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Updated: February 5, 2017


Today I woke up and thought – hmmm what wisdom can I tap into to share in my weekly blog? Usually I find it pretty easy to talk about something relevant by tuning into the collective but after frying myself in the crazy energy lately, I knew I had to temporarily close up the connection for repairs. ( if you’re interested I did a great Facebook Live on managing empathy overload on my Facebook page)

Like you, I’m sure no matter what is happening in the world we still need to get up and go to work. So I’ve been on “super- focus” round the clock getting ready for my new Oracle School and so of course my brain sat up this morning and let me know it was fried and crunchy and totally unwilling to help me come up with something. Basically my mind said “ stuff it”.
Pesky thing.

So I meditated, tuned into Spirit, held my heart for 10 minutes allowed gratitude to permeate my whole body and knew it wasn’t supposed to come from my small self anyway and so I opened my latest Oracle deck- “Wisdom of the Oracle” for a message.

Every time you approach an oracle for wisdom and guidance you automatically tune into synchronicity and the flow of what’s most needed to be in coherence with Spirit, and with the highest good.

So I prayed for that – “the highest good” for everyone who reads this, then I shuffled and chose a card.

You know, even though I was called to bring this oracle card deck to life even I forget sometimes how uncanny it is when you ask the question :

“What overarching message do we need to know to live our best lives now?”
And then get a powerful answer.

The card that I chose is called Blessing.

“There are moments in life when, out of the blue, it seems that everything has been orchestrated by Divine intervention. You feel blessed in ways that are difficult to express. It’s as if the Red Sea parts in front of you and events come together to banish your troubles easily and naturally. You know deep down you did not deserve any of it, and yet here you are. This is one of those times. Blessings are everywhere. Let awe and gratitude for all your blessings guide you now.”

Do you remember a time when you were convinced that things couldn’t get any worse and all of a sudden after pounding on doors, and wailing and catastrophizing, running on empty from the anguish of unfulfilled ambitions you just surrendered? Remember when you couldn’t go any further like that so you just had to radically look at things as they were, maybe even walk away from what you so badly desired, hanging your head in defeat, or maybe just from sheer exhaustion and then new doors swung open to show you the way to higher ground, to your true desires and to your freedom? And when that happened, sometimes subtle and sometimes billboard like signs showed up to nudge you. You just knew something beyond your human limits was present as a witness to your life.

In that moment the blessing of grace feels like an unmerited gift because of your sense of humility and not coming from a sense of entitlement – the kind of “ deserving” the oracle suggests that comes from the small self’s need to be separate and special, where getting what you work for comes from ambition rather than embodiment.

Letting go the idea “If I do this I am entitled to get that” is about making a shift from bargaining to a sense of beingness.

We don’t need to work for this, we just need to stay plugged into Spirit, not striving for an end result or fixating on a specific destination, or trying to open doors that are not ours to open.

What is yours cannot be withheld from you. But the humility is trusting that you have a unique purpose, a unique note in the symphony of life and when you are able to remember that and follow the obvious and subtle cues life becomes all of itself, and you being to see all of it as the true soul’s journey where joy and freedom are sometimes accompanied by their shadowy cousins – suffering and loss, faith and fear, trust and betrayal.

The soul craves experience.
The journey isn’t a straight line.

I wish the human condition wasn’t so complicated with all the being awake and then falling asleep again, then waking up and falling back asleep at the wheel of life in such quick succession.

You and me were born blessed. Original Blessing (as theologian Matthew Fox suggests) is what I believe wholeheartedly that our greatest misstep is to see ourselves as separate from the Divine. The Great Forgetting is being revealed now in so many places- especially within us.

But so are miracles.

Your “red sea parting” could be like my friend Doug whose apartment is in a busy city, and its winter but a rare hummingbird flies right up to his window hovering until he notices it and delivers the exact metaphoric message he needed right then and there. Maybe yours is a song on the radio when you’re exhausted and you hear “Jesus Take The Wheel”, maybe it’s when you are meditating and a giant angel shows up to let you know you are on the right track, or maybe the phone rings just when you’re thinking of your deceased Dad and asking him advice in your head. Or maybe it’s like what happened to me when I got sober 31 years ago and I hit bottom and had a spiritual awakening and then all the right people came into my life to help me like earth angels waiting for me to smarten up and get with my purpose.

And so here I am.

