This and That is True – Thoughts on the Magic of Surrender in a Retrograde!

Updated: May 9, 2016

Dearest you,

I’m wondering if you’ve noticed that over the past week or so, how it’s been so easy to fall prey to spiritual narcolepsy as the traffic jam of FIVE (yup) planets in retrograde has given us all some time to slow down and get our proverbial knickers in a knot.

If you don’t know what that means it’s when you fall asleep at the wheel of your life right smack dab in the middle of awesomely manifesting good things, and you all of a sudden forget you are in partnership with Spirit and so you think you’re all alone in the “creating reality experiment”. Ambition rules then, the small self takes over decides things aren’t moving according to plan and you get all nutty thinking scary scarcity and activating all kinds of thought viruses etc.

The lens through which you see becomes very foggy indeed.

Yet if you’re aware and reading this, then you also probably noticed within that retrograde hairball exists another truth too- that all is well and perfect even in the imperfections and snares of life experience. After all our soul’s contract to evolve and grow requires us to work with the energies invited during these more challenging astro cycles.

Last week was particularly tough – noticed it with my clients, my friends and in my own perception of things.
That of course is what this is all about in the end anyway- perception.

Not sure about your world but last week my retrograded world appeared to be stalled, in flux, and overall edgy sprinkled with overwhelm,  a teeny squeeze of fear and spiked with irritation. I think I spent 4 days last week unable to shake this frenetic sense that I was not myself at all but really the human version of the head banger emoticon. Honestly at one point I texted my friend that I was so tired of summoning my spiritual allies to deal I exclaimed.
F*@#K the planets pass the pie!
(Good thing this pirate’s daughter has a really good sense of humor.)

However the good thing about being awake and conscious means that I can handle the duality of “feel good and on track” and simultaneously “fall off cliff and dangle screaming”. And, so can you.

This and that is true and then when you stop believing either is forever, everything begins to come to the center where reality pulls together a new scenario based on a new version of serenity that comes with radical acceptance and surrender,

Being a medium gives me really good practice at surrender, as you can’t have any expectations or rules, (other than keeping it real), or regulations or ambition for specific results at all lest you cut yourself right off from the very experience you need. I literally have to step away from myself to get into the zone of receptivity that demands me to trust and let go.

I was at an event in Thunder Bay Ontario this past weekend and as soon as I got there I began to unravel my experience the previous few days in order to serve the people that came for the event. I have to say I have a deep connection to that place as going there somehow acts as a spiritual catalyst for me every time. I’m always overwhelmed with gratitude for the epiphanies I’m gifted with there.

Standing in front of hundreds of people who want you to connect to their deceased loved ones means  I have to be in absolute trust and remain in a position of curious observer. I never know what’s going to happen other than I know beyond a doubt there will be spirits and there will be messages. The how, the when the form is beyond me.  The evening was a blur and each message was profound and healing. Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to do mediumship to reunite loved ones and bring messages of hope and forgiveness and in many cases a whole lot of humor. If you were there you know what I mean. ( kids in spirit love to embarrass their moms in front of everyone).

What was key for me was the immediate sense of relief I had stepping into that zone of service. When we surrender, when we just show up, curious, observant, without ambition for a specific goal but knowing the outcome will be perfect whatever it is, and assuming that all will be well in advance, owning the authenticity and integrity of each moment and letting go all artifice- well miracles can and do happen.

So this is the key to managing the lessons of this retrograde. This and that is true. Depending on how we look at things. We will see the glass half full, half empty or completely full. Dead or alive, mortal and immortal, or both true at the same time!

When we choose an outcome, allow a new way of perceiving things, then surrender it, and step into the zone with curiosity and trust then just show up for life our attitude and outlook will change. That perception shift will give us a very different experience even if the outer conditions remain the same. And they don’t!
This too shall pass and it always does.

After all Spirit does have a plan.. much better than mine or yours.
Thank Goodness.

Oh, and ps–I didn’t have the pie!

So How was your retrograde week?

Big love .. your turn.


