Why Empty is a Key to Successful Manifestation!

Updated: April 20, 2016

Dearest you,

Has life thrown you a curve ball that felt so wrong at the time but turned out to be absolutely perfect in hindsight?

Have you ever injured yourself so you were forced to slow down right when you thought barreling ahead at full steam was the way to go?

Have you been “this close” to the prize you thought you were running for only to see it disappear and you were forced to sit empty for a time?

Do you know that Spirit has a plan for you and that your job is not just to work that plan but also to surrender and relax, and even add empty space as part of it?

If you’re like me you might not initially be a giant fan of any of these scenarios.

I had to train myself to slow down, to make meditation and prayer a daily routine, to discipline myself to make a shift from super-doer to just being.

And, since I believe with every ounce in my being that Spirit has a plan I know that things will always be in the highest good, even the losses and sorrows have purpose. My soul knows this.
Ego? Not so much!

My ego loves to take over the wheel even when the things I’m doing are part of my soul work. Sometimes we all fall asleep temporarily.
I wake myself up by saying this over and over:-

“Everything I have achieved in my life I have co-created in partnership with Spirit.”

And, perhaps you identify with this too.

I can’t conjure up answers or ideas by sitting down demanding they come. The funny thing is my best intuitive hits and ideas come when I’m not trying – its when I’m in the shower, swimming, or taking a bath. It’s when I’m walking or playing with my dogs. It’s when I am chopping vegetables for our smoothies that I will get a lightning bolt of inspiration.

When I get empty, I get filled. Why? It’s because the soul needs breathing space to have a conversation.

When I get too scattered and overwhelmed by“ all the things I have to do to make things happen!” Ideas and prompts come to keep me there in that cycle. Why? It’s because my small self is doing the prompting masquerading as my intuition!

All of us can get caught in this deception but when we have the tools, and the practice of paying attention, we don’t have to remain in the same cycle of chasing our tails. What is familiar is not always the best means of navigating our desires for a positive outcome.

It’s in the uncharted unknown that new ideas and infinite possibility lies not in what I already know. Spirit sends me my vibrational match but I don’t get it by running around forcing it. Most times the best opportunities come from “out of the blue”.

As a matter of fact the opposite happens. When I go into “Duracell Bunny” mode, when I forget my off switch, something inevitably will happen to remind me that I teach what I need to learn sometimes.

When we become empty and still for a time, emptying our minds from our goals and desired outcomes, from our ambition and our focus on the future “out there”, we replenish our well, we allow for epiphanies and we stop being the one “ in charge” and instead welcome a partnership with the invisible Greatness that is Spirit to work through us.

Becoming empty is a crucial step in the manifesting process. First we find the frequency, focus on the outcome, release it to Spirit to decide the form and in between our actions and (hopefully) consistent reinforcement of those feelings and thoughts that support our highest good, we breathe deeply, filling our hearts with gratitude, chop wood carry water and allow our lives to be filled in divine appropriate timing.
In stillness there is extraordinary freedom.

So I’d love to hear what do you notice when either you choose to be empty for a time, or life pushes you to be empty? What has happened for you seemingly “ out of the blue” after a time of emptiness?

Love to hear from you.
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  • Sandra Slavec

    Hi Colette,

    So true what you say about leaving some breathing space for your soul. I too experience the best ideas and solutions when I shift my focus onto something else completely unrelated like going for a walk or doing a mundane chore. It’s funny how many times inspiration strikes while vacuuming and cleaning house!

    • Harriet

      After a four-year job search, I finally decided it wasn’t happening. A few days later a friend called and asked if I wanted her job for a year while she was on mat leave. My interview is tomorrow!

    • Haleh Daneshmand

      i have just too been thrown a cured ball for my job situation, i really want to start truck driving, but i am sure many will not support me, but i continue to try, thank you for your messages they give me advice, i welcome any advice if you felt like writing me, and sincerely from the bottom of my heart thank you for this message

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        Just do it.. visualize how you feel doing it. how confident it makes you.. doesn’t matter who supports you.. if its inspired you will do it then everyone will step up one by one.. the right ones will that is. We don’t need the world.. just the right people.

