Magic in The Land of Oz!

Updated: February 27, 2017

Magic in The Land of Oz

I always think of a dialog with Spirit as magical especially when you ask for a sign and get one. I am always in awe of how that works. Ask Spirit to show you something meaningful and then there it is. Ask and you will receive!

I had the wonderful privilege of being a guest on the Dr. Oz show this week(air date TBA). The interview was about mediumship something that took me forever to embrace because it had been so difficult for me to quantify, not sure that I believed I was doing it, as well not the direction I had wanted to go in. I won’t bore you with the details (if you’ve followed me for a while you probably already know them anyway!). Suffice to say that for many years I was reluctant to claim this ability of mine.

Man plans.
God laughs.

I have long since opted out of the debating team in my head. Today it’s not about whether I believe it or not anymore. It’s that I know it with every atom of my being. I know that I am a full- blown dead talking medium and have come to see this as the greatest and most profound service I could ever offer (other than empowering others with oracle cards).
To get here, however I have had to do a lot of work to move beyond my fears and ego quirks and foibles and embrace my authentic self.

Have you ever experienced this? Your version of fighting against who you really are in order to conform, or to try to fit into a box that you think will be safer, or more popular, or mainstream, or that looked cooler but decidedly is not for you? What about fear of what “they” will say? Nowadays there are so many “they’s” hiding in the bushes of the cyber-sphere adding their opinions to the existential “they” you might be colluding with to keep yourself small- it’s hard to decipher anyway. Even if you think you know why being yourself is so hard, it’s the one thing that we need to unlock to claim our true partnership with Spirit.

Frankly it’s all exhausting isn’t it?
Resistance is futile.
Your magic is waiting.

You can’t claim your unique, authentic inspired life without the “full monty” of being yourself. Even if you’re scared, and it’s ok to be scared, you be you anyway. The closer you get to being the real you, the more in sync and in alignment with Spirit you get and then the more magic you’ll see in the world.

What kind of relationship do you ignite when you’re in sync with Spirit? The evidence will show up in the events of your world. And, when you ask for a sign, you really can expect an answer. Regardless of the temporary conditions that may be unsettling the most amazing things can pop up seemingly out of nowhere to remind you that all is well and Spirit is not only watching but has a sense of humor too!

This leads me to share my story with you and I hope you will share yours after!

In short my two main go to conversations with Spirit are super simple. When I’m in doubt or need confirmation about something I ask “ Show me a sign and make it so obvious I can’t miss it. Thank You Thank You!”
And “ Show me who I can help today. Thank You Thank You!” The key is being grateful in advance. The work is being willing to accept the answer.

A year and a half ago my husband and me were inspired to produce what we hoped would become a TV show called The Motorcycle Medium. I ride a Harley and riding is a sign of my spiritual fitness. We had a great idea that blending the two would be a very cool show. Healing and Harleys! We loaded up a few episodes on Facebook from a mediumship tour I did that summer. Then in a series of synchronistic events we signed a deal to make it happen and without giving too many details, things changed, morphed and twisted and morphed again (as it always does in TV land) and at the beginning of this year it was apparent we might have to surrender this dream. But, It just didn’t feel finished!
The thing is when we hold on too tightly to anything it works against us. I know this and so I asked for a sign. Do I let this moniker go? I really was ok with it. I had no sign. So I surrendered and figured O well. Next.

A couple months later I get to the Dr. Oz set. (haven’t forgotten Oz- and what a kind respectful man he is)
There above my head where I’m told to sit is my sign.
A big giant one.
The Motorcycle Medium hovers above my head. (see photo)

Yes Colette. That would be an obvious sign.
Alrighty then! Guess I will still be riding that iron horse after all!

Ah but that’s not all!

The land of Oz had even more magic to reveal.
I was given 15 minutes to do readings and although I was able to complete two wonderful readings during the course of tuning in I kept hearing Spanish voices that kept interrupting my flow, which made me loopy. A family of three kept trying to get my attention but I couldn’t make a clear connection.
Fast forward to the street outside ABC. Show is over, I am now laughing about The Motorcycle Medium and waiting for Uber with some friends.
The last people come out.
It’s the three women, a mom and her two daughters.
My head explodes in Espanol.

Spirit has plans for us.
“Show me who I can help.”

The third daughter who had passed in December comes through with a big wonderful and wild personality and delivers messages of love for her family. “I am safe. I’m ok now.” She tells me to hug “Carmen” her mom.

You can taste healing and closure. It’s the sweetest thing in the world.
I am so full of gratitude.

What if I had given into my fear of being too weird, or not being acceptable etc? What if I had stayed in an ill- fitting box? What if I had refused to face my stories and kept telling the ones that depicted me as a victim? What if I hadn’t stayed sober these 31 years?

I would never have had this opportunity to be a conduit for Spirit to help others.

So .. tag you’re it. Tell me a story of how you moved beyond your fears to claim the real you and how asking for a sign shows up when you need it!

When you are the authentic you everyone benefits.
And, Spirit gets very chatty.
“Show me a sign, and show me who I can help”
Thank You Thank You Thank You

Vroom Vroom.

Love, Colette



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  • Debbie Schulte

    When Is going to be airs please I do not want to miss it thanks Debbie

    • Colette Baron-Reid


      • Robin

        Thank You so much, Colette!

    • Linda

      Dear Colette, thank you for sharing your story! So happy and excited for you! I’m in the midst of learning who my authentic self is (what a job!). I’m purchasing my first deck of Oracle cards from you and eager to become proficient in their use for my (and loved one’s) eventful journey. Please advise which deck you would recommend for my first.

