The Joy of Being a Magical Mystical Misfit!

Updated: June 27, 2017

The Joy of Being a Magical Mystical Misfit

Today I awoke to the news on Facebook that it is the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter book.( If you’re not a fan hang in there -the whole blog won’t be boring I promise)

I checked into my Oracle School page and lo and behold there was a gleeful post of all the Hogwarts house names that exploded in fabulous glitter when you clicked on one of them.

And, of course like a child had to click every single one of them to see them glitz up my screen. ( yes I did it more than once lolol- sad I know) Yes I love all things Harry Potter.

It’s even why I am holding my annual event OraclePalooza (click on link for more info) at Universal in Orlando right next door to Potterworld! Magic abounds!

Yet, I cannot believe it’s been 20 years since I first fell in love with the boy wizard, and all his exploits fighting evil and finally winning against it while attending his wonderful school of magic called Hogwarts.

This adorable magical mystical misfit who didn’t belong in the world of muggles ( those who don’t possess magic.. You know,ordinary folks that see the world through the lens of separation and competition) captured my attention in such a profound way. ( I even waited in line to buy the books on the day of their release!)

But outside of the fact these books were such enjoyable escapist fantasy, there was something so tangibly personal and intimate too. Maybe that is why I deeply resonated with his story.

Growing up I had always felt like an outsider, never felt that I fit into any “normal” group, and no matter how hard I tried to conform to what I was taught was “ok” I always felt empty and to be honest I felt so alone. I never really belonged anywhere.

I too felt like I was locked in a closet by my muggle relatives just like little Harry. I too was told it wasn’t ok to shine, not safe to share my “magic”, I was too loud, too brash, too smart, too wild, too weird, too much, or not enough to fit in. Maybe you might have felt these things too?

But like little Harry, I eventually found my tribe of magical mystical misfits, learning about the magic of the Conscious Universe, how everything is connected and how Spirit is our partner in this amazing journey called Life. Today I know I belong. First to Spirit, then to myself, then it was easy from there. We find each other. We always do.

Of course I don’t use a wand.. I create oracle cards and use them instead as an instrument of magic! Spirit is magic! And that magic connects you and me and every single thing in the world.

The world is brimming with magic. We just need to know how to access it, communicate with the Divine, and co-create for the highest good. We all have so much untapped potential.

Maybe we are all wizard born, and the difference between us is only whether we are awake and willing to explore it, or asleep and refusing to see beyond what we accept.
I want to be awake – you?

Regardless, in celebrating the first Harry Potter story today,I was thrilled to be reminded of the greatest joy I feel in my life which is to just be myself as I am- unapologetically me- the authentic me- a little wild, a little weird and whole lot of woo woo. That’s right folks- “ don’t poo poo the woo woo!” There is truth in the hidden realms!

Took me a long time but I love being a magical mystical misfit! Are you with me too? It’s ok if you’re not. I believe in Unity in diversity. Let’s just celebrate the truth of being fully and wholly ourselves. That’s when we remember we are never alone and we will always belong.

Love you always and forever.


PS – Wanna join me at OraclePalooza, click here.



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  • Jan

    I too totally love all thing Harry Potter! And love this blog. Sooooo good to be finally learning to magical misfit ME. Thanks for being such a great “I AM ME model!

  • Deb Baron

    Hi Colette – love this blog! I totally felt the same way growing up and still do sometimes. Though having gone through OS (Phoenix House), things are a changin’!! Thank you for all you do. I so enjoy being part of OS and The Good Tarot this summer. Love to you!

  • Lynn Marie

    Hey Colette, why do you think I enjoy reading your blogs so much ??? I am definitely a mystical misfit too, and NOT ashamed to say so!!! If you ask me, normal is BORING!!!!! Keep up the great work, and I think in a lot of ways you help a lot of people,including me. And I know you really miss your dog, but just think of him as being up in heaven now, watching over you and whispering to you-I’ve still got your back,and I miss you too! Have a great day!!!

