3 Steps to Make Shift Happen!!!

Updated: November 28, 2016

3 Steps to Make Shift Happen!!

This week I thought about how the overarching energies we seem to all be dunked in are making a lot of people feel quite soggy.

All the potential and hope and fear and anxiety moving in and out of the quantum fabric of our reality- I imagine the angels are working overtime trying to ensure our relative stability.
Sort of like herding drunken cats I expect.

It all reminds me of dunking digestive biscuits into tea. If you didn’t eat the cookie at the right time the whole thing would disintegrate in a sweet milky chaos with unwanted goo that stuck to your teeth. It began with such promise but the very act of abdicating responsibility for it led to such disappointment.
Although not everyone reading this has had the same love of Digestive biscuits in hot milky tea.
But I think you get the picture.
Can you tell my empathy overload has me considering food a tad too much?
But I digress.

My husband accidentally blurted out something funny but really pertinent to all of us this weekend when he said. ‘ We can’t just sit still waiting for miracles to knock on our door. We need to make shift happen!”

He really meant to say something else but maybe his guardian angel got in his mouth so I could have something to write about this week that was less maudlin and more joyful and prescriptive ( like my readings).

Ok so let’s look at something practical this week. (and, if you haven’t seen this week’s Oracle Card forecast go look now)

Since living in these times that are decidedly Uncharted ( notice how this word has been all over the place lately?) means what it sounds like- “ un” meaning “no” – “charted” meaning a map that we already have.
So the underlying message is that no map we already have can tell us about what lies ahead!

Now let’s look at 3 steps that will help with this “map-less-ness” so we can all make Shift Happen this week.

1. Practice this saying “I DON”T KNOW” Let go the thinking that you know what is going to happen next. The future is NOT a projection of the past. Unless you keep telling the same story, and insist on reinforcing the patterns of the past, you have an amazing opportunity right now to do things differently. Remember the saying in my book (if not go get it and read it) “ If you do what you did you will get what you got”. Similarly if you think the same thoughts, feel the same fear over and over VOILA – you will be responsible for your part in the repetitive story. Knowing the boogey man is for SURE in the basement is not necessarily true. Maybe there is a bunch of stinky garbage and junk down there plus one or two lost chipmunks making noise.
Perhaps removing it might be a better solution.

2. Since I don’t know, what can I discover? This is essential step #2! If you remain curious, after agreeing you know nothing about the future only about how you live today in these 24 hours, how you think and feel, and how willing you are to be 100% authentic, what you honestly stand for and why, then you can start being curious. What will today reveal? What can I learn about myself, and others? Where is common ground if any? Choosing to enter each day with a sense of curiosity rather than a staunch knowing ( either extreme- uber freaked out or uber happy) will really help because you will make discerning choices, asking for accountability from yourself and others etc. This makes for a really healthy sense of self. Being curious is an empowered stance overall. It feels playful and detached but it is Wonder Woman strong!

3. Be a Spiritual activist! Start you day grateful that you don’t know, that you are curious that so much of the world, your world, everything you experience is a BIG GIANT GIFT. Act as if you believe that gratitude and kindness, compassion, collaboration and connection is the way to live. Refuse to give into fear and refuse to condone what you see is wrong in the world. One act of kindness is an act of spiritual activism. Ask “how can I help”, as spiritual teacher Matt Kahn says… love whatever arises.. and do that. Everything even rage is a call to Love. Answer it.

Love love love you all !!!




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  • Lisa Francis

    Wow Colette .. thank you .. it is true that everywhere i go i am either seeing or hearing the word “uncharted” .. on the evening that the workshop ended, i was shown how loosey goosey my boundaries WERE .. now i am enforcing them and it feels right !! .. these things unfold as they should, lucky for me there was an early morning appointment with Debra S and then an unexpected brunch with Althea .. so as I began to recognize the need to have clear boundaries, those two ladies, both reinforced what I heard and felt after my blurry boundary experience .. Spirit so generously placed me with Wisdom Keepers .. i am grateful .. i did buy the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms cards in Colorado and today i pulled the High Lord of Gratitude and Service !!! … yehaw .. thanks for everything xox Lisa

    • Anonymous

      Outstanding reminders. Thank you so much. And your husband for bringing the shift up. And BTW love, love ❤️ your shirt . It is magnificent.

    • Anonymous

      Hello Colette, thank you. I feel totally lost right now and it is a comfort to know embracing the unknown is exactly what I should be doing right now. Even though it is difficult sometimes to admit anything can happen and stop my brain from over thinking and trying to determine the outcome. My two year old daughter just loves your weekly forecast she listens so intently to every word. Thank you for sharing the wisdom as always 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Interesting that Elizabeth Gilbert’s blog today is all about learning to say, “Start knowing”! Both are true, and both are helpful reminders. Thanks Colette! xo

  • Katherine

    Thank you Colette. I find your readings very interesting to listen to. I like this weeks reading. Referring to metamorphous was interesting especially with the events that have gone on in the US and elsewhere. I do have a tendency to be a know it all so I’ll be more careful in my answers, and will in fact practice “I don’t know” if I really don’t know the answer. I enjoy your weekly readings and I need to follow up on your blog posts. Love your show!

