Q. The Secret Recipe for Co-Creating Reality? A. The right balance of mindfulness, hustle and flow.!

Updated: March 28, 2016

Dearest you,

Before I talk about this weeks topic I just want you to know how thrilled I am that so many of you are participating in the conversation by adding your take on things, your story, your experience strength and hope. It makes for a richer experience for everyone else when many nod their heads and say “Yes me too – that resonates with me too, and here’s why”. I’ve always wanted this to be an inclusive reading and sharing experience, as if we were in a great big circle passing a “talking stick” around a fire. So with deep and sincere gratitude I will start the conversation this week and invite you to share after.

I had a rough time last week (most empaths did) as the energy that spread like a virus was so tumultuous. Terrorist attacks in Belgium, and Pakistan, Nigeria and Iraq sets a trap for all of us to lose faith, want revenge, feel afraid, act out of fear etc., disrupting our faith that the world we live in is now or ever will be again safe.

It makes it difficult to believe your choices and desires will amount to anything meaningful, or that they pale in importance when placed in comparison. Is it selfish to want to strive for a better life? Can we exist within the duality polarizing us inside, and still focus on co-creating a better world?

I’m reminded that I live in a privileged society every day as I make my gratitude list, and still even ours casts a shadow all its own that has its unique destructive impulse. There is no Light without Shadow.

Sometimes it feels like it’s all a big circus and you’ve signed up for all the rides, the fun house mirror, the bearded lady, the rollercoaster and too much cotton candy. The choice is where to put your attention. Personally I’m good with the petting zoo. I’d like to pass on the Zipper but sometimes you just can’t choose and you get strapped in anyway. There is always something else to experience.

The task at hand is to continue to strive and move forward in spite of all the chaos and disorder. This and that is true, shadow and light, evil and good, decay and growth etc. Waiting until things settle down will just prevent or stunt our growth.

Remaining attentive to what is true and being mindful of the delicate balance between movement and stillness, hustle and flow, striving and contentment. I know the real challenge is to watch limiting beliefs and negative thoughts that can begin to condition us to assume that all is not well. The result of that is varied; relentless ambition, unhealthy competition, believing there is not enough to go around (of anything), apologizing for success, being unworthy or its opposite–entitled, etc.

Yes it’s hard work! Since I’m house training a puppy right now I liken it to the same thing. Would I let Bisou run rampant and unsupervised in the house? Ah- that would be a no! Unless I want to be cleaning up messes and never teaching her what’s best for her and us.

Thoughts are like puppies… they need focus and attention and a lot of training or they will cause quite a bit of destruction.

The same goes with working towards a goal. Be mindful about how you spend the currency of your energy. It’s wonderful to want to co-create something great to share with others, to have a prosperous happy life, with purpose and meaning. That needs energy, and focus and a whole lot of hustle. Persistent action plus dreaming plus faith and belief equals success.

Then, paradoxically and equally you need to let it all go, turn the results over to spirit and be present and content in the moment not attached to wanting anything.

That’s the real secret recipe for manifesting an amazing life. That, and allowing yourself to be vulnerable in the truth that no matter what goes on in the world, you still need a hug, need to belong, need joy and intimacy. You don’t get those things on a rocket ship. You get those when you dock for a break. That’s how you fuel up for the next round of action.

So my friend.. It’s a sticky time.. how do you manage to pursue your dream and still honor the crazy chaos of the world? What do you do to manage the quieter fill up times? Do you notice sometimes when you strive too hard you can end up no further ahead? Tell me a story – tag you’re it!

Love you always and forever.

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  • Alannah

    I’ve nothing really to say today, I’m processing many things , but I had to say… love you and your beautiful mind and spirit Colette, it’s an honour to be a part of your tribe. xxxxx

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I love that you just said Hi!!! Honor to have you Alannah

    • Dorothy

      I always find the poem desiderata very centring when we are witnessing unsettling tragedies that we feel helplessness. It reminds us of the beauty that is in the world even though we sometimes have to retreat to quiet spaces to find it.

    • Anonymous

      I hardly think it is a coincidence when every weekly post you have written is nearly precision to what is going on in my worldly realm. Currently I am focused on turning my photography into a business. As a Taurus, I can be “all out full speed ahead”. I have thought a slight bit of taking take a moment to step back as I have put much out there into the universe but really haven’t done so yet.
      Thank you for writing this weeks blog on how important that is.
      I love how your timing is always spot on for me.
      I have planted many seeds and must take a short period to water, nurture and allow it to sprout. With love, blessings and eternal gratitude.

    • Colette Vosberg

      Colette, your blog about feeling that our goals are inconsequential against the worlds issues of terrorism and that life can be chaotic resonated with me. I am blessed that I live in Canada where there are few reasons to fear for my life, therefore life path issues seems to be so much bigger than what they really are. I started a new job in January 2016 – a company that I had been following for a long time and admired their creativity and innovation of their product. I was so excited to have joined them.

      In 2015 I was feeling restless with my career – it wasn’t giving me satisfaction nor the creativity that I craved as its very contractual and business oriented. I resigned myself to continuing on that career path until retirement, only another 6 or 7 years I told myself. When the posting came up at this company that I had been following, I jumped at the chance and got the job. It was a move up in title and money – fantastic! However, after starting, I soon found out that it was even less creative, certainly not the strategic thinking and planning that I thought it would be. I realized it wasn’t the right fit for either myself or the company and all I did was jump from the fire into the pan. After only 2.5 months, I knew I had to move on otherwise the stress would affect my health.

      Meanwhile, for the past four years I had my own company where I provided consulting on the side from my full time job. I had been working with a small upstart of a company and helped them grow over the past three years. The owner was having a hard time finding a person to help him run the company and I was taking on more responsibilities to fill in those gaps. I reached a point that either I would have to give him up as a client because it was getting to be too much, or…. ask him for the position to help run the company. All of Colette’s blogs that I’ve read, The Secret and all the self work that I’ve been doing over the years came together in one moment when I spoke to him about my thoughts to come on board and he said “that would be amazing!”. I will now meld my business, creative and leadership qualities all into one job. The timing was perfect – even though I probably could have done it months ago, I wasn’t ready to make the leap of faith then.

