Is Your Vision for Your Future Stronger than The Story of Your Past?!

Updated: August 24, 2016

Dearest You,

I’m just off from an intense weekend of beginning my pre-launch for my new book Uncharted and spending 3 days with Dr. Joe Dispenza at his Progressive Workshop with my husband and some friends.

Joe is my friend and mentor and I study with him as often as I can.

People think it’s such an opposite concept. Here I am talking to dead people, experiencing giant light beings from another dimension, and creating oracles for people to dialog with Spirit and then on the other hand I’m a total science geek. Oh and I mustn’t forget to mention the chorus of voices that call themselves Fred that I’ll be introducing you to in my new book.
How can all that be reconciled?

I’ve really learned from him that post materialist science is the contemporary language of mysticism, and it’s so exciting when I can have a more credible conversation about how we’re evolving, and how to tend to the soul self’s need to express itself through us.

In the quantum model of reality anything is possible.

I get the biggest kick out of listening to him explain the whole quantum physics neuroscience shebang. Most of my life, and, if you’ve had mystical experiences too, you might identify with this, I could only tell the story of it but not the mechanics of it.

You know the “we are stardust, we are golden, we are light” etc. hippy stuff is actually grounded in something other than a trip on magic mushrooms.
So much is being discovered!

But I digress from why I’m writing today.

What really hit me this weekend was how the subconscious holds on to the familiar to the point of excluding all possibility. It will fight so hard to maintain itself it’s tiring! It’s not enough to want a new life, or to visualize it unless you’re willing to surrender the past. The problem is the past, or the consciousness of the past is alive in our bodies in a chemical soup that gets stirred up to set up a cycle of thoughts and feelings that become beliefs and then send out a loud broadcast to the Field, or Spirit, to say “more of the old stuff please!”

And we wonder why all this talk of manifesting doesn’t work.

I had first hand experience with the resistance to my own self-evolution when I got home.

I felt amazing all weekend. Everything he was saying supported what I teach. I was having epiphany after epiphany. I was so in love with life and its possibilities I was walking around on a cloud. I knew that the vision of my life from the deepest most grateful parts of my being was so clear, and I was feeling it all in advance ( as one is supposed to) releasing it to Spirit and determined to choose it over my past conditioning.

Easy peasy.

Then I went home.

Then I woke up.



Then I was like “Heck NO” and my subconscious sent me all kinds of images that could re-stimulate my past addiction to stress. I kid you not for 2 solid hours I was swimming right back in to my fight flight position accompanied by all my old triggers too boring to mention.

Why am I telling you this?

With awareness we can shift anything.

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

The body is afraid of the unknown.

What will you do with all that fabulosity and freedom no longer defining yourself by the fears of mediocrity, people pleasing, financial insecurity, scarcity, unloveability, competition etc?

You ask yourself why the heck would anybody want to define themselves by those things anyway?

Would you choose those things to run your life secretly in the background?

Bet the answer is no.

Yet all of us have something that defines us and we identify with that holds us back from being conscious so we can become the most powerful co-creators we already are! This power lies in the Uncharted, the unknown and well..
The Uncharted isn’t for sissies- even if we want a new version of our lives it’s easier and compelling to remain where we are.

So how did I snap out of it?
I went for a walk and claimed out loud that in service to Spirit I committed to the vision for the highest good to be greater than my addiction to the stress I was accustomed to. Then I asked for the willingness to push past it, and the power to carry that out. I felt a surge of love coming from me and back into me and I was so grateful.

It’s not easy to look at yourself with rigorous honesty. I knew intellectually this was true but until I slammed into it with such intensity it didn’t occur to me how much further I had to go.
Every caterpillar that isn’t quite out of the cocoon is freaked out about flying.

But c’est la vie! I’m in it to win it. And like I mention in my new book Uncharted we will all fall asleep at the wheel and encounter the resistance of spiritual narcolepsy.

How about you? Do you have a vision for your life? Is it stronger than the pull to the past? If not.. well it’s not that difficult to learn how to make a real Shift from the conditioned mind to being open to miracles. It does take effort though.. real effort but it’s totally worth it. Every butterfly has to push itself through the walls of their cocoon to gain the strength to fly.

The Uncharted is beckoning. Your wings are waiting!

Tell me a story!

