I Couldn’t Breathe… and then I Remembered ( tips for staying sane in these insane times)!

Updated: October 4, 2017

This past week has been a blur.

Have you ever felt that you’ve been swept up in a tornado of feelings that you can’t control and don’t even know the source?

It’s been surreal if you think about everything that has happened in the past month alone- a relentless tsunami of suffering and tragedy- all of it real, all of it needing to count.

Which do you pick? The devastation in the Caribbean? Texas? Louisiana? Las Vegas? Or should we look overseas?

I live here in North America and so what happens closest to me is on the news and I’m more exposed to the locale but this is all but a snapshot symbol of a deep insistent global pain, that we feel rising up from an unknown space within us, and we don’t even know what to call it and we resist it by deflecting it through rage and apathy, fear and denial.

But it’s all about waking us up – to what lies beyond this nameless pain.

This is the machination of Fate .. that which we can’t control, calling us into a Great Destiny of Compassion and empathy if we remain awake and let the pain break us open.

Fate is not our enemy.  

How many desire a better life- a safe and prosperous life, one with meaning and hope and fairness and love?

The turmoil we all feel right now is real as the world unravels and reveals the shadow side of humanity. Regardless of our desires and intentions, when the whole world is shifting in response to its own imbalances we are going to see many dark things unearthed.

Yesterday I couldn’t breathe from the anxiety and suffering and powerlessness and then I stopped fighting it and let it rush through me and I remembered that this at some deeper level yet this world is ripe for transformation.

All is not lost!

These experiences are leading us to healing although it feels as if there are more open wounds than before! Let these events, these harsh hurts break our hearts wide open, let these call us out to commit to LIGHT and to SHINE that LIGHT into the world.

Compassion is not a theory, care for each other, for animals and the planet we live on is not some granola grinder crystal bunny New age gobbledygook.

Stand up for what you believe in – do no harm- course correct if you must and walk your talk.

Yes it hurts like hell , if you feel the world as I do, and tune into its deep pain you may fall apart, even want to hide, eat too much to escape or whatever else you do, but once you do, allowing yourself the grace of the grief and some time to regroup then it’s up to us to take action. We can’t go back to ” the way things were”.

We are being ushered into the Uncharted territories of a new world.  

Stay awake. Do one thing to reduce the suffering of someone else, – every sentient being deserves our care.

Life is so brief, and we are but blinks of light amongst millions that have sparked in the aeons. Make your Light count.



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  • Brenda

    My head is spinning not being able to sleep here in the future, so I open up a couple of emails and here you are making it much easier to take in, to understand my stress levels and don’t worry about what I can’t control.
    As much as I’m trying to be a better me each day the wonders of the world are heavy.
    So thank you I’ll shine as bright as I can to help heal this planet even if it’s only in a small way. ???? ????

  • Jan McQuistan

    You are spot on, Colette. I have seen people blow up like thunderstorms at each other with rage and I see the fear. People fall into the easy trap of political bickering and instantly forget their humanity. It saddens me. I have done my best to do as you say. To open wide my heart and let the tsunami of pain an anger flow over me. I have been through many traumati experiences in my life. I have learned there is always a morning after. It is easier with love than anger. And we are in this together. Blessings. Aho.

  • Kate

    Oh Colette, my heart is breaking and your words are so true. As the Witch Down the Road, I have asked my followers to light a white candle during this full moon energy for our world and our humanity. Thank you for putting into words my feelings. Blessed Be!

  • Lynn Marie

    Everyone’s feeling it in one way or another. Sometimes people are just going to think or do what they want to and you’re better off not even trying to talk to them or explain anything to them, just walk away. I feel sometimes like some people just don’t like me and I get instant hate, before I’ve even said a word or anything, sometimes someone will just give you an angry look or glare at you, you don’t know why and you just stay away from them. People will say don’t be afraid to ask for help, but a lot of times, there really isn’t any and you just don’t want to bother people. I donated some money for people affected in Texas by the hurricane there, I know people in Puerto Rico and Florida and other areas have lost a lot as well, I don’t have much money myself, that was all I could really give. And what bothers me too is that I’ve tried to be supportive of the Democratic party and signed online petitions about certain things, and they constantly badger me for donations, even NOW when I think what should be everyone’s first priority is helping all these people who have lost EVERYTHING!!! I don’t know what to think or believe anymore. It’s not a good feeling to feel like nothing makes any sense.

