When the World Speaks Magic Happens (if you listen)!

Updated: May 8, 2017

When the World Speaks Magic Happens (if you listen)

My trip to the Women’s Summit in Phoenix this weekend was one of those “oh no you didn’t universe!” list of how just when you need it Spirit tells it!

You know when everywhere you go signs pop up literally everywhere to reveal your next step? I’m sure you have had an experience (if you really sit and contemplate this) where a song comes on the radio speaking directly to the thing you’re mulling over in your mind, or a butterfly comes that you know is a sign from your Dad, or you overhear a stranger talking and you just know the subject is for you even though they have no idea they are speaking to the very thing you need to hear.

There is a name for this. It’s called a “Cledon” and it’s a phenomenon (I wrote at length about in my book Messages from Spirit) that comes from the ancient Greeks to describe an oracle delivered innocently by someone or something you overhear or see. The deliverer of the oracle is unaware of the significance of it to you personally. But if you’re tuned in, you will know the universe is speaking to you. But, are you listening?

Here’s what I mean.

I was en route to the airport and it was a beautiful day. I was early and happy as I love to get there early but as I looked outside the car window I noticed a theme of statements on the sides of trucks, billboards, bumper stickers. “ Ntitld” “Delayed” “ Anger management” “ Don’t leave home without it”. I opened my oracle card app and got 3 protection cards that basically said in a very general way “ you’re in for a bumpy ride etc.” In that moment I was not having anything remotely resembling those messages so I just shrugged and figured it will make sense later. However I made a note ( since I know about these things)

So fast forward to 6 hours later I am still at the airport surrounded by super pissed off passengers as our flight was delayed and delayed and delayed some more! I sat down beside a woman whose energy could not have been more opposite.

As my discomfort rose higher and higher in unison with my other entitled plane mates (full on empathy overload) she was giggling and laughing with a friend on the phone. She had given up her seat on an earlier flight was on mine and kept saying “ oh everything always works out we just need to go with the flow!” It was as if her voice got brighter and like a catchy ear worm I started to recite to myself the same thing and decided to be in her energy bubble instead of the stinky one my thinking was helping to grow in the room.

For the next two hours of more waiting I was feeling pretty good!
But I missed my connections to Phoenix and then after finally boarding then sitting on the tarmac for another couple hours, she somewhere else in the plane, we had to go back to the gate (for various sundry reasons too boring to say) at which time I decide I want to get off.
My travel agent books me a new flight the next morning and so the new fun begins.

I am surrounded now by extra angry people with so many important places to go and be and do in. I have to admit it was pretty seductive to also be extra special and angry etc. I overhear a woman telling her husband he needed anger management. DING. Yep back to shifting the feeling state.

Then I get off and they tell me although they took my bag off the plane (which is good news) but “we are so sorry we now can not find it”.

I am tired at this point and like a mature clear headed emotionally sophisticated grown woman I go upstairs to customer service and start to bawl like a baby blubbering about my bag.

Then 3 separate people say the word China really loudly around me.
I wonder did my bag go to China?
More seductive thoughts of horror and loss cross my monkey mind.
I am instructed to go back down where I came from.
This is the only place that it will appear. Please don’t cry.

Reciting my mantra “go with the flow, all is well” (and also fantasizing of a shopping spree to replace all my precious things in my bag), just 20 minutes later my bag is found amongst a tour groups luggage arriving from.. guess where? China!

Excellent. Now to the last minute supremely overpriced hotel I am looking forward to bath. No bath. No hot water. No shampoo.

Made gratitude list. Fell in love with clean sheets. Grateful for ice cold shower . Got to plane. Loving American Express as I did not leave home without it. Arrived just in time for my first speech.

I hear another speaker say to a woman who wants to write a memoir “write from your scar not from your open wound”. Then when I went up to my room to change I hear a women say at her door “ Don’t forget to dump the grounds!” Ding Ding Ding.

It’s so true! How many times have you or I spewed out our unresolved head chatter, anger, entitled and pissed off about this or that on Face Plant or other social media to our “friends” before we work out what’s really going on? Life happens at us sometimes, but if we are to be present to all opportunity, compassionate action takes thoughtfulness and the willingness to be with all of it.
Yep even the embarrassing sob-fest with an unsuspecting ticket agent who just wants to go home.

I have taught in some of my trainings how to separate our spewing from our epiphanies. The journal for the dumping of reactions and negative emotions and reactions is called “The Dumping Grounds”. (Spirit sure was chatty this weekend.)

