A Fishy Epiphany!

Updated: October 3, 2016

There is a river near my farm about 20 minutes away where something common and ordinary yet equally miraculous and sacred takes place every year. For two weeks in the autumn people come from all over the world, to witness the salmon swim upstream to spawn, and then die.

Now when I say swim upstream I am talking some serious environmental hurdles, and rushing water with such a strong current it can take them a whole day to get up and over them. They have to work hard and they have to be relentless. These rocks were like a big staircase with pools of water in between each big step. You could see about 30 or 40 of these huge amazing fish regroup there in the pools waiting to have the strength to get over the next hurdle. Can you imagine this?

I don’t know about the habits of salmon, but I know their symbolic meaning. As a totem, a term derived from the Ojibwa word “ototeman”, meaning “one’s brother-sister kin.” Through seeing our life through the lens of a connection to the animal world and what their behaviors mirror in our own life, and cultivating this sacred connection, we are able to become more aware of our own journey and our place in the web of life.
The salmon represents the moving through obstacles, inner and outer, and tuning into a reverse current that is invisible to us as we view life through the material world but in full alignment with the power inherent in the invisible realms. What appears to be swimming against the current is in fact the opposite.

I saw something today that was not what I expected, and made me think. We spent time with all the tourists at the mouth of the river and then further upstream where the hardest parts of the salmon’s journey were obvious to everyone, (and where I cheered them on like a strange magenta haired motorcycle geared up maniac giving the hairy eyeball to the lazy fishermen who I felt shouldn’t have been there, but I digress and am working on that one remaining judgmental part of my small self)

So, we jumped on our motorcycle and left the tourists behind and followed the river a couple miles away where no one else was there but a couple ducks, some swans, and us and found some of the salmon that had made it further than the rest. It made me realize to get this far it must have taken them days.

They were huge, some of them at least 3 feet long. One of them kept trying to get over an area of water and rocks but couldn’t make it. Three others were circling around as if they were waiting for the other. All of a sudden the biggest one swam deliberately back over the rocks and joined the one that couldn’t make it and pushed her then swam back and showed her the best way across.

I didn’t know salmon would do that, and maybe that was unusual but it occurred to me this whole salmon spawning witnessing reminded me so much about how it is for many of us in our lives.

The current was so strong and yet in order for these creatures to complete their journey they have to swim against the natural flow. If you look at society, how we learn about whom we’re supposed to be you can see how easy it is to just go with that. It’s too hard not to conform for some of us, so we can just keep doing the same thing, floating with the way everyone seems to be going. It is easier to go with the flow than to shine, to step out of the box, to place yourself in a vulnerable place to be picked on etc. But you might miss the opportunity to finish what you came here for.
You need to take the risk, trust in the Uncharted , in the unknown and unseen and tune into the reverse current that calls you home.

If you could see the salmon as a metaphor for the individual who knows that to be authentic and fulfill their destiny as a co-creator they have to, at some point, appear to go against the grain, push against the current, fight hard and put effort into their growth and experience, and like the salmon I saw today take breaks and rest in between all the efforting, hang out with other fish of like mind but then keep going, and show others how its done.

It reminded me of when I got sober and I had no self worth at all just in awe of the miracle that there was hope and I was alive. All I knew was how to keep telling the story of my being a victim. My first counselor in treatment (who became like the mom I always wanted) told me to “Take the cotton out of your ears and stuff it in your mouth. We know how you got here now stick with the winners and watch and listen and do what they do.”
I think that saved my life. I have followed the solution 90% of the time and fallen prey to spiritual narcolepsy 10%. A lot can get screwed up in that 10% mind you but you can always course correct. Like the salmon that get pushed back by the strong currents, we can swim around until we gather the strength and follow the ones who have made it over.

The salmon’s instinct to spawn is the way they keep their species alive. The soul’s instinct to birth something beautiful and meaningful in the world is like that instinct. You and I know that when we are called we must listen and follow the urge to move forward into Uncharted waters, even if they are dangerous, and appear threatening, we don’t have a choice but to co-create, lest we allow the current to sweep us along back to the lake where we do what we did and get what we got.

So my loves this is my fishy epiphany for you all.

Uncharted is a movement now! Please share the book with your friends and loved ones. Get together with small groups of friends and have a book club at home. Join my online Uncharted Book Club on Facebook. Live in the solution and watch the miracles unfold. Spirit has your back always and forever for you are in a powerful partnership you just need to remember. Uncharted will show you how.

