What The Mouse Said.. the Truth about Living and Loving!

Updated: June 6, 2017

What The Mouse Said.. the Truth about Living and Loving

Animals are our teachers, healers and guides for the soul. They are messengers from Spirit, ambassadors of the universe, oracles to our human journey. If we are fortunate to experience the gift of a companion animal, well let’s face it, they are the greatest gift of all.

Sebastian was 14 years old, toothless, deaf, and going blind. He was my shadow since we got him.following me everywhere ensuring the toilet gods would not swallow me up and that each corner I turned would be closely guarded by his mighty presence.

I have had many important relationships with companion animals, each of them precious.

Ours was different.

He really was my soul mate.

I knew him the minute I met him.

He and I locked eyes when he was a pup and I felt the bond snap into place like magic.

Trouble was when I met him he was someone else’s dog. But I knew his soul with a palpable intimacy. And he knew me too.

Wacky as that sounds.

Of course my declaration to his owner ( who breeds Poms) met huge resistance. “NO he is NOT for sale EVER.”

“ um… but I just KNOW he is mine”

I know crazy maniac psychic.

Months later we got the call “ I can’t bond with this dog do you still want him?”

Yes yes yes yes yes.

And Sebastian came home.

He taught me so many things over the years. He taught me about tenacity, commitment, endurance, loyalty and honesty. He taught me about acceptance and respect, compassion and empathy. He taught me about responsibility and how to move through loss. He taught me to honor the passage of time.

Most of all he taught me about unabashed unconditional extraordinary love.

As he got older, he had to have become my greatest mindfulness instructor.

Being aware of him and his needs made me hyper aware of being in the Now and what that meant. Grateful for every moment I really paid attention to the signs.

I knew it was coming soon. He had taken to sleeping under the couch. His body was so frail at just over 3 pounds and his behavior since losing his hearing was increasingly nervous when he couldn’t see me. He would cough all night and then be perfectly fine. He ate more than the other two bigger dogs combined.

Every time we thought this was it, he would rally.

He was a determined little guy.

Don’t give up on me.

The universe speaks to us through our environment if we know how to read the signs and symbols within it’s forgotten language. It’s an art that requires awareness and a knowing that everything is connected.

A huge dragonfly circled around me on my way to the garage – way too early for the season. I knew to begin paying attention.

This past week Marc and me went into the city for a business dinner.

We were early so we stopped for a coffee at a funky coffee shop in a run down house near our meeting. It was a beautiful day so we sat outside on a bench.

At the bottom of the 3 steps leading up into the house my eye caught movement against the gray stone. It was a very large mouse stumbling by the edge, Marc commented that he must have ingested poison. I ran in to tell the owners and I got a paper cup to try to coax it into it so I could move it to die in peace in the bushes.

Stubborn mouse was not having anything to do with my rescue attempt and instead just sat in front of it. He was going to do death his way. Why was I the only one noticing this? There were other people there too that just seemed not to notice or care if they did.

But I could tell there was something happening.

I know what “Mouse” symbolism is … the sign to pay attention to details and the smallest things. But there was something else that I couldn’t remember and so I said to Marc I needed to look up the symbolism on my phone. The Romans saw the mouse as the being who ushered the dying into the Elysium Fields – their version of heaven.

I decided that was obvious the mouse was dying. ( hint “decided”) Perhaps the mouse was a test like you got in grade one when the Teacher pointed to the alphabet. I am after all working on an animal oracle so of course I would notice said dying mouse. That’s it!

Ah the need for certainty courses through my veins just like everyone else’s. Denial is bliss if even for a moment.

We left and went to the restaurant where I got a call that Sebastian had a grand mal seizure but my sitter told me he had rallied after so I contacted my vet right away and she agreed to see us at 8 am the next morning.

Traffic was jammed going home, and it felt like an eternity. I was prepared to see a sick little boy when we arrived but all 3 of my dogs were particularly celebratory, and very playful.

You know tragedy strikes then everyone acts like nothing happened. Where’s my cookie? They are fine but you are shattered?

See? I almost died but it was a false alarm! Where is the squeaky toy!

The Mouse said “ pay attention to the details…guess the dying part was just for my research. Phew”

We got upstairs and Sebastian turned into Puppy, bouncing around barking, showing me one by one everything I taught him.

Who are you?

It was the kiss that got my attention. When he first saw me and Marc kiss he would try to jump in so I taught him how to kiss with an open mouth head tilted, like a little fish -he was so cute.

He kept doing it and holding my nose in his toothless gummy little mouth. His eyes were so bright. Marc was so touched too by his behavior and remarked wow – we need to remember this.

Yes the details, the small things, just like the mouse reminded me.

But as we guess in all these stories Mouse had that and more to say.

Sebastian couldn’t survive the aggressive seizure he had on Friday and died in my arms sitting with me and Marc. Our hearts broke open so wide I thought I would be swallowed up in love and grief as he crossed the rainbow bridge.

Good bye little Mouse.. which by the way is what I started calling him in recent months.

Little Mouse.

Each one of us weave our stories into the Story of the whole world.

The mouse gave me a precious gift.

Spirit is always present.

We are never alone…..

But do we know how to listen?

I don’t want to take anything for granted.

Life is short… yes Life on earth is short .. so love now, love with all your heart, pay attention to the little things, be grateful for every breath you share with the ones you love. Let your story be about love and its fullest expression no matter what.

Learn the language of the oracles that come to us in divine synchronicity. You will be so glad you did.

Dog  symbolizes Love and Loyalty

No wonder dog is God spelled backwards.

Love you all.. always and forever – Colette

PS – have you noticed signs in your environment before a beloved pet passes?

PPS – if you want to learn more about oracles omens and signs in Nature.. my book Messages From Spirit has a symbol guide of over 400 meanings.

Love to hear your stories too.



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  • Amanda

    Sorry for your loss Colette. I know how grateful I am that my Jack Russell chose to come and be here with me now. What love that is; what courage and utter love. Thank you for sharing your connection and your awareness of the messages, that prepared you for the ‘time’ being near for your companion to leave you … for now.
    Much Love

    • Eva Makstutis

      Yes, animals are divine beings who increase the quality of our lives beyond measure. Spirits who grace us with their animated love, often silent deep connection & loving hearts. Instant Joy.
      Thanks for sharing this awesome reminder.

    • Trish

      Moved to tears, my heart breaks again knowing all too well what gripping, throat lump aching pain it is to say goodbye to a Beautiful Furry Friend. Thank you for eloquent words, spoken with courage in the midst of your sadness. Gently you remind us of the countless lessons we learn from their unconditional love. Sending healing embraces and sympathy to you and Marc as I light a candle tonight to honor the incredible soulmate life you have shared with your Little Mouse. ????????????

    • Karen Pomroy

      Colette, my heart is with you and Marc during this time of sadness. The animals have so much to teach us, every day. I am grateful everyday that I grew up with animals, they’ve always created a sacred place in my environment and more importantly my heart. Like Sebastian, there are those that we just know are our soulmates. What a gift! I can’t wait until your animal oracle cards will be available. In the meantime I’m ordering the book Messages From Spirit. Thank you for sharing and for all your wisdom ❤️

    • Bridgette

      What a beautiful post. I just lost my soul mate of 12 years on 6/29/17, so this is SO on time. AND explains my mouse sighting in my HOME that seemed so random 6 months ago. I’ve been in this home 13 years and have NEVER seen a mouse and haven’t seen one since. This special piece just let me know why. THANK YOU!