Love always me

love colette 200x103


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  • Carolyn

    I love how your messages and stories are so often perfectly timed to reflect what’s happening for me and, I imagine, many others. I am in a new job, in a completely new field, and finding the old stories and insecurities taking turns popping up to say, “Hello, wanna play?” Just when I feel their pull to the past, I take a break from the drama and reconnect to spirit to find what’s real and true for me, and to take time to love the inner child who first developed the pattern that still playing out while waiting to be loved and accepted back into wholeness with a simple explanation of how whatever terrible thing happened way back then was actually perfect in its larger context, and that we are and always have been safe, loved and supported in every moment. And the call to my future then gets stronger so the job can have a more definite spiritual aspect of service while I balance that with the creative work it is meant to support instead of smother. It’s all about baby steps on the way to a massive quantum shift in my perspective and day-to-day experiences of being more and more of who I am, without apology or explanation. Thank you again for this wonderful space to share and celebrate this!

  • Laura

    Hi Colette,
    Amazing timing, as always. Just yesterday, riding the bus home, that voice in my head asked the question, “Do you want to move onward or remain status quo?” I have been working through remaining “stuff” from a very difficult time. It was a good indication I’d reached a milestone. I’m not at all keen on what status quo looks like, so I’ve chosen onward and forward, and I’m excited what’s next along the path.

  • Lisa

    Hi Colette .. wow .. i get it .. our past conditioning and our stories can sneak up at any time .. after Lilydale i got home and I had to work on my ability to be present and happy in my skin ..
    I had such a great experience in the energy at Lilydale, your energy was so up .. it was infectious .. and actually I was so energized, that i was perspiring in a manner that is not normal for me .. i guess the excitement of actually being there listening and learning was the cause
    so when i got home to Canada .. well there was not that same level of energy and I kind of plunged .. not for long .. i got grateful again, for the trip to LD and then my mood became even again ..
    i want to thank you for being such an honest teacher .. I am really looking for to the book and all the goodies that come with the pre-order have given me the umph i needed to begin to love my life fully again .. after our HUGE loss 6 years ago i felt dismayed and worthless .. somehow Spirit led me to your work .. and slowly but surely i began to remember who I am ..
    I continue to be blessed .. and i extremely grateful to read your blog each week .. really, it is your honesty, your ability to say you fell asleep at the wheel, that is what helps me .. knowing that YOU, even with all you have done and continue to do, can still fall into the unconsciousness temporarily .. and that you rise up, tell us all about it and encourage us to do the same .. you are a inspiration indeed .. xoxoxox

  • Anonymous

    Hi Colette,
    I feel a strong connection to what you are saying as I find myself on the edge of all things new. I sent my youngest son who is on the autistic spectrum off to a college program last week and it has left me feeling excited for him and excited for me but also a true sense of the unknown before me. For years he has always been with me, never away for too long and now I find myself with my own anxieties for not knowing the outcome while looking forward to his future and mine. I am in constant reminder to myself that new and different is good so thank you for your words as they remind me I am not alone as we all move forward on our own paths of growth.
    And I love your dragonfly neckless as the dragonfly has been a symbol for me as I move through the time. and to see you wearing that in the video reminds me spirit has my back.
    Thank you,

  • Jennifer Mckenzie

    I agree, true soul work isn’t for sissies, and once you open that door going backwards is not an option. I have only ever been able to accept excellence for myself and have always strived to be the best at what I do, I am a true perfectionist who is hard on myself and am learning the path to authentic self love…what a trip! Dr Joe’s work has been a path of powerful transformation for me, and aside from being astute in so many capacities, that HU-man is the greatest expression of love I have ever met. His work is breaking me (and so many)open. I am channeling energy in ways I did not know possible and I have the brainmap to prove! Aside from being a student of Dr Joe’s, I am also a full time Medium & Teacher and am a science geek too! I seek the truth and I want to grow beyond what we “think” is possible.
    After attending Dr Joe’s advanced in Feb I have come up against some serious resistance, observing old patterns that are still running in my “operating system” but I am also doing some of my deepest work which is creating more freedom in my life (my goal). I am learning to love myself thick or thin (literally, I have a food addiction staring me right in the face right now and I will heal this through love, I promised myself this because I love myself enough to do it.)
    It’s interesting how I keep running into you and when I ran into you on Saturday ( I was not attending the Progressive but meeting up with friends from out of town who I had met at the last Advanced I attended) I departed from our brief conversation feeling deflated, I came up against some shadow stuff and it irritated me because it happened the last time I saw you in May, it has become a gift of insight for me though so I am thankful for that.

