Why Surrender Is Not Failure!

Updated: June 18, 2017

Why Surrender Is Not Failure

I was thinking this morning about surrender as I perused Faceplant looking for cute baby animal videos ( one of my friends sent me one since Sebastian’s ashes came home yesterday and I wanted to escape by finding more).

Instead I landed on a page that had one but also an argument between two new agey- people having a conversation about ambition and the nature of surrender. One was pushing hard on the other to not give up and “cop out” suggesting (so so nicely) the failure of the other’s ambition to make things a certain way. She was a coach by the way.. “Push harder” she said!

The other was saying that she needed a dose of acceptance that the actions around said issue needed to change- what was being done was not working. Pushing harder didn’t mean her goal was reachable. She wanted to surrender it to her Higher Power. Then the whole thing unravelled into some balderdash about how to manifest “ the right way”.

Here is why this is important for you and me to think about this.

WE co-create reality between two truths. Like a waft and a weave in the fabric of reality we are given two threads to work with.
One – the weave- is that we co-create reality via our intentions and the frequency we transmit to the conscious universe and call the world into form in an intensely personal way, although the form is rarely the exact shape as we imagine.

Two – the waft- we must surrender to Life on Life’s terms. This means there are overriding principles that we may not personally understand, or we cannot understand, or we’re not meant to understand. The collective overrides the personal at times, and the Conscious Universe, Spirit, God whatever you call the GREAT MIND, decides without consulting us ( darn it!) to do whatever is in the best interests of Life.

That means sometimes Life will be unmade right in front of our powerless eyes at the same time as something awesome manifests too. We are here to be made and unmade to create on behalf of the Great Artist.

Yes effort is needed and ambition has its place but we get caught in the drive for a specific outcome or form and forget the ebb and the flow when we preach about flow. WE forget the dissolving of what no longer serves and the between space discomfort while we participate in the manifestation of the new.

I think at times we try to oversimplify the complexity of how Life works.
Surrender is an essential step to co-creating our world.

Think of it this way.
We are on a special magical mystery tour. We get to get off once in a while to make incredible Art, igniting our inner magic partnering with the BIG magic so we can leave even more magic and wonder behind that adds to the Giant art project that glows from the inside out.

Then you get thrown down a tunnel and you see the objects of your deepest love and affection taken away, and you stop trusting the ride. NO it hurts too much. It’s all a lie. Or my favorite BS – “I’m not doing this right- the Law of Attraction says blablablabla”.

You look around and see more of the world being Un-made than made.
You assume you are looking at tragedy.
What if that is both true and not true?
What if it truly is an inside job- how we respond is crucial.

What if you surrender to all of it – allow curiosity to lead. You stop trying to escape the sorrow or try to hold on to the joy. You allow your intention and ambition to move you but then know when to let Spirit take the lead when what you’re doing isnt working.

What if surrender means that you just trust the ride and your role as artist when you get to be, and stay present to the entire thing even when you think the dark hole you fall into sometimes is a place you believe you will be forgotten, and your dreams will die.

When fisherman can’t go to sea they stay and repair their nets. ( Norse Runic lore)

There is always something to experience, to learn , to do when we see surrender as radical acceptance. That is how we remember to ask for help. A positive mind set is amazing but it is not enough. Ambition is important but it must be attuned to the Greater Good by a rhythm. That includes present moment awareness and surrender to what is- yes to loss, confusion, sorrow, anger etc.

And then you get back on the ride and ask- dreams in the forefront of your mind, knowing your deepest desire to make Art of your life in the most beautiful peaceful and prosperous ways to share with the world.

What is the next right action for me today? ( imagining only cute baby animals and a promise of prosperity for all to temporarily soothe you)

Well.. for me it means spending time with my fur baby’s ashes. I’m ok with the agony. It means I have loved so deeply. Today my art is to allow my heart to be broken open wider than before. The color of life doesn’t only come from the stuff you make happen when you were in the obvious manifesting – co-creating part of the ride.

Sometimes the most beautiful Art, the brightest and deepest colors rise up from the black hole.

So .. remember nothing goes to waste. Surrender is not failure. It’s the willingness to dance all the steps, color outside the lines not just inside them and know that life is the most precious thing you will ever get to do.
Love all, Serve All.
Do all of it.

Love Colette!



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  • Lisa

    Dear Colette

    I look forward to reading your blog each week.

