#1 Prosperity Secret- You Need to Make Space for it!!

Updated: May 28, 2017

#1 Prosperity Secret- You Need to Make Space for it!

I said goodbye to a noisy friend yesterday. I had to finally let go because being around them made it too hard for me to think. They filled my head with so many stories of the past it’s been next to impossible to allow anything new to form in my head.

I started noticing every time I would draw near I would just be bombarded with too much chatter, so many memories grasping for my attention. Like crabs in a bucket as I tried to crawl out to allow for something new, they would pull me back.

It became too crowded and congested in my manifesting mind. Frankly exhausting to be around them. I needed to make a change.

My favorite daybed has been a focal point of my office for 6 years and has accompanied me through many momentous life experiences- and come with me to 4 homes and two countries. It’s got a lot of stories to tell. It’s just that I need to make new ones and it wasn’t letting me!

Yes one piece of furniture can be a giant piece of cacophonous clutter that can prevent you from manifesting your dreams and desires. Why? Because every object carries with it at least one story. This one accumulated too many for me to be quiet enough to imagine something new.

Recently, although so many new things have been accomplished, whenever I went into my office it became harder and harder to think. My day bed was overflowing with stories. There was no more room or space for new ones.

When I looked at it within moments I was bombarded with feelings and glimpses of me sitting on it struggling through my book Uncharted, tuning into Fred, writing two oracle decks, starting many unfinished songs, getting all excited then quickly forgetting about learning Spanish etc.

Then came all the canine connections- seeing my dog Beanie in her last moments of life, then Sebastian perched waiting to pounce on the new puppy, then Olli seizuring as she lay close beside me.

All the fullness of my life from the last 6 years accumulated right there to form a big invisible obstacle to the shift I needed to make.

Can one piece of furniture hold that much power?

OH yes it can!

That day bed became a quagmire of noise and if I wanted to move into a new manifesting cycle it just had to go.

One phone call and it now lives in a brand new home being bounced on by happy children and my grateful massage therapist. To that family the only story that came with it was who they got it from.

Clutter clearing is not about making things look nice and orderly. It’s not just about “ less is more” and making things easier to clean. It’s really about creating energetic space by keeping the environment more neutral and you more aware of the stories you choose to surround yourself with.

One time I had a vase given to me by a client who had a very combative sarcastic personality. Every time I looked at it I would tune into that energy. NOT for me! It now lives somewhere else and I no longer connect to her voice.

Do you have any objects in your environment that tell stories and fill your head with angst, reproach, or a challenge to your self worth? No matter what if you want a prosperous life it’s not a good idea to have those things around.

Our inner world dictates our experience and the way we connect to and affect the outer. The more efficient we are at keeping our runway clear the easier it is to take off and fly.
Do you have anything overly chatty in your environment preventing your prosperity? Can you let it go?

Bet you would feel a whole lot quieter if you did.

My new white vegan leather couch arrived yesterday. My office is still and open again, my imagination unencumbered by all the old stories.

I can hardly wait to start working on my new Spirit Animal oracle cards!

Plenty of room for them to channel through me now!

Love you so .. always and forever.





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  • Lisa

    Dear Colette

    Such a happy and wise post !!

    While i don’t have any furniture to part with, I am sure there might be relics of my past that can be parted with .. keeping my eyes and heart open, and if something gives me that ghost of the past feeling, i will surrender it willingly.

    thanks for sharing !

    • Colette Baron-Reid


      • Lisa

        Thank You! Your article was great one word/feeling to authenticity sums it up.

      • Yvette Moreel

        Thank you Colette. You are so right about clutter.

    • Lindsey

      I can totally relate! 2017 has been a year of selling and donating items that hold sad or old memories I choose to let go of with my old stories. Creating space for new and happier stories in my life. Heart hugs????✨????

    • Anonymous

      Collette, thank you for your valaubale commentary and reminder about the objects we choose to live with and the energies (read: stories) attached to them. We tend to forget that we once (sometimes long ago) chose to do so, and that we can “choose” to let them go once they no longer serve us in the right ways. Such choices once made, subtly affect our every moment… it is good to take stock once in awhile, isn’t it? Blessings, dear lady!