  • Patricia

    Amen, Sister. Like you and many, I have been “yucked” for days and days. Thank you for your message and thank you for reminding us all that while we can’t, nor should we forget the despair others are experiencing right now, we can continue praying for them and yes, at the same time – go out, be the best we can be and do for all beings, giving them whatever it is they need. We can’t change what has happened, but we can collectively make a tremendous difference in others’ lives, helping ourselves at the same time to take some of the sting out of the many emotions we feel for all those that are suffering all over the world. I’m with you. The world is shifting and we will come out the other side of all of this better than we ever have been before. And so it is. Amen.

  • Manon Boisvert

    Thank you for writting. Your words is the warm breath of Gaia that reminds us that we are safe and loved.

  • Lindsey

    I so resonate with this Colette. I remember in one of your Facebook lives you encouraged us to get into that space of gratitude with our hands on our heart and connecting to peace and clam and send this to those suffering, grieving, in pain or fear. I heard from Spirit-instead of looking outside of myself for relief or direction look within. Peace starts with me, my thoughts, my words and my actions. I walk in beauty and peace today. And I show up where I am guided.
    Big hugs soul sister

  • Brigette

    Wow. Thank you so much for this. I have been having all the feelings you have spoken about here and didn’t know how or what to do. These changes and tragedies have been hard to navigate but now I feel more level headed about it all.

  • Anonymous


  • Virginia H.

    Colette, I appreciate your effort to encourage us to do what we can at a time when the natural response is a feeling of helplessness.

    Yes, we all have that light to shine, and yes, more than ever we are called to shine it. It’s a fine line we tread–to make the effort to be aware of what’s happening in the world, so that we can ‘do the right thing’, but also to use our light to create our own reality.

    You are helping us to do that. Thank you, ~Virginia H.

  • Susan Schneider

    Hi Collett,
    I am feeling the way you are. I feel like I have taken a step back. Actually I feel numb, maybe that is the way the mind works to protect itself. I feel so sad that the world is in turmoil. My daughter is 17 and she had something interesting to say. These things happen all over the world, why is it we are so effected by what happens close to home, but not places far away. I couldn’t answer her question. I think it’s all so much to process. I’m trying so hard to stay positive. I’m trying to stay in the place of the observer. I keep asking why is this all happening. So sad. I’m glad you are here to put perspective on things.
    Love Sue

  • Ivana

    It make me feel worried when I hear that another tragic event happened,I worry that maybe I don’t know how to pray in right way to prevent them.I do my best to send my intentions of love and healing and hope for the best .I believe God is already helping through angels and many earth elementals to recover this planet and humanity.

  • Linda-Joy Clarkson

    Thank you Colette for voicing a vital reflection of our current world situation and sharing how shining our light is so needed and necessary if we are going to be the difference. How many wake up calls do we need before we take action? We “ALL” have been called and the time to act is “NOW!”
    Joyful Blessings.

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    LOV : )

    “Stay awake. Do one thing to reduce the suffering of someone else, – every sentient being deserves our care.

    Life is so brief, and we are but blinks of light amongst millions that have sparked in the aeons. Make your Light count.” CBR

    Good philosophy, so true.

    LOV : )

  • Susan McCord

    Hi Colette,

    I woke up yesterday feeling the same way you did and yes we are a very unbalanced world right now! We are definitely getting a wake up call from a higher power! I also wrote a post yesterday about my feelings on what happened in Vegas because I just can’t sit still and ignore the turmoil our planet is in. We all need to unite together in every way possible regardless of where we live, what color our skin is or how much money we have or don’t have! Thanks for sharing this post and for your positive outlook as always. <3

    You Rock! xo

  • Karen

    OMG! I drew the same Wisdom cards yesterday. So apt for what’s going on. And the 2 cents from Heaven was excellent advice for what’s going on in my family right now. I always want to make things right. But for the sake of my health I need to exercise self care and set boundaries. I keep repeating, “Not my circus. Not my monkeys.” Thanks Colette.

  • Sheila Gardiner

    In my perfect, ideal world there would be no “I”. It would be “we/us”-all working together for the safety and we’ll being of “all”. All the planet’s resources would belong to everyone.
    Think how amazing it would be to have all the brightest people from every field of science, medicine, engineering, etc., all working to the betterment of Humanity and the Planet.
    We need respect, love, kindness and compassion…NOT wars, greed, hatred and ignorance.
    I am reminded of a famous Beatles song called “Imagine” and part of the lyrics that say “Imagine a world where we all live as one… it’s easy if you try.”
    Imaging is the easy part, getting everyone co-operative and doing it…not so much.
    Love, light and blessings to all.

