Are You Worthy?!

Updated: August 8, 2016

Dearest you,

I’ve just put down Nancy Levin’s new book Worthy and it has hit home in so many ways. Although the book focuses on the relationship between self worth and net worth, she’s not just talking about money although a lot of the story uses money as the template for how our sense of worthiness is reflected in our relationship with our finances and how that affects the rest of our lives. If you haven’t read it yet be prepared for some serious deep inquiry. Thank goodness she offers a free online coaching program as a bonus gift.

I am loving it so far. There is always more to learn.

The journey towards worthy is inward and it requires us to take our blinders off and look at ourselves compassionately but ruthlessly. When I consider my own life and most of my clients current and past, this word resonates with the invisible obstacles that seem to trip all of us up in so many areas of life- net worth comprising of a whole life view of how we love, our family relationships, workplace dynamics, and yes how we view our finances (in this case especially women).

I see the results of long term spiritual commitment to growth and so I am worthy today in most areas of my life but definitely still working on others. Does the unworthy pea under the princess bed keeps you up at night sometimes too?

Worthy is not the same as entitled or even deserving. It’s deeper and its fundamental and many of us don’t even realize how we have been trained by society, by religion, by anything that has led us to believe we are fundamentally flawed and unworthy.

  • Do you ever feel like if you shine your light you might get punished?
  • Do you people please rather than state your needs?
  • Do you feel like you can’t charge a decent fee for your work?
  • Do you feel a cringe when you see others succeed anxious that they are taking what should be yours?
  • Do you expect that life will always be hard?
  • Do you quickly shove all this under the carpet in your mind pretending to yourself that you just didn’t feel that?

I’ve had issues with worthy in my relationships, my art, and if I’m going to really tell you the truth its only recently where I feel I’ve landed in my skin.

30 years ago when I was newly sober I had no sense of self worth when it came to men. I didn’t know it at the time, for I only knew how to choose complicated men with addiction issues that were abusive and controlling. I saw myself as a victim and believed if I could just prove myself they would change and I would be lovable.

The same sense of unworthiness showed up in my music career to the point that I lost the love of my art for chasing approval from the business.

Same with my TV show. Having one changed nothing to be honest.

You see you cannot look to anything or anyone outside of yourself to make you worthy. You have to claim your inner worthy inside before the outside will reflect it.
The only person that needs to approve of you is you.

Your world is your worthy mirror.
What does your mirror show you about being worthy?

I recently added 4 team members to my business. I realized a big part of why I didn’t do this sooner is that I have felt that I must do everything myself with the two people (Marc and Jill) who were already overloaded. Outside of being controlling this piece was telling me deep down I wasn’t worthy of help, or an organized successful life!

Until I looked at what Nancy is teaching it never occurred to me. I say YES to worthy and a continuous gentle overhaul of my inner worthy belief system. You?

Hmmm! Good news is that can change!

And, we can help each other and model worthiness by setting healthy boundaries, knowing what is true for us, cleaning up our finances, stop trying to make people love us. Know that we are made by Spirit, infused by Spirit that lives within us, inherently blessed, inherently worthy and our behavior needs to reflect that truth.

And here we all are, me super grateful for every pair of eyes that follows my blog, and all of us holding hands stumbling towards miracles. YAY!

Tell me how worthy or unworthy has shaped and now shapes your life!

Love you guys!

love colette 200x103


PS-To get your copy of Worthy, and so many bonus gifts including the 3-part Worthy video series, CLICK HERE