  • Becky

    Love this post! I truly agree that we have to let stuff go to make space for the new. Creative ideas have no space to land if we are filled up. The more I let go, the more space I have had to step into unknown and exciting new territory. Great post, thanks Colette!

  • Dawn Karolides

    Oh Colette…like magic this just arrived in my email! I am moving from a furnished seaside escape to an unfinished apartment. All my belongings have been in storage for 9 months. I purchased a new mattress set yesterday and am dreading getting my old set out of storage. You want to talk about stories! I was just arguing with myself over not having the funds to get a new one…and convincing myself that the set is just an object…sage it and carry on!! So I will sleep with my mattress and boxpring on the floor until I manifest a new one! Thank you!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      good call it will be so much better if you do. I tend to hang on to things I feel connected to but then they get SO noisy. You will see how much better you will feel- you can also get little wheels for your box spring so you won’t be directly on the floor although its very grounding to be so close to the earth.

  • Pat Burrows

    Fabulous post! Lots to think about here as it is resonating strongly. Hmmmm….. I totally get it. My problem is that I live with the chatterer! It’s always a challenge to find that quiet time and space. What I am learning is that I need to establish some boundaries if I am going to progress. I am so grateful for your wise words and insights as I am finding the strength now to set the boundaries and am starting to gain ground. Thank you as always!

    By the way, if you want a good online program for learning conversational Spanish, I was recommended by my daughter’s college Spanish teacher to avoid Rosetta Stone at all costs and try fluencia.com instead. It’s been a great help after moving to Mexico last year.

    Can’t wait for those Spirit Animal cards! ????????????????????????????????

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      ok! Fluencia.com it is I quit Rosetta Stone after a while it was too complicated

  • Anonymous

    Ahh Colette, I know why I have been drawn to you. We think alike! I have also just recently purged. Quite a few pieces of furniture that have been with me through a bad marriage, tumultuous divorce and many of life’s hard struggles. As I watched them drive away, I will admit I felt tinges of sadness for the good times they also represented. But walking back through the door, there was a calm, peaceful sense of freedom.

  • Leslie Hoffman

    We so think alike!
    I have recently purged some furniture that had been with me through a stressful marriage, tumultuous divorce, and many hard life struggles. As they drove away, I felt a tinge of sadness for the happy memories they also represented. But when I walked back in the door, there was a sense of freedom. Of calm and peace in the empty space they once held. Thank you for bringing this up so that other’s realize the power “things” can hold over us.

  • Renee Sugar

    I am currently considering if I want to receive a dressing table w/ mirror/stool that belonged to my late mother. It is being stored with a family member. The truth is that I don’t have the space for it at the moment. It does hold a lot of memories of her viewing herself in the mirror and the critical voice that responded. It is a beautiful piece solid mahoghany. She passed 23 years ago, and I chose to not take it at that time. It could be used as a desk and the mirror was hand carved. As is was located in my parents bedroom, it probably holds a lot of negative energy/memories from their marriage through alcoholism. I could take the mirror and stool and have it recovered. As my living space is compact I really don’t have a lot of furniture. Of course I don’t know at this point if I will move. Everything I do have is useful and is necessary. Do I say no, or take the mirror and stool? I haven’t missed it in the past 23 years. I suppose it is saying no and being free of the negative programming that was a part of her story, but doesn’t play a role in my
    life. I a writing a new story so I would not see her reflection in the mirror.
    Now if you could write a post on purging what is in my closet that no longer serves, that would be very welcome. Think I will take a looksee today and start to release what no longer fits or could benefit someone else. Travel light!!! It’s the only way to go. Lots of Love.

  • AK

    I got rid of the old duvet cover and shams that I had shared with my husband. Now we were divorced and I didn’t realize what negative energy they held until I threw them away and bought myself a divine, watercolor floral set i just LOVE. Changed my life and I continue to purge old stuff every day. It feels GREAT!