    BIG love to you Colette. Thank you for your insights, this blog is awesome!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      OH honey… and I came away thinking how much I LOVED seeing you xoxoxoxoxo Funny how our shadows act up 😉

  • Mary

    I did Dr Dispenza’s online course and I can understand the impact of that knowledge. I still cannot anchor my dream. I’m 46 and last January I woke up to finally seeing the truth about the narcissistic abuse I had growing up and in my marriage. I’m aware of where I came from and where I’d love to go and yet I keep getting sucked back by the negative vortex whenever I get a break and move a bit forward. I have to start all over again every time. It’s so tiring and disempowering.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      well.. how about making your new story more powerful than your past one? Isn’t it wonderful that we can be accountable for our own change? Empowerment takes discipline but you can do it!!!

  • Bonnie Lea Townsend

    Hi Colette, I love your down to Earth way of speaking, for someone who says they’re “out there”. I have also always been a little out there somewhere, too. My mother was interested in psychic phenomenon and past lives and living healthily, and introduced me to Hay House. I’ve been attuned to spirit guides, sometimes sensitive to other people’s energies, seen souls leave their bodies, but it’s not for me to be a public speaker about these. You have to be a little psychic to listen to spirit. I work in a very material type job, but try to be a positive influence to my clients by being positive, patient and friendly. Sometimes it’s difficult dealing with the public without having something they say or do trigger old, bad emotions. Last year, my mother passed away, and I miss not being able to talk to her, especially since she and I shared that same interest. I can’t share that with other family members and people at my job, so trying to balance myself can be difficult. I sometimes have to keep my mouth shut. I keep going back and forth as to what I read, what I eat and the music I listen to. I’m learning to paint pictures. Painting lets me be, like a kind of meditation, and I plan to keep doing this. The more positive I can be, the more positive I can be in my job. I guess my vision is to keep adjusting myself to the point where things that used to trigger bad emotions, don’t anymore.

  • Sarah K

    This is your best blog yet, IMO. “Spiritual narcolepsy” – that’s a phrase that won’t leave me soon, and so applicable. Bravo for your epiphany. And I can’t wait to read your book. xx

  • Renee Sugar

    “We can never step into the same place in the river twice.” As I write this I am experiencing much sadness having just learned of the death of my aunt who lived until 95. What a testament to a “spirit” that would not give up even in the face of a very long list of physical challenges. Her life was a legacy of the power of her spirit and mind.
    I am really excited to read your new book UNCHARTED and look forward to becoming ready to stepping into new doors for expanding my infinite creative potential.

    Until I entered the doorway to the Energy Psychology Conference in 2006; I saw only what was in front of my eyes, but I had always known there was so much more that I didn’t understand. As a former interior decorator, the language of science was a foreign language that I didn’t spend much time exploring UNTIL that moment when I stepped into a world I knew nothing about. Since that time, I have opened and entered so many doors that have expanded my consciousness and have given me a perspective that has replaced the lens through which I once saw the world. There is no going back. When I think of my family history, and the values, and limiting beliefs that focused on maintaining the façade at all costs; I now know that allowing that to disintegrate like the cocoon of the butterfly is the only way to fly free.
    The waiting list for Dr. Joe Dispenzas’ workshop was a long one, so I am reading the book and now meditating daily. I would have loved to attend that workshop, but the work must be done and the commitment to myself to be aware of a thought or patterns that sabotage my growth, is one that I made when I was in my 20’s. The good news is that throughout my life I have always been evolving, and changing, and becoming someone that I am unfamiliar with. “Becoming” is an unfolding and a practice which asks for our undivided attention each day. I am coming to a place of grace, of self-forgiveness, compassion and am so encouraged by the potential to make a different choice, and what can unfold from taking that action. It is important to have clarity about what we no longer want or cannot accept, and as Dr. Joe teaches, the change must emerge from the inside out. As I continue to embrace the concept that everything is unfolding in divine timing, I can allow myself to relax more, and to create space to invite the next right doorway to open. Closing the doorways from the past, is a part of endings. Nature has created the blueprint that allows the butterfly to strengthen its wings against the restrictive, and limiting walls of the cocoon. When that moment comes, they will be ready.