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  • Diana Boles

    Merc Monkey chasing me all around. First, I have begun training doing something I should have done years ago. That is the “I wanted it and forgot about it and now I’m doing it—50 yrs later.”
    Merc Monkey caught me—–“B-Boing” —— my Springer Softail has been sold. As well as I know this MUST happen, there is a hole left behind. It is not loosing “possession of a thing” that is the hole–it is what the journey encompassed. If you ride, you know what I am talking about. It is not freedom, it is the feeling of being free – with the wind pushing back your skin and tangling your tresses. With finger tips getting so cold you can’t loosen your hold on the grips but your body being heated with exhilaration. But there is something else that I have to face. There is a hurt that has been haunting me. A contributor to a change that started in 2005–the catalyst was the failing marriage. What I hadn’t dealt with was the raw heartbreak. That hurt after 25 yrs. of working to keep love alive. So selling B-Boing is the right thing to do because she is a beautiful piece of iron that has been sitting in my garage for 3 yrs. not being ridden. To me, riding is like swimming in the ocean–you don’t do it alone. And my fellow riders stopped riding because of age or injury or passing. Then there is the lone rider phase that just left me silenced. You see, the best time I ever had with my husband was when we were in the wind. This past week and this one to come is about taking my time to work thru the sadness. The grief. ?

    I’m a teacher of pre-k aged children. They graduate next week Friday. Some families have been in our little private co-op school through 3 children attending for 3 yrs. and every year I get emotional about this change as well. They’re little kids, and, while they are not mine, they are my students and I protect them as if they were my own. And I teach them as if they were my own. I can let go, but not until I walk the path of the final connection. And that is like Beathovens 9th—-?

  • Lauren

    I think we get the pie as a reward for hanging in there and allowing Spirit’s plan to manifest……like a carrot on the end of a stick only better 🙂

  • Sarah


    I am between jobs now. This has been a frightening experience as a single mother. Your posts have helped me be more patient and see that the opportunities that pass are not for me. Though I have seen the serendipity of my life during this time, it has also been difficult to remain receptive and calm. Your posts and cards have helped a lot and I look forward to seeing where this all leads.

    Thanks again,


    • Catherine

      Hey Sarah…keep the faith you will have a job soon…I took my kids and went to University and got a business degree and then hunted for months for a job…There was a job available that I wasn’t keen on…oh those expectations but I had just $18 left in my pocket…it was terrifying but I kept my faith in God and myself and always focused on the positives… this door opened that wasn’t what i thought I wanted, but I understood that God would open doors that lead to the door or window you really want to take…and I didn’t have much of a choice…$18 and 4 kids to house and feed…LOL…so I took the job and two years later I started my own companies and had to create the revenue myself to feed, house and educate this brood…that was even more terrifying except I had my faith in the Creator and it had been part of my intentions set when I left the kids father and went back to University..I created a successful philanthropic enterprise that took care of me and the kids for over 22 years…these kids are now 40, 38, 33, 33, 31 and I have 5 little grandsons and 2 more babies to come this year…so I did it…so can you…and you are doing it and are so successful…Colette from time to time was called upon by me to reaffirm my path…blessing always to Colette for her insights…so keep yourself surrounded by those who love and support you and believe that Creator has your back as you take action on your path…Colette’s wisdom in her site is such a great gift…Surrounding you with so much love, success and prayers…You got this girl!!

  • Rolene

    Colette when I read this I heard the choirs of angels – it popped into my mailbox like a much needed compass back to love and sanity. You are an angel – thank you!

  • daniela

    so relieved it was/is not just me. not feeling good at all . losing someone I care about so much and not knowing what to do about it nor why. feeling better after reading your blog. thank you .

  • Kirsty

    I am so glad others were feeling that mercury retrograde feeling, but I have to say that by Wednesday last week I noticed a shift, then a slide, and i kept your words going around in my head,(like a mantra) let it go, step back, go with the flow, don’t fight it. By Friday things had taken on a life of their own, I kept getting this feeling that things will play out the way they are meant to. I could have been very stressed and irritated on Friday, but I was curiously detached, and I still feel that way, almost like I am waiting for something……. ?

