The Power of Forgiveness, The Magic of Friendship, the Freedom to Choose!

Updated: November 22, 2016

The Power of Forgiveness, The Magic of Friendship, the Freedom to Choose

I had the opportunity of holding my last Uncharted workshop for the year in Boulder Colorado this weekend. AS the name “Uncharted” implies none of these intensives are alike the other, each one taking its cues from the participants (and Fred) and so I was thrilled to see a few people came to it for a second helping after the one we did in Canada this summer- this time with a lot of dancing in between sessions!

I was joined by integrative coach Nancy Levin, Healer Althea Gray and astrologer Debra Silverman who moved the group to deeper layers of self discovery and courage to claim their co-creative powers which is the whole point of our common mission these days.

We’re committed to empower others by example, offering navigational assistance by the stars, by the power of oracles, understanding our accountability for the commitments we make silently, and by tuning into the Invisible to claim our partnership with Spirit.

It’s all about trusting you have the capacity to call the formless into Form for the highest good. It’s all about finding the holistic approach to choose your reality, transform from the inside out and learn to love what mindfulness guru Jon Kabat-Zinn calls “full catastrophe living”.

Forgiveness is essential to set yourself free from the bondage of the past.

Deb and I have a long history of sisterhood that hasn’t always been smooth. We didn’t speak for four years after a painful riff where we both had retreated into our corners stuffed with confusion, jealousy, judgment, betrayal, denial and hurt.

Without going into too much detail, we did the hardest thing, spoke to the unspeakable, opened old wounds and reached across what may have been a permanent line in the sand. We listened to the other and really held space for the process of discovery and healing. Was it easy? No. Today we are probably in the most honest beautiful compassionate place two women could be.

We respect the other, and share a mission of service to the collective sprinkled with the best fun of insane kookiness to keep us in the joy that the world needs more of. Maybe our friendship could spread some around.

Spirit knows we all need some of that laughter.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to experience this around the world? Reaching across lines to listen to others who have different views- to be bridge builders, and maybe find that there could be common ground magically appear where our eyes could only see a dangerous chasm that instilled fear rather than compassion and love.

Maybe it’s not even about bridges but about looking deeper to the threads of our commonality that bind us invisibly where we naturally collaborate, connect, communicate and act in mutual aid.

We are, I think needed to face what is unnatural these days. Seeing the world through separation and scarcity has called that illusion of reality into form. Seeing ourselves as separate from the “other”, and Spirit somewhere “else” is also an unnatural act of blindness.

Whether we agree or not we share a deep connection to one another, to Nature, to the evolution of our species, our gorgeous planet and even beyond our universe.

When we allow courage to override our fears, then our eyes can move beyond our small self in order for the soul to show us an alternative vista. That’s when we can really get the infinite possibilities that are waiting for us to call a new world into being.

Every single one of us has access to this deep truth. We do not need to be victims of circumstance or conditions that were set in motion in the past. We are capable of dreaming a new world into being.

A future is waiting to be claimed in the here and now with every choice we make.

What an amazing time to be alive!

Debra talked about each person being like an acupuncture point on the meridians that connect the Life force of the collective whole. When we are clear, and in alignment, coherent with our hearts and Spirit magic happens. One teeny point can emanate great love and power throughout the meridians of our world.
Never underestimate your ability to bring something amazing to the game of life.

  • What if you chose to be your most authentic self?
  • Who would you become?
  • What if you chose to release your old story of resentment and fear, free yourself from the prison of expectation?
  • What if history wasn’t doomed to repeat itself?

I have a favorite three-chair exercise I take the group through in the Uncharted workshop that allows people to feel what it’s actually like to be in different states of mind and perspective. I am always thrilled to see the look on participants’ faces when I move them through three different experiential views from the perspective of the small self to the soul to the integrated empowered “future” self.

Not one person said they would choose the same path, make the same choices or take the same actions they would when their small self’s eyes were the only ones they saw through.

Once that person sat in that third chair, the first chair looked like a sorry choice.

We don’t have to be prisoners of the past.

I’ve been told lately I am getting more serious in my weekly oracle forecasts. Well, I guess things have been hitting home these days.

Transformation is after all, serious business.

That said.. I for one believe you can have fun doing it!!

So .. here is a really fun exercise we did on the weekend you can do too to bring your new self into play.

Turn on the song Happy (I like the live version) by Pharrell and dance your pants off around your house imaging you are the one you have waited for. Dance your Happy, Prosperous,

Purposeful, Creative, Juicy, Joyful, Meaningful, Life! Dance it as if it was your present reality.

Be the change and watch the miracles show up 😉


Special Gift – Forgiveness Meditation

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  • Shauna Rae

    Really wonderful, Colette, and totally prescient for this time! With love and great thanks ???? ❤️ Shauna

  • June Kellogg

    Hello Colette,

    I have been incredibly “connected” to you since first time on HWTM.
    Thank you for this extraordinary prescription.

