Man Plans, God Laughs (and how to really appreciate the magic of what you get when you get it!)!

Updated: May 24, 2016

Dearest you,

A while back in my early days of being a student of metaphysics and new at working with prosperity laws, (going back 30 years!)I made a list of experiences I wanted to have. Now I was very detail oriented back then (when I didn’t know better) and was very clear on what form I wanted my desires to come packaged in.

I recently found a box of old writings and I discovered some of my forgotten affirmations journals that I’m embarrassed to say sounded like a loud list of demands and specific wants rather than a trusting statement that I could be used in service, and that my inspirations would manifest in divine order and timing, and form.

It was kind of like “ Thy will be done FOR me” before it evolved into the truest of prayers;- “Thy will be done THROUGH me”.

But you have to start somewhere! The Law of Attraction for me was like a key to a magical candy machine that didn’t quite work the way I expected. In my experience it would oddly spit out the wrong kind of stuff, you know when you think you paid for chocolate and it spits out Alka Seltzer! (at the strangest times too! ) and then there are the shocking experiences that are exactly what you once wanted but get delivered 10 years after you stopped caring. Now what do we do with that?

Looking back on some of my old vision boards it was pretty obvious I was more interested in achieving the exact form I thought would make me happy than allowing Spirit to decide. This was of course before I really understood that Spirit was the source of my supply and Colette was a co-pilot not the boss, the partner not the controller, etc.

Granted we need our personalities, our very mortal selves to experience life. We need to be the channels for inspiration and desire but I learned early on that relentless demands for manifesting desires didn’t work. Desire can’t be the only motivator. There needs to be the pause between breaths, movement forward accompanied by surrender and flow and the willingness to follow a spiral pathway. Manifestation is never a straight line.

In my upcoming book Uncharted (and July workshop this summer) I go into detail about the layers of interconnected threads weaving together our hearts desires, our fate and destiny and our innate power to pull into form that which exists in its purest essence in the unmanifest Realm of Spirit. It really is remarkable when we can stay awake long enough to witness it. You and me are always co-creating and there is an art to it all.

This weekend I experienced a 28 year old dream of mine long etched in those journals come to pass. The funny thing was I had completely forgotten about it. When I was pursuing my career as a singer songwriter one image I kept so close to my heart was that one day I would be on stage singing at Massey Hall in Toronto – this extraordinary theater with the best acoustics in the world that so many brilliant artists had performed in.

For me I believed if I got to be on stage there, microphone in hand, I would really have arrived. I would meditate on how it would feel to be up there, sharing my art and moving people with it. Although I joke about wanting to be a rock star I’ve never cared about being famous, but I always wanted to make a difference the way other artists had influenced me.

If you know my story you know music didn’t pan out for me as a career although I did get exactly everything I wanted – record deal, touring etc. But alas- no Massey Hall for this girl.

So here I am on Sunday feeling like a lightning rod for Spirit demonstrating mediumship – (the thing I ran from for years), fueled on grace and gratitude knowing I am exactly where I’m supposed to be and doing the service I was born to do. I saw people truly moved by the experience we shared. Microphone in hand I was able to forget myself completely and give my all to the room, just like it is when I sing.

The Toronto I Can Do It conference was held at a place called Roy Thompson Hall, also known as “The new Massey Hall”

Spirit really does have a sense of humor. That co-creation candy machine was working in fine form. Clunk – there you go Colette 20 years later in the perfect form that matched my truest self in the most meaningful way. Did I arrive anywhere?
Nope! It was one powerful moment I will remember for sure but today is a new day and I’m still trudging the road of happy destiny one day at a time. But boy o boy do I ever know Spirit has a plan and will deliver our highest good. It just won’t be exactly what we want. Even if the moment we’re searching for takes 25 years and doesn’t come the way we had ever imagined-It will be what we need.

Ok tag you’re it.. I know this is a topic we’ve talked about before but I’d love to keep the conversation going. Have you ever had something happen years later when you’d already left it behind? Have you been revisited by an old dream long after you recovered from the disappointments only to find you experience an even better version of it?

Love to hear from you… love you always and forever.


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  • Cindy

    Hi Colette, first let me say how much of an inspiration you are to me. Yes Spirit does have his own timing AND a sense of humor to boost does he not? Ever wished to have what you know now, the knowledge, and go back. Oh what we could do over yes? What if in SPirits humor, he gave you what you had then , now? I always wished to go back in time to 18 years old, and have a do over, with my knowledge now. Hmm 18, no job, , no car , etc,no nothing. Then one day BAM! at 46 I have no job, no nothing, All ripped away, as to start a new experience, but the knowledge. Almost like he gave me what I wished for , but in his time. Full circle. Question now, would be what am I going to do with it. lol Gotta to love spirit! And Love you for all you do for us. You are and amazing spirit! Thank you!!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      how exciting for you!!! a NEW beginning.. love it.. I would love to hear what transpires from here on oxoxoxo

    • Linda

      Mine came in the form of a hard top Mercedes convertible. I had manifested it years earlier then chose a more “sensible” car. One day the manifested Husband and I went to the Mercedes dealership to “visit” and wound up driving off in that car 🙂 It was fun, though I wound up trading it in for something more “sensible.”