  • Lisa

    Dear Colette .. “Compassion is not a theory” and “make your light count” .. those for me are “it” .. thank you .. i read this blog aloud to Errol .. it is blessing that i get to share your words with someone else, and i feel like speaking them into existence, the sound of the words > somehow holds unseen magic .. a great start to my day xox .. Lisa

  • sheryl

    I live in Las Vegas, and I also could not breathe the morning I woke up to the news of this tragic shooting. But I also believe this is not the end of this world, just changes that need to be made from this wake up call.

  • young` marcia

    Dear Colette,
    Please accept my thanks for your very helpful letter in this terrible and difficult world. You absolutely “hit the nail on the head” in describing how you feel about all the insanity that is taking place far too often. My feelings are a mirror image of yours and it was cleansing to have you put the feeling in such succinct words. I am certain your letter was an echo of the feelings of many people. Sometimes I think I am living in entirely the wrong era and wish I could be transported to a kinder place. Thanks again for your words.

  • Julie Walker

    Thank You Colette!!! I love the Post Card message!!! The whole reading was perfect timing!!! I can not Thank You Enough????

  • Jeanne Stang

    So totally amazing I am so grateful and blessed that you are in my life and I look forward to the weekly oracle card guidance and lessons that I will learn from you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart,????

  • Sharlyn Tollefson

    Thanks Colette. I also found myself overwhelmed with grief and depression after watching too much of the news. It didn’t help that my sister and husband were is Las Vegas at the time of the shooting. They were actually inside Mandalay Bay at a show and ended up in lock down for 5 hours. Scary stuff. It took me four hours to work through my feelings and start my day. Blessings and light to you and all in this time of transition. Sharlyn

  • Diana Davis

    Omg! I have been crying all day. I feel so much grief and sorrow for the senseless killing’s of innosent people. The Earth in her pain and espressing herself in the violent weather and tremors earth quakes.
    I sit outside talking to God and just crying. I had a feeling something was watching me and I look up in the tree and I saw a lone raven listening to my talking outloud. I got up and thanked it, God and the angels for hearing my grief.

  • Jane

    Wow, thank you…..

  • Bev

    Those are such beautiful cards, thanks! Earlier in the week, I chose Why, and the Fork in the road in protection position. I have been a bit resistant to some choices that needed to be made, as well as some family boundaries. Your explanation was really helpful. Hadn’t yet seen the postcards, love them.

  • Collette

    This reading really hit home for me– this was the second time I watched it, it was just too interesting to watch only once– as usual everything falls into place after listening to the readings and the explanations– thanks for the free cards on your site, I am really learning a lot from using them again and again. Loved the two cents from heaven, amazing. as usual.

  • Shellie

    Thankful for your words????They are wise and so needed at this time.

  • Too Wiped Out and Angry

    I’m soooooo tired of trying to remain awake. The Powers that Be need to get up off their fluffy clouds and intervene DIRECTLY (not through humans). I’m seeing and learning of more suicides these past several years than I can deal with even amongst family, friends and acquaintances. And the horrible news being reported, as well as witnessed in my daily goings and comings (including having to deal with killings, shootings, etc. in my neighborhood) is just too much for this little spirit in a flippin’ human body! I cannot wait for my ticket to be up. I’ma do my best to be loving and compassionate to my fellow humans and definitely the animals, but I so want to give an upper cut to my guides and the Powers that Be when I cross over. Sorry. That’s just how I’m feeling right now. And Source knows it too because we’ve been tussling (fighting) a lot lately. Peace!!!

  • Anonymous

    Beautifully spelt out, much needed. Thank you for the poetic clarifications now needed. I applaud your response much.

  • Ellen Santistevan

    A perfect message. Thank you for your words.