Sure I wish I got this down every time something irritating happens. Love being all zen and now for all occasions but it’s not the consistent truth for me. It takes me a bit to do the work. It’s the willingness to be with all of it that counts. And no matter what putting the effort in is the key.

A lot of the speakers this weekend talked about being authentic and being willing to accept the “all” – the shadow side of life where our judgments can be healed by the willingness to be present to the parts of us we judge others for but have disowned in ourselves. We are all living the full catastrophe of life.
The conscious universe is our partner and messages are everywhere when we need a nudge to get out of a compromising negative headspace.

If we are open to listening Spirit speaks to us through others. We hear what we need to hear at just the right time. I think the question remains, if we learn to listen will we have the courage to do the next right thing?

It’s so much easier and oh so seductive to talk about what’s wrong, what made us angry or hurt etc. It really does take effort to train the mind to the freedom of being in the world but not of it. Speaking from the wisdom of the scar, is so much more powerful than working it out in front of others.
Something for all of us to think about.

I got to the airport this morning at 630 am. for a flight boarding at 815. We were delayed until 1045. I had the best time beside a nervous old lady from Ireland who started out very upset but ended up laughing and sharing my magazines and regaling me with tales from the Emerald Isle.

My oracle card was To The Sea (Wisdom of the Oracle).. so I said to her when I sat down and 20 minutes later heard the news.
“I guess we have to go with the flow… You know everything works out in the end”. She said. “Oh I so needed to hear that!”
You never know when you act as an oracle for someone else.

Love you always and forever!


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  • Carmelle

    Brilliant!!! Hope you are now safe and sound in NYC. Truly loved your presence, energy, wisdom and workshop this past weekend. I have since taken my 3 old self on a few more beautiful flights on Orion, my gigantic Eagle 🙂 showing her/me all of the amazing things that also happen in her next 50 years (yup just dated myself) I am grateful for your effort/trial in getting to Phoenix

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      loved being there and thank you for coming to the workshop. LOVE that you have since ” gotten on your bird”!

    • Jennifer McCowan

      So glad to hear you are home safe and sound❤️ Every speaker this weekend was amazing but I wanted to say thank you for your speech on Sunday, you saved my marriage. After regressing to my 5 year old self I have memories so locked away that decided to come forward right then and there. I was going to come home and ask my husband if we could separate but after seeing what I saw I realized how deeply rooted my issue was and I was able to see clearly that I was holding him accountable for mistakes he never made, I wanted to run. I made love to him for the first time ever last night, we have been together for 18 years and I’ve never been able to touch him or have him touch me like that-it was beautiful ❤️ So in closing, my 2 babies, my husband and myself are forever grateful to you for helping me to open up a scar to let it heal. Thank you.

    • Stephanie

      Colette, love this weeks blog. It’s a great reminder that all really does work out no matter what. I also LOVE The Good Tarot and am looking forward to buying my set. xoxoxo

  • Angela

    I just bought the new deck The Good Tarot. I’ve had most of your decks and love this one. So excited you took a leap and made a traditional hybrid deck. It’s perfect and I look forward to getting to know it intimately over time. Thank you for you being you. I have to say you are someone who has inspired me for over a decade now and to watch your journey unfold has been wonderful. I look forward to stepping up to my path the way you have with yours. I am a late bloomer, but feel I’m getting closer everyday. Lots Of Love Angela

  • jennifer windsor

    love the deck and the art and so looking forward to leaving behind this crazy mercury retrograde and all its retrograde friends. round and round and go with the flow have been my dominant cards for weeks now I get it!!!! time for the new. lol

  • Karen

    Thank you Collette???? it’s so important for us to share our strength , hope, and experience. I find I can beat myself up for not doing the perfect “Spirit danceable all times. It is so empowering to know that even you aren’t perfect. It blesses my heart that our share your humanness moments. Thank you. Karen

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you gotta share it all right? So many people think those of us who teach are perfect. I show both sides.. we are all in this together!

  • Ellen Santistevan

    On Sunday I saw two snakes that I have never seen before in the wild — a rattle snake and a coachwhip — both were quite calm and alert, but certainly making sure that I really SAW them…

    Whenever I get what seems to be a message from Spirit, I look up what it means, and these snakes certainly were messengers — they are very profound symbols in all sorts of ways. What stuck out to me was “deep transformation”. I also was bombarded by butterflies the same day — same message.