    • Malteser

      I’m about to hand in my resignation. I don’t have another job to go to. Sick of the hamster wheel and putting others first. I’m scared to death but my gut tells me that it’s the right thing to do – to make space for the universe to bring in the next move, the next cycle of my life. Wish me luck…

  • Julia

    Right there… right now…. lol.
    Could not figure out the energy this past 10 days… its felt like walking through treacle with everything I was reaching for moving one step further each time I get to it.
    Its been a sloooow week. And one in which I was determined to make big changes. I’d started a new health & fitness workout with new eating plan etc. 1st day… my Cross trainer broke.
    Cue meltdown. Felled at the first hurdle. (That x trainer symbolised way more than an effort to get fit)
    So spirit *synchros* almost instantly gave me a new workout ( Jillian michaels 30 day shred… omg… I love it!).
    6 days into that my Husband kindly gives me his cold so I have spent the last 2 days laid up feeling yuck. And my efforts to aquire a new cross trainer on ebay… fast fast fast… have been slow slow slow… haha.
    I have one but the seller is taking her sweet time to make arrangements for me to collect. *sigh* She seems lovely but just… not responding quickly.
    I am however still noticing that quite a lot of things are almost instantly manifesting… within the day sometimes.
    Things that I thought were lost causes.
    In fact, the night I got fed up waiting for the ebayer to respond to my offer I said to my husband (while I was in a miserable cold ridden sulk) “I don’t care… I dont even want it anymore. I’ll buy another one”
    I meant it. Stuff em!!!
    I checked my email & there was the response… hahaha. My entire week has gone a little like that. But so sloooooowwwwly. wahhh. 😀 xxxxxx

  • Suzanne

    ‘Being Empty’. So timely! And exactly where I am. Coming off of two weeks of the flu, with week #3 being a very slow, ‘take it easy’, don’t push it, get enough rest kind of week. And I’ve been feeling extremely ’empty’. No purpose, no will, no drive, no ambition, why am I here, what’s the point? kind of energy. So, for once, I sat in it. And sat with it. And felt it and just let it be. Finally, last night, I prayed for help. I asked for help to feel differently. To feel better, to believe I have a reason to be here, to have gratitude and to know that I have a purpose. And, thankfully, today I feel better. I can see that the place I’m in is a wonderful opportunity to create the life I want, to be the person I know I want to be. I get to decide what is really important to me, what do I want to focus on, and how do I simply want to ‘be’. I can open to Spirit and listen for guidance instead of always feeling like I have to ‘figure it out’. I know I am guided and Spirit has a plan. After all, I haven’t been let down so far! Wonderful to be able to turn it around and make a positive from what was a hardship. Thanks for sharing!

  • Della Monk

    That was fun!
    I love the “examine your life” theme.

    Can you elaborate on how we find the frequency of a manifestation?

    Thanks for everything.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      next week 😉

      • lara

        Re: last weeks radio show – Thank you so much Colette for letting us know the name of your song that is at the end of the weekly card forecast (coming home) – I had been hunting around the internet trying to find out who sang it as I love it!
        Of course it was you – so great to hear the full version finally – truly beautiful voice x

  • Connie Bendig

    Hi Colette:
    I always enjoy your weekly forecast! I look forward to it and get me going in the right direction if I haven’t started already.
    Have a great week Colette!


  • Wendy

    I agree about “being empty”. Two years ago I quit my job as I couldn’t stand the work any longer. I was taking a coaching program and also took a BodyTalk practitioner class. In the meantime I needed to make some money and applied to many jobs but nothing was coming my way.

