Thoughts on Intuition vs. Wishful Thinking, The Joy of Listening to Your Guides, and Loads of Revealing Questions.!

Updated: May 15, 2016

Dearest you,

Been considering many things this Taurus mercury retrograde (and multi planetary snafu) as the invitation to renew, rethink, reconsider and really get clarity come up for me and others I cross paths with. From all the conversations I’ve had with friends, family, and clients, and what’s come up in meditation these past two weeks, listening to my guides, I have less solid answers and way more fluid questions which always indicates a period of serious growth.

Sometimes you just can’t avoid or distract yourself from the pain of growth. Retrogrades are just those times. You can try, but the results? Not so good!

I’m one of those irritating people who actually welcome the messy chaotic process of recalibration. As much as it’s uncomfortable (and it is!) it never fails to bring me to a new point of maturity, awareness and service.

The part I’m not so excited about is when the vulnerability spills out from the reveal. Not sure how you feel about it all, but I’d like that to be less messy. I’d like not to have put on weight so everyone can see I needed protection – again.

I’d like to be at the other side of it all faster but “loving what is”, as Byron Katie says. That’s the only way through. I’m there 80% of the time. I wonder how you feel about your process? So much pressure to get to the other side,- to arrive- to get to that “thing” that “place” that destination that will make it all ok. How did we build such a weird culture of perfection and punishment?

I’m similar to the many in my experience of wading through molasses yet moving at the speed of light. If you’re still reading this you’ve heard the call to be part of this great Shift, likely thrilled to be a Light Worker but probably a little confused and possibly pissed (maybe in secret cuz you don’t want anyone to see you like that) that nobody thought to give us instructions in advance!

I’m grateful for my guides- a chorus of voices that started hanging around a couple years ago. My new book – Uncharted- the journey through uncertainty to infinite possibility comes out end of September so you’ll meet them then- neither one nor many “they” say their name is Fred. Yep- other people get the archangels, and other lofty access points to the laws of the Matrix and I get a chorus called Fred. I’ve stopped caring who will scoff or deny or challenge. All those feelings and stories and chatterings after all live in me, and projects outward. Wise, I know are my “ Fred” plus “they” are hilarious.

I need funny. Life just gets way too serious.

I’m going to announce my new workshop based on the new book this week. It’s going to be an annual intimate event with a limit to participants so we can really dive in. This year it will be held in Toronto. New material, new ideas, most channeled to be honest, courtesy of a new intimacy with some pretty interesting multidimensional information. Spirit and science and oracles, and working with energy = purpose, power, busting blocks and plugging into your partnership with Spirit. Co-creation at its finest, or messiest depending on how you look at it. It will be a true exploration of magic.

Good questions for us all to ask now – How is my foundation? Am I being authentic? Is my work based on solid ground? Am I teachable? Can I trust? Do I believe I’m enough? Can I love the part of me that’s afraid, that feels the lack- that fears the lack-that can’t remember the abundance? Can I accept the fearful part that forgets to trust that takes the wheel and can’t remember how to drive? Can I forgive the missteps, surrender and summon the compassionate Observer?

Even though I know the invisible is vast and powerful and lives in me can I accept the limitations of my tiny temporary life that is both? In so doing can I awaken to the paradox of infinite possibility? Can I find value in the messy humanity that I’m a part of even though I know there is more? Can I allow the path to be revealed instead of demanding a map? Can I allow entitlement and hubris to show itself and not be punished for its fearful projections? Can I be brave enough? Can I forgive and be still with the sorrow of loss and failed expectations?

And, with all these questions, (O yeah they will keep you busy this week1) in the end can I be the fertile soil and not just the beautiful flower that proves the process of miracles? The mud, and the dirt?

How can I see where I’m supposed to go?

Intuition is the only true navigator in this foggy Uncharted terrain.

Here’s what I know- intuition is like a tuning fork that all of a sudden hits a harmonic strand of truth – like a river of energy that reveals the truth of movement and momentum, glimpses of potentials set in motion by the life force that accepts expression in all forms.

You know when you’re tuned in to it. It resonates in the body like a truth that needs no explanation. There is no effort to this kind of listening and receiving. It’s only art is in learning to allow to gently open up to the periphery of the small self. It’s like seeing the world out of the corner of your eyes- indirect, yet so revealing.

Conversely trying to find the clues forcefully because you want an outcome to be what you want invites a trickster energy that comes from a willfulness that has nothing to do with intuition. It comes from wishful thinking, from the need to control events, to believe in a magically conjured fate and to shape destiny from that egoic will. It’s like getting high, – you believe you set the world in motion only through your desire and deliberateness. Underlying that is the fear that all is not what you think and so wishful thinking is unleashed and then it shows its true power to confuse even the oracles you consult.

Intuition comes from a different kind of intention- to know the will of the Divine, as it sparks from within you yes, tracking the energy set in motion by so many variables you can’t possibly count them. It always carries with it an element of awe. Sometimes, yes it will bring disappointment. But it will always bring the truth. Allowing it is key.

Wishful thinking will also bring elements of power but its limited in its scope and like a drug will feel amazing only in the beginning but will likely resolve itself in a puddle of regret and powerlessness. If the small self only could remember it can’t really do S**T without the soul!

Sigh. Right?

Intuition is tuning into the Observer- which is an aspect of the soul.

Making the oracle cards, or looking for signs to tell you what you want is going to happen be decidedly not that.

A simple exercise I have people do in all my workshops is to sense the difference in the body and emotions between an absolute truth and a blatant lie. That’s how you tell which is which. The lie is a seduction. The truth just is.

So .. I know I’ve rambled this week. But lots to think about and hopefully discuss in our conversations – I now pass the talking stick over to you!

My playlist for writing today is a Celtic band called The Gloaming. (Hence the pensive tone- music really does influence thinking).

Ok .. tag you’re it. Love to hear from you- especially if you’re new my blog is meant to be a conversation starter and when you add your voice to the mix here we all love it so much! Plus you’ll feel a sense of belonging that’s pretty cool and contagious.


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  • Lynn

    Hi, I’m fairly new to your community here, I’ve only been part of it for a few weeks. Whether its all the retrogrades or for other reasons, I am asking myself a lot of serious questions as to what exactly I am doing with my life right now and what direction do I want to go in? I’m doing some serious job-hunting right now, I had an interview a few weeks ago but I knew right away after the interview that I would never be happy working at that particular place, so I’m still looking around. I’m really not trying to be too critical because I know I need to find a job soon and something is better than nothing, it seems for the past few days that when I’ve approached places and hovered around a little bit to try to observe what it would be like to work there, I overhear other employees complaining to each other about aspects of their jobs or I see them being rather rude to some customers and so I hold back on applying at these businesses. I know a job is called work for a reason, I’d just like to work at a place where there’s a somewhat positive atmosphere and good attitudes to be found, and I’m getting discouraged, feeling like maybe I should settle for any job to earn some money and just endure it. I’m also ending a relationship that I was in for a long time, it’s really pretty much been over for the past 2 years, he just didn’t want to let go of me but now I think he finally realizes that we are heading down different paths. He has always meant a lot to me, it just did not work out. I’ve been having thoughts about someone I knew in the past, but I don’t know if I should attempt to contact him or just forget about him, the thing about him is that he’s not someone who’s easy to forget. So yeah, a lot of tough questions and no easy answers!!!! Thanks for listening! 🙂

