The Turbocharging Power of Group Intention!

Updated: June 7, 2016

Dearest you

I’m writing this on the flight home from Phoenix to Toronto. We just went through a pocket of bumpy air. Normally I get scared in turbulence but somehow I’m still basking in the trusting calm of the heightened sense of community and trust that was activated at this weekend’s Divine Wisdom retreat.

Even a bumpy plane couldn’t dislodge the magic that remained with me from the weekend! I had decided I would be telling myself a new story about turbulence as soon as it began and instead of white knuckling it I imagined poofy clouds and a celestial rollercoaster with angels at the helm. The power of that intention changed my experience, which of course was the very thing that we were teaching all weekend at the retreat.

Coming together in a group with the common intention to remove all barriers to the authentic self was so potent. You could feel the energy palpably move through us like a living ribbon of life force energy activating our dreams and desires, melting away our differences and our stories of separation, shame, failure and loss.

There is nothing greater than a community of like minded individuals holding space for each other giving life to the vision of purpose, prosperity, peace, creativity and love that each participant brought forth to be blessed by the others.

It got me thinking about how our culture of distraction actually isolates us in the guise of connecting and how we need to foster our chosen supportive communities with discernment and focus.

I know when I think I need to “go it alone” and “ do it all myself” or “too tired to reach out, too busy, too committed” etc. I actually rob myself of the beauty of the statement “When 2 or more are gathered together in MY Name (Spirit, God, Jesus, Quantum Fred, The Dude, The Field, Goddess etc.) There I Am.”

The Divine Wisdom Retreat was all about activating the Spirit within, the I Am, the Source of co-creative power and true empowerment of the authentic self that for some had been long hidden or repressed by the stories of culture or family or life experience. It’s the group dynamic that acted as a turbocharger to the electrifying experience of letting go and welcoming something new. You just can’t have the same kind of experience by yourself.

We need each other. We need to learn from one another, to see a reflection of our humanity in each other’s eyes, to know we’re not alone, that we count, that we’re heard and seen, and to know that our presence means something.

It’s these gatherings that can light that fire and provide a powerful platform for turbocharging personal growth and spiritual awakenings. I’m always in awe and walk away so privileged that I get to do this. (so happy that I got to teach and do some mediumship too! Always have to add some dead people to the mix these days it seems lololol)

I can hardly wait until the next one! This summer I’m holding a powerful retreat called Uncharted (based on my new book coming out this fall). It’s all about activating the power of co-creation in uncertain times. I purposefully limit the size of the group so we can really hold that space for each other and interact in a more intimate setting. Whenever I bring new material out I like keeping the group smaller but still big enough to support transformation.

I was a little surprised when after just 2 weeks we had completely sold out. And people had been writing in to try and squeeze in, so I created a waiting list in case someone had an emergency and couldn’t come.

To my surprise that list has been growing as well! So much so that I’ve decided that I’m going to have to do another one of these events very late in the year, and possibly in the South West.

And the reason I believe these small groups fill up quickly is because we know that when we join together to transform, hold space for each other, the magic happens. The power of the group, combined with intention, make for huge leaps in personal transformation. I just love being there to both lead and witness the magic that happens each and every time before my eyes.

It’s such an exciting time to be alive and to come together to make the shift collectively so the individual can be stronger. There is nothing that compares to an up close and in-person event with like-minded souls who know there is more and are searching for a way to embody it.

So I’d love to hear about your experience with how being in a group or community has supported your dreams!

What is your group, and how do they help support you?

Sending you so much love


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PS – If you’d like to get added to our Waiting List for the next Uncharted Weekend Workshop… please click on the link below and then check FUTURE EVENT.







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  • Cindy King

    Colette, thank you so much for the Divine Wisdom Weekend! I am amazed at how much I released and shifted during our time together. I still feel a connection to the whole community of people sharing that space. Thank you for your presence. I am excited to continue down this path and I hope our paths cross again.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      it was magic wasn’t it? Thank you for sharing and so happy you loved it 😉

  • Alice

    Perfect timing for me!! I just put out a new web-site and know that patience is the key right now! THANK YOU!

