To Manifest Your Desires – Rewrite Your past!!

Updated: May 1, 2017

To Manifest Your Desires – Rewrite Your past!

When you think about your past, what  makes the old you that lived your old story and your memory of the experiences come alive? Do certain smells trigger a memory? What about music? A song can remind you of a moment in time where you were changed forever. But were you frozen in time? Do you still tell the old story the same way?

Memory is more than just a story – it’s a living part of us and can determine how successful we will be in manifesting our desires for a better life by how strongly we still identify with the self that experienced the past.

Last night Marc and me sat down to watch the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame’s annual award show on TV. It was amazing how all the bands and artists as different as they were had played such an important role as the soundtrack of my life from as early as age 14 to well into my 30’s marking significant moments of feeling like I didn’t belong, growing up, getting really lost, hitting bottom, claiming freedom and finding the broken pieces of myself I left behind in the wake of my becoming.

And (I am really dating myself here) songs from the band Yes to Journey to the late Tupac Shakur, producer Nile Rogers, to Pearl Jam all reminded me of painful moments that are memories that I have long since re-written.

Listening to these important songs ( to me) reminded me how disconnected I had been at one time and another in my life, always searching, yearning for something I didn’t know was inside me trying to find answers for the suffering and abuse but coming up empty. The old me was someone who was ashamed, unworthy, feisty without self esteem, looking for a rescue without respect for the ones who tried. How different things are now.

Those same songs are like sacred journey markers too. I can go back to those moments as I am today and re-write the story from a perspective of empowerment and humility rather than powerless and humiliation.

I have already done that and I went to bed pondering this very thing deeply grateful for the work I put in. The past can be such a sticky place and until we deal with it how many of us trap ourselves like bugs in amber?

The secret to moving forward and co-creating a better life is to set yourself free from the stories you tell about your past.

  • Can you forgive and release your resentments?
  • Can you practice radical acceptance?

Can you relate to this at all? Manifesting is the art of calling essence into being, the invisible into the tangible  and it requires the essence of your desire to be devoid of baggage.

The arrow you shoot to hit your mark needs to soar through the air on the winds of gratitude and joy. We discover the gifts through curiosity and innocence.  How can we expect to be happy if we keep reclaiming the victim, the unlovable, the entitlement, and the expectation that others will always disappoint?

Truth is.. If you or I still play a song and cringe with shame or cling to a nostalgia for the good old days there is still work to do. Loving things as they are, as you are, right here in this moment, releasing our need to see ourselves as victims of our past is a responsibility that is true. Who will you become without telling the tale of woe?

If you are committed to manifest your desires, see your past through a new pair of eyes. Tell the new story often enough and you will reap the greatest rewards. Then when you hear that song… you will smile and know you have always been loved and Spirit has always had your back.

Love you always!!



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  • Renee Sugar

    Through a life-long journey of self-discovery which for me started in my 20’s when I joined an Al-Anon family group to learn that alcoholism was an illness. My late father suffered with that addiction and died quite young early 60’s. Was I to blame; could I have altered his course/path. No. Should I judge/criticize someone who had an illness? Could I see that person was not the same as the one whom I loved dearly and would have done anything to reach to restore him to sanity. I hated who he became under the influence, but I loved my dad. The reason I share this is that many of us operate under false assumptions, beliefs, attitudes, and practice certain learned behaviors. Who I am is an accumulation of all of these stored thoughts, and choices. Who I am today is based on the opportunity to choose my attitude, every moment, of each day, regardless of what might be occurring beyond/outside my personal influence. Each day is a new beginning and whatever unfolds good, bad or otherwise is greatly impacted by my perspective. I didn’t always know or understand that I had a choice.
    “No one could make me feel inferior without my consent”. Eleanor Roosevelt.
    Once I am conscious of the limiting beliefs that are tarnishing the view, I can make other choices. This is the most liberating opportunity to rewrite the programming and design the present in a way that lifts the view above where I might still be frozen in time. How can I shift a thought to create a higher vibrational one that will replace the one that no longer serves growth and keeps me stuck?
    Not an easy assignment by any stretch of the imagination; but isn’t that the point; IMAGINE, I WONDER, Wouldn’t that be wonderful to ____________? “Power is choice; recognizing it is empowering.” Thank you Colette so much for reminding me it’s all about action. Moment by moment; thought by thought, day by day. How wonderful to reflect back from whence we came; to see that we truly have infinite potential and the power to alter the course of our lives.
    “I’d rather be a hammer than a nail, yes I would, if I only could. I surely would.
    That one just popped into my head. thank you as always for shining the light ahead so others can see more clearly and together we create a powerful beam for those who might not know they have such power.