  • Henry

    I love that you bring up the objects of affection, or dis-affection. Clutter is energy carried from many ways that we acquire things, and one of the biggest things that hold us stuck in our place. In Shamanic clearing work it is wise to clear out clutter which turns into hoarding, in Feng Shui it is specific placement of things to enhance our environment. Many things stuck in a closet if not used in the past three years should be gifted to someone who can better use it, as it then makes room for something “new or better” to enter our lives. Bravo for this insight.

  • Carol McGhee

    Thanks Colette!
    Never really thought of that, I’ll get on it.


  • Boulter Joanne

    Dear Colette,
    I loved this article. I was in a very abusive marriage for 35 years and after I finally got out I was left with tons of things that made me shutter. So out with the old and in with the new! I wake up every morning and look around and say “This is me”.
    xoxo Jo

  • Tina Wilson

    I always say, everything in my home has a story…never imaging as you have pointed out that the chatter can be overwhelming. This is a good time for me to take a fresh look at the stories in my home and what should be uncluttered. Blessings to you once again for sharing your wisdom with me at just the right time.

  • Elizabeth

    Yes, yes, yes! This resonates so much with me. I have been shifted a lot out for breathing space. HOWEVER, my husband is not willing to part with some things and doesn’t get the moving forward connection. Well, he says he understand how the energy works but then does nothing about it. I’m trying not to let it be a source of frustration and quietly remove things he won’t even know are gone 🙂

  • Julie

    Great advice about clearing the clutter. I felt lighter just by imagining what things I can start to give away. I’m excited about the new memories that I’ll be making space for. Enjoy your day!

  • Lynn Rabins

    You made me laugh so hard I almost fell off the chair!! I am an International appraiser of Fine and Decorative art (www.houseofappraisers.com) and an intuitive (www.healingthymes.com) so when you wrote about your couch so many stories flooded in for me with my clients things and how they tell stories. Boy would I love to tea with you and laugh the stories away. With regards and spirit. Lynn

  • Barbara

    Oh what a timely post! I have been struggling with letting go of furniture and “items” with too many memories attached to them because my reasoning mind says “how will I replace them?” Your post is a confirmation today of this morning’s pulled Oracle card #9 Treasure Island (Reversed). Thanks, Colette!

  • Alexandra Halpern

    Great story and so true as relates to my experiences

  • Therese

    I couldn’t think of anything as I read your post. Then it hit me. A desk that has been wrong since i moved. It has never fit in. Now I know why. Thank you.

  • sharon lindsley

    Thank you – Again it amazes me how relevant your readings are to what is happening in my life. others can be also but I just really resonate with your cards.

  • Poppy Rosendary

    Thank you your transparency. This really blessed me !

  • Anonymous

    I love this post! I just wrote about clearing space on my own blog. It’s amazing what opens up when you let go of the unnecessary stuff.

  • Nadia

    Whoa! This is really resonating with me today as I’ve been packing and purging. I recently became aware that I purge for a very different reason than I used to. It’s all about how that item makes me feel now. What an amazing post this. And Spirit Animal cards? I’m so excited! ????????????❤️

  • Sooz

    I just read a piece this morning on psychometry. How interesting. THIS….

  • Sue Ronnenkamp

    JUST the wisdom I needed today! Went right to work and moved a bunch of stuff from my office space – things that keep haunting me and that needed to be out of my sight and out of my energy field. THANKS SO MUCH! Love you, love your writing, love your cards!

  • Melody

    Good for you! I am sensitive to my environment too and I have recently been thinking that I’d like to repaint my apartment….from bright, turquoise blue and lavender bedroom to white. Something I said I would never do because I love colour so much. Now that you mention it, the blue does remind me of all the financial, career, and health struggles that plagued me form 2012-2016. Yes, it’s time for a change. <3

  • Celine

    I parted ways with a former partner over 4 years ago & the only reminder left was the couch/love seat. He picked it out so it exuded his personality. Every single day I would look at it and feel heavy & out of sorts. Finally 2 months ago I decided it was time for that last piece to be gone. In its place is a lovely loveseat & couple chairs that reflect me. I was shocked at how light & happy I felt. I’m totally in my own energy zone!

