#1 Tip for Creating the Life You Desire-(Let Go and Trust that Spirit Has a Plan!)!

Updated: April 12, 2016

Just got back from Red Deer Alberta demonstrating Messages from Spirit for a hospital fund- raiser. I just love the mid-west hospitality and I had such kind and generous hosts and an overall great experience. And, had I not busted my toe (again) last week, might have succumbed to the call of those cowboy boots!

I’ve been doing a lot of re-educating and reminding myself lately, dusting off old out of print books on metaphysics, New Thought, and reality creation. A few people have asked me lately what my greatest influences are in my work. My favorite authors are still Wallace D Wattles, Charles Haanel, Catherine Ponder, Raymond Holliwell, John Randolph Price, James Allen and Florence Scovell Shinn.

My work and my core beliefs about the world has mostly been informed by Science of Mind, A Course in Miracles, the 12 steps, Carl Jung and because I’m a science geek – researchers like Michael Talbot’ (The Holographic Universe has to be my fave book on quantum theory of all time), Dr Amit Goswami, Dr. Ervin Lazlo, Lynn McTaggart and others. ( I am sure I will come up with more)

These writers, scholars, and spiritual programs have informed my understanding of the spiritual and mental physics that inform the material realm essential for us to know if we’re going to empower ourselves to choose our experience and manifest our reality.

Yes there are so many teaching the same things but I need to hear the essential truths repeatedly and from different angles. The longer I do this the more I want to learn. The minute we think we know it all is when we get into trouble.

Everybody I speak to lately, either in a private reading or coaching session talks about their desire to create a life with meaning, authenticity and tangible prosperity. Why have desires if we can’t move them into the material world?

We’re here as teeny sparks of Spirit getting to play in the Garden of imagination, intuition, inspiration and manifestation. Desire that comes from the soul is Spirit whispering to us and urging us to grow and experience life.

My coaching clients come to me looking to make a massive impact on the world. So what kind of strategy fits everyone regardless of the degree in which you want to influence the world (or just yours)? One essential truth! Sure goals, performance and staying power, clarity of vision, focus and action are important- nothing will happen if you sit and dream in your chair.

BUT- the essential thing to remember? Allowing, letting go, releasing expectations, keeping the focus on the essence not the form. Miracles rarely come in the exact package you envision.

Think about it – this week as we enter a new phase of mercury retrograde – always a perfect time to go over things. Do a timeline on your most important manifestations. How did it feel before the moment you saw the co-creation take shape?

Here is what some of you said in last week’s blog:-

“Pretty much everything in my life has been a case of getting the essence and not the particular form of what I wanted. Or I have gotten the form of what I wanted, but not via the particular route/means I expected. You’d think by now I’d know better. Learning to let go is an ongoing process”. – Beth

“My greatest lesson in this area was when I recently realized that everything good in my life had been manifested with a detached optimism; and that everything that I was striving for, working towards, etc… was as elusive to me at that moment as it had ever been. It was a profoundly meaningful and inward interpretation of “what we resist, persists.” I wouldn’t trade these lessons for anything”. – Ali

So I can say the same as these two – that I have co-created an extraordinary life- from drug addict to spiritual teacher and intuition expert; from a multiple rape survivor believing she would always be a victim to a woman with dignity and self worth married to her true soul mate; from a young aspiring singer who failed at her career to a recording artist on a major music label; from a girl who never fit, and felt she would never find purpose to a successful intuitive and coach with clients in 29 countries, a spiritual medium with my own TV show, and a Hay House author.

Not one of these manifestations came through chasing, through overt ambition or through a drive for success. As a matter of fact any time I pushed too much things ran away from me like I had the manifesting Cooties!!

Everything I have today is because of my deep spiritual beliefs and surrendered optimism that the essence of my authentic drives will manifest in the appropriate form.

My job daily? Let go and let God.

So let’s hear from you. Tell me a story of what it was like when you chased something that didn’t happen but came back in the perfect form? A desire you held dear that manifested in a totally different way than expected.

And, if you’re feeling a little wonky around your desired outcomes this week? Repeat after me
Spirit has a plan. Spirit has a plan. Spirit has a plan.

Love to hear from you

Always yours
love colette 200x103

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  • Sue

    I love your kindliness and brutal honesty!