    • Lindsey

      This really resonates with my story in motion – Thankyou Colette. Your bang on!????????✨

    • Saba

      Hi Collete! I stumbled upon your blog today and I love it so far! I love your energy and the empowering advice you’re giving your readers.. just wow! I’m curious, if we want to manifest something how can we do that while remaining present? Would you commit to visualizing what you want for a couple of minutes daily and then get back to the present? Thank you for your help 🙂

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        act as if, as you think so you are, be willing to make the changes necessary to become the person that lives the life you desire.

  • Becky Keen

    Beautiful post. I really reasonate with your words. Writing is such a healing journey for me…as I revisit the past and move through the shame or sadness or whatever it was that trapped me back then. Now when I reread my words, I can see who I was then, with compassion and understanding. Thanks Colette

  • Diana Boles

    Oh, music is an opener. Not just the past as it was but the beginning that is manifesting itself as the past. Attachment to the future through the surrender of the past. Each day is a new normal as the only constant in life is CHANGE. Forgiveness is a gift for everyone, but forgetting is the gift you give yourself. This gift becomes the vehicle for you to become your higher self. Isn’t that why we are all here? To align with the divine?
    Songs that identified the sorrow can be the songs that identify release — through that there can be gratitude for the lesson.
    I often receive fragrances from family and friends that have gone beyond. Joyful that they are near instead of melancholy because of their journey.
    I’m almost 68 and am from Detroit so I have lots of Doo-Wop and Motown and the British Invasion to draw from. Whew——-could I write a soap opera. Erica Kane has nothin’ on me ????

  • barb

    What a coincidence….It came to me yesterday that it was time to let go of a tired old story that has been weighing me down. When the thought struck me….gave a brief thanks to Spirit for the nudge…then this morning your blog reinforced the idea.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  • DellaMae

    Thank you, Colette! Your words are always inspiring. Here I am! To see that as a gift worth exchanging is really uplifting.

  • Christina

    Really interesting. I too have songs that depicts a time in my life and some of the ups and downs. As many times as I have thought I have forgiven the past, it’s pain is remembered. Or maybe it’s releasing the hold on my heart, because it was a time that it seemed that my children were not valued by the other parent. Yet, this person had/has his demons. To this date, crossing paths with him is a challenge. I find myself “What did I ever see in him” moments. I find I prefer not knowing anything about him or his life.
    But I Will say the concept of rewriting the past is new twist for me. I have written about the past to introspect and get perspective. Finding a way to forgive and let go. Maybe a rewrite will bring the closure.

  • Lisa

    thank you Colette .. you have shown me without a doubt that i do not have to be the story of woe, the story of regret, the story of shame. Though it is not super easy to rewrite and re-tell >> IT can be done. When i first saw you online i was shut down and feeling bad, sure that i had let myself and Spirit down .. but by beginning to listen to you on radio and read your blogs, I could see that life can change for the better, i saw that in your living example, and because of your story i began to believe it could really be different for me too .. and now it is different >> i am doing the work and seeing my story in a “whole” new way .. those two little words ‘thank you’ are not ample enough to say how truly grateful i am .. may your day be blessed xox

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      ah Lisa my dear you are a shining light sparkling in the universe with so much to offer… big hug