    During this time of transition I had a reading with Colette and we talked about my course work etc. At the very end of the reading she says I see a move and a marriage in the next year. Shut the front door!!!! I was in a relationship that wasn’t going that well (we spent no time on this in the reading) and he never wanted marriage. Colette in her way says maybe the marriage means a new start. I said I just moved and I am not moving again!!! We had no time to discuss this and I didn’t think more about it.

    After I quit my job as I had time I did a lot of personal healing. As I had more time than I knew what to do with I decided to go with a friend to Greece. Guess what? I met a man and on the first day he met me he wanted to get married. He is Greek Canadian and lived 2 hours from where I had been living.

    We were married last summer and I moved!!! If I I hadn’t of taken that time to be quiet I don’t think these changes would have happened.

    The divine had a much better plan all along. No wonder I didn’t get work at that time. I had a lover to meet and ended up staying the summer getting to know him. If I had work I couldn’t have stayed.

    Colette was totally right in what she saw.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      wow this is so cool. I never know what happens with this unless someone tells me ! Congratulations 😉

  • Beth

    Three years ago Spirit decided my liver needed to stop working in order to literally stop me…as a result, I ended up quitting almost every activity/group I was involved in as well as one of two part-time jobs. I also was “cleaning house” physically and emotionally and a lot of clutter is gone, and that process continues. But I’m not sure I’ve gone far enough, or stopped (long?) enough, as the answers/direction hasn’t come yet…or it could be I’m still trying too hard and not surrendering.

    Though, things are happening “out of the blue” – I was able to see you in Red Deer, after years of wishing I knew how to knit I taught myself how last fall and am enjoying knitting a sweater, I’ve started a photography project (photography has never really interested me before) and it is showing me a new side of myself, plus I unexpectedly just ended up having 3 days totally and completely to myself to recharge.

    When I don’t get hung up trying to do everything all at once, the surprises occur. 🙂

  • Diana Boles

    We know we are light. Yet, if we traveled at the speed OF light we would be THE light. How could we then see each other? How would we then hear another’s words? How shall we then know our own thoughts? Sometimes we should be the smaller glow of the single candle.

  • Ali

    Hi Colette. Looking forward to trying the “empty” thing!

    In the meantime, I have a question about your oracle card reading for the week. (You looked adorable in the video this week, by the way!) Very timely for me, but one thing especially stood out. You talked about how when we identify something in someone else that we don’t like, that it’s a reflection of something we dislike in ourselves. I have heard about this concept before and agree with it. I’m dealing with a situation right now where what I dislike about one of my co-workers is this person’s lack of authenticity in their communication. I just want everyone to be nice! In this type of situation, would you say that my issue with this individual’s words and deeds is a reflection of something I’m seeing in myself? Is it possible to dislike something that someone is doing without having it be something that I’m rejecting about myself?

    I hope this isn’t too spacey. I should be sleeping! Thanks for sharing your wisdom! <3

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      yep and yep. could be a part of you that you don’t want to admit you feel sometimes, or something someone else has done to you in the past still not resolved..

  • helen

    hi honey – oh i just love that “the soul needs breathing space to have a conversation.” ~ Kinda reminds me seeing a a book display in Lichtmans in TO a thousand years ago – the title of the book was ‘what do you say when you talk to yourself’ ~ my immediate response was “shutthehellup” 🙂 So this is an awesome reminder… this stands out most for me of all you have written, okay, right up there with “life was never meant to be suction-cupped to your face” ~ that still makes me laugh ~ thank you angel face xoxox 🙂

  • Alysa Rushton


    I absolutely ADORE you and your weekly card readings! Thank you so much for sharing them. Your energy is contagious and I love how your videos look. (I’d love to know who your video editor is). Anyway, I just wanted to say that your message of being empty to get filled really spoke to me this week. I’ve been in crazy launch mode of a new product and I’ve been so busy that I’ve been finding it hard for the flow that I normally reside in to happen. But you’ve nailed it – I’m just way too busy to hear spirit. I’m changing that pronto!

    Again, thank you for your weekly messages. #YOUAREFANTASTIC!