  • Katie Maniaci

    So sorry about Sebastian, Colette. What a sweet dog.

  • Beth R


  • Connie Baldwin

    I loved your story! We who love dogs and know they are sent to us from Spirit understand your story. It is so hard to have a loved one pass! Thank you for sharing your life with us as well as Marc and your doggies!

  • Anonymous

    So very sorry for your loss but so very glad you had the opportunity to share your journey together.

  • Mary Beth Wayne

    That was a beautiful story, Colette! Thank you for sharing. I’m sorry for your loss of Sebatian. He was always so sweet in the videos. Your message is so true and heart felt! Thank you

    p.s. I love The Good Tarot deck. I think my daily mantra should be 10 of Waters! The are all so positive with beautiful messages. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Colette,

  • Denise Salomon

    So sorry for your loss of Sabastian. I have lost 2 golden retrievers over the years and understand the love our dogs give to us is unconditional. Sending out love to you and Marc.

  • Joyce Slaughter

    What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.

    I am sorry for your loss. My own “little mouse” passed last year. This morning, Facebook brought me a fond memory of her and now your story reminds me of her again. She was ill, would rally, be ill, rally. The cycle same as you described even down to the puppy like behavior with the squeaky toy.

    I accept both the Facebook memory and your story as gifts – reminding me to pay attention to the details.

    Thank you for the reminder. Thank you for the gift.


  • Debbie

    so sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved Sebastian.
    dogs do really get a hold of our hearts and souls. Blessings to you for your healing process.

  • Sylvia Biwman

    Heart breaking. Been there a few times. Thinking of you both.

  • Patricia Stevens

    Loving condolences to you and Marc, Colette. I am grateful to Sebastian for teaching you so that you could, in turn, teach all of us. In this story of Mouse, you have taught me about graceful crossing of the Rainbow Bridge.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Colette,

    Your loving accounting in losing such a precious pup and your dearest Sebastian, brought the tears. The suffering mouse at the steps of that old coffee house had the supreme good fortune to have your empathy in your efforts to help and when signs show up it is always so extraordinary. We really do need to pay attention and to learn as much as we can as to what some may mean for us. It takes Sebastian’s passage to a new a much greater level of compassion, love, and understanding, even through the tears and heartbreak.
    Thank you!

    Thank you!

  • Angela

    Lots of love to you re your beautiful little dog passing. I can relate, and yes I found signs and symbols were there for the steps to unfold, although I wanted not believe it was happening. It was a gift and a special time of sharing a great life together as my cat and I stepped on with life without our boy.
    I’ll never forget the care from the vet and a friend who without hesitation came to help dig the special place for him to be buried, the same happened with my cat a few years later, a friend I hardly knew just offered to come and help, I felt cared for as my animals I have always held very close to my heart.
    So a lot of love to you both as you tread these times without Sebastian. ????????❤️????????????????????❤️

  • Eileen

    First I like to say , I love the format here.
    I fell like you really care about what your doing.Thank you for taking the time to teach us and help us in our lives.
    Second I like to say my heart goes out to you for the loss of Sebastian.
    I to have a little doggie that just turned 5. I have raised her since she was 4 weeks old. She also follows me around from room to room and yes even in the potty. LOL.
    I can only imagine how heartbroken and devastated you must have been.
    Remember the good times and hang onto him close to your heart. <3
    Love will cure all!
    Thank You

  • Anonymous

    Thank you again for your blog and weekly Oracle Card guidance! I am so, so sorry for the loss of your beloved Sebastian. Having lost several dogs myself I know the pain and grief you must be going through. When your dogs started to bark as you were going through the cards i thought i was hearing my dogs barking which was quite funny. God bless.

    • Jill Lathers

      Your baby will always be beautiful!
      With gratitude and Devine Love
      An ageless Goddess

  • Julie Walker

    So Sorry to hear about your beloved friend and pet. My heart is with you both????
    Much lovexxxx
    Thank you for all you bring to this world????????????

  • Lynn Warren

    What a beautiful story. I have been on vacation this last week and just caught up on the last live call of Personal Mastery. I noticed how attentive you were to the dynamics among your dogs. I felt it was near as I am sure you did as well. God Bless us Every one and that means our animals too!

  • Barbara

    A sad but heartwarming story of unconditional love, Colette… a beautiful gift to your lives and a tribute to Sebastian’s. Thank you for sharing the intimate moments. In 1996, I knew nothing about looking for signs… but looking back to that time when our 18+ years kitty had to be put to sleep (the one who was flea ridden when brought home as a tiny kitten from a near river by the railroad tracks and who pooped on the pillow put for him to sleep on and was sound asleep in the middle of the litter box the following morning), I knew that he was staying alive in spite of his grave existence because he sensed that neither of us could let him go. That goodbye was one of more to follow and each was the most difficult experience I have ever had to endure in life. But like Sebastian, the joy they each brought into our lives was more precious than gold. Life is short… you spoke so much truth.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I know isn’t it weird how painful it hurts more than when my parents died.

      • Barbara

        No, it’s not weird at all… at least not to me. Our pets love us unconditionally even when we don’t meet their every need or expectation the moment they want it.

      • Deb

        Oh, dearest Colette, please don’t think of your grief as “weird,” or judge yourself and your true feelings, as most of this world does. Furred, feathered, scaled, whatever “suits” they wear — a soulmate is a soulmate is a soulmate. I ask, what physical loss could *possibly* hurt worse than that?! This is a SACRED kind of loss for you, and for all others who feel the same.

        My own feline furchildren (brother & sister) were both my cherished soulmates, and I felt it from the moment of our spiritually-arranged meeting & their immediate adoption. They, too, loved, taught and guided me all throughout their precious lives, much as your beloved Sebastian did with you. In fact, no one has shaped my life and RE-education in so MANY areas, as they did, including the metaphysical. Yet even 17 and 10+ years after their respective transitions, the pain is still there, as the flip-side to the sheer intensity and immensity of our love for each other…including other lifetimes together. And no other loss (out of MANY) has shattered my heart as deeply. I suspect none ever will.

        I once again broke into tears reading your story, recognizing yet another sign from my boy. Firstly, in your phrase, “He was going to do death his way.” That’s exactly how it happened in my boy’s case. Yet he knows I STILL need powerful reminders that that was HIS desire, and I had to honour it, no matter what else I thought at the time. Secondly, in the signs from nature, where both a peculiarly brief burst of wind at just the right moment, and then an uncommon (for our parts) orange butterfly signaled that he was not just “okay,” but present with us at his memorial/burial. The signs preceded even this, and have never stopped coming when I need them most.

        But as to that comparison, as so wisely once proclaimed, “What therefore God hath joined together, let no man put asunder.” Yup, including the joining of hearts and souls between different species!

        May many wonderful signs (ADCs) from your precious Little Mouse help ease the ache in your broken heart, even if for just a moment each time, to keep you feeling “as one.” My sincerest, deepest condolences on your loss, and many cyber-(((((((HUGS))))))) of support in your time of grief.