      Cannot wait until the Dr. Oz segment you were in airs! Xo

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        I would go with Wisdom of the Oracle as it is the most comprehensive deck with the readings categorized by subject 😉

  • Mary

    Oh Colette I love you so much, I have been following you for quite a few yrs., I have your books, cards & have taken a class. So happy you were on Dr. Oz, I know he loves this stuff!:) I have such a similar past as you. Since 2009 I have been receiving messages, from my loved ones who have passed & there are many. Also messages from angels, ascendant masters & guides. This started happening when I was trying to heal from a car accident & started meditating. I talked to you on your show, when you had Kyle Gray on & you said to me, “you are very intuitive, you know this don’t you.” Okay so, I don’t know how to move further into this due to finances & feel I need to take some classes. Integrity is very, very important to me. Also, yes I’m scared what some people will say or think, yes I said it, I’m scared. Although I know without a doubt I’m to receive messages from the other side to help their family members work through their grief. My mother had a life after death experience & passed 10 days later on my birthday. She had been very ill & in bed for many years. I asked her why did you come back. She said I had to make sure you would be okay. She also came back to tell me how beautiful & peaceful heaven is. I believe she gave me this gift. I have moved beyond the fear of giving messages to family members from the ones who have passed. I learned quickly I had to give the message, it was not for me, it came through me. If I waited too long to give the message I would get extremely tired & feel like I was carrying a body around with me. I want to be able to do it with others than family. This is why I need classes to develop the skill further. So I will let you know when all this happens, because I’m reading “Uncharted” ♥ I hope I haven’t rambled too much. Hugs to you girl, you are freakin amazing ♥

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Mary the person you need to study with is John Holland. He is the best teacher of mediumship around

      • Anonymous

        Thank you Colette, I love John Holland ♥

      • Mary

        Thank you Colette, I love John Holland!

  • Lisa

    I haven’t fully accepted my “woo-woo”, but am getting better and better at claiming who and what I am. As I accept my gifts, more are revealed. Funny, how the universe works :)A HUGE thank you goes to you, Althea, and the amazing people I’ve met at your workshops (Sedona, many moon ago, and most recently, Boulder.) Finding a new tribe has made all the difference in my world.

  • Jackie

    HaHaHa… I just have to laugh….I’ve been feeling like I need to change jobs and recently stumbled on an opportunity while scrolling through my FB feed. It really appeals to me and has to do with contemplation and would be a real leap if I follow it because it would be a change in fields of work and would require a move to a different state. At the end of your blog post you write, “show me a sign, show me how I can help” and then in the first few moments of your Oracle reading you say the word, “contemplation” and talk about letting something go and taking a leap! Don’tcha love it when Spirit gives such clear signs? Thanks, Colette!

  • Debra Cappadocia

    Adjusting to my new status as a single woman, may have looked easy to others, but I was truly on autopilot.
    My husband’s body gave up. I felt him cross over and knew was he was safe in God’s hands.
    I kept busy, surrounded myself with family and friends, and often wondered if he was close. This thought would come to me as I travelled, off to Ireland, Alberta, B.C. and Alaska. Many times I would feel someone touch my hand, smooth my hair or play with electricals and felt yep, it’s Bob.
    However, on my Alaska cruise last June, I asked spirit to help Bob show that he was with me. Did he see and feel the beauty I was experiencing? If possible spirit, something tangible please!
    Sitting on Air Canada’s dreamliner, return flight from Vancouver to Toronto, I looked down to my boarding pass and took note of the info I had overlooked:
    Flight 1136, Date 13 June, Gate C49, Seat 13C. My husband’s birthday: 13 June 1949.
    Thank you Bob C.! Thank you Spirit!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      LOVE THIS !!! what a beautiful touching amazing story

    • Diana Boles

      This is an awesome moment – such a powerful response.

  • Brenda

    Dearest Colette,
    I would like to share a couple examples of spirit “giving me a sign”. My sister had been struggling with alcohol addiction and was putting herself in dangerous situations. My entire family was worried about her safety. One evening I was so distraught I shouted out to an empty room. “God please help her, someone please help her!” At that very second, a glass candle holder slammed against the metal tree that it was hanging from..hitting so hard that it made a noise loud enough to be heard upstairs. I’m not sure who it was, but someone responded. It was also the anniversary of our mothers passing.

    Spirit also sent me a sign after I had been diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. Being holistic minded, I wasn’t keen on pumping chemotherapy drugs into my body. After countless hours of research and after buying a library of books about cancer treatment. I went straight to the source- asking spirit to give me a sign whether or not to agree to chemotherapy. The very next morning, not only did I draw oracle cards that gave me insight, I received a phone call from a long lost friend who recommended I try alternative therapies. Ultimately I rejected the chemo and utilized integrative medicine, combining some conventional modalities with alternative therapies. Journaling throughout the experience, I share those raw journal entries and how I overcame cancer. Colette, I am not going to mention the title or my pen name because I do not want to promote my book here. I am sharing in the spirit of gratitude and wanted you to know that I wrote about how your oracle cards spoke to me and how spirit gave me guidance. AND spirit was right…Six years later I am still cancer free! Thank you for spreading your light!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      YAY … please be my guest I bet my fans would love to know the name of your book ;)It’s not advertising if I invite you to write the name! thank you for being so gracious too. great stories and even better to be Cancer free!