  • Linda Rosin

    Thank you for confirming something I already came to terms with. Letting go. For me and my husband it’s letting go of our home and acreage of 40 years. Our kids grew up here. We adopted two kids with problems and along with our other three life has been a mix of good and bad years. But it’s time to let go of this place with so many unhappy memories here. I just feel like it’s sucking the life out of us and our finances. But the rub is ever since we put it on the market three years ago, it’s like one thing after another going wrong. At first it was little things but now before we can fix a problem there seems to be more. We have used salt and sage for clearing and we have walked the property praying over it and letting go. Still…..But I know it’s what we need to do and I will continue to mentally let go and one day soon it will happen. Thanks again, Love your messages and cards. Bless you.

  • Cheryl

    Oh my! Something told me I needed to check my inbox, and it was to read your amazing post. As I was doing dishes and thinking about people and “things” going on in my life the words “less is more” popped into my head. I’ve been slowly getting rid of the things in my life that bring back good and bad memories. It’s taken me almost a month to get rid of my sweet Lola’s cat toys and bowls, but, I need to move forward to be able to find the next sweet baby that will come into my life. Thank you for all of your wise wisdom every week!

  • Jana

    Thank You for this post today. Its so true that items chatter their stories to us whenever we focus on them and letting them go for someone else to use is not a waste in any manner. You have inspired me!

  • Lindsay

    Very timely post! Many of my friends are in a clutter purging stage and I too have been slowly eliminating items no longer serving a purpose in my life. I have a sectional purchased from my parents that has been slowly “peeling” away. My two small children eat, smear and jump all over it, so my husband and I have hung onto it for over two years while it decomposes before our eyes. We’re so afraid to make the wrong choice, we don’t act at all. That sectional is a metaphor for what is plaguing us in our lives.

    Living in the city, we are both awakening and realizing city life simply isn’t for us…but we can’t move. Our relationship with my parents is unhealthy and we can’t escape it either. This piece of furniture is the anchor that binds us to our past and prevents us from moving forward.

    Your post inspires me to push ahead. It’s time to leave the past behind, develop courage and broaden our horizons. Spirit is trying to tell us something and we finally need to listen!

  • Judy MacLeod

    Love the daybed journey! Blessings to you and your new white vegan replacement. Each week I am really excited to “see” your card reading and to hear your clear and beautiful story. The two card decks are wonderfully created.I so look forward to your animal deck as I have used your animal messages with clients from your Messages from Spirit book. Thanks ever.

  • Sunny

    Oh my gosh, how this post resonated with me. A piece of furniture can carry so much energy it has inspired the title of my book, whenever I get around to it, called The Red Couch. The red couch became so very symbolic in color and in couch of so many things over the course of the 25 years I had it. Even from inception, the purchase for $50 from Goodwill in downtown Los Angeles when I couldn’t even afford that, the friend that was there to help me get it into my crappy apartment…the conversations had, the musicians that played their guitars or wrote their songs that later became hits, the couch I sat on for waay too long whilst looking out into Laurel Canyon wondering if my life was just gonna pass me by…anyway, the couch was left in my ex’s home, where it belongs. The tears I cried over that man on that couch. Anyway, get rid of the furniture, get rid of the shirts, the shoes that went to that stupid party, the friends that reflect old wounds that aren’t there anymore, yet they can’t let you grow…it’s remarkable the unconscious associations we have with the material…the feeling of a fresh uncluttered space with a single flower is just amazing. Thank you for posting Colette. The current couch I have will be tossed as well but for now it’s Turquoise, an amazing color, one of my favorites, it’s cheap. I left my lying ex and my old unfulfilling career so I didn’t have but a dime to purchase a new one. It came in a box for assemble because cheap couches do… I’d had a ‘block’ my entire life about assembly…since that D in Geometry I couldn’t seem to ‘get assembly’. But there was no one to help me. After crying, throwing things, laughing, sweating, banging, scaring my puppy, figuring out the couch was DEFECTIVE and that’s why it wouldn’t “assemble” –it wasn’t ‘me’…in fact, ME figured THAT defective part out and put the %&$#er together anyway, CUZ I fixed it MYSELF, thats what this COUCH represents now; freedom, authenticity, humility, strength, integrity, bravery and the color of the heart chakra…which is mending. I wonder how many sit on the finest of couches and don’t even think about what it represents…. I wonder how many do and sail into gratitude… I wonder how many only have the sidewalk. It’s spectacular the spectrum and hard not to get emotional. Funny. Over a daybed and a couch. But it’s what we recognize in ourselves and it’s symbolic of being in the moment and evolution to the next wonderful phase….I can’t wait for the new couch. And someone will want my cheap turquoise couch because it will be just what they need just at the right time. I’ll save the story of how my bed frame came to me for another time. 🙂