  • Beth

    Wow! Thanks for quoting me. 🙂 And I hope your foot heals quickly…you did great in Red Deer even with the boot on. 🙂

    For me, the past 3 years have been a time of letting go of almost everything in my life that I thought was essential to my life, and trying to figure out what I should be doing with my life following the massive changes – and the more I’ve tried to find the answers, the more elusive they have been. Yet, situations and projects I would never ever have thought of (or considered persuing even if I did think of them) are occuring lately without any struggle on my part and seem to be a natural fit in ways that continue to shock and amaze me. Do I have it all figure out yet? No, but I’m becoming more comfortable with no knowing as new adventures pop up.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      my pleasure ! and thanx for the share.. again.. keep joining in xoxox

      • Beth

        Just watched your card reading for the week – I really like how you do that by the way – and it really ties in to what I said today. 🙂

  • Leigh

    Last week was MANIA! haha. I’m going through this life change that is reminiscent of something that happened in the past twice, so I’m really trying to look at my responses and trying to do something new. I’m having trouble pin-pointing what that is though! So I’m going to try to float with it all and hope the answer becomes clear. Thanks for the outlook for the week Colette!

  • Laurie

    What is the song that plays after your card reading? It’s nice.

  • Brook

    Thank you Colette for your work – always an inspiration! xoxo I needed to be reminded of the principles in your blog post and the assurance from the cards that we keep on moving forward by moving forward…one step at a time. Big love!

  • Heather Eck

    I just love you Colette – I look forward to your blog and weekly oracle readings every week. I took your Weight Release Energetix Lite course and loved it. Thank you for continuing to be such an inspiration to me and so many others!! In love and light.

  • Irina

    Precisely what I’ve been reading lately. Huge fan of Wattles, Haanel, Randolph Price, Ponder & Co but you forgot Neville Goddard in that list – he’s the best IMHO!

  • Marina

    Thank You Colette! This message is so timely for me today!

    I’m in the middle of settling a large estate – that includes possibly owning our family home, and receiving an inheritance. I’m still grieving in many ways, and having to think about these things right now (so soon) just seems so awful! It is so strange to me that being a spiritual person, and knowing full well that my parents are not gone, I still don’t get out of experiencing the human emotions surrounding the illusion of death – crap! LOL

    I have been going between knowing in my heart that all that I desire to happen will (doing what needs doing, accepting, allowing, being open to receive), and being so completely unsure that I become tied up in knots, anxious and scattered. Such extremes of calm clarity and flying blind – I’m not sure how to equalize! I so miss my mom – sometimes I can hardly breathe!

    Let go and let God: Spirit has a plan ~ Spirit has a plan ~ Spirit has a plan — my new mantra. 🙂

    Thank you for the opportunity to share 🙂

  • suzy

    It’s that balance between pushing and lethargy that plagues me. I’m struggling in so many areas…but I do feel that I am in the right place. My girlfriend who seems to have it all together told me just this weekend that she doesn’t have any close friends where she lives either. I keep looking at others and seeing what She’s got…I just keep learning and remembering that the Spirit does indeed have a plan. But as my friend says, God can’t steer a parked car. So here we go.
    Thank you for your weekly reality check.

  • Lisa

    Hi Colette
    You always write great things ! .. Your fav authors are some of mine too ! .. Recently I have been forcing my children to read some books, they have been unschooled and usually I go with the child led idea .. But lately I decided that they could use a burst of inspiration ! Both of them have done getting into the gap with Wayne Dyer and also his sound of creation meditation, so they are open to outside the box ideas .. My 15 year son has completed a Mabel Katz book on Ho’oponopono and Joe Vitale’s book Zero Limits .. Now he has moved on to the first book in the series Masters of the Far East, by Baird T Spalding ! .. With him starting book 1, I decided to re read the series, and I am reading book 2 again !
    When I moved from my home, I gave away all my Ponder books, and I had every single one, and all my Unity books and all my Florence Scovell Shinn books too .. I kept what I felt I would want to read again someday .. Luckily my mother has all of Catherine Ponders books, so if I get the urge, I can get them again !
    While out for a morning walk today, I thanked Spirit for bringing you to my attention ! .. You have assisted me to remember who I am, not what I have accomplished , or not accomplished ! .. I am humbled by the Greatness of God, working to show me the truth . thank you ! .. Your example of letting go and letting God is so danged helpful ! .. Lisa xoxox

  • Catherine

    The best example of this for me happened a while back when I was single. I was looking for the love of my life and I looked everywhere and dated like there was no tomorrow. Those guys gave me the strokes I needed at the time even though I realized it was all a superficial dance with them. But until the right one came along, they and their attention and compliments would suffice.