      • Brenda

        That’s so sweet of you! Thanks so much for the opportunity to share my story:) My intention is to inspire others to step into their own power and trust the journey. The title is “Cancer Wasn’t On My Bucket List! A Personal Journal” by Bree Kayson. xoxo

      • Brenda

        Posting the title wasn’t allowed, but thank you for your kind gesture anyway:))

    • Diana Boles

      Thank you Colette for encouraging Brenda to share. As a BC survivor I’d love to read of her experiences.

  • Carol Zuber

    Hello Colette. I thought I would share with you about the film ‘God Rides a Harley’ by Andreas Erne (my partner) and Stavros Stavrides, it won the Genie Award back in the 80’s.
    Ever since I was a little girl I have seen orbs. I see my own soul’s orb and communicate with her often. When driving she warns me of oncoming traffic, etc. When I am happy, she appears almost solid. When I am content she is more translucent. When I think / talk with her she is close at hand. I even see my dog’s spirit, and my partners too, especially when we are happy.
    A number of years ago a neighbor of mine was telling me about his mom going into hospital. While telling me many, many orbs of different colours started appearing above his head. I knew the neighbours already thought I was a bit weird, but decided not to say anything at that moment. I asked for a sign as to whether I should share what I saw, and felt. That evening I was at the local Spiritualist Church and received confirmation of what I saw & felt in one of the readings given. The next day I reassured my neighbour by telling him what I had seen, and that it meant his mom was not alone, many loved ones are here to comfort her. The following day his mother crossed over. He later shared what I had told him with his siblings, many of which thanked me at the wake, for this message brought them peace of mind, they knew their mom was not alone. Thank you spirit, and thank you Colette for allowing me to share this with all of you … Carol

  • Aimee

    Resistance is futile.
    Your magic is waiting.

    Those words hit me with such knowing, I felt my heart blossom and tears hit the corners of my eyes. (Those are standard signs of confirmation for me.)

    I’ve dubber 2017 my Year of Big Magic. I thought it meant I’d follow Elizabeth Gilbert’s book (Big Magic) and finally figure out how to move beyond fear and express my creativity. Now, a couple months in, that feels like part of the plan, but there’s more. Only I’m not sure yet what that ‘more’ is…

    I keep moving forward, but it feels like I’m on a winding game board, sometimes blindfolded, and having to trust my way along. Fortunately, I get loads of signs – they’re like bread crumbs, keeping me engaged. I get numbers ALL the time – sometimes one after another, in the most surprising places. I get songs, the ‘feel’ of a loving hand on my back, and surprises I’m directed to… My favorite was a little note in the Sundance catalog I’d never normally have opened that said, “You were my angel, now I’m yours!” And boy, is she!

    Thanks so much for all you share, Colette! You and your work continue to enhance my life in such beautiful, inspiring ways!

  • Patricia Stevens

    The hug for Carmen brought tears.
    I loved the Motorcycle Medium…I remember the one at the Bean.
    I plan to do an inventory of my “being the authentic me in the face of appearing wierd”.Thank You. Thank You.

  • Theresa Blanton

    You are amazing!! That is all! ❤????????

  • Carolyn

    I get signs all the time. Often when I think about how I could try (yet again) to get past my fears and hangups to write what I feel called to write but am still scared to embrace, I am led to a book or teacher or something else that helps me make the next baby step. I wish I had a wonderful success story to put here, but not just yet. I trust my intuition that I can write some stories and books that will touch people’s hearts and help them in various ways, and so my task right now is to just quiet the inner chorus of doubts and fears and do the work anyway. I’m inching closer and closer to it, and have been told by a gifted medium that my soul is preparing for a quantum shift in how I write. That sounds exciting and fun, so bring it on! I’m ready. My whole life has been upended and pared down over the past few years to make space for this so why not, right?

  • Tabitha

    Thank you for your vulnerability and for sharing. I am still feeling so afraid. Even though I know how irrational my fears are, it’s like i’m stuck in cement with them. I want so much to break free and to be seen. This is inspiring to me. Thank you for being a leader.

  • Lyndsey

    Show me a sign!!! As a child I used to peer out of my parents patio door to wish upon a star at night – wishing that the man of my dreams existed and that we would meet. In my teens my wish shifted to please allow me the clarity and wisdom to recognize him when he does appear. In the summer of my 20th year I came home after a day out with a girlfriend to find my dad and his friends getting ready to go on their annual fishing trip – and amongst them was a handsome young man – one of my father’s bestfriend’s son who I had never met before. I heard a little yes. I asked him to stay and hang out with me that night – I kept hearing even bigger yeses – to the point where I openly told him he was exactly what I wanted for the rest of my life – and he wasn’t scared off in the slightest instead he transferred universitities, and move from California to Ontario to be with me. Fast forward 13.5 years – we’re happily married, have a daughter together and a couple fur friends. Thank you for this reminder of my childhood inner knowing of Spirit and how to trust in it, and that yes I am able to listen and act so I can live the life I love.

  • Ivo

    Dear Colette, would it be possible to have a preview of your new deck THE GOOD TAROT?? I want to pre-order it but would like to see some of the cards first….. Thank you!

  • Joanne Calabro

    I love Spirit and I love working with Spirit. I am in a situation now that I must set myself free of, so I can begin my work again. Hopefully this will happen within March and I can return to NJ to help my daughter and her 3 kids….all signs from Spirit are leading me in the direction. I love the west but have to go back east. Thank you Colette for all that you do.

  • Lisa Saxton

    I loved this blog post, Colette! You are the most real, authentic person I have never met….I hope to though someday! You speak to something so deep in my soul like no one else can. I just don’t know what it is.

