A Mission Driven Life ( a gift to my mom)!

Updated: May 14, 2017

A Mission Driven Life ( a gift to my mom)

I’m writing this on Mother’s Day. I know loads of you reading this are from all over the world and may have other chosen days for celebrating “ this or that” but here in North America this is one of those days set aside to honor our mothers.

When I think of my mom, who crossed over in 1993, I recognize that I have never known the truth of her whole story, only the parts I’ve been able to piece together and how our relationship shaped me and us. I’ve come to understand this is really a human truth and not just mine. The lens through which we see our mothers is colored by so many aspects of our personal experience, our expectations, and the untold stories they inherit and pass on to us even before we are born.
And then there is the passing of Time, and how our perspective shifts with maturity.

Do you ever ponder this?
Do you know who your mom really is?
Can you see yourself in her story, and vice versa?

We are all part of this never ending story yet we can change its direction, and become not just the shaped but the shaper, the Weaver not just the product of what is woven.
It really boils down to waking up, and discovering our mission. Everyone has one.. We just need to take some time to let it find us.

My mother was only 25 years old when she jumped on a ship alone bound for a country she had never seen with a mission to build a good, prosperous and safer life that would not resemble the one she experienced in Germany during World War 2 under Hitler. Without going into the complexities of what happened later and the many stories that made her, if I look at that young woman I see something important.

I am the daughter of many things.. But first I am the daughter of Courage.

Think back on your mom’s life, can you see something you have been influenced by that has driven you in your life too? Something that you’re proud of?

Although that aspect of what made me became the cause of so much discord in our family, in its purity there is the seed of a Mission.
And, even still there is no perfection in it. Not ever.

I learned many important things, some very painful too, about how a mission that is focused on being safe through being separate, prosperity built on the terror of poverty, and identity whose power stems from hiding what is authentic for fear of reprisal will eventually lead to sorrow and to the very things you try to escape.
That is.. If you’re not willing or unable to make a new choice.

I am most grateful that I can go back to Courage.
My mission was/is to pick up the fabric and start weaving again to change all that.

Today I recognize what drives me to help others see themselves with clarity, express their authenticity, unlock their magic, and recognize and partner with the magic that is everywhere in this conscious universe.
I’ve come to recognize that when I fall into spiritual narcolepsy I can also be driven by the old story of fear. Chicken Little and my Bag Lady goblins were inherited creatures. Do you relate?

Thing is I know we have unlimited potential. One day at a time we have the power to change.

I honestly think my mom would still be alive today if she knew there were alternatives, different ways to think and respond beyond her conditioned reaction to the challenges of her life. But I know without a doubt she is helping me from the Other Side.

I know we can effect change one person at a time. It does make a difference. It only takes a few imaginal cells to turn the caterpillar to a butterfly. And we don’t have to do it alone.

I had the great privilege to spend a couple days this week at a Master-Mind conference with a small group of extraordinary leaders in the personal growth,human potential and alternative health arena.. I have never been to one of these before and to be honest when I got there it really felt like I was a kid who got to sit at the adults table at a holiday dinner!
When we left, I had more clarity than ever about why our mission must drive everything we do.

I have long admired the tireless work of the Food Revolution, The Truth About Cancer, Sacred Science, the Chopra Center, The Tapping Solution Family, Dawson Church, Hay House (of course), Sonia Ricotti of Bounce Back Big, coach Margaret Lynch, the work of energy medicine pioneer Donna Eden, Kris Karr and others.

So it was a great experience to be with serious people whose success in the world is driven by their mission to serve. Yes they are all financially successful but they all shared the same motive for that success, to use that to help more people and then more. What everyone had in common too was this idea that to generate success, healing, education and spread positivity in the world, you first recognize a need and then when called and inspired to find a solution, you then make that solution your mission.

Find the solution, live in it and let it lead you. It is a powerful mindset.

And so on and so on.
I’m excited to be able to share some of these solutions with you throughout the rest of the year. What I realized this week was that I have a responsibility to share what I find if it might help you. So stay tuned.
But back to moms. A gift we each can give to our mothers today is to love them and know no matter what know they did the very best they could. And if you are a mom be clear of your mission and what drives it. You are especially loved.
Now it’s up to us.

Love you always and forever.