        • Colette Baron-Reid

          I do not in any way feel grief as weird nor do I judge myself for it at all.. so happy my story held special messages for you. Spirit works in wondrous and mysterious ways.

      • Dana

        I feel your pain. I noticed Sebastian in the background of a video you were doing two years ago and thought he was the most adorable dog. Lucky you! And lucky him to have you. My sweet, beautiful yellow labrador, Honey, died at 14 in January – a year later than the vet had expected. I was supposed to ‘let her go’ as it was the right thing to do but neither Honey nor I were ready for that and so we tuffed it out and went the extra year with love and gratitude for each others company. She and I were also soul mates and I will miss her dearly. All animals are special, but dogs really move me.

  • Janet

    Collette, my heart is aching after reading this week’s blog❤️ One of our dogs, Jack, passed over the rainbow bridge last summer. My husband and I were reminiscing about him this morning.
    He was a big hunk of love, and by last summer I realized that is why he came to us. It was to open my heart and accept unconditional love.
    I don’t remember seeing nature symbolisms, but I had 2 very symbolic dreams. I realized after he crossed over, that I was being told he was ill, and ready to cross.
    Sending you heart felt love❤️,

  • Peg

    Colette, Sending (((HUGS))) and peace your way as you sit in the quiet of cherished memories. Thank you for sharing him with us. Blessing Sebastian on his next adventure, knowing his little paw print rests in your heart forever.

  • Olga

    So sorry for your loss Colette, “little mouse” Sebastian will always be with you regardless wherever he is. You talked about signs before passing away, through my life I noticed that person/pet will behave in a manner like younger self, have a good mood, appetite, laugh and then pass away. Very sad but such is life, need to appreciate every moment of it. Love~ Olga

  • Debra

    Tears are rolling down my face as I write this. Thank you for sharing. Much love to you , Marc, and your fur babies.
    Xox I just know you’ll meet your Little Mouse again in another time, and form.

  • Andrea

    Wow I feel like you wrote this for me. My little doggie is also 14 and looks strikingly similar to your Sebastian. I know she is dying (congestive heart failure). I feel like it is soon. She has really been going down hill the last 2 weeks and it has been touch and go. Your post is a good reminder to savor the little things with her while I can. I’m a big animal person and have lost many beloved pets over the years, but this dog was/is my animal soulmate. Ugh this is sooooo hard. I really feel for you and hope you are doing ok!

  • Beverly

    Colette, thank you for sharing this beautiful story. Our pets can be so bonded and close with us. It was 10 years ago when I experienced my 13 year old cat passing and his message to me. I was working overseas in Japan for the year and would be returning home in a few weeks time. My son had been taking care of our beloved cat, Recky. Late one night ,all of a sudden I got a vision of Recky with his abdomen fiery red and exposed, then my hands started to tingle which happens when I do reiki. I was busy and said a quick prayer then forgot about it.
    For some reason I was off work early the next day and at my apartment when my son called to say that Recky was very sick and we talked about taking him to the vet. After numerous long distance phone calls, prayers and talk, my son had to make the decision to let him go. It was heart breaking for both of us. I also knew it was time to come home as there had been an option to stay longer. For months after Recky’s passing we would hear soft sounds of his collar hitting the food bowl, or a faint meow to tell us that he was still around.

  • Bernie

    So very sorry for your loss…my prayers & thoughts are with you.
    They are precious and are here for such a short time. How blessed we are to have them help us in this life.
    Thanks for sharing

  • Anonymous

    HI Colette,

    Thank you for sharing this touching transformational share that calls all to love. What I got from your share about the mouse, she was calling you to BE PRESENT as, sadly, the time WAS limited and you were called to BE HERE NOW. Wow, powerful. Your little guys Had an immensely strong spirit, I feel him, swirly–in my stomach, shooting into the skies from there.

    I had a magical cat, who was loyal, BEAUTIFUL dark gray with bright green eyes. She started showing signs of deterioration, but kept returning to life, as our family was going through almost foreclosure of our home. She waited until the last minute, until we could save the situation, and control the inevitable sale of our home. She left the next day….. Quick.

    No cat would remain in our new lives ever since, for a brief while, but nothing permanent.

    We have a LOVEly dog now, he is magic, LOVE and loyalty. Persisting to break all barriers relentlessly that is in the way to love…..

    We live on a farm and every time there was an event Re animals, it always brought about a metaphorical change their stories represented in our lives.

    We ARE all ONE. Connected–in love. Forever.

    All My Love….

    PS – Interesting, it is my birthday today…..how profound. I asked for a sign in my morning meditations–many presented, as the greater powers today.

  • Laura

    Colette, My heart breaks for you with tears running down my face as I type this. I know that feeling of love & grief, but wouldn’t trade it for anything. Love & Light to you and yours <3

  • connie

    Sending love and hugs to you and Marc, and your two other fur babies. Sebastian was one lucky little fellow, as you were one lucky Mama. Thank you for sharing him with us. Perhaps he’s up there with Fred working on new material for you. 🙂 ♥

  • Donna Doble-Brown

    Colette and Marc, I am so so sorry about Sebastian . . . Having been thru this myself I know first hand how difficult it is . . . Gosh we just saw him in the last class live call -right???? I know it’s part of the cycle of life and all that but
    Nothing prepares you for the pain you feel . . . At least that’s what I’ve found . . . .sending you both tons and tons of LOVE and LIGHT! ????????

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Yep that was him…

      • Ursula

        I was just thinking about that last call, and in hindsight it seems that there was something ever so slightly different about him… It must feel like being ripped apart, I feel that way by simply reading your words. Sitting with our suffering and our hearts cracked wide open; it makes us authentic, raw, real, deep and teaches us about gratitude and compassion. Condolences. All dogs go to heaven.

  • Bev Casey

    Thank you Colette – one of the most heart touching blogs I have read; my eyes are filled with tears, my heart filled with the love I have and am experiencing with my animals. Yes, I always knew in my heart that they were ready to pass, telepathically they spoke to me and after their passing, always a most beautiful visitation from them, looking radiant, magnificent, sending their love & blessings. Always connected.
    Much love & peace to you & Marc – beautiful memories are there forever.

  • Lindsey

    Oh my goodness Colette! There are tears in my eyes- my heart sends you so much love and heart hugs! As a pet owner and animal intuitive I am well aware of the Gift our animals bring to our loves and hearts. I still communicate with mine that have eloquently passed over the rainbow bridge. No words can convey my empathy and sadness to you and Mark
    Big hugs heart hugs

  • Roxanne DeLillo

    Such a beautiful happy, sad story Colette! Thank you for sharing as I have been blessed to have had three animal soul mates so far. I smile every time I think of you and the blessing you are in my life. Hugs my friend and I hope to hear of your next animal soul mate!

  • Bikem

    Ohhhh Colette, I am so sorry…RIP Sebastian…I will put you and Marc in a prayer list…I wish you the best..You love, and you love hard,which is great…I love you and your wonderful posts…My cat, Mirmir, also waited to die in my arms, he was my lover cat…He is in Heaven now, watching over us and over our newer cat, Dusty..RIP Mirmir too…Love, B…

  • Tracy

    I am so sorry about your losing your precious little guy. My heart goes out to you and your husband. My love and thanks go out to you too,for sharing this partly because my beautiful kitty Tom has cancer, and I’m living in the moment more than ever before. I don’t want to lose him, but wow, what gifts he’s given me in our years together!