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thanx for sharing.. best thing to do in a retrograde when you feel unsure.. ” when in doubt- don’t” … wait it out.. and ask for a sign for the next right action.. then surrender..the perfect job will show up- re the man from the past.. he will come or not.. make space for him..reach out with no expectation.Ask yourself ” what do I have to lose?” …

    • Eric

      Hello Lynn,

      Welcome to the tribe! I’ve been thinking about this multi-retrograde myself. I came to a crossroads in my life a short while ago and since I’ll be travelling this week (I know, retrograde + travel = usually disaster) I thought of an analogy that can be used with this retrograde: have you ever read the stories about people who blindly follow their GPS when their driving, only find themselves in the middle of a pond? “Well, the GPS said that there’s a road here”, they might say. We look at those situations and think, “If they were only paying attention then they would have seen that there was no road there.” Unfortunately, there are so many side distractions that go on while we drive: you want to change the music, you get a text message (PLEASE don’t text and drive), someone is in the passenger seat telling you to watch out for the car in front of you, kids are in the back seat asking, “Are we there yet?” All of these things may be going on such that you don’t realize that you’re heading for trouble . . . until you’re waist deep in it.

      This is the same for retrogrades; think of them as the rumble strips on the side of the highway telling you to “pay attention”. They can be startling when you drive over one because you think you’re in trouble, but in actuality you’re not in real trouble yet. Once you’ve been shakened by the rumble strip you start looking at other things: how’s my gas? What mile marker am I at? Do I need to make a stop and stretch? It’s a time to reorient yourself, to refresh, review; all of the verbs with the prefix “re” you do in a retrograde. Some things may more appropriate than others but the little things may need attention before they become larger problems.

      It seems like you have run over one of those rumble strips in your life; this is a good time to “update your GPS” software. As you are going down that “highway of life” and your GPS is telling you to go in one direction you have to ask yourself, “Does this make sense?” As Colette said if it doesn’t feel right then you might want to change directions. As you go down the highway of life you may ask, “What if I missed my exit?” What if I missed my dream job? What if my perfect lifemate was standing in front of me in line at the grocery store and I missed them? One of Colette’s sayings, something that I’ve adopted as a personal mantra and have it in big letters on the desktop of my computer, is “What is for you won’t go past you”. I had a hard time believing this because I seemed to be running in mud for many years. As you know if you’re driving somewhere you have your choice of the interstate, tollways, state highways, and local streets. Every route has its drawbacks and advantages but each will get you to your destination. It seem like for many years I was hitting every red light on the local roads trying to get to my destination in life while my peers were cruising along the interstate. I took a detour via a toll road and ran out of change (a gut wrenching feeling). Just when I thought I would be broken down on the side of the highway for the duration the Universe gave me a GPS software update, along with a fill up and refreshments to help me continue on my journey. If the path is in your best interest and it is for your greatest good then the Universe will let you take it; it may take you a bit longer to get to where you want to be but you may be better prepared for the blessings once you receive them. Just remember that you can’t measure your own life using someone else’s yardstick.

      Sorry, if you follow the blog long enough then you’ll see that I can be a bit lengthy when I get carried away. Just know that that you CAN have the blessings that you want in life. As someone who has been mildly skeptical about receiving blessings I’m writing this on the eve of moving to my new apartment and preparing to embark on a new career that I dreamed of and trained for several years ago but thought I would never get. Coincidentally, out of literally hundreds of applications this was the only job I was accepted for (but there are no coincidences 😉 ). Keep the faith, Lynn! We’ll all be praying for you, and it WILL get better!

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        Eric we all love your version of getting carried away! So exciting about the new job , move , everything is falling into place because you kept surrendering and keeping the vision , surrendering, and getting to the authentic you. BRAVO. this is how its done for all of us. Chop wood carry water, keep the faith etc. Good journeying my friend. 😉 let us all know how it went next week !

      • Nadine Marie Niguidula

        This is so inspiring and encouraging Eric! Thank you so much! Bright Blessings!!!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Colette. I’m the same as you. Like we are mystical twins. I love the mess, love the new birth, however hard it is and how ever many times I forget this and rebel in the middle of it. Looking back afterwards, ah, this little thing? It was nothing. You should do it too!!!!!
      And the weight gain? Never fails.
      As I’m older now just on the waking up part of My Majorest Heroine’s Journey, have more awareness it’s painful to see and accept this. But it’s part of it. And I’m for the first time while definitely wishing to release the extra cushy I want to love myself like THIS. SOFTER opener more vulnerable yet ballsy ME. Love you can’t wait to see you in Toronto this weekend xoxoxoxoo

  • Ellen M. Gregg

    Yes! So much yes! This retrograde period has been like no other. I can’t claim to be all shaken up by it in the typical sense. This retrograde has pulled me under into places deep enough that I have remembered incidences from my childhood; a childhood that I’ve few memories of. (I just heard “spellbinding.” Not sure what the connection is unless my team is commenting on my writing skills. 😉 )

    It’s also pulling me away from situations that have grown stagnant, and it’s insisting I reconsider the concept of non-attachment in all things – including long-time relationships.

    And yet, for all the vague (truly vague) discomfort, there’s a huge and undeniable sense of realignment and “pruning” and “weeding out” and “lesson-learning.” (All quoted terms from my spirit team.) This is an interesting phase, and I am in utter and total and complete agreement that this is a massive shift, Colette. It feels like your book’s timing will be ideal. (So excited for that!!) And your “Fred” feels so in alignment with who you are and what you do and why you’re here. Also, the name feels very approachable. Love that.

    My spirit team wants to add to this comment. (Oh, boy!) … We see the awakening is creating chaos for the ordained who are to bring others into the state of consciousness with them. We see the awakened ones who are now feeling this shift so greatly are preparing to welcome the new initiates and to remind all that the one of all is the all of one. We see the awakening will wish to remember who they are. We see the awakening will wish to know why they are here. We see the Colette and the Eric and the Ellen are among those who will assist them. We are the Jesus, the Mary, the Peter, the Michael.

    I purposely asked them for the sign-off, because there are enough energies that I work that it’s sometimes hard to discern. St. Peter is a new member of my team. Jesus and Mary and Archangel Michael have been with me since last June. (I hope this reveal is helpful. It feels important for those who are awakening to understand they can work with their own Fred and Abraham, as well as with ascended masters and saints and archangels.

    Peace. Blessings. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      LOVE this… and your spirit team.. 😉

    • Rhonda

      A chorus named Fred! My angels and guides do give themselves different names, some of them a bit lofty, others quite simple. I hope everyone here can find out the names that guide them, they are quite meaningful! I am going to “out” yours! The name Fred means sage, wise, old peace, handsome, peaceful ruler, and – wait for it – elf counsel! The Universe does indeed have a sense of humor, but teaching through humor is wonderful! After a good chuckle, I like to say “okay, I get it!”