      Sometimes, one has to go through chaos in order to finally listen to spirit – much of what Colette says in her blogs and wisdom. Spirt told me months ago that I needed to move on but I wasn’t listening. I didn’t think I really had choices until I reached the point where I knew I couldn’t continue on this path. So at the fork, I suddenly saw and took the less trodden path where I know it will provide rich and expanding horizons, which will be far more fulfilling.

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        isn’t it funny when the choices just come when we hit the wall? If only we would figure it out before the wall 😉

    • Anonymous

      I want to thank u for the meditation empty to be filled one of my favorite I listen to it daily
      I also have a shitsu named bijoux & 2 cats named Gucci & coco God bless u for all that u do hoping to see u in montreal

    • Monique

      Thank you once again for your card reading for the week, dear Colette ! I love them !
      I am really looking forward to the pictures of your new puppy : I thought she was going to be called
      Charlotte ?
      Bisou is a lovely name : here in Switzerland we often sign our messages with “bisous” which means light crisp,
      affectionate kisses !!

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        she was supposed to be Annabelle but she gave so many kisses we named her Bisou!

    • Michele

      I have been doing an online course on mindfulness and this blog post so resonated with me. I have been working on accepting any and all feelings/emotions I have, not judging them or allowing them to rule me but just feeling them, being aware of them. Awareness has been the key. I find I am responding with much more awareness to the situations in my life and feel more clarity with where I am coming from. Ironically Training the Puppy was an analogy in my course as well and is great at explaining our ability to change our thoughts which help with our emotions about things.
      Your statement; “Persistent action plus dreaming plus faith and belief equals success.
      Then, paradoxically and equally you need to let it all go, turn the results over to spirit and be present and content in the moment not attached to wanting anything.” is so what I have been doing lately. The being content in the moment and not attached to wanting anything is getting much easier by turning it over to spirit and knowing that what is meant to be will while I continue to move forward with my dreams with belief and faith in them.
      Thank You for your timely affirmation that I am on the right track.
      Blessings and Namaste~~ Michele

  • J

    Last year was an extremely busy year for me as my career as an artist bloomed and then seemed to wilt by the end of the year. Truth be told, I have been just about forced into a sabbatical by my own soul and the universe saying no. I feel a little lost right now, but in the quiet I’m finally getting my bearings and can see that when I first began, joy was my driving force and by the end of it I was creating out of compulsive ambition and even a desire to please others (ego, basically) and hating every moment of it. Every single moment. And the universe was blocking my attempts to advance, thankfully, because Goddess wasn’t looking out for me I would have destroyed myself. Only in the quiet have I been able to see what I was doing. Now I feel like I have to let the dream go, at least for now. So in this time I am being creative in other ways, like working on my home. I’m resting and spending time with my dearest ones, giving them my real and focused attention. I’m learning who I am, my worth, outside of vying for what society and culture tells me will make me happy. I’m learning in my soul that my worth doesn’t come from the approval of others. It’s hard. And I’m discovering new things about myself, new things to enjoy. I’m doing my best to laugh more and do fun things instead of pursuing perfection. And in being present with others, resting, laughing, being truthful- I’m hoping that I’m at least making the lives of those around me better. <3

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      what a beautiful share.. I did the same thing with music.. I lost my art in the pursuit of success in the music business.. I have done that detour so many times… You’re doing all the right things now.. move the energy elsewhere and share… you have helped us by this too 😉

  • Elizabeth

    It is heartening to hear that others have felt somewhat overwhelmed and unbalanced in the past week because i have too.

    I had a dream last night where all of the earth was torn up on this hill, which was my landscape, as though some giant
    bulldozer had ripped through it. And my overiding sense was how could this ever be right or a harmonious again?
    I wont go into the details but I know it referred both to disruptions in both my own life and in the wider world over which
    I have had no control.

    But at one point as I walked through this devastation I actually got a brief sense that there was some harmony underlying
    all of this. It reminded me of creating a picture (as an artist) when I suddenly get a glimpse of something beautiful
    amid some vision I am struggling with,
    And when I follow it and work on that vision I glimpsed, the whole thing is turned around and works out and comes to fruition, becoming harmonious and beautiful.

    I am not suggesting there are quick fixes to anything , either personally or globally ,but we have to have Faith in a greater purpose.
    If you fancy seeing something uplifting, moving and funny go see “Zucar” on You Tube which is a collaboration between
    a German film maker and a Syrian actor building bridges (and not walls) in our world.

    Love to all of you.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      sounds interesting… this movie.. I have had that similar dream too… and yes faith in the underlying harmony.. it is key

  • Julie Walker

    Thank you Colette!! This reading was perfect!!♡ Appreciate it much!
    Have a blessed week:)

  • Tracy

    Hi Colette!

    I identify with your story, and find that it is still the most challenging aspect of my life. I am a healer and I have my own business, and it’s really tricky for me to not worry and feel like a failure if things aren’t (egoically) up to par. I will also be honest, and say that I personally struggle with that word “hustle.” Honestly, for me, it feels like old masculine energy that takes away from the magic and co-creation of life with Spirit. Hustle feels draining, exhausting, and forced. It contracts me, instead of expanding me. Just my two cents! I pray for ther ability to manifest my life with grace, ease, joy, and laughter (at myself!)

    Love to you and our whole gosh darn planetary family!

    – Tracy

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      it’s funny I think of the dance The Hustle.. lolol.. totally dates me I guess 😉 thanx for your share

  • Ellen

    I’ve been feeling unmoored for months now, and finding it difficult to discern where or even *how* to anchor myself. Both my PT and another colleague have noticed and brought my attention to a very stuck area in the heart chakra — physically stuck as well as emotionally — and moving through that is something I cannot seem to do right now.