  • Adrian

    No matter where you do your weekly cards (and how) you always manage to pick all the right ones! I really hope you decide to have your workshops in the West-West instead because the South and the East (GTA) always steal the good shows!!! Alberta and BC are always left out!!:) I told my partner that for my grand 30th Bday next he has two choices for me, either a couple sessions in Calgary with an amazing Botox specialist or a couple sessions with an amazing mentor and inspirational individual named Colette Baron-Reid!!!! I keep hinting for the second one lol have a wonderful week Colette and the rest of this awesome community, my home away from home away from home!

  • Anonymous

    Happy for all of you ! .. Where ever two or more gather ! .. Great things happen .. Reading this blog gave,me the happy feeling and then the disappointment to know that I was not able to get my funds in time to come to Uncharted near Toronto .. I guess I have to learn acceptance big time.
    When my loot arrives, which is any day now, I think I will make an appointment with you and perhaps with Maya the astrologer who does that geography thing .. It won’t be the same as Uncharted .. Of course I know not to set these ideas in cement, as Spirit may have other plans to assist me over any self created humps ! ..
    I must not be disappointed .. I trust that this must be for my highest good ! .. Even if I don’t like it much ! Xoxox .. Big Love .. Lisa

  • Lisa

    Colette .. I always love your blogs .. Another great read today .. Thank you .. So many reminders in your words, especially wherever two or more are gathered ! .. Now having finished the blog and realized that I don’t get to come to Uncharted near Toronto .. My postman is way too slow as far as I am concerned .. But I must accept it was not meant for me .. I do accept it .. Yet I find myself with tears streaming down my face as I write this ..
    I promised myself that if the money ddi not get here in time, I would book an appointment with you and maybe with Maya I am telling myself don’t get attached to that either …
    I had been so sure that Uncharted was for me .. But i know if it was , things would have lined up .. I really need to do the hokey pokey again ! Throw my whole self in .. And find a happy thought !
    Thank you for sharing all that you do ! Love Lisa xoxox

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you can come in the fall we have now a wait list that will fill up in the next week so we will host another one in October!

      • Lisa

        Colette .. I dried my tears .. I checked under my heart hood .. Shook off any idea that I might not be worthy .. And I put myself on the waiting list ..
        It is so interesting how the tears well up in my eyes, when I think about it not lining up.
        I am working on observing all this is bringing up for me.
        I am going to begin the reprogramming the subconscious course again ! ..
        I was fortunate enough to be on that course when you offered it, and clearly I need to keep going back to it ..
        I am grateful I can do that .. Some folks can’t even do that .. So yup, I am going to stay grateful for what I can do .. Thank you so much for being an example for others to learn from .. I am so blessed by your online presence in my life ! .. This Internet thing is something HUGE to be completely grateful for .. Xoxo Lisa

  • MaryAnn

    You are so right about the power of a group of like minded people. And YES we need each other. To learn from one another, share our knowledge and experiences. As an artist, I found that I was always in my studio working, alone- I felt that there was a huge void of artistic energy and emptiness in the community where I live. I formed a group of Visual artists and photographers . With the premise “Let’s work together” to inspire creativity within each other and increase awareness in the community about the importance of creativity and art. If the awareness of art and creativity grow -we grow We need to learn from one another, to see that we all have challenges and triumphs and to know we’re not alone, that everyone is important regardless of their ability or where they are on their artistic journey. We are all here to learn. It was a hard concept for some to grasp, but others saw the vision. It’s hard to measure its success because it’s not something you can see – it’s felt. It’s an energy. As one person described it “The heart beats louder in the village now. ” Thank you so much for your classes/workshops/cards/courses which have helped me both personally and professionally along the way.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I LOVE this – ” the heart beats louder in the village now” and if I lived near you I’d come hang out and paint!