  • Auset

    Wow, thank you so much for this! Daily I use my cards (your decks included), spiritual apps & recovery (12 stepish) daily affirmation books for guidance.
    Everything has been coming up “perception” and this is truly both “the best of times” and the “worst of times” for me with a very uncertain but possibly glorious or calamitous future lol Didn’t think it was possible that anyone else was going thru something similar! Thank you for sharing your wise perspective on acceptance of EVERYTHING & letting go in trust anyway 🙂
    I admit, I ate one or two pieces of the pie — BUT I did not eat the whole thing and I “choose to focus on the pieces that I did not eat” 😉 and am gonna a make a green smoothie instead, there is still hope!

  • Barbara

    As I deal with overload from being around overly wrought up people and an RA flare it has reminded me that when the you don’t listen to Spirit to slow down (retrograde planets) and review, Spirit will throw something at you to slow you down. When I relax and go with the flow things go so well and then I the little voice pops up that I have to control everything and woo hoo I am now paddling upstream.

    Thank you Colette for always providing guidance in your blog and readings.

  • Brook

    Would it look as if I’m pandering to say I LOVE your cards and your interpretations? Because it’s not! That is a sincere statement from my heart. I do love them and the way they allow me to get in touch with universal truths so I can surf the challenges and blessings of my life with wisdom. Back in January, I pulled a card for each month of 2016 and – guess what? – Regeneration was the card for May. It’s been photocopied and taped into the first page for May in my journal.

    The songs that pop into my head (aka Messages) tend to be from musical theatre and when I see Regeneration “Wick” from The Secret Garden comes to mind. In fact, it came to mind yesterday as I looked at a tangle of (not-yet) flowering vines on a trellis. Some were dead, some were green, and some appeared to be dead, but when you looked closer, felt the vines – even smelled the vines – you could tell they were wick. There was potential life in them, blooms to come. Discernment, patience, and ongoing love are all required of us as we tend life’s garden. And frankly – why not? I mean what better way to be? Scorched earth policy not only doesn’t work, it’s no fun!

    So Big Love and Gratitude to you from New York…Brook

  • mary

    last week I had to stop a massive physical fight between my two brothers , aged 55 and 45. The younger one ended up in intensive care in hospital and i had to call in the police, apart from the ambulance ‘cos the aggressor didn’t want me to get medical care for the victim, or mum, who was witnessing it all. He even threw her, a 78 year old fragile woman, to the ground and got her all bruised. I don’t know how I stopped him from hitting me even, I just used words to stop him. I’ve since have moved out of my mum’s house, where I had been staying for the past year due to my divorce. I had no idea I was going to manifest an apartment for rent within 6 hours at a time when the market is all booked for the summer holidays. This time last week, I wouldn’t have believed anyone who’d told me that i was going to move elsewhere, and here i am, Spirit wanting me to start afresh in my own space. And my daughter is safe too, away from that sudden burst of violence in the environment. God knows I’d have lost custody of her if i stayed, ‘cos it would have been used against me by my ex. It was the weirdest Mother’s Day weekend in my life. I need a string of emoticons to explain this!

  • Lisa Claudia Briggs

    Well, I did have the pie.. I mean the tequila (!) as I made one of the fastest decisions to both move for the second time in 10 months, and actually pack and move within a week. My head feels fuzzy and stupid and I’ve been waking up at 4 am for weeks, and I’m also in awe and in love with my new house, my new neighborhood, all the cherry trees in bloom, the bunnies in the yard (I’ve missed my country life the past two years) and the ocean bay sparkling at the end of the block. I move between mini-panic rushes around how much cash I’ve had to lay out for the move and to get things like curtains and a lawn mower for this 1700’s house… and coming back to the calm of knowing I AM receiving. Finding this house, or having this house find me.. was a little miracle. Beyond perfect and perfect timing for many reasons. So while I am seriously overtired, mildly overstimulated, and slightly worried about cash… I am also highly aware of the perfection of the creation of it all, and am surrounded by the always remarkable beauty of springtime. I know you know the beauty of living in a New England seaside town. Plus my youngest son is here for the week, which has its own gifts. Love to you Colette…xo Lisa

  • Sue

    This past week was chaotic in so many ways. I am having trouble surrendering. I am in a situation that I feel requires immediate making of decisions, yet I make them to change them. Then I fill with anxiety, depression, elation, and confusion. I look for signs and it has only confused me more.
    I definitely need a new perception and a surrender. Hoping I can bring myself to this point.