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  • Adrian

    The last month has been quite a ride for myself when it comes to figuring out whether I am worthy or not. I ended a six year relationship that I knew I was more worthy of and didn’t like the feeling of being unworthy and unappreciated in as well. It was the hardest decision I had to make in my life because out of the six years I was able to take away what I thought was a new bigger me. Then it all took a turn, a big let’s flip the world upside down turn. I unfortunately got myself involved with an individual who allowed me to let go of my guard, a guard that protected me for so long. I gave up my four years of sobriety and had what I thought was the time of my life until at the end of that “friendship/moment” I realized the true colors and potential this person had on not only myself, but their self was not worthy of hanging onto. I woke up today unsure of my life, tossing and turning in my bed after having the weirdest dream of a card reader given me and my mother a random reading in the backseat of her car. I didn’t get to hear what she was trying to read, but I understood the situation. I was ready to make a drastic move from my current city and pack it on up to Victoria, BC for no reason just to get fresh start,a Tabula Rasa or clean slate. For some reason though every time I try and make that plan work it falls apart, and am beginning to think that maybe right now it’s just not suppose to happen even though I will keep trying my best to make it happen because I have always been one to never give up. I want to help that one “friend” because I know their struggle is hard, but I think the only way for me to help them is by not helping them at all and allowing the Spirit world to guide them instead. I have taken a break from reading the blogs and listening to the video readings because I kind of scared of reality but am so glad I did today. I don’t expect my life to change tomorrow because if it did we would so be a perfect world, but am ready to put my best step forward to getting myself back on that path of righteousness and that journey I was so proudly on before. <3 <3

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thanx for sharing – great post .. sobriety is precious … I hope that will be your true north.. then everything will begin to make sense again.

  • Georgiann

    When I think of successful, inspirational, still human going through stuff the best way they can women, I think of Oprah, Michelle Obama and Colette Baron-Reid.

    Thank you for showing and communicating what authentic looks like. I have been praying for a mentor that would show me what it can look like for me to fully step into my wholeness and offer my gifts to the world and get paid handsomely for it.

    Why have I followed the money and not my heart? Because deep down I didn’t believe I was worthy or that it wasn’t going to matter. I have been working on changing that belief system. Some days are better than others.

    Thank you shining star. I love you.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      big love !!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      the heart, the self worth, will always result in the more satisfying life, money will be an energy that can help spread more love, more service, employ people, then they take care of their families etc. etc. I think when we consider how it can all flow, then it’s not as difficult to explore the worthy life but in the end it comes back to us …xooxoxoxoxoox

  • Diana Boles

    It’s just such a wonderment! The punishments we inflict on ourselves all in the name of—–Ive earned it or I deserve it! We eat too much, drink too much and spend too much. I find mysel grabbing the control stick in one arena only to sabotage myself in another. Usually, it’s spending too much on little things & then not having enough for the big emergency purchase — like the refrigerator or auto -( did I just jinx myself here??? )– but even harder than controlled spending is finding people that accept you AS YOU ARE and try not to influence you when you say no.
    WORTHY is not just a different facet of a gem, it is a completely separate jewel. It isn’t just an indulgence, it is the crown of the soul.

  • Sonja

    Wow I love the above honesty of
    Your reader. Thanks for sharing Adrian.
    Your post hit home like a tonne of bricks because I’m constantly thinking about my financial situation and struggling to get ahead even though I have the skills and resources to potentially do so. Then boom! The “worthy” thing comes up. It had never occurred to me this issue of financial lack (which I have created though massive bad debt) was due to lack of worthiness. If always put it down to my limiting beliefs and role modelling of my parents limiting perceptions around money. All of which I’ve worked on through various energy work channels. Your comment about asking for help and taking on extra staff also hit a chord as I always try and do everything myself.
    So perhaps this is the missing piece? I’m a big believer in messages and synchronicity and have been asking for messages and signs from my guides. This really hits deep resonance with me;-)

    Thank you Colette, I’m off to buy the book right away!
    As always I love your posts. There are few emails I read but yours I never miss.

