Fear, Faith, and the Peace Prayer of St. Francis.!

Updated: November 13, 2016

Fear, Faith, and the Peace Prayer of St. Francis.

I’m sure you’ve noticed no matter where you live in the world that great change is upon us. Our old maps have been thrown away or been torn from our fingers. We’re being shoved into Uncharted territories and everything is swirling in a vortex of unpredictability.

For a lot of people the atmosphere of their lives has suddenly been permeated with the stench of fear that has come without warning like a thick polluted cloud. For others, change of any kind at any price has been welcomed and so for them the experience is different.
Lines have been drawn, divisions made clear.

But even now there is hope in the Uncharted, for anytime you step into the Unknown infinite possibilities are waiting for all of us. Great opportunities can present themselves in times of great change.
And only compassion and understanding can help that cloud move away faster.
It’s a time for patience, deep breathing, trusting in something Greater Than allowing anger to bring clarity, grief to soften and build deeper connections.

It’s a time for spiritual activism.
What is that? It is a commitment to the best in humanity, the best in yourself and the willingness to be accountable to bring that forward.
Soon it will be a time to build bridges.

We need to remember that our current conditions are not made in the moment but rather the result of many decisions, mindsets, beliefs, and actions that began in the past.

And now here we are. These times are the result of those threads that are now coming together to be unraveled and re- woven in the fabric of our lives.

This coming apart stage is fraught with uncertainty and yet holds the opportunity for deep healing and miracles in spite of the darkness that has stirred up in the process. There is no denying the cruelty and evil in the hearts of people. But that didn’t just happen out of the blue. It’s been festering for a long time.

But this isn’t about one individual or a group of them its about all of us.
The cultural shadow is being presented for healing and yes it’s ugly and scary yet it’s a call to love not to hate.

This is a universal truth that what we place our attention on grows, and what we resist persists, what we deny and repress will come to us as fate and that until we learn to heal our own shadow selves, face our own bias, and beliefs about the “other” we will remain in the turmoil and continue to repeat it.

The old maps will keep showing us the same places- unless we surrender to the Uncharted and step into something new and give ourselves to it with courage and commitment.

I know some of you are scared and angry. I am not talking just about the United States.
I’ve prayed daily and the day after when the turmoil began in my meditation I was filled with Light and I heard that chorus I hear every once in a while.. say : We are We, You are We, We are Light, Peace is coming. My body resonated like an instrument and corny as it sounds it felt like I was a crystal harp.
Even if the current conditions seem tumultuous something extraordinary wants to be born. We need to remember who we are -connected at every level in spite of the divisions that make us forget this truth.

So this week I am going to offer up my favorite prayer that whenever I say it slowly, contemplating each statement I feel faith restored without first needing outer conditions to change. I venture into my soul and find peace there releasing the fear and replacing it with gratitude and love.

I hope you like the recording I made. Here is the prayer. May you say it and remember who you are – a Light worker who knows to fight darkness you must be the one to light that candle.
Stand up for what you believe, for what is in the highest good, for freedom and for love. We are all in this together and when we remember we are all connected, miracles can happen.

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace:
where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
where there is sadness, joy.

O divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
to be consoled as to console,
to be understood as to understand,
to be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive,
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.


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Loving you always and forever.
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  • Karen

    Thank you for this great video. Wonderful guidance for us at this time. I have a question about the deck. I purchased the deck and, of course, all the cards come in the upright position. How should I shuffle so some are in protection position? Should I throw them on the floor and pick them up or randomly pick some (without looking at the front) and put them upside down? Maybe take half and half and shuffle them so half are in protection?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I spread them out on the table and swirl them round and round then shuffle them like playing cards. Mix them up well 🙂

  • Sidra

    This is the third reference to the St. Francis Prayer in the last couple of days. Yesterday, I wrote the prayer in my journal because St. Francis is associated with nature and animals, and that is where a lot of my activism has been. Recently, spiritual activism is becoming part of me too. Thank you.

  • Dawn Rochester

    Beautiful Colette..Just Beautiful. I will do my part to spread Light and Love.