    • Stephanie

      Hi Colette,

      I have been following your work for years, and just want to say how grateful I am for you light in the world. Love and appreciate your blogs and weekly oracle forecasts. Thank you for reminding me about what really matters.

      With love and gratitude,
      Stephanie xoxoxo

  • Christina

    Getting into grad school for acting was something totally unexpected that manifested for me. I was working retail, living at home and totally miserable. My boyfriend at the time was applying to law school, my acting and writing weren’t going anywhere, so I decided to apply to law school too. I was going to be the “grown up” and hang up my dream of acting, which my boyfriend let me know wasn’t that great to him, along with lots of other people around me. So I prepped hard for the LSAT, miserable the whole time, but determined to let go of my “childish” dream. I did miserably, but somehow got waitlisted at one of the ten law schools I applied to, then ultimately accepted. On a whim, my mom (who also didn’t like the idea of me continuing to act) for whatever reason gave me a memoir for Christmas around that time written by my (soon-to-be) Dean Emeritus of my masters degree program for acting. He’s the host of Inside the Actors Studio, James Lipton. I had been watching that show and dreaming of that school since I was 9 years old, but I honestly can say I sort of forgot about it. I used to watch it after school, with a big piece of cake and glass of milk and I would always tell my mom that I was going to be one of those students in the audience who got to ask a question and then I’d come back and be the person sitting in the chair, being interviewed who gets to *answer* the questions! Being reminded of all this, it put the bug in my head to just look at the school’s website. Fast forward to summertime, I submitted my materials and got a call that they had two remaining spots at my school and would I like to go in to audition? It was like time had compressed itself, suddenly everything was happening so fast and I was getting ready to audition within two weeks. Well, what do you think happened? I got in! I got to be the girl who sits in the audience as an acting MFA student and ask a question. The first episode we taped as first years? Bradley Cooper, a 2000 graduate of our school, was the guest. It was like a I heard a little click somewhere inside my head, a full circle moment. Now, I’m on the other side of school. It’s not so fun once you’re out. I actually have a lot of questions for Spirit, as to why I was given such a blazing way in and way back to my passion, because now I’m struggling to see the light for my path. I feel like I’ve hit a wall. I don’t think I was accepted the brilliant way that I was just to walk away from it all, but I am having trouble seeing how I can move forward. I keep praying for signs. But, yes, that’s my little story. I accomplished a dream I had almost let go of and was willing to forget about and Spirit pushed me back around and allowed me to run right at it.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you move forward one step at a time Spirit does the rest … one step forward and the gods take 10 towards you.. just keep chopping wood, carrying water and have faith that all will be revealed.

  • Jennifer Aanes

    Any plans to speak in the Pacific Northwest?
    Love to meet you and enjoy your amazing energy.
    Thanks, you are a brilliant light shining on the horizon.

  • Stephanie

    Dear Colette, thank you for this wonderful forecast. It is always so inspiring – especially with the challenges right going on. I love your cards and thank you so much for translating the precise meaning for the weekly combination. I now make space for the extra magic and practise my faith and trust while the plan works out. You gave me the extra energy kick I needed as being authentic is quite a challenge at times especially when the energy changes and you are perceived differently by your surrounding which has to adapt as well (take it or leave it…). Thank you for sharing the story of your affirmations as well – isn’t it amazing how everything works out with time (even if 20 years is quite a delay when you wish something to materialize soon:)

    Have a wonderful week, warm wishes from Strasbourg, Stephanie

  • Paul

    Colette, I firmly believe that our will is God’s will – it would not make sense any other way. But the when and how have to manifest through the divine matrix – as frustrating as that has been for me. I also believe that the 3 basic ways we create is through thought, word, and action. God has told me in her own way that people change their mind a lot- and, as a result things take time. Oh well, I’m only 60, I have all the time I need.


  • M

    After months of moving on from my marriage, my husband shows up on email out of the blue last Tuesday. I dreamed, prayed and finally just began the journey of self healing alone. Then out of blue he arrives saying all the things I wanted him to say a year ago. I don’t know where it will go or what will come of it. But… I am truly grateful and blessed to have had it happen. I thank you for your beautiful messages. They have been very helpful to me during some very difficult and dark days.