  • Ronnie

    Life is our adventure and we will never stop evolving and learning. Even when people are experiencing difficult life spaces there is still growth ( just harder to recognize ).
    Worthiness is a challenge, I am learning in my life that the best solution for myself is nurturing, trusting and accepting a relationahip with a Higher Power. Living this relationship with the same intention/action as a trusted friendship with a human being is how it works for me. I share with my Higher Power all day long. Taking time out to have special specifically focussed moments between us. Like diner or coffee with friends. There is no perfection in this earthly life but there are always ways to increase the light in our lives.
    I am currenyly working on turning over the artistic aspects of myself as I am my worst critic when it comes to my creations. I wish to sell pieces and the venue for this has been provided to me, I have sold some, the proof has been provided to me now I have to trust that it was “Heaven sent” say thanks and ask for the self belief to shine brighter.
    Collette reminds us we are ‘sparkle beings’ she is one of our cinnections to the friendship with our “Higher Power”. There are signs around us encouraging us to recognize our own self worth we just need to be open to accepting them.
    Worthiness …
    It is like searching for the new Pokemons, they are all around us now, we just need the ability to see them. The best tool for the job. for the Pokies it’s the cell phone for our worthiness it is the relationship we share with our Higher Power, in my case God.
    The relationship provides the earthly elements we need, the inner light and strength, the behind the scenes action, the opportunities, the Earth Angels that come our way.
    Sometimes the flawed experiences/ relationships are just the worthiness builders we need.
    Keep your faith, find it and let it he your light force to seeking, obtaining and maintaining your worthiness.
    Shine Bright

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love that Pokemon reference! God is good… God is good… thank you for sharing !

  • Anonymous

    I like to think I know I’m worthy. Mirror mirror on my life now I get to do it twice. The outer is definately different then what I think I know. Dang that subconscious program anyway. Still doing the work.

  • Karen

    i just want to be happy. So I have stopped trying to please people. They didn’t care about me. I’ve spent SO many moments on people who don’t respect me!!! And then I wondered why I had no self worth. But I know now I had to have those lessons to realize now that I’m worthy, loveable, beautiful, funny, caring and a good person. And whoa!!! The most amazing women and experiences are coming to me. I do what brings me joy. And I say no now! People are NOT happy with me. Oh well…..I’m busy following my joy. Why didn’t I know this when I was younger? (I’m 54) because it wasn’t my time. Oh…I feel ok with this. Now. Love love everyone ?

  • Sandy

    Thank you thank you thank you for sharing YOU and all you have with all of us!!!!! I am eternally grateful you were brought into my world a few years ago when I spotted your oracle deck WISDOME OF THE HIDDEN REALMS. It was the first deck I ever purchased and continues to be the one that speaks to me the strongest. Buying that deck lead me to search for you. And am I ever grateful to have found you. THANK YOU again for all you do!

  • Anonymous

    My Dearest Colette:
    I ask your readers to stop trying to find reasons they are worthy and start looking for reasons they are NOT!! I can’t come up with any .Can you?? I’ve made many mistakes, as humans do but no llonger buy into others judgement of MY worthiness. Criticism (of self and others) is the virus that cripples our ability to feel worthy. Read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” to see how powerful people have built empires by not criticizing. Think how a criticism from a parent, loved one, teacher or employer has affected you. There is no such thing as constructive criticism. The most dangerous is self criticism because we can be so very hard on ourselves. So in the words of Bob Newhart,
    STOP IT!! Lol. If God says I’m worry, who am I to argue.
    As far as financial worth goes, I believe money is a tool, a beautiful shiney tool that allows us the luxury of fulfilling our earthly needs and those of others. Hiring extra staff is not only providing for other families but allowing you to focus on what you love most which will keep you healthy and happy and more able to share yourself with all of your loyal fans. You lead us by example and guide us with compassion.
    Love you forever and always just because you’re you!!

    • Heather

      I have no idea why some of my comments show as “Anonymous” ?? I always enter my name and email. Just for the record Lol, I wrote the above comment with the Bob Newhart reference. And just incase this comment shows “Anonymous” my name is Heather. Love to read your comments Colette. If the spirit moves you.

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        hi Heather no worries !! Thank you for being present and active here whether you are Heather or Anonymous lolol

  • Constance

    Whew! What a time we’re in… unprecedented. Over here, we are having an ongoing conversation regarding this year: I do not recall any year in all the decades we’ve been going thru when the Rhythms and Patterns were as challenging as this one.

