The Initiation of 2016 – Why 2017 is a Year of Deliberate Intention and the Discovery of Magic!!


Updated: January 1, 2017

The Initiation of 2016 – Why 2017 is a Year of Deliberate Intention and the Discovery of Magic!

Well… here we are, the end of one year and the beginning of a new one. Happens every year, but this time, well, this one feels very different!

You might or might not agree with me but I for one, am glad to say good-bye to 2016. Now that we’re at that exciting moment of New Year’s Eve, where so many will be celebrating, I’ll be very quiet, me and my tiny family cocooned together surrounded by love and blankets, asleep by 10- happy that there is a new year, a new energy to welcome upon awakening.

I say good bye to 2016 with deep abiding gratitude, a little exhausted, as well as considering what has to happen to live within the potentials of chaos and uncertainty and still be happy and prosperous in the times ahead.

2016 was an Initiation year for us all as we ended the cycle of the universal 9 year that puts an ending to so many things.

The other side is probably having a big fabulous concert in the heavens this New Years. Our loss -heaven’s gain of so many talented artists that made up such a meaningful sonic backdrop to my memories- .. David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Prince, Leonard Cohen, George Michael, and actors Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds were all part of the great talent exodus of 2016. And then there were so many more, not famous but deeply loved by their own.

So Who have we become as a result of 2016, of the last nine years of our lives? ( a question worth asking yourself) 2016 showed the cracks in the foundations, the crumbling decay of the pillars of our world that we have come to blindly rely on, and also the amazing possibilities and infinite potential that beckon to us from the Uncharted territories of our lives still yet to be explored and implemented for the highest good.

Whether we agree on the same things or not we are not one person but a multitude embarking on the road less travelled. Together… even if some days everyone else seems invisible.

As an empath in 2016 I struggled with the anxiety of managing the magnitude of suffering and fear I tuned into – of the tragedies around the world, the bombings, the wars, the crazy politics, the looming truth of climate change and the severe loss of wildlife. When Nature is crying I can’t shut it out, and I can’t ignore or deny it even though some days I just want to escape. ( yikes no place to go!)

Stuffing my face doesn’t work ( figured that one out years ago, besides I gain weight anyway when in empathy overload) nor does retail therapy ( how many lip line erasers, instant life-organizers, tupperware and ab-crunchers does a girl need?).

There is a price for being awake and knowing you have to get used to co-creating your life within the duality of suffering and joy, disruption and peace, loss and prosperity that are some of the threads within the waft and the weave of the fabric of life that makes up our world now. This is an essential part of the psychic and energetic environment- one that is “ both/and” and being awake means something different than it did before.

Some people who have laughed at, been afraid of, or scoffed at the “new agers” are coming to terms with what we’ve all known was coming, and our numbers are growing. Spirit is the source of our supply.. Spirit is in all things.. Life is conscious and we are partners in co-creation not willful children demanding what we want.

I keep forgetting that the information and experience I’ve immersed myself in for the past 30 years is brand new for a lot of people. We are being ushered into the Age of Consciousness, where transformation and metamorphosis are a given, and happening in a velocity unparalleled. But it’s not for us to experience in anxious passivity- but in courageous action.

Plus, if you’re reading this you’ve likely been on a spiritual seeking, mystical and personal development journey for a while and are game for all of this! Right? Well, maybe not 100% but heck courage wasn’t ever expected to show up in the absence of fear. Since we are all strapped into the same roller-coaster on the same crazy ride we may have to learn how to get along and have fun and not throw up!

Ah yes it’s easy for the immortal soul to make that kind of a joke.. After all it’s out for experience of any kind!

But, I’m an eternal optimist,( which drives some people crazy) not because I expect some deity in the sky to decide that humanity, the planet and the universe in general is going to be forgiven and gifted with a hall pass. Nor do I believe we will all be visited by compassionate aliens who will take us to safety built for us in alternate dimensions, although I have seen some of these visions ( possibly because of ingesting cheese and too many holiday cookies rather than communing with Fred- I mean could have been gas) but I digress.

Here is what I know with every fibre of my being is the Truth. We are surrounded by the magic of a conscious universe, where communion with the Divine is possible, where miracles can be called out from the formless into form, where connection and unity is inherent regardless of the illusion of our limited perception. Our job is to hone in on that magic, rediscover and unlock our own, re-commit to a deliberate partnership with Spirit and track that relationship through synchronicity that tells us the universe is listening to us.

