To the Other Side and Back… The Miracle of Wading into Uncharted Waters.!

Updated: July 4, 2016

“I’m sorry I abandoned you”
“ Stop the feuding your life will have been wasted”
“ We are so proud of who you have become”
“ Write that book to set the record straight.”
“ Set yourself free.”
“ We are all so sorry you were affected by this legacy”
“This is why this has happened.”
“I waited all my life to hear that apology.”
“ I did feel like an orphan- they gave me away when I was 10”
“I know he loved me.”
“ I understand now.”
“ I am in shock but maybe now I can forgive.”
“ You can change this.”

Dearest you,
These are some of the many comments from different people- living and crossed over during the two Messages from Spirit events I had the privilege of presenting in Halifax and St John’s Newfoundland. Besides the fact I now have a special love for both places- I felt such an instant kinship to the attendees- the “tell it like it is” enthusiasm of the people in Halifax and the quirky, salt of the earth “look you right in the eyes” uniquely mystical people of Newfoundland. I fell in love with these places and their inhabitants although I was there for such a short time.
I wish I could have wandered a bit by the sea. And I still want that fun family in St. John’s whose Dad and husband came through with his fun sense of humor to adopt me (you know who you are! lolol)

There tends to be a common theme when I do events like these and what I tapped into was how those who had crossed over were pressing me to remind their loved ones that they are still connected, still present to them, and all of them regardless of whether they were asking for forgiveness, or owning their mistakes, or cracking jokes were delivering messages of love, hope, support and relief.

So what happens when the past is acknowledged and you get the apology you always wanted, or the old wound reopened in front of others to be witnessed with the intention of setting you free? What happens when you spend your whole life building walls on the foundation of the pain of abandonment and suffering yet find out that is no longer true?

I know it’s life changing when this happens at an event. But let’s talk about this without an event in common.

Let’s just talk about how these stories that we define ourselves by are created.

In the womb as our soul integrates with the physical density that eventually forms our bodies every one of us tunes into the ancestral lineage of the ones that brought us into this world. Sure, not all of us will have access to these stories and experiences, we’d likely go nuts, and if we did remember everything our minds might explode! But, in truth we are not isolated in our story-making and are influenced well beyond our fathers and mothers great or poor parenting styles.

The subconscious stores all the pertinent memories and highlight the ones that were accompanied by strong emotions especially those of fear. Those strong experiences become the baseline markers and triggers that set up a chain reaction of protection no matter whether the manner in which we protect ourselves is healthy or not.

We don’t even know it’s happening and many people never care to investigate their cause, although if you’re reading this you’ve already done some work in this area to set yourself free from the illusion of being a victim.

What I think is really important to note that at this time in history as we’ve become conscious of being global citizens we are painfully aware that there is so much conflict, hate and confusion and the bulk of information we are privy to is dangerously laced with fear.

I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist but I have to say I do wonder why we are barraged with so much terror and fear by the media and we have to really look for the amazing news of exciting new inventions, cures, and opportunities for powerful social change and prosperity that exist in abundance.
This is in NO way minimizing the tragedies of late, but life is filled with these and always there will be tears and suffering and also amazing triumphs in life. It’s how we respond to them and how much compassion we can muster that will define our contribution. (Marianne Williamson’s latest book From Tears to Triumph is a must read).

The issue at hand is to catch yourself, before you start your meltdown and begin to cry BUILD A WALL. If you keep reinforcing the fear and stories of being a global victim you will begin to tell a destructive story that will inform the universe that frequency is what you’re tuned into, and so you’ll begin to unconsciously seek reinforcement and repetition to play out in your personal virtual reality you call your world.

I sometimes think the universe is like a giant Netflix that plays movies based on your energetic preferences. Every once in a while your guardian angel gets tired of playing endless angel Canasta waiting for you to wake up to healing and throws you a curve ball. Right! Tired of seeing all those abandonment and abuse movies how about a Love story that shouldn’t have happened? Want more of those? Like the feeling? What? No way! You prefer the other ones because you are familiar with them?
Ok fine.. back to the game.

Or you accept the gift like some of the people in my audiences who are in awe that they have real love in their lives considering they came from such darkness. Is it perfect? No but it’s a beginning that is possible when you begin to believe you are worthy of better, refuse to see yourself as a victim, and say yes to the angel or if you’re still a skeptic nod to the “coincidence” that delivered you out of your old belief system by offering you an alternative.

The alternatives will always lead us into uncharted waters. Healing takes you forward not backward to the way you were, but to whom you’re becoming. You and I have not yet experienced the new. But if we want something different we need to jump into the unknown!

Right now, you and I can make the change by choosing something other than fear. It’s that simple. Breathe in the Light. Allow the dark to exist without resistance. Everything gets to exist in this universe but it’s our choice which to focus on. Show compassion to yourself and others.
Step back. Choose.

So .. my question for you this week is: What do you do to help reduce fear? This week I am giving you a gift of a meditation to help you get out of yourself.
What helps you choose the Light? What works?

One thing I know- we are all in this together. No matter what has happened to us as the result of the darkness and wounds of others, together we can hold hands and choose the Light and trust that Spirit has a plan and we can either be active victors or passive victims within it. Both roles will teach others how reality is co-created. Every life story weaves into the greater Story in the tapestry of life. How do you want yours to appear in it?

Love you always!