    P.S. Your newest deck Wisdom Of The Oracle is my absolute all time favorite! My friends have been loving using it and I recommend it to just about everyone I meet.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      my husband does all the video/ photo/ designing… thank you for the compliment and we have to be careful about being too busy to hear spirit. Especially when Spirit gives us our opportunities!

  • Kim

    Hi Colette….great post. This part…”Have you been “this close” to the prize you thought you were running for only to see it disappear and you were forced to sit empty for a time?” A year ago this end of the month coming, I moved into a new rental apartment after leaving my husband. A brand new start. My career was on fire, meeting new friends and then all of sudden…almost over night, I went into a depression … I lost enthusiam for life and felt like a zombie, that zombiness still persists to this day, and no sign of any major disease, checked it all. Friends, business aquaintances, business work contracts, throughout the last year have dropped like flies with no explanation, so much so I had to move into my ex’s basement suite to make it financially. I definitely have been forced to sit empty for a long time…I The only thing I can come up with is that spirit thought I was heading in the wrong career, so he or she literally erased my whole life…I know it sounds weird. I have been very prophetic and psychic all my life but have never claimed it or had the courage to come out. I am just wondering if anything happened to you before you came out full time and claimed who you truly are….was there a very long sitting empty kind of space? ….thank you Colette for your work.xox

  • Catherine

    Just had to say it…Thank you very much Colette. ?

    Loved your piece of writing there. Beautifully written…and so enjoyable! 🙂

    Plus, it resonates a lot. First example that comes to mind, that one time I was so exhausted but wouldn’t even think about it…I sprained my ankle so badly that I had to rest for a whole three weeks. Much needed rest I can assure you. I was on the brink of collapsing. And actually did! 🙂 But that’s really when I let that empty space grow, during those three weeks, that I realized how serious the situation really was and how it urgently needed tending to. So I surrendered… Not that I wanted to, you understand! 😉

    Thank you again Colette. Love to read your posts. Always.?

    Much Love from France,
    Catherine ?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hope your ankle is better… wouldn’t it be great if we could just always remember this?? I have a sprained toe to remind me these past weeks!

  • susan marshall

    I have been thrown a curveball….my husband of 14 years died suddenly of a massive heart attack. I have not been on empty since! I have forced myself to deal with issue after issue trying to force an outcome…no luck!
    He died at a point when it seemed that life was finally going to change for the better. That was not in the cards. Oh no it turned out to be exactly the opposite. I lost my home, most of my possessions, and I am financially in despair. However, I believe this situation is the Divine’S way of pointing me to finding me. If I would stop long enough and quit trying to force an outcome maybe I would.
    But I am in panic mode – fighting anxiety and grabbing at straws. I am staying with friends who don’t have room for me, I am trying to decide if i should stay or go, all the while trying to find the way to being the best me.
    In the beginning there were things that needed tending and in those tasks I was inspired but now that I am left with only thinking time, I have allowed anxiety to run my emotions. But the point I get at is in those few moments when I do mundane tasks I find a small piece of inspiration & the knowledge -Pete is by my side just as the Divine is.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hang in there… breathe.. sorry for your loss.. life has a way of working itself out in spite of the chaos and loss. …xoxo