    I read The Map and am halfway through Uncharted. Those books have helped me immensely–thank you for writing them. I reached a level of self-healing with them that I don’t think would have been possible otherwise. My oracle card readings are often spot on as well.

    I have seen and been aware of spirits since I was a little girl. Only one time have I ever been afraid of what I saw. I’ve experienced an “awakening” in the last few years and the ability to see and feel spirits has become a little stronger. I’ve always felt very drawn to anything of the metaphysical realm. I’ve asked Spirit many times to help me identify my life’s purpose and I am just so stuck–I have no idea what it is I’m supposed to be doing. I do feel it is to help others in some way of this manner but again, I’m stuck as to exactly how. I know Spirit is preparing me for something as the experiences I’ve been having have increased. I had my first out of body experience last year after a meditation. I’m not sure of the purpose of that but I’m sure I’ll find out one day.

    I’m hoping that Spirit will make a way possible for me to participate in Oracle School as well as studying under someone to learn more and understand about my seeing spirits. As you’ve said yourself, I’ve surrendered that to Spirit……if I’m supposed to do these things then Spirit will make a way possible for them to happen. Blessings to you, Colette. You’ve been an incredible inspiration to me.

  • Carol

    Thank you! Thank you! I have been doing my morning and evening gratitude for some time now, but asking the question to show me who to help today is exactly where my “magic” has been headed…I appreciate this simple advice. I am irregularly getting Spirit messages for people, which I share with them, but have had more consistent help when I use oracle cards. The two together are a powerful way to help and empower others. Guess this is just Spirit’s way of nudging my gift along (and I get to feel that “Carmen hug” more and more often – Yay!). Thanks, Colette, for inspiring me today to carry on!! 🙂

  • Kim

    First of all, I love the picture of you and Dr. Oz. You are so pretty!! Thank you for another wonderful piece of encouragement. I am a late bloomer (age 55. I am wanting to buy a home in Sedona and move there. My plan is to have women stay with me (through air bnb) whom Spirit would send who need healing from abuse. Staying with me would be another gentle piece of their healing path. So just today, I asked for a sign from Spirit about it. It would be such a drastic departure from where I am at now and I would be leaving an entire support system of family and friends. I also have a very lucrative career here and can’t really retire yet financially. Truthfully, Colette, I have not yet stepped into my full authenticity regarding my spiritual gifts of healing. I feel that moving to Sedona would propel that, for sure. Also, I’ve had many psychics and intuitives tell me I am going to be writing a book… Thanks again for all you do!

  • Sue Soderholm

    Colette- I trusted my gut during studying to become a CLP via DrDarrenWeissman’ teachings, Spirit under me to tell a high school friend to fire his doctors, find a holistic doctor and focus on his adrenal glands. I hadn’t spoke to him in years!! Fast forward, surgery 3 days later as he was in organ failure due to the cortisol cascade. He is thriving and we are engaged to be married! I listened to Spirit telling me to contact him and have this incredibly difficult conversation and he listened to me! Spirit allowed me to save his life!! Your teachings allowed me to trust!! Thank you Colette!!

  • Heather Mac Gregor

    I watch Messages from Spirit on ONE whenever I can. Of course I think I have seen them all now —a lot of reruns at this point, which I watch anyway because the process is so freaking interesting. I was thinking just last night that you really need to be doing more television so others can see what you do and how you do it. Many people in our 21st century workaday world have lost touch with the religious traditions which sustained their grandmothers and grandfathers. They are porous pitchers of the ‘almost new age’ and need to have something solid in which to believe and into which they can pour their own spiritual urge. As a starting point, they need to know that their lives are purposeful and not just a series of mishaps, ‘to do’ list items, and empty frustrations. Most importantly they need to be supported and held in a knowing and loving numinous certainty when the bottom falls out. So many people are hungry to know about what happens after death and what lessons we, the now-living, need to be learning in order to make the most of our time here on earth. But almost everybody is afraid, discouraged and disoriented. So this work that you do is incredibly helpful. Those of us who are thirsty, hungry, weary and sad could really use a lot more of you. And I for one don’t care if you want to do this work with motorcycles, minivans, segways or pogo sticks…all will get us there as long as you make it about the work. In sum, here’s a vote for you as a talented tv messenger. I vote for you as a vehicle and psychopomp (love that word and the concept even more ) to get us going over those bridges and along those twisty paths we’re meant to travel.

  • Todd

    I’ve been on your email list for quite some time. Sorry, but to be honest, I don’t always get to (you). Lots of email to sift through. But today I saw the Oz thing and I was happy that you would be on the show. I read the teaser and then felt like reading the blog post. Well, gurl, this is exactly what I needed to read today. I’ve done a lot of angel work, worked with oracle cards, and now am taking a reiki course. My background is in entertainment. I am still fairly in the closet regarding my spiritual/healing stuff. I have built the website and have a FB page dedicated to my “work” but haven’t really promoted it. And the “I think I’m making this *&%$ up” really resonated with me since I’ve been dabbling in automatic writing for a while as well. AND I’ve been sober from D & A for 26 years. You are an inspiration. Time to make the leap. I’m one of those people who does a LOT of stuff but never sure which one to pick. The Universe keeps telling me “JUST PICK!!” and all else will fall into place. Choose with Love and you can’t go wrong, right? Peace and Blessings

  • Keysha

    Hi Colette, thank you so much for writing this blog, it is perfect timing for me, as I am about to teach and share in my community on various Spiritual topics and do Intuitive readings with Oracle cards. I must admit I do have some fear about what others will think of my “woo-woo”. Your blog has helped me to know (as per your reading this week, “Come to the Edge”), I must plug my nose and jump. Thank you for all that you do and teach us, you have made such a difference in my life as create my Unique Authentic Life with Spirit filled with Miracles. Love and Light, Keysha