    “Dark” and “difficult” are words that are coming to mind. A spiritual teacher has stated that this year will be remembered, and used the word “entrenched” to describe it, and so far that seems obvious. (Dictionary description: “entrenched“ difficult or unlikely to change; ingrained.”) It was suggested that we’ve been in a trench, and we cant seem to get out of it; whereas, before this time we’re in now, things would change and we could get out. “Crisis” is clearly another applicable word. The year is one like no other in that the degree of chaos (so necessary for change!) is exceptionally high.

    On another note, there is dark chaos and light chaos, so again, there is our personal choice of how we experience that chaos, to see the dark chaos as part of clearing and healing our own personal dark shadow, etc, while embracing the light chaos which is always integral to change. All in all, prayer and meditation helps, and INTENTION really helps. Stating your intentions on how you want things to be in your personal universe, writing it down on paper and putting it up on the wall as a reminder is another technique, plus when we go to sleep, our subconscious mind will be reading those intentions. God Goddess bless us all…!

  • Julia Guthrie

    Wow.. what synchronistic timing this email was!!
    This very week I have been looking at my old unworthiness patterns that show up whenever I try to put my artwork ‘out there’.
    I’ve sold art and done it as a business on and off for many yrs but I still feel like taking it all offline and running away when I don’t seem to get approval or sales.
    It feels a bit like showing your underwear to the world sometimes. Lol.

    So this time I have been watching events from a higher place.
    (thanks in part to your lovely guided imagery of climbing on the back of a bird, or the one I have used for the last few yrs… your observer meditation which I use religiously everytime I meditate. “Stepping backwards…asking who observes…” I find it amazing to watch from that perspective & have had many a wonderful conversation with a guide or other self. Anyway…..)
    I have been telling myself a different story & looking at changing my reactions.
    This is a small thing, but it already has made a difference to my emotions.
    And the more I can do it… The bigger the changes will happen.

    And your email/newsletter just proves I am on the right track!!
    So yay.. Thanks again Colette for always being here to guide the way.
    You are SO appreciated! Xxxxx

  • Anonymous

    Since turning a corner to enter a new decade, now 60 years “young”. It is becoming more clear about the purpose of the journey. Worthiness is a journey, not a prize I claim having reached a particular goal or state of awareness. It is an inherent sense of self-awareness, self-acceptance, dignity, respect, pride and value for the unique irreplaceable soul that I “AM”. A life-long discovery process, which reveals information when we are ready to see, and claim it. No one is exempt from being worthy, everyone is gifted, in different ways, none of which diminish another person in any way. All of us are equidistant from the center which is the creative source of all. As a visual artist, and creative soul, there has always been an element of needing approval, or acceptance from some outside source. The creative unfolding of any body of work is a work in progress so to measure its’
    “worth” by the outcome doesn’t focus any appreciation on the process. It took me quite some time to understand that concept.

    I wrote an ODE TO MYSELF several years ago,
    and I feel comfortable sharing it here.
    I haven’t ever done so.

    She’s an elegant lady awake and aware,
    With a compassionate heart she really does care
    With her original style and painterly eye,
    She can be quite the actress,
    but is really quite shy.

    Don’t tell her she can’t because she’ll prove you are wrong
    She will charm and disarm you then burst into song.
    With her Leonine drama oh boy!!! can she roar,
    She might scare you to death, while you run past the door

    Only those with the courage to see what’s behind,
    know she’s funny and loving and really quite kind.
    Independent and free, that’s the name of her game;
    don’t look too close as you’ll see’s quite tame.

    Learning to laugh at ourselves is a huge leap toward understanding our “worthiness”. When I first read Nancy Levins’ first book; JUMP
    I was so relieved that someone that I had never met knew so
    much about me. Just a reminder that when you see and admire wonderful
    qualities in others, take note and acknowledge they are also a part of you.
    Lots of love to everyone.