    Thanks so much for the reminder thst though losing them is incredibly painful, the love and memories and lessons they leave with us are beautiful and life-changing.


    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Sending much love to you and Tom xox

      • Anonymous

        Tracy, Im so sorry honey. Enjoy every drop of time you have left. Love and light to you and yours.

  • Kerry Robinson

    Dearest Colette, I am so sorry for your loss. My heart breaks for you and Marc. I too have have lost an animal soul mate and know very well the emptiness it can leave in this dimension. I fully understand. Sending you much love and hugs during this time. Love Always, Kerry
    p.s. your animal oracle cards are going to be amazing!

  • Elf

    I am so saddened by your loss…I never had a dog growing up but both my children do now in their own homes and I see what a blessing they are. The lessons they teach us about ourselves are not to be ignored…they are to be cherished. God’s speed…

  • Collette

    Colette I just never seem to get enough of your readings . the more I watch and listen the more I just can’t wit for the next one. Loved this one and the cards that were picked along with the explanation you give us. Even had me chuckling to hear those wee dogs barking.. Maybe they wanted to help you do the reading. In any case thank you again for sharing your insights and life’s meanings. You’re the best.

  • Sarah

    Oh Colette, my heart breaks for you. I know when I’m not with my dog Zac for a few hours I truly feel like part of me is missing and so I can’t begin to imagine how you are feeling right now with Sebastian having crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I am holding you, Marc and your other beautiful fur-babies in my heart and in my thoughts at this difficult time. With much love and blessings, Sarah x

  • Stephanie

    Aw, what a sweet boy Sebastian was and so cute too! Thanks for sharing. This brought me to near tears as it reminds me every day with them is a gift. Our 16yo Siberian Husky is fading fast and life won’t be the same when he’s gone. He taught me how to have fun even when life feels anything but. He’s what I feel a young spirit looks and acts like, even when the physical body tries to say otherwise. We have a Pom too and adore the breed. All 3lbs of her would sit in the above 75lb Husky’s food bowl. I guess that taught him patience LOL!

  • Stephanie

    Dear Colette
    I send my deep sympathy to you and your husband Marc as you grieve the loss of your dear, very dear Sebastian. I witnessed your care and love for him on your recent videos and calls. You will remain in my thoughts,
    With Much Love

  • Sandy

    I am so sorry for the lose of your beloved Sebastian! ????????????

  • Diane

    Thank you so much for being so caring and generous with your time for us. Even in trying times for your family. I so enjoy hearing your views and knowledge which you kindly share freely. I hope the prayers and Reiki that I send to you help in this time of loss. Namaste

  • mable elliott

    Thank you Collette. Love your readings. I criedcwithbyou for the loss of your dog companion, Mouse.

    Blessings iponnuou.

    • mable elliott

      Darned spell correct.

  • Christine

    Oh, Colette! Beautiful blog about Sebastian, what a gift to you he was. I feel for your loss. Today I grieve the loss of a good friend who transitioned last night. She was at peace. I think Sebastian must have been too, cuddled with the two beings he loved most in the world. When our hearts burst that wide open, it’s cleansing, and it always lets in a great deal more light. God bless!

  • Sandra

    Oh, so so sorry for you and Marc and his companions. When you were on the air last week and he had had a seizure I understood the lack of sleep. My Mia is hurt from a severe bruise to her hip and unable to climb stairs, jump on/off my bed or walk very much since May 31st..she and Gracie racing to get out the dog door simultaneously is the cause. Gracie being much smaller and Mia being forced to the side. She is getting better but you have been on my mind since the show. I’ve never known such love as from my fur children. Still get choked up over losing Zeus Mini-Paws and Baby Boomer (Yorkies) within 102 days a few years back. My hand over my heart and sending you all so much love Collette. We will see them again but will always feel their love even after the romp over the Rainbow Bridge. Love, Sandra, Mama Mia and Gracie Mae.

  • Karen

    What a lucky little mouse to have such a great mom!

  • Manuela

    Oh Colette! Thank you for sharing your beautiful tribute to Sebastian today. I needed it (thank you Spirit:) and I needed the tears. In the last day or two, I’ve been going through another wave of grieving my soulmate girl dog Rosie, who I lost more than a year ago. I loved reading the story of how you and Sebastian found one another and your soul connection. And the mouse! A couple of months before I lost Rosie, I learned I had a mouse in the house. I freaked – I’ve always hated mice. With your understanding of mouse as messenger, you’ve changed my story of mice forever. Thank you again. I like to think that Rosie and Sebastian are together, happily chasing mice in the tall grasses of Elysium Fields!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Yes every animal has a message..mice too… mice too. Your mouse was letting you know..

  • Gina

    A heart-wrenching time for you and your family, Colette…sending much love, warm thoughts and prayer to you and your husband and sweet, sweet dogs.

  • Michele S

    My heart is with you through this painful separation. I have had many such experiences with my pet mates! And I knew when they wanted to cross over. It was hard and my heart ached for a long time but those times followed with a deep appreciation and warm, loving memories for our time together. Dogs, cats, goats and a miniature horse. All my adorable loving kids who gave me their unconditional love. We are blessed to have a family of pet mates!

  • Lisa

    Dear Colette,

    Thank you .. I am so grateful to have read this.

    This blog once again reminds me take nothing for granted, and to remember to soak up the preciousness in and every moment.
    My heart strings are pulled by the words you wrote and your deep bond with Sebastian.

    Sincerely, Lisa

  • Dee A Boylan

    Sweet Little Mouse’s nose kisses will be a part of you forever. When a breeze passes by and you feel that tickle, Sebastian is reminding you of unconditional love. What an amazing gift. Love and Light for you and Marc.

  • Richie

    I offer my heartfelt condolences. I understand what you mean about that bond with a pet. Your sharing touched my heart as I remembered losing my little guy “Ricco” some years ago a Teacup Yorkie, who had been my 4legged child for 12yrs, your story brought it all back. When you said heart break wide open, oh my! To have loved any animal that deeply,every one should get that opportunity at least once. My heart go out to you. I cried more for my dog than for the ending of a 3o yr relationship. And I still get teary sometimes. That unconditional love! They are powerful teachers. My heart goes out to you! Love Richie

  • Chris

    So sorry for the loss of your fur baby Sebastian. I was in the ‘ugly’ cry as I read your story – strange how the love and loss of a beloved pet brings out the strongest emotions… hope your hearts heal quickly and your happy memories grow stronger as time passes.

  • Julie

    Sorry about Sebastian. That was a beautiful expression of the love you all shared. Lots of love to you and your family.
    I’d like to share that on Friday morning I saw a tiny mouse lying on my driveway as I was leaving for work. At the time, other than the sadness felt over a death,it didn’t occur to me to look up animal symbolism for a deeper meaning until know after reading your blog. And now I can’t help but realize the synchronicity.

    “When he shall die. Take him and cut him out in little stars. And he will make the face of heav’n so fine” –

  • Deb

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us Colette. You are such a beautiful and authentic teacher for us, are are our 4-legged precious friends. Hugs to you!