  • Pat Burrows

    Haha, misfit no more! Now that I found you and your Oracles! Love, love, love every aspect of Oracle School and the wonderful lessons I am learning, with the added bonus of the most amazing, magical Tribees one could ever wish for! Thanks Colette, Doug and Team for all you do to enhance and improve our expansion into the world of Spirit and Magic.

  • Lauren

    Ummm….you need a Harry Potter Wizard wand just for the symbolism 🙂 MacFie’s Wizard Shop makes great wands that are not too pricey but are all hand turned out of gorgeous wood. I have one just to remind me about the Magic we all have in us…every time I look at it is a reminder as well as the fact that the turned wood is beautiful to look at.
    And maybe someday I will figure out how to make all the Harry Potter spells work….some could be useful “giggle”

  • Lorna

    Dear Colette,

    Thank you for this blog! I relate 110% (except for not being a die-hard fan of Harry…I’m a fan but not quite as zealous as you ;))! I LOVE your blogs and your Weekly Oracle readings. This week’s made me giddy as I see Magic in my life everywhere, all the time! So, thank you for the confirmation and reminder to trust that we are always co-creating with Spirit. Your joy and radiance are contagious!

    Thank you for blessing us with your Magic!

  • Anonymous

    Tank you for that message words, helped a lottoday Xxx

  • Tammy Lawman

    I am a magical misfit (switched at birth is the joke in my family) and a huge fan of Harry Potter too. I have been very fortunate to share in my nephew’s enthusiasm as he read the books for the first time in the last year. My husband bought me a wand at Universal Orlando last Valentine’s Day so I could be a kid for the day and we walked around doing all the magic tricks and enjoying Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade. We had so much fun! We could all use a little magic in our lives which is why it’s fun to follow your blog and learn from you and how to use your Oracle cards. Thank you for being weird and woo woo! Love it, keep it up!

  • Michele

    Hi Colette!
    Once upon a time, I believe you mentioned creating a Harry Potter deck or oracle cards… Was I fantasising, or did I hear well?
    Anyway, if ever you do create something along that line, know that you would have many fans! Here’s to all the misfits in the world!!! <3 <3 <3

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I wish… I would have to ask JK Rowling for permission.. not sure she would be into that..

  • Diana

    Lucky for me, my parents were misfits. The problem was, their attempt to fit into a certain part of middle class America, via the Catholic Church, we all got Muggled. Turned out, neither one of them were really into the church, but the spirituality that is at the heart of it is what was the pull. We went to mass, but the nuns did the dirty deeds that neither of my parents could subscribe or prescribe to. Well, as we grew up, my parents drifted apart and then divorce and then the 1960’s came about. Just as I was beginning to understand my own abilities, my mother began to show hers. She started reading Dr. Wayne and found the way to setting the heart free. (as mom and kid we still had troubles and it would take years to straighten it out but we did through love of crystals and meditation and oracle cards.)
    Yah—-people try to Muggle me, but I ignore it–allow my light to shine regardless. Even if I can only show them a singular facet–the one that only shows their favorite color.
    I’ve had to enter the silence quite a bit lately. Still assisting My X in his battle against cancer. It has caused my monkey mind to be tooooooo active. Balancing — being the observer — knowing when it’s been too much time spent with the X — withdrawing with grace for a spell and a spell — connecting with the Higher Power that I may connect with my Higher Self — Being visible and invisible in the same quantum moment — sending valuable messages over the space/time continuum — studying while putting my studies on hold.
    ????????OH OH OH IT’S MAJICK, I KNOW ???????????? ????????

  • Andrea

    Off topic, but I was just outside reading your post when a dragonfly flew right up to me:)

  • Wendy Bailey

    My family makes fun of me because every time a Harry Potter Marathon is playing on the tube, guess what I’m watching. 🙂 When my little Aspie was wee, Hubby brought home the first Harry Potter book and I read it to her. It’s one of the few times she sat still (ADHD) and one of the most important influences that gave her the desire to learn to read. I homeschooled, and we spent five weeks studying vowels (a weakness at the time), then it all suddenly snapped, like magic, and off she went, reading all the Harry Potter books, by herself, several times, as well as myriad other series such as The Chronicles of Narnia, also several times. She became a voracious reader, which made her learning so easy. Yes, magic. Thank you for another great blog post, Colette!