    So fellow tribe mates, START FLAPPING!!!!!!! If it wasn’t time, it wouldn’t be happening. Become ready and willing to explore all of those beautiful, life enriching, and spiritually nourishing possibilities. It is not realistic to completely dismantle the foundation and restructure the conditioning of a lifetime in one attempt. Take heart, one choice, one thought, one moment at a time, everything is possible.

    Much love to everyone, and “Salut” to you Colette for your brilliant new book. I already “know” it was crafted with great wisdom, love and will be filled with inspiration and insights that will impact many others lives.

  • June

    Amazing! I’m at the point to of leaving the past with the past and getting ready to fly into the unknown
    Thank you much blessings

  • Catherine

    My Dearest Colette,
    I just NEED to leave a comment to let you know how much I relate to what you wrote!
    It is properly amazing!
    The experience you’re telling us about, coming home…and down, down the hole, well, if it took you 2 hours to snap out of it, it took me nearly 5!
    What happened to me was, I was up there, swimming in such high energy of Love the day before,it was bliss!…and then, I woke up the next morning, yesterday morning it was, in a state of gloom, unable to see the Light, not even a glimpse of it!
    ‘Why? But why? What’s happening…again?’ I asked myself.
    ‘Well, the usual!’ was the answer.
    When Love is in the driver’s seat for too long, fear doesn’t like it at all! Fear has been so used to being the only driver for almost 50 years that you can imagine how it won’t let Love take its place without putting up a fight…and what a fight!
    So for nearly 5 hours, fear was in the spotlight and in great shape too, let me tell you!
    After 5 hours of that awful show, I finally managed to watch my mind work – I couldn’t before that, just couldn’t! The fear was simply too overwhelming to allow me to react in any GOOD way! – and I realized what the situation was.
    Oh that old story?! Still on, then? Isn’t that interesting?!…And as I could now do something about it, I started to just take a step back, breathe and ask my Guardian Angel – I could say my Higher Self, it would sound more…acceptable to some perhaps but the truth is, my Guardian Angel is who I talk to – so I asked Her for help – well yes, she’s a She – and then the magic happened and I felt that so familiar and unwanted mist lift up and my energy back up there swimming in pure Love and Bliss!
    Of course, I believe in Angels but I’m not totally brain-dead either! I know fear will visit again! But I also know that it won’t win. Not in the long run. Certainly not in the long run!
    Much Love & Light to you Colette and to everyone here!
    Catherine (from France)
    PS I pre-ordered your book “Uncharted” today!

  • Dorothy Loose

    Hi Collette,
    I always enjoy your oracle card readings and I wonder if you would explain some things for me. I noticed in this weeks reading you said the first card was in the protection position and I think the last card was in the upright position. I am a bit confused as they both appeared to look similar. I understand cards being reversed but upright and protection I do not understand, and also why do some cards have numbers in the upper corner. Loved your blog this week, fully understand the state of your emotions. Been through that myself.
    Best of everything to you and yours


    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Protection position means when I chose it , it was reversed. If you have my card deck it is all explained in the booklet ! oxoxoxo

  • Pauline McFadden

    Good Morning From Vancouver Island…

    Thank you so much for coming into my life….life is tough but thanks to you It is getting easier with your messages. Getting some strange dreams all more symbolic. I saw my Mother and she was holding up a lottery ticket …I think maybe she was telling me I hit the jackpot in my life. Also thank you for helping me grow spiritedly.May the Blessings be in your daily walk..


  • Nick Dellacava

    Dear Colette,

    Interestingly but not surprised this blog comes as confirmation. And so quickly. Before I read your blog I was walking outside contemplating or you might say, a walking meditation. I recently applied for a job in spite of the fact I felt some fear, worry and/or doubt around it all. As I walked around I admitted to myself that I was not addressing this fear/worry/doubt to the fullest meaning to take it as an opportunity to do some discernment work. And so as I took my walk I embraced the opportunity and admitted head on that I was actually holding back my creation by going back to and choosing the old friendly comfortable way instead of the new exciting possibilities that this new job would bring. So as I talked with God and Spirit I ended by asking for a sign. A sign that even though I knew they heard me was more of a validation that I was on the right track with the discernment. To make this story a short I came in and read your blog. Spot on! I love how Spirit works and so love how fast we can get answers if only we’re willing to ask and listen. Thanks for your all your work…..

