Staying Awake-Weaving the Dream!

Updated: August 6, 2017

Staying Awake-Weaving the Dream

Just returned from the first (of many I hope) of my new annual OraclePalooza events and all I can say is WOW. You never know who will show up for these things and we were sold out! We raised $1160 dollars for the Orlando SPCA too and I even got my mediumship event called Spirit Jam to stream live on FB!

Never mind that I went bananas at Potterworld and brought home all kinds of wands, stuffed owls,t-shirts and other Harry Potter paraphernalia. Yup.. take me to Disney and Universal and I turn into a delirious child. I can’t remember having so much fun.

I have to say thinking about the event ( minus the theme park excursions) how empowering it is and how It’s so amazing to be in a room with people from all walks of life – everyone there to share one purpose- to ignite our magic within, partner with the magic already in the universe and learn what it takes to co-create an awesome life in service to others!!

So many people are realizing that in spite of outer conditions we all have the capacity to choose to face our lives, turn on our light and address the shadows we have cast head on. I don’t think I have ever been in a room with more people of like mind so focused and who are so willing to let go limiting beliefs to co-create extraordinary lives no matter what.

I know for me the more turmoil there is in the outer world the more determined I am to drop all pretense and be the me I know is true and authentic. Nothing less is required of all of us. We are all weaving the fabric of reality in partnership with the Great Weaver. The patterns we weave however can be changed and re-worked by us. We just need to decide to liberate our spirits from outmoded conditioning amp up our Light and then be relentless to avoid falling asleep at the wheel.

The truth is we all are creating our reality based on every choice we make or don’t make, being responsible or abdicating our accountability for what we see in the outer world. Awake or asleep we are going to weave our stories through the Conscious universe into the tangible world of form.

How do you know when you’re asleep? Someone asked me whether dreams were a good indicator. I say yes. Well, I know when I’m asleep my dreams have me forget who I am and I’m somehow back with my first boyfriend colluding in my own betrayal ripe for a yucky experience I can’t seem to get out of, ( don’t ask argh), or I end up at Buckingham Palace in my pyjamas at a black tie dinner drunk wearing a tiara and spilling wine on James Bond who is suitably disgusted ( I am sober 31 years ah…) I am asleep when I’m worried OMG NO ONE WILL COME to the event and oh wow this is too hard, I think crap I have no clue where I am going so I better let my fancy pants control freak out of her cage so she can run a better show. I’ll tell you what! I know how the world needs to spin honey and then bam! Flat on my ass, or swimming with the scarcity sharks or watching the jolly green giant ( in my mind) randomly step on my house while looking for a toilet. NO sense at all!

Sigh… is this the pattern I want to weave into the fabric of reality? What kind of weird bizarre story does this invite to show up in my life?

Limiting beliefs when reinforced asleep at the wheel will always show up as an experience in our lives. ( and give us crazy ass dreams). This is what Carl Jung reminded us would happen “seemingly as fate” if we don’t stay awake and address the weak threads we weave in the shadows that we hope no one will notice when the fabric of reality is revealed. OH OH there’s a hole over there!

Does that happen to you? You should say yes because it happens to all of us.

This is the work now. Can you be relentlessly authentic, be clear about your intentions and trust the mysterious process that works like magic if you keep doing the next right action? Can you choose to be liberated from the nonsense you were told about the separated universe? Can you be the one you’ve been waiting for?

Right.. Maybe you just said Hell NO pass the pie. Let somebody else do THAT! Sleeping is way easier!

Or maybe you just squeaked .. “ yes!” ( in very small print) and snuck a piece of pie hoping to stay awake a little longer.

Or maybe you yelled YES knowing the work of becoming the one you know you can be is not going to be easy but with a tribe, well not all of us will fall asleep at the same time..hmmm that could work!

No matter what you and me and everyone in the world will be weaving our dreams into the fabric of reality. The choice will be awake or asleep.

I choose awake! You?

Love you always- Colette!