  • Beth

    Interesting that Elizabeth Gilbert’s blog today is all about learning to say, “Start Knowing!!”
    Both are true and both are helpful reminders. Thanks, as always, Colette. I love your generous soul and deep wisdom. Oh, and your wonderful and contagious smile! xo

  • Faith

    Ahh, I so needed to hear your oracle card reading for this week! Despite practicing gratitude and practicing humility, I sometimes find my ego risiqng up trying to force a certain result; which I understand is not conducive to the overall good for all concerned. Thank you for the reminder if someone messes up along their day or week, that the Divine Spirit allows us to take a different road or approach to our journey.

    I still, at times, feel a sense of harshness in my world and I am trying to figure out why I am sensing the harshness. Could it be that I am in conflict with Spirit and need my aura or chakaras cleared?

    Thanks, also, for the meditation sent from this weeks’ tips to manifestations card readings. I bought your newest book “Uncharted” earlier this month and am almost done with it. I do my best to take my time doing the exercises in the book as I believe this process will help me make more significant changes for the better.

  • Barbara Marie Steele

    I enjoyed the maudlin humor! As well as the tip to “love whatever arises.” A better perspective.

  • Alice

    Thank you so much for this. I really needed to read about map-less-ness today. Now all I need to do is Make Shift Happen!!

  • Tiziana Amagda

    Thank you so much! As I wrote on your page about weekly forecast, this week (today, exactly) we have New Moon in Sagittarius, and keyword for the Sign is “I know”. So it’s weird but also new energy the fact we cannot know the future, even if people continue asking for. On Sunday evening I made a Rune lecture for a friend of mine, but I tried to give advice rather than news. And, by the way, some hours ago I made my first weekly forecast for my pafe with Wisdom of The Oracle deck, and all of 4 cards came out in protectef position! I wrote down my feelings after reading the messages on the booklet, and now I’m going to recird my first video. Keep the fingers crossed. Blessings of Light. PS cards are: 22 (Blessed) 23 (Peace) 10 (Unfinished Simphony) 26 (Happy, Happy) I hope the titles are right because my deck is Italian Edition

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      so wonderful are you doing the reading in italian please let us know on our Facebook page or tweet it and I will retweet!

  • Rolene

    Colette you always make such wise sense. You are such a gift. Thank you for being a positive compass through uncharted territories.

  • Ellen Santistevan

    yes yes yes on number 3! my new motto (even before the election) has been to embody compassionate action. one person at a time, doing whatever is the best that i can do in the moment. i may not be able to be a social justice warrior, but this i can do — be love —

  • Gary

    Your dog is such a sweet, little doll!

  • Richard. ( Green Roofs )

    Thank you Collette. For all sorts of reasons your Blog today is very helpful. X

  • Julie

    Thank You Collette!! You are wonderful and always on the point of things.
    Blessings to you????

  • Vee

    I, for one, have been feeling overwhelmed. Your reading and blog nailed it and are useful tools to brave the uncharted. It’s all for the best.

  • Anonymous

    You are fun to watch ans fun to read .Thank you always a plaisir to listen to you .XO

  • Zoe

    The meditation was powerful, a little scary, and very revealing for me. My whole energy just shifted. Thank you Colette

  • Gwen Mariani

    Thank you Colette! Once again you have touch on the unspoken space that we all feel and know is there yet don’t have the words( and sometime the courage) to fully bring it into our lives!

  • Pat

    Fantastic reading! Hit the nail on the head. I certainly am feeling the uncertainty AND the urge toward Higher, Better, more Soul centered living. Thank you so much, yet again, for this insightful reading.

  • Pauline McFadden

    Thank you Colette…been having a bad week…But after reading your blog and listening to your reading this morning ..I feel much better. When I was young and not too smart..I made decisions that was 50 years ago. People in my life to this day blame me for their choices in life. I learned a long time ago that you and only you should take responsibility for the path you choose in life. But I tried to explain that I am not that 16 year old and that sure life isn’t fair.It can be so wonderful .I was hurt but now I am going to be ok. Thank you so much, I am so grateful that you came into my life. I had to tell this person to get out of my life even though I love them. I finally realized you can love someone but that doesn’t mean you have to like them as a person. I have learned so much. Still don’t know everything …but I am learning to except that.

  • Joyce PIPER

    What a beautiful blog, thanks Collette.

  • Yvonne

    Thanks Collette, I appreciate the more global outlook that you’re talking about. It leaves politics out of it and brings it back to Spirit and humankind instead, just the way it needs to be.
    P.S. I love your sweater!