  • Anonymous

    Thank You. there are many I know who could benefit. Thank you

  • Pauline McFadden

    Good morning Colette…I can see myself in your Blog…I too had a hard journey growing up…I always felt I was an outsider in my Family.My Mother had a love affair with a man in 1948…He was Chinese and I am the result of the relationship.He stayed in my life as a friend of the Family. I always felt my step dad hated me. But when I grew up I discovered he wasn’t such a bad guy.It turned out he was a product of his own life with his parents.When he was ill before he died..I helped my Mom take care of him. He told me things about his life and that’s when I finally let go of the hate and pain.He didn’t know how to let go until the end. It did affect me through out my younger years.Drugs…alcohol… Then one day I just quit. When I got older I took a different path. I am now living a very good life…not perfect but pretty close. When Spirit opened my eyed it changed the whole way I look at my past and how I look at life now. I went back to school and became a caregiver. I had so much love inside and I finally found a healthy and good way to give it. I love who I am now. I still slip but it doesn’t last long. Sometimes I feel like I keep walking into a different life each time my life changes. It’s almost surreal. I love life now and when I get depressed I think ok it is going to get better. But I have also leaned be careful for what you ask for because sometimes it comes with a price. When I was 60 I always wanted an eye lift..for my eyes where drooping.Made me look old and tired. I asked and I got the surgery. But the cost was high..I had a car accident and hitting the steering wheel caused a lot of damage to my left side of my face. Almost got killed. If I hadn’t slowed down the truck that hit me would have killed me. Long story short..Had my surgery to repair the damage and now I have my wish. I learned the lesson be careful how you word your request to the Universe. I see the world through the eyes of Spirit now and it is amazing. Spirit now shows me the truth about our beautiful world. I would like to thank you also you have been an inspiration to me. One gift I was given is knowing the truth behind peoples intentions…It’s a bit unnerving but I am grateful for it

  • Cheryl

    Thank you so much! I am slowly going through uncharted (self-paced) and it is a deeply moving experience. I am beginning to see a soul lesson in the need for balance and letting go of the fear story that I am not worthy of my own power. I can not thank you enough for all you offer to those souls who may be ready to listen. May your kindness and compassion for others be multiplied when reflected back. ????

  • Sonja

    Thanks so much for a great post. I am currently reading “The Universe has your back” and was so excited when I read Gabbys chapter about looking for signs that you’d instructed her to do. Two of my favourite inspirational women are close friends?! Of course you are! So the synchronicity of this post with its message of remembering joy is no surprise! Thank you so much!

  • Wendy Bailey

    My mom made some mistakes in my childhood that helped shape my sense of self, but all moms make mistakes, myself included. We do the best we can with what we have to work with and sometimes things just don’t come off as we’d hoped. So when I was in my 30s, I knelt down in front of my mom, who was sitting in her favourite chair in her wee house, and I said, “I forgive you.” She of course said, “for what?” “For everything,” I said. “Everything that impacted on my sense of self when I was young. Comes a time we have to take responsibility for ourselves and put those influences behind us.” She still wasn’t sure what I was on about, but she was a good sport and went with it. It isn’t that I’ve forgotten those events or the impact they had on me, it’s just that I’ve put them in perspective, realizing that a fresh sense of self is up to me, not anyone else. I acknowledge them, especially when I feel unworthy, but then with a wave of my hand, I move past them. I think baggage is inevitable, but I also think how much it weighs us down is a choice. How does that saying go? “Life isn’t about how to survive the storm, it’s about how to dance in the rain.”

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love this last line ” Life isn’t about how to survive the storm it’s about how to dance in the rain”..

  • Beth

    Excellent reminder – especially in the video lesson – for me as Monday was my birthday. Thanks.

  • Bert

    I realize now, that all the negativity and sadness I have gone through were to build the strong foundation I know stand on, to get to know the real me, and to be able to share with the world the knowing inside.

    My journey has just begun but I trust where I’m going.

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