    To You In Harmony,

  • Julie Walker

    Thank you Colette for being The Light for us all♡ And I am very grateful for the St Francis Prayer♡♡♡ The Indigenous at Standing Rock have asked us at Sundown to pray by our waters tonite at Sundown and tell her how grateful we are…I will use this meditation tonite again as I pray by the lake. Thank you again Much Love.
    Peace and Light

  • Jeanette

    Thank You and I love you, beautiful sister.
    As I desire to become a woman of this prayer, I will pray, from now on, every day.

  • Louise

    Thank you. Very meaningful in these chaotic times. Enjoying Uncharted.

  • Denise Ryan

    Thank you
    I have been looking for that meditation as well as some others you use to send out once a month in one of your first post that i belonged to ..we would get a meditation a month ..i am so grateful for this one..
    Blessings and love to you ..

  • Amy

    I have to tune out the messages of fear and hate, even the messages of the side where my basic sympathies lie. When I do, I am left with the Observer, and the Observer is at peace, even in bliss. Something is happening. Let’s watch it as it unfurls. Somehow, all is well!

  • Susan Hegel

    Hi Colette
    These sentiments are so beautiful, and I love the prayer. I have a prayer “file” where I keep my favorites and I can go back and access them regularly, I have added this prayer to that file, and will also use it in the course of the work I am doing. I will admit that all of the unrest in the US has, at times, thrown me off, but I have been able to see the beauty, and the healing that is possible thru all of it. And certainly have recognized that we are in rapid, vast change, I am flexing my TRUST AND FAITH muscle in a new way.

    At Divine Wisdom Retreat last June, I was the one who asked you to sign a card from your deck during the opportunity for autographs from you, Lisa and Denise. I was so surprised when you spontaneously gave me some insight that you derived from the card I chose! You told me it was time to step in to my own power, and that spirit would help me with it. Wow you were not wrong, and last night as I was driving home from yet another miraculous gift from spirit to help me on my way I thought, I will have to send Colette an email to express my gratitude for that Divine push. And here you are showing up in my inbox this morning! Thank you Thank you…below is the first time I have been able to fill in my web site address….The web site launched in October!
    Felling blessed and grateful for my spiritual community.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for this. I am grateful for the voice that calls to spiritual activism and what that means in this time of great uncertainty.

  • Katie

    Colette … Well Done!! Sending you LOVE!

  • Mary

    Thank you Colette it’s always nice to hear your spiritual voice full of enlightened wisdom. I look forward to the next card readings.
    Warm regards all the way from Australia xx

    P.S. wish I had a “tardis”(Dr who phone box).

  • Valerie

    Very nice blog Colette! Thank you and LOVE St Francis” prayer. We have to be the change we want to see in the world.

    Hugs and love to all.

  • gl

    Thank you for this insightful reading and remarkable messaging on the perspective needed by all.

  • Alex

    I’ve been looking forward to your blog post after the US election! I was thinking that if Love Trumps Hate, then we need to embody those words even more so now. But, I’m having a hard time getting over the disappointment, especially when my mother voted for Trump. I understand that these events have been brewing globally and that by experiencing contrast, especially sharp contrast, we expand in greater ways. I know the pendulum will swing back from this dark space and your message from Spirit is encouraging. Here’s my rub though, and I’m hoping you can shed some wisdom on it. My mother is a smart woman who raised me to be an independent free thinker. Hers was a protest vote against Clinton. I am not sad that she did not vote for Hillary, I’m sad that she voted for a person who is so vulgar and offensive instead. I am trying not to stand on a moral pedestal and say, “You are wrong,” but it feels like a vote against humanity and decency. Big picture, your post resonates. Personally though, if I’m a light worker and I need to stand up for what I believe, how can I relieve myself of the disappointment that my mom aligned herself with the “other side”? It makes me wonder what really matters to her, or anyone for that matter? I feel like I’m sounding “holier than thou,” like I chose the moral high ground and everyone who voted for Trump and what he represents is self-centered and scared. I don’t like the way that sounds or feels, but I just can’t seem to pull myself away from the shock of it. It is easier to disengage from the media and everyone else’s feelings about this week, but it’s much harder when you feel at odds with your family. Any suggestions?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I think we need to realize that we don’t know the deeper truths at play here and the good that still can come from it all. Decency and the better part of humanity needs to come from you, allowing judgment to be replaced by discernment. Roll up your sleeves now and ask how can I add more Light to the world now? Stay out of the future and remain in the day. and breathe… a lot. xoxooxoxoox

      • Shelley


  • Diana Parish

    Dearest Colette.