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  • Renee Sugar

    Hi Colette;

    “Inner peace begins the moment you refuse to allow an event or person to touch you emotionally”. Pema Chodron This may sound like a Pollyannesque perspective, it took me quite some time to find my way to a clear view that is able to see the facts, and to not react, or inject my emotions onto the scene. Currently living beside an abusive group of residents who have no respect, or regard for others privacy, boundaries and/or the peaceful enjoyment and comfort of their respective homes. At the beginning of the story, there was a very unstable, sometimes violent and certainly erratic and unpredictable person also living in the next unit. I was very frightened, didn’t want to speak about what was going on thinking I could be harmed if I told the truth to the right people. One day I bumped into a neighbor and shared what I had been witnessing. The mood swings, volcanic anger etc. She also shared her findings and encouraged me to speak to management about the matter. That was the beginning of standing up and being seen, heard, understood, supported and yes believed. The instinctual reaction the “flight/fight” model is a biological one. The heart rate increases, and the cortisol starts pumping through the body and you are ready to flee. I experienced this so many times I couldn’t count them. I also grew into a role I hadn’t planned but have become a reporter, witness and a participant in a saga which is born from people who are bullying, and being abusive in certain ways. Their behavior affects several residents lives on a regular basis. I have learned to pick up the phone and contact the police when it was necessary that I do so. This was for others’ protection including mine. As I have continued to record the details of what was unfolding, it became a process which was not unlike a writing a movie script. Because I wasn’t reacting, I was present but detached like the videographer who is behind the camera. This growing ability to be “detached” has become a gift as I am aware that I have options. If something calls for responding; I ask, is there danger here? Do I need to contact the police; can I handle this any other way? ear plugs? My level of vulnerability has diminished with each step I have taken. I have heard information I wish I hadn’t, but needed to include for the best, healthy interests of all concerned. Fear intensifies when there is isolation. The truth becomes distorted, and the ability to see clearly with it. Although it has been a painstaking assignment, not without its impact on my well-being, I am in the process of making a decision about if I will remain living in the building where I have lived for 20 years. It will not be a decision made based on fight or flight, it will be done in concert with others’.
    The dispute is an ongoing one and involves mediation and possibly other legal outcomes. I need to be patient which is difficult when others are behaving in ways that can be very exasperating. Moving involves a lot a work. I am placing the outcome in “Spirits'” hands and am trying to trust that the right place will be revealed at the divinely appointed time. There is another matter which plays a role I do not have an income at this time; so do I leave? before I find the next doorway or wait? Even though I never would have welcomed this story or the part that I have played in being of assistance to management and their legal council; it has taught me to respect my rights, boundaries and privacy and to not forfeit my dignity under duress. There is a larger perspective that includes and considers every persons’ needs. The same rules apply to everyone. I love Louise Hays’ quote; “Life is happening FOR me NOT to ME.” It removes me from the victim role and places me as a participant and focuses on a story unfolding that has a higher perspective. There is a reason it has become a part of my life. I need to remind myself that there are always different options, and choosing one that lifts my spirit and supports health and well-being rather than getting into the petty, small minded attitudes gossip or being critical, or judgmental. I have instincts that lead me to understand the importance of the principles and common ground. Long story, Yes. I trust that it is leading to a happy ending. The key is not to give it the power to derail my life, or disturb my right to peace and enjoyment. I appreciate the opportunity to share this. I hope it is helpful to someone else.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thank you so much for sharing this. I am sure we are all learning from this too. 😉 That is what I want this conversation to be- a place to share our experience strength and hope with each other. Finding solutions and sharing them, but showing the gritty truth of our humanity. LOVE this xoxox

    • Ivan Pozo-Illas

      Hello Renee,

      Reading your current dilemma a couple of thoughts hit me. When you asked if you had to wait it out or act although ill prepared to do so. Do you have a sanctuary away from home be it a public or private space outside your home? (ie Church, Library, Public Park, etc…) Where you can feel safe and rejuvenate your spirit to discern your next steps, if not reach out to others for support. Much like you stated fear intensifies due to unhealthy isolation. Finding a temporary away from home place where you can find your true center will aid you greatly. Even if it is at a trusted friend or relative’s home.

      Since I sense sometimes your home feels like a Trench warfare when the anger next door and/or domestic abuse is occurring. Maybe you can invest in a used pair of “Noise Cancelling Headphones” on as a temporary fix for the immediate short term.

      Best of Luck.

      Good Journey in Life.

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Yes, Renee:
      What you are experiencing is similar to what is happening in my neighborhood also the feelings and thoughts as to what action is safer. I also seriously am thinking about moving and have to come to a balance of justice for it.

      LOV : )


    • Dee

      Your comment/story could very well have been written by me!! I was in the exact same situation and know all too well the feeling of stress hormones and heart racing when the trouble upstairs would inevitably erupt. Although hesitant at first, when all was said and done, I had called the police 6 times to come and stop the insanity. For the first while, I was the only tenant taking any action and finally, others got over their own fear and realized that something HAD to be done. I HAD to put aside my own fear to be able to facilitate some kind of resolution and answer to this hellish experience. The whole thing lasted nearly a year, thankfully, it’s over.

      Now, any time there is unreasonable conflict or behaviour by other tenants, I have zero problem taking the initiative in being proactive and working for a solution. Fear has no place in our lives when it prevents proper action, diminishes due respect and compromises safety. I applaud your courage and action, I know how tough it can be.

      PS: I love Pema Chodron. Lots of wisdom there 🙂

  • Madison Devereaux

    Fear? I left a 25 year relationship which on the surface was amazing…big house, new vehicles, 6 figure family income…to take my kids and me and live on 80% LESS than what husband and I made jointly. The only reason I stayed was FEAR…fear of not being able to make it…fear of not having enough money…fear of my kids hating me for moving and ending their comfortable life. I spent so many years accepting the fear at face value and all it did was make me hate my life. Once I realized that this is MY life and no one else is responsible for it…then the fear left.
    Yes money is tight …yes my kids hate me sometimes for changing their lives..and yes I secondguess my decision at times. However, those feelings happen less and less. I truly feel happier more than frustrated, angry and hopeless. I’m buying a house that needs renovations. Do I feel fear? Yes and no. I have a plan and it may work out, it may not. As you say Colette, Spirit has my back and I am trusting that they will put the people I need in my life….in my life at the right time. I think fear comes from a lack of trust…trust in yourself and trust in least in my case. I’m trying to instill that belief in my kids to stop them from buying into the fear machine. They need to know, especially as females, that they need to trust themselves first and foremost.