  • Rikki

    Colette, thank you for all of your insight and beautiful spirit. I love that you are.indirectly a part of my journey of “coming out of the closet”. I do have a question in regards to my daughter. She’s 10 years old super sensitive and is scared quite often. We usually just pass it off to being young and a phase she’s going through…just her mind playing tricks. However the other night she came into my room scared saying she see’s strange peole and there was a green glow. I then was curious if maybe she does see spirits. I am wondering if there’s somewhere I can reference to how to handle what might be real for her. How do I comfort her from not being scared. How can we figure out if this is real or a figment of her imagination.I did ask if she has seen them before and she said yes. Anyway, it has really been on my mind and after reading your blog today I thought maybe I could reach out. Thank you so much

  • Susan Mecca

    This one really resonated Colette, in so many ways!

    I’ve been caught up in how I thought my book should reach the hands of the people who need it (it’s about being your best self in the worst of times) and have recently begun to let that go so that the Divine plan can express itself through me.

    Loosening my grip on my plan, however, seems to be a daily or hourly exercise 🙂

    Show me a sign and show me who I can help today.

    Much love,

    P.S. Posting this under my professional email is me taking that next step in claiming all of me My profession (psychologist) typically has a different view of people who talk to the voices in their head than I do! 🙂
    Keep talking Colette–you are a force for healing!

  • jennifer windsor

    ya, I still have a hard time with it I just know things about people I meet or things I see or just know something is going to happen before it does.
    I still get people from the other side it is so hard to explain its like they are in my head it’s not a voice it is just a thought that is put there and now thanks to you and John Holland I take notice of it and it is always relevant somehow to the situation or person I am with.
    My mother-in-law passed just a few weeks ago and I knew she was going to go so many from the other side came to me that week it was like they wanted me to know so I could make it easier on my Husband and his family. she told me what she wanted to go to who like she knew as well just as normal conversation. Death has never brought fear to me I just know where they are and its ok. I have been with many family members and others that for some unknown reason I am compelled to be there at that time as they pass. I always feel such peace and love.
    Thank-you for all you do in helping us understand what we feel and just know is ok and not crazy that is the first big scary step we needed to take and was so glad it was you like a mom getting her child to take that first step leading the way.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing story about the women. I too have been sober for about 12 years now and have been completely open to my authentic self. A few years a go I had a cable TV show (still on You Tube) called “Silicon Valley Metaphysics,” where I showcased alternative practices. I asked my friend Bob to be a guest and discuss his GEM EFT therapy that he devised. He was very reluctant though I was able to talk him into it. At that time, he had a less than cordial relationship with his Father for years. When I had spoken to Bob a couple weeks later after the show, he thanked me up and down for insisting that he go on the show. Turns out his Father saw the show and gave true value to Bob’s therapy and it healed their relationship. That alone made the year of shows completely worthwhile.

  • Safena

    Colette this rings so true for me right now. I took a medium mentorship course and I was feeling some resistance and it was showing up in class. I went to bed thinking is mediumship for me. I then dreamt I was part of a group exploring this strange cold place. It was barren. I looked down at my feet and I was walking on ash!! Light grey ash. I then noticed some of the ash was pink like flesh coloured. They were coffin shaped. These “plots” were everywhere and I was stepping all over them. I then saw a statue of Jesus and Mary surfacing from this ash covered ground. I wanted out of there. I had this image of me falling flat on my face with my mouth full of human ash. I knew it was sacred and knew I shouldn’t be stepping all over them. I woke up and realized I had a shadow belief around this work. A part of me must have felt it was wrong!! But it didn’t fit logically because I feel this gift to connect to spirit and bring healing and closure is a miracle!! A Godsend!! It connects heaven to earth for people. The next day I went to the group class and I was supposed to practice giving a reading to someone. I knew I was blocked and dishonest so told the instructor my dream. She said but spirit isn’t with the bodies anymore. They aren’t dead. I think she said it better than that but something clicked because for the first time in a reading i received the name, appearance and personality of this lady’s brother. The tears and the smile to receive her brother felt like pure bliss and magic!! I loved it all!!!! Amazing!!! I believe I had to release the negative conditioning and fear. This dream will always serve to keep me humble and respectful. I’m so grateful that Spirit gave me this sign to move forward with my dream and to get out of my own way!! Thank you for being my inspiration on this journey of connection and love and service!! ????????????❤️

  • Roseanne

    I have awakened this morning to read and savor this particular blog post and am taking notes. You have put into words revelations that are eloquent. Its like a light went on reading them. It is exactly right that what you say about finding your authentic self and calling with “Frankly, its all exhausting, isn’t it? Resistance is futile. Your magic is waiting. The closer you get to being the real you, the more in sync and in alignment with Spirit you get and then the more magic you’ll see in the world.”

    I will be referring to your question here about being cool, being safe, not wanting to upset others, etc.

    And then you follow with your story illustrating these profound words. Thank you so much, Colette. Very beautiful.

    Just fabulous. Thank you, Colette.

  • Darlene Sopyc

    Hi Colette I want to say thank you for sharing this story. I know that I’m intuitive but I tend to hold back from sharing my “gift” with others. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you in person a few times (Saskatoon event and the Shine event in Calgary) and am always inspired by you. However, when I get back home and life kicks in so does the old ego and I end up questioning things. I’m working on this and accepting the messages that I get for exactly what they are. Your article is my message so Thank You Thank you Thnak You!

