Your 2¢ From Heaven!

Updated: September 19, 2017

Your 2¢ From Heaven

Have you ever wanted to get a postcard in the mail from your guardian angel or your guides or loved ones from the other side? If those in heaven could give us their two cents about what’s up in our lives wouldn’t that be amazing?

After I shot my tv show Messages from Spirit in Canada a couple years ago I wrote about my experience tuning into a chorus of humming angels that call themselves Fred ( I know I know I don’t get to have archangels with swords of fire or ancient beings with fancy names like some people, mine seem to be comedians, and it took me ages to figure out they were the same angels I met 30 years ago but I’m good with that and it’s all in my book Uncharted by the way in case you haven’t read it yet) BUT I digress!

At that time my angel chorus named Fred was pretty active and chatty and I was listening intently and so curious about what they were trying to teach me, I was also planning to birth another oracle deck. I had already begun the Good Tarot but there was another one that had a whole other personality bobbing up and down playfully in the Hidden Realms waiting for me to pay attention.
But it was so different- it didn’t feel like anything I had encountered.

So one day I asked Spirit, and Fred and my parents on the other side to show me my next oracle. Bam! I saw a postman with wings and a blue sparkly suit and hat crossing a bridge with a bag of mail and then I got handed a postcard.
The stamp was two cents from Heaven.
Why am I telling you this?

Since I’m in the middle of my launch for Oracle School ( which opens for enrollment this week!) my brain has been mush around blog writing so I thought what can I give these guys while they wait for me to come back online and say something intelligent?

TA-DA. In the mail my finished fabulous new oracle deck PostCards from Spirit had arrived last week and were sitting beside me ready for me to choose a card for all of you.

So I asked all our collective guides, angels and loved ones on the other side to give us all a message regarding what we all most need to know right now to live our most cherished intentions for the highest good for all. ( the postcards speak in a collective “we” by the way to represent a kind of party line where “they” come together for our support)

Here is your PostCard from Spirit !

Dearest You,
Did you ever notice how when something is too rigid and resistance pushes against it, it breaks? Have you ever considered how seaweed fronds can survive strong and even dangerous ocean swells because they are so flexible? Right now we want to gently remind you that being flexible will be a good choice when faced with life’s challenges and perplexing queries. Perhaps you might need to surrender your fixed ideas to Spirit, who can deliver to you what you need, in the appropriate form for you? By the way, Spirit has a much better idea than you do of what is in your highest good. So in this moment, rather than fighting or being too ambitious or too sure of your way working out, you might want to allow for a more flexible outcome. Be a little looser. Compromise is sometimes the best way forward if you are to learn new ways of doing and seeing things. Your purpose is to stay aware, curious, and teachable. You must take Life on Life’s terms. Your purpose may push you in a direction not on your map. Let it, and float. Be so flexible that no storm can uproot you. In the end you will still be rooted in the world, in abundance, and you will indeed experience the beauty that is yours.
Don’t forget there are a whole lot of angels over here happy to lend their wings if you will let them help you. Bend even just a little and you will see sunshine, sparkles, and moonbeams bursting through the clouds.
You can do it!

I hope you connect to this message. I sure did, especially with more storms brewing everywhere! Highly sensitive people can get super affected by the currents of chaos that cause disruption and suffering for others that it can be difficult to manage and so trying to gain control can cause some people to get rigid. We all want certainty but it appears that this message is asking us to release our tight hold on what we think “ should be” and allow a more flexible approach to life. It really goes with the weekly Oracle guidance and lesson video for this week too.

Anyway thank you for reading this I would love to hear how the PostCard from Spirit applied to you this week. I am grateful for you as I know there are a lot of other spiritual teachers you could be following and so it means a lot to me that you are reading this.

Big giant hug !

PS –– PostCards from Spirit publishes Oct 10th but you can order them now!!

PPS –– if you haven’t watched my free video workshop on how oracle cards are a powerful personal development source and direct dial to the Divine, and you might just be a teeny bit interested in Oracle School click here.



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  • Renee Sugar

    ” If you can’t fight, and you can’t flee. FLOW” Bruce Lee.
    Reminds me about martial arts and how emptiness can be the greatest ally. You are OPEN to receive, to absorb the energy to energize us. If we do the opposite, resist, react, resent; it does take away some of our power. We must choose. So I thank you for this example , it re-minded me that if I supply the willingness; the power will be provided.
    Attitude is the key to how we will FLOW with whatever circumstances are presented to us., or how we can create a conflict and increase our level of discomfort. Reminder that THIS TOO SHALL PASS can soften the process.
    Thank you Colette.