  • Heather

    Dearest Colette:
    I reduce fear by being curious, analyzing and naming it. My second step is to examine my options.
    I also stopped purposely watching the news. I do not need to be bombarded by gory details of horrendous acts in order to know these things happen. I am very much aware of the tragedies that occur because they have been reoccurring since the beginning of time. We, as a collective, have not learned our lesson and giving more power to the negativity so blatantly displayed in the media is only fuelling the flames of fear, anger and mistrust.
    As simple as it sounds, love and forgiveness has to be learned and demonstrated by us as humans for the good of all human kind. Gratitude for all experiences should be the norm instead of I want, what I want, when I want it. We need to speak OUR truth, be authentic and expect no less of ourselves and others. I still want people to like me and hope that they do but I refuse to give into the temptation of “people pleasing” to accomplish that goal. I have concerns in life but have learned to stop unnecessary worrying by remembering that “worrying is using your imagination to create what you don’t want.” I know I can use it to create or “co-create” what I do want.
    I had an Angel reading about 15 years ago and was told that my Guides and Angels were indeed “playing canasta” so I have put them to work big time since then and together we are doing a fabulous job of loving me and healing me. They have put lovely earth Angels like you in my path to help with the Divine lingo and practical application for which I am eternally grateful.
    I am doing my best to learn the lessons and to alleviate fear through prayer and meditation. I have been directed towards my life purpose and finally have answers to questions I have been asking for a long time.
    I try to guide people to there own truth and lead by example without freaking them out too much with the “woo woo” but in actual fact, I want to scream it from a mountain top.
    Thank you for the opportunity to have this conversation.
    Big love

  • Ivan Pozo-Illas

    Hello Soul Sister Colette,

    What I do to reduce fear?

    Is what my/our Angels taught me around 15 years ago. Is to envision the mind’s eye illuminated like a ball of Holy Light broadcasting. Then utilizing unconditional love to One and all as the purification emotion/agent. My own internal symbolism is akin to a bed bound hospital patient with a morphine drip button. Doing away with the pain of living or in this case coping with life constructively utilizing such a meditative visual emotional coping mechanism.

    The Angels have conveyed to me the loving unconditionally brings a healthy dose of grace and power. Empowering my aura and switching on the dynamo of the soul within my spirit. As God(dess) is pure Love the essence of which flows in, through, and around us constantly. To be mindful of this and cognizant by flowing in such a stream of blessed life mindfully. Does more than just merely set me free for the moment from fear and anxiety in life. I synchronize with the Will of God aligning myself to Divine Order according to my calling in life.

    A practice of this on a daily basis has aided me greatly in awakening to greater compassionate truths in life so far.

    Speaking of victors I often find peace calling to the Angelic Goddess sister of “Nike” in adoration. The ancient greek goddess of Victory. I’m amused when I see her namesake on the athletic apparel company all over the place. So in this case I’m the “Smiling Victor” in the Eye of the Storm of this world.


  • Kory M Wood

    Hi Colette!

    I love Sebastian! I recently had a Tiger Goby I named Sebastian. Didn’t make the connection between your Sebastian and mine until just now. Mine, sadly however, went on to Fishy Heaven.

    Colette, please do not stop making these weekly oracle videos. I rely on the forecasts and I know Spirit knows they are for my highest good simply because whatever you forecast becomes my week in terms of energy and happenings, as a result.

    So thank you so much for your truly blessed gift that you share with all of us.

    See you later, Sebastian, you little cutie! ❤️
    With love,

  • Sharon Rodgers

    Collett, you wrote that you were giving a gift of meditation in your blog above. I working (long, long overdue!) on trying to meditate. I speak from experience that fear will make you sick. Did I miss a link or misunderstand.

    Thank you for being.


    • Colette Baron-Reid

      this is the meditation.. finding ways to reduce fear.. meditating on that .. I probably should have worded it differently

  • MaryAnn

    I trust my connection and friendship with Spirit.
    Through events in my life, both up and down I have come to understand that this is not all that ‘is to be’ which helps me remain curious and open to things around me.
    I choose up instead of down because I have faith that Spiriit has my back.
    I view life as a lesson that I am here to learn. And try to live it with my eyes wide open.
    When I meditate I ask for strength over fear and imagine a warm light with positive energy. support and love filling me up.

  • Safena

    I’m always amazed how fear still is alive and well in my life although paradoxically I know the universe has my back!! I’ve been a trained life coach for a couple years and still haven’t charged anyone. An acquaintance asked me to hire me as a spiritual coach. Only a day or two before I visualized in a prayer to allow me to do this professionally. Today is the day of my first appointment. I have had so many insecurities bubble to the surface in both dream and wake state. I did not expect it to this degree. I believe I was given this opportunity not to be a life coach but to deal with my fears. Who knew that would be the lesson. It seems to be all about expansion and evolution of my soul. Very loving indeed. I do hope that my friend does get a good session and isn’t only the catalyst to my growth and healing!! Thx for listening Colette. I hope you can feel my adoration and respect for what you do and who you are. It takes a lot of love and courage in your part. Not easy!!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      congrats on this.. one thing to consider.. we aren’t the ones who do it. Spirit works through us.. then its not so scary. xoxox

  • Melody

    As soon as I saw the Not For You card, I knew I wasn’t going to get the job I interviewed for. Today I got the rejection letter. I know something Better For Me is on the way. No more call centre jobs for me!

  • Kelly

    Wow….”Everything gets to exist in this universe but it’s our choice which to focus on.” One of the most profound thoughts I have ever read! So plain and simple but most miss it. I have almost always focus on the positive, the light filled but sometimes we stumble and need a reminder….Thank you for all you share. I so love your blogs. I hope someday you will come to Nashville, TN! Hugs and love to you Colette!

  • Marie-Pierre

    Thank you so much for this blog. Generally, I do my best (many, many times a day, lol), to step away from fear. Two years ago my third lover passed away, basically from 2000 I have had a lover pass every seven years. They were all addicts/alcoholics. In that time I’ve learned to hold onto the good and try to let the rest fall away. The last took his own life… that’s a chunk to digest. Not surprisingly this last year has held some enlightening health issues. Two months ago I ended up have an emergency gallbladder removal (holding onto the anger?), and while I was there a severe mitral regurgitation was discovered. In two weeks, July 22nd, I go in for a valve repair (fixing my broken heart). I see the beauty in this. The synchronicity is profound. But the truth is, I am humanly petrified, my human brain can not fully chill out… wrap around the universe’s gift and accept. It’s like an emotional battle, almost daily.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Yes the human piece is the hardest one to manage for all of us. You know you might want to try Alanon. Since your lovers were all addicts there may be some profound healing for you there. Thanx for sharing.