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      LOVE THHIS !!!

    • Michèle

      Oooh! Loved your story! And I would really love to hear about your bed frame ???? I truly believe it’s time for you to write your “The Red Couch” book – I would definitely read it! I do hope you will let me know as soon as you publish it.
      Much love,
      PS – am still learning to reply in the right place – I believe I first replied to Colette’s reply, oops! 🙂

  • Susan McCord

    I have always believed this about photos but never thought about furniture. It makes total sense! Thanks Colette! <3

  • Sue

    Colette Thank you for sharing this. I can relate to this so much. I feel my whole house is full of negative feelings and history. Not quite sure where to start though… My mojo has gone….I love to draw paint, sew and embroider bit can’t focus.

    Feeling thankful

  • Shelley

    Colette, my daughter has also been telling me this. I am thinking…..I know for sure that I have things which must go…
    Thank you for this food for thought.♥

  • Pat

    You have just summed up what I was having trouble putting into words, when people asked why are you leaving your house? For me the house is the physical connection to my marriage relationship, and, now that I’ve raised the kids and made peace (and forgiven all) I am getting out. The energy you described was what I was feeling that makes leaving necessary for me.
    Thank you

  • Cynthia Eyer

    I’m soon going to participate on a Wilderness Spirit Fast Quest in my Masters Ecopsychology program in Colorado. Spirit helped me to understand that even though my son asked me to “let him go” in a dream state three years after his ascension, I know I have yet to truly “let go”. One of my intentions is to hopefully ‘see’ the depth in the meaning of letting go. I know it’s not the normal meaning humanity has placed on it. I drew the Winged Wise One when I asked for how I interpret letting go. This year the Celtic Fae Goddess Morrighan is my guide. Tough one, I know. The Wise One whispers their translations in unraveling the past and revealing the present–my death and rebirth I think. The Hawk Prince lept out of the deck while shuffling. Divine intervention for sure starting with your message here. I don’t have a physical piece of furniture chattering away, I do have a lot of cluttering chatter that keeps me from hearing Spirit. I look forward to my quest and letting my son “go” in love and peace for him, as well as me.
    Namaste Winged Wise One.
    I Bow.

  • Beth R

    Amen! I started to clear out some “loud” objects in my home and then got sidetracked and need to revisit the process again…thanks for the reminder. 🙂 PS…last week I bought my ticket to see you in Red Deer in July!

  • Kathy

    Good article, I still need to de-clutter and make it easier to clean. I need to get over the pack rat thing. Even the places I can’t see, still bugs me. Still working on the issue. Just ordered your Good Tarot deck, can’t wait. Another thing though.


  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    So many comments … quickly!

    I was just saying the same thing to myself
    that something in my home, my room, was stunting
    my growth – it weighs me down (good, yet bad)
    it’s preventing the cycle or seasons of a project
    to birth, bloom, be enjoyed, then wither from where
    it came or to where it belongs.

    Hopefully, I will examine my thoughts, organization and
    finally be able to get the upper hand on my home-life.
    Thereafter, it would be a pleasure to acquire home and
    work (employment) balance.