    Almost every single person I love is going through something tough, and they are doing OK (with the exception of my murdered step-son) and I have to meditate every single day on the fact that I have no control over it, I am powerless, and I have to allow every one to take care of their own “stuff” because “I Can’t Help”. As someone in the healing world, I know (mentally) that everyone has to do their own healing, and I am just a facilitator — but in my heart, I want to help. I think my pericardium is physically sticking to the pleura and the sternum in order to keep me from giving all my life force away to my loved ones…. because I would.

    thank you for giving us hope and perspective every week… I so look forward to these letters

    love, Ellen

  • Mary Jo

    So remarkable that this week the topic is patience. I closed my private practice this last week for the final time. I had closed it once before for a hot second til I was guilted into opening it up once again by some very persistent clients ( whom I actually really love). But finally realized that it was not in my best interest. So melancholy was settling in a bit over the weekend. But now it all makes perfect sense as I am feeling mor optimistic and excited about new possibilities showing up. I am embracing this lull. Resting, nuturing myself, a little primping, some leisurely shopping , etc. All is as it should be. Thank you for your insights.

  • Lauren

    This life thing feels like a roller coaster ride complete with unruly puppies (thoughts) LOL I have never liked the roller coaster rides because I get that experience with life and one ride is enough for me. The challenge seems to be remembering the joy of the “up” part of the ride when it has just dipped down too fast and I feel like “woofing my cookies”. If I did not trust the Divine plan it would be easy to view the whole thing as chaos (which is what most of the population on earth does). If this was chaos then it feels alone and certainly there is room for revenge, hate and the like….but it is a Divine plan so those don’t fit. When I talk to my clients I realize that the most important part of my work is to find a way for them to love themselves and feel the Love of the Divine so that they could see life as a good thing….I just wish that it was easier for us all to love ourselves and feel the Love of the Divine….there are many days it feels like looking for that nugget of gold in pan after pan of water and sand….I think that is called Faith 🙂

  • Rosemary

    I also have been feeling more challenged than I enjoy. What resonated with me was what you mentioned about having a desired goal. That is my “sticky” place. Gratitude is the only way I find balance between what my life situation is, to where I desire it to be. My independent lifestyle of roadtrips from here(Toronto) to Maritimes 3 or 4 times a year ( my Son lives in PEI) exploring many amazing places, taking thousands of pictures, meeting interesting people, collecting trunk full of rocks that want to come join the journey, and just having a fun time… my inner child time… was abruptly ended when black ice found its way under my tires. Yes spirit does have a way to get my attention. As I let go of the wheel realizing I didnt have enough room to straighten out the car, put my arms down by my side and allowed the universal energy to show me what I needed to see and consequently do. The car hit the cement median between the lanes. Been driving for 40 years, first accident. Yah, I know… no accident. It was my message to stop playing and start doing. After that my Daughter became ill moved in with me. Then I had the new experience of a broken arm, lost my financial independence and became overwhelmed. I felt pushed into what Dr Joe Dispenza calls the ” river of change”.
    I want to thank you ,Colette,for taking the time to connect with us, as I do feel the support and most important, the understanding & compassion that is needed to stay focused. Some days all I manage is to feel gratitude for the fact that I recognize gratitude… thats my way up and out of being stuck. I find myself smiling as I hear if you can get through this just think what comes next!

  • mary

    Thanks for sharing your loving stories.
    I’m still working on increasing my faith…Help!!
    I have been praying for 10 years for a partner and I somehow need to increase my faith..

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      part of manifesting our desires is to release the attachment to the outcome.. let go and Let the universe deliver. the job now is to remove the blocks. Try doing the Calling in The One seminar.

  • Suzy

    Dearest Colette,
    Thank you for sharing another spot on message…almost like the spirit is leading you!! Wink Wink
    I love what you said many times and ways, “Be Mindful.” I am heedless and thoughtless by nature, so this is always a good reminder as long I don’t turn into that introspective Darth Vader of the soul that has the critical and unkind voice of the past!

    Have a wonderful week filled with positive energy and joy . Sounds like there is lots of good energy in the person of your little Bisou!

  • Stacey

    Hi Colette- and other tribe members-
    I am new to this forum, but I have been reading your Wisdom of the Hidden Realms cards for a couple years, just shuffle and pick one a day….very inspiring, supportive, and helpful…Thankyou.
    Now for this post, yes, I am 52 and still have faith that I am just a late bloomer with finding ‘my thing’.
    I get frustrated with myself for not trying hard enough, then realize I’m actually trying too hard many of those times. The thing that most calms and refuels me is being in nature, so although I live in a big city, I pay attention to the wonders of nature, the birds-big and small, the trees, the water…..and whenever I can I go and immerse myself in Big Nature, the mountains, the ocean….somewhere away from crowds and human/mechanical noise….and when neither of those options is present, and sometimes even when they are, I will go (visualize) somewhere peaceful and beautiful and full of loving animal and spirit beings, who love, support, and comfort me with their presence. I am home, I am loved, I am ok. ?

  • Jackie

    I’ve often struggle with the cruelty that exists in the world. I find myself often wondering “why, how?” I was raised in a loving family. We had our share of issues and conflicts, but the one thing I never doubted was that I was loved. How I wish that for the rest of the world.

    But I have learned that I chose this journey long before I arrive. There have been lessons along the way I needed to learn and they came in this human form. I can’t change the greed or hatred in another. All I can do is pray for them for I know somewhere deep in the facade is a soul God loves. It’s what keeps me going, keeps me wanting to be a part of the human race, keeps me focused on my mission.

    Lovely way to start my day with your words.