      As a Taurus, this retrograde has been great for me, although a bit challenging for my electronics! I am Poised, for sure! Your readings are great, and your mantra of “Life is good and getting better” keeps me going when my navigation isn’t working in uncharted waters! Love, love, love!

  • Renee Sugar

    Have been experiencing much healing, self-forgiveness and clearing of late, on both the physical, material and emotional planes.
    It is about making space, being empty, releasing whatever does not serve my highest self and or anyone elses for that matter.
    I resonated with Lynn being without an income source at the moment; but in retrospect I really do “know” that the doors that
    were opened and closed for short-term assignments were not meant to be long-term commitments. Nonetheless, I had learn to not
    be critical or hard on myself thinking I did something “wrong” when they closed. It was “Spirits’ ” way of orchestrating, and rearranging
    things so they served the best interests of all concerned
    It is important to discover what is not suitable by making a decision and following the thread to see what unfolds. I do
    a lot of this in my life. Seem to constantly be engaged in this process of learning how everything works and how the pieces are being
    placed according to a timing for the “Grand Design” that includes me. I can never lose what is intended for my growth. There is no competition
    because no one can fill my place. That isn’t restricted to a piece of the giant puzzle; it is a much deeper integration of life and how every experience
    has been a part of this organic process that sifts and sorts and uses the raw materials in ways that you or I likely could not see by ourselves.
    Really enjoyed what you said about not having to do the whole job alone, or carry the world on my shoulders. Just playing a part and being
    a part of a larger story that connects all of the pieces into an exquisitely well-timed whole. “For everything you have missed, you have gained
    something else.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Vision/perspective is gained by taking actions and seeing what unfolds. Clarity comes when I see what doesn’t fit, or when the energy/vibration around a
    certain option is strongly repelling. I wouldn’t “know” this until I took steps toward or entered a doorway and “experienced ” what was behind the door. I believe
    that the Plan is revealed in small clues, and like assembling a jigsaw puzzle; by testing and exploring opportunities visiting new places, meeting different kinds of
    people opens us to discovering what is possible. ” No one can do it all alone”, but you do have to take the steps in concert with others. That has been a life-long
    learning assignment for me. This weekend I will be volunteering at the I CAN DO IT conference in Toronto. I am very excited to share this event with so many of
    the esteemed, brilliant minds and hearts and souls of Hay House authors who have been like a family since 1989. So much has been absorbed, ingested and integrated in the past several years of not having full-time work. I feel that this is such an important facet of who I have become. The time and energy directed toward understanding myself and how I have sabotaged my path by the beliefs, attitudes and habits that were a part of my history. Once I became more conscious, I discovered the potential that replaces what doesn’t support well-being and growth with new options. This is a process which has no end and leads to opportunities that I could never imagine possible until I am ready and am a vibrational match to what “Spirit” has planned. No point in getting impatient or nervous, or frightened. What I need to know is revealed at the exact divinely timed moment. I just need to be filled with faith, trust and belief that “everything that is aligned with spirit is on the way.” Waiting is an important part of this dynamic transformation. So on that note, I can hardly wait to share the I CAN DO IT event. I do “know” that is will leave an indelible imprint on my heart, and soul. Look forward to seeing you there Colette. I’ve waited five months for this event, when originally I applied to volunteer. Trusting that I will be in the right place at the right time according to a much bigger plan than I can always understand.

  • Shelley

    Dear Colette ;
    Again, I feel like you are describing my journey at present. I am in full “I don’t know what’s next” mode, and that is OK, (except when it isn’t, lol).
    I know from past experience that I will be shown next steps, although I don’t currently feel any certainty. I am focusing on continuing to relax into this state and on nourishing my trust in and ability to hear Spirit. Each time I think that I’m “good to go”, something happens to slow me down again, so I must trust that that’s what I must love and need right now, even though it is not anything like my previous pace. So be it. I, too, love your phrase, Colette- “what is for you cannot go past you” and that is a regular part of my trust toolbox. Also, from the 12&12 “when you don’t know what to do, do nothing” and await direction.
    I feel grateful to be part of such a wise and loving community . I look forward to this sharing each week and I always find inspiration here.
    Thank you Colette, and All.
    Much love♥

  • Lisa

    hi Colette .. Wow that was a super duper read! .. A truly great blog .. To be re read and pondered throughout the week .. I read this after commenting under the post about the upcoming uncharted workshop in July. When I read the workshop details, I got pretty excited, .. Of course I want to attend it and it is in a good location for me .. But I don’t want this to be a ego want or a wishful thinking thing on my part.

    When it comes to you, well you have been such a terrific teacher for me personally, I usually get pretty excited about all the events or classes you offer. hence my need to check myself over. I asked myself why do you want to go ? .. And answered with I know this deep workshop would shift me in precisely the ways that would allow me to allow myself to be shiny and free, and operate as an emissary of Love. ..
    Of course I know that if I am meant to be there, I will get there ! .. So, if this is a call for my soul to go into the uncharted places, then I will be there, but if this is a ego “I want” then it would not serve me or anyone else for that matter.
    So the pondering and praying continue here .. When I asked the cards for guidance, if uncharted was for me, I got here and now, blessed, and milk and honey ! .. I am knowing that if the cheque arrives and a spot still exists, then that is a sure sign that this workshop is calling to me !
    Spirit has my back, this I know, so I am excited about the idea of coming but I am not attached and will not be distressed should it be filled before my money arrives ..
    Love all the help your work has brought to my life Colette
    Xox Lisa

  • Carolyn

    I’m right here with you all. This multi-retrograde has been fascinating. I met a classically trained visual artist who offered me a trade — free classes in exchange for helping her set up a blog. As an underemployed writer, I jumped at it. A chance to finally learn the methods of the Old Masters! And so the first lesson was that I really do need to take time to get emotional clarity on ALL things before making decisions. I enjoyed being in the studio, meeting other art students and learning some basics. Less so realizing the instructor is deeply unconscious, operating from a place of desperation, lack, defensiveness and a profound need to control (which isn’t that surprising in a form of art that prizes perfectionism now that I think of it). In short, the trade just blew up this weekend and the instructor lashed out at me one last time and then announced there was no option but to bring the trade to an end. I felt so much relief, along with a twinge of hurt and irritation.

    I realized my lingering art dreams were based in the wishful thinking. When I was little I used to announce with absolute certainty that I would be an artist first, then when I got old I’d write books and maybe make films. I taught myself a lot about art when I was young, but kept having the strangest coincidences keep me from pursuing formal art training until finally, in my late 20s, I gave it up and went into journalism to at least be able to make a living as a writer in some way. We all know there are no coincidences really, and I’d been guided to this for reasons I’ve resisted for years. Yes, I am rather stubborn.

    I learned so much about writing during those years, all the while delving deeper and deeper into a spiritual awakening that has only picked up speed exponentially. That job is now gone too (more relief!), and I am so proud of myself that I have been able to stay calm and centered, not responding to blame or accusations from the instructor, in short not giving in to old habits. Wow me! This is a major breakthrough for someone from a family that is very much in touch with their anger!