You know I have a lot of faith in humanity. Not in the human part by itself. When a human being is rigidly and dogmatically invested in a separated view of the universe, so many horrors are unleashed in the name of hatred and scarcity.

But the divine spark that is within us.. It’s really a pilot light that needs one teeny weeny flame of hope to light it. And Love, and gratitude for even in chaos there is great creativity.

When you remember that you have the spark of the divine within you – that is your magic- that is your connection to Source that is everywhere and in everyone- humans and the natural world alike. We are surrounded by and are a part of living within a Divine Matrix of living Light and energy that we have a responsibility to co-create with.

And so… as my oracle card suggests ….. Are we not Blessed?
I think so.

Love to hear your “ red sea parting” stories.
Loving you always and forever.



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  • Karen

    This topic felt so right today bless you….my most recent “Red Sea moment ” was 3 weeks ago. 1st I noticed a feather formed from a cloud on a pic that I had used for a desktop on my iPad . Funny thing I had taken this pic months before, loved it, inspected others clouds on this pic but never noticed this cloud before. Later that morning I was prompted to watch Radleigh Valentine’s live Sunday vlog “ask Rad” I think I may have caught his show once before, months ago…I certainly wasn’t planning to ask any questions, i know how many millions fly by on these events plus I couldn’t think of any questions that were simple enough …. then as that thought passed threw my head a question appeared and as quick as a snap, I hear to my amazement Radleigh saying my name and resounding to my question about writing children’s books…I’m still in shock and awe about the whole process…and so very grateful on so many levels ✨☺️✨????✨Thank you Colette, thank you Bianca ????????& Sara????????

  • Karen S

    Thank you Colette! I needed this one this week. Honestly, I felt as though I was having an out-of-body experience. Shouting “No, stop Self! Stop what you’re doing.” This isn’t cool calm rational me. But also knowing it was what my higher Self knew was the path of least resistance. However confusing and unpleasant in some ways. :). All duly noted. Love this set in particular and use it most of all your cards. Trust and awareness. Will do.

  • Nina

    I spent the bones of 7 years tiring to secure a full time teaching job but without success. I had all temporary contracts which as a result was difficult to plan financially and for life! After literally knocking on every school in cork city and county asking for something full time but again without success I threw the towel in!! Yes I drew a line in the sand as I was exhausted with 3 kids and a frustrated husband! I handed my career and its fate back to the Universe and said “what will be will be”. I surrendered. A year on and my husband’s contract ended. He lost his job and he had to look for a new one. Guess what? He got a high up new job in a financial management position working with all the head people and management of all the schools in Southern Ireland! Outstanding networking position and there is even a higher chance that I’ll stroll into a position if I want it. Not sure if I want it now though. Isn’t that weird??

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      no my dear this is co-creation at its finest.. you moved out of the way and kaboom… congrats!

  • Renee Sugar

    Here is an example from today, so very current. I received a phone call from the doctors’ office last Wednesday. Wasn’t expecting to receive that call which was
    asking me to arrange an appointment to discuss some test results. This confused me as I hadn’t had any tests for several months; so WHY was she wanting to talk to me? I made an appointment for the same week. No need to discuss the details, she was recommending that I have a biopsy which was a rather alarming and unexpected consideration, and I was still somewhat shocked that I was receiving this news two and a half months after the results were received??? I was angry, afraid, and still not understanding why I was the last to know??
    So today I visited the imaging facility and obtained the test results including the times the reports were faxed. The woman who attended to the inquiry also made a CD of all of the images that were taken and when I informed her that the doctor could not find another facility to do the test initially requested, that very test was available right there, close to my home. The thought of visiting a strange gynecologists’ office and undergoing a biopsy when that wasn’t what was recommended in the first place; was too much to imagine at this time and not necessary. So because I took action and was empowered to make a decision that had my best interests and comfort at heart, everything fell into place. The doctor took care of faxing a requisition for the right test, and I have scheduled an appointment this month so I don’t have to stress about it. Everything I needed was provided in a very loving, and kind way. Needless to say I was not happy about the way the news was delivered, but I felt intuitively that a biopsy was premature, So I am blessed to see that the “universe is conspiring in my favour”. Everything was orchestrated by a larger story than one person could create. Now other professionals have been informed that this test can be done somewhere else. There are always options, and choices that serve the highest and best interests of everyone. WE is the operating force in this story. I felt supported and uplifted having taken the steps I did.
    And of course my appreciation to those who read this.
    Lots of Love

  • Mary List

    Beautifullll !!!! Just needed this today.

