Everyone Of Us Has A Story To Tell!

Updated: September 4, 2017

Everyone of us has a story to tell

But stories need to be shared. Sure if we keep them to ourselves they will mean something to us but our stories begin to be magical when spoken to others. They have the greatest and deepest meaning when they are expressed and witnessed. We need to hear stories from others so we can have compassion and empathy and also see ourselves reflected in them as we identify with the universal human story. And, we need to share our own stories to express our humanity, and so we can experience the deep essential belonging we are here to discover.

We are all stories in motion.

We do this world together. Our shared stories tell us that we are not alone, that there is hope that there is good and that we can find ways to be in the world so that we can truly be the ones we’ve been waiting for.

This is why events that bring people together to celebrate and share from the heart are so life changing. You may have attended one of Louise Hay’s I Can Do It events over the years or others so you may know first hand how powerful this can be.

So I have to share that I’m really excited about a new event series for women this fall called Together Live. TO•GET•HER. I’ve been privileged (being a close friend to one of the founders) to have watched first hand how this came together in the past couple years. So much heart and soul, sweat and tears and painstaking work- yep lots of work went into creating one of the most powerful live events ever.

It’s a multi-speaker event for women by women ( although guys should go too and listen). “Together Live” is all about that community we all need, the power of truth telling, raw from the heart sometimes heart wrenching stories about how we can rise from any challenge no matter how devastating to our most profound empowered and liberated self. It is sisterhood powered by the biggest hearts in the world.

This is activism at its finest. Community, collaboration, and connection. Glennon Doyle and Abby Wambach are headlining and my friend Jennifer Rudolph Walsh is emcee. They are joined by a multitude of mesmerizing, entertaining, uplifting, and inspiring speakers that change city by city on the tour.

I will be at the event in Philadelphia in the audience with some friends. This is honestly a tour that should not be missed. If you want to join us go to the website and type in IGNITE for your special discount. Go here www.togetherlive.com/join-us/

Now, let’s say you love this idea but you want to do something now! I have a great idea! I wonder if you might consider getting together with your local friends for a story- telling evening.
Years ago I did something like this on NewYears Day where we passed a talking stick, each person sharing a story of their own transformation and it was probably one of the most memorable experiences of my life as we were all friends but none of us knew the stories shared.
At the end we all talked about how much hope and commitment was in that room and how the vulnerability we shared made us all feel so strong and empowered!

And, maybe you might like to share your story in the comments section. What was a pivotal story in your life where you went from hopeless to empowered, or when you had the biggest A- HA that put you on your spiritual path that you’re on now?

No matter what Together we Rise for sure.
Love to hear from you!

Love love love,

PS – here is the link again don’t forget to put IGNITE in the box so you can receive a small discount on your ticket. www.togetherlive.com/join-us/





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  • Betsy J Castle

    My story starts a long time ago like so many do. I was raised in a family full of the new codependance ( no drug or alcohol addiction). I of course thought this was normal because I didn’t know any better. We weren’t raised with religion but I have always been very spiritually driven. I had visions and conversations with the higher conscience as a child. Though it took me until mid 30s to understand. An incredibly unhealthy relationship woke me up, i found my bottom and decided to learn my lessons more gently from now on. I dove into the unknown. Started learning new techniques to clear the old hurts and beliefs that I was constantly tripping on. I learned EFT and Inner Bonding all while educating myself on codependancy. Tried a few more relationships that ultimately reflected back to me any unbalanced or perceived broken parts of myself. From there I learned to listen to my body for direction. Thank you Louise Hay. I realized the effects of my thoughts and perception had on not only my health but the life I was creating. I found Abraham on YouTube then began communicating on my own. My most recent realization is of the ego. Many teach to step away from your ego but I had actually been directed to connect more with mine. I suspect that the point being… My higher self and ego need to work/play/exists together to create the life I am meant to live. So here I am learning to live a life I love look at. Thank you Collette, I’m not sure how far back I found you but you have been gently guiding me ever since. Bless you and yours for all you do.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      LOVE to you my dear… beautiful share