    It always speaks to the deepest parts of me.

    This one spoke too .. thank you.

    Bless you for sharing and teaching from your life experience, it has a huge rippling

    effect, and the world (well, my world) is a better place because of it.

    Much Love,

  • Renee Sugar

    “Much that I sought I could not find;
    Much that I found I could not bind;
    Much that I bound I could not free;
    Much that I freed came back to me”.
    ALLOWING requires releasing the outcome. BUT the hardest part for me; is
    TRYING to figure out what the best outcome needs to be. However, WHAT DO I KNOW?
    Especially with matters of the heart. Sometimes feeling quite vulnerable and out
    of the realm of my “experience” leaves me wide open to “experiencing”. That means
    that I have never explored a certain doorway, so I really needn’t assume (which
    can mean; to make an ASS of U and ME that I know what is best or has the higher
    perspective. So to flow with the “present ” is the only way. “When you can’t fight
    and you can’t flee; FLOW. This works. and Every disappointment is the beginning of
    an new appointment. Yes this likely sounds quite discombobulated; however, on some
    level it makes perfect sense. So leave the HOW don’t ask WHY and embrace the
    state of emptiness/openness and wait until the divine right time/ I resonated
    strongly while listening to this weeks Weekly Oracle Card Lesson. I really
    appreciate the perspective of being a beginner; and best of all; I am learning to
    when “Spirit” throws me a curveball. Just testing, one two three. One two; cha, cha
    cha. Dancing lessons from the Universe. Hope something here makes some sense to
    “If I knew everything beforehand; it would be called dictation; NOT creation.”
    Gertrude Stein.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love this

    • Peggy Salvatore

      Renee, I love Gertrude Stein (Gertrude Stein). Yes, this is exactly where I am at, too, and learning the dance can be beautiful when we surrender. But it can be oh-so-painful when we insist on our own outcome. I have learned over many decades that when I don’t get my outcome, I get something I could never have even imagined because my mind did not know the mind of God who knows all. The key is to remind myself when things appear to NOT be going MY way that I have a very limited view of what is possible, what is in my highest good and what is in the highest good of others. I just discovered Collette and I love her, the cards, the readings and her energy. This is a good place. Thank you, Collette! Let’s take those dancing lessons from the Universe.

  • Nieves

    Beautiful post Colette, it gave me much needed clarity and insight on the Art of co-creating my life. Thank you xo

  • Anonymous

    Colette, you touched me to tears. Thank you for having put it in so loving words what I tried to say to a friend yesterday who is in the same situation as you with her Boo. All my love to you and see you in Orlando

  • Petra Reuter

    Colette, your words touched me to tears. You put into such loving words what I tried to talk about with a friend of mine yesterday you lost her Boo just some time ago and who has come to the same conclusion as you. All my love to you and see you in Orlando

  • Elisa

    Good Morning! Yes! Yes! Yes! to what you said. I would add that falling into a Wallow is NOT the same as surrendering. Well, maybe that 5 minutes of allowed Wallow. 🙂 Enjoy Day!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      sorrow isn’t wallowing .. only if we stay too long to escape the responsibility we have.. respect sorrow.. wallowing is the ego mind playing with self pity

      • Kari

        I love how you nailed the deeper meaning in this definition showing the difference between sorrow and wallowing. Short and succinct. Can I quote you on this?

  • Bhagyalakshmi

    Precious Colette,

    Sending you lots of love as you cope with the change of not having the physical presence of your furry family member.
    Thank you for being the gift you always are.You are one of my favourite people on the planet.
    Infinite loving gratitude.

  • Dawn

    Thank you Colette! Thank for being you and for all the support you have given me over the years. You books and decks are a part of my life and near and dear to me.

  • Trish

    This came at the perfect time for me. Thank you for sharing this post. The act of surrendering and being vulnerable to exposure has been troubling me greatly. This post helps me to see the silver lining in my situation and gives me hope for tomorrow.

  • Bobbie

    This iS precisely where I am right now. Thank you for sharing this blog with us. Yes, the heartbreak opens us up so that the divine can inhabit our lives more fully. The pushing and the working harder takes us further away from ourselves and the surrender takes is straight to our soul.