  • Joy Gerow

    My Dearest Colette and Marc,
    I caught your email first about your blog update and then I see the word WAS when you spoke of Sabastian. So that prompted me to come to your blog for more info and once here, the tears are streaming. I am so very sorry for your loss and can sympathize with holding him in your arms when he died. I’ve had two cats where I was privileged to hold them as they took their last breath. Heartbreaking wide open … yes, it’s one of the most precious things to experience.
    One of the hardest losses to handle, was my cat Sophie who was killed by coyotes, I never got to say goodbye, but a couple of days later, she appeared beside me on the bed, staring at me the way she would when it was time for breakfast. I said to her “Okay Sophie, I’m getting up.” And then I suddenly realized she wasn’t there … my heart sank all over again but this was her way of telling me she had crossed over safely and was happy to be a kitty along with our other babies especially her brother Tucker who had passed two years before (in my arms). I know … so I’m sending the biggest love and heartfelt sympathy to you, Marc and Sabastian’s cohorts … and of course, they all knew ahead of time.
    I want to leave you with this my friend, … when Sabastian was dreaming during our live call in Oracle School … do you remember how we had such a good loving laugh over his spirit wanting to make sure we all got to see and hear the love he wanted to share with all of these important people that his Momma was always talking to? We had such a hearty genuine laugh over his sweetness. His spirit knew, and I will forever remember that moment when a 3-pound puppy, created laughter for hundreds of your biggest fans. He was able to bring together the planet all in one precious moment. That was the best meditation ever and I will always and fondly relive it when I meditate and when, bonus, we watch it over again but when I do, I’ll cry this time.
    Now, that was a sign that everything will be okay and the fact that he had the seizure and then played with his buddies … also tells us the end is near. Spirit gave that to him.
    Good grief, I’m tearing up again. I better go, but know that my heart breaks with you and that little guy will always be part of your first ever classroom of Personal Mastery.
    Much love and blessings, Namaste, Joy xoxox

  • Linda

    My heart goes out to you and Marc. He will always be with you, but you know this better than anyone. Sending love and angels.

  • Alecia

    Hugs ????????????????blessings ????????????????love????????????????

  • Rolene

    I sobbed and sobbed reading this. I am so sorry for your loss – our furry children are Angels in fluffy outfits. I had a tremendous soulmate in my kitty Weave (sister of Bob). She really was my soulmate and PR for cats as she managed to charm even the most fearful person. She passed at 17 and sent me Jack. Jacky was a rescue and is rambunctious, full of beans and has a specia way of being extra sweet to the strays who come to my office door for their daily feed. He moans at other housecats who try to interfere as if to say “you have human mommies, let mine feed the strays”. I think that is a lesson from Weavie to both of us. I often dream of Miss Weave and wake up feeling comforted and just full of joy. Thank you for this beautiful tribute to Sebastian.

  • Anonymous

    Bless your heart Colette. I needed a gentle kick in the seat of the pants to remind me that nothing stays the same and to be grateful for the ppl and animals in our lives. Your blog and the cards I pulled earlier were loaded with synchronicty that I too am paying attention to. The best part about symbols and signs is knowing that I’m not really alone on this journey. Like you always say: Spirit’s Got Your Back! Thank you for all that you share with us.

  • Kathy

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my 14 year old cat last november. I was devastated. Still am. He was meant to come home after an operation and didn’t. It was just the two of us for 14 years. He was my reason to come home every night. The house was so quiet after he left so I rescued another little one at Christmas that needed a home. I still miss my Nelson but at least Harry has made me laugh again. I’m sure this little one is part dog. He loves the car and people and goes to my mums two hours away with me and makes himself at home at her house.

  • Kathleen

    Thank you for sharing Colette, My 18 year old Persian, Ariel, went deaf a few weeks ago, and now follows me around everywhere. She has been my constant companion since my pre-cancer surgery & now won’t leave my side whenever I am in the house. She is a ‘silent’ meower, which has always been silly, but cute. Like your Sebastian, She ‘found’ me. Our pets ‘know’ the people they need to be with.

  • Zoe

    My condolences on your family loss. I enjoyed seeing & hearing you talk to Sebastian during your teachings. Thank you for sharing. ????✨ xoxo

  • Anonymous

    My dog Sadie has been with me for many, many, many years in many different forms. For a while she was a he, Charlie, an Australian Terrier. We knew each other immediately and we had 10 years together. Then she was Sophie, a Dashound/Pekingese mix. We found each other in a pet shop where i had gone to buy birdseed. We had 17 years together. Now she is Sadie, a Cavachon. Again, we knew each other immediately. And oddly every time she has incarnated with an outie belly button. But I have never needed to look at her belly button to know her whatever form she is in. I think we will always be together. She is my soul mate. So I do know how you feel about Sebastian, and I honor the pain you are in. It’s a tribute to the deep love you share. I also know that you know this is a “time out” while he gets a new little body to continue your love affair. Their little bodies just don’t last very long physically in terms of people years. But the love does and you will find each other again when you are both ready. So big hugs my friend. And big love. Thank you for sharing your private parts with us.

  • Julia

    So sorry to hear of Little Mouse leaving his physical body. Much love to you all at this time ❤❤❤❤

  • Natalie Bridges

    On the second sentence tears welled in my eyes. I didnt know what the blog was about but my spirit did! I am so sorry for your loss. I know all too well that lonely, lost feeling. I too have 3 (rescue) fur babies – 2 boxers, 1 terrier mix – that I love dearly. I have a connection to all 3 but my male, Little Man, is the closest. When I go to the bathroom its like they are on patrol, one passes by the door with a quick peek to see that I am there, down the hall then back again…then comes the next one doing the same thing…each one darting their eyes as they pass by to make sure I am still there. Its quite funny actually.

    Keep that love alive with memories. Much love to you and Marc, blessings.

  • A. Noni Mouse

    *sniffles* So many tears after reading this. Anytime I read about someone losing a dog or a cat I can’t help but be reminded of my own losses and feel the pain all over again. My heart goes out to everyone that’s hurting. Rather than adding another memory of loss here, I’d like to share a story of reunion instead.

    I’m sure everyone’s experienced the dreams after you’ve lost someone you love. They can pop up again at any time, but for those first few years they’re more frequent. Well this little fella had been lost to me for a long time when he started showing up in my dreams on a regular basis again. These were dreams with a very clear message which was basically this: ‘Mommy, I’m back and it’s time to come get me’.

    Over a period of several weeks, he let me know what he looked like this time and gave me some hints to get the search started. When I finally walked into the cat rescue he was waiting at the door for me. All the other cats were running around playing while he just sat there patiently, looking exactly the way he’d shown me. If I had any doubts at the time, they were quickly dispelled as he exhibited all the little quirks he’d displayed in his last life with me. I think the timing of his return was at least partially to help me deal with the loss of another cat, who’d been with me for 20 years. She’d been holding on for my sake but I knew it was past time for her to move on. It’s just so hard to let go sometimes.

    So to sum up my point with this overly long comment, love never dies. I know it’s of little comfort when all you want is them back in your arms now, but you know you’ll see them again. In this life or the next. It can be hard to remember that separateness is an illusion when you’re in pain, so here’s a reminder. Much love and big hugs to you <3.