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  • Shelley

    Bless you, Colette ♥
    This is a very positive and hopeful reading, and a good focus for me to continue learning more and more about what and how I co-create with Spirit. I really enjoy the new format and I am glad you are working with your new deck, The Good Tarot. I am just becoming familiar with mine, and drawing cards to augment my own readings as a way to aquaint myself with this beautiful deck. Thank you for all you do in service to the greater good, and for bringing it back to your Tribe to share and help us learn too.
    Much love and appreciation to you and love to All.
    ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you are SO welcome!

    • Kathleen

      When I heard you mention once about your moms passing, I wanted to know more. My mom is with alzheimers (I want to take the capital A pit of it).
      My latest visit with her has produced soooo much.
      While I know things about my moms life growing up. Things she felt and worked on. My visit with her before the last got me thinking, maybe she didn’t say it all. I felt compelled to write because I feel that’s what your saying. As well as the process of how this whole thing is going down ????
      Thank you Collette for your spark of aliveness and your powerful gift to the world. ❤️

  • Lisa

    Dear Colette

    I always look forward to your blogs .. this is another great one ! .. Much food for thought in this one, I have been examining what my mom and I are working out, she is still alive and almost 85. The gift of FEAR is what she has taught me about, and lately i have been seeing the truth about this.
    I am coming out a sleepy section of my life, FEAR put me to sleep, and now i see that her example of letting fear drive her choice making throughout her life > this is my GIFT. I must be the change !! .. I must choose from FAITH .. and act from faith.
    So although the relationship between us is not perfect, I can accept that my mom living her life driven by fear is certainly a perfect teaching for me.
    So slowly i have been rising up past that fear, each day i find myself more alive to the infinite possibilities .. and if i get down in the fear, i find Spirit has a magic way to redirect me > i just have to be willing !! .. and i am willing to be all that i promised to be.
    thank you for being YOU .. and thank you to your mom and dad !! .. they brought someone so beautiful to planet earth !
    Many blessings xox .. Lisa

  • Chris Collins

    Thank you for sharing this, and all your other stories. Your blogs always ring true to me and cause me to pause and think, “Isn’t that interesting…” You are a master at communication to the living, as well as to ‘dead people’. As for your comment about Moms – I often say this myself… we/she are/is doing the best we can at that moment. Looking forward to your next inspirational narrative.
    Health, Love, Laughter and Prosperity to you.

  • Antony Liberopoulos

    Thank you Colette! Very insightful!

  • Peggy

    Hello dearest, I think “warthog energy” comes in when your behind that camera. She is digging around, sniffing for all the beautiful and wonderful gems that are stilll hidden. She knows that there is still much to find! You are one of those blessings collette! Itchy nose is good! Namaste

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I love that!!! Its weird every time I do a reading I get all itchy like someone is tickling me with spider webs and joy. bUt I will take the WartHOg energy!! You were a cledon for me as I begin my next Oracle deck on Spirit Animals… 😉

  • Linda-"JOY"

    Your blog brought tears, a few for sadness (for my Mom,) but thankfully, these are replaced with the joy and hope I feel for this amazing life that uplifts me. As you share through all you do, I become more aware of a unity connection, a mission to service for the greater good of all. You are my much older, wiser sister (even though I am an only child and older than you). My Mom is 85, lives alone (in the true sense of the word) in the same apt. she moved into 50 yrs. ago. She is the proverbial “bag lady” with an apt. She has closed herself off to everyone, out of fear and anger. I can only send her love and light from afar. I see her as a little girl, not knowing who she was, and living in fear which continues now. Her strength is in being able to live a life of survival, but for me she is my greatest teacher in reflection and I choose to live not by her example. As I live a life of purpose, standing in my power, speaking my truth, and being in service through Spirit, I give Thanks to both that higher power and my Mom! I am loving your readings with your latest deck and will be ordering this deck, along with your book, Messages From Spirit. I look forward to both, reading and learning tarot and having a deck that blends the two (oracle). Thank you Colette and Blessings as you continue an amazing journey!

  • Kim

    Beautiful Colette! I teach people to find their mission. Thank you for your impactful clarity on the importance of it. I especially love how you wove your mom’s influence into it. Always look forward to your blogs!