  • Sherry

    Hi Colette,
    I have a bit of a predicament with relation to spirit and fear. Perhaps you could help me with it. I have been working on connecting with spirit and letting go of ego. However, when I was a kid, my dad was a huge tormentor. In fact, he was a terrorizer. He was very abusive in different ways with all four of us kids. For me, the baby, he didn’t physically abuse me, but he did this weird play where he would tell me there were ghosts, alligators, etc out to get me and I would scurry up into the nest he made with his legs when he laid on the couch. Everyone in the family thought it was hilarious and it became a game. I had a huge imagination but I also saw lots of spirits and they all freaked me out. I was afraid all the time about something popping out at me. The fear was planted by my father, but it was also reaffirmed by the things I would see in spirit. As a result, I turned my back on it all years ago. Since my sister’s passing six years ago, I have been trying to reconnect with spirit. But, every time I start the process, I begin to see spirits again and it freaks me out, so I stop. I am trying to work through this, but it is really hard, because the fear is pretty deep-seated. I understand that spirit has my back, loves me and I am safe, but the deep-seated fear my father instilled in me makes it really hard work. I have been working through all of this with your book The Map, your Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind course in the In-Vision Lab. I also have just recently begun reading Messages from Spirit and am taking your OCC-Level 2. I am working hard to let go of the FEAR…but it is still there. Can you offer a suggestion about how to finally let it go, so I can not be afraid of spirit. I know this sounds kind of crazy, because rationally, it doesn’t make sense. Thanks for all of your work, it really has changed my life for the better.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      honestly.. deep breathing and finding someone to do Emotional Freedom Technique.. or the Tapping Solution will help. I have done it and it has been amazing.

      • Sherry

        Thank you so much, Colette! I appreciate this… are a genuine honest loving person. I appreciate your insights and will look into these suggestions. XO

  • Pauline McFadden

    Good Morning Colette.

    Your blog this morning was so close to what happened to me this week. Several years ago I was reunited with my son.I gave him up for adoption when he was just a little boy. I couldn’t give him any kind of life because I was poor and in a bad marriage. His father and I got married young and he was not a very good father. We struggled and no matter how hard I worked , we where getting no where with life. That wasted 47 years ago. When we reunited everything was great with my Son and I. But yesterday out of the blue he rejected me rejected me.His email was so hateful and cruel. This wasn’t the first time. Over the years he blames me for the bad things that happened in his life. I have grown spiritually and I learned ..that you make your own choices and can”t blame others for your choices. I tried to tell him that If I kept him he would have had a terrible life of poverty and struggle. I was young with no help and over the years I pulled myself out of poverty and made very good life for myself. I still feel the pain of his hatred. I feel so bad for him that he can’t see the light. Can’t forgive my young self and what I thought at the time was the right thing to do. He had wonderful adoptive parents and they loved him. But to him at 47 years old is not good enough. So with a saddened heart I had to let him go. I kept trying to get him to see the truth but a friend said you can’t change a persons perspective of life.As of today he is very successful and in a wonderful 18 year relationship. To him is not enough.All I can do is pray for him and love him . It breaks my heart that he hates me so much. For a choice I made years ago.

  • Marie-Pierre

    I have subscribed to your youtube channel, joined your email three times now, thinking maybe I was doing it wrong. I think you are phony, and this is all canned commentary. I’ve commented on at least a dozen of these blogs and NOT ONCE does it garner publication or return comment. I have bought products… what does one need to fo to get some return from you???

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      What on earth are you talking about? I comment when I can .. that’s about as “canned” as it gets. I send you blessings and good thoughts.. Perhaps you might want to manage your expectations?

    • TFG

      Wow Marie-Pierre! This is a place for subscribers to have dialogue not for Colette to give personal sessions, readings or answers. I feel blessed when she does have a bit of time to comment on what others say but I don’t think we were lead to believe to expect comments on a regular basis. God bless Colette-there is nothing phony about her. IN fact, I find her attitude-and “one of us everyday folk” aura refreshing and encouraging. I hope you will find what you are searching for somewhere and will let go of a need to insult others. Best of luck to you!

  • Pauline Mcfadden

    Dear Colette…thank you so much…you have been such a Blessing in my life….You made me feel better…I wish you all the Blessings and Love…You have brought me hope….Pauline

  • Donna

    What happened to the card reading that used to be on here? I really liked how accurate it was for me. Love your blogs. Donna

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      it is on the site as always

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      you have to re-register to receive the newsletter again like refreshing the system and then the apps will show-up again.

      Sometimes this happens with site changes as has seemed to occurred recently.

  • Lisa_AK

    Hello Colette and other Sparkly beings!
    Love your blog Colette and read it as often as possible, sometimes it’s the end of the week but I love that you always give us such wonderful spiritual food for thought. How do I deal with fear? If it creeps in, I remember what it stands for: F-alse E-vidence A-ppearing R-eal. Maybe I’m weird but 99.9% of the time I have no fear. I have a very strong connection with Spirit and the angels. I meditate and/or pray daily, usually several times daily. I’ve written before that I’ve worked on myself for years through various methods, each person has to find what’s right for them, what resonates with them. I know it’s a difficult process and I am forever grateful that my mom took us all to church when we were growing up. Even though my views and beliefs are so much better and different than what I was taught, at least it gave me a foundation for relationship with Spirit. I believe in a loving, joyful and protective Spirit/God and wants us to thrive in everything we do! You have to realize that Spirit and the angels sees each of us in the divine light of which we were created. And we are each created with love and purpose and are therefore worthy of Spirit’s love, light and peace in all that we do.
    More than fear, I sometimes deal with frustration in things not going ‘right’ whether in my personal or work life. Try to handle it the same way, stop and take deep breaths, reconnect with the earth’s and Spirit’s energy, assess why I’m frustrated, how things got to that point, what I did and/or others and try to learn what could have been done differently or better next time. It’s all an ongoing process. We’re all here to learn, life is like a big classroom or school. Once you learn lessons and graduate from one level you go on to the next level. Basics are the same, love, respect and service to all including ourselves.
    Love, Light and Peace to you Colette and to All

  • Sandi

    Dear Collette,
    Thank you for this week’s energy forecast. What a relief to know as crazy as my work life is, I am right where I am meant to be. Today is a mental health day, I have been too busy. Today I gave myself permission to stop, refresh, renew, and ground myself. As I travel this road to happy destiny, I am grateful for the work I have done, for trudgers as you who continue to be of service. Thank you.