  • Lyn

    Gee whizz, this weeks cards certainly put me on the straight and narrow—what a kick in th seat— I have worked in aged -care for 7 years (with the same company) we have changed ownership once and prior to this management twice. I love my job or I did, now I get the feeling I am ‘the last resort’.
    Yes, I do not play or dress the ‘Prima-donna’ part– Yes, I am “ME”-I am neat, I am tidy, I am clean, I am presentable (I am no cat walk model) but I put the people/clients I work with before myself and I feel I go above and beyond for anyone and most of all I love my job, I enjoy meeting these wonderful oldies. I would like to add I do this because it’s who I am. Only somewhere along the line with the management changes I have been relagated to what I feel is the person who is ‘last resort’ as a person who is to be ‘pushed out of sight’ but still to be used in –dare I say ‘not high focus people’———whilst this is fine in some ways because I love helping all people———–but what does it mean that I am not placed to be of assistance to—I hate to say it–but high focus people and wealthy people. I was asked to be the first to go in to assist a ‘high ranking religious man’ (what a charming, intelligent, well travelled man–who had actually been to my home land)–needless to say I thought the client and I got along very, very well together and he implied he would love me to assist him) but NO I paved the way for an ‘up-market’ person. This attitude sickens me as it makes me feel unworthy —and I am trying had not to believe it but it’s HARD.
    Should I stop fighting and give up, maybe change career or just stop working and caring. Everyone your thoughts and guidance would be greatly appreciated. Maybe this is presumtous of me—only help me please

    • Lisa_AK

      Hi Lyn,
      I just started working in Assisted Living a couple of months ago and I love it also! Before that I had only been in acute care in hospitals. I left a very toxic work environment to change into a whole new role while still being a nurse. I have a couple questions and thoughts.

      Have you talked to your immediate supervisor about the changes you think have been made toward you? Voiced that you have the 7 years worth of experience and much to offer? I understand about administrative changes…the hospital I was at went through 3 major administration changes in 4 years and our dept. a new manager just over 2 yrs. ago…in my 30 yrs. as a nurse, the absolute worst manager I’ve ever had (also voiced by many co-workers) and first time I’ve ever gone over a manager to their boss, in fact several of us did more than once about different issues. All we ever got from upper administration was a bunch of lip service and nothing was ever done.
      My point here is have you tried different approaches at work? Also, put out to Spirit for a resolution and stay open to all possibilities…sometimes answers come in unexpected ways and forms.

      After I had done all I felt was conceivably possible I then knew in my heart it was time to move on. So I put that out to Spirit too and asked for guidance, which again came in the form I had not expected…30 yrs in acute care and I end up working in assisted living and I love it!
      Hope this helps.
      Peace, Love and Light

  • Linda

    Ahhhh…I needed this reminder today. I am an intuitive writer and I work with others to assist with writing, communicating, allowing intuitive creativity and intuition. My catch phrase (also title of my ebook) is ‘Let It Flow’. And yes, this involves meditation coming from a place of stillness and emptiness, as you say ‘the uncharted unknown’. The quiet and empty allows Spirit to flow.
    I have been trying too hard lately, feeling panicky even in my stillness. I am helping others to write/create but not allowing time to do so myself. Time to get back to empty, practice what I preach and trust that all is unfolding as it should. Thank you Colette!

  • Renee Sugar

    EMPTY can mean OPEN. I haven’t got a tear left inside of me. Have spent the past several days shredding over 10 years of journals. Begun to purge a storage locker in my apartment, tossing out what no longer is relative or serves me. A series of paintings, empty frames, and parts of the journey gathered in bags all torn into strips. Now unrecognizable fragments of my life. It was energizing to decide to begin this release process. So to the PRESENT tense.