    Then I should be a happy camper, LOL


    I recently viewed your presentation regarding the “lens”
    we need to look through to actually grow. It was from
    2013 or so. You spoke more about your parents in detail.
    It was refreshing to hear your humanity. Oh yeah, you
    wore a t-shirt that read “LOVE PEOPLE”.

    Work – Respect, Honor, Earned Reward
    Mom & Dad

  • Wendy Bailey

    THANK YOU, Colette! You have no idea how inspiring this blog post is for me. My mom passed 8 or 9 years ago and I’m still having trouble figuring out what to do with some of this stuff. And new used stuff walks through my door at regular intervals. Too much stuff!! It’s not just clutter, it’s choking me! I know I have to do something about it, but I feel sort of guilty for getting rid of things that came from “home.” I have been toying with the idea lately of just getting rid of some of this stuff and hope that my mom will understand. And so that’s what I’m determined to do! Thank you!

  • Wendy Bailey

    Oh, and just wanted to add, I’m so glad your new piece is made of “vegan” leather. <3

  • Michèle

    Dearest Colette,

    Such a beautiful and insightful post! And always the great timing.

    Just yesterday I realised it was time to say goodbye to a chest of drawers I bought 18 years ago for my daughter, that I’ve been schlepping around the world across three continents and countless countries. And now it is time for it to live with her and no longer with me.
    I was amused and surprised that I needed to say goodbye to it emotionally and am looking forward to this new phase in my life.
    The power of decluttering – they should teach that at school!!!

    Thank you for your wise words, I love your blog, your oracle prescriptions and lessons, your books and everything!! <3 <3 <3
    Many, many blessings.


  • Penny

    Hi Collette. Love your new cards. Beautiful illustrations. Can’t wait to see the new spirit animal oracle cards you are doing. Thankyou for always inspiring me.
    Much love and light .


  • Dawn Schultz

    I have to laugh! My single card this morning was, ‘Clean It Up’. Guess what I’m doing today?!

  • Sarah

    Hi Colette, I too need to do a clearing of clutter! I have the new cards!!!????I love them !I really like the map cards too! Wish I had a certificate to go with the course I took! Have a blessed day!

  • Moraine

    Your de-cluttering post was perfect for me as stuggle to let go of 22 years of stuff in my house and my marriage. Your oracle reading was perfect for me as well. Rejection is God’s protection. I am taking the life coach certification with Crystal Andrus Morrissette. I believe she is a friend of yours. I can’t wait for your animal sprit cards. I have a set of these already and they are so helpful. Looking forward to more of your blogs and videos Collette. Thank you!

  • Jane

    Thank you Colette for that vantage point about an object. I have things in my home I just don’t want anymore and keep saying to myself “but it is still in good shape and useable “. So it stays and stays and stays. Stuck is a good word that describes the feeling. I love that I can see clearly now (thank you Wayne Dyer)— what that stuck feeling is related to–the “stuff” I no longer hear from.

  • Diana Parish

    Dear Colette,

    Thank you so much for this post . It was so perfect; just exactly what I needed to hear. My life is generally going very well now, and there are problems. So I need to follow my guidance and know that all is moving forward in Divine right timing and with Divine guidance.

    I love, love, love the Good Tarot! I also so enjoy the weekly readings.

    Love and gratitude,

  • Liz Ferguson

    I can so relate. I actually got rid of a whole house! I really needed a fresh start after 23 years in the same place. Got rid of most of the furniture and belongings too. We had a new house built and lived in an apartment and various hotels until it was completed. It was so refreshing to bring in all new things. I’ve interspersed with some cherished items as well. At the same time my family decided to sell our mothers home which was in the family for over 65 years. It was a difficult but necessary decision. We kept holding onto the home thinking Mom wanted us too but in the end it just held too many memories that needed to be released. Thanks Collete

  • Renee

    Yes, I just let go of a recliner that had many old stories. It had even become painful to sit in. I knew I needed to let go of the energy and purchase a new chair that supports me in creating my new story and is very comfortable. I found my chair and it will be arriving in a few days! I am so ready for the new!