  • Sue Henderson

    Colette, This is so beautiful and such a lovely reminder first in the morning. Thank you. Here’s to more “red seas” partings and more hummingbirds for everybody. I hope all is well at Green Acres. That, too, is a blessing.

  • Amy Waller Hill

    Wow, Colette, thank you.

  • Darlene

    Especially love this part …What is yours cannot be withheld from you. But the humility is trusting that you have a unique purpose, a unique note in the symphony of life and when you are able to remember that and follow the obvious and subtle cues life becomes all of itself, and you being to see all of it as the true soul’s journey where joy and freedom are sometimes accompanied by their shadowy cousins – suffering and loss, faith and fear, trust and betrayal.
    The soul craves experience.
    The journey isn’t a straight line.

    Thank you!

  • Bonni

    Thank you so much Colette! I’ve learned and keep learning lots from you. ???? Shifting my focus to the blessings -’cause they’re *always* there- within any given situation and being thankful really gets my spirits soaring. Quickest, most beautiful method I know. We are all BLESSED!
    Recently I was pondering the whys of a confusing breakup, yet reminding again and again that everything happens for a reason and sending love to the guy anyway. I looked out the car window and saw a shop named BLESSINGS! I looked at the random lines on the foggy window and could make them out to spell “GOD”. I let go and gave in to the joy of NOW.
    I pray for even more, extra blessings for all today. Let’s keep our eyes open. Much love! ????

  • Dave Stelmaszewski

    After this mornings meditation a Beyoncé song kept playing in my head. Know this, I didn’t really know the song or the lyrics of the song. I just knew it was a message that my angels needed me to understand.

    Here’s the first verse:
    I look and stare so deep in your eyes
    I touch on you more and more every time
    When you leave, I’m begging you not to go
    Call your name two or three times in a row
    Such a funny thing for me to try to explain
    How I’m feeling and my pride is the one to blame
    ‘Cause I know I don’t understand
    Just how your love can do what no one else can

    It says everything I have always felt towards my angels and higher power!

    Peace and Love,

  • Diane

    This is my first time posting a comment. Your blog really jumped out and said something to me. Thank you. I’m 64 and lost my job 4 months ago. My cards kept saying it was time to chill and recharge.
    4 years ago I was a Tai Chi student and taught to my friends. I was so into it , I thought this was my purpose. I moved to TX,continued Tai Chi for a while then it seemed the desire for it all dissipated like I had lost a good friend. I have gone 3 years without my Tai Chi practice. A friend and fellow student of mine text me the other day wanting my new address she was sending me a Tai Chi video she purchased 1 for herself and 1 for me. First time in a long time I feel that desire for my long lost friend Tai Chi. Is this my red sea parting? I’m excited and hoping this is so. Thank you, Colette for sharing your gifts.

  • Tracy

    Thank you. Interesting…I wonder what time it was when you pulled this card.:) My “moment” may not have been an actual Red Sea moment, but recently I sat down on the edge of the bed while getting ready for the day and was thinking: okay, what next? from a somewhat negative frame of mind…and the message was “Do you realize how blessed you are?” My frame of mind changed instantly. I had to smile, because of the many, many blessings. I’m smiling now, because I feel as if your message reached me before your email. The blessings of connection, thankful.

  • Barbara

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful message Colette. It helps to have someone remind us that we are truly blessed.

  • Jennifer

    Hi Colette, this blog and your live fb session on empaths helped remind me to connect with spirit vs disconnect. I have gained a lot of weight and the energy right now for me is very sluggish and heavy. When I get like that I tend to not move my body as much, meditate or practice my reiki. Maybe subconsciously I feel if I can close off everything, including the collective which I associate with Spirit, I will be safer (FYI that was a light bulb moment as I wrote this) Wow logically that is pretty wacky. I need to connect more. I also am going to buy a journal as a dumping ground (I tend to hold things in thinking it I say it or write it then it will manifest and I don’t want to manifest my venting). Also need to remember to write in my gratitude journal on the weekends. It is one of the first things I do at the office to help me cope with that negative energy but I feel safer at home so sometimes forget. Thank you for being you!!!

