Raising the Vibe!

Updated: August 22, 2017

Raising the Vibe

Well here we are post-eclipse and the energy is ripe for change in the best way possible. The significance of this phenomena will be felt over the next six months. The question now is how to we raise our vibe in a consistent manner so that our joy and our commitment to a better life is stronger than our fear of outer conditions?

Well one way is to be a member of a community that is formed just for this purpose. On the day of the eclipse I was honored to be part of Mike Dooley’s Raise The Vibe Facebook takeover where I had the opportunity to talk about this very thing. (You can see the entire presentation on my Facebook public page).

I always use my oracle cards to track the dominant energy affecting us all as well as asking to see the next right action so we can all evolve in a way that raises our vibe together. The community is important as we can experience a more positive outlook when we are in a community dedicated to unity. We can co-create miracles when “ two or more are gathered”. The I AM presence (Spirit, God, The Dude, Universe etc.) is ignited when we focus on love, acceptance, forgiveness, courage and truth.

So today I head over to my trusted oracle cards and ask the Universe for a message . I asked “what does every person that reads this blog need to know to be in alignment with their unique, authentic and inspired life?”

Today The Good Tarot was my guide and lo and behold I chose the 3 of Water! Synchronicity at its best! If you aren’t familiar with this symbol or how this deck works, The Good Tarot is a hybrid of traditional tarot with an oracle, its purpose to use affirmations to help us tune in to the uplifting message of how we can best evolve through our experiences.

Here is the affirmation from this card : the key- words are ;_ celebration, enjoying community, sharing, exuberance, team spirit, common goal, friendship

“Joy and excitement flow among all those gathered. I embrace being part of something larger than myself. It’s a time to delight in the camaraderie as I experience the greater whole that is my community or team. We buoy each other and play together as we co-create. We are friends, family, and companions, sharing our experiences. It is a time to remember we must accept each other as we are with both shadow and light within.”

This leads me to talk about a key point from my talk – that of my deep belief in Unity in Diversity as a core value in my life ( and a foundation value in my Oracle School).

We have seen the pus of darkness rise up lately manifesting through people like an ugly virus. Of course none of this comes out of nowhere. It has been there all along. I invite you to consider that LIght illuminates the darkness and exposes the infected wounds. None of this can extinguish Light, but the real work starts now.

Can you celebrate the idea of Unity without leaving out the shadow? The Conscious Universe is inside you and every other person on this planet, in every blade of grass, in every bird, fish or 4 legged, all of this world is animated by this same miraculous Spirit. It is the Source of energy and does not distinguish between dark or light. That is OUR job.

Every aspect of the dark we rail against outside of ourselves and that we disown in our own selves has the power to dim our Light because the dark parts of us are essential to the diversity too. Can you look deep inside you and forgive yourself for your own hate, rage, fear and ignorance? Then you really understand Unity in Diversity. Forgiveness and understanding really turns up the voltage. Forgiveness and radical acceptance leads to courage to be true to your convictions in a stronger yet softer way.

It’s our job to decide which we will feed, pay attention to, or enable to grow. And so this is why in order to celebrate our connections and our communities – compassion has to be at the core of the community. The reduction of suffering is twofold. We need to be brave and courageous to stand up for what we believe and help others less fortunate. And, we need to feed only the parts within us and in society that we want to grow. “Tough Love” is an old catchphrase that makes a whole lot of sense today.

For today, as I believe in the power to co-create reality, and that we can influence the future by staying in a 24 hour compartment, it may be a good idea to spend some time to really ask yourself what you really believe, what you stand for, your core values, and what you actually can do to raise the vibe in your community. It’s not enough to just think about things and hope they will sort themselves out.

One act of random kindness , one loving supportive post on a Facebook page, one dinner where you actually have a conversation instead of checking your phone. One 10 minute meditation on gratitude. … one page of writing in your journal on rigorous honesty.. One short session of laughing yoga ( yep that is a real thing!) then sharing your epiphanies instead of your dread in your community.
it all adds up.

We really are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

We are all part of something greater.

Remember we are all in this together.

Let’s have fun together while we spread more Light around !




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  • Anonymous

    You always bring a smile to my face and a bit of joy to my heart. Keep on keeping on!

  • Penny

    You always bring a smile to my face and a bit of joy to my heart. Keep on keeping on!