  • Jas

    Loved this blog. Mothers bestow gifts for us to drive us into our mission and purpose. That is their purpose. My mother had gifts of courage, truth, faith, and generosity. She taught me that when you give Spirit gives more to you, even when we lived in poverty. Intention and connection were also learned from her she always asked to watch what’s I. your heart and another’s. Thank you for allowing me to reflect with you on this topic. You amaze me always.

  • Renee Sugar

    Emerson said/
    ” We are a part of everything/Emerson we have met.”
    Our perspective is built through this principal.
    “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” Anais Nin
    My late mother who also passed in 1993; arrived from Russia during WW 2 with two parents and two siblings. My grandfather had $40.00 in his pocket. What I remember
    most about my mom were her “maxims’. “Anything in moderation is O.K. “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch; “If you can’t afford it don’t buy it.” “Don’t cross your bridges before you reach them. ” Simple, practical, wisdom. Did my mom really “know” herself?, not likely. She only knew about a life of creating the appearance that everything was A.O.K so no one would ever catch on about what was really happening behind the closed door. I believe they call that denial. She married at age 29 which was quite late in that era, and expressed concern about my
    late fathers’ drinking even before she married. I’m sure that was a nightmare that she never imagined and it certainly left its imprint and impacted her health. I was fortunate to find my way into the doors of Al-Anon in my early 20’s at a time when I was dealing with depression and was hospitalized. So my fathers’ alcoholism was a blessing and a gift in other ways as I have had an opportunity that many people never do until some life crisis greets them. Ever since then I have been learning through the many wise souls in the Hay House family who books have left an indelible print on who I am becoming. The perspective in my mothers’ day was a very limited one. Get married, have children, grandchildren, an attractive home etc. Those were the mandatory requirements of a life of contented bliss. What I have gained through my reading and the webinars made possible through technology is astonishing and life-transforming in more ways than I can articulate. On any given day; my life can shift and change in ways I never planned, or predicted for better and/worse. How lucky to have access to so much life enhancing information. Just to know that I can alter the quality of my life, at any given moment is amazing. Just change a thought. The song by Carole King sums it up well. ” My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue. An ever changing vision of the ever changing view.”
    I celebrate the gift of my life and know how I cherish everyday. I try to not take anything for granted and understand when a door closes no matter how unsettling/painful/confusing it might feel that a better one is waiting to welcome the next chapter. There will always be a next chapter. So, for the gifts my mother left me; I give thanks. On Mothers’ Day I played a concert for my mom. She always loved to listen to me practice and funded private lessons starting at age 7. How lucky I was to receive that gift. I know she was listening, but who I become is a moment by moment unfolding. Even I don’t know what that could entail. What I do know is that the outer being must break before the inner spirit can emerge.
    At this point the integrity is not based on what the “appearance” might convey. A life long learning process to reveal the truth, and the truth does set you free. In my mothers absence over the years I am learning that ” I don’t fit, I stand alone”.
    (read this on a t-shirt recently at a sample sale) All is well.
    Lots of Love

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      what a truly beautiful and moving post Renee… sounds like we were related 😉

  • Kathleen Starr Vagt

    Thank you Colette. We met on the cruise from Rome to the Greek Isl. My husband and I just reflected on that trip some 10 yrs ago. We had a wonderful clearing healing time with you and Sylvia. Thank you for this growth in using the decks!!I am still reflecting on My bday and Mothers Day this last weekend with my Husband, Older daughter and son in law. What beautiful people to enjoy the wine country with in Nor Cal. I love my Daughters and although we are each very different we continue to teach each other a great deal about life!!????XoooxxKathleen Starr V

  • Michele Sciortino

    Colette! You have really outdid yourself this time. The Good Tarot is a wonderfully inspiring, provocative card deck. I have started to use The Good Tarot and was fascinated by my first read which reflected my Earth spirit born in the sign of Taurus. I have pulled a card for clarity which was so direct and one of those “ah ha” moments that helps me move forward with greater knowing that all will be well.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Milissa

    Perfect timing. I have felt that I have reconciled issues about my mom over and over, but they keep coming back, in different form but I’m so clearly not done. This article is perfect timing especially since we just passed another Mother’s Day (ugh). You’ve given me a new way to approach how I perceive my mom and a new direction to search for better understanding of her….and me. I look forward to a new acceptance of us both.
    Thank you.