  • Brigitte

    So sorry for your loss. My heart aches for you, your husband and other pets. Memories of my own pets come flooding back. I feel their presence but miss them non the less. Take heart in their love which is with you forever and always.????

  • Anonymous

    Colette I am so sorry to hear of your angels passing. Our animals are family members and their loss is always great. I have had many various experiences with passing of animals of all types and sizing both family and wild we’ve tried to rescue. They all give such beautiful lessons. May your hearts ache be soothed. Sending you big blankets of love.

  • Sonja

    Firstly condolences, your story made me Cry. The timing of this message is so amazing. I went to read this blog this morning here In Oz but something held me back. I now know why. I needed to read this after my energy healing today. I’ll be looking for more signs, trusting the divine messages and being forever grateful, joyful and full of love.
    Arohanui (that’s much love, in NZ Maori).

  • Judith Robuliak

    I awoke this morning knowing I wanted to write of receiving a gift the night of a live call for Oracle School when Sebastian’s dreaming sounds wove into the meditation you were guiding. Colette, your reaction and laughter that ensued was a balm for the soul; a connector for the hundreds of students on the call as the Joy spread around the circle of One. It was a direct hit for me as the laughter that ensued cracked open an entry point and a receptor for a direct hit for Joy to land in my heart. You see the spiritual healing path of my life story has been void of Joy for too long to even remember when it faded. Happiness often visits but Joy was in need of excavating. Upon reflection I cracked open as I entered into Sebastian’s dream world and your heartfelt laughter. Sebastian I am forever grateful for the medicinal energy you sent that evening. I will pass the Joy forward in your memory. Blessings Sebastian.

    …I acknowledge that another participant from Oracle School that was on the call the night of Sebastian’s dreaming has eloquently written about the experience that touched us all. I smiled when I read the name of the author was “Joy”. A cledon moment for me and yes, you can not make this up. The real thing is so much more spectacular:)

  • Kathy

    Words are inadequate. The heart speaks. In the fullness of our oneness. Thank you for sharing your love for little mouse with us all. Thank you for the gift of you!

  • Joy Clarkson

    Thank you Colette for sharing the light of your soul. As always with your writings, I am guided to messages from Spirit and this is one of my favourites. I put it on the wall of my travel trailer as I took a leap of faith, fulfilled a dream and Spirit answered with an even bigger dream.”Life isn’t measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away!” Today I share your loss of a beloved soul mate, but I also rejoice and celebrate those precious moments with Sebastian, that this beautiful creature brought to your lives and the gift of lessons he is teaching us through Spirit and through you. I too would have tried to assist that little mouse to a more peaceful sanctuary for his final moments along with trying to understand the precious message that Spirit was gifting. Everything and everyone is precious and signs are everywhere. We only need to pay attention to witness the magic. Blessings to you and your family.

  • Heather Halford

    We were blessed to rescue a sweet chihuahua-Pomeranian cross named Shadow and a yellow lab named Chewbacca (Chewy). It’s funny how even though they were named as pups, their names suited them perfectly. They had both been abused as had I as a child and they taught me the meaning of true resilience, hope for a better life, gratitude and above all unconditional love. I will be forever grateful to these furry angels for those lessons. May Sebastian rest in peace and romp joyously with the angels. Sincere condolences and big hugs to you and Marc????????????

  • Janice

    Oh Colette,
    My heart is breaking for you, Marc and little Sebastian. You know he didn’t want to leave you. His little body just broke down. Such wise beautiful eyes. Take comfort in knowing that you will see him again. If not reincarnated then on the other side. Yes, we grieve for our pets more than our parents as our pets are our constant companions, who know us more intimately and still love us unconditionally.

    My sister’s dog passed this year after 14 years. When she went to the Ottawa Humane Society to choose a dog, they advised her not to take Max (Schnouzer)as he could not be trained. He always had health problems, but she kept him on a strict diet and he survived. When I would go to visit, Max always greeted me with a howl, like a wolf. I would sneak him a special treat. My sister moved to another city and I did not get to see Max before he passed, but I heard him in my house on the day of his passing.

    My sister came for a visit recently and after the first night told me that she heard Max in her bedroom at my house. I was so happy for her and Max.

    I wish you and Marc the same, many spiritual visits and blessings and the strength to pull through the shock and sadness of it all.

    Sending love to all of you, including your other pups who will miss him as well.

  • Beverly Lucas-Brown

    Huge hugs and lots of love to you xxxx My darling,soul mate, Border Terrier, Ben, was 15 a couple of years ago and on his birthday I suddenly decided to take his photo – hadn’t taken one for a while. He looked right into my face/lens. Three days later after a dreadful night, he sat on the back step and said ‘we have to go now Mum’ and he died in my arms at the vets but I have no doubt that spirit was nudging me to take that last, beautiful photo – until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. I vowed NEVER again to get another dog, the pain just too much but a year later, there was this sweetheart Border needing a home, aged 4 and he is sitting next to me now. They teach us so much not ‘least’ unconditional love. xxxxxx

  • Cecilia

    Love and a big hug! Our furkids babies are our sweetest teachers and their adoration is unparalleled. Memories of them are among my most treasured. Before my little Brennie left us I dreamed she was swept away in a tsunami but it seemed more like I was the one pulled to sea when she passed.

    Love, love, love

  • Anonymous

    Sorry to hear yr dog died .I know how that feels there a big part of the family! God bless him! Your life story was interesting. sinqinizise signs ECT they are there sometimes we just don’t see them ! Others we are lucky to see open are eyes and see ???????? Bless ya!x

  • Susan

    Like you I believe animals are life’s best teachers. My dog Saba, picked us the moment we saw her and her 10 brothers and sisters. Saba made me smile every day of her life and watched over us in the good and bad times. Saba was almost 15 and just passed away in March. Her passing crushed me on a soul level. However, she reinforced my belief that miracles do happen. We had planned to take her on a trip to California in February and she go really sick in January and we thought we would lose her then, I spent the whole night rubbing her belly and praying to God and the Angele to let her see the ocean. The next day she popped up just like the trooper she always was and we had the best trip ever. Everyday I think of her lopsided smile and thank God she was part of my life. All of the animals I have had or been lucky enough to spend time with have touched me in some way. “Unconditional love”.

  • CAT

    Thank you for sharing your story. That was beautiful. 8 years ago, my beloved Ivy was very old and very tired. I thought, when she passes, I will wait to see if another dog will enter my life. But Fate came in and took over. My daughter is a veterinarian, and she asked if I would watch over a little Havanese named Willow who recently had surgery; she had been surrendered by her owners. It was Thanksgiving, and the Vet Hospital was understaffed. Of course, I said yes. Feisty Ivy was too old to care by this time. So the day before Thanksgiving, I brought Willow home. The day after Thanksgiving, my beloved Ivy passed away. These two little “gifts” helped me through the sadness. My little Willow is now nearly 12, with health issues of her own. I know in my heart that her little soul and her big heart will help me through the crisis.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Sounds like Spirit and Ivy had a plan for you and Willow.. thanx for sharing

  • Anonymous

    Such a beautiful post. How lucky you were to have such a special connection.

  • Debbie

    Thank you for sharing your story. You were incredibly lucky to have been gifted such a beautiful connection. I’ve learned a lot from you over the past few years and look forward to what you share in the future. Blessings to little Sebastian – may he soar far and wide and someday return to you.

