dog full of life and joy. My dad had a very difficult time with her passing (simply old age…she was 13 and an almost 90lb Rottweiler/German Shepherd/Lab mix). To this day all three members of my family are prone to tear up. However, in a beautiful turn of life about a year after Lizzy’s passing, my dad was showing me pics of dogs at a rescue center. Meanwhile, he kept telling me my mom wasn’t ready for another dog. Then at the same time my mom was telling me how she was ready, but my dad wasn’t! Finally, I called them on it and they decided to adopt Lyndsey (who we call Lyndsey Lu) from a rescue place. Only two months before she had been picked up by the county warden. She is a mutt with blonde fur, but looks like she has golden sparkles. She has one brown eye and one pale blue eye. When I met her I told her I loved her before I even knew her–because somehow I just did! She is not anything like Lizzy. Lyndsey is a rambunctious two years old and Lizzy was a cranky old lady in her later days who would not have tolerated it! Lol. But my dad’s eyes fill with such love and joy when he is with Lyndsey, his new buddy, that I know it all worked out for everyone’s highest good. I have another doggy “sissy” and my own dog has another “auntie.” My thoughts are with you as you remember Ollie fondly and take the next step in expanding your pack.

  • Johanna

    Hello Colette!
    I love your explanation of Grief – it is exactly how I feel about it and you encapsulated the essence perfectly! Thank you! My grandmother (who was my second mother) passed over 10 years ago and sometimes, I still get teary when I think about missing her physical presence but I know she is with me always and have felt her helping hand many a time. She is one of my guardian angels and she brings a smile even with the tears. Love that Ollie is bringing you joy in your grief and helping you build your pack! We have an older dog who came to us when she was seven. She belonged to a friend who when I met her and our dog for the first time, I said to her “if you ever need to find her a new home, call me”. I was serious but never thought she would actually part with her. Well, time passed and events unfolded and she never forgot what I said and just as we were ready to look for a pet to join our family, she needed to find her a new home. She brings us much joy and peace and love. Serendipity, synchronicity, whatever, floors me every time and every time I am grateful when it all just works out. Congrats on your new addition and much love!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      yes… even with the tears we can smile…and serendipity/ synchronicity is the way we know the universe is conscious and we are part of its co-creation and evolution oxox

  • Genene

    Congratulations on the coming of your new furbaby! I’m looking forward to wonderful stories about her in your blog. Too many synchronicities with the furbabies in my life to put in one blog comment–but they did make a book. Writing that was an incredible heart-rending, healing, searching experience. Probably the longest running relationship I’ve had with a dog in this lifetime is the Collie my parents got when I was a toddler. He’s come back three previous times–each time to support me through traumatic events. This fourth time is for us to learn to play again! Thank you for sharing part of your life’s journey with us. Your messages always tug at my heart and I always learn something.

  • Beate

    I’m so happy for you Colette that you are able to give love to another precious little dog. I so understand – I would not know how to live without dogs and other pets/horses. They make the life whole.

  • Pamela Johnson

    I just love you Colette! *big cyber hugs* I don’t normally write to people but this morning I feel so excited about your sharing about signs that I wanted to share a little of my experiences. Kudos to you and yours for embracing the signs and welcoming a new love into your life. I’m happy to be a part of your circle. I feel this spiritual connection is a blessing in my life, especially these last couple of years. I have found confirmation and comfort so many times when visiting your website. I am a believer and am thankful for the signs and synchronicities we are given. I saw my 23 year old son ran over and killed 5 1/2 years ago. His birthday is coming up, and I always know when he’s visiting as he sends me a confirmation of some type. I also know he’s a very strong spirit to be able to convey this to me through songs, lights, a passage in a book or article, electrical devices, etc. He and God have a wonderful sense of humor and never let me down! I keep a journal of my “God winks”. I truly believe our loved ones have a way to comfort us when they want…it only requires belief on our part and being open to seeing or hearing their signs. It’s so exciting to get signs… I could literally feel your excitement too. Although it has been a difficult journey to overcome the PTSD battle I am an enthusiastic and proud overcomer. My desire to give back to the world has returned. I love life again and embrace all there is to offer. My becoming an overcomer didn’t come without divine intervention. I give thanks to my friends and family that were prayer warriors. I give thanks for spiritual guidance from people like yourself. I give thanks to the over-the-top credit team of doctors that guided me back to rationality. And more than anything, after losing my faith, I asked God to give me signs to prove he was real. He did. It was through this time he lifted a veil once and for all so that I could see He was in control and had been carrying me even when I was unaware. It was if he plopped me down on the sand like the Footprints poem. Trust me, God’s got a great sense of humor and knew exactly how to get my attention. He contacted me through nature by using a lantana bush (because I am a garden-fairy) and a small “fly” (because I am an educational advocate that goes into undesirable places) to prove to me HE IS REAL! Now that he lifted the veil, I’m so open, aware and receptive to all my loved ones that visit me. I’m open to when I am on the right path and have learned to discern when I am not on the right path. I’ve learned to trust the Higher Power in my life. All of this was a divine gift from the divine one who loves us so very much. It is true: LOVE never ever dies and spirit is eternal. THIS LIFE IS GOOD! Much love & light to you, your family, friends and followers.