  • Krista

    For so very long, I’ve allowed my children to use me as a scapegoat to their hostility regarding their choices and thus, consequences in life. As of late, I have been realizing that I am worth more than the on-again/off again spew of hatred, blame and shame that comes with hoping for a relationship with either one of them.

    Today, I sent my daughter a note agreeing with her to remove myself from her life (another of her choices) as it did not seem to be helping her right now. I’ve always been fearful of letting go, as I had it in my head that I’d never have the opportunity to have a healthy relationship with her if I let go; nonetheless something had to change. What we have in not healthy.

    As I put this decision in perspective, I am moving toward the light and releasing her with love. I am definitely moving into uncharted waters, but I know if I do not; nothing will change and I want something different. I have worked too hard to relieve myself from the darkness of victimization of abuse, domestic violence, and codependency. Today, I have to move forward, be an active victor and trust that Spirit has a plan.

    Love and Light to you.

  • Trish

    I’ve been having coffee with you each morning for the past four months Colette 🙂 Reading your blogs, listening and learning with your weekly Oracle reading, seminars and forecasts, listening to the chakra clearing cd’s, your music, meditations and taking the OCC classes as well (so much fun!!). I wanted to chime in here with a HUGE thank you for excelling at being one of the most loving, patient and tireless messengers of Spirit. You have found a way to turn down the overwhelming amplification of enlightenment and the road to living spiritually, so us older, more slow-pokey geriatric “beings” can keep up. For your gifts from Spirit, I for one am truly grateful. I love your wisdom, guidance and your learned knack for handling Joe and Jane Public too (even in the face of your own adversities).I have learned so much from you and look forward to growing old together. Mahalo!
    What do I do to reduce fear?
    I went on several “how to get rid of excess fear” diets. Some worked, some not so much. When it’s a big thought though that is messing around with me, I clap my hands together loudly and say aloud “You get outta here, and don’t you ever come back again! Now, one would think I’m leaving some lasting impressive words to my ex, but no, this is what I say to my ego or negative fear-based thinking. It truly feels like I’ve sent them packing. I feel better immediately, puts me in charge of the moment and the outcome, releases physical pressure I might feel and the simple crack of clapping hands gets my whole attention (and my dogs too). I feel stronger, some how more protected as it “snaps” me out of it. Then, I readjust my perception (like a skirt that’s twisted sideways and try to find some humor in it. Then I walk away, just walk away from it. If that method doesn’t work for the “instant”, then, of course, being the planner that I am, I have a back up plan. Profanity! I do take the famous ten second breath in as a prelude, scout out the venue (ie: like I would never use the f-bomb at say, a daycare or senior’s center ;)and as they say in Nova Scotia, I just let ‘er rip! I try to keep it under raps, quietly and quickly but it seems to get the job done, and then I get back to my co-creative illusions of reality vs. reality.
    And on a side note…may I say, I am in LOVE with Sebastian!! Just the most adorable looking, squeezeable, furry fritter of a munchkin this side of Oz. Love, light and blessings to you dear Colette. Peace!

  • Catherine LARCHE

    It is such delight to read your blog Colette.

    So insightful and witty. Always.

    This time particularly. Exactly what I needed to read today. No coincidence, I know.

    I’ve copied your following comment on a post-it note and put it on my desk for it to be visible at all times. 🙂

    “Tired of seeing all those abandonment movies? How about a Love story that shouldn’t have happened? Want more of those? Like the feeling? What? No way! You prefer the other ones because you are familiar with them?
    Ok fine.. back to the game.”

    Old habits die hard.

    Years of psychoanalysis plus spiritual work have helped me immensely to step out of the victim role and empower myself.

    Great. Just great.

    The only problem is, old habits die hard. Did I mention that already? 😉

    It’s always either fear or Love.

    I am still, from time to time, afraid that no one is going to Love me and when they do, I’m afraid to lose the Love…which always follows as it is based on co-dependency. That it ends is the best thing about it.

    Thank God/Spirit for that! 🙂

    I’ve been better at it for some time though…letting go of the old habit.

    Thank God for that too! 🙂

    It’s no easy work. That much, you’ve guessed.

    I had understood it for a while, intellectually, but never really felt what it meant…so the eureka moment was when I realized that I didn’t need the Love of another to experience joy, peace or happiness.

    I have my beautiful Guardian Angel to thank for that.

    Every time I think of my joy, peace or happiness as coming from some place outside of myself, I get into fear.

    Every time I’m clear that the source of my joy, peace or happiness doesn’t exist outside of myself, that it comes from within, fear disappears.

    That is a lot of work…and a lot of letting go.

    And sometimes I’m just hopeless at it. I’m human, aren’t I? Aren’t we all? 🙂

    But the irony of that is that when we get to this right place, we then become more attractive to people.

    The right people.

    Because, as we know and as you said in such a witty way Colette, we always attract what we are, who we are.

    Better do our best to try and be happy then… 😉

    A work in progress. 🙂

    Much Love & Light to you Colette and to all of you my Soul friends, always. Catherine (from France)

  • Adrian


    Thank you so much! Was I able to apply any of the concepts? Absolutely! Thank you once again your energies never fail to feed the lost energies some of us experience in life. Last night I made probably the toughest decision in my life because it was no longer working, it was brought up that it could be better I stuck with my own gut and really, really lied on my high Spirit to help protect me and stay true to what is better for my higher good. I kept applying that at least the best was given and that we tried. I really took into consideration this blog and the video as well as another Oracle card reading I had last week and every time I asked for a clear simple message that I was doing the right thing they (Spirit World) never failed by lending me the answers. Best to everyone!

  • Beth

    So much to think about in this week’s blog and card reading!