  • Yvonne Benoit D'Angelo

    One of my many “Red Sea parting” moments happen when my son was in a horrific automobile accident while away at colle in Los Angles. After 4 days my husband and daughter had to return home. I was left to drive myself in LA. I was terrified driving in traffic! While driving back to my nephews house I PANICKED and got lost. I realized for the first time my eyesight was failing, I couldn’t read a map (no cellphone or GPS in those days). I prayed dear God please help me. HE DID!
    The traffic was kept at bay(totally an L.A. miracle) which gave me ample time to read the signs and make my way to my nephews. I have always referred to it as the parting of the”Red Sea”. The next day the nurses prepared a nice place for me to stay with my son in his hospital room. No more driving.
    One more experience I’ll share. I was at the beach with my sons dog, Kai. It was one year to the date of the death of our sweet son. Kai who was an extremely well behaved dog took off running for a boy down the beach who when I saw him took my breath away, he looked JUST LIKE OUR SON! I called and called for Kai but he wouldn’t return. The boy finally came running back with him. I thanked him and explained that he looked just like my son and this was my son’s dog and that today was exactly one year since he had past. The young man’s eyes welled up and he said that his mom had past this last year … he asked if he could hug me❤️ It was MIRACLE! I AM TRULY BLESSED!!
    There have been many, many “Red er)had flown down when we got the initial call. My husband and daughter had to return home now that he was out of ICU and I stayed on.
    Driving in LA scared me to death! One night while returning from the hospital to my nephews house a 1/2 hour away. I panicked, got loss, realizSea parting ” moments and I know there are many more to come. I am forever grateful for Gods Blessings ????

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      beautiful share.. thank you for contributing to the conversation 😉 and so sorry for your loss….

  • Karen

    Great message – and so timely! Gratitude and blessings to you, Colette!

  • Cynthia Ryan

    Thankyou Colette ❤????❤

  • Barbara

    Thank you, Colette! So many pearls strewn across the pathway of this blog post… and some of it reiterated for me as I listened last night to your interview with Jessica Ortner from the 2015 Tapping Solution and heard your “Jesus, take the wheel” example as well as “blocks” against intuition. My red-sea parting has been regarding my #1 Intention for 2017 – “It is my intention to know and understand the true cause of my physical condition.”

    I’ve been reading, writing, and doing exercises, but my physical condition wasn’t improving. So I began praying earnestly, listening for wisdom and stumbled upon a book, then called a local practitioner who was trained in this energy field (not EFT), made an appointment and discovered after reading the book that I could apply the techniques on myself. It’s my new morning ritual until I release all my “inner” energy blocks. Having a second MRI with contrast on my liver within a 6-month period, promptly got my attention.

    Just thinking about where I wanted to be wasn’t working. I discovered that I have to heal the emotions lodged in my body in tandem with the visualization in order for healing to occur.

    Serendipitous moments always allow me to feel Spirit’s presence and that enables me to “believe” that my body, mind and spirit will become congruent. So thankful for your wisdom, your cards and the opportunity to be in your fb group!

  • Karen Minaker

    Hi Colette
    I still follow your blogs have your recent book and remember when we first met. We met in Toronto with your first Pomeranian. I was your dog trainer.
    Many years later I am still working with dogs.
    I look forward to email updates, I would have liked to have seen you at your Toronto event, but am moving the farm that month and yes it takes a whole month to move a farm.

  • Christine Buckham

    I love your blog today Colette, and in fact, I love you. I so admire your strength and inspirational approach to life. The topic today aligns with another discussion I just had with a friend/mentor about getting out of my OWN WAY to do what I KNOW I am meant to do! Doubt crowds in, and I forget that I’ve already surpassed doubt so many times to achieve my goals. We ought to fuel ourselves on our successes, our achievements, our passions, and our heart’s love, n’est pas? Today I’m calling in an angel wearing BIG BOOTS – the kind that can give me a Divine kick in the rear when I really need it! Thank you for being a part of my day that is now getting better and better. <3

  • Cynthia

    I don’t what I would without your wisdom.

  • Liz Halloran

    “The divine spark within us. It’s really a pilot light…for even in chaos, there is great creativity”. Theses words made me tear up and gave me chills! I cherish your advice during these challenging social times. When some of my spiritual teachers are using their voices to react to the negativity in the world, you always seem to bring me back to having a positive outlook on things. Thank you, Collette! Please continue to shine your light. We need it!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I like the middle way… both sides have value.. no one has the perfect answer and the solution is always spiritual .. pendulums swing then come back to center.