  • aribella macmay

    I think you are my’s taken me a long time to accept, me,for my gifts,talents,abilities.

  • Michelle Schill

    Thank you so much for writing this! Our lives sound similar and I am happy to finally free to be me. I come from a family where psychic abilities are inherited on my father’s side. No one of spoke of them; however, I think my great Uncle Ralph was the most outspoken. We kept our abilities such a secret that I was unaware that my dad could see and hear Spirits until after he crossed over and told me! He was also unaware of my abilities until after he crossed over.

  • Anonymous

    Loved your reading this week – as always, very helpful. I look forward to them.
    I did struggle this week with the music. The pitch of the tinkling bells are too close to the sound of your voice and so I struggled to separate the music from your words. Perhaps music at a very different tine would be better.

  • Angali

    Ive definitely compromised myself as the Mistress of disguises my entire life, loosing sense of self and even integrity at times to ” fit in” until the universe placed you on my path! When I first read ” remembering the future” I remembered feeling like I was walking on a parallel path you’ve once journeyed on and in that hope kept following your magical sparkle!

    You’ve helped me to see I am whole and soulfully wonderful and I’ve learnt how to love and celebrate my unique authentic nature rather than lock myself in a closet and hide in shame for not living up to cultural and socialital standards!

    You are a huge part of my becoming and I am forever grateful for yourcourage and all the hard background work you’ve done to be such a super role model! I’m not quite out of my closet yet so to speak, but this is the closest I’ve ever felt to feeling ME/ my true being in all my life!

    It’s true everyone Oracle School is the school that you’re never going to want to leave! Oracle school literally saved my life! I am still wobbly about completely opening up ( is there such a thing as sharing too much? especially when they’re wild and naughty in nature? ) all boundaries and limits I’ve surrendered to my soul!

    Now I see the rest of the world as misfits … you have made me realize I’m not insane and simply super connected to the wisdom of my heart! Next time I see you I will bow at your feet ( Indian tradition to receive blessings from one’s guru) after all * in Indian accent* you are the Swami of the Oracle! Big bold beautiful blissful love your way!

    Love you forever and more than you know!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      oh honey you are SO awesome and special and you are a spectacular model of transformation.. you my dear are the trail blazer!

  • Chrisoula

    Dear Colette

    You are such a JOY!
    You explain things clearly and playfully, for this I am so grateful.
    I LOVE the blouse you are wearing, it is gorgeous. Where is it from?

    Thank you Thank you Thank YOU for sharing your Light <3

  • Shelley

    Yes! I believe in MAGIC…always have, always will. I’m with you too, yes indeed.
    I feel quite at home here, thanks. 😀
    Much love to All ♥

  • Liz Martinez

    I am a total Harry Potter fan! I even brought in to this magical story my two beloved nieces who at the time were 7 and 3 years old! They sure blame me for loving Harry Potter. LOL I love this blog Colette! Thanks for sharing not only your time but your knowledge. I too have felt the no fit situation. I still have to find my true calling. And now that I have “bumped” into you, I feel a true calling. Love all your card decks!

  • Peace

    Cheers to Magical Misfits >^..^<

  • Joy Clarkson

    Hello M&M’s. It’s awesome belonging to the Magical Mystical Misfits Tribe! Bring it on! Co-creating with Spirit for the highest good of all … nothing else aligns me into deeper joy. Thank you for “being” and shining your light that inspires us to shine ours. Your oracle cards are such a beautiful connection to spirit and your way of teaching has opened up so many possibilities and truly I am blessed to have you along on my life’s journey. Blessings to you, Marc and your fur family.

  • Sidra

    Hi Colette, I love Harry Potter! I too felt like a misfit growing up, and still do sometimes. I feel right at home with the mystical, spiritual world. With Harry Potter, it was a family tradition to read the books and see the movies. We even did a Harry Potter release party at a book store waiting for the book to be released at midnight. Coincidently, a couple of weeks ago we decided to start watching a Harry Potter movie a week on Sundays. This week will be “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.” It has been fun watching them growing up again.