    As for the writing (and clarion call of a new day job), I am just now opening up to the possibility that maybe my writing needs to be more than I thought. A lot more even. Maybe the years of guidance preparing me to give up control of my writing and just let the ancient truths I sometimes glimpse come through because this is what the world really needs from me, regardless of the fears I have of being labelled, attacked, ridiculed or whatever other horror my fertile imagination dreams up. Maybe it’s finally becoming safe to step into this larger version of myself and just explore what it can be. So thank you retrograde extravaganza, I finally get it!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      and boy did that sound like a heck of a lot! But what I glean from this is how much self awareness you have.. and that kind of consciousness always brings true prosperity…

      • Sherry

        This really hit a chord with me. I am looking deeply into myself and have been for the past few weeks. I have been working through Colette’s Reprogram Your Subconscious course. I am in Lesson 3. I have found it very difficult but also it is causing me to open up. I have been walking around on autopilot most of my life. Fears keep me locked in place. I have always felt that I am not living the life I was meant to live. Yet, I am not exactly sure if this is an ego feeling or soul feeling. I am excited to learn more as I go through the process of this course. One of my greatest fears is the unknown – the spirit world. As a kid I saw a lot of things and had many experiences that truly freaked me out. In fact, I stopped my nightly prayer 25 years ago after I had an out of body experience. I used to pray and end off with, “You have done so much for me, tell me what can I do for you?”Then one night, I was whisked out of my body and was flying face down over a dead and desolate landscape. The ground was red cracked earth and I came to a dead tree. I was freaking out saying, “take me back, take me back. I don’t want to do this!” So, I stopped that prayer! I have been in and out of spiritual work all my life and as soon as I get deep within it, I start seeing spirits. Frankly, they freak me out! I totally believe in them. I know they are there to help me, but I am absolutely terrified. Last night I saw a spirit in my living room while we were watching TV and I was so happy to see it. Then, I had to get up through the night and I was so freaked out with fear that I might bump into one, I almost didn’t get up. My father used to torment me something fierce when I was a kid about all things that go bump in the night. He would get me going about things that might jump out at me. I was quite easily lead in this because I had a great imagination and I could see all of the things he suggested that were there. Also some of the time, I did see spirits and I couldn’t distinguish between the scary ones my dad was calling up for me to run from, and the real ones that I would also see on a regular basis. So, I was frightened of them all. Now, I am trying to work through this. I want to be at peace with this. I want to stop running from the spirits and I want to know if I am following the right path for me, the one I came here to do. I am pretty good at the job that I do, but it just doesn’t feel like the one I am supposed to be doing and this has haunted me for the past twenty years. Is my belief that I am supposed to be doing something else with my life that is “Bigger” based in wishful thinking, or is it that I am not doing that “Bigger” thing because I am so terrified by working with spirit?
        I am so grateful that I have found Colette’s book The Map. I worked through this a couple of years ago and it really helped. Now, I am doing her Invision course and that has been pretty powerful. I am trying to get to the real me. It is hard work. Hopefully, I can get to what is the reality and not the ego’s wishful thinking!

        I love the conversations of the tribe that arise out of Colette’s very wise words. I am grateful for this.

  • Chantelle

    i just recieved the all that glitters card reversed! protection, i think i am starting to see how i race. race race race to where? where am i even going? it’s old survival and financial stuff, wanting to be secure secure secure. and abundant. i really want to know what that feels like! :/ i do feel a sense of relief in turning to Spirit as my source of supply, and it in fact is not all on my shoulders. i am getting the impression that spirit would like me to slow down because it wants me to be better at hearing and recieving its messages. i do have the tendancy to try and blaze ahead. i get so excited. and i think it might even be a bit manic? not sure but its like im getting taught about flow. my ideas are abundant. i have an impression of me being at a tipping point. i feel i have so much to offer. yet i think im not that receptive? hmmm.

    well, i can be very receptive. but i think this is about fine tuning that exchange maybe. I moved around a lot as a kid, 13 different schools in 12 years. There was always big changes happening that i had no control over. i have this longing to build for myself a cozy life, have a nourishing home, own a car, and be of service to this world in a really fulfilling way. Of course i get excited about this! it sounds amazing! ha ha. but, yeah i dont want to bulldoze my way through things. so i surrender right now 🙂

    thanks for letting me have a voice in this tribe! i would much rather know intuition than mess my ish up wishful thinking :D! thank you Colette and Tribe <3

  • Diana Boles

    I have known all my life that there were Watchers all around me. I hear them speak and sing and they send fragrances my way. There are floral smells that can flood a room and mists that curl and swirl around me and the corners of rooms in my home. “The Chief”—-funny man this guide of mine! He sends me smoke signals—sometimes the smell of burning wood—when I’m thinking to hard , (haha) and sometimes the smell of tobacco when he is just hanging out with me. St. Joseph always takes care of me—-answers my prayers and takes care of my children and my brothers. The triple Goddess Brighid connected with me in late February and often speaks to me thru the Wisdom of Avalon deck (this one is still my favorite set of yours, Colette). There are angels near me – but I never seem to catch their names. They take my foot off the gas just before I spot a cop car or make me turn left so I miss the accident that would have occurred had I turned right. And it’s not just in the car either. I mean, they have sent me from buildings moments before disasterous things happen. The Animal Totems signal to me always and then there are the tree spirits and plant whispers that envelope me with grace. Enter the Fae——there are two little bits with me so often. They have the cutest voices! This morning one whispered — all of life is a communion, so participate —— and then there are the moments when I catch a glimpse of my own aura. I’m always surprised by that.
    when I close my eyes at the end of the day and dedicate my gratitude to Greatest Spirit – The God Head — the Wakan Tanka —- The Buddha — I am blessed with floating visions of the faces of many souls. They are fleeting images that I encounter. Sometimes I recognize them, sometimes not.
    Tonight, as I release the day, I will send out the elation of being a Tribal Dancer with all of you here. ✨??✨

  • Peggy

    Hi Colette!!!
    Yes! Thank-you for these reminders! It seems that much is being revealed to me this week and
    I am grateful for it all… it has been a very difficult past 5 months but things are lightening up …
    I am happy to say that I will be seeing you in Toronto this weekend!!! I can’t wait!!!
    Peggy xoxo

  • Cristina

    Hi Colette, it is amazing when you say your guides want you to call them Fred. I am an Intuitive Reader and have been doing my work for years. One day I had signed up to do readings at a local Expo and I felt that I needed a little extra protection. I know we are protected but, had some clear vibes to ask for some help. I prayed the night before without any clear cut responses and just trusted that my voice was heard. The next day, I showed up ready to work the weekend, and as I approach my booth I was suddenly taken aback. A huge Gargoyle stood in front of my booth. It was gigantic, sitting with wings tall and pulled in behind him. All four huge paws were aligned in a row holding his strong chiseled, muscular physique. I was a little fearful at the vision at first. Mind you, I was the only one that could see him. (Later he was to come with me and protect me and my store, and people did see him). The funniest thing about it all was as I approached him and the table, being very nervous but curious, I took a position next to him looking outwards from the booth into the public. I slowly acknowledged him and asked why he was there. He said “To protect you. You called on me.” I asked “What is your name?” He said “Fred, just call me Fred.”
    Thank you for your wisdom, Colette.