  • Mary

    I just wanted to tell you how much I love your weekly forecasts! They always mirror exactly what is showing up in my life.
    Wishing you great and abundant success in your new book! I can’t wait to read it. I know that you will touch and change many lives!

    By the way, is there any chance you and Robert Ohotto will ever do an event together? I love you both individually and together.

    Wishing you tremendous success on your book launch!

  • Seeker

    Dear Collete,
    Thank you for the reminder that spirit is in charge and that the cosmic clock is different than the cartesian! Any specific tips/practices or technoques on how I may align with my intentions and yet let go of the details and allow spirit to take the wheel?

  • Beth

    “Manifestation is never a straight line.” Ain’t that the truth! 🙂

    16 years ago I dated a guy who I really clicked with but he ended up choosing someone else…after much meandering through the years we reconnected 4 years ago but, despite our intense connection, again he chose a different path and we parted…then almost a year ago we connected again – not in the form either of us envisioned but we are together again. 🙂

    I kept saying (be careful what you ask for! 🙂 ) that I just needed a break from the chaos/stress of my life. I collapsed in 2013 and my world “broke”…at this point, I’m still in limbo and not sure which direction I will go or what I will do. Interestingly, I too found some old manifestation lists from years ago – the majority of the items on the list were about “fixing” or “improving” things in my life that shortly after the list was made were quickly removed from my life – which in hindsight is good as they weren’t me.

    So what does Spirit have in store for me? I guess I’ll find out. 🙂 Thanks again, Colette, for a great card reading and wisdom.

  • Lisa

    Hi Colette

    I am so thankful that I get to read your blogs. .. The subject matter is always so helpful. Funny that my journey began with a Ponder book from Unity bookstore on Eglington Ave West, and I too was an affirmation queen ! .. I would give my friends different affirmations to help them through challenges ! .. I too made lists of how my life should materialize and used many visualization aids. .. Some of my wishes came to pass as I written, but I found out early on to add the phrase “this or something better” .. And of course to mean that ! .. As I look back on the years since my trip to Unity to get that book, I am filled with gratitude. .. whenever things have been upside down, not working out in the way I wished or planned, I have had the inner wisdom to accept that whatever “it” is , it must not be a part of my higher plan. .. I have not always wanted to accept that, but I have had to ! .. As a student of Truth, I can’t have it two ways, if I believe that God/Spirit is in charge, then that means both the unpleasant and pleasant circumstances are part of the big plan, all designed to assist me in living my life to fullest potential. .. Whew ! ..
    So yes I would love things to go by my plan for sure, however I know that often my plans are not the ones that will allow me to serve the way that I am meant to serve. A conundrum for sure ! .. My “I want” voice is often the loudest, so I really have to quiet myself in order to hear my soul voice.
    Right now, you are my teacher on this side of veil .. I am extremely glad about that .. So let me end by saying that I do hope that my “I want” and my soul journey match in vibration , as I am currently eyeing Uncharted as the retreat for me. It is all about money arriving in time to register .. Or is it ? .. All I can do is surrender my I want to go, every single time, I am being asked to trust, and to know God makes not one single mistake !
    Thank you for being such a willing guide, I require a Lights on approach to navigate through life. You are a shiny lovely honest Light ! Xoxox .. In Total Respect, Lisa

  • Beate

    Hello Colette,
    I love the daily Oracle Cards and they are spot on, even though they are not always what I want to see (or read) but I know deep down that it’s true.
    When we were shopping for a new Refrigerator many years ago I saw one that I fell in love with and wanted, I kept mentioning that I would love to have this particular fridge. It was way more money than what we could spend (or willing to spend) and I just let it go cause I was not able to afford it.
    Several years later we (husband and myself) went to a Fall Home and Garden Show where they had a lot of Vendors, raffles and give a-ways. We filled out a raffle ticket right before we were ready to head home again and 2 days later we got called that we won and guess what we won? Yup you got it a new Fridge and it was an upgrade to the one I always wanted.
    I so agree that Spirit has a sense of humor and I love my new Fridge.