  • Melinda

    I am going through the same thing! Thanks for sharing and confirming what I am feeling and experiencing and how to move forward.
    Love you lots.

  • Heather

    Dear Colette,
    My story is this: for 15 years I’ve been trying to live a new story. During that time I’ve lived through more miracles than I ever thought possible before I was willing to give miracles a try…the thing is, I’ve put myself, time and time again, on the line where my physical survival appears to hang in the balance. That’s the old story and most of the other distractions in my life have been removed at this point, so I’m staring this old story in the face. Can’t pretend anymore, it’s no longer running somewhere deep below the surface. I’m living in a tent. Getting my food from the food bank. Turned down for every single steady job I’ve applied for (and I have valid credentials, college degree, excellent references, a good resume, etc.).

    But get this: I’m also in close and loving contact with both my parents, who I was barely relating to when I started this journey 15 years ago. I have discovered my true gift and calling for healing, which I had absolutely no idea about when I started this journey. I have discovered that I have real friends who actually see me and love me and support me, no matter what conditions I may have gotten myself into. I thought I was unlovable 15 years ago. I have discovered that Nature is my friend and is always there for me…I was afraid to walk alone in the woods 15 years ago. I know what I’m feeling now. At the beginning of all this, I could feel others’ feelings, but my own were so far buried I didn’t even know I didn’t feel them…if that makes any sense.

    So here I am, playing the same old game, still, even when so much, and I mean SO MUCH has shifted. I know who I really am. I know Life loves me. I know Spirit has my back. I’ve had plenty of proof. I have witnessed miracle after miracle. And I also know there is a part of me which is totally committed to keeping me down. Like, way down. Way, way, waaaay down. I’ve been learning to accept that part, and to continue to affirm the truth, anyway. After all, I can’t move forward by continuing to hate that part of me and trying to push it away, or denying that I feel it!

    Your story of walking to shake off the old fear, and asking aloud for help, requesting the willingness to move forward, to continue to affirm the new story, came to me at a time when I had literally just done the same thing. I had found new strength just by hearing my own voice, hearing my trust in Spirit, knowing I was heard and cared for, knowing I was refreshing my commitment to truth, knowing I have no idea what’s next, but that I can trust that whatever comes is for my highest good, and yes, I will keep going, eternally. I am not in charge of deciding when those wings are gonna unfurl and I can finally fly. Much as I keep trying to be. But I am in charge of how I devote and direct my energy right here, right now. And I choose to align. I pick Spirit, I pick the highest good, I choose loving myself, I choose presence, I choose acceptance of all I feel. I Am all of this. And I am not alone.

  • Velma


    I’ve missed your weekly videos and loved watching this week’s just a few minutes ago. So much love for all you take time to do…for US! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Is my vision for my life stronger than the pull of my past? HELL YES! And not to take anything from Dr. Weissman’s Lifeline, but I suppose it’s all part of it. It’s interesting how we can choose to remain in the old because in order to step into the new, it’s not just a matter of declaring this is what I want, send it out, affirm, meditate, stay positive, visualize, etc., it’s a matter of healing all the old that’s still present in order to step into the new. Yes, I know that’s what you also wrote to us. If on an alphabet sliding scale I was at L one year ago and I said I wanted to be happy and happy resided at Z, then I have to heal everything that allows me to BE at Z. I don’t get to zip around that monopoly board just because I rolled a certain number on the die. Dammit, why not? Trust me, I’ve asked, begged, yelled, cried, pleaded all of the above over the last year thinking, “haven’t I healed enough? what could possibly be left?” There’s always more isn’t there? I thought I only planted onions with 111 layers, not 1111 layers!! Yes, I like repeating numbers. And just when we don’t think there’s another layer, it’ll surface. Boy does it.