  • Corinna

    Dear Colette, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your dear Sebastian. My deepest condolences to you and Marc. xxx

  • Liane Tessier

    I rarely write in to comment, but I had to today. I was sitting outside in the sun relaxing reading this blog about you’re dog and the mouse, and as I lay down my device to contemplate it’s meaning for me, one of my cats came towards me with a mouse in his mouth. This is nothing new but, the timing was surprising. As always, I try and grab the mouse out of his mouth to save it. The tiny mouse was still alive, but not for long and I saw it take it’s last 3 breaths and then die in front of me. I am blown away by the timing of all of this!! Wow.

  • Maria R.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us all. My heart breaks for you and Marc. I loved seeing Sebastian during the live calls during the Personal Mastery Course and I could feel the connection you had with him. I’ve loved animals all my life to a degree that most don’t understand. My mother said I came into this world loving animals more than people (which frankly….most people raise an eyebrow about;-) I knew what she meant and I knew that I felt that way because animals are such gifts and I’ve always believed that they are the greatest teachers.
    I’ve had the honor of having many many companion animals in my life but none were the same as my Ellie. I too, like you, knew the moment I saw her, that she was my soulmate. I felt complete with her, even though I knew deep down that I was complete on my own, but she was the missing piece of a puzzle. She had many health problems, as I have, but she always had the best attitude of any person or animal I’ve ever known. I know that she came into my life to teach me many things, but moving through pain and obstacles with grace, lightheartedness and tenacity was at the top of the list. I always think of her when I draw the Go the Distance Card!
    I know there were signs around me at the time, but I was too far in denial to notice. I’ve become better at being aware of signs now. After her death, Cardinals kept appearing near me, and still do when I think of her and miss her. Ted Andrews wrote that Cardinals remind us that we always have the opportunity to renew our own vitality and recognize the importance of our own life roles. Just yesterday, I was missing her. We went for our evening walk and coming around the last corner was a black and white English springer spaniel……just like Ellie. There aren’t any that live anywhere near us, so we never see any. I said, “Well, that was a great sign!…..Thank you!!!” I think Spirit and Ellie knew I needed an obvious one yesterday;-)
    I know there is nothing that anyone can say that will make your heart hurt any less right now. The most comforting thing you said and that’s true is….. “We are never alone”.
    I’m sending you so much love………..blessings, peace and big hugs to you <3.

  • Debbie

    Thank you for sharing your story, Colette. I am very sorry for your loss. It is very hard to loose them and it hurts immensely. So my Love to you and Marc.

  • Dianne

    I am so sorry. I am a Pomeranian person and of course I loved you when I found out you are too.
    In November my shihtzu passed. A month later on Facebook I saw a Pomeranian for sale. I had to have her. 1 problem I can’t get her now and I am leaving town to be with my grandchildren for Xmas break. Well the one selling her was leaving town in 4 days. She said ” I don’t know why I put her up I just had a gut feeling”( she’s 2 not a puppy) I told her about my shihtzu. That I am her gut feeling. If she posted a few weeks ago, I would have smiled and kept on going. Now I love sable poms this is a lavender parti. (Yes she reminds me of my shihtzu but being a pom.) She takes her off and after I got home and 1 weekend of bad weather took the drive to get her. She joined my other pom, poodle and collie and 4 cat family. 2 weeks later out of no where I tell my coworker ” I am playing hooky from my other job” when home I even thought ” why did I do this, I should have just said going in late” well I ran out of time over the weekend so I gave my older pom a bath. She was screaming her usual protest( louder since she lost some hearing) after I rinsed her and toweled her she ran to her blanket to finish off drying. I sit for a minute then got up to take my collie out to brush and I see my older pom, my Daisy dead on the blanket! She was fine what happened!! I had my little angel Tallulah that I got right in between these 2 deaths ( my other 2 I can’t hold like a baby in my arms) I also know out of no where and I called in and didn’t go to work. This was in the works. Not my hands but spirit was holding mine. Spirit had my back and what can be more comforting than that.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Your story reminds me too how everything is connected and even though this is so painful it is true that there is a divine orchestration..

  • Isabelle Adams-Modien

    My deepest condolence to you and Marc. Sounds like Sebastian was very similar to my little Peanut (chihuahua). Peanut crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in January 2011. Peanut will always be in my heart. What a gift a Sebastian and a Peanut are to the human being. Thanks for sharing your heartbreak… xoxo

  • Barb Parcells

    Painful as it was, I’m so glad you were able to be there with him, to hold him while he crossed over. I was honored to be with three of my cats each time it was their turn, and I will move heaven and earth to be with the two I have now when it’s their time. All my love, prayers, and blessings to you, Marc and your fur babies.

  • Angali

    “He and I locked eyes when he was a pup and I felt the bond snap into place like magic.”

    Dearest Colette,
    I’m literally reading this, minutes after coming home from a bit of a disappointing trip to the Toronto humane society. It took alot of nerve for me to walk in and connect with some of the dogs kept in there. I was hoping to find our little companion, however it was not meant to be, not today.

    Thank you for the gift of knowledge, to learn and notice the omens.

    Earlier at the humane society,on my way out the front door, there was a cute little chihuahua with one ear stuck up, as if she was listening to hear me say something! I greeted her, acknowledge her owner and we started chatting. I was telling her about my story of my little puppy that died as a child, and after so many years I’ve mustered up the courage to come into the humane society to adopt! I told her the name of my little puppy was ” Sheeba” and the owner said ” OH! wow, Her name is Sheeba!” pointing to the little furry cuteness, now taken up with activities happening with a car that pulled up. IMPOSSIBLE, I thought,( yet the impossible was staring me in the face; possibility as a fact!) It’s a Sign! Being there was indeed being on the right path!

    I had to convince myself that in divine timing ( hoping Divine timing is by June 15th, Amelia’s 8th birthday) lol … our perfect love will make himself known. Came home and now your blog! Thank you infinity!
    I am sorry for your loss, but the truth is that Sebby will always be with you and in this truth I celebrate his life and many many happy memories shared. All that is real after all is love. It is truly an honour to be part of OS, at such a perfect time, to have known Sebestian. God Bless & Big Love and Hugs.

  • Anonymous

    Colette –
    I am so sorry for your loss – sending you love and hugs

  • Bonnie

    I’m so sorry for your loss Colette and Marc. Been through that a couple of times. My cat Sam passed a little over 8 years ago …. I watched him go … he had been my only companion for a lot of years. He was sick but he passed from lung cancer, which we didn’t know he had. Now his best friend and sister, Camille, is on the slippery slope with diabetes that she developed right after he left us. And Camille’s new little brother has a heart murmur brought on by hyperthyroiditis. I seem to run a home for sick animals and its painful but I wouldn’t want a life without them. I know you gave Sebastian the best life he ever could have had. Rest in that. Love and peace ….

  • Jacqui Barnes

    Colette, thank you for sharing this very personal experience, your grace with grief is remarkable and beautiful.. Having gone through this myself with my fur babies, I understand your pain completely. Blessings to you and Marc as you work through the emotions of this difficult time. xoxo

  • Wanfa Griffin

    Thank you for sharing this story. It truly has touched my heart. I lost my dog three years ago now and had to make that decision to end her life which was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make. She was my best friend and soul mate for 17 years. I know she is still with me and I know she stuck around in pain and loss of her quality of life for me in the end. I miss her. I picked up your book Kindle addition of Messages from Spirit. I’m looking forward to the read. Sorry for your loss.