  • Catherine

    That is so fabulous for you…It was last November when I figured out that my conscious decision in 1994 when I founded my companies to be a billionaire philanthropist had come to pass…(my name and Billionaire Philanthropist are engraved on my red ipod…LOL) but not in the way that I envisioned completely. I realized I had contributed through the companies around $50 million to the charities I do business with…through the billions we had processed through our online payment systems and my insistence at not charging them the percentage my peers charge on every dollar..I wanted those funds to go to helping people, animals and the environment…caused me lots of personal financial problems…story of my life around balancing accepting and receiving…worthiness, but nonetheless it was a revelation at how Creator delivers in the most unexpected ways…I have released those limiting programs to bring things into balance…but having faith and walking your talk will assure your goals are achieved as the Creator feel is appropriate through your Divine Timing…surrounding you all with love…always grateful to you Colette…

  • Brook Packard

    Thank you, Colette! I needed to hear that – as always meaningful. Foolishly, I allowed others to take my dream of being a storyteller on the stage when I was young. (Or maybe that was Spirit’s plan all along?) I was so blessed in that over the years to have experiences and learn skills that were always expanding. About 20 years ago, I was playing bass in a kids concert and someone producing an Off-Broadway showcame up to me to say they were desperate for a woman who could sing, act, and play bass. For 4 years, I worked in musical theater simply through referrals. What followed were more twists and turns…single motherhood, marriage to a clergy person, international travel….About 3 years ago, I took an acting class mainly for the high school voice students I had. What did I know anymore. Then boom! I’ve been able to do one quality project a year – again mostly through referrals. This week, I start rehearsals for a dream role – Madame Armfeldt in “A Little Night Music”. Challenging, creative, an opportunity to soul search. Rather than burn out as an ingenue and fear getting wiser, Spirit saved me for this moment. My journey also allowed for perspective. I downloaded the idea for Sleepytime Club and am working that being of-service as well as allow me to do quality projects rather than desperately seek any role.

  • Velma


    Thank you so much for your time, energy, insight, and love. I feel blessed Hay House brought my awareness to you a week ago. I was having a resistant, frustrated, seemingly stagnant morning yesterday… Truth be told I had a mini meltdown of frustration. After 12 hours of work I came home (praying the entire drive), listened to a You Tube interview with you and gained such peace and clarity. Thank you!! Tenfold. It was probably two sentences that ‘righted’ my trust in the flow and process of life.

    At age 33, I began college with one goal in mind. My single-minded focus (ego) overshadowed my soul trying to heal aspects of my inner child, self worth, staunch holistic convictions and my inability to conform no matter what title any school provides. It had nothing to do with manifesting amazing scholarships and acceptance into the one medical school I applied to. Growth opportunities galore, but my soul was trying to reach me. I heard a male voice as if He were standing beside me say, “What the hell are you doing here?” Battling pride and ego but honoring my true self enough to allow myself to back down off the ledge when it no longer served my highest good. Hindsight, I understand the why’s of so much of it. I still struggled with quitting and walking away after losing my house, no income because I was living off student loans, unsure of what to do next, looking for someone to rescue me from the life I created. You know, Just life.

    I made statements after quitting two professional schools (ahhh, that ego and pride weren’t placated the first go round!) that I just wanted a job to pay my bills. Be careful what you ask for!!! Because that’s exactly what I manifested. Only to get frustrated because I’m not where I want to be. No one to point the finger at but the chicky in the mirror!

    I understand now how old dreams no longer serve how I want to affect change in this world. Trusting that Spirit has that ‘something better’ lined up for us. The pieces of exactly how that will manifest are queued up with divine timing. Mix in doubting my innate knowing after a failed relationship and evidently getting in my own way with impatience. There are times in life when I go with the flow with ease and other times I seem to have forgotten how to spell ease. All part of the process, part of the growth.

    So… I’ve manifested exactly what I wanted in my past only to realize it wasn’t aligned with my higher self. It’s as if my staunch convictions and beliefs no longer allow me to acquiesce in life but instead push me to pray, meditate, remember to always have a grateful heart, and honor what really speaks to my soul, to trust my call to service is indeed being honored.

    Thank you for touching my life!

  • Georgiann

    Hi Colette,

    I had always dreamt of a beautiful yellow home with white scallops. I even made it happen in my first marriage when I spent way too much money in making the house we lived in to match my dream thinking it would make me happier. Fast forward 14 years, married to a different man (whom Spirit told me to marry), 3 hours from my other house, we come upon this house. Yellow, white scallops, torrent, wrap around porch with a door that leads into the office. 90% of what I had written in my journal was in this house. Very few hic-cups to secure it. The path was there and all I had to do was follow it with gratitude.

    I’d like to think I have the faith and trust in all parts of my life. So many stories like this house are my experience and yet I struggle with my purpose and the financial aspect of life. I know I am not alone. I surrender my small self and ask to be guided with love.

    Love you!!!

    • Colette Baron-Reid


      and BIG love to all – I can’t always comment on every post but all of you are so special to me and I so appreciate your participation each week!

  • F

    I wrote out a list of goals when I was broke and first moved to Amsterdam (from Australia!). One was about the places id like to visit in Europe and the other was that id like at least 10000 Euros in my account at one time to travel (without any clue how that could ever happen). I folded up the piece of paper, popped it in my wallet and forgot about it.