  • Renee Sugar

    If the comment I wrote a few minutes ago wasn’t posted; this one will be an alternative.
    ” If you can’t fight or you can’t flee. FLOW.” Bruce Lee
    Reminds me about martial arts and how remaining empty/OPEN is the way to absorb energy. Receiving the force can throw the other person off balance. When we resent, resist, and react to a certain issue; or person it diminishes our power. We give our power away. If we provide the willingness; the power will be provided. Grateful for this blog to REMIND me that
    aligning with Spirits’ will provides the energy. Sometimes when I feel vulnerable, alone, I think alone I cannot do this. Admitting this opens the doors to receiving. Being EMPTY/OPEN creates the space to receive. Thank you for the RE-MINDER l

  • Sue

    This Postcard from Spirit resonates with me like CRAZY! I am cracking and breaking! My situation is personal but it is a control issue. I cannot and will never have this situation hand tailored to my specifications or to what I believe I NEED it to be. I need to be more flexible, loosen up a bit and let it come as it is. Take what comes and be grateful for it.I need to release my hold on this because it isn’t mine to hold.

  • Heather

    Dearest Colette: flexibility has been a life long lesson for me. The need to control my environment was paramount to my survival. And maybe that was true when I was a child at home in an unpredictable violent space. I have spent the last 40 plus years discovering my authentic self and have found gratitude and forgiveness to be my most treasured tools. A reading from you 2 years ago confirmed that my most challenging adversary has become my biggest cheer leader. I have learned that flexible doesn’t mean weak but in fact is the embodiment of strength. Thank you for the reminder from spirit and for all you do. Big hugs xo
    ps: Tell Deb Silverman that I want to change my sign. I’m tired of being a Capricorn. I’d like to eat my cake from the middle and mix my grey towels with my white towels. Lol Have a fabulous day sweet thing.

  • Christel

    Wow, I have was just browsing through Colette’s other blog posts (I have been to this site but never read her blogs) and then this new blog popped up, posted today. Talk about synchronicity! As Colette would say, you can’t make this $h!t up. I needed to read it several times for the message to sink in, but it is very relevant.

    Thank you Colette – for all you do. I was also at the first taping of Colette’s tv show in Toronto in 2014, which she references above and try to get to her events in Toronto whenever she is here. Love ya Colette.

    • Christel

      Forgot to mention that I am looking forward to her new deck. 🙂

  • Sharon

    I am a control freak, perfectionist who had a breakdown this year. I am learning to let go, allow and accept; however I am still a work in process. I am learning through my therapy that there are times I have to fight (depression) – as I am fighting for my life. I like the metaphor of the seaweed fronds and I will use that to remind myself the go with the flow (another thing I am trying to learn). As for the Angels, they hear from me everyday — sometimes twice a day. I wonder if they flip a coin to see who’s going to help me on any given day. (meant to be funny). With much love and gratitude.

  • Trina

    Just the post card I needed, as my goal of learning pre and perinatal psychology to help women to take back control of the birth process is coming along. How I can use my knowledge and what that would be is still not clear to me, so I will let the Spirit guide things along instead of stressing that I don’t have a clear plan yet.

  • Beverley

    Thank you Collette for the lovely message from spirit and our Angels.

    Love & Light ????


  • Vanessa

    Thank you for todays reading. I was asking a few questions of the cards before this and surprisingly these same 3 cards came up though not in exactly the same order. A strong message for sure. I will let go and see where this leads me. Thanks again.

  • Marion

    Thank you Collette, I thoroughly enjoy your readings and help. I send you Love and Light in return
    Marion UK xxx

  • Jo

    Love the idea of the Postcards from Spirit deck. Can’t wait to get that one.

  • Diana Boles

    Has anyone else coughs the vibrational quickening in the atmosphere right now? Sunday night I could not sleep. I dragged at work thru Monday and when I got home the couch called my name for 14 hours of sleep. So that postcard message comes at a perfect time. This New Moon and all these planets stacking up in ever grounded Virgo are trying to keep us standing stiffly against the currents surrounding us. Enter the Autumnal Equinox – the confirmation of change and need to bend as Willow and Palm and absorb the energy and integrate it or recharge our Soul Light.

