Our Personal Soundtrack …. Why We Really Mourn the loss of Music Makers

Dearest you, I can’t have a conversation with you without talking about the untimely passing of music artist Prince. First Bowie, then Glenn Frey of the Eagles, and now Prince! Last week we lost [...]

Why Empty is a Key to Successful Manifestation

Dearest you, Has life thrown you a curve ball that felt so wrong at the time but turned out to be absolutely perfect in hindsight? Have you ever injured yourself so you were forced to slow down [...]

#1 Tip for Creating the Life You Desire-(Let Go and Trust that Spirit Has a Plan!)

The Best Tip For Manifesting Your Desires

Dearest sparkly being of Light! I’m going to invite you into a conversation with me today and hope you’ll share your experience with me, and the rest of the tribe in the comments section. I [...]