  • Carmen

    I had the same feeling, that playful clouds could not be more than cream coming up to be skimmed! Thank you for a wonderful weekend!… (i did imagine/see angels around the airplane) Lots of LOVE! <3

  • Shelley

    Dear Colette and All;
    I love your description of shifting your fear to faith while flying back from Phoenix.
    I was thinking about all of you at the Divine Wisdom retreat and imagining how powerful such a gathering would be. I had really hoped to come to Uncharted, but it was not to be for me this year. I trust that there will be another opportunity, as I am a long time believer in the amazing power of group energy where there is a mutual goal or intent.(and I beleive you that what is for me can’t go past me!)
    As a woman in long term recovery, I could not have learned what I learned without groups of recovering people. I also, over the years have developed several diverse groups of awesome women with whom I gather to discuss personal and spiritual issues ( and always accompanied by moments where we laugh our faces off). These women have become the sisters I chose, and I treasure them andI feel blessed by their company. In the past two years, I also feel very much a part of this online community and look forward greatly to the courses I participate in and the weekly Universal Energy and blogs you do, as well as the comments from all who write in. I know that I cann’t grow alone, that I have a place in my family, communities and on a larger scale, the global community and pehaps beyond. I love the feeling of being encircled with the energy of people who seek to work in the Light of Spirit. Thank you for your unfaltering leadership,Colette. Blessings to All.

  • Carolyn

    Amazing timing for the topic, as always. Yesterday I had my first day at a new job in a new industry and am blown away at how perfect a fit it is. I have always wanted to work in a place where people are genuinely happy to be there and to help inspire and support each other to be their best selves. I used to have that segregated in my private life in spiritual community, and work was the exact opposite. Now, with this new workplace, I have finally brought these two halves of my world together and am excited to just think of how supportive and empowering it will be to live like this all the time.

  • Anonymous

    “Personal progress for the greatest number depends upon unity”. This is something I was fortunate to learn early in my life. “Principles above personalities” was another. Alcoholism was a family illness that isolated us. I will always be grateful for the loving supportive group of Al-Anon members whose presence each week and whose courage to share from an honest, authentic place was something I had no previous exposure to. Even if I attended a meeting and said nothing which was usually the case at the beginning. Don’t trust, don’t talk, don’t feel; were the guideposts for children of alcoholism. There was always someone who did share, whose experience was a resonant reflection of just what I felt, but didn’t know how to articulate. I also experienced the gift of sharing a heart-felt hug which was definitely something that was not a practice in my family of origins’ home. I also remember sharing part of my story because I still have the cassette. It was in 1985. There I was sharing at the major hotel conference about the “Courage to Change”. I had no script. The message came from the heart. I remember a man crying while I was speaking. As I had never to date spoken in front of that many people before; don’t know how I delivered the message, but as a sponsor asked me if I would be willing; I said YES. Today I am connected to my thoughts, feelings, beliefs and know that when the truth is shared out loud with another person, that something changes from the inside. Owning it, naming it, is the first step.
    I love the saying “Each one teaches one”. We are all carrying messages and whether technology keeps stealing too much of our time, (we allow this) there is clearly a wider separation that divides us.
    This weekend I was on my way out; I live in a condo building. Within minutes of my departure; a neighbor stuck her head out the door, and gave me a chocolate bar from Grenada. She carefully read the label to show me that it contained no dairy. She had been home for her fathers’ funeral. Funny I didn’t know when she was expected back, and I wondered when? Moments after having that thought I heard wheels rolling on the carpet. It was her suitcase. She was coming home. That is being connected!!!!! I had barely gone down the stairs, when another neighbor stopped me to show me a photo of a project we had talked about at a recent barbecue. And as I continued to walk, someone else stopped to have a conversation with me to touch base and see that I was O.K after a difficult set of circumstances had ended that I was closely involved in. I did have to be open to connect with these people, which might not have always been the case. But I know that community is much stronger, and feels inclusive and supportive especially when challenging times touch all of our lives. No matter how quickly I can type a response and send the message half way across the world; there is not replacement for the “human” connection. You cannot replace a “real” hug with a virtual one. Unfortunately it often requires life-challenging circumstances to get the attention of people how much we need each other. This is quite an admission coming from the former “Lone Arranger”
    Lots of Love XOXO

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      LOVE this thank you for sharing.. and I know intimately the value and extraordinary power of being in the rooms 😉

  • Stephanie


    I love your blogs, especially this one. Thank you for the bright light that you are, and your encouraging words. I miss being in community with other like-minded and conscious souls…those that genuine, sincere human connection. It’s my desire to get to one of our workshops and meet you in person.