  • Dawn

    Hi Colette, I’m late responding because my phone gives my mail to me late. When I read your article it was as if I were reading some of my words. My sensitivity to noise has increased. My family says I have bat ears, I think the irony in that is funny. I’ve been allowing myself to be vulnerable & found that issues resolve much better. Now my husband is starting to talk about going with the flow. Those are words I never thought he would say. This year has been challenging & yet miraculous. The work we have done to improve our lives has also in turn starting to spread in our families. Just witnissing this alone has improved my faith greatly. I don’t watch the news, but when I hear or see anything about wars I don’t feed it energy, I pray about it & trust that spirit will help resolve these situations. I love you all dear tribe

  • susan t

    Love your blog post Colette! Although they are always thought provoking and so true, this one was perfect. I’m realizing the last 5 years have started to catch up to me. Many changes some great, some sad – like life, but all have kept me moving fast, fast, fast – hustling for sure, with not much time for a break. I do long for the chance to take a sabbatical, but have a bit of fear around how that might show up and how I would pay my expenses. Still work to do on my scarcity and trusting the Divine to show me the way even though in retrospect that has always been the case. So I’m consciously taking better care of myself as I can – a massage every month, yesterday a trip to a new chiropractor who was wonderful and sleep. All between a hectic work/travel schedule that will take me to Prague in two weeks, exciting and at the same time a little apprehensive given what has been going on in the world. Patience, trusting, listening to the signs and following them as best as I can. Blessings to you all – love being part of this tribe!

  • Thea

    I love the synchronistic alignment I have with you and nearly every single weekly reading and blog you post pertain to my worldly realm as if in a precise form.

  • Vickie

    thank you sweet lady for everything you do ….I deeply appreciate it. You always seems to know when I need a certain message at the right time. God bless and rock on.

  • Sandi

    Herky, jerky akin to the Hokey, pokey. Suiting up, showing up and getting out of the way.

  • Cheryl

    Doing my best to go with the flow as I also take baby steps towards my intent. This weeks reading sheds much needed light on my emotional status. While living my dream, I’m also confronted with some ‘fog’. I’m just going to observe it, and not struggle to figure out the why. The why always comes as an Ah-ha when the timing is right.

    So appreciate your spirit and energy! Thank you for sharing your gifts.

  • Jill

    I agree with what you say about moving forward despite the chaos and disorder as sometimes it can feel like you’re getting nowhere, or feeling discouraging when doors don’t open and doubts kick in: am I doing “enough”, is there something more I should be doing, something I shouldn’t be doing? I love how you liken thoughts to puppy training! Brings back happy memories 🙂 And yes, if I don’t watch mine I definitely step in something gloopy. I have to remember over and over to re-centre, re-align with my vision, balance the dreaming and action and keep on taking those steps, whilst finding peace with what is right now.
    Thank you for another inspiring post.

  • Gail

    Hi Colette and all….

    The last two weeks the cards have suggested patience in so many words. I am look to buy a home and am unsure where to live (anticipating retirement in July). I moved from my home of 18 years to an apartment (Oye Vey, the noise from upstairs is beyond belief…I am taping their conversations!). I digress….I have asked the Universe for signs as to where to move. Each place I suggested, I got No’s. That includes the county I have been in for 50+ years and the desert where my one sister is. So…now it is more patience. I am grateful for a place to rest my head and I have been since I moved, but I feel like I need to start looking. I know it is in their time and they found me my current residence, but I am feeling like sitting back and doing nothing is a mistake? I’ll sit….I respect the process.
    Thanks for reading this….Colette. You are incredible and I am in gratitude for your weekly blog and cards.


  • Teresa

    I’ve been in a similar place recently – no surprise! I find that I use the “quiet times” to tidy and clear my home and my office space, indulge in a bit of Netflix bingeing and extra saltwater soaks in the tub. I much prefer the image of dancing the Hustle to busting my beehind in a very brisk pace, so I’m more comfortable and feel like I accomplish more when I’m moving to music, even if it’s just in my head. I sometimes feel like I’m spinning my wheels trying to climb a muddy hill, so getting some confirmation that it’s ok to take a break and re-fill myself is very welcome! I’m poised to leave my “bread and butter” job for full time immersion in channeling, healing and intuitive light work, so the apprehension is challenging at times – letting go and giving it all to Spirit is a lesson I’m enjoying! Being a part of this beautiful tribe is a glorious part of my existence and I value all of you! Thank you, Colette! Blessings!!

  • Jen

    Hi Colette!
    I love to meditate and do yoga to stay grounded. When I feel overwhelmed or prone to anxiety I find that my dad is always a resource who helps me see things from the macro instead of micro perspective. Sometimes you just need that alternate point of view to see things for what they really are! By the way I love your Wisdom of the Oracle deck and gifted one of your older decks to a friend of mine who also loves them. Also, I hope your Canadian show somehow makes its way to the states–I know I’d be a fan for sure!
    Love and Light,

  • KK

    This post is acting like the proverbial life raft needed to rescue me today. I started feeling the overwhelming ocean swells of doubt, fear and imminent doom that comes with parenting. The thought of “why bother reaching for something better when the world she will live in is not evolving but devolving”? Your words are just in time to save me from drowning-the life boat will keep me buoyed until I can navigate to safer shores. Thank you.

  • Paola

    funny..I have this deck and got both tick tock and to the sea in protection this week also..Been that kind of energy but I have learned to go with the flow so I am literally just going with anything that happens though I don’t always get it or sometimes hope to be doing something else..things that I think need doing as I am working towards my goals and then life trows me alternative tasks..things like cleaning or doing something else thats unrelated.I am just surrendering to whatever happens though and trusting that maybe its because timing isn’t right or that i am getting something from what i am doing that will prepare me better for when I am working on hat I want.I have long since learned not to push the river as it is usually very unhelpful.It’s getting easier to flow though and I believe that is good.So maybe thats the why..the why I am derailed seemingly on occasion.maybe its just a lesson to flow. <3

  • Philip

    Hi Colette. You are an inspiration and I thank you. “Support your local Healer” could be on a sign outside of every town!

    2 thinks I feel, after agreeing with everything you said. Yes I meant “thinks”.