  • Jen

    Been a long few weeks. Thought I was heading in the right direction with a new relationship only to find out I wasn’t. It was enough to realize that some old patterns needed to go. It was time to really clear out that deep gunky crap that left me in a state of flux and with terrible anxiety. I still have it, I don’t imagine it is going to be an easy fix after carrying it around all these years. it is definitely a time of self discovery for me. Some memories are painful, some are entertaining. Over the past year I have lost 58 pounds but these past few weeks I have managed to add a couple back. Definitely feeling like I need some protection and realizing I am the only one who can protect me. I can feel deep down inside that there needs to be change across the board but have zero idea the direction it needs to be in. I guess the first step is acknowledging it right! The rest, I am hoping, will be revealed in time. Baby steps. I just need to remind myself to breathe and listen …..

  • Jennifer Renee

    Thank you for this Colette. I’ve only recently started on the spiritual path because I’ve never been able to trust in anything. Coming from an abusive background I was always waiting for an external Morgan Freeman-style God to intervene when I needed him most, and of course that never happened. The last few weeks I have finally allowed myself to search within and hold my own calm while the drama circles around me, and amazingly enough, it’s kept me safe. The nightmares aren’t so frightening anymore. I never thought there could be anything within me worth trusting, but I think I am finally getting it.

  • Suzanne

    Wow, Colette, as usual, spot on! I’ve been working on ‘me’ for some time now and, I’m with you, I LIKE the looking, wading and digging as there are always insights, revelations and, sometimes, even clarity. I’ve been looking at life-long patterns in an effort to break cycles that keep me stuck in a ‘not great’ place. Digging up and getting rid of old feelings, hurts and disappointments and it has not been fun. I’ve spent my entire life looking for that ‘right job’ I still, at age 54, have not found. My financial situation has been, let’s just say, ‘greatly diminished’ for almost two years now. The contract on my very part-time job just expired and, for once, I haven’t panicked and applied for any and every job I think I might be qualified for. That certainly has not gotten me the results I hoped for, ever! Instead I’m choosing to live by the phrase, ‘when you don’t know what to do, do nothing.’ All that means is I’m not scrolling through the job sites thinking I’ll find the right job for me. Working on changing my old, fear-based paradigm, having faith, and knowing the Universe has a plan.

    It’s not a fun place to be, but it really helps to know I am not alone. And, fortunately, I have plenty to do. I plan to leave my current rental by June 30th and I have MAJOR purging and managing to take care of. I don’t have a plan and have no idea how everything is going to come together. I just keeping thinking about how things fell into place four years ago when I decided to leave my now ex-husband. Believing that everything will be OK has always proven to be the way to go, for me. Also working on allowing and feeling the feelings that are coming up through all of this. My goal is to live my life purpose and have financial security, and I know it’s possible. Going through it, though, has been hard. I’m finally considering the possibility that, after all these years of having jobs that were not at all what I really wanted, working for people that were not a fit and not EVER making enough money at all, perhaps I’m not here to ‘work’ at a ‘job’ in the traditional sense. I am, once again, working on getting my holistic business out there in a different way than I have in the past and keeping a positive outlook on that. And I’m FINALLY answering the call of my inner creative self and actually painting and following through on the creative ideas I’ve had for a long time now. While I was painting yesterday I felt like I actually HEARD my soul breathe a huge sigh of relief and say, ‘At last! You’re FINALLY doing what you LOVE! Now, doesn’t this feel AMAZING?’ I had to admit that, yes, yes, it does.

    I love reading your blog and always relate to something you’ve shared. Having a community like this is a huge gift for me, especially as I’m feeling rather alone today. I’m divorced, I have no siblings and my parents are deceased. I have a habit of ‘keeping a stiff upper lip’, and I don’t often acknowledge my feelings, choosing instead to deny them or convince myself that ‘it’s not really all that bad’. I was at a gallery event a medium I know hosted last night and my father came to me. Later in life my parents were very difficult, angry people, and I don’t really miss them much. But, last night, I realized that I often do miss my Dad, I think of him, and the man who came to me last night was the funny, kind, nature loving, gentle man I remember and, I had to admit, most of the time I feel so very, very alone. My financial situation is dire, my parents are gone, and there’s no one here to help me. I’M the adult, and it is not going well. So, for now, I’ll feel the feelings and just keep believing that the Universe has a plan and it’s all going to be OK. All I’m required to do is, stay in the moment, feel the feelings, and put one foot in front of the other. And not give up. Again, thank you for your insights. I always get something out of what you share.

    • KP

      Suzanne – Keep going – it will be OK – and please from me accept a BIG Hug. Don’t know what your hairdressers in your corner of the world offer but here in NZ we can just go in and get a shampoo – no blow dry or set just a straight out shampoo which normally includes a head message – if you can get the same now is the time to take 5 and treat your self – makes all the difference to me when I need a pick me up.

  • Irene

    Hi, love your work and the ways that you share so openly and with humour. Life does get way too serious. Not sure if I missed the details? Do you have the information for the event in Toronto? Sounds very interesting. My life is definitely in transition … not an easy one for sure ….. I find your face book page very helpful gives perspective, and insight. I have had some situations over the past year that have made me question my ” knowing” and my Spiritual guidance. This almost brings me to a halt, I have gone with this for most of my life. I know much of this has to do with fear … it is a continual process to release and move forward. I like how you have described the Spiral, makes so much sense to me. First time I have left a comment, read your blogs, etc all the time. Just want to say thank you for all you share and for being there.

    • Irene

      Blonde moment … found the information on the retreat. Thanks

  • Felicia Vidito

    HI Colette! I love this. And as much as I would LOVE to be a part of it, I’m really busting my keester to work through grad school. Two this Summer. Two in the Fall. One in the Spring of next year and I. AM. DONE! On my way to my MBA. Finally! So close and yet so far.
    This period of growth I’m in has been especially trying for me. This Mercury retrograde has really just plain sucked. I’ve shed many tears and my heart just hurts. Yes, it’s due to a love for a man that claimed he felt the same but never had any intentions of loving me. But when life gives me lemons I am going to make lemonade and when he realizes what he let slip through his fingers he’s not getting ANY of my lemonade!
    I am conscious enough of the fact that this is a growth cycle as painful as it is. THAT in itself is helping me to communicate to Spirit and ask the Angels for the help and the protection that I need. Ask and you shall receive! I asked for protection from him and he hasn’t been in touch. As much as THAT part hurts I know it’s not the fear of abandonment because even though he technically has abandoned me, my Angels and Spirit have been there for me 1000% of the way and for that I am eternally grateful. I feel even closer to them than I ever did before. My meditations take me to new places and higher heights and my intuition is serving me well. I just sometimes have to tell myself to not listen so much to the pain in my heart and those pipe dreams and visions of what I would like it to be. I need to listen with my heart and my third eye and my solar plexus and go with my gut and feel it and be present in every moment. The transcendence I experienced this past weekend has been nothing short of amazing. I do see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can’t wait for May 23rd because this Mercury retrograde will be behind us and so will all the pain. And May 24th, this little Gemini is going to spread her Phoenix wings and burst forth with an even higher energy, intensity, and light. I can’t wait because I can already feel how wonderful it’s going to be. Thank you for being a part of my journey as well Colette and for letting me share it here with you. Love and light! <3