  • Carmen Robinson

    Awesomeness! Curious, what breed is your adorable puppy?

  • Emilia

    28th Nov reading is on my birthday. Nice reminder to me to humbly admit I don’t really know. Messed with my confidence building yet I surrender 🙂 You are a delight to watch & listen to. Every word comes naturally,sincerely & meaningfully. Many thanks.

  • Hazel

    Not knowing feels a very safe and free place. It’s where spiritual and worldly can meet.

  • June Kellogg

    Hi Colette, Yesterday had a conversation (on the spot coaching 🙂 all about the “know it all”, and you know how I know about being a “know it all” hehehe
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Avalon Card deck and Wisdom of the Oracle. Great reading !!!

  • Renee Sugar

    ” When your mind is empty it is open to everything. In the beginners’ mind there are unlimited possibilities. In the expert’s there are few.” Shunryu Suzuki

    When I think about the proportion of what I know nothing about; as compared to what I do know something/much about; that qualifies me to be a beginner in every category.
    Sometimes a vulnerable place to be a beginner, but it is humbling to discover how little I know. And how exciting it can be to discover that I know nothing!!!!

  • Urszula Ruszczyńska-Yee

    Dear Colette
    Love you dearly. This week for the first time I have no idea what you are talking about. In the blog at list. All sounds to me as if I’ve heard it all already. (Yeah, I hope I’m not going to come across as the “know it all” ????) Maybe it is because I can’t focus on what I’m reading. Something about saggy tea biscuits… and than all of a sudden your husbands words: “We need to make shift happen. I almost fell of my chair. Just a couple of days ago, just looking through some posts at the uncharted book club, an idea popped in my head. This idea has been percolating in my head and heart since. When I heard those words “we need to make the shift happen” I was 100% sure I will read that you had just exactly the same idea as I did, and you are going to tell us how we going to implement it. But I don’t think that was it.
    So here it is. Aren’t we suppose to be cocreators, and create our new reality? Why won’t we start doing it? Why don’t we put our minds together and make a list of things we would like to see pass in the world. Create visions of heaven on earth and put those in a form of guided meditation/prayer that we would do together live once a week. Why don’t we start pulling out from the realm of spirit, from the realm of all possibilities the things that we want to see in the world? Imagine how powerful that could be? Don’t just pray for peace, feel the peace in our bodies than imagine that peaceful feeling in the whole world spreading to everyone. Tons and tons of ideas what to put in those visualizations.

    “Thy will be done through us for the highest good of all and for the true manifestation of our purpose.
    This or something better now manifests for us in divine appropriate timing.”

    Yes, that comes from your writings. ????

    See, about 2-3 years ago I had a mistical experience. There were several powerful elements in it but one was pronounced the most. That Earth is pure and perfect. That Earth is heaven, that all things and creatures on it including us, people are perfect we just can’t see it. Heaven is not a place but state of being – said Anita Moorjani. And I can’t agree more. Now Anita has written another book. “What if this is heaven.” No wonder it caught my attention. Finally! Somebody saw it too. Now there are at list 2 of us ???? Well, I’m sure there are many more just not in my close proximity. Anyways… yes! We can’t just sit and wait for the shift to happen. Why won’t we start creating it, envisioning it together? Start seeing it in our imaginations, feel the sensations of them being here and now, so they can come to pass faster.
    Now that the world is worried of what it’s going to happen after the elections shouldn’t we start creating the positive visions of that which we want instead? Feed our minds and hearts with positive visions instead…
    In “the lost mode of prayer” Gregg Braden said that according to old scrolls all it takes is one person to create this powerful vision of new heavenly Earth for it to pass. Well, how about 3000 or so together?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      we are on the same page xo The soggy biscuits were an analogy of what happens when we abdicate responsibility for our experience, when we take our eyes off of life and then blame the world for the goop. We are all too willing to accept things, normalize them when in fact we need to claim the life we desire, really live it. We get to have our cookie, and our tea and heaven on earth. We are responsible to make shift happen. oxoxoxoxo love your post

      • Urszula Ruszczynska-Yee

        Thank you Colette And I love you. I always wander how you manage to read through all those posts. I imagine if I ever started a blog it would consume my entire life. I really apriciate the time you took to write back. Yes, I got it now. Phew… thanks God I don’t deep my cookies in any liquids! No my goop right??!! ????
        Anyways, more and more things in the world I observe indicating that things indeed are getting better. The good news from Standing Rock just arrived over the weekend, then I saw a news segment from Australia where they found a compound killing cancer tumours vithin 2-3 days (all natural!!), great findings in the canabis research for PTSD, epilepsy, dementia, ADD…
        And as I pondered the many different good news from the world that I heard lately the tingling came over my top right side of the head. This is an indication that my guides/angels are near me. Wow! They never tangled my head for such a long time I guess they want me to say hi to you.
        Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
        ❤️???? Xoxoxoxoxoxo

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