Are you Sending out an SOS? Upgrade Your Spiritual Operating System!

Dearest you, I’d like to invite you to join me this week to prove to yourself a few important points when you’re in the SOS mindset of someone come and help me- get this off the ground [...]

Man Plans, God Laughs (and how to really appreciate the magic of what you get when you get it!)

Dearest you, A while back in my early days of being a student of metaphysics and new at working with prosperity laws, (going back 30 years!)I made a list of experiences I wanted to have. Now I [...]

Thoughts on Intuition vs. Wishful Thinking, The Joy of Listening to Your Guides, and Loads of Revealing Questions.

Dearest you, Been considering many things this Taurus mercury retrograde (and multi planetary snafu) as the invitation to renew, rethink, reconsider and really get clarity come up for me and [...]

This and That is True – Thoughts on the Magic of Surrender in a Retrograde

Dearest you, I’m wondering if you’ve noticed that over the past week or so, how it’s been so easy to fall prey to spiritual narcolepsy as the traffic jam of FIVE (yup) planets in retrograde has [...]

Tell a New Story – Be a New Person

Dearest you, This week I felt compelled to pull some oracle cards on behalf of all of us to help me write about a topic that everyone could relate to. It’s mercury retrograde in Taurus which [...]