  • Lisa Claudia

    Hi Colette! Loved these cards… the retrograde brought a huge move and as is my way when setting up any kind of home, I overdid it. Was about to push myself into activity around work but am truly exhausted (although content). Also started a cleanse, a different kind than I typically do, but that came from an intuitive knowing that it was what my body needs right now. After listening to your reading on the video, I’m going to take it much easier this week than I’d planned. I feel things unfolding, some new ‘hits’ on a new direction for work. I planted a huge new garden in this new yard and am so grateful to have green and trees to create with again- it was one of the first things I did the week I moved in, dug up a big patch of weedy lawn to make this garden, and I knew it was about creating with the Nature spirits and the landscape angel both literally and around planting something new symbolically. Have also been going to the beach most days to gather up all the white broken bits of shell for my driveway. Everything I love right now has to do with being in my body (I am always happiest in the physical/embodiment) and so will continue to hang out in this place for the week. You look gorgeous btw… happy to see the return to the “big” jewelry. xo Lisa

  • Alessandra

    I’m another one of those annoying people who are learning to welcome and actually are blown away by the loving precision of unraveling and recalibration.
    And this song was on my mind this morning. In gratitude


    • Diana Boles

      Say Alessandra! Thanks for this video! Love the stills of these guys. ✨

  • Chelsea

    I have been following your site for just over 2 years. And it seems every time I have a question, your blog sends a little insight. My question is about the difference of wishful thinking versus intuition.
    The other night I lay in bed when someone from the other side visited me and told me someone was joining them soon.
    This never happened( the joining them part) why would I hear this if it wasn’t true intuition. As I never wished to hear that announcement.
    Any thoughts?

    • Diana Boles

      I have had similar communications. Usually, it’s accompanied with sacristy bells ringing three times. Trust your instinct on this! It’s an opportunity to prepare yourself for the sorrow that follows. It is a chance to understand that a soul you know, perhaps also knows the messenger, and has completed their earth bound journey for this trip. The lessons have been taught.

      • Diana Boles

        Also know, this is YOU growing in your connection to the spirit light in us all—–the one that remains glowing – before and during and after our time here.

  • Pamela Chapman

    Well Colette, Thank you, again. You’ve managed to describe just where I am and what I am feeling except for one difference. I can’t even ask any more. Not my Oracle cards, not my Father, whom I call God, and not my Angelic team. Not at this moment anyway. I am learning to accept fate as my journey knowing and understanding it is my enlightened journey. Designed to expand and elevate limitations in me.

    I am trusting the Christos in me is leading me to, through, and across the Sea. I am allowing–enjoying; hence fully participating in my destiny. At times, it is painful and disappointing to say the least, but stretches me (ouch) to my next level. No more pity tears from me, for me…oh no. I enjoy nothing more than to sit in the silence, enjoying my own presence with Spirit within. Hearing, discovering, and discerning.

    I am learning that my teachers are limited and few and the masses are not my calling or passion. I long for the deeper teachings–authenticic and transparent masters. So done with those telling us everything will be rosey and bright if we do steps 1, 2 and 3. Our journeys, our lessons our own.

    Thank you for being a Divine being for not only sharing your strengths but your weaknesses as well. I am believing I will meet you in person soon attending one of your conferences. Until that time, love, light and healing my dear Colette and a sincere thanks, again.

  • Susan

    Collette–I love that your guides are named Fred!! Hilarious. Like you, humor is my relief and joy. My guides have not revealed their names yet, but they are hilarious too. I have been asking for guidance before I go to bed every night. One night I woke suddenly in the middle of the night. My guide said –I have a message from God. I said oh yeah what? He said– you have to go pee. I nearly peed my pants laughing.
    It was a good reminder to stay light and joyful.

  • Kiran

    Walking through uncharted waters has certainly been the path I have been on since August, when I left a cushy position in the interest of self-respect and authenticity. This retrograde did bring up old issues of boundaries from the long ago past, forgiveness – mainly of myself, and the realization that just being vs doing is enough. I have quite enjoyed this retrograde with reconnecting with old, supportive friends. As for intuition vs wishful thinking, I am currently in a district with the initials CH and do want to be in the country with the same initials. At this stage, I don’t know, time will tell!

  • Feather

    I am enjoying the new pictures of you! You as you are now. This is important for me. It shows that you are not afraid to show who you are now. I have seen so many healers using older pictures of themselves but it is not who they are now. Thank you!

  • Lyn Ross

    Really looking foreword to meeting you and Althea at the Uncharted CoCreation weekend conference in July that I have signed up for. A short drive for this local!

  • Shinjini

    I’m very new here – but I had to stop and ask – you put on weight because you need protection? I’ve been finding it very hard to lose weight, no matter what I do. I’ve been thinking there was more to it than just healthy eating and working out…but this is the first I’ve heard about protection & weight. Any more insights please?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      wel.. you might want to read my book Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much.. I used to weight 220 pounds.. now I am very aware when I’m stressed that my weight fluctuates.. its empathy overload and although I know a ton about this.. I still get bouts of it.. and sharing it brings the human side out…

  • Crystal

    Hi Colette! I am at a point of lots of changes in my life. Of course, I always wish I could control those changes more, but we all know how that goes. I do have a hard time “letting go.” That is the advice that I keep getting, but I don’t know if I’m really letting go! What does that feel like?

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Colette. Thank you so much for this article. It is so relevant to something I recently went through this winter when I started seeing someone again who I know is just all wrong for me. When you said “Conversely trying to find the clues forcefully because you want an outcome to be what you want invites a trickster energy that comes from a willfulness that has nothing to do with intuition. It comes from wishful thinking, from the need to control events, to believe in a magically conjured fate and to shape destiny from that egoic will”, I realize that I wanted a certain outcome to happen, even though I knew deep in my heart and soul that I should stop seeing this person. My intuition was clouded by wishful thinking and I felt so powerless over the latter. In the end, it turned out to be messy and brought me more pain, anger and resentment than when we stopped seeing each other last summer. A friend subsequently was having similar feelings about contacting an old partner and I forewarned her about the trickster and to not give in so she doesn’t end like me. Just hearing your words about this gives me hope that the next time the trickster and wishful thinking rear their heads, I will be more present to their facade and snap out of their spell. It literally felt like a spell was cast over me (as it has many times in the past with this person) and I just couldn’t shake it until it wore off, then reality sets in. My intuition did warn me many, many times, but I ignored it. I’m still dealing with my wounds but in the end it has taught me once again, to always listen to my intuition. I’m sure there are many other lessons, but this article helped put into words exactly what I had been experiencing and helped to make sense of it all.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      and that really is the point – nothing goes to waste every experience can teach us something – the point though is when we know what we truly desire and hold that space for it.. we don’t stay as long in the painful scenarios- we move into that current of destiny that leads us to our highest good. This week there are SO MANY great stories and shares I am sending everyone a MULTIPLE HUG for all your participation in this weeks convo! Yay us!