    First, re: fear…this is a little story that I just put in my newspaper for next week…what looks so daunting and scary to us usually isn’t because we always have the resources (wings) to deal with it – if we pause, breathe, and then jump…

    Beetle & the Broomstick Author Unknown
    Once upon a time (which, of course, was really no time at all), a beetle found itself on the handle of a broom, which was lying on a pavement stone. To human eyes, the beetle was an inch above the ground,
    but in beetle terms, it was a terrifying drop.

    Intent on reaching the ground but afraid of the perilous fall, the beetle wandered backwards and forwards along the handle. Its dismay was palpable. It would come to the end of the handle and try to walk down to the ground, then withdraw because it could not find a foothold. It opened its wings to fly away but then closed them again, worrying that there was not sufficient breeze to carry it. And so it continued its ponderous walk backwards and forwards along the handle. Things went on this way, in beetle terms, for many days, until it came to the end of the broom again, and this time, so distracted was it by worry and the unfurling and furling of its wings that it forgot where it was and fell off the
    handle completely, drifting safely to the ground.

    Did it then go on its way oblivious? Or did it learn something new from its fall? I cannot say, for I am not a beetle. To my eyes, it was only ever an inch above the ground.

    Second re: what is for you won’t go past you…two years ago I bought a new laptop and transferred files from the old to the new without incident. Then a few weeks/months later, when I opened some files (which I had opened and checked at the time of transfer) they were totally blank! I contacted my computer guru friend to try and recover the files but he was unsuccessful. The majority of files that were blank were stories, various books, and notes for novels/books I’d written through the years – all totally gone in an instant. All I have left of them are the hard-copies for about half of them – which have also gone AOL and need found. I tried unsuccessfully for decades to get published and then 14.5 years ago I took over ownership of a small newspaper and have “published” my thoughts…then just over a year ago, I started publishing an excerpt of a novel I wrote in each issue, which has worked better than any “traditional” publishing route for me in terms of readership (income, not so much). Sometimes we focus so much on the “trees” that we overlook the path through the “forest.”

    Thanks again for the reminder that all is well and Spirit has our best in mind. 🙂

  • Dee

    “What do you do to help reduce fear?”. I was getting ready to answer this question yesterday by starting with, “Not watching the news”, especially being an extremely sensitive person and apparently empathic. Then, my cousin commited suicide. Please pray for him and for us. Bless you all here.

  • Sarah

    I wonder what planets will have to shift before people will exhaust their fear and anger and addiction to hatred. It’s as if they belong to a cult. How do you reach the brainwsshed and quiet their minds? Let’s all please pray for balance to return. Colette for President!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Oh honey.. I have no interest in being any kind of president but I do believe we have to step out of our fear and into a less personal view of the world

  • Cathy

    Fear and all it’s baggage. Born into a family who believed that we should be their for one another yet those rules they implied never applied to them. Not knowing this I became their scapegoat at a very young age, always pleasing them, doing whatever I could for them, I was never taught that I could say no, or to take care of myself. So, in turn I went to work for the family business and worked there for thirty years. I did it for job security but later realized that I feared leaving as they were very controlling and feared what if they rejected me, would they still talk to me, being left out of the family functions, those thoughts were real and the fear of them was real. A while back I decided I could not grow by staying at the family business and feeling hollow was not an opinion anymore, but to change this I had to be willing to get really uncomfortable and face the fear of letting go. The toxic environment had become too much for me and I needed out. However, fear was standing in front of me talking me out of this much needed change. I knew what had to be done so began numerous times of writing of my resignation letter only to throw them away, carrying one’s written in my purse for over a month, praying for help as the fear was larger than me, then something strange happened, I felt this kind of push against my backside moving me along, as if someone was really pushing me. At first it was weird, then it kept happening each time I started to change my mind. Whenever fear fought back I felt that push until I succeeded at every turn and was able to submit my resignation and I left last week. I cannot explain that push feeling but I know it was meant to be. No one said anything to me when I left work or within my family and that’s sad, although, I am not surprised. I made the right decision and it feels so good and I feel free.
    Thank you Colette for bringing awareness and self reflection and yes, it is important to know the cause it changes everything.

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    I get as organized as possible and persevere … go forward toward achievement … just keep going. To smell the roses is another feat to accomplish.

    LOV: )

  • Dene

    Every time fear, anxiety, etc starts to take over in my brain I hear Johnny Cash’s version of “Personal Jesus” song. “My Own Personal Jesus……..Reach out touch faith” are usually the two main lines I hear immediately and then sometimes the rest of the song.
    The reason I think it’s this song is some years back I ended up with meningoencephalitis due to a mosquito bite and every time I was about to die, I could hear these parts of this song in his voice and it brought me back enough to fight again. It is my theme song, but only his version is the one I hear and the thing is he didn’t change it from the original Depeche Mode version, but its his voice and the lack of all the extra background music I guess.
    Funny thing…..I had never heard the song done by Johnny Cash before I got sick. Wasn’t even a huge Johnny Cash fan! It’s while I was in the first coma that I heard it and no one was there with me and no music was playing….Spirit is Amazing!

  • Bikem

    OK now how do I deal with fear? Once in a blue moon, I have fear as big as terror..When I feel this fear, it is usually as energy in my body of heat, contraction, terror, I breathe deep breaths..With this terror and anxiety, I have terrible fear based thoughts, then I say to myself these are just negative thoughts and they are not real..Then I breathe some more, usually the emotions pass in couple minutes, max 10 minutes, so I continue breathing and thank the Angels and God, when I feel relief…

    The above is big fear..Small fear like fear of having a car accident, I pray to my Angels in the car, saying please help me, and I am lifted up of this small fear…

    About world events fear..I am raised in Turkey while I was growing up there was shootings in the streets between the lefties and the right wings, so I am used to terror, as much as a person can get used to it..But I have a conviction that we will create Heaven on Earth,and we as Lightworkers need to stay calm, positive, and prayerful—–Loved your Saint Assisi prayer by the way—- and ooze our light to this suffering world, because if we do not do it who will, and the World needs our love and light more than anything else…

    This is my two cents..I love your work, dear Oracle, Colette..I am glad you took some time off, and relaxed some, big kiss…..Love, B…

  • catherine pagliaro

    Well I had to take Holly over the Rainbow Bridge a week ago Thursday…thought Dr Galloway and I were going to die ourselves…but there was zero reprieve as her liver had failed completely and compromised her neuropathic health…heart breaking…so please send her love and prayers over the Rainbow Bridge…so although my heart…her sister Bella and Gucci’s hearts break…i continue the work of spreading love, kindness and compasssion because the patriarchal dark forces are and will continue to ramp up the ugliness because of their terror of the feminine energy taking power and leading the Free World transforming Power OVER into Empowerment..that is what you are experiencing…Fear ramping so don’t give in..just focus on positive actions words and deeds…this shall pass by Christmas and we will see peace and harmony by 2018…I promise..I love you

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I am so sorry for your loss of sweet Holly. Thanx for your sharing as well.. The feminine spirit will rise and heal the world.. it is what I know too.