  • Janet Keith

    Collette, Thanks so much for your beautiful interpretation of the cards. I always love your insights and your willingness to be personal and authentic. Thanks for sharing you through your work….it inspires me to be myself, to trust in the universe, and to step out with more of faith.

  • Linda

    Hi Collette. I have also noticed a difference in energy with this retrograde; and even though I know that Mercury is in retrograde, I am feeling all unwound. I have a business that is ALWAYS steady, but this particular Mercury in Retrograde has thrown my business off balance. Last week, it was the quietest week I have had in years. This is one of the worst retrogrades I have experienced in a very long time. At least it is temporary, and at least I got to take a break and smell the pink roses. I am looking forward to meeting you at the Divine Wisdom Retreat in Phoenix in a few weeks. I’ll be the one in pink.

  • Liana

    I gave in to the pie a long time ago. Great article. Thanks.

  • Mindy

    Dear Colette,
    I too have been experiencing many dualistic revelations during this intense multi planet retrograde period. Whew!!! I have recently as of the beginning of 2016 been shedding relationships that do not serve me anymore, a break up of an intimate relationship just before the holidays with a man who had deceived me for seven years and not cheating on me with another, but bizarrely just not able to fully give of himself due to his childhood wounding. Also broke off 2 other toxic friendships. The remaining 2 friends are now even becoming questionable to me, however I foresee that these two may also be ending soon as well, leaving me totally alone. I am prepared to face my aloneness because I feel that the way needs to be cleared out now for new growth for a new lifestyle so to speak to begin for me. I’ve been consciously working on myself and really enjoying all the good info with The Art of Love seminars which I listen to at my own pace, I will also listen to the new Hayhouse series, it’s like I’m soaking it all in – in preparation for building my new foundation and my new life. Lonely yes, but this too shall pass. I want to thank you and others for your stories and insights, I feel my online community may be all I have to communicate my true self & feelings now – please keep up the good work!!! Together we will overcome, we are bound to duel experiences as humans and I am ever thankful for being able to share this in my online communities, because it sure doesn’t resonate in my outside real world, but this too shall pass, I am doing my intensions daily for attracting happy healthy relationships to me – it’s only a matter of time ( :

  • Susie Adcock

    Dear Colette, thank you for the loving messages you bring. I love your new deck and use them in my practice as a Naturopath. It brings clarity to uncertainty at times. As I’m not proficient in astrology, I appreciate you bringing the messages of retrograde and how it affects us. I look forward daily to your wisdom. Love and Light.

    • KP

      One is never alone if one has oneself there. I think to truly know yourself one needs alone time and if you can be truly happy in your own company you are truly blessed – so many people rely to much on others or things to make them happy. Take this time to find you and Enjoy and feel and be the happy! Then when your new world comes to be, you will be able to enjoy your new friends energies so much more. You wont need luck as spirit is always with you as well.

  • Ellen M. Gregg

    Yes, yes, yes! To all of it.

    My knickers were so twisted there might as well have been two of them involved. It felt like spiritual chaos. (It looked pretty chaotic, too.)

    The dichotomy of that is, it was also a very productive week because the twisted knickers and chaos were the manifestations of all the “re-ing” that was going on. Reviewing, rehashing, repurposing, and, in crystalline moments of realization, releasing.

    It may be a pain in my arse ;-), and yet Mercury Retrograde is a powerful ally in dredging up the gunk that needs it so it can be illuminated in the broad light of day for healing and (thank you, Spirit) finally let go.

    Yesterday was a breath of fresh air and today is feeling pretty smooth, too. Grateful. 🙂 <3

    • Ellen M. Gregg

      P.S. Acknowledging we’re in the thick of this until the 28th. I’m sure there’ll be some more knicker twisting in that span. Right now, though, the break is delicious.

  • Sherry

    Now I get why I have been feeling the way I have. I’ve been up and down and all around. Melt downs one minute and filled with bliss and knowing all will be well the next. Five planets is a lot to contend with….thank you for your incredibly honest thoughts. They really do help to bring it all into perspective. Which…oddly enough I have been working on and talking about with the people around me. I am currently revisiting your Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind course…in lesson 2. I love it ? it is helping me to find myself again. Thank you….thank you …thank you ?