    Many Blessings and Much Gratitude,

  • Heather

    Dearest Colette: I am barely speaking in sentences since the weekend in Phoenix. As amazing, incredible, (and any other word you can think of) that you, Denise, & Lisa are, I have never been as moved and inspired as I was after meeting the women that were at the Divine Wisdom Retreat. It was more than energy it was power that is indescribable. The cards we received at the beginning set the tone for me, the garnet card I received to denote our table was a garnet (my birthstone) and I had exactly the table mates I needed. I’m not saying everyone was love and light. The personalities I was drawn to or that were placed in my path were exactly the types I had to learn to deal with in “the real world”. Wether delightful and loving or harsher and scarier. The first 3 woman I connected with were an exact reflection of my 3 ego states. I had the privilege of hanging out with me, myself and I. And (unbenounced) to them worked with my critical, beautiful, self absorbed parent, nurtured my sad, confused, but fun loving child and admired my confident, intelligent, insightful adult. I’m sorry that this might not make sense to your readers but I know you get it. We talked briefly in the airport (while you were waiting to give your friend a card reading) about my father, burned in WWII and I was too overwhelmed to continue but one day I’ll get it together enough to finish. Suffice it to say that the Experience was more than life changing, it was SOUL changing. I’m surprised we didn’t blow the roof off that joint especially at the masquerade ball. You gals are an uncontrollable source and to have you all in one place along with over 200 of the most crazy, fun loving and inspiring group of people on the planet?? No words can describe it. I will thank and honour you all by spreading you messages as far and as wide as I can reach to heal our children, our people and our planet.
    I will see you in King City!!!
    ps: what’s with the foot injuries? In Red Deer you hobbled on stage in a leg brace after tripping over your precious Pom.
    My sincere gratitude.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      OMG So hilarious!! True that surprised the walls were still standing. And I loved meeting you at the airport and yes will see you in King City. Re my foot it is the same fracture since Red Deer- my toe was broken (is) and it takes a long time to heal. I couldn’t walk for 7 weeks. ( hence some extra poundage)It was a sign to slow down. Big lOVE !!!

  • Leslie

    Love you so Colette, your blog and of course weekly pull are always spot on!

    Boy did I need to hear about dropping the story this afternoon, thank you!!!! 😉

    Group has been sooooooo up for me. I’ve been missing new tribe after experiencing and shedding a few biggies the past years. I’m craving groups on a participant and leader level as I miss leading too. Dropping the story that I have to ‘wait’ on the latter! Grateful to have new tribe gatherings this month after feeling a little stubborn and funky about it, lol.

    Yes this CA girl would love a late year workshop out this way, please! XO

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      we will be having one October 15th stay tuned for the location ( somewhere in the southwest)

  • Beth

    It’s a marathon not a sprint…It’s a marathon not a sprint! Good message for me today. Well, every day. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder.

  • Susan Hegel

    Dear Colette…Divine Wisdom was DIVINE! This was my first time meeting you, and you made me laugh, cry, release and learn to love from a whole new place in my heart. I feel I am now connected with you and so many others in an infinite possibilities kind of way…..much love and whole-heartedness…Susan

  • Adrian Fran

    This is very random but I thought I would ask the tribe, but ever since I have been back at work I have been fortunate enough to have people open up to me a bit about themselves and life outside work. On two separate occasions I had a co-workers tell me that loved ones — One Brother and One Husband — had passed away, after I mentioned them both assuming them were alive. For some reason I get this odd feeling in my heart and feel it shoot straight though my body I can only assume is a mixture of guilt and embarrassment! The only response I can think of saying is “I’m so sorry” because I don’t know what else to say. For some reason I often find myself doing this almost monthly lol and am wondering what would be a better approach then “I’m sorry” for me to make it not so awkward after…. confused! 🙂

  • Jane Davies

    This is not really on topic, but I love the music you play at the end of your weekly forecast video. Where can I get the complete song?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      it is from my CD I Am Grace … get it on iTunes – its either Coming Home or I Am.

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