    A. I am good at remembering to try for the delicate balance between movement and stillness, hustle and flow, striving and contentment but the mindfulness of it is sometimes lost to me as I can fall deep into the hustle for instance then spend too much time in there, suddenly remembering to go for stillness but a little too late it seems.

    B. Transitions between states can feel deeply disturbing to me, albeit thankfully short in duration. On reflection, it is the turn from warrior to Hermit that is the most terrifying. I feel exposed to a “grand evil cabal” briefly, until I can get my psychic bubble built up. Maybe that is the feeling you described after the terror attacks. I think I process the emotions stored from those ugly events during the turns.

    reveling in the divine comedy… miller

  • Maddy

    The last year has been very tumultuous for me. I went through an abrupt breakup of a long-term relationship followed by a short romance that also ended abruptly. I realized that I have a bad habit of getting into relationships too fast and being defined by them. I asked my angels for help, and they have guided my through what has been a very amazing transformation. I have been working on myself spiritually, physically and mentally. Your blogs and and oracle cards have been very helpful in guiding me through this transformation. Some of my issues are impatience, too much focus on the future, the need to live in the moment and to trust spirit to guide me. Your blog today speaks to these issues and inspires me to continue to focus on working on my issues and to trust spirit to keep me on the right path.
    Love you!

  • Karen

    This reading was great! I have been stuck for years with certain areas of my life, patiently watching and waiting for spirit to let me know when the right time or place would be. Then a few months ago, things took a turn for the much better for me. As things usually go, we came upon a brick wall that we crashed into, feeling like, “Here we go again.” or “Why can’t life just go the way I want it to right now.” Well, because everything is a lesson. So when I crashed into this brick wall a few days ago, my initial reaction was to run away, to be scared, to go back to the way I did things before even though I KNOW that doesn’t really work for me. But, what I did instead, which is what I’ve been forever working on, is asking myself, “What would love do right now?” So, I took a deep breath and decided to observe my own feelings and the feelings of everyone else involved, and although scared of what the outcome could be, I took a step forward and did what I believe love would do in that moment. I am still waiting to find out the outcome. Good or bad, I can say that I followed my heart and didn’t let fear get the best of me. So, let’s hope for a positive outcome!

  • Catherine

    The shape and shaper…the artist and the canvas…aren’t we just all that….gratitude keeps me peaceful as I truly understand the collective unconscious web of life is reflecting back 7 billions people’s thoughts, actions, words and so on.
    I have procrastinated on getting my papers finished for my doctorate of divinity for a few years now…so listening to you got me chuckling today …and thinking great…don’t push the river…LOL All this past weekend I had my research ready..pen, paper, laptop and outline set for paper number 1…Yesterday…finally…I had things rolling on my introduction and you know I always save my work…well…last night after two hours of amazing work (ok I thought it was amazing work) my laptop shuts off…Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…panic…did I save..praying, praying, looking…but nope…and no amount of looking or retrieving – could retrieve my words…so I grabbed a glass of wine at 11:30 pm…sat back and laughed at myself and thought…well I guess those words were not the right ones…and began again…Breathing the breath of life to get my mind and heart center to cohere around the belief that it had taken me three years to finally sit down to it…so what was another couple of hours to get the words right in the introduction…LOL…and I am about to sit down again…now… and see how far I can go today…I trust my Divine Time – so surrounding you all..especially you beautiful Colette with love, strength and prayers that you find your center and peace no matter what the heck happens…and don’t forget to laugh…life on this planet is too short…

  • Trish

    Hey there:
    I feel like I needed the message that thoughts need discipline.

    Also just wanted to say that your hair is banging lately. I think this is the best your hair has looked since I’ve been visiting your site. I’ve been a fan since 2014.
    Best wishes!

  • Sue Dibble

    Ahhh yes! Collette, your explication helps me make sense of last week! I had a short thought about all the emotions going on in our earth now. Me, Not being mindfully present last week. I had an accident, made a very bad decision & lost my job!
    Being in a feeling of lost at the present, in the wrong place? In a year of achieving my vision, manefesting and all changed in this one last week. I’m starting over again 🙂 feeling vulnerable! I’m seeing that I let myself be lead into what I was not comfortable doing, instead of leading myself and staying in charge of me. I’ve made a lot of life changes this last year, married, moved, seeking new employment too. Thank you Collette for expressing your happenings and thoughts.
    With much love and appreciation for you, hugs to you and your family 🙂 ♡

  • Renee Sugar

    Chaos, destruction and decay mark the beginning of possibility. It is unfortunate that we need to reach the place where hate, fear
    and destruction are necessary before we can shift the polarity to conceive of something different. Rebirth, and creating
    a new vision really are only possible when the old world order comes crashing down. Then comes the sifting through the rubble to
    begin to make some new choices. If it only were so simple that we could discover a better way “before” the fall of humanity destroys
    too many peoples’ lives and leaves devastation in its wake.
    I remember the “hustle” and the mirrored disco ball mounted on the ceiling which refracted the light and created colorful patterns on the walls. A rainbow born of fragments of broken mirrors. I am being philosophical today!!!!
    I am coming to a place of self-forgiveness. Somehow my life has been a very healing and integrative unfolding. Every setback, health/life crisis, unexpected, sudden ending lead me to a new opportunity, usually an uncharted one. Why should it be different this time. So as I
    continue to search for the place that only I can fill, and whatever it is that only I can do; I am improving becoming more comfortable with “not knowing” what is next. I can “think” I do know, but as history has reflected, the next doorway was not one I had visualized with
    the “intention” to manifest anything. Somehow, the illness led me to a brighter, healthier place with new options for creating a lifestyle that supported wellness and ease. The new doorway, often brought me into a larger story to be part of a plan that was much more expansive than what color I wanted to new vehicle to be. I know that I will receive what I need, and that will be determined by a timing much more inclusive than I can possibly imagine. So, I DON’T KNOW. It appears that my former C.V. is a historical document that speaks of
    times and places that I have spent years practicing a process. When I look back, I can clearly see that I do not fit the usual structures, and that unstructured seems to nourish my soul in a much deeper way. It only feels unsettling when I measure who I am, against what I do. They are not the same. So I have sent a prayer to the Source to please advise me, send a nudge, a clue, an inspiration to direct my feet to the sunny side of the street. Today, I went to a performance with four tenors. Students of the University curriculum. It was delightful. It was full of heart, and passion and promise and I enjoyed every moment. So turn down the switch on “thought” and tune into something else. If the universe is wise and intelligent, as we know it is; then I will “know” where I need to be and at what time to arrive. I am turning my will and life over to the power that “knows” beyond my ability to understand. Can’t beat that!!!!!
    XOXO Renee