PS Please write a review if your haven’t yet on amazon or any other booksellers site and help me help others cross the Uncharted seas of their soul’s journey. BIG LOVE.




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  • Rosalyn Marie

    This is an amazing analogy I love it! I identify with this so much. Your blogs have always helped me and I appreciate how you are so there to help. Thank you and I wish you the best with your work. As soon as I start my new job your book is one of the first things on my list. Again thank you, I start work October 13, 2016

  • Doreen Ann Rao

    I recently attended a weekend workshop at the Open Center in NYC for Floracopia Essential Oils. During a break in the session I wandered down to The Center’s Book Store. I love angel card deck so meandered over to the card decks and was drawn to a bright red box. That red box would be my first oracle card deck by Colette Baron-Reid :Wisdom of the Oracle. I am becoming familiar with the cards (and them to me). The 52 card deck is absolutely stunning and the messages are lovely. I appreciate the various interpretations of the cards and their potential meanings.
    For whatever reason, I was guided to your website, without any expectations and happily stumbled upon and listened to you share the reading for this week (October 3rd)and found myself completely relating the the reading.
    So happy to have discovered your spirit and talent.

    • Colette Baron-Reid


    • Sharon

      You are in for a real treat Doreen. Colette is very generous with us, our tribe, and her teachings are life changing.
      Come ride this amazing, Uncharted journey with us.

  • Lynn

    Colette, I started reading your blogs and doing your daily wisdom pick cards 4 or 5 months ago, and I was nervous about getting into this stuff because I feared that maybe I was being mislead and I’ve always been rather skeptical about anyone claiming to be psychic or anything of that nature. However, I have to say I always enjoy reading what you write and think you are very thoughtful and insightful. I really believe you are the real deal! I have your book Uncharted and I’ve just started to read it. At first I was a little bit nervous about reading it just because I don’t like to be mislead by anybody and I don’t want to be thought of as crazy for reading a book like this. I feel better right now about reading it, I think I just had to kind of get used to the idea and just calm down a little bit. I have a feeling that I’m about to read something that’s going to be life-changing for me, and the past few years of my life have been very rough and painful, where I have felt very stuck where I’m at and like I’m just trying to survive in a world that knocks me down every time I try to get up and try to create a better life for myself.So I definitely need to read something life-changing right now, I’m tired of feeling angry and hopeless and like every day is a battle. I want to be more peaceful and happier with my life than the way things are now. I always enjoy your insights. You seem like a really awesome person and in a lot of ways, you’ve already helped me a lot! You’re amazing!!!!!!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      big big love my dear.. use discernment and remember that your journey is yours and as long as the support is to empower you and not get you dependent you are on the right track!

  • Jocelyne

    Thank you, Colette for the wonderful description. A moving metaphor, literally and emotionally.

    The trend in spiritual circles is to move downstream, go to the place that feels good, so to speak. Yet unquestionably there are times in life when we must go upstream and find a way to do it without drowning.
    You help provide us with the tools to save ourselves from drowning, by not pulling ourselves under the water.
    Always wise words, born from your upstream swim!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      ah yes we never drown and remember we follow a reverse current to get to our place of birth/rebirth… it calls us and even though its not always easy we can do it.

      • Jocelyne

        Oh interesting! Do you mean that in the sense of retracing the wound or the emotion in question back to its origination so that we can drill down to the bottom of the issue and do the work? As you were saying in the live stream the other day?
        I agree, this is the place that we/folk don’t want to go to and do the work because it is tough – the up-stream swimming. Yep, that’s the uncharted route! Hard hat and water wings and snorkel for the S^&T. We need tools so that we have flippers on!
        Metaphorically out!

  • Theresa Blanton

    Bravo!! ❤️?

  • Angela

    Inspiring….thank you….I feel support and encouraged by your blogs….gee those fish ain’t giving up are they….so onwards and upwards we go…..✌️️??

  • Penny

    I loved your fishy epiphany!! I too, saw this scene last week at the Ganaraska River not far from where I live. So nice to know Colette, that you are somewhere in my neighbourhood. Like you, I was so in awe of how determined and strong the salmon were….never giving up. A great reminder for us to stay the course even if it’s unknown and scary. I’m working hard in my own life to continue to become the best version of myself. It ain’t easy but it is sure doable! Thanks Colette for continuing to show us the way through your wise words…we all love you for that!!