    I continued this for about a year and a half, and although I had fun on the dates, I came home to an empty apartment and that made me feel worse, actually. Not one of those guys was looking for anything other than a good time, just like I was, but down deep I wished they wanted something more.

    I finally got tired of the whole different-guy-every-night scene, and decided to only go out with someone that would be the kind of man I could settle down with and one that would be a perfect fit for me. Within a short time after that, I met, fell in love with, and married the man of my dreams. He was truly an angel on this earth, and I thanked God every day for him. All my friends and associates told me how lucky I was and said they hoped they could find someone just as wonderful.

    If I had kept being anxious about getting my mate and putting out desperate vibes, I know I would not have allowed Spirit to bring me what I was supposed to have. He passed away a few years ago, but he is with me much of the time, and I will see him again some day. In the meantime, I reflect on the lesson I learned, and bask in the love that still comes my way.

  • Gaelle

    I have had more highly unusual, truly challenging and just bizarre situations in my life since I were a child. I have been to hell and back so many times I could recognize the path with my eyes closed. However, for every hit, I quietly brushed off and rose to my feet. Sometimes the lessons were so abundant that as soo as I stood, I’d find myself on the ground yet again. Now, I am neither stupid or spiritually uneducated so I wasn’t repeating the same errors, they have simply been an onslaught of lessons. I have learned to let go and trust and the universe generally gifts me with a solution. For instance, I had an apt. (Walk out basement) which was actually very bright and nice as it was in a large Victorian house. As winter rolled round and I turned on the heat ( just at night as I was working all day) and I received my 1st real heating bill, it registered over $1300.00. Come to find out it was an illegal apt and the landlord and other 4 apts electricity were all connected to my elec box. When the landlord clld in a certified electrician as I insisted, it ended up being her uncle who was not certified in anything but perhaps the ability to con people. I ended up going to an atty and had no other choice but to sue , so the bill could be paid. Those first two wks after “she” was notified was miserable. I was looking desperately for a new place but was having no luck at all. I went to bed praying with all of my might, asking for a home of my own as I was so tired of bad landlords, perverts , thieves and crazy individuals having authority over me and my private life. That night I dreamt of a massive White House with a red door. I was walking up the big block sidewalk ( very wealthy, tidy area) with the key to this house in my hand. In the dream, it was like my own but not 100%. Three days later I found an ad for a caretaker, interviewed for it and never imagined I would be the lucky recipient. I was chosen, over single men, young families etc. when I went back to meet with the owner, he handed me the keys and gave me the address to which I was only aware of the general area. We signed some legalities and he followed me to the house. When I pulled up in front I actually began to cry. It was the exact same house in my dream. As an artist, Int. Designer and architectural student, this 17 rm colonial was beyond a dream come true… I opened my own in house studio and refurbished the house little by little. I put frescoes on the ceilings, marbelized the fireplaces I was a child in a candy store. Not only were my prayers answered, from then on, in difficult times, I verily , wholeheartedly believed in miracles. I catch myself fretting and immediately curb that reaction and hand it over to the universe. Many will be surprised to find just how many angels also come to assist. True faith is like magic! Best to all..

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      wonderful story ! Thank you for joining the conversation!

    • Diana Boles


  • Julie

    Thanks again Colette…always a Dinamo…and so Inspiring!!Thanks for You..and Thanks for being so Real!!

  • Pamela

    Spirit has a plan! Spirit has a plan! Spirit has a plan!

    Well Colette, you managed to “get all in my CoolAid” again, as we sisters like to say at times. Letting go. One of the easiest things to say and teach; But, one of the more challenging things to do. (I say this about myself.) Lord knows, I need the constant reminder to relinquish control and walk by faith. Thank you for being you. For being authentic, and for keeping it real. I want nothing more than divine will for my life and with that said I have had to let go again, again, and again! At every plateau, from glory to glory, I let go. I am grateful for all the beautiful teachers in my life (that includes you) and the incredibly beautiful life I have manifested.

    Spirit has a plan! Spirit has a plan! Spirit has a plan!

    Thank you Colette.