    I am awe struck with the accuracy in my world, here in New Jersey.

    Gracious GRATITUDE with Love Like Glitter,

    June Kellogg

  • MaryAnn

    This was one of your Finest oracle card readings to date …and I have seen a few ❤️

  • Donna

    I was so Happy – Happy to see the video clip someone posted as everyone was up and dancing …. shifting energies!
    Also, personally, I’m don’t think your weekly readings are more serious. Just the message being given.

    Absolutely, Love ALL that you and others are doing!
    Thank you for being You and Warmest of HUGS.

  • Yolanda

    Great reading Colette. Just love it! Truth is always revealing, but we also need to be able to hear from the inside out. A work in progress. Blessings

  • Coreen

    Dearest Colette

    I just wanna say your positive energy is undeniable so attractive even though we are worlds apart.
    Thank you so much for your ever inspirational stories

    Much Love

  • Lynn Marie

    Am I the first person to comment on here??? I think you are saying a lot of great things that a lot of people REALLY need to hear at this point in time. Including me. Too many people are talking and nobody really knows how to listen anymore, the singer Kenny Chesney has a great country song out right now titled “Noise” that I think really hits home to the way a lot of people all around the world might be feeling these days, just a total sense of frustration and that maybe all this technology is NOT the greatest amazing thing anymore like we used to think it was. Right now in my personal life, I’m not too happy with the way I see some hypocrisy going on in the church that I go to, and I dont know how to address it without making someone really angry with me. I just dont know what is the right thing to say sometimes.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      its so hard I know.. walking on eggshells – I think its about choosing when the right time is to speak up saving your energy for when it counts. At the end of the day honesty is the most important piece and detachment to see a wider view. We live in tense times

  • susan thornton

    Thank you Colette for your wisdom and your grace. Much needed this week. xo

  • Karen

    So…I AM being my authentic self. I AM being honest when (this person) decides to be disrespectful. I tell them my feelings. But they have decided that they are in the right and I am the witch with a B. I have had many conversations saying I want harmony and want a happy home when we visit.

    I am so kind to everyone. And so I’ve decided….not my circus; not my monkey because this is my journey and I think this is my lesson to stay strong and always….respectful.

    • Lynn Marie

      I hear what you’re saying. That’s the way I feel around a certain family member, no matter what approach I take I always get a huge amount of negativity back. Like the saying goes, we can’t change other people, but we do have control over how we respond to them. Don’t let this person get to you. Protect yourself, and keep them at a distance from hurting you. That’s what seems to work for me!

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        I always say set a boundary around people that trigger you. Give yourself a set amount of time to manage the experience, be as neutral as you can and, unless you really want to get into with them stay out of conversations you know they are not open to bridge. Then get the heck outta there!

  • Dawn

    I love this ! This is what I wish everyone would talk about. The world would be so awesome if everyone had the same mindset. Possibilities are endless & it would be great to see dreams around the world come to a place of harmony. Love y’all ????

  • limeygal

    Hi…such a basic question but how do you shuffle your cards? I often wonder about whether I should be starting out with them being upside down or right-side up, and not wanting to impact the shuffle because, say, most of the deck happened to be upside down when I started. Instead, I sometimes just put them all on the floor face-down and smush them around….would love your input!!

  • elaine patraschuk

    Oh Colette I love you so and cannot imagine how I can convey or thank you for your wisdom and inspiration. It is my 68th and that of my beloved mother who turns 94 today also, but we are in different provinces.

    My tiny family of myself, my Mom, and my brother has been broken by pride, problem gambling, cocaine, whiskey, cigarettes, selfishness, immense greed, laziness, lies, sociopathic behavior, and theft which has been going on for 15 years !! It broke me, I left, I recovered where I landed, but when it is family it is always there it seems even though I have forgiven sometimes, given it to God sometimes, hated sometimes, and prayed for my brother’s soul sometimes.

    My computer died so I was sitting in this library crying as I listened to your forgiveness meditation which is sooooooooo exactly what I needed … wish I was home to listen over and over. It is just divine; what a beautiful meditation (love your Journey of the Chakras too).

    I am stunned at the timeliness / synchronicity of your blog, the meditation, and oracle reading — as if it was meant only for me … which makes me so thankful for the moment I discovered you (another synchronicity !!)

    I treasure my quiet time with your Wisdom of the Oracle cards (looking forward to the oracle school in 2017) and understand why you are so enthusiastic about them OMG they really are helping with my intuition — and my time with them and Spirit is so special (I keep getting the same cards over and over !!!) I still need to buy your Uncharted book but that will come.

    I am so grateful for today and what you brought to me ’cause I tried phoning my Mom and no answer and so I worry. I feel grief for the loss of her presence and the times we once enjoyed before her son entered our lives and Alzheimer’s took her giving/loving self away from us. You gave me the answer today in three ways !!! and now I feel apprehension of what I must deal with but I know what I must do.