    I feel strongly about my goals for my future. Have no clue how any of it will transpire, but still hold fast to it. Well, I have bouts of frustration and impatience and um, yeah, good days mixed with a 1/2 day or day of frustration and impatience even though I think I’ve been patient over this past year. But, I have to admit, I’ve done a ton of healing this past year, recommitted to my meditation and spirituality. I had become stagnant in my spiritual pursuit because I had the ideal relationship (but I also knew certain things would need healing for it to work and had known it since we met), we were building a life together, actually manifesting little things together…then WHAM! all gone, left to wonder all by myself what the you-know-what just happened here? To some, it may seem as if I can rationalize any answer or choice to suit my needs, but I know my thinking processes that went into it, my prayers, my beliefs, the answers to meditations or prayers I received that confirmed my thoughts or directed certain actions of mine over the last 13+ months.

    So many things about my life make sense even though I may not fully appreciate it. Spiritually it makes sense, and that’s the main event, right? I’m thankful I’m no longer creating chaos and busy-ness in my life to avoid fully feeling my loss, grief, anger, & those grand emotions. I’m feeling them, allowing them, not running from them as I have in my past or creating four other things that occupy my time and energy to mask the hurt and loss. Boy, have I done that for decades! I admit it, see it, acknowledge I’m no longer choosing to go that route. I also see how my current location is forcing me to go within, to seek answers from within. I’ve gotten repeated guidance and answers kept saying the same thing, “stop looking outside yourself for answers, stop looking for someone else to tell you, show you, give you what you know within yourself.” Over the course of my life I’ve had so many mentors, friends, psychics, etc., who’ve been there for me, my sounding boards, my nudge when I’d feel stuck. Not this time!! no way, pay for whatever session or modality or treatment you want little girl….you’ve got to figure this one out. It’s as if I’ve been tossing $ into the wind this past year to keep getting the SAME blasted answer, “stop looking outside yourself for answers.” That frustration kicks in because I felt zero movement in my life this past year. Just reading about 100 spiritual/metaphysical books, thinking this modality was ‘the one’ or that work or this new thing, all of it to just fall flat if I did pursue it or my interest died very quickly if I started digging into it, reading. Then again, is that my old programming preventing me from stepping into the new? I don’t know. I’m doing a past life regression Sept 23 (just out of Mercury retrograde), to maybe shed some light where I haven’t known to look.

    Yes, I finished a 9 personal year the beginning of August. Was reminded of that at the end of July. That gave me hope, Thank GOD, now my life will move again. Um, NOPE, because I finished my personal year of 9, stepped into the 1 with a personal month of 9. I was sooo frustrated a few days ago because I just don’t get it. Had a bit of a temper tantrum with myself. I woke up the next morning and what did I see? A TON of ants (um, yeah, patience) on the outside of a window. Ants, outside….thank you. Be patient with things manifesting outside/physical world/outside me. I had to smile and laugh. I pray, I ask for clarification and validation that I’m interpreting my guidance correctly, I’m on the right path, just like we all do. I’ll get repeating numbers, little things here and there, see specific animals that help reassure me. Even the other night heading to work, I prayed and asked to be shown in a way I could not overlook or confuse….what this job was showing me that I wasn’t getting because I’ve wanted to shift to something else for more than a year and I’m still there. Well, I went head first into it within 15 minutes of being there. Had nothing to do with work though, but work elicited an emotion, a reaction, to where I had to sit with it and back track it….where does this come from. Yeah, more childhood drama that needed a little TLC. It’s interesting how I thought I’d healed it, but I guess there are many angles and emotions all tied up in our perceptions as a child. Heal enough layers and we are exposed to even more.

    I even asked for a Cledon (but also acquiescing to Thy will, not mine) to help clarify my thoughts on a specific aspect of my life. Yeah, I have a few books by a certain author…this might be her blog! I’ve gotten twisted around certain growth this past year because of attachment I think. If karma needed to be healed and perhaps a lighter encounter/relationship wouldn’t really force me to heal the multitude of aspects of myself, I sort of get it. But, anywho….it shifted along the way that has me questioning my intuition or not as certain about it anymore, not really strong in the positive anymore. Not consistently anyway.