  • Jenny Hughes

    It’s fun to watch these late in the week, and be like, “OMG that was totally it!” When you talked about making a choice for ourselves rather than doing what others want, that was exactly what happened this week. It was not easy, and I sat in some very uncomfortable indecision for a spell, but ultimately I made the choice for me, accepted the consequences (other people not happy), and it felt like a new leaf for me. YAY for new choices! Break the cycle of old patterns! Woo Hoo!!

  • Velma


    So much love & appreciation for you & your availability to all of us on the path.

    With regards to choosing light & reducing fear, I see it all depending on where we find ourselves in our own personal journey. I’m always reminded of the common phrase of “That which you focus on multiplies,” or that which you fear you draw near. Similar phrases we’ve all heard from many teachers along our path, & we’ve adopted over time to in turn pass along to others in conversations.

    I have a girlfriend/coworker who is heavily into politics, FB postings/rants, mainstream religious beliefs & the like. She can’t really have a successful discussion with me because I don’t watch television, don’t read the newspaper, don’t listen to the radio (although I do occasionally listen to Hayhouse radio!), don’t read news items on the Internet, only use FB to gain access to Colette’s live videos!!. I basically live in a bubble & have for years. She usually asks, “So….do you know what’s happened?” I have to chuckle. She’ll even state she doesn’t know how to not focus on the fear of impending doom, what’s to come, knowing political & societal issues will only escalate, etc. I’ve shared my views with her, & she does agree that focusing on the negative, fear-based aspects only amplifies it. But, if the majority of what we surround ourselves with are people willing to engage in fear-based discussions & rants, why are we surprised that we create more of the same in & around our own lives? We are basically placing our order with the Universe, “Yes, please send me more like this!” Divine timing is directing their soul growth too…along with free will.

    I’m laughing now remembering this same person’s question regarding how I spent our last couple of days off. She stated, “Don’t tell me you read another book!” I said very proudly, “Yep!” As I sit on the couch with books to my left, right, in front of me, off to the right, hundreds in a bookcase, back bedrooms….I’m okay with my spiritual journey & my choice to make it & me a priority in my life. Surrounded by Doreen Virtue’s cards, pendulums, tarot cards, “Course in Miracles”, Dr Barbara DeAngelis, Sandra Anne Taylor, Dr. Darren Weissman, Donna Eden, Raymond Holliwell (wonder where that one and Dr Harra came from Colette?!..thank you BTW), Dr Carmen Harra, Guy Steven Needler, Edwin C. Steinbrecher, Florence Scovel Shinn, Emmet Fox, John Randolph Price, Alice A. Bailey, Jamie Sams, videos of Abraham Hicks, Joel Osteen & Buck Brannaman….how can I go wrong? For me, my spirituality & aligning more with Spirit is a priority in my life. I don’t allow conversations based in fear or hate to guide my choices. I choose my focus, & I focus on cultivating a life of love, not fear. It’s my choice. When this friend became sad because she doesn’t have a girlfriend(s) to do things with, etc., I explained I’m not going to go to bars, I’m not going to play pool (I’m no good at it), I’m not going to hang out & drink. Those are personal choices. When she kept expressing a jealous feeling because her husband of five years was out with two other couples (new friends) playing pool at a bar that night & kept checking her phone for texts from him every 2-3 minutes….I just asked her how it made her feel. I asked her to look at why it made her feel that way, what emotions inside herself it was bringing up. We all have insecurities that resurface along the path as we heal the many, many layers to our onion. When we’re ready, we’ll hear Spirit’s guidance to look within and stop looking outside ourselves. Until we’re ready, we’ll keep going along that surface until we choose to make a change. It’s called life!

    I live in a rural area that I didn’t realize was heavily laden with drug dealings/addicts/persons of that nature. But, in reality, it seems prevalent in many counties in this area. My childhood home, 1.5 hours away, is equally inundated with these lower vibrating personal choices as are many parts of our world. I have distanced myself from my brother & his family due to overextending myself in many ways to an addict family who chooses to perpetuate addictive behaviors & extremely lower vibrating lifestyle choices. Being family, I understand partly where my parents enabling behaviors have stemmed from (although I still believe a root cause in our childhood remains hidden from my memory banks somewhere..just a feeling), but it’s also sad that they continually take from my parents in a disrespectful manner. I see the dynamics play out almost as an outsider, but not entirely. I also know there’s some major karma playing out here. My parents continually giving (enabling) but also offering an opportunity for my brother and his family to choose to reciprocate, change their lives, etc. My parents still maintain their victim mentalities, anger from their childhoods, holding onto their major physical manifestations, unable to see or do any differently. One week before Christmas in 2014, my broke every bone in his face except his lower jaw in an accident & had to have plastic surgery, dentures, the works. If that’s not a big enough wake-up call to change your life, I’m not sure what is. Some people cannot make the shift. I’ve also wondered if some people have contracts to maintain lower vibrating lifestyles so we can learn unconditional love, acceptance, & choose healthy boundaries when faced with family members, friends, neighbors, & societies who seem stuck. Either way, it definitely makes me thankful for my journey & ability to choose better for me.