    I got a fantastic job after 3 months of 3 terrible jobs with even worse pay bad pay and ended up in Amsterdam for 6 years. When I was packing up to come home last year I found the piece paper. I realised I had managed to get to all the places on my list but didn’t manifest the money. I put it away and wondered if that stuff really works. 2 days later I found out i was getting an unexpected inheritance and the money was put into my account 2 days after I left Amsterdam. It was for 9998 Euros haha I love the way the universe works!

  • June Kellogg

    Holy smokes… I was just pulling one card for myself from the Wisdom of the Oracle deck and got NO PLACE LIKE HOME in the protection position !

    Colette, I was so aligned with you from the HWTM call several months ago, AND my mom told me a few years ago that my father’s mother’s family were all Jewish.
    Amazing !!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much LOVE !!!!!!!!!!1

  • Darnell

    Thank you for that video. You are amazing! The cards were just what I needed this morning as I found myself getting stuck on the same issue this morning for what seems like the thousandth time. Love and blessings to you 🙂

  • Renee Sugar

    “Dear” Colette;
    I attended the I CAN DO IT event in Toronto this weekend. So special to meet you in person. It was mind-boggling to see you connect the information with the right person, and how all of the pieces fit as the message was delivered to the intended recipient . That is an important part of manifesting. Whatever is mine by divine right, cannot be withheld from me. So worry, should not be an issue. Timing is about the DIVINE PLAN, THY WILL NOT MINE. It became very clear that almost every speaker/author had a profound experience that altered their life path. Illness, addiction, a traumatic accident, life transition, relationship ending etc. I will say that for you; being a part of this inspired community of authors brings so many gifts with it that it would be impossible to count them. Still processing all of what I heard. As I watched each author deliver their message with such enthusiasm and passion that I could hardly believe that the weekend was over and that I was able to listen intently to so much information in just two days. I was in awe of those who courageously stood in front of an audience exceeding 1000 + people. I heard Dr. Joe Dispenza say “It is none of my business” what is planned, and/or How it will unfold? “Let it fall into your lap”. Let it find you. Stop “trying”, pushing, forcing. Allow, create space; stay open, be receptive, curious. Get ready. I am doing all of the above, releasing the outcome to Spirit.
    Cheryl Richardson spoke of letting go of the “gladiator” and become the chalice.” Gregg Braden explained that our hearts have a separate brain. How extraordinary this is. Staying in the “intellect” does not serve anyone. Consulting our hearts makes much more sense. Tuning in to that information intuitively. Now that is a very empowering tool which will always guide us to the right place, in a much quicker time that we could imagine.

    At the moment I have revived a creative project that has not yet been tried in this form. The motivation is different, it isn’t about the reward; but more about the people who are guiding me with each step. Their input, suggestions, and information are invaluable , as I really don’t have any background in the industry that is the framework for the design of this new ad-venture. It is another chapter in the journey. Don’t know where it will lead me to. As my mind does not work in a linear way, I understand the process of taking fragments of the whole and somehow assembling them to build something that did not exist before.
    What I most desire is what Spirit has intended for my growth on every level. How could I not turn my will and life over to the “CARE” of Spirit, praying ONLY for knowledge of SPIRITS’ will for me and the power to carry it out.”
    What I experienced at I CAN DO IT was this amazing concert of brilliant authors/speakers who supported their colleagues, and who were well-respected experts in their respective field. The synergy, the collaboration, the love was so palpable. The plan was so much greater than any one individuals’ part and created such an energetic impact on the people who attended. HIGHER ORDER was the order of the day. My role as a volunteer opened the door to attending. In receiving all of the gifts that were shared, and circulated. How fortunate that I could attend, as a work/exchange as I could not have afforded to do so otherwise. Included, join, being a part of this masterful symphony. I get shivers thinking about it. Here is a message that I read on a vehicle that was turning a corner while waiting for the light to change. “Let your plans take a detour. Let perfect happen. ” You have to be present to notice these things. Tune in to the clues that are there right in front of us. It isn’t necessary to be hit by a vehicle, or have a life threatening illness to discover, that not meant to be; is simply a bend in the road. It’s not the END.
    “To make a beginning is to make an ending; the END is where we start from” T.S Elliot