Ps – Wanna stay awake with an awesome interesting no drama tribe of conscious co-creators? Do you know we all use a special navigation system to track our life’s journeys? Do you know oracle cards can hook you up with a direct dial to the Conscious Universe? You might want to join us and find out more and we will welcome you with wide open arms ! >> ORACLE INSIDERS FACEBOOK GROUP


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  • Beth R

    My three cards from the Wisdom of the Oracle deck (to follow your reading): Orphaned, Come to the Edge, Treasure Island – hmmmmm, guess this means that I have some changes coming and risks to take. 😉

  • Diana Boles

    Wow——where to start! I have a friend that I truly love dearly, but she is a control freak and very argumentive about my way is the only way. I never argue back because I realize that she has no idea of her missing element. Last week I stood up to her—-she was poo-pooing my astrology business as a bunch of HOCCUS – POCCUS——–of course it’s not the first time and I have gently tried to educate her on spiritual matters as well as this science. Well, this time I had had enough. She was making it very public that it’s a bunch of HOCCUS POCCUSand for once I let go and described the ancient practice and that all of life can be translated to a numerical equation and we know of the magnetic pull of the moon so why would the other orbital magnetic planets not cause the same influence. I explained the Free Masons as astrologers who founded this country by charting the skies–you know, Ben and George and the boys—and Carl Jung and the Meyers/Briggs test——I know she didn’t listen, but I for once did not ignore my feeling of having been insulted. Astrology is a very important tool and I am good at it and people come to me for interpretations.
    Now the cards I drew are—To Be Fair—-Between Worlds—-A Leg Up Listen to others as well as speaking up. There is a mutual gain to be had. Take a gamble on my own way, trusting instincts even if I can’t predict the outcome. Create create-there is always a lesson to be learned Embrace teamwork. We have a mutual need and desire to help each other. So listen and speak. Seek advice when unsure. —well one thing that is happening at this time is writing the program for the upcoming school year where I teach. Those cards really hit on this weeks activities.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      so great… and there are those who are afraid and will project their stuff on what we do. You stand tall.. 😉

      • DLLGRJandfurballs

        So, True!

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, but after following you for several years Colette, the new platform of using both the oracle cards and the tarot cards is, only in my opinion, information overload. I’ve tried for weeks now to settle in and pay attention to what you are trying to present by combining the decks and the interpretations of both but the message and focus for me is just getting lost and I just can’t relate to it anymore..
    Disappointed but wishing your the best.


    • Colette Baron-Reid

      maybe you might just listen to the story that the decks are telling like 2 friends adding to a story already in motion. 😉 thanks for your feedback oxxoxoox

  • Anne-Marie Smale

    Hmm, Time For a Nap ( protective) Observer & Unfinished Symphony prescriptive. Time out, observe, declutter & completion. Will follow the mantra of “keep it simple sister” & rest this week. Fab! xx

  • Shelley

    Hi Colette and All
    I just sat here nodding my head as you said that august will be a challenging month. Mine began that way as I sailed out from the beautiful, blissful and loving experience I received at OraclePalooza ( can we say lovebath??) into the harsh experience of judgement, ridicule and rejection. I am happy to say that I have retained my anchor in Spirit, and I refuse to compromise.
    I believe in this beautiful evolution that I am experiencing along with all of you, and nothing will dull my shine.
    With Spirit and with my Tribe, I am strong. I did a full moon draw which puzzled me a bit, but I know I will receive help and clarification as time goes by and as I ask for feedback in one of the fabulous groups I have found within Oracle school .
    Thank you, Colette, for inspiring and encouraging us all and leading us on! Upwards and onwards!!!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you are so welcome.. and remember not everyone wants to see others happy …

  • Diana Boles

    ????Can y’all tell there’s a burr under my saddle?????????

  • Trish C

    I have a really hard time with “amping up my light” and “being the one I am waiting for” – it’s like I don’t know how to do these things without some outward sign of confirmation/success. Or I don’t know if I’m doing them right if there’s no outward confirmation. Does that make sense? I feel like there should be some amazing reveal of what my true life path is or BLAM! some incredible success will come my way. Success in my (goblin?) mind being defined as monetary gain and prestige. So how do I become the one I am supposed to be if I can’t leave my 9-5?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you would do well to reconsider your definition of success, find the feeling of abundance and gratitude and you will see it sometime slowly in teeny increments but one day you will look around and go wow am I really here? start today.. choose the feeling today.

  • Joyce Vaillancourt

    My three cards this week are
    Come to the Edge; Mending; Message in a Bottle – looking forward to the week ahead!