    You are an Earth angel to me and I will never forget this birthday … you are so wonderful to have in my life / tribe. I feel ‘bad’ people are charted into our lives to teach us lessons, etc. but God gives us Earth angels to cope and survive — my friends and yourself. Please pardon any inappropriateness within this email as quite emotional (but still sane HO HO !! … and enlightened now) … so glad to have Earth Angel CBR in my life, much love to you, elaine

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      what a beautiful post ..happy birthday … grateful my words give you comfort oxoxo

  • Uli Day

    Thank you for the lovely and loving forgiveness meditation, so needed at this time.

  • Anonymous

    Wow Colette what powerful information brought thru by source. Hit home with me. I am learning so much from you and cannot wait for the oracle school. I honor your authenticity. Happy Holidays.

  • Barbara Marie Steele

    Thank you for sharing the fun moments, the truthful commentary and the insights regarding lessons needing to be learned, Colette. The Forgiveness Meditation is so appreciated.. what a momentous gift… and one that will keep giving… I listened twice back to back… had to request a machete because some of the cords were more like braided cable… especially to people in the health profession as I am still trying to discover the “lesson” for things that were allowed to happen… so a “forgiveness gift” was a special one for me today.

  • collette

    Dear Colette— Just can’t express my gratitude enough to show you how much your readings mean to me…and they always seem to hit home at some point or other. Love your reading on Forgiveness , all your readings have such a strong message for us and the lessons learned are so invaluable to me. Again, thank you so much for sharing your insights with us all, I get so much out of every one of them. Love you.

  • Renee Sugar

    “Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel of the person who has crushed it.” Mark Twain.

    We cannot return to the place where the wounding occurred, unless we want to live in a black pit of resentment, entitlement and misery. I have been thinking about this as I embark on a new professional assignment working with a business owner who has just opened a new boutique. It is so crystal clear that “inter-dependence is the key and that “we” is the most important part of the equation. When I reflect on a past experience, it was steeped in control. There was always this constant tension, an undercurrent of judgment, a hierarchy/competitive structure which never served anyone. It contributed mostly to co-creating an ambiance of conflict, and reflected an absence of harmony.
    As I travel through this uncharted assignment, it is so heartwarming to receive compliments, and appreciation from the person who chose to invite me to share in this venture. “We” are learning together, and are supporting each other and celebrating together. It is such a different experience for me. I totally respect that she owns the business, and has every right to make decisions. I too have to make decisions about boundaries, and how much I extend myself. She trusts me and my presence is helpful to her and as I am not the owner, I have a detached perspective and can see things that she might not be able to. Suffice it to say that there is a very strong vibration of kindness, and caring that is a part of this story. It isn’t just about the commerce and the finance. There is a very good energy being extended exhanged and circulated and I am sooooooooooo!!!!!!! grateful to be a part of this new story.
    As the story unfolds, it is being co-created by many individuals, rather than being “controlled” by one. “Row row,row your boat , gently down the stream, merrily merrily, merrily, merily, life is but a dream.” Remember the commercial “Its’ so easy when you use Lestoil. or (less toil).
    Lots of Love

  • Sarah Kernochan

    Your blog on forgiveness is wonderful and so needed in these nightmare times in the US, because the harder it is to forgive, the greater the release from burden if one succeeds. And I love your shirt in the above video. Looks like the oracle of the day is “Sexy.”

  • Lisa Francis

    Dear Colette .. I returned from Colorado feeling alive .. and also tired. It was a tremendous experience and I am so grateful to have been there. Since being home > tons of meditation and tapping and trusting .. this is my prescription for staying on the up side.
    I just did the forgiveness meditation which is awesome .. I will be doing daily until the line up is done !!! .. I give thanks that you have followed your path >> for you were designated to re-awaken me. Job well done !!
    Now it is up to me to use the tools to stay awake, and/or if I should slip into a nap,
    to quickly shake myself alert again.
    Thank you has to be enough .. Spirit tells me it is .. so really .. wow .. THANK YOU .. i had such a difficult time trusting life .. somehow you showing up in my world invited me to begin to trust fully in the Unseen .. what a pleasure life can be !! .. bless you .. bless Marc .. you are a dynamic duo of Love xox p.s. using the 20 minute on your bird, daily too !

  • Shannon

    Love your site, blog, books, etc. I just watched your youtube interview with Lilou Mace and it inspired me to ask a question and pick a card from your website. I got the Arrow master which mentions the law of detachment, something I’ve never heard of before. I tried to goole this and got a reference to Geometry!!:)

    So my question is this – can you explain the law of detachment?

    Thank you,


    • Colette Baron-Reid

      it means in order to receive you have to let go your attachment to the receiving

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