Permission to be Vulnerable..(sometimes it takes a tribe)!

Updated: September 12, 2016

Dearest you,

I’m writing with the deepest sense of gratitude and awe of the gathering of souls that have come together to share the Uncharted journey that has been happening in the past two weeks.

You never know how people will respond when you write a book and put yourself out there. At best you hope your words will touch many and your message of hope, and hard earned wisdom would spread far and wide. At worst, well, I refuse to consider a comparison in case my own unworthy goblin wakes up and starts nattering.

The truth is the “me” that shared my experience strength and hope in my latest book Uncharted is now two years older and wiser and is overwhelmed with the desire to share even more than she could back then!

But you never know how that could happen. I have learned that the spiritual path isn’t meant to be taken isolated from others, from the world. And so when I gathered up my friends and colleagues to share their thoughts about co-creation, and the spiritual life led well, it was done in such a way that it would be easy and intimate – real and raw – friends having coffee and letting you in to share the moments of silliness and revelations with us.
Its just beginning- this gathering- and I am feeling awed by the momentum.

The Uncharted Book Club on Facebook was an idea I had last minute to give everyone interested in the concepts a place to share and come together in a commonality of purpose.
Now this group is surpassing everything I hoped for.

The sharing is real and deep and meaningful and fierce and courageous and intimate and inclusive.

One beautiful member woke up one day and wrote this heart wrenching piece that speaks so poignantly to the trepidation we feel when we are standing at the edge of our old life knowing we’re called to unknown experiences with no map, afraid yet with hope of what we might discover on the Uncharted journey :- (She gave me permission to share)

I just wrote this, I am here.
The Edge
I’m back at the edge again
I find myself here often
Most times I turn, head down, body slumped over and I fade into the darkness
I slip away from myself
I am at the edge
Waiting for the courage to take that first step
That Leap of faith
I’m so scared
Fear is creeping into my chest and its tight and on fire
I really want to jump but…
The fear overtakes me once again
I turn to walk away from the edge
My thoughts turn ugly and mean and nasty
I realize I no longer want to turn and leave the edge
So I sit instead and wait
Wait until my thoughts are nourishing positive and loving towards myself
I am here at the edge too scared to jump and too scared to turn back
How long do I stay?
I don’t want to be comfortable here
I’ve never stayed at the edge
It’s strange
I feel raw exposed naked
Who am I without my fear driving me to turn back?
I will stay at the edge
But just for a while
I must look really hard at myself
Pain and disappointment are here with me and it’s uncomfortable
I need to feel this pain and discomfort first before I feel the joy of jumping
Yes I know joy and peace and happiness are there for me when I jump
Why then do I hesitate every time I am here?
I am not worthy
I am not enough
I am bad
I must face these demons
For I no longer want them driving my life
I sit
I pull out my pen and paper
And I write
I write about my fears, my pain, and my discomfort
It hurts
It’s painful
I hear a voice a distant voice that says
You are worthy
You are good
You are enough
I struggle to believe
I start to cry
I have work to do
By Jen Grosskleg

This is one of many beautiful vulnerable shares from people after they watch the videos in the pre-launch and talk about what its like to embark on this new journey into the Unknown.

I know I can’t do this alone. I need a tribe and a community to grow with too. I spent an hour or so reading the posts with tears of joy in my eyes.

Then another member wrote today in response to the growing numbers of our tribe;-

“It dawned on me something so special and powerful about this group, regardless of where on your path may be on or towards the #UNCHARTED, is that there are over 1,120 people who all have volitionally gotten themselves on this path, and all want to get it right. Get their lives right. Right by their own desires. A life that is theirs, by the choosing of their own, partnered by the greatest force, Spirit, that is gentle, nourishing, while ever challenging and YUGE–yet devoted and never abandons.

So many brave, willing, bright lights, whose voice may, or may not yet audible, but they are ready. They showed up, wanting, ready.

I salute you all. Come ‘n Fly. Love, Monika“

To be honest I couldn’t have said it better.

If you haven’t joined us yet The Uncharted Book Club on Facebook is waiting for you with open arms.

But, If this isn’t where you want to be join some other group! Join some group of like minded others looking to grow, and to share, and to move beyond the confines of yesterday’s patterns and conditioning. We are truly a unified WE .. and we need each other. Spirit is what made us, what connects us and through which we can co-create a new world. Compassion, collaboration, co-creation – Together.

Love to you always and forever!!!






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  • Feeling Terribly Vulnerable

    Hello, Colette.

    I’m really looking forward to your book. It may be one of the only saving graces in my life right now.

    Early this morning, I was so tempted to go outside and stand in front of a bullet. (There’s a lot of violence in my neck of the woods, so it would be pretty easy to do that around here at certain times of the night and early morning. Although, it is happening more and more in broad daylight.).

    My “life situation” took a terribly unexpected turn yesterday. All I can say is that I’m definitely feeling vulnerable. I just couldn’t believe the huge volcano the Universe just blew up in our face. Honestly, right about now I can’t help but feel utterly betrayed by God. Blindsided, as well.