    I always love your forecasts. However I am so moved by this one I want you to know how much I appreciate what you have shared today. It is absolutely inspiring. So uplifting. You have inspired all of us that want this change even though it is scary and you have given hope to the many who are in fear. The ones who are vulnerable to the abuses that we have allowed in this world. Thank you so much!
    Love and Blessings,

  • Anonymous

    Good morning Collette….I so enjoy your readings and look forward to them every week….my life is a bit “muddled” right now since my partner of over two years has always “loved” me and vice versa, however for the fourth time has decided to let me go because he has a Mecican girlfriend (this is the time of year he leaves Canada for six months)…
    he wants both of us and I do not want to share…..I’m sad, angry, confused and feel cheated….you inspire me and I know I have to keep the faith and stay strong….not so easy when you are hurting…. thank you for reading this.

  • Felicia Mendygral

    Comforting! Thank You!

  • Four Planets in Scorpio - Ouch

    OMGosh, I haven’t gotten past the first 5 minutes of your Oracle Card Reading because my emotional and memory bodies felt triggered. I’ll come back to it later when I move the energy inside of me.

    I did read your blog post first, which was awesome for me until I got to the suggested prayer. I cannot say that prayer. I haven’t been able to say it in years. If it’s okay, I’d just rather stick with the Serenity Prayer. (I’m an ex-religious order person who was, well, tortured in varying degrees and ways for many years. I tried to leave, even tried to escape, but wasn’t let go until several years later when I almost committed suicide. I figured my life was over and I was never going to get out of there, so why continue to live like that. The community was eventually disbanded but the superior never brought up on criminal charges. I was willing to go to court, even went to the bishop and all, but others who were similarly affected didn’t and I didn’t have the emotional strength to go it alone.).

    THEN, in your Oracle Card reading when you mentioned Kristallnacht, I thought I was going to lose it again. In this lifetime, I’m mixed race, but a couple of years ago in a supposed spontaneous past life recall, I was brought right back to Europe and that time. I could see in my mind’s eye flashes of the “enemy” marching through my town, hear the boots hitting the ground in perfect unison, etc. The next thing I heard in my being was, “It’s the same as it was then.”. I thought I was going crazy. Even my spouse didn’t understand what was going on with me. I tried to explain to them what I was experiencing. Then, about a couple of weeks later, we went on a bike ride and traveled to a place we’d never been before. We ended up in Jewish neighborhood. Before we entered the neighborhood, I was feeling like I was being pulled “somewhere else”. When we entered the neighborhood, I hadn’t realized it was a Jewish area right away. I told my spouse how I was feeling and what I was being reminded of. A little further into the area, we began seeing Jewish people. I kept getting these flashes, feeling terrible sorrow and wanting to cry. I became extremely nauseated. I kept feeling I had no future and like I couldn’t catch my breath. I had to get out of there. It wasn’t until I was doing some therapy with a soul-centered therapist that I realized I was possibly having spontaneous past life recalls. And on top of that, I was something called an “empath”. Oh, joy! (I’m actually just learning now what that is as I thought it was nuts at the time when it was mentioned to me.).

    When the election results came in, I had to keep myself grounded so as not to be “sucked” into any past life recall, etc. Struggling with all this certainly made me see how I was judging the person coming in, which one part of me knows is not fair at all. While it’s true that I never cared for him over the years, I also know that he’s a fellow soul traveler in this realm. (Actually, I never cared for either main candidate, but then again, I struggle with similar feelings towards myself. In other words, Shadow work is NEVER an easy thing.).