  • Beth Kukucka

    Colette, I just want to thank you for being such a trustworthy and genuine voice on this journey. Your messages always bring me a sense of comfort and assurance. It’s as if your words point me to the nearest outlet where I can plug in, recharge, remember, and relax into the changing landscapes of whatever is happening at the time. Thank you – more than MY words can convey.

  • Donielle

    Thank you for your weekly blog and reading. I have finished your couse and looking forward to the next expanded class!

    This weeks reading and I have a slightly differed take on the cards…
    I was at the doctor’s office yesterday because I wanted to get an area that I had some bug bites checked out. Well, turns out that it is actually Shingles. Crazy! They don’t hurt, only itch. She said that they were about healed, so no treatment necessary. Apparently what I had been doing for the itchy bits worked. I had noticed that I seemed more tired this past week (when it started).
    So for me the cards are about taking time to heal completely and regenerate and mend. I think the exchanging gifts is about the class I am going to teach on Sunday about how to use a pendulum.

    So thank you for all you do. I really enjoy the Wisdom of the Oracle deck and coming to your site to read your blog and listen to your weekly forcast. Oh and I just started following you on instagram! Hugs, Donielle

  • Kate

    Thank you so much!? I look forward to you and your Oracle card readings every day.? The powerful messages are so life changing ,life supporting and I am sooo grateful. Thank you too for encouraging to sign up for the Art of Love Series – it was amazing!
    Blessings to you in always….
    Kate Stewart

  • Barb Parcells

    Last week was like a bad episode of the Twilight Zone: computer was slower than snails, cell phone was wonky, even the toilet was acting up! Yet on the other side I had some great creative moments at the beginning of the week and felt as if I got a lot accomplished in that area of my life. In between I went from moments when it felt safer to stay away from people and situations that I know set me off (like politics, ignorance and cruelty … which, actually could be the same thing if you think about it) and wrap myself in the protection of
    Spirit, my angels and uplifting energy from my teachers – like you, dear one. Finally, it was all about surrender, just letting go and letting God. My poor head couldn’t deal with it alone any more, although why I thought it could is a mystery of being human, I guess. This week the idea that I may have to make a huge move that is going to upset some people looms large and I need to be sure that I’m not just running away from a bad decision but instead going towards my highest good. We’ll see what Spirit has in mind for me!

  • Marie-Pierre

    I ended up having emergency gallbladder surgery. I’d been ignoring attacks for two months. That didn’t work so well. I was forced to really give up control. This is so humbling… next, we focus on the heart murmur that has everyone up in arms.

  • Lisa

    Thanks SO much Colette for all that you are and do! You are always so inspiring and helpful and your messages seem to always arrive at just the right time. I look forward to your weekly blogs and card readings and have followed your work for years! Absolutely LOVE all of your oracle cards too, especially the Wisdom of the Oracle cards. The added Relationship and Prosperity sections on them are so helpful and very much appreciated. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I Love You! XOX Have a fabulous week!! <3 – Lisa

  • Louise Pozdzik

    Ah Colette, I am so grateful for your/the card’s message that I listened today…Tuesday! It is so truly wonderful that I was able to transcend the mortal mind (monkey mind) and just say, “Okay, I accept that this is the way it is for now” and just go with the flow…which BTW, slowed down to a low hum! Today, to generate more enthusiasm, I brought out all of the garden seeds and picked out the packets that I will plant today. Another ‘thing’ that I have been presented with is a decrease in wages. Although it is an activity, gardening and landscaping, that I really enjoy I know that it is not what my service is worth! I do, however, know that Alberta has been hit hard and everyone is being more conscious of the $’s coming and going. I am grateful to you, Colette, for being so REAL, AUTHENTIC and GENUINE!!!

  • Linda

    Love your readings, listen to them every week. And that’s right, I love you too!!!