  • Diana Boles

    Last week, I had a number of pause buttons hit. They are not “STOP” buttons because I find that life is a spiral and that creates a circle and that brings back what you put out there, though it is always a little different. Either you are wiser or the change is dramatic enough to make it feel like the first time ever.
    So I was being challenged to decide on something that I didn’t want to do. Being a person who unknowingly slips into putting others wants first, I was afraid I wouldn’t find a way to say “NO—I DONT WANT TO”. On I went, struggling with myself to put myself first.
    Suddenly I looked to the sky and shouted an expletive and smacked the steering wheel on the car (how appropriate, right? I mean who’s driving anyway?). And my guide “the Chief” responded with laughter and a matter of fact voice—-” if you do what you did you’ll get what you got”. Bingo!!!!! And I laughed at myself because I forgot what we are always referring to when it is up to the self to change the outcome. In the pouring rain, my Red Tail Hawk flew over in one direction and in a few yards more, my Great Blue Heron flew over in the other direction! And that made me pray in gratitude

  • Heather

    Reading some of these comments and on other sites as well, I get this old (1964ish) Dusty Springfield song running through my head:
    Just Wishing’ & Hoping’ & Thinking & Praying. Planning & Dreaming each night of his charms. That won’t get you into his arms!!!
    So many times people seem to think that is all it takes and sometimes they are right. The song goes on to say: Hold him and kiss him and show him that you care.
    This all says to me that manifesting also means taking some action towards your desires, not to make them happen (we aren’t in charge of the how or when) but to start things moving in the right direction. Tell the universe you are serious. Talk the talk, walk the walk, read about it, investigate it. When it comes to money, I have found that the tighter you hold onto it, the less you get. I’m not saying be irresponsible or frivolous. I’m saying don’t put it out there and then do nothing. I’m a big fan of coupons, airmiles & Westjet dollars so I save in one place and can spoil myself rotten in others. Cheap flights to exotic places and luxury room upgrades etc. I’ve noticed gals going to your Phoenix Retreat in June did not take advantage of the hotel discount because they cashed in points and probably a lot of them will fly cheap as well and that has allowed them to say a big resounding YES to meeting you in person and basking in your knowledge, love and light that you so generously share. I will be there and I will be in King City as well because that is where I have been led in this part of my journey. Have a garage sale, clean a neighbors house, do whatever to start a fund to follow your dreams, your calling or just to spoil yourself and a loved one rotten for an afternoon. You’ll be surprised at how money shows up to willingly jump into that jar. Sometimes spending it first speeds up the procedure: back in the eighties, as a single mom, I desperately wanted to send my 3 kids From Alberta to Ontario to spend the summer with their dad. He had moved there after our divorce and they missed him terribly. He had no money either so I scrimped and borrowed to come up with $1000.00 and sent them off. While they were gone, I won a radio contest that I didn’t even remember entering. Yup! Thousand Dollar Thursday handed me a crisp $1000.00 bill.
    I have many more stories of this type but I think you get my drift.
    Thank you Colette for all that you do and all that you are. So excited about the retreats.

  • Donna

    What I have learned…many years later…is to let go of the specifics. When I get too caught up in EXACTLY WHAT I WANT, I never get it. But if I frame the affirmation, meditation, prayer in a way that allows Spirit to make the decision, life works out. When I was once ranting about not being able to see the lesson in the current situation that was all bad- my spiritual adviser said “the new better thing just hasn’t shown up yet, you must be patient and believe it is coming. ” Good lesson and well learned, saved me from a lot of heartbreak and teeth gnashing.

  • Iris Anne Reid

    Hi Colette,

    I’ve been listening to your readings for a little while now and am always inspired by them.

    They just seem to ‘fit’ with what’s happening in my life at the time.

    Thank you – you are very easy to listen to…very genuine…and happiness just shines out from you.

    Kindest regards


    p.s. I’m a Reid too (my birth name) and soon my email will change. ?

  • Kylie

    Hi Colette
    Congratulations on finally making onto the stage at “The New Massey Hall.” I had a similar experience last week.
    For some years now, it’s been on my list of dreams to speak at The Sydney Writers’ Festival – Australia’s most prestigious annual literary event.
    My wish was granted in a round-about way when I was asked to MC the Live Streamed version of The Sydney Writers’ Festival over the weekend in my new home town of Coffs Harbour – 500-odd kilometres from Sydney!
    Ask and you shall receive – with a great, big belly laugh from God!

  • Jenna


    This is exactly what I deserved to hear today. I’m releasing a long-cherished dream that isn’t for my Highest Good. It’s rough!

    Your trust in Spirit inspires me. Thanks for being open, and serving! You make a HUGE difference in my life!