    I’m deeply grateful for the like minded peeps I encounter along the way such as yourself. The last 7 months have been filled with a big life move to BC after being in Alberta since 1980, a breast cancer health scare & surgery that all turned out a-ok, surgery on my face for basal cell carcinoma & ending a 7 year relationship with my fiance as we just couldn’t move forward any more. And what I’m most thankful for is the experience, the gold nuggets, love, support, friendship, simple pleasures, self care, meditation, prayer, green juice & my spirituality/belief system because time & time again gives the me the strength, nourishment & foundation to move through it all & shine. Thank you for your guidance & offering Colette. You’re my fave rockstar Om’ie 😉

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      om’ie right back 😉

      • Lisbeth Paisley-Smith

        Hi dear Colette,

        Sooo happy to have found you, by osmosis! You gave me 3 or 4 readings in Toronto, in and around 2004-5ish. You’re about a year younger than me. I hope you remember my name! I remember your teacup ‘poms’, your voice, the intriguing, enjoyable readings. About the mindfulness in the midst of whirling change and bewildering negative impacts, it is a soother to feel quietly whole from simple tasks and daily gratitude for the simple gifts. I love your weekly reading. A sisterhood!! Breathe, smile and find joy in small things. Thank you, Colette.

  • Barb Parcells

    If I didn’t have my daily meditation practice and my gratitude journal to ground me and bring me peace and happiness, I would be blowing in the wind of negativity, tossed back and forth until I just broke apart. I have stopped watching the news and spend only a very few minutes each day online just so I am aware but not sucked in. Having said that, writing for me is my lifeline to the world of my hopes, my dreams and my prayers for myself and the planet. P.S. The message for this week on patience couldn’t be more directly aimed at me if you tried … it was also the topic of my blog this week! There just are no coincidences in this crazy world!

  • Sara

    “I know the real challenge is to watch limiting beliefs and negative thoughts that can begin to condition us to assume that all is not well.” Absolutely all about this today!!! This last week has been chaotic at best!!! And I am facing once again the wreckage of my past, and being so unwilling or unable to forgive myself for things that happened 15 years ago. I still let it influence my today…and although I think I work on it, perhaps I just avoid it. And what I end up being is a flailing maniac. Today my therapist suggested I say out loud something that I am…instead, perhaps I will say what I am not. I am NOT my past transgressions. I do NOT have to continue to cause my own suffering and allow negative self talk to rule my world. I AM determined to face my fears. And with that I will relax and go with the flow. Whatever happens now is in God’s hands. And God’s always got me. <3

  • Rhonda

    Beyond the world disruption, my own little world was disrupted because of, all things, income taxes! My version of your Bag Lady came out and my head was spinning. Disaster is possible when this happens to a Taurus! Deadlines that I could not control, etc. But thanks to all I have learned about myself, I slowed the ride and began to “act as if”. The Change is starting. And I will choose to focus on what I can control in my life. And if I don’t affect the whole world, I know I am making a difference in mine – and for others, one at a time, and still find timr to play, which I had been avoiding. Much gratitude to you, and to Spirit!

  • Jennifer

    Thank for your words of wisdom. I’ve been stuck in limbo for the last few weeks waiting on my chair to either revise my proposal or let me move to the next step.
    Last Friday, I nervously jumped ahead and sent it to my committee member and heard back from him on what I needed to revise.
    Your amazing blog today gave me not only comfort but encouragement that I’m at least moving forward. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Karen

    I’ve been reading your blogs faithfully since you came to Calgary last fall. Love the messages. I feel I have grown; I don’t try to manipulate life anymore. It’s like trying to swim against the current. It’s so much easier to ‘Just Be’. I feel everyone’s bad moods, negative feelings. And then I’m a wreck. I don’t di that anymore. And the last two weeks the most amazing women gave come into my life. They are ‘real’ and I feel they have come at the right time in my life as I’m spiritually soooo happy in my skin. I wasn’t before. I’ve realized that events will happen to me when it’s meant to be. And it’s kind of exciting!

  • KP

    I having been having a fun couple of weeks exploring my Truth and what / who I am on a deeper level than normal after being invited to attend an event that does not really resonate with my own belief structure and my beliefs would definitely not resonate with their beliefs. Interesting times …. which then got me musing after the awfulness of recent events how the world and “each side” both saying their way is the “only” and “rightful” way, got to where each is, – no answer – just more questions and some very ego orientated questions as to the rightfulness to make such claims on both sides.

    However the positive that I do have is – we all can move forward, and the more honest, truthful with ourselves and open to understanding and exploring others ideas we can be in our own lives, will make our lights shine out ever stronger and as we all know the more light we have and share, the less dark there will be. The other impression I got was that by shining and sparkling away – we will draw others to ourselves who need the light and are willing and ready to share i.e. we don’t have to be in other peoples faces with our own personal beliefs by living our life in harmony we do attract synchronicity and opportunities to brighten the light.

    So when times get rough – keep shining – don’t be engulfed / overwhelmed by the dark – see yourself as the pinpoint of light down the end of the tunnel which grows and grows until all the dark disappears (a true sparkly being) – we can collectively do it and as we are all radiating from different places on our Earth (I am lucky enough to live in New Zealand) we will link together and be one. So Shine, Shine, Shine! Blessed Be!

  • Rosalyn Marie

    Hello Colette!