Here is one thing you can do to ignite 2017 – the Year of Deliberate Intention.
Set an intention.. Something that requires you receiving an obvious sign from Spirit that you are in alignment with the highest good. Then let that go and see what happens.

A client of mine set out an “impossible” task and asked for upside down flags and lo and behold he saw 6 of them in 2 weeks! Another asked to see a “billboard” that showed she was on the right track and later that day got in her car and saw a bumper sticker on a truck in front of her that said “ You’re on the right track – drive safe”.

Have fun with this.. You will lose all doubt when you “ bump” into the signs from the universe.

Pick an oracle card from my website and see how it mirrors you and what influences you! They work too!

Know this. 2017 is a year of great potential. Could it be bumpy? Sure! But we can work within the chaos or the turmoil and thrive! It begins with Intention and trusting that magic and partnership with Spirit is real.

Hope and Faith? Yep. …..

Let’s do this! Happy New Year… see you in 2017!


PS – if you haven’t read my friend Christiane Northrup’s book; Making Life Easy, it will be a good one to add to your favorite collection of inspirational books this year.

PPS – don’t forget my book Uncharted. Amazon has it on for a super low price for one day only Jan 2nd!


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  • Jennifer Dyer Windsor

    thank- you. I look forward to oracle school and new beginnings for 2017 I feel like why am I so happy? but I am and intend to stay that way. I got a bad cold new years eve and the old story I lived in would have grumbled. I choose to see it as a sign to rest and take care of myself tea and a good book. I have many and yours as well. happy new year to you hubby and pups it is going tho be the best ride eve.

  • Luciana Green

    Thank you Colette! You inspire me! I love your spirit and relate to you on many levels! I appreciate your generosity and all the free, wonderful information that you share with us! I send back to you many blessings and much light!

  • Renee Sugar

    Self-appreciation, Self-respect, Self-knowledge, Self-empowerment.
    It’s been a while since I have written on this blog.
    It is a NEW year which is comprised of days, moments, experiences some favorable, some difficult, and even abhorrent. Joy, sorrow, abundance, the abyss, all
    will make sense in the light of tomorrow. But no guarantee of course
    that we will be granted the gift of another day. So why not celebrate
    the only one we have been given. TODAY. What a gift, it can be even
    when it doesn’t match our expectations, or elevated standards of perfection.
    If I intend anything this year; it will be to just enjoy everything I can.
    The moments that touch the heart. The precious gifts of the present that
    cannot be recalled, or replayed. As we run amuck looking hither or yon;
    the time will slip by us, and the day will be gone. The mystery or the mastery
    which one will it be? It really is completely up to me what I see. Do we
    want to go forward with our eyes in the rear view mirror? Wouldn’t I rather
    opt for something I’ve never tried or tasted before? It really won’t matter
    if you are right or you’re wrong; because at the end of the day; there no
    errors, just options. So I declare that 2017 be the year OPTIONS/Choices.
    Door #1, Door #2, or Door #3. I think that the key to opening your heart;
    is to approach life as a beginner right from the start. I didn’t INTEND to be
    lyrical or wax poetic here, but the message is becoming increasingly clear.
    So to you “dear” Colette; May SPIRIT grant you a sunbeam to warm you, a moonbeam to
    charm you, a sheltering angel so nothing can harm you. IRISH BLESSING
    Much Love for 2017. May each day be a NEW beginning, and whatever is delivered try
    to not judge, complain, criticize the gifts of the lessons, we receive. It’s really how we interpret them that can shine a beam of hope, and encourage us to continue to BELIEVE. ” The road from the eye to the heart, doesn’t usually pass through the intellect. G.K. Chesterton.

  • Diana Boles

    Happy New Year Tribal Dancers! This time of retrospect, this Merc Retro, and the calm of the Holly-Days ???? Holy Days ????✨☄???? has emptied the murky cauldron that was a-boil in November. It’s been perfectly placed, this Merc Retro, peppered with many stops and starts. 12th night is near and the old ways vibrant in the air. In this time of Blessings Counted, may you all recieve many more rewards for the Gratitude You Pay Forward.
    Thank you Colette, for all that you have helped me with this past year. I am filled with affirmation of the path I walk, and I know that you have drawn me through portal that hums of the past and sings of the future. ????????

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