When plans go Awry? (Ditch the plans!)!

Updated: August 2, 2017

When plans go Awry? (Ditch the plans!)

This week has been so rich with ups and downs I must have meditated at least 3 times daily just to keep myself sane. My oracle cards were also on point so nothing really came as a surprise when Chaos and Conflict, Not For You, was followed by more of the same. I think I chose the card with the saying “ not my circus, not my monkeys” four times over 5 days.

Yet I still feel the brunt of it. My response determining my experience is always something I watch however and I have learned a very important lesson of letting go this week.

My birthday was going to be the first real day off I have had in weeks. Marc and me planned to go into the city for a day of window- shopping, lunch and actual shopping (of course).

I had the most beautiful and copious birthday greetings from all my friends on and off Facebook. (Honestly the whole Facebook birthday reminder thing rocks.)

I woke up super happy and looked at my husband and realized he needed to go to emergency. He had dental work and was in the most agony I had ever seen him in. Simultaneously my little dog woke up and couldn’t open her eye! So my birthday began and ended in an emergency room for both my babies.

I managed to shop nearby while Marc was seeing his dentist- (retail therapy is ever only one store away) regardless, and then we hightailed it back home to the country to take Bisou to the vet who let us know our baby has a severe corneal ulcer. She will be fine although the tiny cone of shame is not making her very happy.

Now.. this may not seem like a big deal and of course it wasn’t. Plans change and I see the world through a lens of gratitude pretty much all the time. But I am going to be honest I get very few days off and so I started out a teeny bit miffed. Who me selfish having a teeny weeny moment of self pity sitting in a dirty diaper? AH- YA!

Has that happened to you? Do you know why you feel miffed?
I learned that my serenity is inversely proportionate to my expectations and attachments. If plans go awry the best response is “ that’s interesting” and see what Spirit has in store!

To top it all off as all this was happening other “unexpected visitors” arrived to challenge me in other parts of my life and I was pushed to do some tough things for the highest good.

Yes I was attached to my plans, my vision not just for my day but for my life’s work, school etc., but by the end of my first coffee, well, I had surrendered and showed up. The question being “ What is in the highest good?” and the answer “ Letting Go”.

Radical acceptance isn’t just for the big things in co-creation and spiritual growth. It also applies to the little things too. It’s the little ones that snowball down the hill and affect everything you touch. Your thoughts feelings and beliefs create an entire false domain that you get trapped in when you don’t deal with your resentments and beefs at the time they happen. No matter how small- they can become monster size later on.

So I guess the moral of this story is be here now no matter what life throws you, lemons can turn into lemonade. Marc got what he needed, the puppy did too and so did I. Was it what I thought I was entitled to?

Funny enough once I made the mental shift that I had to ditch my best laid plans for Spirit’s plan- it didn’t even cross my mind.
Pesky little goblin fell back asleep as soon as it opened its beady little eyes! Gratitude truly is the Abracadabra for everything!

Thank Goodness for my oracle cards. Although things didn’t go as I would have planned they went exactly as they were supposed to.

Big love to you and yours.



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  • Elisa

    lol did you peek into my morning so far?!? 😛 so I now Get to go oh dammit! Well I really wanted everything to go perfectly (cause i’m just so wonderful at the planning my way) and well WHO would have thunk it, it’s NOT and I was busy getting into a snit and then comes your email thing about this blog. I am now free to go do 3 other things (while honestly still stewing some). I am grateful for the ability to move on with my day and as I do the stewing will pass, dear HP please relieve me of all that crap I tend to think i like and want to do that results in suffering (eyeroll)

    I am really feeling great about the fear list video on Uplift Connect this morning too! It puts that part in a way that is concrete for me! woohoo!