  • Renee Sugar

    Patience. Patience Patience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is what I needed enormous doses of and still do. Fortunately I have a stack of
    books to refer to about crossing thresholds, calling on the angels and archangels for safety and protection, keeping my mental
    house in order so I can see the wisdom of creating my thoughts, and attitude. That’s the half full part of the coin. That is the “spiritual”
    level where all is always well “in spirit”. As for the other side of equation.
    Laughter, enjoying the absurdity, the absence of the pieces connecting; the pieces are all there, but somehow I am not in the same
    space/time sequence as they are, so let’s just say that things are coming together; not in a strategic, smoothly executed way; but
    seems that the brain/body are not in synch with the details. “Scrambled” would be a more appropriate description.
    I found a way to breathe new life into a creative pursuit that has already had several metamorphosis, but coincidentally when you
    had Glynnis McCants on Hay House radio I was searching the web looking for a way to print the designs onto t-shirts and while I was
    listening, I discovered a site that could make mock-ups of the designs, so “virtually” everything was coming into view beautifully.
    Now not too bright me didn’t think to jot the name of the site down; and I couldn’t remember the name, so it took some time to
    retrace my steps and eventually, I did!!!!! It could have been so simple, however!!!! The next step was to have the designs color
    printed so they could be added onto the website. That went quite smoothly; just one small hitch; the pages on the site would not
    open so I now had a site that no one could see. OH!!! How did that happen and how do I now figure out what to do to reverse the
    matter? Well I did accomplish that today. I asked several of the highly skilled people who work at the design centre and no one was
    familiar with site. I knew it could be done; as I had done it before; and several hours later I joyfully informed the staff member that
    it was now alive and well again. Probably wise to always jot these things down, make a note and then when I need to know it will
    be easier. One can hope!!!!! In the meantime; probably better to have a loosely structured agenda; or none at all and be able to
    flow with the “bumps” in the road as best as possible. So thrilled to share the t-shirt designs “virtually”. I am already knocking on
    doors to learn how to take the next steps. PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION!!!!! As we know “no one can fill the place that you can fill
    and no oneelse can do what you can do. Best to not argue with this. Que Serra Serra!!!!
    XOXO Renee

  • Sue Dibble

    Yes! I too have felt the/a change/shift in people/atmosphere around me! I saw my hubby have to slow down!! Heeeheee 🙂 I felt he realized that a weeeeee bit on his own! I have flaw in the air going on too, I am being quiet and observant, waiting……Thank you all for sharing here. You also help me to see and understand, better. I have had no pie….but did dabble in the Neopolitan Ice Cream…..yummiest!
    Hugs to all ♡

  • Susan

    The oracle cards were right on the mark, of course . But I had completely forgotten about the retrograde and could not figure out why absolutely everything was going wrong for me. You name it –it came at me. And like you, I nearly went for the pie. And probably also like you, I’m glad I didn’t.
    I love the oracle cards because they help me stay on track and remind me of all the good things in life and how you don’t really need to look at the drama. Surrender indeed!! Xoxo

  • Diego

    Dear Colette,

    I wholeheartedly agree with you on most if not all the points you made or mentioned in this week’s blog. I most certainly found myself in a two way movement of actions. Several things broke last week and yesterday, which lead to me being cranky and frustrated to the fullest. For example the transmitter of my mouse broke minutes before I needed to start my shift and show for the radio, so I ended up with a mouse that went to do whatever it liked for the whole 5 hours of my show. Yet somehow, while being annoyed and cranky I was able to enjoy my show and having a good feeling at the same time. Seems a perfect example of ‘this and that’ to me. I also realized today after reading your blog that while working on myself, with the Summit, the daily readings with the Oracle Cards and Nancy Levin’s e book 10 steps to letting go and leaping, I also took a step back from the other part of my life and didn’t interact much or at all with the rest of my world. Except for 1 friend on Sunday, which was two days after I took step 1 and admitted to myself what I already knew, I took step 2 on Sunday at told her what I admitted to myself and it scared the s*** out of me but I did it and felt so relieved after I got back her reply and nothing had changed between us. In fact she told me that I was still the same most kind and caring person she had ever met. Now, I didn’t or do agree with her but hey, that’s why I’m doing all this working=on-myself- stuff right?
    I also kinda wrapped around my mind on the idea, or thought, that it is alright to seek or accept help from more than teacher, that the loyal person that I am is not betraying someone or cheating when I do accept or seek help from others, too. Which is a major step for me as well. I’m not worth less when or if I accept all the help I can get. (brownie points for me there)