    So, you are absolutely correct. We have to passionately want a better future and hold steadfast to it. All our varied and diversified growth and healing, but we choose to leave it behind. All of the healing that surfaces presents us with the same option: do you want to step into the real you by unearthing this and leaving it behind or will you shrink back into old habits just because I’m being asked to be a little patient, a little uncomfortable, a little sad….and dig a little deeper to find that hopeful, positive self. For me, there is no going back. It’s just not an option. No matter how much of an emotional wreck I get at times with frustration and impatience, no matter how quickly Source and my angels and guides can pull my mood back up when I ask for help. The other night I even asked to be held. To feel loved and held. That span of consciousness where we’re asleep and know we are asleep but still aware? yeah, it’s one thing to awaken with a lighter mood or feeling but sometimes Spirit really pulls out all the stops to help us. I was literally spooned, knew it, felt it, and yeah, startled me for a second with other aspects, but so appreciated it. Had no one to share the experience with except now here, but still. I receive so many nods that I’m on the right path, so many answers to my requests that help me remain thankful. Plus, I see so many deer and a baby donkey on the way to and from work that make me laugh and smile. There’s always good, if we choose to see it and focus on it. Ebb and flow, just life. What was that card for this week…? To be fair? That pendulum do be a swinging! Lord at times I thought it was a wrecking ball! Even during those times, I suppose my foundation needed a little crumbling to rebuild with something so much better.

    Life is good. I just need to keep reminding myself. So very thankful for Colette and this forum to share, express, vent….have a tribe! Much love!

  • Susan Hegel

    Dear Colette, Ever Since Divine Wisdom Retreat, I have been working, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually on “Stepping In To My Power” (I am the person who drew a card from your deck and asked you to sign it…surprisingly, and lovingly, you gave me a mini read on the spot. You told me it was time, and Spirit would help me.) All of this is happening, and as I trip, stumble, and ultimately stand in my strength, I think of that delicious time at DWR. I am also relieving myself of my addiction to stress, drama, trauma at the same time as the light force is shining through…strong and true! Thank you for this reading, as once again, it resonates, and I’m forwarding to a friend who is also in exactly this spot. I carry on! My heart is demanding it!
    With gratitude and thanks! Susan

  • Deborah

    Yes! This last full moon really illuminated my shadows. I realized I had ‘as you said’ fallen asleep at the wheel.
    The circumstances I’d been dealing with in my life that were stressful had worn me down and I fell into victim mode. I finally said I’m better than this. Take the high road Deborah. And teachers came (through email) with messages when I most need it and am in a state of mind to receive. I love Spirit. I’m so loved and cared for.

  • Diana Boles

    Let it go——redefine it———plot a new course——–hands up in the air frantically waving and asking future to PICK ME—PICK ME!! One of my old patterns is feeling unworthy—-and it is so easy to believe that I am.
    Near the end of spring, I took a class on a subject that comes so easy to me. I am certain this is where I am headed. Then, I looked at my bank account and realized it’s not going to happen this time around. But I remained positive and spirit placed a source (or 3) of a chance to begin getting out of the red and into the black——and I have and its better than it was. Unfortunately, it’s still not enough. Then, I remembered I was told to apply for a scholarship. My first contact for this told me there wasn’t that type of program for the remaining sessions. And that was the same week as the “UNWORTHY BLOG”————so I entered the silence and meditated on that for over a week. I read your words over and over. They encouraged me to believe I am worthy of this training. So I researched other sources and found other venues that could be a possibility. It isn’t the team I wanted, but it is the same league. Then I reread your words again and decided to try one more time for scholarship. This time, I contacted someone else. This time, I had better results. This person encouraged me to apply for scholarship. It’s not time for a decision—and I remind my self daily to stay calm and assured that what is meant to be mine will not get past me.
    Muscles have memory. Everything you did as a child, your body remembers doing and can still do, but we have to coax it out of us. Those little muscles are now grown up muscles, so it may take longer to get there, and look different when it does, but the muscle does know how to perform the remembered movement with the body of today. Our mind does the same thing, unfortunately it usually gets comfortable with the calculated safe steps founded in fear.
    You are so right! Time to retrain ourselves. Think Happy Thoughts and remember how we used to fly.
    BANG-A-RANG ✨??