  • Katie

    Needed to read this today. <3

  • Diana Boles

    So glad that everything turned out for your birthday with healing gifts for your babies. This past Friday, I had a day of signs and omens and shifting sand under the plan. It was a day for yard work, or so I thought, but rain allowed only the mowing of the front lawn. Came inside and started working on Astro charts for my daughter-in-law, but found I couldn’t concentrate on her behalf—-the “Chief” kept gnawing at my shoulder —- “you need to chart for yourself—-go to the bank—“. So I did—charted for myself and everything pointed to good day to ask for help and cash was indicated. In fact, that was the theme all week. So, off I went, damp hair and all. Within 20minutes I had secured a loan – personal loan-unbelievable low interest rate and an amount more than I would need. Well, I absolutely need a car! So I left there and they skies were grey but not raining so off I was going to a local dealer to window shop. Something made me go home. Check on line. That place did not have anything that I wanted. But another locale in another direction did. So I made the contact and headed to Manassas. Now —still grey skies, but not raining where I was, however I could see I was riding right into a storm. I had to wait at a long red light—all the while I was driving and sitting there, I was beating myself up —YOU DONT NEED TO SPEND IT RIGHT AWAY—-YOU SHOULDNT GET THE FIRST CAR YOU DRIVE—-BUT ITS GREEN MY FAVORITE CILOR IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD—BUT YOU HAVENT LOOKED AT ANYTHING ELSE—-WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU KNOW ANYTHING ANY WAY——SO as Monkey Brain scolded and Elephant Trunk tugged, I said a prayer and – out loud—YOU CAN DO THIS – YOUVE BEEN DRIVING FOR 50 YRS—–now I liken myself to be The Great Blue Heron—I have other totems, but this is who I am-how I see myself. Just as those words left my lips, I looked out my side window and dead centered to me came a Great Blue flying in the direction I was headed and so low to me that I could see the salmon colored feathers under his chin and see his talons–as he glided to higher space not changing his path. So that did it. I drove through 10 miles of torrential downpour to arrive at the dealer under clearing skies. Ivan was waiting for me with the keys and off we went —— it fit like a glove. I felt the same as I did when I sat on my Springer Softtail Harley for the very first time. I drove around for a few miles and got back to the dealership and said — I have to buy this. Everything sent me here today. If I don’t buy it now someone else will before the weekend is over. So I did. It was half the price of what I expected to pay. It is a used vehicle, which is what I was looking for I was able to give back some of the loan amount., (but kept a bit extra), I left there on cloud 9—-with prayers on my lips, tears of gratitude in my eyes for the Wakan Tanka —and stunned elation.
    Now, I kept a bit extra of the cash because I knew I was going to need a dental crown. That night I was at dinner with my bookclub and, just to throw a little joking poke in the mix, a second tooth dropped a large filling and now, I need 2—-and yesterday’s appointment said, what the hell—got for 3, one for each point of the Grand Trine In Fire!
    I am still helping my X with his battle to overcome cancer. He is responding, and the doctors are a bit shocked. In fact, they thought he would just be doing chemo til he died. I’m not shocked at all. The power of alignment is showing my X the power of alignment. One day at a time. While not an easy journey, he is having an easier time than many people in his state.
    Align with the signs, listen to the voices, fill your heart and bathe your soul with the Light.

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Blessings Diana Blessings

      • Anonymous

        Thanks—– and more of the same to you.

  • Lindsey

    Awesome Colette- sending blessings to you and everyone at Oraclepalooza!????????

  • Trudy

    Thank you for sharing this. You have no idea how much I needed to hear this today. As with your cards, you can’t make this shit up!!

  • Karen Fogle

    OH Those Hob- Goblins!!!! perfect reminder we all can get a little self focused. Retail therapy is an awesome remedy for most Goblin attacks!!!! Much love and thanks for all I have learned in Oracle school at the time spent at Oracle Palooza and just for you being real!

  • Shelley

    Hi Dear Colette and Tribe
    How perfect that you wrote about this today. I had a beautiful time participating in your dream and mine also. Unexpected gifts came to me and strong friendships were formed. The weekend was magnificent in so many ways. Leaving to come back home truly was a circus! There was a huge crowd and only two airline attendants to check people in, so a long wait. I observed and listened to the different ways people were expressing their stress, grateful that I’d just come from such a positive time. I was able to maintain my calm through a cancelled flight ( airplane broke!) which happened only after we boarded and stayed in the plane on the runway for an hour and a half. The attendants kept us fed ( chocolate bars and pretzels, LOL) and people were generally quite patient. Then we de-plane, waited, waited more. Food vouchers were given with instruction to come back later. Later, we all learned that another plane would need to come so our flights were all changed to a few hours later. Through all of this I had a chance to chat with fellow attendees of OraclePalooza who were taking other flights , which was great! Then we were sent back to be re- issued new tickets, back through security again. More food vouchers!
    Finally, our flight towards home, with one stop. It is delayed because of weather, and the next flight is delayed too, which means I don’t have to miss my connecting flight!
    People are grumbling all around me and I met a bunch of interesting folks from all over and I’m having a good time. I am feeling fortunate because I just retired and I have lots of time, even though I did have quite a few plans for the next day . I finally arrived home at 3 am, tired but happy. Everything that needs to get done is getting done, all in Divine timing. In another time, I’d have been stewing with stress. I was calm and even laughing at some of the absurdities( like getting my suitcase firmly stuck in a loose thread in the rug in the boarding area.. ????.)Today I know that I can CHOOSE my reaction to events beyond my control, and I can contend with sidetracked plans with ease and grace. Thank you Colette, Marc , Doug Upchurch and All for reinforcing this understanding in almost beautiful way .
    Thank you for helping me stay on track in designing a present and future which is peaceful, loving and patient..
    In love and gratitude.

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Collette! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Angie

    Thank you. I really needed this today. Your week’s prescription was right on with how my week started. I shall remind myself to stay present and grateful. . . .

  • Rebecca

    It can be so hard in that moment to let go! And you’re right, it’s often the small things that revert us back to our infant hood. Way to transcend through the dirty diapers! Thank you for the advice and sharing your story. Happy belated birthday.