  • Donna Atkin

    Beautifully written. Absolutely love your blogs and this one hits the mark. Knowing love and loving so deeply does open us to having our hearts broken. Then, love will help us get back to living life. Like the calm that comes after a storm. Our days will have stormy moments and events, but knowing we are supported in our wonderful Universe helps so much when we are participating here now. Many Blessings to you and Marc. Warmest of HUGS.

  • Carol

    So beautifully said, Colette. I really needed to see this. I am have a very difficult time surrendering to life on life’s terms the loss of a new relationship ..the one that I felt was brought to me by my Higher Power after a devastating divorce almost 3 years ago. I find myself in the not knowing place, not trusting the ride, not trusting my Higher Power. I do feel like I’ve been thrown down that dark tunnel. Thank you for reminding me what I need to do.

  • Charlene

    Good morning Colette I dreamt last night that I spoke to my Sister (higher mind?) that we should move on from our goal. Just let go and see what happens, and then I woke up to your newsletter:) Thank you Colette your awareness is contagious!

  • Cindy

    Dear Colette,

    No words can express how much your light shines through your words. Your love reaches beyond the earthen veils of matter and through Spirit you, Sebastian, and all that is dance as one. Sending you a big big hug from my heart to yours <3


  • Tina Wilson

    This morning I awoke with deep sadness, sorrow for those family members who have passed and those who have left my life and I feel that I have lost.I asked Spirit to help to embrace the light and joy of today. My WOTO cards and the Good Tarot were spot on. then I opened your blog ~ synchronicity. Thank you for sharing and sending me the message I needed to hear today

  • Lori


  • Lauren

    Thank You! I have been saying some version of this for years and sometimes I get very weary of people trying to tell me that I “don’t understand the Law of Attraction” because I don’t agree that it is a Magic Wand ….I am told that I am doing it wrong when the challenges happen…..which only makes the challenges harder because these LofA people are less than supportive and who wants to listen to how “you are doing it wrong” when it is already hard enough. I may do a hissy fit rant with the Divine and my Helpers (like a kid) before I get with the program and find my way through the challenge….but the Divine and my Helpers listen lovingly and encourage me to keep going. Life is designed to have pain and speed bumps….I actually worry a bit when I see a life without much of that because then I wonder when the hard stuff will show up and how the person will deal with the challenge when they have little experience with coping, surrendering, etc. And now “On With The Dance”

  • Heather Mac Gregor

    The weaving of the life with warp and weft metaphor is very powerful. The weft is our effort and contribution as we move along the horizontal plane in life. The Warp is the vertical connection with the Divine. In tandem we produce the Tapestry of Life. And Sebastian’s image will find a special place in the overall pattern. Blessings.

  • sharon lindsley

    SURRENDER!! What! But But my ego part of me won’t let go – it it has to CONTROL…Rip Tear Ahhh! Breathe!! Oh wow!! I’m free!!! ut oh here comes that little f—er ego again…

  • Sue Ronnenkamp

    Your language was exceptionally beautiful today. THANK YOU! I plan to pull at least one quote (all credit to YOU, of course) to post on my Age Thrive web and Facebook pages. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. Be especially gentle with yourself as you grieve and take in the sadness of your great loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for speaking on this subject. Surrender has been the message I keep getting. Because I have hung on so tightly I have forgotten how to let go. Trusting and allowing that dance — I may need some dance lessons but I will get there. Thanks for helping show me the way. I am so grateful to be here.

  • Julie Stephens (Viva Chiffon)

    Thank you for speaking on this subject. Surrender has been the message I keep getting. Because I have hung on so tightly I have forgotten how to let go. Trusting and allowing that dance — I may need some dance lessons but I will get there. Thanks for helping show me the way. I am so grateful to be here.

  • Robbin

    Colette- I am so sorry for your loss and send you love and positive thoughts I feel very moved to write you about your post. My dearest Boo (short for Buddha) transitioned in April. I am left many times questioning why he was not able to stay here with me longer in the physical when I was so certain that he would be healed. He exceeded any expectations that the medical community gave him and broke all the records but I was still unable to do more to make the tumor go away. I had help from my dear friends and I know that the energy he received allowed him to have a high quality of life right up to the final weeks. He is one of the reasons I joined your Oracle School. Thank you for your blog post. It is true that my ego somehow thought I had control but the how and when is not up to me. Surrender came through loud and clear in my card readings from Oracle School as well. So many thanks for your post and I am sending you hugs and positive thoughts, as well as gratitude. Many blessings!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      oh honey I know how you feel. They stay with us as long as they can. Inconceivably they teach us of divine timing even though it brings such gut wrenching sorrow. They also teach us about gratitude and that each time we love, we are broken open .. we end up with more love to give. Truly we are blessed beyond measure when we welcome a companion animal into our lives and commit to the quality of their lives and their deaths.
      I am sorry for your loss. I know it intimately. 😉