    Just wanted to say how I am noticing guidance on even the smallest level, but still to me not small. At this time I am without a car, I wanted to go to a garden center called Harlow’s here in Tucson. (I have only lived in Tucson for 6 months on the April 2). The bus ride was longer than I thought, so I decided to take one of my 3 walking routes just to get out. As I walked almost to the shopping center I noticed an even bigger and better garden center across the street in the opposite direction I normally cross. Things like this are starting to happen more for me. I never noticed before, because they are have construction going on.

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    My Top Secret Recipe

    In jist, I take life as a lesson to be learned.
    I look back in history and try not to repeat
    what did not work in my/others favor.
    I seek a different way of thinking and try it on.
    What does work I do my best to remember.
    Lean times are very hard.
    I have been blessed with a prosperous time however short – I achieved/earned my fame.
    I strive to keep my life clean in mind, soul, faith, habit, and deeds.
    I strive to fix my problems.
    I look forward to a long, health, happy life.
    Sometimes hell takes over but I say/do what I need and move forward
    leaving behind that which is incomprehensible and and who does not comprehend
    because it is not their time to understand such as life really is where
    everyone has their own timing to mature/be wise.
    So, prayer is a great relief and prayer is a spirit based plan for today and the future.
    World and Hometown Blessings
    LOV : )
    Lil’bud Blessings Come Hom : ) Very Soon

  • Diana Boles

    Roll up for the Majikal Mystery Tour of words! Those mystical jewels of definition. They describe, represent, evaluate, equalize, settle, envigorate and yet they are not enough. They can be misleading and misinterpreted leaving your head spinning in a tornado of quizzical expressions—both verbal and facial. And many times they just cannot completely explain what it feels like to be fulfilled. That soaring above the clouds with gratitude and faith in spite of having worries.
    To use the expression “I am worried” doesn’t mean that there is a lack of faith. Worry is simply being aware that stranger danger does exist. Being Aware simply means that there are influences that require faith—–now comes the need to interpret “faith”.
    Faith is based in trust. The question becomes what do you trust? Can you trust that the Quantum Divine vibration pulls all existence together? Chaos has a vibration but it is a low sound and hovers near the ground. It is loud and distracting. Prayer has a vibration that is high and harmonizing and lifts above droning to the fullness of OHM —-
    Let us not be represented by the words of victim and trauma. Let us be envigorated by words that opportunity to align our Warrior Goddess/God with the Quantum Divine and see our chance to be the best of us. And now I can’t stop whistling—“Do the Hustle”——think I’ll add this to my list of Mantras— Whenever I have to put on my “Valcary” chest plate and “Wonder Woman” cape and crown.
    I live near DC—close to Dulles airport. I was here for 9-11 and we live on high alert always. There are wild stories here all the time and they can just be from the locals that invade the Capitol Building and weild a gun and shoot people. My son was to fly into the Brussells airport 12 hours after the event of last week. Yes those plans were delayed by a week. But he flew there yesterday. I kept my faith in spite of mom worry. In shear gratitude I sing OHM!

  • L.

    Hi Colette,
    This has been a very difficult week for me, and your card reading resonated tremendously. I traveled across the country for my “dream job” interview only to freeze, underperform, and disappoint myself as well as those assessing me. Now I am doubting myself, my career, my abilities, and my purpose. Did I not resonate with those people? Or did my own insecurities and uncertainty overpower my capabilities? Where do I go from here? I suppose patience, faith, and not being too hard on myself is a start. Thank you for being here.

  • Theresa

    Hi Colette!

    Nailed it! I was wondering why so much crazy chatter in my mind was excessive overkill compared to what my life presented to me in my little realm. Being an intense Scorpio-woman, I found that I could not get grounded, was feeling more stress than I was presented with in front of me. Now it makes sense. Picking up stress from the planet, perhaps? I’m not sure. Either way, my body reacted to it all and I ended up with a cold – a forced rest, I like to call it. Which gave me the excuse to say “no”, and focus on self care more! yay! Now I feel like I was able to “unplug” and focus on sleep and recovery. It is so funny how a wee cold can end up being one of my greatest teachers. Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries, and filtering out some of the noise! It is always a practice, isn’t it? Sheesh! Falling off the wagon of caring for my mind, body, soul in itself is a wonderful lesson of…. duh! Haha! Have a wonderful week! I love you Collette!

  • Jenn

    Having just pulled three Oracle cards in the Challenger position, I feel like you are (once again) speaking right to me, lol. I feel so torn between giving energy to creating positive energy, and wanting to crawl behind a rock and hang out for awhile. Of course when I did focus on spinning out love and abundance yesterday, things happened that I just know aren’t coincidence. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and affirming what we are all feeling ! xo

  • Shawn

    Here is something written by one of my favorite Chiropractic Mentors. Dr. Sue Morter expresses very well her wisdom. Today, I sit quietly and untie the NOTS.

    Untie the NOT
    by Dr. Sue Morter

    Finding yourself “nay saying”, doubting the odds and on the “back side” of life?

    Finding the reasons that the dream won’t happen, noticing the things that aren’t going well or rehashing the upsets from yesterday?

    Seeing what “they” are NOT doing to help you, stating what you are NOT going to put up with any longer and what’s NOT working?

    For Goodness Sake…yes for the sake of goodness in the world and starting from within your very Being, untie the NOT.

    Unravel the tangled up perception that anything ever happens for any other reason than to show you the way to your empowerment.

    Unwrap the long standing attitude that you are NOT in the driver’s seat regarding your internal experience no matter what the circumstances are on the outside.

    Knot in your stomach equals a “NOT” in your head! Have a “Yay say” instead! Ahhh, that feels all loosened up!

  • Eric


    Wow! Have things changed in the past couple of weeks! First off, I want to apologize for the meltdown I had a while back. I was at a point where things were hitting critical mass (so I thought) and I was having a problem dealing with these things.