  • Brenda

    I have to tell you this. Last time I wrote, I knew I was at the point of losing my dog, I loved him with all of my heart and soul and he was such a majestic creature. I knew he was hanging on for me and I had to say good bye to him the day after my mom’s service as she passed away on March 21st. March 30th I lost him and truly feared that day. I am still of course in a great deal of pain for losing him but on April 16th, when I was walking my other two dogs, I asked the spirits to please show me a special bird that day. (April 16th) A couple of hours after my walk, sitting in my back yard with my two dogs and my two grand dogs, an “EAGLE” soared over my home, above my husband and brother in law and then over my head. We do not see Eagle’s in Fort Erie Ontario!. And for one to soar above our heads for about 7 minutes and then he went so high up, I no longer could see him, I knew for certain who it was and that my prayer was answered. As I am surrounded by animals each day, it keeps me busy but (Beau) my Cane Corso will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart. This was such an amazing event I had to share it, there is something beyond us. Sincerely,

  • Rio

    Hi Colette,
    Thank you for sharing your experience, strength and hope with everyone. I appreciate the ‘interesting way’ Spirit shows up and brings long forgotten dreams when one least expects it.
    All I ever wanted to do from an early age was act. I was always told that was an unrealistic way to make a living, however in 1978 I moved back to Los Angeles (from Colorado) to give it a shot. Needless to say, it never happened, at least not in the BIG way I had dreamed. I won’t go into each detail, however in 1987 after 10 years of ‘trying’ I finally got my SAG Union card. I was beyond thrilled and thought ‘I’d arrived’. Again, it was not to be. Life happened, surgeries, and other extenuating circumstances and I found myself in 1999, sober for the 2nd time (1st was 1986) and decided to walk away from the entertainment business altogether in 2000 when I found a Spiritual Center called Agape. I caught the ‘vision’ of myself as a practitioner and minister and put my beloved and sacred SAG card on voluntary withdraw.
    In my 2nd year of ministerial school, 2007, I started hearing that ‘voice’ whispering in my ear “reinstate your SAG card, you’re an actress” and I said “shhhhhh, I’m a minister, not an actress”. This continued for 5 years, when finally in 2012 the voice got so loud I said ‘ok FINE, I’ll reinstate my SAG card, are you happy?’ The voice said ‘Yes’. A year went by, nothing. No commercials, no films, no TV, still working as a minister at the center. Then in January of 2014 I was laid off. A friend and fellow Dame invited me to attend her acting class with her, and all of a sudden I GOT IT! Ohhhhhh, THAT’S why I had to reinstate my SAG card. So off I went, back into the entertainment business, one step at a time.
    Now, I’d like to say I got that national commercial campaign, made tons of films and acted in loads of TV shows since then, however that wouldn’t be accurate. My mother died a year after I was laid off and I have spent the last year and 3 months FINALLY grieving, the loss of my mother, the loss of my spiritual community, the loss of my job, and the loss of my former tribe. Only in the last 2 weeks have I recommitted to my acting, to finding MY Tribe in the entertainment business, to reigniting the Dream I have had since childhood.
    I am taking this one day at a time, and I am certain that this dream would not have been placed in my heart were it to lie there dormant. I am finally READY for my destiny, which I have taken, a step at a time.
    Oh, and I’m also finishing editing my autobiography, which chronicles my journey, through the whole process.
    Love and Blessings to you my sister… Be well!!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      great share !! thanx and a big hug and bravo you.. the grief will pass and move you into becoming a powerful new and more authentic you… and we can be your new tribe too! oxoxo

  • Cynthia M Eyer

    Collette, thank you so much for being a shining example to us, your tribe. I also wanted to be a singing artist when I was younger. Alas, my path has been, and is, so very different in sharing my songs. We sing dearest Collette, as our words and very being we share with others is the “music” of love that The Divine Presence dances to. Loves my sister goddess!

  • Chantelle Rieger

    I think for the past 15-20 years I have been aiming to feel empowered in my body , at home in myself. Able to navigate from my heart. I read so much spiritual material without really letting a lot of it sit. It almost felt like desperation sometimes, this longing to be self possessed. Well, fast foreward 15+ years and I can honestly say I feel so much more of that self possessed feeling. It didn’t turn out the way I was expecting at all, there where a lot of dark nights. I was so needy of validation outside myself I had no idea I could and had to do that for my own self. I still feel the need for validation, but the difference is now I can be loving to that part of myself. Learning how to psychically clear and own my own space and move through my day in a grounded way has meant so much to me. I didn’t get the marriage and the happy little family life and modest job I thought I wanted. I thought that would make me love myself. I needed my partner at the time to validate me all the time. And I didn’t get that either :). I learned to do it myself….now, the trick or magic is to let it come from spirit too. I really love my life now. I’m finding and owning my voice more. Acknowledging my needs. Allowing space to be flawed and awesome at the same time. I had a reading from a fellow who relayed the angels say I can be very stubborn. I feel like this is what you and they are talking about. Allowing spirit to work through me. Move through me. So this is my next venture, coming from a space of more esteem, and a bit more maturity :), learning to go with Spirits flow. I might be studying Acupressure and QiGong throughout this next learning curve, to add to my abilities to be of service as well. I feel joy daily.and I’m right where I need to be. Much love. Thank-you Colette and Tribe.