  • Michele overpeck

    My beloved dog Tasha 10 years old died suddenly a few days ago. I felt like I was suddenly thrust onto a motorcycle that accelerated from 0 to 100 and then hit a brick wall in 0to 5 secondsThe phone call from the vet is something that will take me a long time to process. I’ve cried so much that I’m nom numb now And starring to feel nothing at all. And I’m so looking forward to getting my dog’s ashes back to be with them and sit with them and let my heart bust open again. Afraid that if I stop grieving that means I no longer care about her and I’m afraid if the sadness goes away I will forget who she is. I know that’s probably not true but that’s what I think right now. My heart goes out to you as you spend your day with the ashes

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      oh honey.. let yourself feel sad, let yourself grieve don;t fight it.. each day you will remember the joy and your pup will know how much you loved them. Our companion animals really just want us to love and be loved and they don’t want us to grieve forever…

  • Tammy

    You will never know how helpful this was for me!!!

  • Janet

    Collette, as always inspiration leaps from your blog! Right now, I’m thinking of one of our fur babies, who crossed over the rainbow bridge last year. He was a soulful creature, and was all about teaching me to open my heart. He was a big hunk of loving acceptance.
    As always thank you for your raw and beautiful sharing❤️

  • Tina

    Colette, Your wisdom and insights are a gift to the world. Thanks ever so much for sharing them! Sending you love as you go through releasing your little loved one.

  • Tammy Lawman

    That was beautifully orchestrated and explained. Thank you! And I am sending you love as you grieve for Sebastian. XOXO

  • Cathleen Snyder

    Thank you so for putting the thoughts and words in my brain into a cohesive form. I know all to which you speak but every now and again I will digress and get sucked in to human weakness. Thanks for the reminder. The world is a beautiful and awesome gift. Our greatest gift is what we have to share with others. Bless you for sharing your
    talent and gift with the world.

  • Sharon

    Thank you for this beautiful writing. Last August a very sweet Soul left our family and was laid to rest in a lovely space on the property. A couple of weeks ago a new 4 legged Soul graced our Family. This little puppy found the resting place of our beautiful, loyal, loving Pit Bull companion. He chose to lay down atop the burial place and just rest in the energy. It was the most beautiful, unforgettable experience to observe this awesome sight. An opportunity to surrender in life’s perfect timing… Much Love and Many Blessings…

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      now this is something so extraordinary and a real gift from your beloved pup.. Read a Dog’s Purpose .. or see the movie you will love it.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Collette, I’m so sorry about your heart doggie and your loss – in this life anyway. Who knows how he may turn up again? I feel it and miss my heart kitty, Maeve.
    Right on with what you say about loss in general – when there’s a love connection, it does feel like an aching hole to lose it! I guess gratitude for what we do have and being present is the antidote to the pain.
    Wow! The reading was exactly what I’m experiencing. I was expecting something in the mail, it didn’t arrive, and so now the action dependent on it is also delayed. Here’s hoping it comes tomorrow! I don’t actually see how this is of benefit to me now, but maybe in retrospect. At any rate, acceptance and surrender to what is is much wiser than getting tied up in knots of anxiety about it. Thanks for your sharing!!!!