  • Anonymous

    My heart is aching for your loss of such a beautiful little soul. These special animals weave a thread from their hearts right into ours! They love unconditionally and have amazing patience with us faulted humans. I wish their life spans could be longer, but then, we may not appreciate the lessons they teach us. I send love and light to you and Marc for tender healing. What a reunion you will have when you see your little guy again!

  • Jana Lynne White

    Old friend, Colette. I’m busy building a new world (Jana 3.0) – and I don’t always have time to open your emails. But I was called to open your “mouse story” – and since my GURU – my eleven year old Samson – is starting to SLOW way down, I thank you for your most timely (choke, gasp) sharing.

    I’ve been taking Shamanic training all of my life – learning how the Universe is always calling out to us, through events, people, and sometimes, through tragic and telling little mice.
    Blessings to all the good you do and the wisdom you have always carried. ox Jana

  • Genene

    (((HUGS))) to you and Marc on the loss of Sebastian’s physical presence. I wrote a book that included stories of my beautiful furbabies who have crossed. Always makes me cry when I reread those stories, just as your story about Sebastian did. My Cocker Spaniel gave me a wake-up call about a month ago that his time on this plane is not infinite. I’m still struggling (resisting?) the message to stop the rush to cross things off my “to do” list and savor the gift of beauty and love that is offered in each moment. Thank you for sharing your story about your beautiful Sebastian!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thanx for sharing.. yes resistance is futile but so we will anyway.. I expect I will with these next two too. Part of the dance .. part of the dance.- resist accept resist accept..

  • Leslie Hoffman

    Our precious animals are puddles of love. When one leaves us, it creates a drought that we all can empathize with.
    My heart is with you and Marc.
    Leslie Hoffman

  • Carol McGhee

    So sorry for your loss. I love your story of your love and devotion and his love and devotion. I’m like you I get more upset at the passing of my Furry Soulmates than family ( not sure if that’s o.k.)
    Love all animals and have always felt close to them.
    So many good memories that are so funny, sad and joyous!
    God Bless You Colette!

  • Robyn Conn

    So sorry for your loss! ???? Love my animals so much ! I wish they could lived longer . I have lost many and each one had a different personality. I know they have souls and they remind us how to love unconditionally. Really sorry take time to rest and heal !

  • Karen Hamilton

    My sympathies for the loss of your sweet one.

  • Evelyn Dawson

    Thank yo so much for the beautiful and deep sharing. It reached deep into my heart, re-cracking the bit of shell that sometimes accumulates from day to day living. Reminded me of the deep losses of my own (amazing cat, dog and son), the amazing gift in each moment. I miss their physical presence still. And it renewed my seeing all the lives entrusted to me now (cat, 2 dogs, 2 small grandkids) for their blessing that I give thanks for moment by moment.
    You are such a light and love!

  • Claudette

    I love your new format of teaching how to read the cards while you incorporate your intuitive messages. I’m not currently looking to be a professional reader (and anyway have too many projects to devote the time to take your class right now), but I love oracle/tarot cards and appreciate the nuggets you share weekly.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      wonderful.. by the way Oracle School isn’t about becoming a professional reader.. its learning how to incorporate oracle cards as a tool for deep and meaningful personal growth and manifestation! 😉

  • Virginie Hartley

    Mus, my Westie, passed away in similar circumstances 15 odd years ago. I feel for your pain, and the delight and privilege of having these wonderful companions by our side, even now….

    Blessings to you and thank you for the incredible work you do promoting our knowledge of Spirit.

  • Wendy Bailey

    My canine fur baby is now on heart meds… he has an enlarged heart and he’s getting… you know.. old. I know what’s coming. Your blog and the comments of others have been inspiring in learning how to deal with the inevitable. Thanks so much for telling us about Sebastian, and thanks to the lovely people who told their stories too. Hugs and big love to all. <3

  • Anonymous

    Pets just tug at your heart. So so sorry for your loss. I can see in your photos the love and knowledge just beaming from both you and Sebae. I just loved his Photos. You both have a lot to say. Love this blog.

  • JoAnn Becht

    Pets just tug at your heart. So so sorry for your loss. I can see in your photos the love and knowledge just beaming from both you and Sebae. I just loved his Photos. You both have a lot to say. Love this blog.

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    Dear Colette’s Tribe

    LOV: )

    Lost my co-worker family a few days ago,
    reassignment come this August.
    I will miss my “work home” and my friends
    when I take the knives out of my back,… maybe.
    I helped them grow; I was not selfish and I learned much
    even though it wasn’t everything because I was respectful
    not a bully\pushy. Nastiness(Lies)\Racism stole my place in the team
    and was rewarded by my dismissal after the end of the assignment
    in favor of the skin color clique/club and lies at its worst.
    I am Caucasian, living in the southeast of the USA, within the essence of a military town.

    I kept saying “Rejection is Gods Protection” so I am wondering
    what my Higher-Powered Family has in store for me which will affect
    my family. I am just tired-out by the devotion to my employment – a lot of good it did me.

    My Dreamboard states “No Drama”; is there really such a place/group of

    LOV: )
    A healthy Ford F-150
    A healthy Staffing Assignment
    P: )ACE

  • Liz Halloran

    So sorry for your loss. My heart has been aching for a few weeks now because I am getting signs from my 14.5 year old chi Lily that she is close. I cry every morning as I watch her slip away and can’t help but worry about when and how it will happen. I have only ever experienced more pain after a divorce. She is my soul mate and like you, we knew it the minute we saw each other over 10 years ago. She has been the most loyal soul I have ever met. Thank you for these messages. It is comforting to know that the Universe will always take care of our little ones when it is time for them to move on. Much love.

  • Karyn

    Colette, you are making me cry ????, so sorry to hear about the loss of your sweet Litttle Mouse, he looks so dear and precious! I had the same knowing when I got my cat, I thought “I know her!”. There truly is a soul connection with our furry friends (and fur babies). Lots of love to you guys!

  • Debbie

    Dear Colette, I’ve just been reading your posts on Bean (from 2015) and Sebastian. I really needed them, so I guess they found me. I just lost my little yorkie, Toby. I really didn’t have much warning, it caught me completely off guard, and as you say, I’m completely broken open. All my other dogs had very long lives, it was still heart wrenching to lose them, but at least I knew it was coming. Toby wasn’t very old, and yes, I’m shoulding all over myself. He was a rescue by my sister in law, but it was soon discovered that he was meant for me. My sister in law died suddenly with no warning last year, and it has been very difficult. We took her little dog Digger in and I am giving him a lot of love. The same just happened with Toby, not much warning at all, too late to do anything. He didn’t have a great life until he was rescued, and I only got 5 years to show him how loved he was. It wasn’t enough, I’m angry that he didn’t get to be loved longer, but I will try to turn the bitterness into gratitude. I’m hoping that my SIL is taking care of my baby, as I’m taking care of hers. As you say, this is part of the deal. I will never stop rescuing and loving dogs, and my heart will just have to hold up. Thank you for telling your stories, they give me strength.

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