  • Christine


    Inspiring and always enjoy and love reading your blogs. Purchased recently your new Wisdom of the Oracle divination cards…..luv luv luv and more luv!!!! Let go and just be .. so many paths and twist and turns in my journey … but will share in looking for love and challenge of finding balance in one life…. between work and raising teenage boys and living in a rural ontario…. i am doing just that let go and just be… spirit has a plan. Thank you for inspiring and sharing xo

  • Bobby

    Spirit has a plan! And how challenging it is sometimes to surrender to it and let the miracles happen! Learning about, and living, mindfulness has opened many doors to Spirit’s plan for me in the last few years. Your words each week resonate consistently as I learn to recognize self-imposed roadblocks to realizing that plan, and I am so grateful for your echo in my ear. Namaste

  • Robyn

    Sleep. Specifically, sleeping in. Just last week, Spirit told me “Go to Ikea and get those roller blinds that block out light!”. I thought yes, perfect – my mornings will be darker and my little guy (14 months) will go back to sleeping in till after 8, sometimes 9, and I can get up early and do yoga and set my intentions for the day, just like all those books say, and create that space in my life that I’ve been praying for. I should note here I am not, and never have been, anything even remotely close to being a morning person. In fact, getting up at 9 is sometimes difficult. Minor detail!

    So I got the blinds, installed them and happily settled down to what I thought would be a great night’s sleep. Of COURSE we’ll sleep in the next morning, Spirit told me to get the blinds didn’t She? Next morning rolls around, brilliantly darkened by the good folks at Ikea and their wonderful block-out blinds – and…. what?? Awake? Chirpy? You want to play at WHAT time?? 6:30am?!?!? ><

    So it turns out Spirit's plan was a little different from what I thought (surprise surprise!). My created space is now in the afternoon, as he happily naps for 2-3 hours straight in the middle of the day (naptime used to be our battlefield), giving me time for lunch (sitting! by myself! quietly!), dinner prep and maybe even time for a 30 minute yoga or meditation practice…. in the daytime when I am in a much better mood than early mornings.

    Oh Spirit, you and your crazy plans.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love it

    • Diana Boles

      This is a great chuckle at 4:00 a.m. Having kids turned me into a REAL EARLY BIRD! My youngest is 32 and I’m still getting up @ 4! Hahaha?

  • Kelley


    I would love your insight on still taking inspired action. I have noticed lately that my aspirations do run away from me when I try too hard, like you say. But is there a point after surrendering that action or synchronicity just flows from us or to us? Do we take somewhat unrelated steps that eventually lead us to the essence of our desires? Gracias amor!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      chop wood carry water, hold the vision, feel the essence trust the process chop wood carry water, and be open to receive then chop some more wood carry some more water – rinse repeat

      • Anonymous

        Thank you!!!!!!! Great to hear from you.

      • Kelley

        Thank you Colette!!! Great to hear from you. Blessings~~

  • Renee Sugar

    “The place that G-d call us to is where your deep gladness and the worlds’ hunger meet.” Frederick Bruechner This can be translated to mean that our deepest pain is the fuel that
    propels us to discover the gifts we are meant to share in service to the world. This is what I
    desire. When it will present itself, remains yet to be revealed. So I can stand on my head, and
    “try” to figure it out, but as most of the gifts that were found through serendipity; were the most
    joyful, and wonder-filled as I did not create the plan. I just had to say YES and take another step.
    When I discovered a printmaking kit that cost $7.98 it lead me to explore a medium that I had
    never used before. I loved not “knowing” how it worked, but the process that allowed me to experiment
    without rules, or even a teacher. It totally experiential. That’s what I love most, to open to the “unknown”.

    What I find most challenging is determining which is my deepest pain?? What is
    the form and who is the platform/audience to receive it ? The journey has always been
    focused more on perfecting/creating an image impression. I have done that professionally,
    with a background in design for many years. What it looks like to the outside, rather than what
    it feels like from the inside out. That is the divide spirit/vs. intellect. When the “outer” being breaks
    the inner being will emerge. So next time I frustrate myself, “trying” to figure it out; I will remind
    myself that “spirit does have a plan, and I am included in the scheme of things. I will be advised
    where and when I need to be, usually not much ahead of time. So I will release my will and
    stay empty to the guidance of a higher perspective. I am quite wonky, and feeling very tired of trying
    to figure it out alone. Man’s extremity is G-ds’ opportunity.