  • Lynn Marie

    Dear Colette, I am going to be brutally honest on here, I’m not going to write something nice and sweet just so I can get a nice and sweet comment back from you, and you can decide whether you want to post this or not. I am really going through hell right now, I feel like it is me against the world. I am barely surviving right now, I have a disability and I receive a social security disability check once at the beginning of the month that I have to somehow make the money stretch to the end of the month, and I dont get very much because it all depends on how much you’ve worked in the past, and all Ive had in the past is a series of part time jobs, I’ve never had a full time job because a BIG part of why I have this stupid so-called disability is that I just literally cannot handle a lot of stress!!! Yes, when I was much younger I tried working at jobs at these fast food factories such as McDonalds and Taco Bell, I didn’t last longer than a couple months. I can’t seem to hold down a job to save my life. I feel right now like a lot of people would just love to spit on me, call me a loser, tell me I don’t try hard enough, and I seem to be someone everyone just loves to hate, and most of them have NO idea of what I’ve been through. I really don’t want to be on disability, I know I’d be far better off working, and what some people dont realize is that once you’re on disability, it’s NOT so easy to just get off of it, that would mean I’d have to be able to get a lucrative job right away, I wouldn’t get any food assistance, my rent for my apartment wouldnt be subsidized anymore, I’d have to pay the full amount for the rent, I am really stuck between the rock and the hard place here, and I am losing any hope that my life will EVER get any better here. So when you talk about surrender, all thats going through my mind is, maybe I should just commit suicide, I’m tired of fighting for survival, no one seems to give a damn about people like me anyways, everybody would probably be happy if I was dead, then I’d be one less person on the welfare roles, all the republicans and Donald Trump would be so happy. Who cares anyways? NOBODY

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      just saw this now.. I already answered your other email. First off yes I know intimately all about social assistance as you know I have 31 years in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction and in the treatment center I went to there were a few women who were in the welfare system because of disability and mental heal issues .. they have remained my friends = one of them cannot get off the system because the system traps you however what she did was begin to volunteer where she could. Here is the deal your anger is justified but what will you do with that anger? Can you remain present in the here and now and not allow yourself to be afraid of a future that has not occurred yet? Anyway nothing I will say will help you.. just know I heard you…. hang in there.. social workers, therapists.. other help is available to you in that very same system. Take advantage of all of them! ..

      • Lynn Marie

        Thank you, and I really didn’t mean to go ranting and raving on here, I have just been through so much. I am doing better now, I just met a new social worker and she is being really nice and helpful to me, which is great because I have had some other ones in the past who were no help to me at all! Just know that I am one of your biggest fans and your oracle cards have really helped me when nothing else seems to work!!! I’m also really sorry about the loss of your dog, I can tell you loved him a lot! Have a great weekend and I wish you the best!!!

  • Kathy Jennings

    I’m a stubborn arse, control freak Capricorn. Surrender is sooo against my nature. Thanks for your post, it reminds me that I have no choice but to surrender in my current situation. No matter how many times I try to get recognition for my contribution at work I am met with a brick wall. I trust that spirit has a better plan for me but sometimes I need reminding over and over and over:) being a stubborn arsed Capricorn means my ego is annoyed at a lack of recognition and it takes a while for it to get the message:)

    My thoughts are with you as you grieve your fur baby. I sobbed for 3 hours straight when I brought my fur baby’s ashes home last year. He still sits on my sideboard. I cant bring myself to bury him in his favourite spot in the garden.

  • Judith

    Thank you so much for this article, I’m feeling like it was definitely meant for me. Surrender has never been my strong suit . This article was passed on to me by a good friend who knew how heavy that suit was becoming. I do receive your Oracle school emails but she was concerned that in my present world of chaos I would miss its reminder. It’s amazing how many of the tools you’ve gathered over the years hide in the bottom of your toolbox . We must learn and relearn be reminded and learn again, that’s the name of the game.
    I send you love on the loss of your fur baby. This is a loss I know from several experiences . The pain of loss from losing a beloved fur a baby can seem unbearable for a time. For me, each time as my heart absorbed the pain ,the remembrance of love replaced it. Which resulted in a trip to the local shelter.

  • Richard

    I really like this message. So many times I hear or see written on Facebook, etc. the negative comments for someone who chooses to go in a different direction. They get labelled quitters, etc. but if the goal is not in keeping with your higher good, it makes sense to adjust the goal. it just means this was not right for you at this time. Don’t keep banging your head against the wall; walk through the door as it exists. When i was in the Air Force, i tried to get an assignment in Florida. Lots of AF bases, just no jobs that i qualified for open. i must have called over 40 organizations – nothing. it was getting pretty depressing. So i applied to the base in Dayton OH and had 6 offers the first day. And after Dayton, i moved to florida. Right time, right place. I have also found that when i am not moving in the right direction, it is usually hard. But when i am on the right path, all the doors open easily.

    • Lynn Marie

      I really liked what you wrote. I’ve had a rough week, I’m going through a lot, I’m still trying to figure out where I fit in anywhere. I’m glad you’re doing well now. Colette is an inspiration for all of us who have been through some rough times.