  • C.A.T.

    The love of my life left me in 1989. I moved on, but never forgot him. In 2000, for the Millenium, thanks to search engines, I found him, living in another state. (All those years, I never even knew if he were still alive). So I phoned him, we reconnected as phone pals, and he and I shared many conversations and a few lunch dates. Both of us were re-married. It seemed like we missed our chance, once again. Two years ago, both our lives changed. Recently celebrated our 2 year anniversary and also 28 years since we first met. We each learned and grew during those “lost” years. We trusted that we were where we should be at those times. Now we are happier than we could have ever imagined. We are blessed.

  • Bonnie

    Nothing really profound, but Spirit really does have a sense of humor! My ex-husband, when we were married, moved us to a state in the South (USA) from a Northern state. He believed we would live like “kings”, because it was supposed to be cheaper. After living in an apartment for awhile, we moved to house which turned out to be on King Street! It was only after we were splitting up did I get the irony.

  • Karen

    Hi Colette,
    I have had something similar happen recently. I am a Spanish instructor. I have always taught my Spanish classes about the celebration of Semana Santa – Holy Week in Spain. I thought how interesting and beautiful it seemed and I would love to go there to experience it. But, I never really made plans for it because I was always teaching during that week. I have family members in Spain and have been to Spain before but not for Holy Week. When one of them asked me what I was doing for spring break I replied that I actually had no plans this year. She asked me for the dates and when I told her she replied those are the exact days of Semana Santa! Then, she asked if I would like to travel with her and her husband to Sevilla for Semana Santa! This conversation took place one week before my break. I bought my plane ticket so fast and started packing between doing lesson plans. I taught through Friday, flew out on Saturday and arrived in Madrid Sunday. My cousins picked me up from the airport and we drove to Sevilla. I can’t even begin to tell you how moving the entire experience was, especially since I had once long ago wished I could go. Everything fell into place and it was pure magic. I returned home for Easter Sunday celebration with my family here and was back in the classroom Monday morning. Unbelievable. I am so incredibly grateful to Spirit for planning the best spring break ever.

  • Sylvie

    Madame Colette,

    Thanks for being a leader towards the Light, towards Spirit. For my own experience reading your writings, there is always words,
    Phrases or citations that makes me reflect and assimilate to my daily Life in order to better myself. And from that base, work for Spirit.

    Spirit, I Feel, simplifies things and free oneself to try to live an uncomplicate life cause You let go to Spirit and trust. Now, that’ s where
    The work has to be done on ourselves cause our Ego, Gooblins etc. Etc. Resiste. It’s a daily chore but with the help of Spirit, situations, exemples, people
    Come to me with answers.

    Your writings are a good exemple of the work that Spirit wants me to go throught and situations pin points on the work I have to do on
    Myself when the going gets tuff.

    Just want to say Thanks Madame Colettte. Wishing You the very best. Loads and loads of affection,


  • Rosalyn Marie

    Well, Colette thank you for all your inspiration. Moving to Tucson is a dream I had for moving out West, but my dream was Southern California. When I was about 23 years old this was what I wanted for myself, forgot about it and about 20 or 25 years later I revisted the idea. And it didn’t happen, I jumped quickly and made a mess of things. Now that I am 62 years young, I am in Tucson Arizona and loving it. So I am out West, but look what Spirit did. Now I am looking for work and every time I think something will come through for me I get an oracle card saying NOT FOR YOU! Well Spirit when, because it is true NOT FOR ME! So I Tell myself whatever Spirit has for me must be going to knock my socks off! We will see I will keep you posted. Thank you Kisses!!!

  • karen copeland

    Dearest Colette,

    I have loved you from afar for a very long time. I have studied with Doreen Virtue, ( I am an Angel Theray Practicioner) Marianne Williamson (long time student of A Course In Miracles) and the absolutely amazing Caroline Myss. A Spititual sister of mine through the years has given me 3 of you Oracle decks. I am very attached to Wisdom of Avalon. ( I am sure I spent a past life there.) The name of my Angel Therapy/Reki practice is Lady of the Lake. I feel so Blessed to study your work….when the student is ready the teacher will come. What a beautiful next stepping stone on my journey.

    Love you much..sending Angel Blessings


  • Suzanne

    Hi Colette & friends,

    As a 30+-year aggressive dreamer, I must report that, most days, I see subtle manifestations of my tiny or big dreams; seeds that I had planted and long forgotten, which now bloom.


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