  • Jennifer

    Great Blog Colette! I sure feel like a fish out of water these days…. Situations and relationships repeating themselves and my goal is to do things differently to get a different result. I’m on chapter 2 of the book! Thank you for all you do beautiful lady and team!

  • Marjana

    Only minutes before I watched your weekly oracle card forecast I asked myself how I felt today. The first thought that came to my mind was: “I feel like dying.” Which is so totally in sync with your first card. I am looking forward to the end of the week and rebirth. Plus when I read your blog today about the salmons, I burst out crying. I could totally feel their struggle and felt literally sick in my stomach when I was watching them on your video pushing upstream. I can totally relate. But the wonderful thing that happened afterwards is that I remembered your Uncharted Facebook video (watched it yesterday) where you said that we are not here to repeat our story but to make a new one (thank you for that!!!) So I immediately got on my Bird that took me far far above “the salmon struggle” to a place of calmness, compassion and love. I feel so much lighter now and so grateful to have you guide me through these turbulent times. Even though I am one of thousand others, I can feel you speak to each one of us directly. Hvala. Much love from Marjana

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I am so grateful for your post and I “see you” .. shining… you can do it.. xoxox

  • Beverley

    Hello Collette…. I honestly just love your energy …..I feel closer to spirit when I hear your voice and I don’t know why….I had a near death experience almost five years ago and since then I have become aware of a lot of things going on around me, sometimes it scares me but I know I am guided and divinely protected as you say….I’m struggling right now with a relationship that’s not good for me and I find I am binge drinking on the weekends and I’m really hard on myself because I will be 66 in March…..honestly I tend to blame my issues on the day of my birth, March 19, 1950 and I know inside that it’s just a crutch…..I just signed up to your newsletter so today’s epiphany and oracle card reading was a huge positive energy builder for me….thank you so much….love and blessings Beverley, also a Canadian admirer.

  • Johanne Cyr

    Good morning Colette; I always enjoy your blogs but this morning’s fishy one was the best yet. I could so relate to the struggle they were having going upstream and in awe of their determination and the pauses they took along the way…. they gave themselves permission to either course-correct and/or take a breather. While reading and watching your video I got serious goosebumps saying ” that’s us…. that’s us…. the tribe!we’re so brave!and strong! There was a fish in there with my name on it for sure. Thank you for being such a great leader. Have a great day !

  • Bonnie Lea Townsend

    Hi Colette, Ever since reading Uncharted and listening to you and the other authors speak about it, I’ve been having dreams in which I am either a student teacher or I’ve graduated from a class, when I used to have dreams where I was just a student. It feels good that I don’t have to go through that anymore. I wake up remembering the feeling, like I’ve had my own epiphanies. I was like the salmon who tried to get up over the rocks, but the hard way, until I relaxed and I was brought to the easier way.

    I love your salmon video!

  • brenda

    luv your reading and they are always what I need to hear at the right time!!! talk about serendipity moments!! luv u

  • Jenn

    Love reading your emails and thank you for the video, what an amazing thing to witness.
    I often feel like I am swimming up stream and have no problem going against the norm or society, yet I wish I could find other like mind people to share my journey with:o)

  • Lauren

    Well this makes everything abundantly clear….I am a Salmon and just didn’t know it “giggle”

  • Penny

    …And isn’t it interesting that from the video you showed and from the vantage point of the observer it seems that there is an easy path and a hard one. I kept wanting to scream “come over here – it’s easier”. Yet they all have to find their own way…

  • Anonymous

    Hi Colette;

    I really identify with the salmon example. Nature is a wonderful source of inspiration. Maybe the difference is that salmon don’t “think” or ruminate,
    hesitate/deliberate. Salmon respond to the demands of “salmonhood” instinctively “knowing” the best way to reach their goal. I think that it would
    be amazing to be a salmon.
    As a member of the human species; I think too hard too often. Trying to understand things from many different vantage points. Imagine being in the river observing the distance required to make the leap assessing if it is possible, what the risks could be and how long it will take to achieve the goal? Would it be better at sunrise, or maybe sunset? I’m exaggerating of course. It is really very simple, take an action and see what happens? Then make another choice, or different decision. Course correct as many times as necessary. Living the UNCHARTED life doesn’t come with guarantees. NO GUTS, NO GLORY. One thing I am certain of is that
    I’ll just bet those salmon must imagine what it will feel like when they do make that jump and land in the place that will propel them forward with great ease, and
    flow. I can feel my spirit lifting just thinking about it. So thank you for this opportunity to ponder being a salmon. I will keep this in mind throughout the day and when I am ready to take the leap into the unknown, it will be in preparation to share and celebrate the victory. Part of the journey is to summon the inner strength to keep on regardless of the obstacles, setbacks, rejections, detours ETC> ETC. You get the message no doubt. The gift comes in having other salmon on the team who will “aid” your successful passage, and crossing over to the next phase of the journey.
    With gratitude for the webinar last evening. I am absorbing the material like a sponge and in preparation to take the leap and experience the exhilaration and joy knowing what was necessary to break free of what is holding me back from becoming the best person I can for the spirits’ evolution/development and to inspire others in the process.
    Lots of Love
    Renee XOXOX