  • Noelle

    Listening to this video today has me wondering if it’s about my new job, or if its about what my husband is going through, which directly affects me ? At first, I see how it relates to him, because that’s fresh on my mind…we deal with it every morning, then I can also relate it to my new job and how I feel. I can see both sides, and it’s a bit confusing. Or is it about both? How should I phrase a question to get more clarity? (is this a conversation we can bring into Oracle School Summer Camp?)

  • Valerie

    My three cards; Peace, Imagine, Mending. I am planning my first live event under my new brand and I am shaking in my boots. I know the peace card is telling me all is well, the imagine card I feel is reminding me to imagine the outcome I want from the event and the person I desire to be as I use my power to impact and change lives. I’m not so sure the meaning of the mending card.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      honey you can do it !! I know how you feel – the mending card is about forgiving yourself for feeling scared, its about how your service will help mend people.. percolate on it a bit. You will be FABULOUS

  • Maddie

    Awesome blog this week! Thank you!

  • EW

    Loved the event here
    In Orlando, thanks for being here and giving us an awesome soulful weekend!

  • Cynthia Eyer

    I am definitively AWAKE!!! My three cards tell me to not be concerned with my Masters Thesis at this time, that there is a time for all things and right now, this is not the time. I also am in my head too much. I had a Shaman tell me that in 2015, I learned that last semester during our Personal Wilderness Experience courses, and I realized it last night during a deep dive into why I reacted to a certain event. My third card tells me to be still and listen to the “still, small voices” that Spirit sends me and to be willing to go into the unknown. I am learning that in “letting go” I also can “go” into the unknown without trepidation. Letting go is so much deeper than we have ever been taught. It’s not about giving it over to Spirit, for it doesn’t belong to Spirit. It’s more about being willing to walk in the darkness of death and to die completely so that we can be reborn into the light of the unknown. My solo was in a Fae meadow, surrounded by Aspens. The Aspens are ever present, reminding me to “let go” of the fear and doubts so that I am “Free to Go” to who I am.
    Bowing in Gratitude and Blessings in Light, Love, and Laughter of Life,
    Lady Fae

  • Debbie Buck

    Hell YES!!!

  • Kathy Wagner

    I laughed out loud this morning. My husband left his wallet and I had to drive it to the airport for him, taking a huge chunk out of my morning and first day back at my desk. I was ranting and raving so went to pull 3 cards to see what was being mirrored back to me. I got … “never ending story” and realized that I was acting the same as I always do and that I had a choice to act another way. I pulled an affirmation card from Good Tarot and it was 4 of Air … peace, calm and time for a break. 🙂
    Love, love, love the Wisdom from Spirit and how it speaks though the cards.

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    Dear Colette, CBR Team, and Tribe:

    I have been tuning into what Colette has to say for years now (through many changes to C’s communicative website). Learning is Ebb and Flow and that is the way most relationships evolve so LOV : ) One Day at a Time sometimes a Moment at a Time – the good, the bad, and the ugly, LOL – however remember “Take What You Need and Leave the Rest” (AA, Sylvia Brown liked to say this a lot also, I say it also). What you did not see today with study you may see it later-on because life can be a very long journey then suddenly – the dawn- something you don’t always watch for happens to be obvious.

    First, I already felt like my life was magically proceeding toward my recent goals with the weekly reading.

    Second, I picked the next three additional cards from the Oracle Deck asking “what more do I need to know about weaving my dream”?

    “Yang” implies there is nothing standing in my way
    “Orphaned” states if I move forward authentically I will be accepted; past doubts will be healed.
    “Never Ending Story” implies if you do what you did you will get what you got so go forward with the new you ….

    My thoughts have been creative and wishful. Other thoughts and desires/goals I have already put into action.

    Learning is about letting-go and letting life happen while exploring the new you – the authentic you. The Uncharted, its real.

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      An update I went shopping to get ready to go back to work; I am stocking up, sort to speak, so I will concentrate on daily chores, work, and volunteering, as well as my responsibility to my pups instead of running after the little things. I am getting my future routine down pat.