  • Renee Sugar

    I spotted on the front of a pair of pyjamas. “BE YOU” TI FUL.
    I must admit that Harry Potter was not in the realm of reading
    material until you mentioned the topic on your blog. Then I
    tried one; the very first in the series. Yes I too identified
    with the feelings of isolation, and feeling alone, like a misfit
    but I have come to understand that many creative souls feel much
    the same. Connected to divine inspiration keeps me tuned/connected
    to a different time/space reality. I can honestly say that I no
    longer am concerned if I fit or not. Fit what? Fit in? Who cares?
    I was often made to feel wronged or shamed if I didn’t conform to
    the common ground. I can have my perspective; and am open to listen
    and learn from others. Doesn’t make any way “right” or “wrong”; just
    different vantage points on a topic. Not as defiant as I once was;
    I don’t upset myself with being original. We were born unique souls
    and should celebrate our special gifts.
    So on that note. as Billy Joel
    said; Don’t go changing to try and please me; don’t change the color of
    your hair; etc. etc. I love you just the way you are”.

  • Monika Evans

    Like you, I also never fitted in or felt a sense of belonging growing up. By the time I read the Philosopher´s Stone I had imprisoned myself in a sensible career and loveless marriage. This book resonated so deeply that my Soul started fluttering in its cage for I remembered that magic exists and there is an Otherworld with magical beings and that somehow I belonged there. My life has changed beyond all recognition since then thanks to the World of Wizards and Witches. I use your Oracle cards in all my readings for their beauty, magical qualities and accuracy and can´t wait to get the Good Tarot! Thank you for being a magical misfit trailblazer!

  • collette

    Thank you so much for showing me that I too am a mystical misfit– only realized it after listening to your oracle readings…
    Sadly I have never watched one Harry Potter episode but until now I thought it was a bit too out there for me –until I learned all about what we can gain from the readings and applying the knowledge to our lives. Time to get rid of some of my false beliefs now that I have that knowledge. Thank you so much for sharing your readings, means a great deal to me.

  • Heather

    Love this take of us being wizard born but living in a land of muggles until we awaken!!!

    Want to take your course soon. My son getting Married in Iceland in August, but a Canadian destination (My daughter lives in Toronto) in the next while would be great.
    Can’t wait to meet you , you bright and shining spirit !

  • Maryla

    Hi Collette,
    First I just want to say how much I love your presence, you sparkle and just watching you makes me happy!!!
    Thank you for everything you do and are!!! I appreciate you!!!

    When comes to Harry Potter I have a long standing love affair with him. My friend introduced me to him and I just jumped into this magical world with so much owe and amazement I was missing my subway and streetcar stops on the way to work reading.
    After finishing books I had this profound feeling of void and felt like there was nothing in my life worth living. My life felt so empty without magic in it.
    I’ve been a misfit whole my life having a memories of my past lives since I was a very small child, seeing into past and future and seeing the energy. I was intuitive and smart enough not to talk to my Roman Catholic family members about it so after years I stashed it deep down into myself. Harry Potter reminded me about the magic we all carry within.
    I have a lot of talents and abilities but so far I was not able to introduce them to a wider audience.
    I know when time is right it’ll happen.

    Love and hugs

  • Karyn

    Love woo woo! I’m a Misfit & proud of It! I’m called Quirky at work….

  • Rosalyn Marie

    Love your blogs always, and this one stands out. I myself am a HARRY POTTER fan! J.K.Rowling Rocks. Also I have been a magical, mystical misfit all my life. At sixty three walking 2 miles from work, yes I am magical. Still want to get my car soon!!!! Just want to share this reading you may have heard it before.
    I like weid people … The Black sheep, the odd ducks, the rejects, the eccentrics the loners the lost , the lost and the forgotten. More often than not these people have the most beautiful souls.
    Much love to you. And big thank you for all your help and love. Kisses!

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