    So after taking some time for myself, I started to interact with people again yesterday and today. And take one baby step at the time, although some are actually very big steps for me, concerning the person that I still am, for now. And I might stay still and look back at the progress I have made these past weeks, more often.
    Still I’m very grateful for the fact that every time I need some pep talk or a virtual hug or embracing, which is quite often for now, there’s always one person who tunes in, YOU, at the right moment. And I was ridiculous happy with the reply I got back from Nancy today.
    I know that eventually I will be able to get more of all of this from within myself, but for now I need externally via other’s I can identify with.

    So…thank you so much for being who you are, what you are and where you are, Colette. A true angel and teacher, sent to me by the Spirit.

    Sent you back so much love and a big giant hug,


    • Colette Baron-Reid

      to you and to every one who has written in to contribute to this week’s conversation I send you SO MUCH love and encouragement. Yay us.. what a week!

  • Faith

    Hi Colette and fellow souls,

    I was so glad to find out why I was experiencing certain upheavals mentally/emotionally the past few days. Your explaination helped ease my frustration today. Earlier today I was teary-eyed and had heightened emotions. Not sure exactly where all those emotions came from, but I am hoping it is just from the atmospheric conditions of the five planets as you mentioned in the blog.

    Look forward to seeing how the rest of my week goes and to coming back to your blog for inspiration and encouragement.

  • Jenny Smagala

    Hi beautiful lady,

    “This and That is True”. Absolutely love this idea. Brilliant piece of writing, Colette. You just get better and better! Humorous, touching, clever… and USEFUL too! Last week I fitted right in with the dual emotional states you described – feeling good and on track one moment, and then sitting in the gutter, head in hand and overwhelmed. (happily, I wasn’t quite, “falling off a cliff and screaming” ). The interesting thing is I am studying a course called “Duality”, which is helping me handle this world’s confusing dual nature. Isn’t synchronicity a blast! Thanks for your insights.

  • Rosalyn Marie

    My retrograde week, I have to say was good. After realizing my pet grasshopper (Harry is his name) I found hanging on my screen in February when I moved into my apartment is still with me yeah!!! When I found him I put him in my small patio yard that is fenced in. Also I have come to terms that I may not get the job at the cosmetic Counter I have been hoping for. Let’s see what spirit does. Love you Colette, I sure want to see you in Phoenix, AZ, I am trying!!! I live in Tucson, AZ.

  • Peggy

    Bang on Colette!
    Thank-you … last week, even Sunday was ughhh… then , Monday, I suddenly just let it all go …. and felt better …
    your video, your blog all speak to me sooo much! Thank-you!
    I very much look forward to seeing you in Toronto on the 21st at the I Can Do It conference!

  • KP

    Loving the roller coaster at the moment. Have been focusing on a dream but last week decided not going to happen so move on – although still really want the dream, try to ground myself and stop living in fairy land. Next minute job opportunity arises at work (so, nowhere near the dream), check cards, seem to say go for it (with a couple of oddballs thrown in – but more positive than negative) – its yours, so apply we did, confident we felt, end of week job goes to another person (the right person) – am I upset – a little, but more relieved I didn’t get it – as it now leaves me available for other unseen as yet opportunities that spirit must have just around the corner for me. End of day, life goes on, seize the moment and when things are not so rosy just gives a bigger opportunity to enjoy the bright golden rosy when you are bathing in it.

    So just like a roller coaster up and down, round and round, all good and certainly well worth the ride!