    Off to reserve my deck of Postcards from Spirit. I often have called omens and messages from beyond a Postcard. Colette, I know you understand me and I surely know where you are coming from. ????????

  • Lisa Grace (Nosmallwonder) Smith

    Dear sister Tweedster, as someone just scanning through piles of emails I was refreshed and reminded thankfully of my need to control and understand everything. Thank you for the encouragement I needed today to step forward and take a risk as well as your message to find a way to to give to others. Time to take a positive risk and help others at the same time. Looking forward to the new deck.

  • Barbara Morris

    I enjoyed your 3 videos on reading the oracle cards so much. Thank you so much for sending and sharing a part of your life. It was very good to hear your story and the struggles you had to get to the place you are today. You words are Energy of Life and uplifting and encouraging.

    Thank you again.

  • Jerry

    Some times one just can’t ignore the tug! I was still pulling cards and also on your site, they just kept telling me that I had hit Rock Bottom, I needed to let go! Then you began the dailys on FB. I started to get bombarded with YOU NEED TO MEDITATE!!! Today, I watched the FB and the 3rd Video, flash….saw the download for the Get on Your Bird Meditation…downloaded it Ok, Ok, I will meditate! WOW, found myself in a place of desolation, nothing, no people, plants, things…nothing. I started to cry at the loneliness and abandonment I felt when my Eagle came (a long time friend) and he took me away. Next thing I knew not even a speck of that place remained. It was a very moving moment and I realized I have been flailing around feeling alone and left behind. Well, within an hour of that meditation a friend that I hadn’t heard from for awhile called and wanted to come over for coffee if I was home! What? I started laughing and smiling at that rascal Spirit! Showed me what I needed to see and gave me a gift to show me what I needed to see.

    Thanks so much for you, Collette. I bless the day I found you and your love. Sending out there that I wish to come to School….it’s going to happen when it’s time (there’s always enough, right?)

  • Janice

    Love the story about the postcard… I really wish I would receive one but I never despair since following your readings and tarot cards — love all of it. I’m learning to relax an d speak to loved ones on the other side and I often feel that I do get responses. Thank you for the guidance and love you devote ro us, it’s made such a difference in my life.

  • Janice

    Love the story about the postcard… I really wish I would receive one but I never despair since following your readings and tarot cards — love all of it. I’m learning to relax an d speak to loved ones on the other side and I often feel that I do get responses. Thank you for the guidance and love you devote to us, it’s made such a difference in my life.

  • Michele S

    Go with the flow resonated loud and clear with me. It is one of my favorite reminders that z
    Spirit has got my back and saves me from my physically human, frail self. I so too appreciate the reminder of Spirit’s ‘helpers’ who are our angels and guides. i admit that i don’t ask for their help as often as i can and should! thank you, Colette, once again for being our messenger. sending buckets of love!

  • Tanya

    Loved the Postcards from Spirit card! Literally had tears in my eyes, it’s like you pulled that card just for me. It’s EXACTLY what I needed to receive today 🙂

  • Renee

    Isn’t this coincidental that two people postedheir comments twice?? Speaking for myself I wasn’t sure if I pushed the send button!!!

  • Christel

    Every time I watch Colette live on facebook, or in person, the phrase “do what you love and you will never work a day in your life” comes to mind. She truly loves what she does and I’m sure it doesn’t feel like work to her.

    Thank you Colette for all you do for us. Bless you.

  • Lisa

    Dear Colette .. the magic that is You, has made it possible for me to see mine again ! .. I find myself smiling all the time and feeling delighted to be alive .. this deep work you lead people in, truly can be a magic wand .. to be able to smile with reckless abandon, and to allow the universe to serve up love and lessons, to accept life on life’s terms, you helped me to remember my inner glow, and my assignment, to be the love i wish to see .. thank you .. Lisa xox

  • Rose

    I’m SO Excited I pre-ordered your new deck WEEKS ago and didnt’ say anything. Cannot wait. I love you and your decks and you’re so inspiring. Thank you!

  • Julie

    Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned in a fun, interesting and exciting way! Love Love Love how beautifully the messages are conveyed in your decks and PostCard from Spirit doesn’t disappoint. I look forward to when it’s available to purchase.

    Enjoy your day!

  • Shelley

    Dear Colette
    Thank you to your Angels and to your parents , as well as the sparkly Blue Postman, for helping you create Postcards from Spirit. I love them. ♥ And you, and All this beautiful Tribe….

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