    Currently I have no job. I am dealing with a very difficult neighbour who moved into the next door unit and is so disruptive, and erratic and unpredictable, I feel like I have been living in this “circus” or at the zoo with a bunch of animals that come from another place. The intruder(s) go through what feels like a revolving door day by day, and leave a path of angry, defiant, abusive vibrations in their undertow.
    I am also living on a street where there is a light rail transit system being built. This means that there have been boring machines tunneling through the night at all odd hours. This is going to be unfolding until 2021. I cannot fathom living on this street for a long-term commitment. I have lived in the same building since 1997 when I literally got off the boat, after living/working on a cruise ship for a short assignment and arrived in Toronto with no place to live as I gave up my apartment after 17 years.
    Remarkably I am maintaining this calm, centre of peace and sanity and have begun to pray to the Angels, Archangels thanks to you and Kyle Gray whose work I have been reading. I have not been accustomed to praying to angels, but as I have been doing this; only quite recently I feel this protective, calm energy coming to me. When the intruder arrived, the flight/fight
    reflex was very strong. I wanted to flee fast!!!! I am dealing with management, and there have been several others who have come forward to voice complaints about the disturbing incidents (I’ll spare you the details!! ) There is a protocol to deal with these matters, so it is necessary to release the outcome to a higher authority. So I think EMPTY would describe the present.
    I must honestly admit that I have no idea what the” plan” is, but am certain that what feels like a lot of endings and doors closing on the past tense; is in preparation for what is coming next. So although things are not looking like a “rose garden” ;
    some part of me of still living in faith that when the time is right everything will fall into place. Out of chaos, and decay is bprn the process of co/creativity. I really don’t know which way to go first. Finances are tight, and it isn’t wise to make too many decisions all at once. I am doing my best to remain present and keep taking the steps with management which might eventually lead to evict the disrupters. I would love to find a peaceful oasis where I can drink in some calm and clear my perspective. Panic won’t help. And so it is, and so it is…. Thank you for reading this. Any insights would be appreciated.

    • Eric


      I can see the despair in your writing and can appreciate it. I don’t know if you read my post a couple of weeks ago but I, too, I thought I was In Extremis. My back was similarly against the wall. A few people knew to what extent my spirit was shattered. Just when I thought I was going to collapse under the weight it was lifted from me. Doors started opening and I felt like I could move again. I now feel like I have room to spread my wings and go for my dreams. I felt foolish, seeing myself as enlightened, I didn’t fully believe the Oracle Cards that told me that relief was coming. I had waited for close to 2 years to see an end to my predicament, but as I was reminded, it’s all in God’s time, not my time. I must say that after seeing this minor miracle in my life I do believe that Spirit is looking out for my greatest good. I hope that these words don’t ring too hollow with you because they are just that: words. They may not grant you immediate relief but I offer them nonetheless, along with my prayers. I DO believe things will get better for you! Love and light!

  • Lisa_AK

    Thanks Colette! You are always an inspiration!

    Love, Light and Peace to all

  • Gail

    Your words today hit home. Spirit literally moved my residence from my home (it sold without being on the market) to an noisy apartment that I didn’t know existed. This move facilitated my clean addict son and I to be separated (separate cities) for the first time in his 36 years (I have separation anxiety). Now I have to find a place to land in 4 more months and am paying outrageous rent here which I had to make peace with. Again Spirit came into play when they showed me I was hanging on to my dining room table because it represented family, and grandchildren, and all that gathering around a beautiful dining room implies and that I don’t presently have in the traditional form (I have a small family and my son probable won’t have kids). They said there are six things in my garage holding me back. The dining room set and hutch is a big one. Now I will find the rest so they can take me to my new perfect home with the love of my life who is coming. And so it is. Thank you for your words and your honesty Colette. You can see how they apply to my life.

  • Sonja

    Thanks for affirming what I have discovered by pure coincidence.
    How timely (again)
    With my dad into his 5th week in ICU and the necessity for me to come back to New Zealand from Aussie to be by his side. So much busy-Ness and over doing has been stopped.
    Instead, it’s a day to day slowing down. Time spent in nature, time in meditation, time in gratitude. And in amongst all the sickness some miracles and amazing meetings and synchronicities have occurred.
    I’m loving the stillness, appreciating having less to do. And more than anything have complete and utter faith that all of this is happening for a reason, and as it’s meant to.
    This is allowing me to grow and turn a page in how I’ve been living my life.
    I have never “smelt so many roses” as I have these past 5 weeks.
    My trust in divine never stronger.
    Thank you