  • Anna

    Thank you once again making me feel like I haven’t lost my way. It was a crappy week. Ending with me sending a text to one of my family who all live 3500km away telling her in frank terms that none of them give a f**k about me or my wellbeing. Not nice, not true and completely irrational and I take full responsibility for my actions, but knowing that I’m not alone and that it was a week of weirdness has helped more than words can say. It’s not an excuse for my behaviours or absolving myself of the words I put out there, but it’s nice to know that this was out of character for me and just maybe, maybe, there was some other influence that made it such a sh*t week with me ending it doing something regrettable and silly. Much love to you and the universe. I’ll find my path again and trust in spirit to lead me not just to make amends at the right time, but to find my way again. xx

  • Lee Munch

    LOVE the new closing music!!!!!1 Where can we buy it!!!!
    PERFECT for me this week – so much going on. Feeling “in between worlds”. I am jsut letting it flow through and by, knowing this is going somewhere, and just go with the flow and GET GOING with my gifts!!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      wow this makes me so happy it is from my CD called I Am / Grace and its the title track. You can buy it on iTunes! thank you so much for liking it!

  • Beth

    Thanks for a great card reading – being receptive and letting “them” come to me always works best for me, yet I sometimes need reminded as I go tearing after someone or something because I think “my” timing is best. 🙂

    And last week? It started off great as plans fell into place effortlessly so I was able to spend much needed quality time with a special friend. Then things turned fast! In a nutshell: technology woes, threats aimed at me in response to a work situation, someone I thought was a friend betrayed me, I was in bed two days with a massive migraine, I caught a cold which I still have, and other health issues flared up. Things were so crazy it had to be a retrograde of some nature…and it spilled into this week too.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us…nice to know one isn’t alone when things get topsy-turvy. 🙂

  • Michelle

    Dear YOU!

    Once again, thank you for your authenticity day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year…. After the weekly forecast this past Monday it was like I was granted “permission” to surrender to what will be, and refused to stress over…anything. It’s almost like I have been invaded by the body snatcher-s . I’m thinking…Who is this person? What have you done with that CRAZED control freak of a woman who freaks out and catastrophizes when she doesn’t think something is unfolding as “she” thinks it MUST, for SHE knows best. UGH….. Feeling Zen this week and “allowing” things to come to me instead of chasing them like I have for the past 3 decades…Oy vey. Wow. It really is true, there is no reality, only perception. While I know this in my left clinical brain, the right brain is going, really??? YOU…. are my voice of reason….my light in the dark… a reflection of my inner desires that long to see the light of day. Mind you all of this not in a creepy energy vampire-y way. You inspire me to keep trying despite falling down AH-gain. 😉 …. Stepping out in faith, and learning to fly again in faith and curiosity. Thanks for lending me the courage and the belief in MY vision through eyes of faith.Wearing the outcome like a cloak, loose, and with no expectations. God Bless you dear one.

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    Dear Colette, Team, and Tribe:

    It has been very helpful to look at retrograde/anything that feels screwed-up in life
    in a healing respect instead of “the end of life as I know it”.

    With that thought with grace go I or so I would love to be so graceful.

    In the mean-time personally I am living each day with my chin above water
    I really really really pray my grandson gets the true help he needs and that
    my daughter sees the error of her ways as I have in retrospect though sooner

    Family Blessings
    Health Blessings
    ASAP Blessings
    Lil’bud Blessings
    Prosperity Blessings
    Organizational Blessings
    Career Blessings
    Ebb and Flow Blessings
    LOV : )
    P : )ACE
    GRAT : ) TUDE

  • Karen

    I feel SOOO much better now that I’ve read your blog and all responses. I’ve felt altered all week. im really trying to do the right things; yoga, meditate, give gratitude. But it feels I’m not connecting well. Uggggh I do NOT like Retrograde!!

  • Julia Guthrie

    Oh my gawd… *sighing with relief*
    I hadnt read this newsletter yet. It showed up in my email a few days ago, but for whatever reason (haha…yes…planets retrograde = fun) I left it unread planning to come back to it when I was free to read, digest & enjoy.
    (I want to add that I receive many newsletters or emails from mailing list thingys, but yours is THE ONLY one I look forward to getting every time. Its always good information & seems to come at exactly the moment I need it… & you are one of my biggest inspirations as far as people go. So… thank you.. anyway….)

    The last 2 days in particular have had me in exactly the tail spin you talk about… lol.
    Feeling like I just wanted to curl up in a quiet corner away from all of humankind. As I read these words I literally smiled & sighed…. “OH YES… of course….why didnt I think of that? I know these things, but your newsletters & card readings are always there like a soft cushion to land on, with a big hug.


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