  • Cecilia Johnson

    Hello Colette,
    Four years ago my husband and I were talking seriously about getting a little girl pal for our ridiculously macho chihuahua, Leroy. We previously only had one furkid at a time, but Leroy seemed to need more than our company and he wasn’t very interested in giving or receiving affection. Unlike our previous pups my bonding period with Leroy took months rather than hours. He had been a member of the family for two years before we decided that an addition might help calm down some of his nervousness. It was a decision that we didn’t take lightly, but once we decided to go ahead, as brilliant synchronicity often works a girl friend posted to me on facebook. She posted a picture of a little girl at a local pound that was looking for a home and she simple labeled it, ‘Don’t you think Leroy needs a girl friend?’ She didn’t know that we agreed. My husband worked nights but when I saw the picture, after calling to see if she was still available, I woke him up and showed her to him.

    When I went that very day to see her, the employees at the pound said that she’d been there for over a month and a half because she went off on everyone who got near her kennel. They said that she still hadn’t warmed to some of the people who cared for the all of the dogs. I wasn’t deterred because sometimes you just know. I went in by myself determined not to let the sight of the filled rows of kennels upset me and when I saw the little girl huddled on a rug, in the back of one, I just stood quietly to the side without making eye contact. In less than a minute she walked up to the kennel gate and I could see her, out of the corner of my eye, standing and wagging her tail. After thirty more seconds I turned and asked if she would like to come out. Her tail was still wagging when I opened the gate. She only took three steps and rolled onto her back. I rubbed her belly and I swear that in that moment we bonded.

    Her introduction to Leroy and my husband was every bit as sweet. The employees were amazed and excited for her and us. They all said she had been waiting for us and I believe it. My friend was surprised when I called her to see if she thought Gracie would be a good name for Leroy’s new girlfriend. As you can imagine I thanked her profusely for posting me on facebook.

    Leroy is still macho, but Gracie, two pounds heavier, runs roughshod over him. They crack us up, and having two honyocks tussling and cuddling together is an awesome blessing. Not only is Leroy more calm, he is now also much more affectionate. I am grateful everyday for hearing the call and following.

    Love to you and your awesome heart.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      what a beautiful story !

      • Suzy

        I love this story! Thank you for all of the wonderful details!

  • Alina


    Love that story! Our fur baby, which is now an angel for us also, was called Lucky. One day many years ago, my husband and I were on our way to Florida Keys. He had wanted us to get a third fur baby and I had been resistant for a while and for some reason that day on our way to the Keys, I told him I OK, I’m ready! There is a sign at the start of a long stretch of highway stating how many lives have been lost that year, mostly from head on accidents. They had just completed a road division and Tony and I commented on how many lives it was gonna save. So we arrive in the Keys and go to the grocery store. As we are leaving my Tony notices a dog jumping from behind a fence…the fence was part of the kennel of the Humane Soceity…in the 20 years I had been going to the Keys how had I never noticed that?! WO! So of course we go in. We see the dog and he goes to Tony immediately. Tony asked me if there was a sign, something that would let us know this was the correct decision…right then a pigeon flies past me and rests on the fence next to Tony. We laughed at how quickly the sign came! The lady from the Humane Society fills us in on his sad story. He was adopted as a puppy there originally and was returned because the older couple couldn’t deal with such a high energy pup. Another couple adopts him. Years later, he ends up back for adoption because the Florida Highway Patrol took him there after his owner’s both died…in a head on collision… on the same road Tony and were talking about. Lucky was the only survivor. He got adopted one more time before us and those people returned him because he was so ornery and traumatized from the accident. I know Lucky picked us and we now had 3 Jack Russell’s and after a few months of unconditional love he was a pretty normal dog. A bit quirky, but a great dog:) After he passed Tony wanted to get another Jack right away and my heart was too heavy with grief to even consider it. He ended up surprising me with Lolah, a Jack puppy and after a few days of “guilt”, I surrendered knowing that just how Lucky had picked us, so did Lolah. That little angel helped heal my heart. And to this day I still get little signs from Lucky and that also helps my heart heal, knowing he will always be with us. Blessing for you all. May your hearts heal and be filled with the unconditional love that is all around you.