  • Renee Sugar

    “God gives us a dream in a size that is too big so we can grow into it”.
    Always been a highly creative soul; throughout my life many media have been
    explored. The practical part of this equation was that I needed to do something
    more mainstream to support and sustain myself. However; I discovered a new doorway
    of course when I wasn’t looking for one; and saying YES was the beginning of an uncharted adventure that is still unfolding. As I have learned not to limit the
    form, it opens the boundaries up to imagine different options. So this story which
    began with the discovery of a historical printmaking process is “currently” morphing into something that I can nurture taking small baby steps while I still have a day job; (very recently offered). This takes the pressure off to “make it happen” to bear fruit and allows space to collaborate and see it in a different form from its early, infant beginning stages. Conception, testing, imagining, all a part of the process. I never totally gave up on using the art as a medium, or vehicle for transformation/change but its potential is open-ended. The gift is that I can enjoy the process more without forcing an outcome; and trusting that the right form will declare itself and the right people will show up to facilitate this. Even if the outcome may not match what I have in mind; it is enriching and transformative is so many ways and I am always learning something new. So the long and short of it. “If we knew everything beforehand, it would be dictation, NOT creation” Gertrude Stein.

  • Linda Hefferman

    Hi Collette,
    Lovely story! I love it when Spirit goes overboard and it’s SO OBVIOUS!

    I am caretaking for my elderly parents in Northern California and living with them at the moment. I had to go back home to Portland for a few days to sign some legal papers. I was very nervous about leaving them, since they are both in their 90s and live on their own (well, with me here 99% of the time). The night before I left, I asked that they be safe and watched over while I was gone, and please could I have a sign that everything is okay and it’s fine for me to leave. The next morning, early, as I was packing the car, something compelled me to turn around, and there was a rainbow at the end of the driveway. In fact, my whole 9 hour drive was accompanied by rainbows – I think I counted 10 total – and often the road itself was literally a rainbow, when the sun hit the mist and oil on the road ahead of me and made it look I was driving on a rainbow. I knew my parents would be just fine until I got back to them, and they were!

    Incidentally, the day before I left for the Dr. Joe Cancun 1 Advanced workshop I had the same experience with over-the-top rainbows. My neighbor even took a picture of a rainbow “landing” on top of our house, right over my meditation room. 🙂

  • Dawn

    OMG Colette! I’ve been comtiplating getting back on FB.I’m tired of not being able to connect to other lightworkers except for replying occasionally on blog posts. I feel more confident now being able to tell people that are not like-minded people like me NO or just ignore their request. I freaked out when my changes started in 2012 & since then I have emberaced it since finding you Colette & Doreen Virtue, amongst others. You all give me strength & courage to be me. Thank you & sending you airwave hugs

  • Joanna Kasz

    There have been many “show me a sign” moments for me, the most memorable one lately was when my father passed in January. He was an alcoholic father, we had many great times and many not so great. called the loved ones who had already passed to come and pick him up to show him the way. They did, when I looked at him laying there I could almost see them standing around the front of the bed behind his head, I sure felt them. I asked my fathers spirit to let me know when he had “Made it over there”. The morning after he passed I walked my dog at my usual spot on a long windy paved path to Downtown. It was cold -10c but the sun was shining so it wasn’t horrible. As I walked on the fresh snow covered path I had the urge to slide like I was on skates (my Dad played hockey till he was over 80) I heard clearly in my head ” I’M HERE, I’M HERE !” THEN immediately after a gust of wind hit my face, I had to take a deep breath and at the same time I felt an overwhelming sense of freedom! I was so happy to feel the way he felt in that moment! He was happy to have passed as he had no quality of life left. I was relieved !

  • Martha A Harris

    OMG Coette-Reid, You are a true true inspiration for me!! While i don’t have medium powers, I do have major fear issues about doing what i deserve to to for myself in my life. I’m blocking spirit by being angry all the time, and i’m fully aware that that is my issue. My therapist and i are working on it. She is very spiritual herself.
    I just wanted to thank you for this electrifying story.
    Your the best!!

  • Vikk8

    Whoa!!! I was just this morning mumbling to myself about, I must be blind or something, because the signs I’ve been asking for I’m not seeing!!! So, I’m reading your lovely blog, and say out loud your little deal about “…. make them obvious to me”….. I exit out of your blog and there is this RANDOM picture with a quote pop up on my home page!!! The quote says “Don’t give up because of one bad chapter in your life. Keep going…… your story doesn’t end here!” Hahahaha guess I got my neon sign!!! Thank you Collette and thank you spirit I here you loud and clear ????

  • Hemla

    Thank you Colette❣ You are such an inspiration to many❣ I sincerely appreciate all that you do❣You have been my light in the darkness four years ago and I just LOVE everything about you❣ Thanks again for everything❣
    ~Peace, LOVE and Light~
    Hemla ✌????️❤️????

  • Rosalyn Marie

    Collate I am so happy to be living in Tucson,Az. You are such a joy a bunch of energy. After hearing about your Oracle school. I realized or i feel deeply I am suppose to read oracle cards as part of my Light work. This I would have never. Been able to do back in Maryland. After being bullied by my mother and oldest siblings for years about being weird. I am in Arizona free to be me at age 63 . I know that may seem a little old to start but I am healthy and ready to go thank you for all your inspiration. Sending you a lot of ????