  • Jaqi

    Colette, After a busy fun filled Mother’s Day I am just getting caught up with my email and your weekly oracle reading. So fitting that you wrote about your Mother as today is the tenth anniversary of my Mother’s passing. Your words so resonated and reminded my of the many things I learned from my Mother. The best was that she just would do what needed to be done. There was no talking about what where or how. A friends relative passed on and she would start making food and deliver it. No discussions or thank you required. See a need and do what you can in a quiet unassuming manner. Thank you Colette …Much Love and Giant HUGS.

  • J. W. Gardner

    I’m not sure how long ago, I bought y’r Book,, Remembering the Future…I LOVED it, never for got it,, I’ve bought so many, Angel Intution Books I had to put some Away, to make room..I thought About U one Day I Had to Look Up Your Book & Meditastion CD..

  • Debra

    Love your new deck, and love the weekly blog and readings. I am feeling that I need to release my hold on my expectations for my career. Not knowing what Spirit has in store for me since moving back to my hometown after an 18 year absence has been interesting. Much love, Colette.

  • Tammy Wahl

    Dear Colette, Your work and knowledge somehow just hit the right place in me. I’ve worked very hard on my growth from many different sources. But the way you teach has changed me in noticeable ways. Lasting changes. I read an Amy Tan novel about how crazy the mom made her daughter feel. The daughter was an American Chinese. Born and raised here. At her mom’s insistence she went to the area in China her mom had been raised. There she began to understand and see glimpses of why she expressed her love in a certain way. Your story about your mom leaves such a positive impact. I also understand what a hard place you’ve been, and so admire that your grief has been used as stepping stones for you and uncountable others. Our perspective changes as we grow older and we can see the good along side the perceived bad! Your openness has brought healing in me and at times tears of joy to my eyes. Thank you!!! I’ve learned so much from your willingness to serve (as you teach us) Sending spiritual love to you, from one of your Betta students. I am deeply grateful to you!

  • Renee Sugar

    I forgot one of the most important of mom’s “maxims”. You’ll never understand what it is like to be a mother, until you have children of your own. ” Need I say more?
    I never had any.

  • Barbara Marie

    Loved this article. What really stood out for me was to “recognize a need and when called and inspired to find a solution, then make that solution your mission.” I will pray to recognize a need where I can serve for the highest benefit of self and others. Thanks, Colette!

  • Eva Makstutis

    We share a similar story. My mom is 97 and is just starting to show signs of dementia. Her whole life was built on perseverance. She also came to America on a boat from Italy to meet a mother she didn’t know during WW ll. I got her inspiration to try new things and to stretch my wings. Her story is one of sorrow but her strength is undeniable.
    Thanks for opportunity to honor her in writing.

  • collette

    Love the new format and the reading. The tarot cards are a big hit with me. This reading was exceptional in that I could apply it to myself in so many ways. I never stop learning with each reading, always something in each reading that is reality for me. Thank you for sharing all your experiences and stories with us. My parents are no longer alive but my kids treated me to two more of your book… “The Map” and “Messages from Spirit” –I read Uncharted 3 times already and will always go back to it . Right now my main mission is to learn to serve others to the best of the abilities that I have– thank you again for all the knowledge you freely bestow on us all.

  • Joan Marie

    All of your blogs…and everything else :)….always leave such an impression on me. But this one even more so. Thank you especially for this!

  • Emily

    Thank you for this! Personally, I highly benefit from everything you share and am extremely grateful! <3

  • Laura Woods

    What a wonderfully insightful post to Mothers everywhere. We will be the changers of the world as we know it. My mom died in 2010 and the more I see into my soul the more I see into hers. In death, we have the relationship we couldn’t have in life. I am on a mission to break old patterns so that my daughter will see the authentic mom I couldn’t have. Love & light to all!

  • Tricia

    Wow! This reading was my week! I got a job offer from a place I left 3 years ago. More money and I had great memories from there… but there was a reason I left. I almost got sucked into the good old days thinking and accepted it, then better heads reminded me that those days weren’t so good. I chose to stay with a great tribe and a wonderful new friend / co-worker at my current job. So cool to get a sign you’re on the right track 🙂

  • Jan

    Thank you Colette!!!! My relationship with my Mom was not an easy one for a variety of reasons – her’s and mine. I have found forgiveness for us both and beginning to feel love for her and me. Your writing helps open that door a little further to be willing to change how I think about her and how we each fit in the other’s life. I thank you and I know she does too!!

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