    • Brad Arnold

      I love that quote Nelson Mandela

    • Regina Redmond

      Hi Collette,

      My name is Regina Redmond, I have just opened my own business Angelic Heart2Heart..
      It has taken a lot for me to take this step, but I did.. I was raped and sexually abused as a child physically and emotionally also.. It has taken Mr everything to get to where I am today although I’m still not there as I still have to overcome same abuse I experience as an adult..
      The cards I picked out today are The Lady of Lightning Ally.. Surprises sometimes shock total paradigm shift.. Second one, Challenger compromised out of fear.. Last one the horse king assistance control fear.. Reversed..
      Loving the first card 🙂
      Thank you Colette for opportunity to share if even small part of me my life so far ..
      Lots of Love Regina
      Apologies if I came in on someone else’s feed wasn’t sure how to comment .. ????????

  • Sharon Christian

    I love your Oracle card readings. I know Spirit means the world to me. I enjoy this new life I have with Spirit and the guidance of my cards. Thank you Collette!

  • MGM

    Thank You! This message is perfect. I think my decision to leave a job that I used to love is on course, time to stop being on the fence about it and move on. I can take with me some awesome memories and some pretty crappy ones too.

  • Renee Sugar

    “The place that “spirit ” calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the worlds; greatest hunger meet” Fred Breuchner
    It was a sunny morning; I was on my way to catch a bus to work. There I stood at an intersection/crossroad where the light had changed. It was green. I watched a Jeep come to a stop; and as the light was green stepped off the curb to proceed to the other side. Seems the universe had intended a different turn of events that morning. In a split second I was tossed onto my back staring at the sky like a turtle with no shell. Although the Jeep did stop; he hadn’t seen me as he was looking to make a right hand turn. I remember his windshield was dark gray, impenetrable. I didn’t make eye contact; but felt all the arrows were pointing in the direction of crossing the street. So what did that moment mean in the scheme of things? The result of that collision, between my body, and his Jeep was a broken arm. Sounds very simple. It also meant the loss of employment and after a 6 week period of sporting a cast which meant that everything I could once do with ease and without thought was effortful. I lost a job, and after the cast was eventually removed, that was the beginning of a very arduous journey through physiotherapy. This life transforming moment was pivotal as it taught me to recognize that I mattered, was irreplaceable and loved unconditionally just because I was here. I learned to “be” with my soul. I couldn’t DO much of anything and I moved at the speed of a snail for many months. In my most vulnerable state; I was protected and watched over. Unfortunately this was always the case. I had forgotten to include myself. I was “invisible” to this driver. Did that mean that I had shrunk; or disappeared. This traumatic event re-minded me that I mattered and that I was not killed, which easily might have happened. I am here in the most present way. I celebrate my life and everything as much as I can. Notice the world and others in a way that I didn’t. I was re-minded, that “every moment is the last moment, and each one is a rebirth” . Gratitude is an integral part of everyday. I am very fortunate to have not been injured beyond repair. It was indeed a long, hard climb back to confidence, security. But I have learned that those do not originate from our jobs, and outer structure, they are born from the inside out.

  • Ivana

    Biggest A-HA that I can remember was the feeling of huge love in my heart when I meet one guy who also liked me.That happened when I was completely convinced that I will never again fall in love like that.So I almost couldn’t believe what I was feeling.That was almost happiest time of my life.