  • June Kellogg

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Fishy Epiphany video ! Shared it ! Thank you for this prescription…. I AM feeling it !

  • Safena

    Thank you for sharing this amazing story and video. I have never seen anything like it. The impulse is to jump in the river and help. My favourite part is the connection between them. I didn’t know one would help the other. It’s a perfect example of cooperation not competition. I see Hilary Clinton needing this blog and video right now as validation. We all need it. Nature is so inspiring. Thank you for being in the moment witnessing and sharing. You are that amazing fish swimming back to guide us thru the challenges. It is not lost on me why you were there. Thank u for being a rock star!!!! Love to you!!

  • Laurie Z

    Love this post, CBR!!

  • Lisa

    Dear Colette .. I am a lover of your blogs !! .. this one is fabulous and I am so grateful .. thank you ..

  • Brook Packard

    Well I must be tapped into the Universal energies, because my personal cards are telling me to release…release..release. And yesterday I released some activism work I was doing – too dysfunctional and it was distracting me from my own infinite potentialities and cluttering up my thoughts with negative prattle.

    Colette – I love you and your work so much. What is amazing to me is the miracle of the dynamic unfolding of the past few months. Your Oracle Card class, Uncharted..I feel as if you are an intuitive, wise, Julie on the Love Boat empowering us all to keep our eyes on the horizon with eager anticipation…what is NEXT? And it’s so synergistic (if I may use that over-used word!) The books, the cards, the teachings, the community. If 2016 is a cycle completion year, 2017 is going to rock. Thank you!!!

  • Theresa

    Thank you Colette for the timely inspirational blog and beautiful video that accompanied your lesson today! While I love all of your stories and lessons and look forward to the email every week, the salmon’s journey upstream really resonated with me – bringing tears to my eyes. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Karin

    Colette, I love this blog! Your insight is amazing. Nature has so many beautiful things to teach us. I am often amazed at how animals/mammals survive. I have watched squirrels scurry around all day. I have no idea what they are doing but they know. They have a greater survival instinct that humans have. Can you imagine if a squirrel said “Building the winter nest is too hard. I can’t do it.” If they said that, they would never survive.

    Thank you for sharing “YOU” with us.

  • Patricia Travers

    Too funny! That is “one” of my home towns. Grew up watching this. My mom still lives there. Thank you for the fond memory.

  • Trish Nichols

    Another spot on Blog and Forecast by you Colette! I want to tell you how your cause affects me. Your constant coaching and check-ins on so many forums that keep us grounded in our uncharted journey are a gifted life treasure. You have a trusting way through metaphors and straight shooting from the hip that puts you right on our shoulder and in our ear. In this world of of new magical awakenings, you take the vast explosion of information and put it into bite size pieces. I am grateful for each day that I am able to connect with you, the Tribe and the Divine. You are truly one of the shiny pennies they sent from Heaven. Thank you again (and again…) for the incredible amount of hours of you must work, your strength of soul as you lead in this crusade and your hilarious sense of humor that you demonstrate, especially when the waves get rough. You are a beacon of light in our current times. Bless you dear one and may you soar to uncharted heights. <3

  • Kari

    I love your blog and forecast for this week. They brought me to a bit of an epiphany about a long term project that I have been really letting sit and stagnate. It seemed as though a lot of people in my life are not in support of it. I have been waiting for someone to come along and give me permission to start or help me with it and feeling really overwhelmed by some of those closest to me who think it should just be trashed or who say they support it but then do nothing to help. I realized I am the one doing nothing because of my fear of disappointing or getting disapproval from some of my critics and I’ve been allowing my fear of their reaction to keep me from doing anything….like a salmon stuck at the bottom of a waterfall…Emotional paralysis!
    So deep breath… What is the worst thing that can happen if do it anyway? Somebody won’t like it… I might lose people in my life who don’t support my dream or I might find out they weren’t so against it as I thought. So what I need to let die is my fear of disapproval for what I want to do. I need to allow the birth/ rebirth of my dream of completing this project. Release my fear of going against the flow and work like a salmon going upstream to have what I really desire. Maybe it was never meant to be easy. Maybe that’s why this dream has stuck with me for so long, so I can grow and learn by fighting through the current pushing against me.
    Love and light and tons of gratitude to you Collette. Thanks for being that strong salmon showing us the way upstream.