  • Anonymous

    Of course, perfect timing. How does Spirit do that. 🙂 I will be starting over soon. I’ts finally exciting but still the small self wants to feel safe and take everything with it. I’ve had things in boxes for years never having been able to to put them out, they have held so much hope and unfulfilled desire. I can see that to move on I need to let go of all those lost hopes and dreams. Give myself a fresh start and room for the fulfillment of the new authentic inspired dreams. Thank you Colette, as always, for your willingness to share and model healthy behaviors. Much love and gratitude to you always. ♥

  • Joanne Ingrassia

    Really loved this post, Colette! Just before starting Oracle School (so many things came together all at once), I finally cleared the room that WAS my office that contained a lot of not great energy (despite sage smoking it, and clearing some things out). So one day I just got it into my head to go buy a twin bed that would be my day bed in what I immediately name, my Spirit Room! It is glorious. It is where I do all my oracle card consulting and writing now, and cat napping with my cats who also love the space. And of course, if I have an overnight guest which has tended to be rare but now might be more, I have a room that can be used as a guest room. All in all, I know how much energy and noise furniture and even clothes can have for me. I have purged so much and still have more I can let go of now with more ease, especially after Oracle School. I am so much more at peace and becoming happier and happier every day. Thank you so much for all you do and offer. And can’t wait to see you at your next Spirit evening in June in Toronto!

  • Courtney

    Hi Colette 🙂

    Almost my entire apt. is made up of furniture from my family, most of who I have had trouble with. The furniture is dark wood as Im originally from the east coast but now on the west coast. Time for some lightness in my colors! I had wondered for sometime if these pieces have been bringing me back to my tumultuous childhood too much. After reading your blog, I FEEL it to be true. Now, I just need to find what type of career to place myself in life so I can make $$ to get the new stuff and create more positivity in my life. Lol I’ve been holding myself back out of confusion but it’s been too long. I really wonder now if all this stuff is also part of what I allow to hold me down. I don’t know, but I do need a change as I can’t bear the heaviness and my own chatter from it.

    Thank you for the insight!

  • Sharon

    Thank you for your wonderful blog. Just what I needed to see. I have felt for so long that this was necessary, appreciating your lovely nudge and glad that you now have a renewed space to create! Looking forward to your next deck!

  • Lynn Marie

    Oh my gosh, your post that you wrote today was EXACTLY the thing I needed to hear, and I can see from glancing at what some other people have written here that what you wrote about is deeply resonating with a lot of peopke!!! All 4 of my grandparents have passed away by now, and I knew all of them well and I deeply miss all of them. Well, in my crazy family, I happen to be the designated family charity case, I’m the daughter who can’t seem to get her life together who is trying REALLY hard but I never seem to be able to hold on to a job longer than 3 years, and I tried to get a college degree years ago but got really frustrated and disillusioned with the degree I was aiming for so no,I DON’T have a college degree and I don’t even care really anymore! So in my small apartment I have a couch that belonged to one grandmother and a recliner that belonged to the other and I’m at a point where I feel like I am surrounded by DEATH in my living room, I’ve GOT to let that furniture go!!! So I’m selling it or something, it’s really getting to me! My theme song these days I think happens to be that LET IT GO song from the movie Frozen!!! Great post Colette!!! 🙂

  • Lyn

    I too have had this ‘heavy’ feeling hanging around me for awhile now and it’s all about old memories. Our son and I spent two days clearing out a HUGE amount of rubbish/nonsense/clutter out of our garage/boys workroom and WOW what an enormous weight was lifted off of my mind. It has given me a huge ‘ah haa’ feeling so I am carrying on through my whole house———–in our homethe 3 of us are enjoying a new fresh clean slate.
    Thank you so so much for the ‘licence’ to carry on.

  • Lindsey

    Yay for vegan leather! Sounds like a lovely couch. This post was so helpful – thank you! You’re the second prompting within a week or so to get me thinking about giving away some of my furniture.

  • Deb Stopar

    I am sick of all my antique bedroom furniture I have.It was my husband’s aunts friends. He likes antique furniture.Im done with it sick of it.It reminds me of her. I want my own.Im in the process of looking for a bedroom set.

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