  • Carolyn

    As usual a great topic! I was just thinking of worthiness the other night in relationship to changing friendships. My friendships shifting because I’m an unworthy friend? In my heart and soul I know my dear friends love me but on the surface I sometimes become insecure, is it tied to worthiness?
    Love your insight and constant desire to grow, love you.

  • Catheinre

    Self sabotage, self-sacrificing, having to suffer to be close to God, get ahead for a variety of more reasons are some of the most common humanity unworthiness programs and just being a woman…our gender allowed ourselves to be enslaved for centuries…we just got the vote and the right to our children in the mid 1920’s….talk about unworthy in our submissive subservientness to the patriarchal energies…Having the feminine energies here in full now and really coming in strong in December is helping women release those old programs…I have been working on it for years in regards to my businesses…LOL…my romantic relationships…yup…three husbands discarded….but in my businesses…I could runs billions through my payment systems and give millions away to charities over the last 20 years…but was unworthy of keeping some of those millions for myself…LOL…yup you can bet I changed that along with my business model while still being philanthropic…the old program of is better to give than receive is also a problem…we need to clear that one and bring in a balance of giving and receiving because we deserve to receive as much as we are giving…love you Colette and tribe…Shine Brightly…the times are a changing for the good…

  • Lisa D

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to explain to others, and sometimes myself, why I needed to leave a job in order to find my worth. I’m extremely grateful to have financial resources that provided the freedom to leave my position while I work on how to enhance my gifts and figure out how to receive compensation for them however there are most definitely times I second guess myself for walking away from a ‘proper’ job. I’m trying to remember the universe has a plan much bigger than I could imagine for myself; that I am truly worthy of all the blessings in store. (Boulder in November is part of this journey!!)

  • Hellen

    “You see you cannot look to anything or anyone outside of yourself to make you worthy. You have to claim your inner worthy inside before the outside will reflect it. The only person that needs to approve of you is you.” I love this so much Colette – beautifully articulated. May I have permission to share it (with credit of course)on social media?

  • Shelley

    Hi Colette and All
    It’s funny you should mention this right now….
    I tend to believe that my self worth is fine, yet there are still unconscious layers lurking. My reading this morning reflected this , as I drew ” A Leg Up” and “Treasure Island “in protection and ” Never ending Story” . What I realized after reading your blog is; that although I am currently off work temporarily I am blessed to still have a modest income. I have an amazing garden which is supplying abundant food, I am staying at our cottage which is on a beautiful river where I can swim. I recognize and appreciate all this, and much more that I am blessed with. There is, nevertheless, a little background tape that plays which says :” look at all those amazing workshops and trainings you can’t afford to attend right now, you are missing out on crucial stuff ” or I see my dynamic and productive friends achieving and think ” wow, I am such a slug” – I even thought, reading your blog and seeing that you are reading yet another brilliant book (which I’ll add to my wish list) ” successful people like Colette read way more books than I do, I must be intellectually lazy”
    Etcetera BlahBlah blah. Comparison is a soul killer and I know this, yet I still slip in my thinking at times.
    I drew another card to help me shift my stinky thinking and received ” Milk and Honey”. I AM in the land of milk and honey and having a time that is absolutely crucial to further growth. Reading your blog and dialogue with Spirit via the Oracle cards today gave me an accurate and needed reminder to love myself as I am where I am and to let Spirit help adjust my attitude ( even if I hadn’t known it was needed!) Huge love and blessings to you, dear Colette, and to All.

  • Renee Sugar

    This time I claim the ODE to MYSELF.
    Renee Sugar (the poet who didn’t know it
    I forgot to enter my name.

  • Denise

    I’m Very Grateful For Colette & All Of You Who Have Wonderful Inspiring Stories To Share!!!…<3

    To be worthy is a journey that takes a course of time!…

    …'Soo…'Be patient, self-loving, caring and kind!…

    …'Spirit will always bring Blessings in all ways and rhythm!…

    …'To all of us who are always worthy and Loved by our Divine!