  • Trish

    I wanted to be a hair stylist or something creative and “fabulous” when I was young. My mother almost had a stroke when I said I wanted to “do hair.” I come from a family that had to work really hard to have the opportunity to go to college. My dad worked on the docks and all manner of jobs to be able to attend college. They got their advanced degrees while working full-time during the day. They valued education above all else. It represented the ability to have job security to them. Having a profession was valued above all other career endeavors. Creative pursuits were not valued since they were seen as wishy-washy and without real renumeration and / or job security. Honestly, my mom could be a little elitist and felt hair styling was beneath me. So I went to law school, pretty much begrudgingly and avoided even working as an attorney when I came out of school. I worked for a corporation in HR. I got laid off, I got laid off again (and got married!) and then I got my first real law job working for a guy I went to law school with. I worked there for three years and got experience in lots of areas. It was an experience to say the least. I got laid off. I got a job at another firm and got practically clinically depressed I disliked it there so much. I got laid off….again. In between all these jobs I had a lovely baby boy. I wanted so much to be able to spend more time with him. Soon enough another beautiful baby came along and both my parents passed away. I *needed* a job with more flexibility that still brought in the income required to make ends meet in the Northeast USA. After I got laid off the last time I gathered up the courage to go out on my own and “hang my own shingle” as attorneys say. I’ve been “on my own” as a solo practitioner for the last almost 7 years. While I don’t always *love* it, it has been the best thing that ever happened to me. I never would have thought that going to law school and committing to practicing law would have worked out so well! I work from home and have the flexibility to pick up my children and attend school events with them. Spirit’s got my back!

  • Roweana

    Wow last weeks blog and this weeks are so true to me. I am in the process of becoming a psychic and I get wonderful feedback but have trouble getting people to purchase readings. I go overboard and ask spirit to advise me what to do for me to get more readings. Yet I hear no answers. I get told that I will be successful and the time is now to start doing things but everytime I hear that I get a spurt of pushing forward then I get messages of patience. I have tried everything from space clearing, not pushing forward, letting go and done heaps of affirmations, prayers but feel like I go one step forward and three back. One day….it’s like the partner I have been waiting for. One day… Yikes I have waited over 40 years for a relationship how long is it going to be for anything to take shape. I give up

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      ok .. my answer is pick the median rate in your area for your price and then charge. If someone wants a reading tell them to book an appointment and you will be thrilled to work with them. Do you go to the grocer and expect him to give you free cereal or to the massage therapist and not pay? We live in a money economy – it represents the energy output of your service. You make this decision then the universe provides. This is all about being ready and facing your inner blocks. The outer world reflects our beliefs. .. be the shaper of your destiny and Spirit will then shape it for your highest good. BIG love cooxoxoxoxo

      • Anonymous

        Thank you Colette

  • Shirley Chase

    We bought a dollar store in 2005 that I thought was my dream I love to shop. Had a whole store to shop for. The was 2000 sq ft. That was to small next year got to make the store 6000 sq ft. People loved the store. We had everything for weddings,birthday parties. But in 2008 my mom past away. I had no time to grieve. Shopping and laughing got harder. I was becoming bitter and angry.at that time I knew and believed in God. And that fall a buyer came out of the blue to buy the store we hadn’t even said we were selling. Halloween and Christmas times are your busiest time. So we forgot all about the buyer then in Feb he approached us again. My mom came in my dream and we were talking and she was going and I said mom when will I see you again and she said April 9. Long story short on April 9 we signed the sale but my heart or head wasn’t ready. And one day I saw the saying we all know about doors opening closing but the rest of the saying is you have to be willing to walk through the open door without looking back longingly on the closed door. It has taken me till last year to really step forward and not just play with my Spiritual path. Thank you for letting me get that out in the daylight.

  • Shirley Chase

    But my question is now I’m out in the light what know. My mediumship is coming throu strong. And I trust my messages. I saw you in 2012 in Scottdale at the Devine Wisdom Retreat. Love your approach.
    What my next step??

  • Faithe

    Looking back over more than half a century.. i see that i started out as a hopeless romantic who always believed in magic and miracles.. but a very tough and pain filled life for at least 2/3s of that journey to now has also made me into a numb indifferent controlled and controlling being who is more reactive rather than proactive.. its only in these past few years that i have learnt to let go and let God..
    I did not get here with graceful will.. i was beaten into resigned submission.. but now that i am here.. i feel stronger and more at peace than i have ever felt simply because now i have somehow come to love.. like.. and embrace self..
    I almost never got what i desired and those i did get always came with strings attached or were spoilt in some way.. seeing the big picture is not one of my strengths.. so nowadays i will myself to hope for and expect alot less and somehow in a roundabout way im happier for it.. its an ongoing process.. some days its an easy 1 step forward and other days its such a struggling 8 steps back and probably will be to the end.. but now unlike before.. tho i still deplore my unstableness that leads to impulsive poor decision making.. i am happy and comfy with my self.. i love and as importantly like myself .. and that makes all the diff in the world.. ;_)

  • Karen

    Wow! I just had a reading on Sat and she said exactly what you just said!