  • Lynn Marie

    Well, I am very sad at this moment. I just read something recently put out by Amnesty International stating about how there have been thousands of people hanged and tortured in Syria, and it’s gruesome and horrifying what’s going on there, but I also believe that the USA can’t be the world police either, and these days I think there are just no easy, pat answers to a lot of things going on. I suppose in a lot of ways I am blessed, but I am not happy. How can anyone really be these days??? I don’t like feeling so helpless.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      lots of things wrong with this world if you look at the results of the negative .. and we need more light in the world.. and yes it hurts too..

  • Sharon from Australia

    Hi Colette I think I resonate a lot with your blogs because I too am a longtime member of an anonymous fellowship and I love the slogan “let go and let God” and “count your blessings” . When you speak of a higher power my heart sings because that’s what I associate “spirit” with. A power greater than myself. Am grateful I found you and love your posts and blogs ❤????????????????????????????

  • Jill

    Enjoyed your post and reading all the comments. What’s coming up with me is how we find it easy to see obvious blessings, such as when something nice happens but we’re not so practised at seeing blessings in what at first sight may seem undesirable things, difficult situations, challenging emotions etc. Sometimes when we look back we see something was a “blessing in disguise” but what if absolutely everything really truly held a blessing? Something to play around with, what different ways of looking at things we can find, what’s possible and see what happens…

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      this is so very true.. and the spiritual work we are here to do ( some of it anyway)

  • Cynthia Eyer

    Bowing to your Purpose Colette,

    My week actually started on Sunday with this same energy from your weekly cards. The catalyst was the card reading I received from you last Friday and then I continued with a one card “trajectory” on Saturday and Sunday morning, offering me strength to ACT with CLARITY of COMMUNICATION. I am blessed because I have enlightened ones, like yourself and the “greater-than-humans”, as “good neighbors”.
    Bowing in Light and Love,

  • Beate

    Hello, I watched your Weekly Forecast and I must say it spoke to me more than some of the others. I made a final decision the day I saw the forecast and I am sticking to it like never before and it has made all the difference in the world for me already. I am not going to be 2nd best for anything or anyone for that matter. I also have the Uncharted Book and I am slow at reading it or doing the exercise for some strange reason I think I am scared to find out who I truly am? Not sure on this one but I will continue at my pace that is right for me (Rome was not built in a day either LOL) and the end result will be amazing. So Thank you for doing the weekly Forecasts and the extras you do for us they do mean a lot to many of us and I appreciate them as well.

  • Michelle Rodrigues

    This blog post really resonates with me right now Colette. As a family we’ve been going through a tough time after the death of my father last year (it was a complex bereavement), and I have been struggling to keep all the plates spinning. I’m a single parent with two teenage sons and a pre-teen daughter with no family support – and I live with high functioning anxiety and depression, and often life feels like a battle that I’m fighting behind a wall of “being strong” and “doing so well”.

    Your words were like a gift to me: “In that moment the blessing of grace feels like an unmerited gift because of your sense of humility and not coming from a sense of entitlement – the kind of “deserving” the oracle suggests that comes from the small self’s need to be separate and special, where getting what you work for comes from ambition rather than embodiment.”

    I’m always striving, fighting to stay above water, reaching for something (work wise) that will eventually pull me up out of the mire. The ironic thing is that in my work I give to others the very thing that I need for myself… and I find myself depleted, running on empty and financially struggling.

    It suddenly hit me yesterday that I am allowed to manifest in this world and occupy space. That it’s not irresponsible to look after myself (without shouldering enormous guilt for doing so). I suddenly saw that my ‘ambition’ is really just fear in disguise. My ‘drive’ is just anxiety fuelled by guilt and shame.

    So yesterday I decided that I will literally step away from the self-employed path I’ve been walking for the past four years, and I will look for regular local work which will fit alongside my family needs and which will complement my deepest longing, to commit to my own healing through my art practice.

    After this realisation, I did your Enchanted Map oracle reading last night- and it assured me I was on the right path. Then this morning I have come to your blog post, and your words have spoken to my heart.

    Moving ambition aside to make space for embodiment. <3

    I am trusting for my red sea parting. Much love to you and thank you for your beautiful wisdom. xx

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      this is a beautiful post thank you so much for sharing

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      what a beautiful deep and meaningful post … sending you support on your new journey and am sorry for your loss.

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