  • Cindy

    In my opinion Dr Oz was also lucky to meet you 🙂

  • Anonymous


    I was thinking about the first time I saw you, it was in NY (Hay House)2008 I think. You came out before Sylvia Brown.It was the first time I took my sister to see Sylvia (my sister loves Sylvia) supposedly that was her last tour. I wasn’t particularly interested in readings and things was for my sister. You were so impressive, I have been following you ever since. I am stoked for Oracle card school! I don’t claim any particular Wohoo I just really appreciate the authenticity of who you are. Uncharted healed parts of me I thought were in the abyss or was just not aware of anymore. Thanks for being Brave, real,and obedient to your purpose. I appreciate you.~Karen

  • colette

    I just feel more and more amazed with each of your readings Colette– After reading “Uncharted” I went out and bought “The Map”– A good friend is ordering me more of your books and I can’t ait to read them all. Have a few sets of the Oracle cards and I swear they do tell it like it is each and every time I “play” with them
    I am so happy when your new reading comes in, can hardly wait. And so happy you chose to follow your intuition and share your great gift with us… having just become “single” I don’t think I could have made it this far without your readings . Thank you again a million times…love you, you’re the best.

  • Jane Riley

    Hi Colette – thank you from New Zealand (I purchased your Wisdom of the Hidden Realms cards) and now I am a total fan of yours! Your personal blogs touch me with your honesty. I always find something to hang onto from your teachings – there is SOO much to learn on the spiritual pathway! I have been sober for 8 weeks! At 45years old – after many years of alcohol abuse, and many hangovers, I have finally seen the light! Its definitely challenging socially – but I can now rely on myself to achieve my job lists and am enjoying my dreams and fitness levels returning. I look forward to your reports of what you have been up to and really enjoy your cards. Thank you again for sharing what you have – you are a true inspiration.

  • Anonymous

    Hello Colette~

    Thank you for being you and thank you for all that you do! I have been on a very “in your face” soul search for quite some time. Every since I was a little girl I have had incidents of “contact” with spirts starting when I was in K/1st grade there was a house next to the school I went to in Chicago that I would see a spirit wave to me every day, and then my grandmother would visit me after she passed when I was 6 or so. Through out the years I have dabbled with Ouija, Tarot cards, was on a ghost hunt professional team for a couple years and them more recently over the last 4 years or so I have become more “refined/defined/matured” in my knowing of a higher self- a connection with something that has always been unexplainable, however has become transparent and that is God is all- the beginning and the end. I know that I was given special intuitive gifts I just don’t know fully what I’m supposed to do with them or how to refine them or maybe I could be leading myself down the wrong path because I’m hopeful of a certain outcome. Either way I want to be more of who I AM meant to be and not all this monkey brain talk of fears and the what ifs and the oh no’s who is watching and what might they say if I’m me…that’s keeping me from fully being me. So this is my story up to this day! I can only see growth upward and onward from here. Any advice you would like to offer I will be completely grateful for! PS- thanks for sharing your oracle card creations- very helpful!
    Blessings of happiness and prosperity to you~ Vanessa

    • Kathy

      This is amazing ! I have a similar story, won’t bore you with it… I say GO FOR IT ! take classes , keep learning and growing , start a professional biz out of your gifts ! what better way than to enjoy your life and create Abundance for you and others ! Abundance comes in so many different energies 🙂 Be well, Warm Wishes

  • Amber Adrian

    Thank you for this post, Colette! (And for your Wisdom of the Oracle cards! I did the most beautiful reading with them for 2017 and it’s been bang on.)

    I’ve been getting so many messages that I still need to go deeper into accepting my channeling and who I truly am – and sometimes the layers feel never-ending. (So does the ego. Ha!) So thank you for sharing your story. <3

  • Cathie Randell

    Hi Collette…..I recently had a “show me a sign moment” that brought me such peace. My mom recently passed away and I am missing her like crazy. Two weeks after her passing I was snowshoeing with my husband on a beautiful, sunny and super snowy day. As we started out I looked upwards and asked mom to show me a sign that she was ok and still with us. I took a bunch of pictures that day because the scenery was just so breathtaking. One particular photo was just a random pic of of a curved piece of wood with snow piled up on it. The wood was about 10 feet long. It wasn’t until we were on our way home and I was looking at that picture on my phone that I saw a huge heart that was formed by the curved wood and shadows it created. I was blown away by the image and definitely feeling the love. Thanks to you Collette I am travelling a different path and receiving messages from spirit. Peace

  • Anonymous

    WOW! So moving. Your blogs are encouraging ad uplifting and always provide the guidance that I need just then. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, wit and courage! -Something is coming up very strongly in me right now about intuition, not mediumship, so this may not be where I should post it but here goes….I’m often nervous and wary of being open about my “first sense” and am Soo glad I took your Oracle card class last year. I have 3 of your decks which have become part of my life like the best of friends and family!! Am also taking this spring’s Oracle card class and can hardly wait! Your cards are nurturing- they help me feel grounded, stay honest and open, and Not be so hard on my self. ???? and Hugs to you!