    I want new growth. I will quit my old patterns because I have been ‘swimming against the current” and it isn’t working. Haha.
    So yesterday and today there was a skip to my step. And my stomach isn’t hurting so much. It’s because I’m finally letting go. FINALLY At 53 I’m getting it. My perfect job? Well, it’s done in June, but do you know what? I’m not perseverating.

  • Johanna

    Letting go – key to so much. Happened to me before I even really delved into any spiritual practice and I ended up meeting my soul mate and taking my life in a whole new direction!! Most recently, I had desires to be on stage again and to work on stage with a dear friend. I auditioned for a play for a particular role and really wanted that role. I got a part but not the one I wanted. My friend got a part in the same play. Spirit, though, had listened and while I was a little disappointed I didn’t the role I wanted, I realized that I got the one I asked for. Had I gotten the part I auditioned for, I wouldn’t have had a single scene with my friend. Spirit does bring you your desires even if it doesn’t seem that way at first. Thanks for the beautiful weekly reminders Colette. I so look forward to them! XO

  • Prospera

    I moved to a new city, bought a ‘renovator’s dream’ on a half acre, run down property, decided I needed a four-legged furry for company. Daily, I checked the rescue dog sites, missing out on those ‘most-likely’ by a mere whisker – this went on for months. I took to trawling local breeders’ websites and emailed one on the off-chance an older animal might be available. Immediately a ‘yes’, I could have one of three 2yo females, providing she had a litter later. It was love at first sight, but having lived her entire life in a large cage in a paddock, getting used to my home was ‘interesting.’ Thunderbolts and lightning weren’t a problem; the refrigerator turning on? Very scary. Nine months later, she’s a confident, intelligent, lively, curious and deeply affectionate, pedigreed Irish Terrier – an absolute gem of a ‘rescue dog’, which she was in a way. How lucky am I? Spirit has a plan.

    Colette, thank you for this particular blog entry. It reminds me that we never know how far people have come, what they went though to become who they are. You can’t tell by looks alone, eh? Angels walk amongst us in many shapes and forms.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Omg hilarious about the fridge one of my pomeranians used to freak out when the fridge bell would go , the coffee maker and we had an expensive alarm system that would ding if someone used any of the doors in our home. Well we had to disable all the sounds. She has passed away now but she was a happy dog especially when we held her close. You are welcome .. I tell it like it is, I tell my story so others know anything is possible with Spirit as your partner, forgiveness and healing the primary action.

  • Linda Kiernan

    This was an awesome, thought-provoking post Colette. I have an example of a manifestation that just happened today. We have been car shopping for a couple weeks now. We knew the make and model clearly, and wanted it in a specific price range. All the cars advertised lately were several thousand more than we wanted to spend. We briefly thought about caving and spending the money, but decided to stick to our desired price. Last night I ended finding a car online that was a year newer and several thousand less than any other car we had seen. So cheap I could hardly believe it. The problem…it was a 2.5 hour drive away. The question that went through my mind was, “What are you willing to DO to get what you want?” So I reflect, in other areas of life where I ask and ask and ask and wonder am I willing to take the action needed to bring my ask to life? After a full day of travel, test driving and negotiating, we now have a new car in front of our house.

  • Heather

    Colette who? is what I said to my husband when he came back from physio at Red Deer hospital, had run into a friend selling daffodils for cancer, oh look home lottery tickets, and what’s this pinned on a cork board in a darkened corner? A medium is “putting on a show” TOMORROW!! Oh this should get me some brownie points. So I was presented with 2 tickets & flowers. Soooo thoughtful. Call my daughter, lets go out for dinner and meet Colette. Very excited!! about dinner with my daughter and Collette may be fun too.
    OMG!! I’m too old to say OMG!! but OMG!!
    I was called on by my best friend’s son who had killed himself, you gave me his first name, occupation, and knew how he died. I kept waiting for someone else to put up their hand but nope, it was for me. He had a simple but sweet message. “please tell my mother that it wasn’t her fault.” In came my (really not nice) father, with words of praise, gratitude & love. My daughter was crying in the back row so you had her come forward and she also received beautiful healing messages and confirmation that she is on the right path. You had her and her boyfriend’s (according to you soon to be husband) personalities down pat. She is a Bucking bronco and a little whacadoodle (in a nice way) and he is a sweet & gentle calming force.
    Well needless to say we had an amazing experience. I certainly know who Colette Baron-Reid is now and it was sincerely a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
    I do have a dilemma: My dear friend of 35 years who NEEDS the message from her son has already told me that because of my beliefs I will not be saved and in fact punished. How do I tell her that some tatted up motorcycle medium (no disrespect intended) gave me this message?? When I say it outloud it even sounds crazy to me. Any advice?? Sending you much love.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      HI Heather! nice to meet you and this is truly something I run into a lot and it is very sad. Some religions are very anti- spiritualism for too many reasons to count – all of them based on superstition fear and control. I came to this place honestly and shifted all my beliefs as a result. You can’t change someone else’s beliefs especially when she might have found solace and community in her religion. He will be waiting for her when she passes. Just love her as she is,for she still must be suffering and likely been told that her son is in hell ( which doesn’t exist at all by the way – hell is here). There is only Love – Spirit loves us all because we are part of this Great Consciousness doing what we can to co-create the world one dream at a time. I have brought through folks from the other side that had hard core beliefs in life that only want to heal the living from these ideas. But no one can force another no matter how hard they try especially when grief and anger has cemented the door shut. Anyway big love to you. ps I ride a Harley but don’t have any tats lololol.. not yet anyway !