  • Karen Orton

    Colette. Just offering a heads up… actually having an eye. Lol
    That the word oracle is spelt wrong in the title above your weekly reading. Anyone else notice this ?
    I’m not a stickler about these sorts of things I just notice them.
    Loved the reading for this week. Thank you.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      lol O boy we are on the road and my husband didn’t have enough coffee when he put it up

  • Renee Sugar

    Even though there are so many current dark examples of catastrophes, breakdowns, dismantling of the foundations that we once relied on; I still prefer to focus of the higher perspective that is being birthed while the old models disintegrate. Yes I too human, a part of the human family am impacted by being bombarded by the news every moment of the day. Probably to cope, I just stay present, as well as I possibly can. Tragic that it can take a moment to crush a community through a natural disaster, fires or by the hand of someone who has an imbalanced view based on hate/evil/power.
    So wishing you and your family, furry ones and Marc a Thanksgiving overflowing with blessings. With appreciation for your commitment to writing this blog and allowing others to share in community their thought, ideas. Being able to articulate our thoughts, feelings is the beginning of the gift of empowerment. Maybe those who destroy life, don’t have reverence, or are not taught to celebrate it, so to kill is the route to dealing with their pain. A sad truth. We have other options and are FREE to make better choices in support of health for the greatest good of all concerned. Lots of Love

  • Moraine

    Thanks Collette! The cards resonate with me as always! I have been sharing the wisdom cards with friends and they are so thankful! I have even bought a deck for 2 friends (which I hear is a no, no on the card etiquette )but I ask spirit to forgive me as I know it will help them get in touch with divine guidance. Cant wait for Oracle School on Monday! Happy Thanksgiving fellow Canuck!

  • Cheryl

    I feel this from the center of my being! Thank you for the lovely way you have expressed it! I have been asking for the same thing, peace and love – unconditional forgiveness as I walk my talk. Love is always the solution. And I believe the universe is there to back us. <3

  • Electra Jacobs

    Wow! Thank-you Colette, This whole reading so accurate with regards to my process.. It’s hard to be an honest and open observer of oneself,changes and choices in the whirlwind and chaos. I especially love your cents from heaven message. I look forward to listening & new beginnings. Many Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    It spoke words of truth.Your post card was awesome.Thank You.

  • Julie

    Just breathe…be open and let yourself feel… all is not lost. Thank you for helping me create a mantra for when things feel overwhelming and out of my control. Grateful for this and the Get on Your Bird meditation. 🙂

  • Lyn

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time for me—-thank you for telling me to ‘listen’

  • Kathryn

    Thankyou for your wisdom Colette. There is so much change happening in the world around us and it affects us all personally whether we are aware of it or not. Being able to stand in our pain is
    difficult, but necessary for healing our wounds. I like so many others am being challenged and it is
    good to remember to reach out and know that we are all connected, thanks again, Kathryn

  • Kimberli Wyckoff

    That was beautiful and had lots of meaning for me. Thank you!

  • :D~ivi~nation :D

    Colette <3

    I think it's SO important- that you share SO candidly and honestly your perfect blend of brilliance, light, wisdom- the jewels that are dug up and mined out of/ in.. the deep and dark places or recesses of otherwise perfectly imperfect expanding humannesses.. and humanmesses!!;)

    **Your light is bangin ON! Like the heart drum that beats within the core inside! And shining brightly in a shared dark.. and yet beautifully and ever more consciously.. expanding indigo sky**

    Thank you for- Reminding us ALL of the honesty, wisdom, and treasures within the minutiae, multitude, and magnitude of our shared and varying reflections..

    Reminding us ALL: of the inherent SHINE! ***

    Love ya dearly Grrrl;)~⭐

    * Right on! SHINE on!! *

    Big big hugs for YOU
    And ALL in the TRIBE <3

    X in the O

  • Dynamic :D

    **Thank you- for yet another poignant, precise, and practical application of Spirit’s insight and support in our lives. VERY much appreciated<3

    I also really enjoyed the last tip you gave in the Oracle reading for the week- The "Don't Give to Get- cuz it's not gonna work!" 😉 It's a fine line, a very fine line though! Because what about those times when you didn't give to get, but were wide open or hopeful that something beautiful would come of offerings and gifts from your heart. Not attached to expectations or outcomes, but open and in the "feeling good of the giving".. To then be wonderfully met- with beautiful reception and an incredible gift offered back to you.. Which, you weren't expecting.. Yet, are NOW over the moon grateful about.. But is then just as soon- retracted, denied, dismissed, or unacknowledged- as though never offered you to begin with:( ???

    At what point is it equally about what's been promised or offered and then retracted without honest acknowledgement or explanation- just as it may also be about the desiring or wanting to receive the gift that you weren't "expecting".. Yet, may have been open or hopeful for.. were 'told' was yours to claim.. But… was then- denied you:(

    Not always so black and white. There are so many shades of grey in between. And certain areas can seemingly present.. some rather 'slippery slopes'.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts and/or insights regarding navigating any such terrain, if you may feel at all inclined. <3

    Much Love.

    Shine on! Shine on! :))

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