  • Lauren

    Was cruising the Internet the other night and came upon a bright royal blue leather jacket (the blue is your colour) in the Sale section of the “Coach” website …..somehow it reminded me of you….and now I am laughing because of the connection between “leathers” for riding a motorcycle that are “Protection” and weight that is the kind of protection we all mutter at…..a wee reminder that protection has its place and is not all negative 🙂
    There are times when I feel like I have one foot in each “rowboat” between trusting the Spirit has a great plan and then wanting what I want…..I keep trying to get both feet in the trust rowboat and getting better at it with time. And yes, my Helpers have pulled the rowboats apart occasionally and I have gone splat into the water when they thought I had a lesson to learn….and we have had some grand arguments about what plans are good ideas (they always win) but they humour me and listen to my ranting. We are still on friendly terms (most of the time) and they have a very warped sense of humour which works for me because if I didn’t have my sense of humour I would never have made it this far. LOL

  • winn taylor

    I feel like the new kid in class. Ha.

    Just discovered Colette on Gaia TV. Cool!

    I’m jumping into the dialog as an act of connecting. I’m what others would consider warm natured . . . most of the time. But I’ve become more present to the space I keep between myself and others.

    Though I had no awareness of a specific astrological coaxing – I do feel like I’m pushing to prune as swiftly as possible. Though I think I have always felt that way – or atleast as soon as I became aware enough to seek (and unwilling to accept the alternatives). I simply want to “be” more fully from the heart – an in turn be a clear opening for source to flow. Since it knows what to do – I’ll just allow. It gets bumpy on that ride to allowing. yeash.

    That’s the thread I’m picking these days. allowing, allowing, allowing and more allowing.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hey Winn welcome and thanks for sharing and adding your voice to our tribe !

  • Marjorie

    Hi Colette
    First time commenting…love your site and insights…always inspiring just when I need a kick in the butt!!
    I’m a Taurus and have really felt the effects of this retrograde cocktail!! Very emotional on one hand but now reflecting on the last couple of weeks of being in a “slump” I’ve realised just how far I’ve come and how truly blessed I am and always have been. Come to realise I’ve taken all the blessings I’ve had for most of my life for granted…very liberating to acknowledge this. The biggest catalyst for my shift in attitude has been to focus on the big picture and not just my small life but how I’m contributing on a bigger scale. I’ve been procrastinating and allowing distractions to put off the launch of my new business…all due to fear…tho I KNOW it will be a success…I just have to take that one step thru the door to a whole new life and a major step towards my true life purpose…wish me luck…no more taking my blessings for granted…upwards and onwards!!! Bless…M ?

  • Fab

    Well thanks for this. It seems that I go through these ups and downs constantly, like the retrograde is constant! What’s up with that?….I have been through everything. In the last few years I’ve become interested in mediation and crystals etc. Just trying to figure it out. I hear tones in my ears, I’ve seen physical signs from angels and noticed the other signs. I’m just not sure what to do with it. I’ve been told I’m opening up and I’m psychic. Ok. Well haven’t been able to get there. maybe I’ll figure it out. I just say, well Collette says ‘Spirit has your back’ so I’ll go with that. Thanks for your cards and blogs. Really helpful! You have a great gift.

  • Fab

    Oops that was meditation not mediation 😉

  • Joelle

    Thank you for your amazing insight, Colette. I can’t wait to read your new book. I remember going to a retreat in college, where friends and those who have been thru the retreat before us would sign letters written to us as “love in Fred.” I wonder, if the two are related. 🙂 I wanted to share that this past month has been difficult. As a Libra, I’ve been going thru a lot of growth in the past few years, and many times it’s been painful on all levels. I’ve learned a great deal, and particularly self-love and setting boundaries. I was trying to get my private business moving for a couple of years, but it was stagnant. I ended up finding a full-time job last Fall, but didn’t know that I’d be stepping into a very toxic and hostile workplace. The money was good, but I was miserable. I wanted to leave, but kept on pushing it off afraid of being unemployed again. Last week an incident took place during which I was attacked verbally. I was done. I resigned. This week I’m relieved, wanting to surrender to the universe and spirit, but part of me is freaking out. I feel like my intuition is telling me all is well, only good things will happen, and I will manifest my perfect job, but still not sure if it’s my wishful thinking. This why your blog today hit home for me. I’m so grateful for you.

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    Some folks are just already are working their faith
    Some need help – crying out for miracles
    Receptivity is first – open to receive

    I LOV : ) my dreamboard – its like journaling yet
    not as cumbersome or detailed rather like “clouds in my coffee”(CS), LOL
    An expression of wishful thinking

    Deja-vu is like intuition, dread is like intuition
    and the feeling/sense an event is about to happen is like intuition
    the gnawing at he heart is like intuition
    happening upon a symbol sacred to self is intuition
    Spirit acknowledging existence – corny but true for some/most/all of us
    when receptive

    The ebb and flow, Colette’s Tribe, it comes and goes when a higher power exists – a “just know”ing.

    Like the dreamboard concept one can only put it out to the universe and experience the miracle.
    One can release the pressure of need, desire (want), ghostlands (CBR-The Map), the here
    and now gone awry by wishful thinking.

    Seems like most of life the ying and yang go hand in hand naturally.
    and like a retrograde an acceptance with resolve are the tools of a healing
    serenity that is so welcome after falling into the depths of selfishness or
    selflessness that comes to a head in a fizzle its energy/meaning evident.

    As the prayer states “the wisdom to know the difference”
    Prayer as remedy

    Intuition Blessings
    P : )ACE Blessings
    GRAT : )TUDE Blessings
    GRACE Blessings

    Lil’bud, Mom/Dad, Daughter, and Grandson Blessings
    Pup Blessings
    Career Blessings
    Safe Home/Property Blessings
    Neighborhood Blessings
    : )

  • Janice

    Oh my gosh!!! I totally relate…I understand many planets are in retro and Mercury is in the storm and Jupiter is direct now and all that and I am exploding with so many emotions and writings in my journal. It seems like it’s never going to end!! I’m so exhausted from lack of sleep and all this hard work to put the past to rest. Reading your blog this morning means so much to me. This tells me that it’s part of my journey and helping me to heal so that I can move on, although it’s very painful and seems like I am unable to release (since it’s back again). Maybe it’s to teach me again to find my ‘happy place’. Thank you for your sharing of wisdom and thoughts and your personal experiences. One thing you wrote about was that part of me trying to know the difference between the ‘intuition’ and the ‘wishful thinking’. You say to notice ‘the observer’ the difference in the body of feelings and emotions when a lie is presented or the truth. I’m having difficulty with that one…do you have another way of describing that exercise? This is so deep and it’s so true…I just know it, but in my awakening there is resistance. Thank you for your part in my journey. Big hug!!

  • Kim Laure'

    First time writing…I’ve been following you, Colette for a very long time. I love your work, your message, your delivery, your personality, your cards (I have most of them ?). Your writing today struck a cord so deep and resonated with my entire being. My week has been one of self-discovery, introspection, working at forgiveness, sadness and attempts to reconcile loss. Every question you asked seemed to come from my heart and soul. I’m called and laughed out loud about maybe feeling thrilled but possibly pissed too. Hahaha. I think the pissed part might be confusion about how to channel the call and what contributions can be made. I would love to be part of your new work over the next hear. Many blessings and much appreciation for your work. Namaste. ?