  • Barb

    What a great reminder! The big things don’t seem to bother me as much as the little things…they eat at your peace. Next time I stub my toe, I’m going to remember this blog and let it flow around me.

  • Anne Morin

    How inspiring. I love you humour. Making à lot of limonade it seems lately. Well still learning of course at 56….
    Much love from Montréal.
    And Happy ( late) Birthday!

  • Nancy

    Thank you again for the reminder , You are such a breath of fresh air I can’t thank you enough . School and cards are amazing . Life goes on Invisioning and bathing galore. The KISS principle strikes again . Keep it simple sweetheart ❤️

  • Karen Mears

    SO true! Thank you! One of the hardest things in LoA is attachment! Thank you thank you!

  • Carol Marcotte

    I love your honesty Colette

  • Michèle

    Thank you Colette for sharing your ups and downs with us, and reminding us that having fixed expectations is usually the source of our unhappiness. You have helped me immeasurably with your blogs, thank you whole heartedly. All my love and blessings.

  • Stephanie R

    “Funny enough once I made the mental shift that I had to ditch my best laid plans for Spirit’s plan- it didn’t even cross my mind.” Phew…wow…that sentence right there bringing tears to my eyes. Time to take a deeper look and do a bit more conversing with Spirit, or a lot more.
    Thank you Colette for your authentic honesty.

  • Vanessa

    Thank you for your words, they always seem to resonate more than I could imagine. I will definitely remember to make the mental shift.
    Just got my ticket to see you in December in Manhattan!! I am so excited, I’m crying!! lol.
    Much love and appreciation!!

  • Angali

    Dearest Colette,

    Thank you once again for showing up in your most authentic and super sparkly self! I love the part where you talk about practicing radical acceptance even with the small things as they can snowball into bigger problems later on. That’s golden advice thank you!

    After successfully loosing 75+ pounds, I gained 50 back during my pregnancy and even though I have this deep knowing ” you got this easy peasy” ( thanks to your wonderful weight loss tools I’ve learnt from you) there is this part that has been feeling anger and resentment towards myself! Imagine that?!
    So now I radically accept all of myself, being thankful for another beautiful daughter who is going to be 6 months old tomorrow! When I did the chair exercise my goblin turned out to be a gremlin from ” the Gremlins” movie, just irritated and ready to cause shit! It does help to see the visual and say ” thank you thank you thank you!”

    I’ve seen how I’ve cried and ” torture” myself in the past for things I wanted in a SET way, NOW, and with who I wanted it with ( thank god rejection is truly God’s protection) and now I see how my life has been unfolding was indeed for my highest good and IS better than I can ever imagine!

    I must admit now having taken Personal Mastery @ Oracle School, I feel like a knight that’s well trained and confident to go off into ” battle” ( engaging with the world) armed with my sword of truth and sheild of knowledge, I feel confident about myself and my life’s infinite potential ahead of me, especially after receiving my magical cloak of ” wearing the world loosely on my shoulders”. That’s Interesting has been such a life saver as well!

    Bottom line I’ve been truly seeing that Spirit DOES have my back! Looking out for my highest well being! Even when that means. Not having things go my way! I did cry like a baby for having to opt out of Oracle Palooza this year, but soon exchanged my dirty diaper for a fresh perspective on noting ” for the highest good of all”! I know there will be more Oracle Paloozas in the future and now it’s been so magnifique ” letting go of the good for the highest good.”

    Thank you for all that you do! For pulling me out of my illusion of armchair astronauting my life and really stepping into Spiritual NASA ( yep that’s oracle school) and finally doing what it takes to launch myself out of my comfort zones and explore other world and the space of possibilities!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. God bless you and happy both your babies are well and most importantly have your highest love!


  • Lisa Francis

    Dear Colette .. It is your willingness to be transparent and teach from such a personal place, that is what really brings it home for me. (every blog is so great) .. I had the best time ever at your Oracle Palooza, even though on Sunday an ugly wound in me was ripped open, i may have looked sad but my soul was glad that the wound was exposed. I have had some shocking, startling, wonderous revelations as a result of that wound becoming visible to me. I have a new perspective, a mental shift, about the story of my past, how i saw myself or more importantly how i didn’t see myself !! .. either way, i am filled with such gratitude .. I was able to accept my wound, love myself with it and to take the teaching that it offered me .. each day i thank Spirit for the opportunity of another day to get it right .. and your example, you living what you teach, is exactly what i need to see in order to keep myself grounded and going forward with faith and curiosity .. You being You is pretty freaking fabulous !!! .. so so appreciating you today xox

  • Dawne

    Thank you Colette. I too find your honesty, humour and sparkle to be most helpful.

    I had to cancel attending Oracle Palooza due to an injury, so yes I was miffed (more disappointed). But in the end, I was needed here and there was some important personal and career work to do.

    Thank you so much for your poignant and consistent guidance. You, your insights and the skills you are helping me to develop give me hope for now and the future that I can lead a more fulfilling life reaching for the highest good in all my actions.


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