  • Veronica

    My Story in this path Start a long time ago, but it wasn’t until 2014, when I thought everything in my Life was so perfect, that I didn’t notice that everything Started to fall apart. In the middle of that year I got sick and the doctor said that I had a tumor, we didn’t know what kind, but I returned home devastated because 10 years early I got surgery and the diagnosis was kind of the same. This time I decided to try everything to skip the surgery, I Start to meditate, I try many healing techniques, even I took a workshop where they teach us how to bend a spot. (I wanted to learn, because I thought if I learn to do that I can heal my body) and then I had a dream, where I was told that everything is going to pass and I would be ok. Then at the end of that year, everything seems to be ok. My belly was like a pregnant Woman and I was very consten and worry about that but I put my attention on something else and one Day almost at the end of the year the pregnant belly disapear, I was very happy, I Felt good.
    But then 2015 starts and for recommendantion of an acupunture doctor that I was seeing at that time I went to do my Analysis in the first place I did (I had a hunch that I must do them in other place but I didn’t). So the person who did them was no so nice and she said that what ever I did, it wasn’t working. I got out devasted from there. Now I can tell that our thoughts create our reality and my fear experience made that everything I worked in the past months, results worthless.
    After months of healing and trying to reproduce the previous healing and nothing I went to surgery, the doctors were very consern about my Life. But thanks God I had worked so hard in put out my fears to the light, heal all my story and I Read a book where it says that we must prepare to everything, even to die . Then when I got to the surgery I release everything, I surrender completly and like in the book says I told to my self: “today is a good Day to die”.
    Everythings got more than ok and the doctors where very surprised of the results. Even the doctor that did the operation keeped saying that it was a miracle that I would be alive.
    When the pathology result came it wasn’t good, they diagnose that the tumor was Cancer in stage I a encapsulated, it was strange to find it in that stage because, when they find, they do in stage III or IV. They send me to the oncologist and he said chemio, and I said NO, something in my guts said that I should take care of my Health but that wasn’t the way. In other hand my personal Life as I knew it was falling apart, I was handling with the most important aspects of my Life.
    The first lesson: if one superior power allowed me to be here, I must raise myself, what ever it takes and honor that opportunity and give a meaning to my Life.
    lesson 2: every Choice you take, take responsability of it. Your not a víctim of the circumstances, when we assume our responsability that empower us and even when you notice that other option is better, then choose again or learn about the experience.
    lesson 3: hear your intuición and trust, easy to write, but I’m still working, most of the time when I let my analitical mind to rule maybe the outcome it’s not so good when I noticed that the crazy idea would give me a better solution.
    Now after 2 years of the diagnosis I’m still here. Giving thanks to the Divinity and trying to do the best of my Life. I have bad times yes (I know nothing lasts forever), but I embrace the good ones. I do the PET once a year, try to eat Health, make exercise but the most important for me (because before all that caos, I did Yoga everyday, I ate healthy) is be aware of the things I put in my head (thoughts), the emotions that sometimes I don’t like to feel and process them. Try not to hide from that feeling I don’t want to feel.
    Thanks Colette I love all the things you teach and some of the literature that I read at that time was yours. Love your books and your oracles. Thanks for all your contributions. I’m so greatful to find you in my way.

  • Mary Louise Smith

    My story started the day I was born. By the time I could talk I was repeating words I heard a voice inside me speaking.
    As it was 1953, one did not talk about hearing voices and talking to angels and fairies let alone correct adults. My life was difficult and I was soon praying why in this family.
    However in 1963 I met my father’s half sister, Lucy was known as the witch. She became my mentor and saviour. It was she who unlocked the door I had closed in fear of being found crazy.
    Once I opened that door again, I also received the answer to my childhood prayer. My aunt was to be my mother but something had gone wrong with the birth of her last child. Thus it was arranged that I was born to her brother. The Divine Creator does work in mysterious ways for Lucy and I were together till her passing.

  • Jan McQuistan

    Colette, I love you, plain and simple. Your spirit inspires my spirit and has been instrumental in my growth these past few years. I have The Wisdom of Avalon and The Good Tarot and I use your online cards also. My story is way too long to tell hear and frankly, I’m in too good of a mood! But as we all do, I have learned many lessons and broken many patterns. I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for being you. You are an inspiration. Blessings!

  • Lynn Marie Anderson

    I would share my story when I can give it a better, more positive ending than I can right now. Right now, it is like the Never-ending Story card, but after hitting rock bottom for awhile, I am starting to see my way out of it, it is a process, I am very lost, and I may be down, but I’m not out for the count! Today’s world has become so scary in a lot of ways. I don’t have children, but I wonder sometimes how today’s kids are growing up in this world of technology, I grew up in the 1980s, it was much different than now !