    I don’t believe history repeats itself per se, but rather that we human beings can repeat history, especially if we don’t learn from the negative impact we have in the world. I am trying my best to keep my “4-planets-in-Scorpio-with-3-in-my-South-Node” in check, LOL. I’m hoping my Moon in Sagittarius will come in for the rescue. Oh, please, God/Goddess/The Universe, that it will. Until then, I’m grateful to you, Debra Silverman, and other Light Workers who really care, get it, and help us to move forward even in the midst of what sometimes can feel like a great deal of chaos.

    Thank you for making the world a brighter place! Bless you!

  • Linda Fighera

    What a jam packed and powerful reading…just what the medicine doctor ordered!This is a reading that should be listened to again and again, to inspire, to direct, and to comfort the soul. It is so on point and relevant for what we are all experiencing in the world today. I find that there are many who cannot identify or vocalize what they are experiencing, and this reading really lays it all out. It is so in line with my current mindset in terms of how I wish to go out into the world…NOT perpetuating the anger and the disconnect, but rather, just bringing forth my own little light and hoping it shines for someone, anyone, in whatever way it can. I think the message here is so important and for those who are ready and are willing to hear it, they will find comfort and direction in how to cope with a world so inundated with anger and fear. This is always how I intend to live my life, although in my humanness sometimes I may falter. And it is in those times, that we need to connect with Spirit the most for wisdom, guidance and an open heart. Thank you Colette for putting this out into the world. Sending you peace, love and power. Linda

  • CatM

    Thank you so much for being the Light that you are and spreading love and encouragement. You have totally reinforced what I have been sharing with anyone I can get to listen. For so long we have been fooling ourselves that one morning we will wake up and everything will be sunshine, roses, and unicorns. Life is a process that goes in spirals. We get to choose if the spirals are only circles, or if we actually move forward and progress. I’m all for stretching that slinky to the max. I am 62 years young, and the only thing I am certain of is that my entire life has prepared me for this moment. We are so ready for this. Feel the fear, love the fear, and remember who we are.

  • Alison Sedun

    Dear Collette,

    Have just joined your site this month and am currently reading Uncharted. Love the weekly readings and your blog.

    I own the Enchanted Map oracle cards and look forward to all your tips etc. on how to do a reading for myself and friends (the ones that are into it LOL).

    Arose earlier than usual to see the super moon and then listened to your meditation. What a great way to begin the day! Thank you.

  • Sharon

    My absolute favorite prayer. I’ve been seeing this prayer a lot within the last 8 weeks, as 8 weeks ago my dad passed away and this prayer was on the back of his holy card.

  • susan thornton

    Thank you Colette – so appreciate the grounding and the inspiration to step up and step in. Blessings to you as always!

  • Polly

    Inspiring! Beautifully written. Thank you!

  • Renee Sugar

    As a traveler who is not suffering from E-diction, I observe on a daily basis that “humanity” is drifting farther apart from a sense of collective consciousness; to a state of “unconsciousness”, absent-mindedness and a general lack of caring, courtesy and/interest in others. It has concerned me for some time that the “we” part is dissolving into something that appears to be outdated.

    I travel on the public transit on a daily basis, and while looking around me I see almost every person tethered to a device of some kind, and plugged into a pair of ear buds. I often attempt to connect with a stranger; and less often these days does someone respond. Simple things like holding a door open when you know someone is behind you rather than letting it close in their face. Drivers are competing for more space on the roads creating a power play with cyclists/pedestrians and since May 2016 there have been over one thousand traffic fatalities in Toronto which is an unprecedented, higher number than ever before. Sharing the road has been replaced, and common courtesy is becoming less “common”. Impatience with others is rampant, as the pressure increases that we have created by becoming so “attached” to our tech devices.