  • Rolene

    While I haven’t manifested the physical forms yet…spirit has sent me some very definite signs that I have been heard. From the owls popping up everywhere and the significant songs playing to the bird that pooped on my shoulder while I was praying for some of my friends and family at a place of very significant spiritual meaning for me. I also keep seeing 111, 222, 444 and 777. Someone is trying to tell me something…….I think it is “I have your back and you have been heard – stay tuned for the miracles.” LOVE your blog and your Oracle cards. XX

  • Diana Boles

    “Ok, Gloria! It’s time! Let’s go see if the Hart people have a pal for you that we can adopt”. And sure enough, they did!
    Meanwhile, back on the farm……………………my neighbors daughter needed to find a foster home for her Chug pup, Grizzly.
    With a prayer in my heart, I just went before Spirit and sang—“it’s all up to you, Toots!”
    As the next 3 weeks passed, all signs pointed to Grizzly coming to live with us and not Miguel. Even a picture in a stone at my favorite crystal shop! It showed an arm hugging a small black dog!
    Yep! Grizzly now resides with Gloria and Grouch-0 and me! Chances are now pointing to him becoming a permanent member of my household. But again…………before Spirit I sing!

  • Marci C

    Ah, Colette, you do speak directly to my soul … “I have co-created an extraordinary life- from drug addict to spiritual teacher and intuition expert; from a multiple rape survivor believing she would always be a victim to a woman with dignity and self worth married to her true soul mate” … these words could have come straight out of my mouth. Our stories are so similar. I am so grateful that I got to meet you at CYL last year. Here’s a little story about synchronicity and manifestation: After I met you in November, I really gained some clarity on which direction I would like to go with my work. I started watching your videos, using your oracle cards more often and I even took one of your online courses. I have really enjoyed getting to know myself, my passions, my purpose in new ways since then. I even finished a book project that I was working on FOREVER after meeting you. Something inside me woke up and just got it done. So anyway, I was on your website checking on events that I could possibly attend to soak up some more of that wisdom and brilliant light of yours, and I found one that I was going to sign up for, but then I never could find it again. Soooooo, last week as I’m scrolling through facebook, I see a post about you and some other beautiful spirits that are coming to Arizona in June for The Divine Wisdom Retreat! Wooo hooo! After giving my beloved husband an ear full about how it’s meant to be, yata yata, I signed up today!! I. Am. Thrilled. Here I was thinking I was going to go see you at a far away place, but Spirit had other plans and is practically bringing you to my own backyard. I can’t wait!
    I want to thank you for always being so open and transparent about where you’re at. It truly is inspiring. See ya in June!

  • Lisa_AK

    Greetings Colette and Sparkly Tribe Members!

    ALL of the miracles and right people/things showing up at the right time in my life have been when I let go and let God. Some have been in the form and shape I wanted/needed and others have been so different from my expectations that you could have knocked me over with a feather! But it’s all been part of that on going co-creative process and I find it so amazing and am so grateful. I believe we are all a work in progress and give gratitude daily that ‘God’s not through with me yet’!

    And for those of you still struggling with the concept, I tell you for me the struggle ended when I finally learned to love myself and know that I am worth happiness, love, peace and fulfillment. Does that mean every day is easy? No, because I am human and we all have the emotions that go with being human. But it does mean I have the strength, faith and knowledge to know that indeed ‘Spirit has a plan’ and ‘Spirit always has my back’. When their are struggles I try to take a step back and find the lesson I need to learn because I know if I don’t learn it I’ll get the same lesson again. Then I get in that quiet place in my heart and ask for guidance and knowledge.