    At the website where I looked up the meaning of the snake, there was (of course) an online quiz about what’s your spirit animal. usually I get a jaguar or a bird of prey, but this time… SNAKE. So I *know* I must get quiet and listen, especially in that central channel of kundalini energy. I’m excited to see what unfolds from here. What will it be like to “shed my skin” or “come out of the chrysalis” this time?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      loving this.. our culture doesn’t teach the language of nature and sometimes I think that is at the core of our suffering.. this split.. so profound for you and for us you shared it with 😉

  • Farrelle

    I love this article! I have a question though – Is it really the universe or spirits and guides that these things happen? I have it happen to me daily. It’s like the world pulls things from my mind into reality!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      we are all part of the conscious universe whether individuated as spirits or guides or even our human selves.. Spirit speaks through them all

      • Farrelle

        Thank you for saying that – perhaps that’s my oracle today! I just lost my mum in December and so many things happen that say to me it’s her speaking through the universe but that logical mind of mine finds a way to doubt. In starting to have more and more faith that she really is with me and hasn’t gone anywhere at all x

  • Diana Boles

    The new Deck is just BEAUTIFUL!
    Your airport tale, certainly full of lessons, was also quite comical. I was chuckling cuz it’s so hard to imagine you in a state of agitation — but then you are a Human Goddess!

    I have a tale of manifestation. I align with birds– all of them. I seem to understand their language. I read all signs, but those from birds lead me to the quickening. So the Owl and the Raven and the Hawk and the Wren and all of them symbolize events, but the Great Blue Heron indicates a direct link to me in events that will unfold.
    My X has been diagnosed with stage 4 rectal cancer that has spread. Since Feb I have been aiding him. With spring approaching at that time the Great Blue was circling here in Virginia on its northern mating migratory path. How appropriate that this regal bird keeps coming to me. They are very solitary creatures-me too now-so I identify with them. The “jack-of-all-trades” effect of my life—teacher-yogini-soothsayer-artist-actress—solitary but not lonely — tribal dancer–prayer singing–astrologer and Gemini —I am never alone ????????
    So my Great Blue started showing up with his mate. And when did that first happen – as I was driving to my X’s for his first chemo treatment. And each time I went to his place for the next several weeks they kept showing up as a pair. Of course, this told me that helping him was the right thing to do-we we’re married for 25 years and we have children and that means he is still family–even though I didn’t speak to him for 5 yrs of what is now 10 yrs of divorce.
    One day as the weather got warmer the time for the Herons to move northward to Michigan came. And there I was nearing his apartment as they took their final flight in a northerly direction.
    Now I walk in the woods and often come across feathers of all sorts of birds. That indicates to me that a prayer has been answered. Maybe not my prayer, but someone’s prayer has been heard and answered. Well, I kept hoping to stumble upon a feather from the Great Blue — this would really help me solidify my way of thinking about forgiveness and forgetting (forgetting is the gift you give yourself).
    I am from Michigan and am very spiritually connected to one of my nieces. We have the same thoughts and crossover dreams and on and on – clairvoyances and messages. When I meditate, I often ride on the back of my Great Blue, and a few weeks back I found myself standing on her lawn with my Blue – right by her pine tree named Mike. She called me later that morning and told me she saw me standing on her lawn. I hadn’t said anything to her about the vision. The next day, she was putting her lawn ornaments out and gardening and cleaning up around Mike and she sent me a text with a picture of a feather she just found set to Mike. YAH~~FROM THE WING OF GREAT BLUE HIMSELF! Now, wouldn’t it just be amazing if it was from my same bird? I may never know that for sure, but I can sense that it is. Yesterday a package arrived from her in the mail and in it was the gift of Great Blue’s Feather. I wish I could show you here what it looks like. It is huge from tip to tip more than 12 inches long and the quill is strong and hardy. ????????✨

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      what a beautiful share Diana … take a photo and post it on my Facebook page!

      • Diana Boles

        Good idea! Love you toots❣️

  • Lisa Kai

    This is brilliant as I pulled similar cards for myself this week this morning… and part of it was bringing in a different and unattached perspective which you gave so clearly. Love that we are oracles for someone else always in some way. Mahalo Nui Loa

  • Anonymous

    I Love, Love, Love this new deck.