    Have we forgotten what it means to be a “human” being? I do sometimes feel like I am part of a dying breed of conscious beings but I know that isn’t true. Perhaps we have traded our E-dictions for a piece of our humanity. I do appreciate the convenience that living with technology can offer; but I choose to not allow it to become a replacement for relating as a “human” citizen of the world. Speed doesn’t replace a loved one who is killed when a driver isn’t paying attention; or not being accountable for operating their vehicle safely. This cannot be reversed once the damage is done. There is a new advocacy group just emerging in Toronto for families who have lost a loved one/friend in traffic accidents. When I heard about it I was so grateful that finally someone was taking this seriously. Education is the key and “WE” are all in this together. Each of us is travelling day by day. Wouldn’t it be a better climate to build a safe, respectful plan for the city. Yes “Spirit” is impersonal, but a parent, wife/family member is irreplaceable and we must be re-minded “Let it begin with me” affects the greater good of everyone every single day. Too great a price to pay for convenience in my opinion.

  • Bobbi Williams

    Thank you, Collette!
    Starting to make sense of things on a spiritual level! Thank you for connecting the dots????

  • Jennifer

    Thank you for your optimism and setting forth the truth – we are all one.

  • Diana Boles

    As energy swirls upon this earth, the magnetic pull keeps us upon the ground. We are here to be witness to our higher selves. Turmoil is earthly and in it we can unveil the art of being grounded. Here is where we unite with the Light and carry with us the glow of blessing. Each time you step to the next rung on the ladder to your higher self, you leave an opening for another soul to follow your light and go higher with you. It is the gathering. It is the quickening. It is the moment of your own Big Bang! We are here to be the light. We are here to be witness. We are here where we are meant to be. As you have said so beatifully and so often, what is meant to be yours will not go past you. Will you be able to see it in the dark or would it not be easier to catch it in the light??

  • Susan Lauinger

    Thank you for being a voice of reason!! I’ve been saying similar things to all my friends who are saying they’re going to move to Canada! People tend to forget that the president of the United States doesn’t really affect who we are as a people or an individual. I actually think this is an awesome opportunity to stand up in the world and show everybody who you really are and like you say to not remain silent if you see something being done out of hatred. This is an opportunity to spread more love !!!

  • Donna

    Hi Colette,
    Your St Francis meditation has always been a favourite. It’s resonates deep in my soul. I think I must have it stored somewhere on another laptop from one of your webinars. How synchronistic that this morning as I was washing the breakfast dishes, I had the call to say this prayer then I find it’s on your blog this week! Your reading was beautiful, timely and spot on! I have been horrified by all the violent protesting, the hate, the craziness, etc, going on in the US. I have had put myself in the Observer position. I am grateful for the tools you have given us throughout the years to guide us through events like this, Colette. Thank you!

  • Sylvie Côte

    Ah! Madame Colette,

    Thanks for Your explanations on your weekly message. I know Spirit has a plan for all of this, and all of this, has a meaning. In your weekly message this week, You give a super analysis of the recent worldly events. It made me understand even more. Your right, let’s trust that Spirit has our back, that we are not alone, that we must love more then ever (personally, I need to add patience in my bag …sometimes … even…extra-patience with my fellow men or women who act with absolute unkindness). I’m just human Lordy, Lord!

    It also gave me a push in the back to continue to be a Light even if … sometimes circumstances seems to be wanting to head in a different direction. Yeah! Let’s continue to shine the Light. I honor Your knowledge and send You tenderness.

  • DW

    Be U ti full!!!???? > Mwah! Thank you.

    So MUCH love.. Great Big huge!????



  • Shelley

    Thank you so much, Colette, for your consistent voice of Love. Listening to the beautiful version you’ve gifted us of the St Francis prayer is like a balm for my soul. I keep hearing the verse from Course in Miracles about “I do not know what this is for” and I need to resist temptation to engage in awfulising. Thank you for your constant encouragement, you are such a blessing to us all. Thank you for holding the Light high….

  • Joyce

    Thanks Collette for your beautiful words of wisdom.

  • Lisa

    Thanks for your words, your video, the audio meditation! YIppee! Goodies before Christmas! YAY!
    Take care of yourself, too, Colette. Disconnect from us if we get too gooey-glommy for you!

  • Amy Monkman

    Beautiful meditation! Thank you so much, Collette, for re-focusing us on the priorities!

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