  • diane cearfoss

    thank you for enlightening me every week

  • patty

    LOL…have your people use spell check…the heading say “orcle”…not “oracle”…FYI. LOL :-))) I got your message loud and clear though. Thank you and Love!!!

  • Beth R

    My 3 cards to follow your reading were: Enchanted Map deck: Sad Embrace, Field of Dreams, Ride the Wave.
    Your comment “raise our vibe in a consistent manner so that our joy and our commitment to a better life is stronger than our fear of outer conditions” is really pertinent for me today as I heard some news (outer condition) that sent me (inner condition) into a tailspin…breathing and reaching out to friends for support.
    Also, re: shadows, I was recently reminded that the brighter the light the bigger the shadow…it may seem like there is more shadow/darkness in the world, but we wouldn’t notice if there wasn’t a brighter light. 😉
    Thanks again, Colette…I look forward to your wisdom and readings each week.

  • Pat

    Yesterday, I asked what can I expect from all the spiritual work I’ve been doing before and during the eclipse. I pulled New Life!

    Wonderful, a confirming sign :))


  • Nina

    I Just enjoy all your information.. On understanding you beautiful cards!! Thank you!!

  • collette

    Thank you once more for the reading and explanation about the cards. Awesome as usual. Thought the eclipse had put me in a fog but listening to your reading I’m back to myself. Going to do the cards and see what they will tell me…hope Coco is doing better… dog lover here also.

  • Katie

    Great article and so very uplifting! We must be on a similar wavelength today because I pulled an angel card this morning and drew the “I am presence” card as my message for the day! You’re so right though, if we can focus on little things like smiling more, giving compliments, and sending light everywhere we go, we can shift the vibration from fear to a state of pure love. Blessings!
    Also, great webinar the other day!

  • Anonymous

    I love you too Aroha from New Zealand.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Colette

    A big thank you… the weekly readings are such a blessing. I always look out for them in my email box. Your my extra spirit ‘lifter’ we all need that on occasions. Much love Mary C

  • Mary

    Hi Colette

    A big thank you… the weekly readings are such a blessing. I always look out for them in my email box. Your my extra spirit ‘lifter’ we all need that on occasions. Much love …Mary C

  • Brad

    I agree that forgiveness is key now. Not because they deserve it, but because we deserve peace. Coupled with complete surrender to the divine, we can create miracles. Thank you Colette.

  • Renee Sugar

    “What the world needs now, is LOVE sweet LOVE, it’s the only thing that there’s just too little of. “”
    Remember those lyrics?? I used to think of Tribe as the safe nest where I could share my thoughts, ideas, fears etc. I remember the early days being in a support group for families living w/alcoholism where I could be in the presence of others who truly understood. What a blessing that was, and early in my life (20’s)
    As the new world order is being rebuilt I know that unity, harmony, the “common ” sense are all a part of a system that is inclusive; and celebrates all life in every form. WE (collective) pronoun means that everyone is a part of the whole. But I can clearly recall those feelings of isolation, being different, not “fitting” in as being the predominant theme in my life. Simplified, “love your neighbour as yourself. ” Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Be open, take a look around you, notice someone else, observe, laugh at the many precious moments of the day . Yes ,WE ARE NOT ALONE. Connect w/someone. Start a conversation with a stranger. We have become estranged more so in this climate of hostility, and aggression; what divides does kill , but it can also be the catalyst to bond us and bring us closer together.
    It is a choice. We get to be the choice-makers, every moment of each new day. “Kindness is the mightiest force in the world “. WE ALL MATTER> WE ALL BELONG. WE ARE NOT ALONE but rather ALL ONE. Sending love to all who share on this blog. It is a sacred place to express, what you believe and is good practice to begin to share anywhere. The old walls are crumbling and disintegrating. “Let it begin with me” is a thought to carry through the day. What kind of climate am I creating? What is my attitude. Is it grateful, thoughtful, understanding and gracious or negative, critical, resentful or combative? Which option attracts others to share , to join to celebrate? Enough said. I appreciate the opportunity to share and to consider better ways to approach my life. Thank you for this doorway. It is a gift that I value .
    Much Love XOXOX

  • Shelley

    Blessing your presence, Colette, and that of All ????
    Big Love

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