    BLESSINGS TO ALL!!!…'And Thank-You!!!…'For Your Time!…<3

  • Linda

    Coincidentally, I received Nancy’s book in the mail the day you posted this, but decided to do some of the work before I commented. I am up to exercise 15 and it has been an eye opener for me! Some of the things I remembered from childhood – such little things that happened, but resulting in such big baggage. I felt choked up when I read back what I wrote – some of the reasons why I have felt unworthy for so much of my life!! I even remembered a song from my childhood church, some of the words that go, “I am not worthy, the least of His favor…” And continues with “I am not worthy, this dull tongue repeats it, I am not worthy, this heart gladly beats it.” I sang that over and over throughout my childhood. How sad is that? Anyway, I am getting to the bottom of a lot of my issues that I know stem from those childhood experiences. I am writing new commitments for my life now. I know my parents meant well and I appreciate that, but I am worthy and I know it.

  • rosalyn marie

    After reading your blog I understand a lot of my life I have felt unworthy of having financial security and being myself. Well, I will stop first and let you know I love your blogs and your entire website, I have to make it to one of your seminars and hear you speak in person. Now I am working very hard on letting go. For some reason I think I can fix everything by doing this and doing that. Well tomorrow I have an interview and I am very excited about it and then today my electricity has been cut off. First thing I felt was here I go again, why do these things keep happening I thought I had until the 15th of the month. Oh well then I realized your rent is always paid on time and you do have an interview tomorrow, maybe just maybe somebody thinks I am worthy of financial security. At this point I can only go for the ride and see what happens. All isn’t lost. This could be a part of a big picture and the truth will show up. Any advice?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Keep committing to feeling worthy, and you will see how the world will begin to reflect that 😉 I’d get Nancy’s book too

  • Jelena Škipina

    I have problem with worthiness.i an unemoloyed,semi-disabled,constantly being bullied and suffering from emotinal abuse from my 61 old mother and 66 old father that works as judge.i have made decision i will move east and be homeless because i have no one to help me in any way.this is the first time,i stood for myself.3 years ago i have met my billionare twin flame that we planned to get married and have kids,insted he left me and went back to his old boyfriend over night.he is with new gay boyfriend and does not care about me at all.sadest Twin Flame i have ever heard of just care about his carrier,money,and gay men.this will be long ride and have to make a big move because i have no one to help me,and i am to tired from my life problems,i will be in months 38 years old and totally lost in my life.i trully hope i will move out and find my worthiness.thank you colette big hug earth angel

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you know honey the only person to rescue you is yourself and a faith in a higher power that lives within you. A good book to read is A Course in Miracles for Dummies. I love that book as well as Holy Shift by Robert Holden. oxoxox

      • jelena skipina

        thank you sweet earth angel.i have been a student of course in miracles for years.there is nothing my holiness can not do-acim.thank you sweet collete.i read roberts holden book happpiness now 10 years change my life forever!i am good inough i am worthy of all god’s graces and abundance!but i need to move out from my mom and dad tomorrow without any delays if want to rescue myself and be my own angel.thank you sweet indigo an earth angel.i love you.I AM WORTHY AND I AM PERFECT CHILD OF GOD

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you know honey the only person to rescue you is yourself and a faith in a higher power that lives within you. A good book to read is A Course in Miracles for Dummies. I love that book as well as Holy Shift by Robert Holden. oxoxox You can do it!

  • Beth

    I read the blog and watched the card reading video and wasn’t sure what to write as I had so many thoughts swirling in my brain. Then, today a local man brought his granddaughter to meet me as she loves to write and wanted to meet a “real” writer…even though I own my own newspaper and have writings published, for a moment I felt unworthy of her praise because I had to admit that I didn’t have a degree in journalism or other writing related degrees (I do have a Master of Library Science degree). Then I realized how foolish that was as it isn’t a degree that makes someone a writer, but writing that makes someone a writer…and I shared that with the girl. I also need to remind myself to allow whatever Spirit has in store for me. Thanks again, Colette, for sharing your wisdom.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thank you for contributing often and sharing yours… I know ALL about that unworthy piece.. but look where we are now.. and Spirit has a plan.. always..xo

      • Beth

        Would be nice if Spirit was a bit more obvious in the sharing of that plan with us. 🙂

        • Colette Baron-Reid

          this is a good conversation but in fact we are not separate from Spirit and so the clearer we need it so we will get it .. when our intention is clear and we ask for a ” billboard” we get it 😉

          • Beth

            Very true! 🙂 Time to slow down and pay attention to the signs around.