  • Moira

    Thank you for sharing the salmon – great metaphor for life. Colette where do we go to join club ~ thank you with gratitude. xoxo

  • Diana Boles

    I lived in Marquette, Michigan for about 6-7 years and was able to witness the salmon runs from Lake Superior and the rivers from it—-it was so amazing to see them so thick in the waters that they were like stepping stones between the banks — so deep in spots that you couldn’t see the water only most of their bodies sticking out of it and more fish under those. They were Coho, Steelhead, Chinook and more I can’t remember. Always a marvel to watch them push forward. They are such intelligent creatures. The Druids held them the wisest – the oldest – & the most sacred in the animal kingdom — and so it is the same in Hinduism, Budhism and others. Anonymous is right to think this fish is planning when his moment is right. No matter how long or how many tries it takes, he knows when it is time to rest and then try again. They live to make this journey just once in a lifetime.
    Like the salmon, we must keep on trying — to be our best selves. To rest when we are tired and then go at it again. To walk with spirit and awareness and gratitude. To trust in that Spirit and know that even if we are traveling this route only once and without a map keep strong by having faith.

  • Sandra Slavec

    Hi Colette, Being a Pisces I absolutely love your Fishy Epiphany post this week. Such a perfectly apt description of our spiritual journey in life. I’ve bought and read your book Uncharted and enjoyed your insights about co-creation. The raw and real videos were awesome too!

  • susan thornton

    Great message this week Colette – love the salmon video. Thank you for that huge reminder to keep going no matter what seems to be in the way. 1/2 way through Uncharted – loving it!!!! Plan to do a once through and then go back and dive deeply into the exercises. Inspiring!

  • Patricia Stevens

    This is one of your best ever blogs, Colette. Thank you so much for the visual. I found myself cheering and moving in my chair to help nudge the salmon forward !

  • Sandra MacMillan

    I feel great sadness for the salmon, maybe because I relate to its struggle and the outcome of that struggle, which is death. I see no hope in its efforts, just despair.

  • Natalie

    Hello from Australia, I love your posts. I can relate to the salmon and this weeks cards. On Monday night I fractured my ankle so totally out of action and learning how to progress upstream, shedding the old and rebirthing into the new. Will be doing a LOT of Unchartered work.
    What’s to learn from this? Make it into a positive I guess.

  • Colette

    I just loved your Fishy Epiphany– I earned so much about salmon that I had never heard before.. they are an amazing awesome fish to go through that hard journey and make it to the top.
    Loved the oracle reading.. and just want you to know that if it wasn’t for your book “Uncharted” I might not be here today–things were getting too rough for me… not anymore.. I have the tools to help myself and I am ready to face whatever comes my way.
    Thank you so much for everything you give through your readings and everything that you write.

  • Dawn

    Hi Colette, so many things hit from your blog & I loved it. I enjoyed the show on Hay House very much. I don’t think you’re crazy at all or I’ll just be crazy with you :). I love the book, glad you recommend reading twice, I really want to soak wonderful in, much love & gratitude

  • Diana Boles

    Oh, I forgot to mention —- I love all your card decks, but Avalon is still my favorite! And this weeks drawing has resonated with me very well!

  • Pauline McFadden

    Thank you Colette for your weekly blog. I am finding swimming up stream in life not as bad as I once found it. I find the challenges in life an obstacles that I either go around or just walk right over them. It has made me stronger.Sure life gets hard but now I am trying to live one day at a time. Sure I get pushed back down the stream of life.I just get back up and start heading up stream again. You have been such a great help to me. I am ever so grateful to you. Thanks to you I have found my calling in life because I let Spirit guide me . Life can be beautiful if you can open your mind to the fact , that nothing is impossible if you just go with the flow . May The Blessings Be…Pauline M

  • Debra Tompkins

    I down loaded your book off of Amazon I love it. Congrats Colette You are a wonderful person, so glad you have so much to share with all of us.

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