  • Shelley

    Dear Colette
    Congratulations on the birth of your new book! I am so excited to read it, and to see the videos as well. Thank you for being the trail blazer and leader that you are.
    *Deep bow*

  • Beth

    This morning, before I read your blog and watched the card reading, Colette, I thought I needed a life reboot as it seems everything is just too much – I’ve had a pinched nerve at the base of my skull for over two weeks and can’t seem to get the muscles to relax (or rather, stay relaxed), I accidentally pressed the wrong button my computer and lost a bunch of work on the next issue of the newspaper that needed done today (I managed to recreate it all – I hope), I’m not where I want to be health-wise as I continue to experience food reactions but I’m not sure exactly what foods are the triggers so the trial and error continues…and that was just this morning! Also, I’m entering a transition phase as my niece – whom I’ve babysat 3 days a week for the past 4 years – enters grade 1 next week so won’t be here during the week which will give me more time to get things done (hopefully) but I’ll miss her…as well, I’m literally surrounded by chaos as various sorting/cleaning projects have been started this summer and are in various stages of completion, but none are actually complete yet…various people are contacting me about different opportunities that in the past I’d have tried to cram into an already busy life but now don’t seem to fit who I am – even though I have no idea who I am as so much in my life has changed in the past 3 years and I’m discovering skills, or rather talents, I had no idea I had – or had been told by someone in the past I didn’t have so don’t bother trying. I’m so confused/overwhelmed at times that I’m not sure if I’m in a 1-step-forward-6-steps-back situation or if I’m stuck in quicksand!

    Thanks again for sharing your journey with us.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      sounds like you are exactly right before the cocoon burst open to the strength of your wings!

      • Beth

        Feels like I’ve been stuck in this cusp – “right before the cocoon burst open” – for a long while.

  • Carina Engström

    Dear Colette

    As soon as I get back home from work I’ll order your new book. I work hard here in the corner of northern Europe ( Finland ) to make my clients become aware of the fact that there is a strong and firey amazon, named Colette Baron-Reid, they should get to know and learn from. Thank you very much for everything you do and one of my dreams is to meet you one day – in a workshop or in some other constellation. I’ll work on that!

    Much love


  • Terri

    It’s also helpful to make a change in your space when you’ve returned from a few days away. It anchors in your physical surroundings the changes you experienced internally. You can move a plant, throw an old shirt away, clean a corner. The change you make in your space affirms the new you and is constantly being reflected back to you, making it easier to stay connected to the direction you’re moving in.

  • Christy

    Thank you Colette, perfect timing again! I am experiencing an issue with my husband that I can clearly see is more my issue than his, yet I keep clinging to it – hoping desperately that he will see it my way and beg for my forgiveness. It is an issue rooted in my relationship with my father and my ex-husband, the father of my children. For 5 days now, I have caught myself making this list in my head of all the ways he doesn’t love me “the right way”. Even though he is the most loving and generous person I have ever known! He is the complete opposite of my emotionally-detached & selfish father and ex, and yet I keep trying to convince myself he is just like them and will treat me the same. Why do we do that to ourselves????
    And how do I snap out of it???? Please help!!
    Thanks again and I have already pre-ordered your new book. Hugs!

  • Renee Sugar

    ” Why creep when you feel the impulse to soar”. Helen Keller

    “Just when the caterpillar thought the world had come to an end;
    it became a butterfly.”

    Some food for thought.

  • Lynn

    I think I am going through a big transformation right now, from standing on the sidelines of my life letting others tell me how I should live it, to taking back my power and choosing to take action and thinking carefully what it really is that I need and want and preparing to go for it. I’ve been living in the past too much, it’s time for me to let it go and move forward. I’ve been through some scary experiences that have made me scared and wary and held me back, but I can’t let these negative experiences get the best of me and I am ready to move forward, onward and upward. And I’ve learned the hard way that I can’t change other people, but I have to do what I know is right for myself.

  • Marcela

    You always blow my mind with how real you are. How can you be so brilliant, far out and full of the widest possibility and yet so down to earth and honest? I just love seeing you fb live posts and reading anything you write. Today this letter meant the world to me. I am in the space between an entirely new life – new city, new school for the kids,fairly new relationship with my soulmate, selling my house in another city and closing the final chapter to an abusive marriage. I was super brave and I made it through. And now I get to create something new, especially my career and expression. It’s time. So many doubts right in my face like an octopus right now. I’m going to go for a walk today and commune with Spirit.

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