    Diana Parish

  • Lynn Marie

    Colette,you are truly amazing to me. Reading your blogs and playing around with the Oracle card decks in some crazy way helps me so much. For the past 3 or 4 years, my life has been very traumatic where I have felt like I am just trying to survive, lately I’ve had to beg for food at food banks and watch every penny I spend and had to be tough with my family that they are not allowed be mean and rude to me anymore and I’m trying to deal with codependent issues and set boundaries and it has not been easy.You give me hope when the world around me makes me feel inferior and I get so depressed with it. I have your book I bought last year, I am reading it very slowly in bits,and pieces but I know I have a lot to learn from it.You’re insight is precious and beyond beautiful.

  • Lisa Ambrow

    I have been following your blog, you came to me at the perfect time. Looking forward to attending a workshop sometime but unable to go to Canada so fingers crossed we can meet one day. Have a great day! & thank you

  • Beth R

    I love this comment you made above…”bloom when its your time.. no one is ever late ????”

    Also love the reading/lesson with the new deck.

    Re: signs etc, I’ve been hearing messages for years – particularly the past 4 – that I need to rest, slow down, more downtime, and to take it easy…and I thought I was following the guidance, but ended up flat on my back and on bed rest for the past two months, and I’m still getting messages to slow down and rest! I’m listening, but am not sure what Spirit means by rest since I can’t slow down more than total bed rest! So, I’m flowing with this situation and waiting for the next sign/message.

  • Guylaine Martel

    It has been only 3 weeks that i follow you and your weekly oracle and i am so grateful that i discovered you trough Christiane Northrup (she recommended you). I am hard to please with oracles and yours are to the point! It sets my week as a prescription really! And i love the way you explain the cards without the need of new age or too much esoteric mumbo jumbo. Just Spirit, Divine and the reality of our world. I call this real Magick ! Thank you very much for your service, and i think you are gonna be my secret mentor from now on! With gratitude and looking forward to expand with you and your work!

  • Nancy Buikema

    I am one of the tarot enthusiasts that you spoke about & I love your new deck! I have been using tarot decks as my main tool of divination for about 20 years now & I can’t wait to work with your deck!! So my important question is where can I get one?? Have a great day!????

  • Zoe

    Love this ❤️ Thank you for continuing to share personal experiences authentically. One of my favorite quotes from you is “wear the world loosely around your shoulder” ???? (coupled w/ the imagery & my love of capes ☺️)

  • Trudy

    I too so needed to read your message today! The squirrel on the wheel in my head needed this????
    Thank you for everything you share with us.

  • Traci Jackson

    Thank you for sharing this message. I’ve been getting the message from Spirit to listen, and I’ve been attempting to listen through my audio books, radio or in meditation, which I think are all great and do provide great wisdom. However, I never thought of looking to the signs I see every day on my way into and from work or to the conversations of others as being messages I may need to hear for myself. Thank you again, and I’m loving Oracle School thus far. It’s tuned me into Spirit in ways I wasn’t before. Thank you for creating such a sacred space.

  • Renee Sugar

    I am learning that perspective is the key to how we surrender. Can honestly say that I have not embraced this concept; until lately a shift has happened more than ever. Allow whatever is unfolding to do so without my resistance. What happens?? I am removed emotionally from the present tense and don’t “get my knickers in a knot” nearly as often as I used to. Example; Was on route to the subway; and there were several fire trucks that were coming together to deal with something???? What to do?? I need to get to work; on time as I am the person with the key. So I decide to get off the bus and walk. Can’t walk there as there is all of this yellow caution tape being wrapped around an area I need to pass through. Next I ask a woman if I can borrow her cell phone so I can notify the owner; that there is an unexpected disruption and I might be late. She tries to recharge while we walk, but that doesn’t work. Oh no change to make a call. Seems it was now necessary to walk through a park to navigate around the fire trucks to get to the subway. So what to do. Is the subway running? YES!!!! I find another person with cell phone in hand and make the call. I am thanked for letting her know, and I arrive at my destination only 4 minutes late. The truth is that in this kind of unpredictable delay; I could really get very agitated quickly. Why is this happening? I’m going to be late. I hate this, why can’t things just operate efficiently? Etc. Etc. So instead of “upsetting myself” I decided I wouldn’t do that; and just breezed along until the block was cleared. And in the end four minutes late isn’t really a big deal” but it would have been. Not worth the aggravation. It was my former employer who enlightened me about “not upsetting myself”. It used to be the way I handled everything and it certainly didn’t brighten my day or add any joy to anyone I connected with.