    Just to fill in the rest of the tribe briefly on these events, my computer broke down hard and I had to take it apart which left me unconnected for a bit. The good news about that is that I wasn’t getting all of the negative energy from news, social media, etc. I have essentially weened myself off of social media and I haven’t missed it. The bad news is that I had missed out on many of the blogs that Colette had written and many of the tribe had written into. This had left me uninformed about many things that would have helped me at the time.

    My computer in pieces, running out of savings, the job that had been accepted for a year ago today I hadn’t heard anything about and when I tried to contact someone about it no one seemed to know anything, failed relationships, etc. All of these things and a little more were nagging at me. I was going nowhere fast and I was getting frustrated! In almost the same year timespan all of the oracles I had consulted (astrology, intuitive readings, oracles cards) had told me to “wait” and my cornucopia was coming. They didn’t say how long I had to wait. I was getting frustrated because I had been here before! Think of Lucy and Charlie Brown when Lucy offers to hold the football for Charlie Brown while he kicks it, only to have Lucy pull it away at the last minute. Ha! I’ve been here before! I’m not going to fall for it again! Why am I going through this? Do I look that gullible that everyone looks to get over on me? I was at a point of extremis; I couldn’t go thought this again! The pain and disappointment from all of these things was too much to happen again! I started reaching out for many lifelines before I went over the waterfall.

    Then it happened, no sooner than I reached out to people, mainly just to have someone listen because realistically I didn’t know what they could do about it, the log jam broke open. I got a call and email telling me that all of my paperwork had been processed for the job I was waiting for and was I still interested. I answered resoundingly, “Yes!” I’m currently making preparations to move and start the job in about 6 weeks.

    The first thing I thought was, “Spirit doth have a sense of humor!” You’ve seen the shows where the car is weaving through traffic at night, maybe to avoid obstacles, only to veer into the oncoming traffic lane and approaching headlights. The driver is bracing for the head on collision; he closes his eyes and tenses up his body. After a second or two he realizes that there was no collision he opens his eyes just in time to see two motorcycles speed past on either side of his car. Another analogy might be going to an amusement park. People are lined up for the biggest, fastest, and tallest rollercoaster and the wait may be 45 minutes to an hour. For maybe two minutes the line moves steadily but then it comes to a standstill for twenty minutes. As you slowly inch up to the front of the line there’s anticipation because you know that you’re next! You get strapped in and the cars start to move! We’re on our way! “This isn’t so bad”, you think. As the cars start the slow climb up the hill you begin to wonder if you’ll ever get to the top. You look over the side to see how high you are. “What if we get stuck up here?” you think. “I should have never gotten on this thing. I’m stuck on this ride with a bunch of people that I don’t know who have no idea what I’m going through. Why does that guy have that stuffed bear? Doesn’t he know that it is just going to fly out of the seat, maybe hit me or someone else and he will have to . . . AHHHHHHHHHHH!” As the machine goes through its series of steps, all of the parts in synch with each other to propel the cars down the tracks at high velocity, cars going through twists, turns, and gyrations, all you can do is hang on! You have no say in the direction, final destination, or the speed in which you get there, much like life. As the cars start to break you realize that the ride is just about over. Once you pull into the loading and unloading station you are released from your restraints; although your legs may be a bit wobbly and you may be disoriented you are free to go anywhere you want. After regaining your bearings you have the same thought as those before you have had: “That wasn’t so bad.”

    This is easy to say looking back but when you’re going through it you think it is the most terrifying thing you’ve ever experienced. After I finally got my computer back together I began to catch up on the blogs that I had missed. As I began to read about trusting the oracles, trusting Spirit, and how to “chillax” I began to feel embarrassed. I thought about the movie “The Empire Strikes Back” when Yoda uses the force to pull Luke’s X-wing fighter out of the swamp, right after Luke’s attempt fell short. After witnessing this seemingly impossible event he says, “I don’t believe it!” Yoda calmly laments back to Luke, “That is why you fail.”

    I think that is a theme for me going forward – learning to trust; to trust in God, to trust in people, even though I have been burned in the past. I read an article about mental toughness and things to do to exercise it. Perhaps the biggest lesson to learn is to trust myself and that I am a good person and that my choices if done with no malice will be the right ones and that God will handle the rest. There are some details that I left out for brevity (lol), but I initially didn’t trust the Tribe enough to post this in the forum, even though there has been no judgement that I have witnessed, and I apologize for that. Thank you Colette for listening and to everyone else I reached out to during my time of need. This just reinforces the idea that we can do it by ourselves and we need each other.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      OH Eric we missed you and this is SUCH a wonderful story to share I am so excited for you and I will humbly predict that you will meet the woman of your heart there … the move will bring you so much and more!! Keep us posted!!

      • Eric

        I most certainly will keep you informed! One of the things that I noticed when I got back online was all of the things that I was trying to unplug from and avoid were still there; politics, regional conflicts, terrorism, and all of the rhetoric that goes with it. I realized that no matter how bad that I think I had it there are many ways that it could have been MUCH worse! I began to take note of the little blessings that I received, no matter how small, and give thanks. It seemed like the more I noticed the little blessings the more I’d receive. I think there a Law of Attraction thing in there somewhere. I still keep drawing the “Milk and Honey” card from the Wisdom of the Oracle deck so I guess there are things coming and I hope I get to share this bounty with others; I believe! 🙂

        I would also like to make mention that April is International Sarcoidosis Awareness month. It’s an autoimmune disorder that will sneak up on you if you’re not careful because the symptoms are subtle. My thoughts and prayers to all who may be going through it as well and their loved ones.

        Oh, and I hope I do meet someone while I’m living in my new locale, but if I see a woman approaching me with a football in her hands I’m running the other way! 😉

  • Ali

    My greatest lesson in this area was when I recently realized that everything good in my life had been manifested with a detached optimism; and that everything that I was striving for, working towards, etc. was as elusive to me at that moment as it had ever been. It was a profoundly meaningful and inward interpretation of “what we resist, persists.” I wouldn’t trade these lessons for anything. <3

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