  • Lisa Mary Jackson

    Hi Colette – The story of my life this time round began in Somerset, UK. I was 7 years old in 1972 when my parents brought my sisters and I to live in Australia. I experienced my first spiritual awakening around 27 y.o. A medicine wheel was put before me and included an eagle feather, a rose and two rings entwined, the UK Monarchy & the Black Hills. It took another ten years before I knew enough, could see enough to actually sit down and write the story – part my life experiences, part spirit. Even though I published this story on amazon in 2011 – I still continue to learn from it, the messengers still have more to show me. I experienced a lot of confusion in my teenage years, perhaps even since those early days. I didn’t know anything of my own ancestors, in fact, when I discovered the Old Ways through Native America – I didn’t want to know my ancestors. I didn’t believe there was anything worth knowing. Not too long ago the spirit of my own ancestors stepped forward to show me where I would find the rings entwined. The Chalice Well – right back near my birthplace. I’ve not long read The Mists of Avalon. And a few months ago I purchased your Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards. My sister was with me when they arrived on the doorstep. Looking through them I think we felt quite excited but sad too. I pulled the ‘Love’ card, which as you know are the rings entwined. I held it up to her and said – they’ve been with me all along – and I never really knew. Now I could understand why I never felt like I belonged here – because I really didn’t. So much more is yet to be told, I feel. What amazed me most of all was that my Angels and Guides, despite having me grow up in a land far away, still found ways to keep my path relevant. A few weeks ago, I flipped through the story again, but when I fell upon a matching character or theme from your Avalon deck, I set the card aside. There is perhaps one ‘card’ the story has that the deck does not and that is the rose. I’ve thanked you in my heart every day since for your work – we all end up being a little piece of the greater puzzle. <3

  • Lisa Grace (Nosmallwonder) Smith

    Hi sister Tweedster,

    My story is so close to your story Collette that I just can’t wait to see what spirit has in store for me. Your story reminded me of things I had long time ago forgotten such as the terrible childhood nightmares of the holocost , my struggles with so many of the same addictions, the violent gang rape, my addiction treatment at Jean Tweed, my parents loss of everything and rebuilding , and the list goes on. Hope someday we can meet. Lisa. London ontario

  • tarotistas

    Colette, I love you, plain and simple. Your spirit inspires my spirit and has been instrumental in my growth these past few years.

  • Brenda

    My story is like a lot of others, I was conditioned to live a certain way behave a certain way, I Felt important once I had my own family as I had someone to care for so I could sweep me under the rug, I loved my family my friends and my kids became my world I rescued them and many others for many many years, till my divorce 25 years ago, I had no money but I worked hard to provide for my children, I gave them what I could thought material things were the way OH HOW WRONG but I knew nothing better I loved them so much it hurt.
    Then I remarried fast forward to now, Now I have 3 stepchildren I raised and my own 8 grandchildren, so the pattern continues I am there for them now Grandchildren are a blessing, the last 25 years has been nothing short of exhausting.
    We managed to get a nice house raise our children send them off to live their lives without me for them to relive the pattern.
    THEN I meet you Colette a very dear friend and apart of your tribe sends on Facebook one day your weekly guidance, I’m listening to this thinking wow ???? this is amazing so my journey with you begins, my journey with myself begins.
    I have pain to share that had me searching if I’m honest that pain is quite new 4 years new, I’ve been learning to forgive. (That I will share with you Colette if you’ll let me)? The path to forgiveness has been a life changer, I’ve not only learnt to forgive that incident a persons worst nightmare I’ve learnt to forgive my parents my self I could go on. I’ve had other help along the way but my spiritual side I had obviously suppressed for so long has been nothing short of a miracle, thanks to you.
    I had a video Facebook live with you 2 nights ago and it alone was beautiful, you tapped into me so accurately. I will treasure that call forever.
    I look forward to many more interactions with this tribe of beautiful people. Thank you for the meditation it is just beautiful, I was able to ride with my mum who passed 4 years ago. Hug myself as a little girl and let her know she’s going to be ok.
    Oh I thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️
    Lots of love Brenda Mary xxxxx
    Ps I would love to do your school but circumstances this time prevents me next year maybe xxxxx

  • Claudiapeiro

    hola..muy bueno el blog. saludos claudia!

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