  • Rolene

    So fabulous – a much needed message today which is Spirit speaking to me through you XX

  • Mackie

    ROCK ON! Your airport experience and oracle reading were spot on to my life situation right now. This was just what the doctor ordered for my piece of mind and choice making. I am GOING FOR MY BLISS & ENJOYING EVERY STEP OF THE JOURNEY FROM HERE KNOWING I’M TRULY ON THE RIGHT PATH! Namaste 🙂

  • Katy


  • MaryAnne Bernardo

    This guidance/lesson really resonates with me. I am about to end a chapter in my life and have just opened a new one. I know in my heart that I have to step into trust and present moment awareness to keep myself moving forward in my life.
    Thank you so much for the continued support and encouragement you provide.
    Looking forward to another spirit jam in June

  • Susan

    Awesome! My week has felt exactly like what the cards have said. I have a renewed sense of trust in the universe.

  • Mia

    I have not been a fan of Tarot and when I began listening to the weekly oracle this week I initially experienced a lot of resistance. Since I love and trust you I continued listening…..and of course got so many messages that the universe wanted me to hear!! In the middle of a big and good shift right now and this was exactly what I needed.
    Thank you!!!

  • Carole Audet

    Love The Good Tarot–I’ve been working with it since I got the deck. In the booklet, you outline 1 and 3 card readings, with the suggestion of pulling an extra card if clarity is needed. My question is. why do you do 4 card readings?

  • Anonymous

    I just love this new deck! I was on Amazon yesterday and it was one of my recommended picks!
    I am gonna order today.
    I love your blog, stories, wisdom, and humanity. Blessings, blessings.

  • Debbie

    I’ve been feeling restless lately….like something is ‘about to happen’. Your blog and cards were perfect for me! I’ll be ‘listening’. 🙂

  • Susan

    Colette – So wonderful to attend your session at the Int’l Women’s Summit in Phoenix! I love your energy and especially appreciate the awesome meditation thing you shared with us about going up to the sky on a bird. You mentioned you were going to email a link to download that mediation. Checking to see when you might do that. Thanks again! Susan

  • Debby McNutt

    Thank you so much for this blog entry! It was SO EXACTLY what I needed to “hear” today. Working on watching for and listening to my synchronicities, and signs from the Angels and Spirit. Thank you, thank you…..

  • Ginger

    So very well said. It was a weekend of cledons and at the same time a very healing weekend for me. I heard all I needed to hear and had the very best time. Thank you Colette, from my heart!!

  • Jacqueline Felix

    Sign, sign, everywhere a sign! Story of my life and I love it! I love the new cards. I feel spot on in my energy as it relates to your reading! Thank you and many blessings straight from my heart!

  • susan thornton

    OMG Colette – I’m listening! My Good Tarot deck just arrived today! Didn’t realize you had created a new deck and saw it while ordering another book you recently recommended (Life in Color). Then the reading you provided – my personal morning reading yesterday included the 10 of Wands and Ace of Swords, and my numerology life and destiny is 7, the Chariot. So your reading was full of insights for me to take look at! Clemens indeed! Many thanks for sharing yourself with the world. Enjoying being on this path along with you! Can’t wait to use my new cards and see what messages Spirit has for me. xo

  • Janice

    I needed to get your message today. “write from your scar not from your open wound” was my trigger to write a very hard email capturing my nightmare since October 2015. The email has been sent and I feel so at peace. The timing is perfect considering the full moon tomorrow. I started reading Uncharted last August and got stuck in Realm of mind. I am ready to graduate into Realm of Light.
    Thank-you for being you.

  • Lee Collver-Richards

    “Love you always and forever!” Yes, Ms. Colette, the feeling is ever so mutual, thank you so much for living forward. I love you always and forever, too.

  • Jane Francis

    LOVE this hybrid deck ~ am looking forward to doing readings with it after I have personally connected to each and every card! They are beautiful rendered and I appreciate the thoughtful and uplifting affirmative messages for each card! THANK YOU for another stunning deck that allows accurate readings!
    EnJOYed your blog … despite the challenges you were in AMAZING form at IWS!! Thank you for all you do and how brilliantly you shine your LIGHT!