    I also have much growth with a boyfriend/partner over the last three years who has made strides in his personal choices regarding drugs (be it prescription drugs they snort–which I’d never heard of before meeting him), drinking, stealing….all those lower vibrating energies. I understand the addictive behavior thread stemming from both my parents & especially my mother’s father, past partners, many friends throughout my life, & this new man although we’ve been together before (another life experience) & do have karma to heal/resolve. What’s interesting is my boyfriend has one friend he continually drags back into his life after God presents him with a crystal clear in-your-face situation to remove him. He’ll remove him, then forgive him & take him back into his life. Even though his presence in my boyfriend’s life is no where near what it was three years ago, it’s still there. When my boyfriend tells me he wants a better life, doesn’t understand why this or that, etc., I explain to him God is telling him, he’s just not listening. I’ve also shared that the lessons don’t get smaller or less impactful, they get bigger and bigger until we pay attention. I’m not sure if they have unresolved karma from a past life (perhaps were brothers), not sure if this lifetime provides a role-reversal to balance any misqualified energies or if the ‘friend’ is in place to help my boyfriend learn to make healthier choices for himself and his life. That all of life is a choice and just because something is convenient and easy doesn’t make it right. It wouldn’t be in my life if I weren’t to learn from it somehow. I realize it’s also giving me another perspective to see addictive behaviors, relationships, frustrations, growth. My boyfriend has said for a couple of years that he’s prayed for God to take this friend out of his life. I shared with my boyfriend that it doesn’t work that way. God put this friend in place for my boyfriend to CHOOSE better for himself, to make a stand for himself & his life. Face the reasons people are in our life, understand how we grow from it, see it thru God’s eyes and evolve.

    It’s just Oh-So-Interesting how Spirit provides multiple avenues for healing & acceptance for ourselves. Even though I’ve come to realize drugs are in my area, they’ve never touched my life in the last 9 years of living here. Until this spring. My neighbor’s 34 yr old son decided to get high & come into my home uninvited & refuse to leave all the while thinking it’s his responsibility to get me to leave. Fast forward to the last court date of this week where the man is not allowed to return to this area and must undergo an A&D assessment, continue his psychiatric treatment, whatnot. His parents want to claim he’s crazy so they can continue their retired life in FL, and not be accountable for an addict son they’ve enabled his entire life. I’m probably the only person in a 100 mile radius (perhaps in this entire state…who knows) who doesn’t own a gun. If this man had entered anyone else’s home he’d have been shot, possibly dead. Imagine the deputy’s surprise to find out I spent 7 years in the Marine Corps & do not own a gun. I’m not sure he understood my statement of ‘not wanting the energy of the gun’ in my home, but it’s the truth. I refuse to live in fear, in anger (know that one all too well), or reacting to mainstream media & society. Anywho….point in bringing up the brother and other links to drugs, addicts, etc, is that it seems Source provided me another growth opportunity with this intruder. The mother and father both wanted me to not press charges. When I asked the mother to put herself in my shoes her response was, “Oh, well you’re not the person we thought you were.” Talk about a poke at my ego!! The deputy laughed when I shared this story with him because I didn’t press charges, the state of Tennessee did. I was just the witness/victim in the case. BUT, a repeat phrase that kept coming to me through all of this was, when are these people held accountable for their actions? When are the excuses no longer catered to & they are made to stand up & own their choices? Even if I had wanted to ‘not press charges,’ the state of TN would have held him accountable. I noticed that in venting about this incident to my boyfriend, the anger at my parents enabling my brother & his family, the disrespect they continually direct toward my parents all the while taking everything they can get their hands on for their own benefit, this addict/dealer/thief of a ‘friend’ of my boyfriend continually being allowed into someone I care for’s life……& the audacity of someone to come across fences and gates onto my 11 acres, up my tenth of a mile drive just because your woes are too much & you choose to get high on pot & bath salts (of which I had to ask the deputy 3 times because I’d never heard of it)…..violating my sanctuary, jeopardizing the life of my dogs, invading my privacy. I had to sit with myself on this one trying to balance out how wanting & needing to hold this man accountable (because of all he represented to me)for his actions and addict choices while simultaneously not allowing my anger & fear to take over. To see what Source was using this to help me heal. By taking a stand to keep him out of this area, making it a court order, isn’t fear based, isn’t based in anger. It’s based in my truth. I deserve to feel safe & secure in my own home. He deserves to be accountable for his choices. Perhaps it was Source’s way of allowing me to hold someone accountable to ease some of the pressure off the other situations that may not find a resolution. It’s a two-fold win as well. Perhaps it’s Source’s way of alerting the parents that if they don’t patrol their possibly mentally off-center son better, he’ll end up dead for his choices. There’s always more than one lesson involved.

    Lengthy? Always. BUT, I type really fast. I just appreciate the platform to have discussions with like-minded souls.

    Much love!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Velma I am so happy you joined in this conversation. You might type fast but I savored every word and in this moment as I am far from home needed to connect with like minded others and so I came to my own blog to see who shared their experience and here you are. I was so triggered reading about that man in your home a I understand addicts and how unsafe you must have felt. I stand beside you wholeheartedly to underline the accountability of his actions calmly and with surety. That, believe it or not could actually save his life and in your setting this boundary restore your own sense of equilibrium around your own family history.

  • Velma


    I hope you fully realize how loved, respected, and cherished you are in the lives of so many. The platforms you provide for us to have ‘a tribe’ to share our authentic in-depth exploration of life, the ups and downs, the ways we get in our own way, how we grow and evolve as souls… You just being you provides so much and at times feels like a lifeline.

    I feel truly blessed God placed you in my path. I hope you hear me laughing when you state in your weekly videos … If you don’t believe this way, like me, etc… I don’t care, watch another channel because this is how I believe!! I love it!!

    Postscript: I always know when I’ve resolved a lesson or growth spurt. The heightened emotional reactions don’t exist, I feel at peace with the whole of it no matter the outcome, and I see at least one ( usually more) of the bigger picture reasons. Sometimes ( umm, yeah, the last few months… Okay year!). I know certain things have to shift/change/heal in order for forward movement or an outcome similar to what I want to even come close to happening. But that darned narcolepsy !! Until I’ve healed ten layers saying to myself, ” you knew things couldn’t BE the way they were before. You KNEW these things had to change. VELMA!! So why did you dig your heels in and resist like mad??!! As Colette always says, “Spirit has our back.” Always. Thankfully you are here continually reminding us!

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