    Thanks Colette for your weekly blog and card readings! They mean so much to all of us!
    Love, Light and Peace to All

  • Barb Last

    Dear Miss C, that was such a good read and you are a very good writer I love all that you share. Your incredibly full of wisdom, intelligence and border-line genius! I get a feeling your brain is similar to your fathers and I know he was deeply intelligent and you both seem to share the scientific side of the brain. But, how interesting that you both also have a connection to a spiritual side which for most is unseen or felt and not an exact science. Ah but maybe it is for you b/c you can hear, see and feel what others cannot so that is proof yes?? I could sit and talk to you all day picking at your little brain it would be most delightful. So, yes what you wrote is interesting and then to finish it off with Spirit has a plan. That is going to be my mantra when walking little doggie. It helps one to relax into the moment and know that all is well. I should know that Spirit has a plan they keep telling me what it is when I sit down to write and they show up…….and say to me yeah sure Barbara go ahead and do that if you think that’s what you need to do, but you will be doing this in time. I’ve heard it over and over what their little plan is for moi. Me, of course is going what?? I will be doing that are you sure?? I think they are laughing! Yes in time Barbara. In the meantime relax, enjoy yourself your moving in the right direction…..meditate, have some fun you’ve worked hard time to let go…..and actually since I made a big change I am feeling incredibly well and now I think I am in that place of knowing and feeling, as they have said. For the first time I feel quite connected to Source and do not despair. I think it’s the flowers! I have made things happen that was my intention, maybe not always as quick as one would like it but when I go back and read my journal I go hey I’ve done that oh look I’m here now. And some things I wanted didn’t show up, and later thought Omg I am so glad I didn’t get that!! But at the time you sure were wanting it….and it’s what suppose to happen. ha ha nope!
    You sharing your own experiences and knowledge is really benefiting many others. Because we are here in this together wanting some of the same things, have had some of the same experiences at different times but similar and it’s wonderful to know this and not be so hard on ourselves. Taking those not so good experiences and using them as a learning tool, not holding onto them as wounds. Letting go and helping others. We spend a lot of time holding on to things that aren’t serving us. I see it all the time. Always a pleasure and delight! Blessings and thank you……I see you are wrapped in a blanket of feathers…..xo Queenie
    When ever you have an injury right off the hop you take Arnica for pain and swelling, and keep taking for a few days. Google it. Oh, I would have had your fixed up straight away. Red Deer Alberta I know people from there sweet!

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    Well, here it goes ….


    For a long time, many many months, I have begged Spirit for employment – specifically
    a tribe that caused no-drama for me and where I would be appreciated for my achievements.

    Hence, I was contacted to schedule a testing session for a position I applied for in the local
    social services offices working in the financial department perfect in coordination with my
    business degree.

    I took five tests and barely passed one (two levels combined), ok in another (two levels combined),
    and superb in the remainder however I have not been called for the second part of the opportunity
    such as an interview with the department manager.

    The opportunity I longed for came at an inappropriate time – my daughter was transitioning back
    home and I had my pre-kindergarten grandson to keep up with, entertain, and understand as well
    as study for the testing topics. I was overwhelmed. Fortunately, I attended the first appointment
    and there was a glitch in the testing system so human resources gave me another appointment
    later in the week which I attended.

    After the second testing opportunity I woke up with the “desire card” that I pinned to my dreamboard
    on my head so when I moved it dropped to the floor (my dreamboard hangs over my bed). I picked it up,
    re-read it, and pinned it back because I have not gotten the offer of employment yet. I am
    grateful to know what it takes to get close to being asked for the next step with that particular company.

    Career Blessings
    GHTJ Blessings
    Lil’bud Blessings
    LJO Blessings
    L&G Blessings
    Home Blessings
    Neighborhood Blessings

    LOV : )
    P : ) ACE
    JO : )

    Amen – Light to All Lights – World Peace

  • Michelle

    Thank you Sparkly, Earth Angel for the gift of YOU! <3

  • Ali

    You said this much better than I could, but I appreciate my words being thrown in very much! 🙂

    My story is actually comprised of many small stories, and they are all the same: chase job/promotion, it doesn’t happen due to downsizing/budget cuts/whatever, feel like a failure and emotionally flog myself for months/years, find a better job, repeat…

    I’m getting better at this now, but there are still little internal tugs here and there. All in good time… letting go and letting God!!!


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