      I also inquired to other paying jobs and other volunteer opportunities only to realize I have just so much time in a day and energy to be “healthy and good to myself”. In other words, I should not overload my schedule because I know what life is like with my employment, needing sleep to be healthy, needing to be home for the pups, so I have to pick one volunteer opportunity close to home. I believe, the Never Ending Story fits right-in while deciding what choices to make going forward. The Orphan card helped me narrow down my choices. Yang was my motivation card like a companion egging me on and supporting me that its the right thing to do.

      P : ) ACE

  • Kylie

    Thank you so much Colette for this message and your amazing work, I so appreciate it and you. Please thank your amazing team working with you to bring us all these amazing goodies and events and for looking after you and each other. I’m sure they absolutely rock. I loved the FB Live for Spirit Jam from Oracle Palooza, it was awesome and made me feel like I was there (I sang along too). As for this week’s blog, I woke up again (after being born awake) at 25 after a breakthrough and I know to go back to sleep is death. I’m doing my best to stay awake and aware and out of the matrix. That’s what I really love about your work – you show the journey, you speak up, you are living your truth and you inspire all of us to live it too. Thank you to all the people following your work as well – I love our tribe and that we are all living in the light – probably like me – the best we can, one day at a time. On those days or in those moments when you don’t feel so rock star, just think of us Colette – all standing out here with our torches on, thinking of you and knowing you can do it, you matter, you make a difference and we care about you and your work. All the best, always ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

  • Anonymous

    It’s becoming ever more clear, the cards are really clear, that though I re-invented my life some 10 years ago, leaving corporate, leaving my dysfunctional marriage, moving my kids, developing a consulting business for not for profits, it was just the first step ( damn!). Oraclepalooza started that opening which is getting bigger every day. I thought it would be a tweek, ah, no… I have no idea where I am going, the journey looks like it will be interesting though. So looking forward to what comes next ( I say with shaking knees) !
    I do so appreciate your always timely words.
    Oraclepalooza was amazing. Thank you!

    Thanks you

  • Anonymous

    Phew… 47 Go the Distance (P); 38 To Be Fair; 51 Milk & Honey (P)…geesh, I just want to take off already…and I feel stuck! Practicing patience and love with the awareness that I have been in charge too long and truly want Spirit to lead and direct…letting go of expectations without giving up hope or dreams is quite the balancing act. My Good Tarot meditation…Patience #14. I get it Spirit.

  • Linda R. Lightfoot

    Pulled 3 cards: Fork in Road, To Be Fair, & Milk and Honey. This is perfect for I just finished all caretaking duties with family-in-laws & am now FREE to return to my OWN DREAMS & move forward on a NEW CREATE at the ripe ole age of 66 all in alignment with Lion’s Gate 8-8-8.
    SO ready for Mystical Magical Momentum…thank you, Colette, for your great laugh of enthusiasm and play. I’m right there with you, Sister.

  • Eleri

    My three cards to follow from Colette’s reading were; No Place Like Home in protection; Tick Tock and Treasure Island. I am really in transition and between worlds as we are moving house later this year and, I am finally (and slowly) starting my own business after many years of procrastination and feelings of unworthiness. Doing things differently was what made most sense from all the cards and that there is always enough time – I had been feeling I had left things to late to be doing this, being as I am in my fifties now. Treasure Island I think, means that I am on the right path and that all my efforts will come to fruition, so to keep going with my business ventures and everything will work out fine.
    Thank you

  • Lynn Marie Anderson

    I wish I could have come to Oraclepalooza, I have no money to take a vacation anywhere this summer, I am really bummed out. I am a Leo, my birthday is August 22nd, and I have been listening to some astrologers out there saying that when we get this eclipse that’s coming through North America on August 21st, there’s going to be some major change and upheaval going along with it, they say protect yourself on the days surrounding the eclipse, and we’re also going to go through another mercury retrograde too. They’re saying if you’re a Leo, you’re probably ready to make a major change to your life like moving somewhere new, or perhaps,ending some relationships that aren’t working for you. I know both of those statements are true for me. I’m very frustrated with a lot of things in my life right now, I am losing hope that my life is ever going to get any better, so many things I’ve tried to do, either didn’t work out the way I hoped they would, or I just completely failed at. And I really would like to join your Facebook group, but I’m not crazy about facebook, sometimes it seems no matter what I say, even when I’m not trying to be opinioned or judgemental, somebody somewhere is going to be offended about it.

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