  • Ali

    This blog post could not be better timed. I have had lifelong desires that I believed were driven by my intuition, but now clearly see were wishful thinking all along. I have distracted myself with these things, running like a hamster in a wheel, instead of telling the truth.

    This retrograde emptied me completely and, for once, I did something about it. I realized that I have manifested everything I wanted and that all the other things that I couldn’t seem to make happen were things that, once I was brutally honest with myself, I wasn’t really sure I wanted at all. My response was to start over, to tear things right off my long ignored vision board and replace these lofty ambitions with much simpler things. I’m starting over. I’m totally new. I’m telling the truth no matter what. I can do anything I want to do because all my old beliefs about who I am and what I want are gone.

    Now the process of rebuilding begins… but only when I feel guided to pick up the first brick.

  • Alex

    I am an antenna tuned into your frequency and am getting your message, gratefully, loud and clear! Although I have heard of you before, it wasn’t until I listened to your talk during the Hay House World Summit that I came to your website and this blog post. Your discussion of wishful thinking and trickster energy triggered something for me. I have been trying to conceive a child for many years and, as you can imagine, I am pretty emotionally attached to the issue. I have come a long way in trusting in Divine timing and being excited for the baby that in my heart I know will come, but I wondered if wishful thinking is playing with me when I consult my oracle cards on this issue? I get mixed readings, and I wonder, can you get clear guidance on topics that you are emotionally invested in? How is it that wishful thinking can confuse the oracles? Thank you!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you can get clear readings but your interpretations may be skewed to what you want rather than what is meant to be

  • Adrian Fran

    I couldn’t agree more with this blog, and what a perfect time for me to come across this journey and community. I have been struggling with finding employment after my first year in College after my little break from high school — 11 years ago. I was one of the unfortunate Canadians who was laid off from Target Canada after a failed success in Canada. It was an unreal experience and call the gap my Post-Target Stress Disorder because the experience of building up a company and taking it down really took a toll on my self-esteem and confidence. I used College as the perfect excuse to put work off, but upon the end of the winter term my partner finally said “Get to work”! Within that time period, I was fortunate enough to come across Colette one day on Youtube, and eventually programmed into my DVR to this date and like a gift from the Spirit world given the absolute privilege of seeing her LIVE in Red Deer, Alberta! The messages given in each reading, in each teaching, has slowly allowed me to build that self-esteem and confidence back up. The last couple of weeks after joining this community, I have been allowing myself one pick from the daily cards a week, because I didn’t want to give in and feel the disappointment of wishful thinking. Because if there is one thing I suffer from in my life that I feel like I don’t have control over sometimes is wishful thinking! I can recall the days prior to my sobriety from alcohol wishfully thinking my addiction would fix itself while I slept a hangover away, then realizing that talking about it, wishing about it wasn’t going to get me actually do something about it! Two weeks ago I received a call back from a place I had applied too, and went in for an interview. I had to try and not pull any cards during the wait because again I didn’t want the wishful thinking to play in and have me excited for nothing, then on Monday May 16th I pulled one because I was ready to move on after not hearing from them after the interview and the card I got couldn’t have been more appropriate for me, like ever! It was the Cat. It made me laugh because my Cat was actually on the floor giving me the stare down too, but the message was clear. The Cat spoke many volumes to me, it almost spoke to me if that makes any sense. I went on a bike ride after and really digested the message, reliving and rethinking those many lives this Cat has lived so far. And so yesterday — don’t worry I’m almost finished — I was in Calgary returning a walker the Canadian Red Cross had loaned my Mother during her medical stay in Alberta when I got back into the Jeep and my partner handed me the phone saying I had a phone call. I answered it and it was the wonderful Manager who had interviewed me telling me that she would like to complete the hiring process and have me apart of their team. I said yes!!! the way one would say after a marriage proposal! My journey doesn’t stop there, I am excited to see where this takes me and I am super excited to be apart of this community and look forward to reading others journey Napika (Creator, God in my First Nations Ktunaxa language) has for the rest of the community too!

  • Carol

    I’ve just recently found you, Colette, and the Wisdom of the Oracle deck (Love it!). I want to thank you specifically for talking about your guides in this post. I have struggled and been frustrated with connecting with my guides, because so many others describe such lofty, angelic beings, while I (like you) have a group that rarely shares a name and act like a “pack.” They were lead by “Miki” for a while – similar to Fred. They’re also funny and exercise “tough love” sometimes to help me grow (allowing me to puzzle over something for a little while first, so I learn it for myself). When I’ve said this to other intuitives/mediums, I get a blank look, like I’m saying something wrong. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing – it wasn’t just me! Blessings!!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you know sometimes I think the lofty names are chosen by the ego and not by the guides lolol. But who cares right? we get who we get!

      • Carol

        Thanks so much for addressing this in your FB live session! Your explanation was perfect – exactly where I was coming from (as a recently retired scientist, being embarrassed or laughed at was what kept me from developing as a medium). Now I’m on that path. 🙂

  • Wanda

    I am relatively new to this Blog but wanted to say thank you for the comic relief. You are right, the world is to serious and it is just nice to talk to our Quire of Fred’s. Its not for others to discern the validity of your guides. This was a great topic as I struggle between ego messages and real intuitive ones but you nailed the feelings they both give you and was a great reminder. Thanks again.

  • Janice Baird

    Hi Colette,
    I just recently found you when I ordered Channel One. I love your show. I am taking a course in Ottawa about raising your intuition. This past week we were connecting with our Joy Guide and I saw a middle aged man with a white robe and white hair. He looked like someone from ancient Greece. When I asked his name, I thought he said Owen. I questioned him, saying that’s a funny name, and he responded with “you Owen (Own) me”. Another strange thing that happened recently is that I was walking to my car after work and a half eaten apple core dropped out of the sky and fell to the ground about 2 feet in front of me. It could have hit me in the head had I been walking faster. I thought a bird might have dropped it, but I could find no reason for it. There was no one in the parking lot. I have been told that an apple is a symbol of wisdom, but I don’t know the meaning. Today I was out on my back deck and I saw something else fall out of the sky. It went down between my deck and the neighbour’s privacy wall. When I looked over the railing I saw a dazed and confused Dove. I tried to rescue it, but he skuttled past me and disappeared. What are all these symbols and why am I having so many ? I’m as dazed and confused as that dove. I hope someday to meet you.

    Janice B.

  • Jonna


    first time here, reading your blog. Many things sounded familiar. My love relationships keep on failing every time and I’m struggling to keep the spirit up. At the same time I am thinking about what to learn, why this keeps on happening all over again and tryin to be spiritual about it. And then have feelings of deppression about situation and that makes me feel also a failure in spirit life. I feel like I’m letting God down when I can’t get my mind and thoughts in order! I kinda know what I should think and do but it’s not so easy! I feel mistrust and anger towards to God and BIG shame about feeling that way.

    And also what you wrote about wishful thinking was on point. I am still attracting the ex in my life by hearing things about him etc. I started to think those are not “signs” that he’s gettin back to me or anything, but only that I am still stuck myself, still clining on that thought.

    Thank you about your site and blog,


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