  • Eric


    This may be a bit off topic, but I’ll try to connect it back. This past week one of the most prolific artists of our time was called home: Prince Rogers Nelson. Some of the tribe may be Prince fans or they may not know that they are Prince fans because of the many artists that he has worked with, including the Time, Sheila E., Whitney Houston, The Bangles, Fleetwood Mac, Earth Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, and many others. His music didn’t fit into one category since he crossed over many genres and subsequently reached many people. On the news of his passing I asked the question was it more about him or us because I’m sure each of us can benchmark a time in our lives to one of his many releases. I’ve mentioned before about how we all have a soundtrack to our lives and we resonate with music during good and bad events in our lives; we remember the song that was playing for your first day of school, your first day of high school, your prom (if you went), your first kiss, your first breakup, when you graduated, your wedding, your divorce, your first born, and all of the events in between. The harmonics in the music resonate with us during those events, good or bad; this is how we are in “harmony” with things because everything in our universe has a tempo, a rhythm, a frequency at which it occurs; some events are in harmony and some are not. This is why we can recall and event much more vividly when it’s connected to a song than trying to recall it by itself. It is in this regard that I think Prince’s passing, as with the other artists that have passed recently, affect us the way that they do.

    I have wondered since Prince’s passing about his views on spirituality. When you posted on your Facebook page the unforgettable first line to his song “Let’s go crazy” it gave hints:

    Dearly beloved, we’re gathered here today to get through this think called life

    This is something that we have discussed in the blog before; no one person can get through life on their own. I posted the subsequent lyrics underneath:

    Electric word life
    It means forever and that’s a mighty long time
    But I’m here to tell you
    There’s something else
    The after world

    A world of never ending happiness
    You can always see the sun, day or night

    So when you call up that shrink in Beverly Hills
    You know the one, Dr. Everything’ll Be Alright
    Instead of asking him how much of your time is left
    Ask him how much of your mind, baby

    ‘Cause in this life
    Things are much harder than in the after world
    In this life
    You’re on your own

    And if the elevator tries to bring you down
    Go crazy, punch a higher floor

    If you don’t like the world you’re living in
    Take a look around you
    At least you got friends

    There’s a lot being said here but in looking at this passage as a whole to me it says to live in the moment and not worry too much about the past or the future; maximize your potential in the moment. I have read similar philosophies from Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle. I don’t think the phrase “Let’s go crazy” means to literally do things with reckless abandon; I believe it has to do more with “going crazy” in pursuing your goals and dreams. There are several clues that he leaves that seem to support this. One of these is that when he did interviews he didn’t like anyone taking pictures or notes; he wanted you to leave with the essence of the conversation. I’ve talked about similar philosophies from Plato referring to Aristotle in the Phaedrus cautioning against the technology of writing because when you write something you imagine the audience of the text and there is no direct challenge to the ideas of the author. Prince wanted you, as an individual, present for the conversation. If you’re busy taking notes then you’re not maximizing the “now” of the experience.

    Another clue is when he talked about his music Prince didn’t want to be put into a category; he didn’t like putting labels on music or people. One just has to look at the lyrics to the song “Controversy”. Ballerina Misty Copeland recently said that when Prince flew her out to dance in his video for “Crimson and Clover” she asked him what he wanted her to do, to which he replied, “Do whatever you want to do”. She was surprised and exhilarated at the freedom she had in expressing herself. Since then she has become a prima ballerina for the American Ballet Theater. I believe that the ability to be able to freely express herself allowed her to reach this achievement. Prince didn’t want her to be what he wanted her to be; he wanted her to achieve her greatest potential in the context of his video. Another artist that I have mentioned had similar views: Bruce Lee. Bruce didn’t want you to imitate him, or for someone to become the “next Bruce Lee”; he wanted you to maximize your own potential. This is supported by a couple of his quotes:

    Using no way as a way, having no limitation as limitation.

    Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself; do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.

    If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.

    Those who are unaware they are walking in darkness will never seek the light.