  • Jenine

    Hi! I am a huge huge fan of yours Colette, I’ve never met you but your open heart and open spirit makes everyone feel like we are friends with you. I adore reading these posts. I love love all my pets, and there have been many! over the years. Their loyalty, unconditional love, and spirit are so life affirming and bring so much joy. Best wishes with your new addition!

  • Trish

    I’ve been meaning to tell you something. I read the book Liberating Jesus by Roberta Grimes. She describes that afterlife communications indicate that animals return to a sort of species specific over soul once their lives are over. *Unless* they’ve been loved by a human, that’s what gives them an independent entity that allows them to be there to greet us on the other side. Isn’t that beautiful? Your love for Olli has given her eternal life.

  • Catherine

    Love never ever dies and how wonderful for Annabelle that she has a truly loving furever home now…Your babies over the Rainbow bridge rejoice as you know…Sending you love, strength and prayers…and always gratitude…

  • Diana Boles

    I have just loved this sharings! Last May I lost my African Grey, Rock-0. An Amazon Blue Cap was offered to me, but at first I refused thinking that I wanted a grey. A few days later I agreed to take her. Her name is Grouch-0 –and has had a journey of abandonment and confinement. Well, that made her a bit ornery — and rightfully so. It is not how she began her days. It has taken all this time since late last May to redirect her squabbling nature and and crazy phrases under her breath. It is what I needed. Week by week, and now day by day, she is adjusting to the world according to Diana — and, of course, my dog Gloria. Yesterday, when I got home from work she spoke with a truly clear voice — “I love you so much! Glad home” I almost started to cry! This morning as I pulled back her drape she said “Hi honey”. Though she still will not come to my hand, I believe that the day is near when she will trust me enough to be really in the family. Now, I’m searching for the pup to help Gloria and myself fill the gap left by Misterious’ passing in October. The more love Grouch-0 senses and feels and sees the better it will be for all of us!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I LOVE this story!!!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      wow what an amazing story Isn’t it just the most heart opening thing when you experience an animal’s trust and to have one that talks to you must be incredible.I’m sure that new pup will come soon and be the perfect fit for you and your family!

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Great Achievement, Diana …
      … looking forward to hearing about G : )’s progress

  • Beth

    Colette…I was able to purchase tickets this week for your Messages from Spirit event that will be in Red Deer, AB in April! 🙂 All the details – even with some minor technical hiccups – just fell into place. Looking forward to seeing you.

  • Kathleen R.

    Thank you for being you, for allowing and embracing your process to come to the point of your acceptance. For me, I have been thru a similar but not near the same as you, I became awake about 5 months into my embracing and processing and suddenly I woke up one day … and my life has never been the same. I had communications with my grandmother and other family members I had never met here.. I didn’t feel very supported in my life here , but now I feel very supported , especially from the other side . I have so much to learn and see. I knew within a few days to go and enroll in a Holistic Nutrition course on line . I’m so happy and grateful I did. I’m very grateful for people as you to help out those of us, just walking in this “new” life, this time called Life…<3 thanks again. with deep respect , & loving kindness …. Kathleen <3

  • Sylvie

    My Dearest, Dearest Madame,

    About a year ago, You where the one who consold me cause I had just lost my Father and a couple of months later, lost my
    Furry Son, Orion. Now it’s my turn.

    I Know Madame, that You have all the love, tenderness around You and surounding You but one more soul out there sending You
    All the compassion one can muster cannot be wrong. You and your Husband did all that You could for that furry being. She could not have had better
    Care givers that is why She is sending You gifts from beyond. I Know You Know that because You are the Oracle but my Soul wants You to know that
    I deeply sympathise with You.

    Alléluia for Spirit! May Grace caress Your cheek. May it enveloppes You and Your Husand for Peacefull Times cause Things have
    Been rock and roll for you 2 for the last past while.

    Sending You beams of Peace.

    Sylvie XXXXX

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