  • J. W. Gardner

    Way back I have Y’r book remembering Future.. I loved it since i’ve bought so many books I had to put some away.. I dug y’rs out.. I would like Y’r other one..I have alot angel, books as well Sylvia Browne,Laura Alden Cam,, Lorna Byrnne,I was reading Slyvia Browne(Accepting the Psychic Torch) Out side in February, the 2nd time,I got to the part about Jim Coil, I was touched.The day I finished the book , I heard there’s Jim Coil, I looked up to the clouds.. I went in the house to look up her web-site, she Past in Nov., This was Feb, I know at that moment when I heard Jim Coil, She entered Heave… J. W. G.

  • Poppy Foutoulis

    “I still don’t understand anything”….helps me get a grip on my perspective when I’m in overwhelm! LOL!!

  • Liz Grant

    Wow, who knew a blog could hug? I desperately needed your warm wisdom. Doors have been shutting abruptly in all directions (“When God closes one door, He opens another, it’s just the hallways that suck”-unknown). Law of Attraction stuff feels like sheer self-will to me. I need to trust a LOVING Higher Power (Whom has a kickass track record, when I turn things over). Grateful I’m not The Big It, but I am in It. So thank you thank you! And I’m so sorry for your loss. PS Had the pleasure of meeting you on the cruise in April. We never got to actually connect but I love how you came around to everyone’s table just to say Hi. You’re so humble and radiant at the same time. Inspiring, You! Love, The Gal w/The Pink-ish Hair XO!

  • Anonymous

    Collette Thank you so much for sharing your incredible gift of writing with the world. You have such a talent that it is as if you are speaking to each of us individually. And you are so very real and honest. You are incredible. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
    I am sending you and Marc huge mountains of courage and strength to be able to delve as deeply as you need into this new experience with Sebastian. I believe whatever the grief and sorrow that befalls us when our fur babies past is tiny in comparison to the abundant love and life lessons we had with them when they were in our arms. That being said it doesn’t lesson the sorrow or depth of sadness we feel or shorten the depth of the dark tunnel we fall into. Just reminds us in our more lucid moments during the grief that we are so much richer and more vibrant for knowing them. And yea, we’ll probably do it all over again. 🙂

  • Katherine

    Thank you Colette for sharing your amazing gift of writing with the world. You have the wonderful talent of making each of us feel as if you are speaking directly to each of us. You are so incredibly honest and real. Very rare and appreciated. Thank you Thank You Thank you
    I am sending huge mountains of courage and strength to you and Marc as you continue through this new experience with Sebastian. I believe that the deep amount of grief and sorrow we feel at our fur babies passing is tiny to the amount of unconditional love and vibrancy they share with us as we get to hold them in our lives. So courage and faith as you delve deep into the sorrow and sadness and even into the dark scary tunnel of unknown depth that it was so incredibly worth it. We come out on the other side a better Sparkling Being for knowing them and having them in our lives. And yea, we’ll probably do it all over again. 🙂

  • Lynn Marie

    Dear Colette, I don’t know if you got the first message I sent or not, but I know I was feeling suicidal and I know I was misinterpreting what you were writing about. I’m going through a very difficult time these days. I deeply apologize for the way I was acting, I didn’t mean to alarm you or come off like a totally crazy person, and I’m really sorry. I just saw a social worker yesterday who was very nice to me and seems to understand how much I have been through, and I’m seeing her again tomorrow. I am trying to work on my attitude because I really need to get a job soon, and I know I can’t be so emotional and I have to be nice and pleasant towards my co workers and customers. So I’m not suicidal, please don’t let me alarm you, but I am understandably nervous that the way my country is going, I could possibly have all my disability benefits taken away, and then I will just have nothing at all to live on and I could very well become homeless and sleeping out of car. I have a social worker I just met who is helping me now, so hopefully I will get better, I’m just tired of feeling like Im struggling and getting nowhere, and sometimes all that helps me is to use your oracle cards online, and I also own the deck of the Hidden realms cards. So once again, I really apoligize if I alarmed you, I enjoy reading your blogs and hearing what you have to say, and you have helped me more than you know. Please don’t write me off as a sick,crazy person, it’s hard to have hope when I keep feeling like I get doors slammed in my face. Thank you, Lynn Marie

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Oh My I have been away this week and did not read your post you are referring to.. glad to hear you are ok. Getting professional help is essential when you are in that state of mind.

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