    -Bruce Lee

    Another clue that is offered is in his favorite color: purple. Why purple? What is its significance? I looked up the spiritual significance of purple and what I found was interesting. Purple is the color of the 7th chakra, or the crown chakra. Here is the text of an article I found on the crown chakra:

    7th Chakra – Sahasrara – Top of the head
    Spirituality, Strength, Passion & Meditation
    Element – Thought, Universal identity, oriented to self-knowledge
    The 7th Chakra is known as the Crown Chakra bringing to us our universal connection – all is one.
    A perfect balance of Red and Blue, instilling both strength and dignity.
    Violet is the color of Spirituality.
    It is the color of people seeking spiritual fulfillment.

    It helps us align ourselves with the Oneness of the Universe, knowing we are powerful and in control, yet keeping us “Right Size”. The Crown Chakra is about wisdom and being one with the world.

    Violet is the color of Spirituality. It is the color of people seeking spiritual fulfillment. Purple represents transformation, creativity and spiritual awareness. It is a protective, wise and a royal color. Purple is associated with intuition and the mystical side of life.
    When this Chakra is open, you are unprejudiced and quite aware of the world and yourself.

    When this Chakra is blocked we become rigid in our thinking. We experience depression, alienation, confusion, inability to learn or comprehend. We develop an inability to maintain relationships, experience self-denial, needing to feel popular and indispensable, or have an excessive need for sympathy.

    If this Chakra is over-active, you are probably intellectualizing things too much. You may be addicted to spirituality and are probably ignoring your bodily needs.

    The article goes on to say that if an individual is exposed to too much violet then it can bring out the qualities of irritability, arrogance, and impatience; too little violet and we feel powerless, apathetic, and cannot make decisions. A block of this chakra can prevent the flow of spiritual energy.

    Shortly after reading this I remember reading some time ago about Tesla’s Purple Plates in one of Linda Goodman’s books. I decided to look them up on line to see if they are still made and lo and behold there’s a whole website on them. I haven’t tried them out to see if they energize as reported but I think I could use some violet (purple) in my life to jump start my inspiration. Perhaps that’s where Prince got all of his creative energy from. This may be the key to manifesting our own desires.

    Bruce Lee and Prince: two men who reached the pinnacle of their craft; two men who weren’t afraid to fight for their beliefs, two men who completed their earthly tasks and were called home much too soon for some of our liking. Why haven’t we reached our pinnacle? Are we any less than Bruce Lee or Prince? They wouldn’t seem to think so. I don’t know what Prince’s thoughts were on Bruce Lee; it would be something interesting to know. One thing that is know is that, when asked about being angry about the evil occurring around him he simply mentioned the blessings that was bestowed upon him and giving thanks for them. That is something that you remind us to do, Colette, to give thanks for our blessings, no matter how small, and we will be ready to receive more. Prince has been called home, and while his physical presence will be missed, according to some reports there is enough unreleased music that will continue to inspire many generations to come, music that will allow us to participate in many more tribal dances. Maybe in his passing his final message to us, and perhaps a cledon to be found in more of his music is to live for now, maximize your potential in the now, open your crown chakra to connect to God, and give thanks for the blessings we do receive. It may not be the entire key to manifesting your own desires but it sounds like a good start. 🙂

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      well I wrote a quick blog this week although your post is so much more eloquent about the playlist of our lives. Bruce Lee’s quotes are so profound especially about not trying to duplicate a successful personality- remaining true to who we are , forging our own path and weaving our own stories into the web of life. Those purple plates.. years ago when I first discovered Linda I tried everything including the plates. I think if you believe something will work it will have some effect.. the placebo or nocebo are proven. purple plate? rabbits foot? Some things work .. but the belief of whether they do or don’t plays a big part. Great share Eric.. love your writing as always

      • Eric

        Oops, did I pre empt your next blog? :/ I sincerely apologize. It was an early morning thought that I had to reconcile.

        I would actually like to see a blog about the role music/incense/potions/affirmations/incantations/talismans/totems play in our spiritual journey; do they have real “magic” or do they simply help us to focus our minds and thoughts on the things/outcomes that we want? I don’t think I have any “lucky charms” per se but I do wear a “lucky” hat or jersey when I root for my favorite team 🙂

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