  • Tara

    Colette I Love your courageously honest blog post. I am the happy owner of the very beautiful ‘wisdom of the oracle’ deck. ‘Cledon’ ; I didn’t realise it was a recognised thing – the entire universe is speaking to me!!! And now there is a word for it, instead of my dimpled smile of recognition, I can now say:Cledon. There is so much more to the great mystery than scars, but then again what is a scar, it’s all God 🙂 and the shadows have great wisdom for those that dare, may the Cledon in your life bring you great inspiration!! ❤️

  • Angie

    Hi, Colette! When I was living and working in Ireland (I’m from the U.S.), my flight path generally took me through Heathrow before continuing on to Ireland, which meant I always had to go through customs/passport control at both places. One time there were two people checking documents. The woman on the left seemed to be having a bad day with a permanent scowl on her face unlike the friendly, smiling faced man to the right. “Please not her, please not her,” I thought. And of course, that’s who I got. I knew as soon as I stepped up to her little podium that I needed to be as pleasant, calm, and obliging as possible, because she was not; especially since she had the power to put me back on a flight to the U.S.! For some reason, my paperwork was all very confusing to her and she began grumbling. I stayed calm and just let her do her thing. Not once did she look at me. It got to the point that her co-worker stepped over, asked if she needed help, and she said to him, “No. I’m fine. It’s just when I get something like this,” as she waved angrily at me. I thought, “Wow, lady, I’m standing right here. Sorry you’re having a bad day, but it’s not my fault.” The guy kind of looked me and I smiled and shrugged slightly. I could’ve fed into her anger and got angry back, but I knew that would get me nowhere (now here) and I kind of felt like she was wanting/expecting a fight. So, I chose to just go with the flow. In the end, they had to call my place of work to confirm I worked there (no easy feat on an early Sunday morning) and finally I was allowed to go on to my connecting flight. I smiled and thanked her profusely for her help and hoped she had a great day. She still wouldn’t even look at me as she handed back the paperwork. It didn’t bother me though; I know it wasn’t personal and I actually laughed afterwards and thought what sad person to be that angry on beautiful day like this.

  • Guida

    Just the other day I listened to you talking about signs and messages, not long after a white feather floated down outside the window, and I started seeing pennies in odd places. I thought Yeah! Then the last 2 nights at work I encountered the most disagreeable, vile people. I work as an alcohol control supervisor at a baseball stadium. I was trying to find out what the problem was with a guest only to be called several dirty names and screamed at. I don’t understand what is going on with so many people today, so many are out of control. It truly makes me want to sell everything and move completely away from people. It’s Thank you for your messages of hope.

  • Sally

    Love this! Today I was running late and while I was driving in to work I had three cars pass me. The first license plate had the letters EZ. The second plate had the letters JAZZ. And the third plate had the letters MX. EZ JAZZ MX. I’m not sure what the message meant but listening to an easy jazz mix would certainly have relieved some stress during a hectic commute. The other day a male colleague was really getting under my skin. He’s kind of cocky and thinks he knows everything. I was thinking about our interaction on the way home when I got stopped behind a truck. It was a a truck delivery beer. Name of the beer: Arrogant Bastard Ale lol The universe is always conspiring to help me or make me giggle!

  • Ashley Rogina-Cole

    I am at a very early place in my Spiritual journey but it is an absolutely amazing, beautiful, exhilarating and comfortable place. That was amazing, thank you! <3

  • amorah moody

    Dearest Special Angel;
    I listened and read your interesting to you about your interesting Journey ~~ WOW, must be in the Air / Stars.
    The best thing, after cataract Surgery and “near’ heart attack [ my Angels were with me ] I can well understand. I was resting but restless, so I got on my computer when *-* Guess Who *-* You popped up. My Goodness, how delightful and in Divine Order.Everything you talked about, shared was EXACTLY what I NEEDED to Hear and put back on the Front Burner. I Know better, but do get caught up in it, before I take that saving Breath. I will call you ” My Oracle Angel to the rescue.”
    You did it again Missy *-*
    With Gratitude, a Heart full of LOVE and New Eyes to see ~ it’s been 60 + Years since I last saw my Face. I did not recognize My Self; but saw my Inner Child as an Adult. She who walked with me and shared my Trials and Tribulation, and all the Joys, Fun and Laughter. In tribute to that wonderful being, I will write a story, titled ” The Girl in the Mirror “!
    Isn’t it a wonderful Life / World ??

  • Nancy Nixon

    Was with you last weekend and loved your talk and meeting you at the book signing. My daughter and I attended the conference. In my 75 years, it was one of the best conferences I have been to and hearing and meeting you was a highlight. My daughter and I bought your book, “The Map” and thank you for signing it. We were the two that realized while waiting in line for the book signing that we had both come up with an owl as our vehicle to fly into the bright blue sky during your visualization. My daughter and I are very connected and bonded even more at the conference. I am a Clinical Social Worker and had never heard of you until going to the conference and picking your break out session to attend. Spirit must have guided me as I now am connected to you via your website.

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