    Please keep us in your prayers.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hang in there… God does not betray us.. and whenever something horrible happens within it is a kernel of a miracle that can only be revealed in hindsight. Sending you blessings.. stay away from bullets 😉

      • Feeling Very Different Now

        Hello, Colette, and The Tribe Here at CBR.

        Colette, thank you for your reply and blessings. Most especially, thank you for having the space here (and in your heart) for me to be vulnerable and express my fear, anger, despair, etc. I initially was not going to post what I did because it “felt” like a bunch of self-pity. However, it was where I was deeply at in the moment and I was afraid for myself and my life. I hadn’t been in that type of emotional space for a long time. I must tell you that a miracle has happened. It has happened within me. Things are still difficult, but an inner shift has occured that I am in awe of even while in the midst of the “heaviness”. So, again, thank you, bless you.

  • Diana Boles

    What a beutiful poem Jen has shared with us. How do we keep ourselves from “The Edge”????? So easy to slip back since we have had hard programming —- life’s lesson are not always kind and, if we are women, an eternity of living in boundaries.
    A change in perspective is the only way we can break that cycle.
    “If I do what I did, I will get what I got”. I quote you so often in this! And as it sinks in to soul of the person I’m sharing it with, a grin crawls across their face.
    As a teacher, I have been just swamped with school year beginnings and firsts! Yesterday, I had a first of my own.
    My school is in a small converted farmhouse—perfect for early childhood development, but small spaces where people can get tangled up – physically – with each other – and that is just what happened. As I was explaining something to the co-opping mom of one class, another entered and asked me a question. A third mom was standing near and in between us all were 3-4 kids. One of those kids was walking into me and I stumbled. When he moved, he didn’t move out of the way, he moved more into me As he thought this chest bumping would be fun—he does it all the time Like football players. I had no choice but to leap over him and fall hard to the floor myself. Yes, I banged my knees and got rug burns, jammed my big toe and instep, wrench my shoulder and ultimately fealt embarrassed because the kids thought it was funny and the moms didn’t stop talking to look at me——all accept for one of them. The one who was most present and most there for the kids and the school day — as she helped me up she said “you did that on purpose didn’t you??!! Just so he wouldn’t get hurt!!”” She placed me as worthy of her care causing me to find her worthy of mine.
    She had noticed—-she was aware—–she made me sense another type of worthiness. One that is shared between us, here on earth, and how we treat each other. How we show gratitude and value of another.
    Every little deed we do, every little sacrifice we make, does not go unnoticed. Even if there isn’t another human around to make a fuss over us, Great Spirit is aware. Even when we are alone we are a part of the great spirit of life. We can make a difference in another persons sense of worthiness and together we become A GREAT SPIRIT❣

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      this is so beautiful…

    • Jen Grosskleg

      Thank you! I love that quote too!!

  • Dawn

    Hi Colette, I love the fact that we can be vulnerable together & feel safe. My book comes tomorrow, I’m so excited! You are an awesome inspiration & thank you for being who who are. Much love to all ?

  • Karen

    I am waiting patiently for your book and really enjoying the videos. Im realizing that I can’t be perfect and its ok to make mistakes just as long as I realize it and change my compass. I’m starting to be easier on myself and I’m finding in calmer. Thank you. So blessed To have found you and continually learning and growing

  • Lynn

    Hello to all the other sparkly beings out there! I pre-ordered Uncharted and I hope to dive into reading it over the weekend, I’ve had such a busy and crazy week myself. I just watched Colette’s latest oracle card reading which really reminded me of how much I do take things really personally when if I take a step back, I need to realize that the world is not out to get me. I had a really difficult week where I had to make some tough decisions regarding issues like do I stay here and play it safe, or do I start to listen to my heart and do what I know is right for me instead of doing and being what someone else thinks is the right thing for me to do? Sometimes even the people we think know us best, don’t always know what they’re talking about when they try to give us well meaning advice and I’ve been having a gut feeling around a few people lately akin to well, so-and-so is telling me to do something that might be helpful to her, but I KNOW that is not for me, and I need to do some deep thinking about what do I really need and want to be happy with myself and what can I do to make this this happen? I recently totally ended a relationship where I used to be very much in love, and I now realize that though I wish this person well, it’s just not going to work out the way I hoped it would, and I need to let go and not revolve my life around his, or I’m going to lose my direction and this was very painful for me to do but I knew I had to do it. There’s nothing left for me there, but there’s a whole wide world out there and a lot of people and places for me to discover and I can’t just be standing outside of the fire anymore- like the song by Garth Brooks. Peace 🙂

  • Beth

    Hi Colette,
    Thank you for your words of wisdom and for reminding us we aren’t alone. This past week has been a rough scary one for me…I found out that my health is going backwards – 3 yrs after a total physical collapse we thought we had the trigger (food) figured out but now it seems we’re back to square one as I’ve been having brutal food reactions all week no matter what I eat…as well, it was a struggle to get my papers delivered and I’ve been feeling scared as so much is piling on me at once.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hang in there… how about getting Anthony Willam’s book Medical Medium?

      • Beth

        Thanks for the book suggestion.

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