  • Kathleen Rothman

    Hey Colette 🙂 I know you keep being told how awesome you are, and , you are <3 … through you , off and on, and my studies, I've become so confident and a feeling of strength within, that I'm not sure if I've ever felt this before. It's so invigorating, I'm so happy most of the time ! I love being around people of like mind, as it strengthens within … I do my best to get out ! Loll….I study @ home Holistic Herbal-ism & I love watching Gregg Braden on Gaia, and others, I watch Youtube, YOU of course, weekly 🙂 Thank the Heavens, Stars, Gods & Goddesses ! all spirit , angels , you know ! for I am where I am in my life, and learning SO much. I have such a hunger for feeding my curiosity . I'm taking a Intuitive Healing workshop this Fri.-Mon. So stoked, can hardly wait. And having people create monthly payments, helps me amazingly ! 🙂 I am so excited about this time called life and what is in store … Trump, all the science behind the "new thought movement"… not sure if that even exists ! Lolll… but I feel it. Anyway, I'm creating with intention , some specific, others general , the feeling of putting it down on paper , and then talking to a friend about all this, and the relations from my past and how things have manifested into now!!! is freakin' amazeballs ! Lolll… I love being silly too 🙂 Yes, humor makes it much better 😉 Hope to take your Oracle class, not sure when & the costs 🙂 I've bought some of your books, and have 2 of ur Oracle Cards 😉 I love them. Anywhoo, getting tired, late for me & all the goings on right now. Love life 🙂 Thanks keep on sharing , I love the growth within <3 🙂

  • Tracy St. Croi

    Thank you soo much for your encouragement and continued service to Spirit and others. I will be ecstatic to see you on Dr. Oz show when it airs. It is true we are all one and I love how all of our stories has some correlation to each others. I can relate to many aspects of your story and how your got to where you are at now. Your books, show, oracle cards and pristine example of Spirit in action has helped me immensely in my life. I did not struggle with the mediumship aspects of my abilities but my friends and family did. My true friends have supported and loved me and are excited to see what adventure I will be on next with Spirit, where as my “blood family” not so much. Good thing other people’s opinions of me are none of my business. I receive signs constantly reminding me that I am “in my lane” and doing a great job. Yes, I also ask for Spirit to make the signs very obvious and to repeat them because I can be slow on the uptake sometime. Spirit just knows how to get my attention at the exact right moment. Gotta love divine right timing.
    Thank you for all you do,
    and would love to see you in Austin Texas sometimes.
    P.S. The Journey Within Spiritualist Church in New Jersey has classes for mediumship development that John Holland teaches and other tutors from Arthur Findlay College as well.
    Love and light.

  • Anonymous

    HI Colette will there be a way for us Aussies to view this show. I tried once before but the link would only allow you if you lived in Canada or USA.xx

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      there is an app called VPN Shield and when you use it you can choose a country and see the content from that country.

  • Carrie Ann

    Wow, Colette, that is an AMAZING sign in HUGE letters! Ok you wanna know if you should portray yourself as Motorcycle Medium? Here ya go! Ha ha, very inspirational story. I personally have experienced something similar when I was trying to decide whether to take a trip to Maui (I had already been to Kauai and the Big Island but had a couple other travel options that same year)when I was browsing in an antique shop, on my way to a train ride through northern Arizona. In the back of the antique shop were cute Hawaiian collectibles and a travel book, which I brought up to the counter to purchase. The woman behind the counter said, “Got bit by the Hawaii bug, huh?” I said yes, I have vacationed there a couple times but thinking about going to Maui next. She said, “Maui is lovely. I lived there.” Wow what are the odds of meeting a woman who lived in Maui in a small town in Arizona? After leaving her shop, I boarded the Verde train and later got settled into an outdoor seating area. A woman came through one of the cabooses, walking toward me, wearing a pink shirt that said MAUI in huge letters!!! I have lived in Arizona for 20 years, and never have I seen anyone with a MAUI tshirt. Hello Carrie! The Universe says yes, go to Maui! So I did!

  • catherine

    Congrats on Dr. Oz…can’t wait to watch…loved you on Dr. Phil…

  • Steve Malinowski

    My psychic feats date back decades, but it seemed like slow going, mostly because I didn’t have it on my mind so much. I was more wrapped up in the idea of a “normal” life. About two decades ago, I experimented with giving free psychic readings, through usenet (online news groups). I experienced more success at it than I expected, which of course pleases me greatly. Years later, I finally started to read up on the paranormal and psychic stuff, in general. Things have gotten much better for me in that realm. I’m now looking for a publisher to publish my first book, which reads like a diary of my day-to-day psychic experiences. These experiences cover a little over one and a quarter years, and is enough to fill a 200 page book. My dream log has enough material to fill many books. Yes, it’s time for me to be making my living as a full-fledged bonafide author. When I receive my first check from a book deal, I will feel like I’ve finally arrived at where I’ve been headed to for years.

    Since you asked, here’s one of the spirit contacts I made, as part of that usenet experiment. A man contacted me, asking if I could get in contact with his deceased father. This dialog with the man was not in real time, since it was through usenet. But, when I applied myself to the task, I got an immediate response from the man’s dead father. It seemed the man only wanted a sign from his father, and that’s all I provided him. His father’s voice came to me clearly. He told me that his son wouldn’t believe I made real contact unless I mention a tennis shoe, or pair of tennis shoes. I believe he mentioned that they were old and worn out. This seemed very bizarre to me, at the time. I wrote back to the man, and I told him I made contact. I couldn’t shake the feeling that the tennis shoe business seemed very odd to me, so I didn’t mention it. Well, just like the departed father warned me, the man told me he didn’t believe I made real contact. So, the dead father’s prediction came true! In hindsight, I felt like contacting the man again, to explain the part about the tennis shoes. Since I’ve lost much stored information over the intervening years, I can no longer reach the man to find out if the tennis shoes comment would convince him.

    So, I can now describe myself as living with one foot in the astral realm, and one foot in the normal realm. That is, I’m living my life in this world, while at the same time living my life in the astral world. This is in an overlapped manner. For me, the two realms are coinciding. It’s far preferable to living a “normal” life.

  • Makeba

    Where are you currently touring?

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