  • Anonymous

    I have been on a spiritual journey now for 5 plus years. I had a wonderful childhood. My parents are my best friends and still my teachers in life. My first marriage was a complicated mess of insecurities on my part & my x’s part. Betrayal on both our parts, abuse of all kinds directed at me. When I finally had the courage to leave that relationship is was with my son and what I could carry in my car. I began to understand that I was powerful and worthy of more in life. So I suppose my journey really started 16 years ago. LOL. I have been married one other time. I didn’t recognize old patterns till I read Byron Katie and actually looked at what was. Not what I perceived it to be. I really started the process of getting to know myself and love myself. This journey showed me what I needed to see to make the choice to let several people go out of my life. It was a blessing. I am still traveling the road that I have decided to let Spirit guide me on. It’s been wonderful. I have learned to listen to my inner voice and lead with it. Being an Aquarius Sun, Pisces Moon and Sagittarius Ascending gives me points to ponder. Newly learning about how all that and enjoying it. It has shed light on a few points about myself I didn’t understand. Anyway, I have finally learned to look within, grow me, love me and in turn my life has changed so much. I am so grateful for everything.

  • Kas

    Gratitude: I love me some gratitude. For me it was learning to love myself and heal myself. I had to learn that I was the only one that I had any control over. No I’m not a control freak by any sense of the word. I have had some really crappy relationships, two to be exact. I have spent close to 16 years trying to figure out why I made the same mistakes over and over again. It has only been in the past 5 years that I really learned to focus in on the spirit and to listen to what my heart is telling me. That was hard for me. For so many years I felt dirty, and undeserving of love. My first husband was responsible for drumming that into my head. I know now that I am worthy of as much love as my heart, mind, body and spirit can handle. It took hard work on my part and learning to see what truly is and not what I want it to be. By doing that I have allowed spirit to show me who and what I truly need that is good for me. It’s been a rewarding, dark, turbulent, peaceful experience depending on the day and situation. I am glad that there are people like you that can help us understand our journey and all the wonders that it will bring to us.

  • DLLGRJandfurballs


    Is this worth my life?

    Actions speak louder than words and words can destroy in one second all that took one’s life to create/build. Snap!

    Learning is constant if you let it


    Destruction is imminent if you let it


    Pose the question: Is it worth my life?

    This question then the answer you give it is not guaranteed to always be positive but asking this question gives one the partnership of being active in the outcome (co-creation).

    Life is a journey, destiny/fate is to be revealed, along the way what works – is liked – is/was loved, presents itself.

    Personally, my financial worth has suffered however my strong belief of faith and learning has grown exponentially so I am cautious in return. I have always been financially desperate – as if an embedded negative theme that refuses to be healed.

    I look forward to reviewing/gleaning (in a good way) Nancy Levin’s “Worthy”; so happy to see Amazon as a way to purchase her product = smart move.

    All we need is LOV : )
    LOV : ) is all we need
    LOV : )
    LOV : )
    – Beatles/Beat Bugs

  • Jan McQuistan

    After a lifetime of doubt, emotional abuse, lack of confidence, etc. I KNOW I am worthy! I am smiling as I am typing. I won’t get into the past because it doesn’t matter anymore and I am far from being a victim any more. I am strong, independent, and worthy of all that happens in my life. It may not always be fantastic, but I have choice. I just turned 58 on the 13th and I feel as if my life is finally mine. I have dreams that may not remain dreams. I am working to make them come true because they are worthy dreams and my motivations are worthy and just. Thank you for addressing this topic and allowing me to verbalize what I have silently felt for a long time now.

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