Jingle Bells – Be Here Now!

Updated: November 14, 2017

Have you noticed that Christmas seems to be way too early every year? I was with a couple of my friends on Saturday night at a mall and we were remarking how eerie it was that everything was all decked out for Christmas already.

Everywhere we looked was tinsel, and glittery ornaments and holiday smells and there was music like Jingle Bells and other joyful happy holiday songs playing everywhere.

To be honest I love all of it.

I love the smells, the glittery sweaters, the tree decorating, the lights- the whole enchilada. I am one of these former Bah Humbug people who now gets completely kazumba with one whiff of the Holy Holiday Spirit.

But also to be honest? Not so much this early!
It’s like the day after Halloween we were getting our Santa Suits out?
It’s not like this is a new trend.
But, this year, it feels different.

If you slow down and tune in you will feel it. There is a pervasive undercurrent of fear that has accompanied this season in particular. Can you feel it? Like we better look forward to something rather than stay in the moment! Look ahead Santa is coming. Better things await. Jingle Bells falalalalalalala.

And, wow look at all the stuff ! OOOO you know you want it ! Anything to distract the mind away from the real issues at hand, that so much of us is dying, and our old ways haven’t been replaced yet so we triple up on the familiar.At least we’re trying to fake it.

And, at the same time all the while the smarmy shadowy truths are also being highlighted in various ways making “the way things are” into quite the “cluster cluck” ( new improved and appropriate spelling for a sensitive audience) – tough for even the strongest of us to handle.

We all know this is nothing new. We are a consumer society and the stores need to get us to buy stuff to survive etc. ( I promise this is not a blog on economics and capitalism.) It’s that time of year.
But, pretty soon we won’t even have the tinsel cleaned up, when Valentine’s decorations appear. Coming home from Valentine’s dinner, there’s Easter decor in the store windows.

Why are we always so convinced the magic is somewhere down the road, never right here?

Because! We are taught to live in a false linear construct of reality where happiness, eternal youth, great sex, spiritual enlightenment, purpose,prestige,wealth and status ( in no particular order) is an ever elusive finite destination that supposedly exists in another place besides the one we are currently in.

It’s a conditioned addiction and one of the first choices we need to make when we choose awareness over sleepwalking, when we choose intention and co-creation over seeking absolute determinism in a non existent future.

“But will we be ok? Tell me we’ll be Ok”.

Somehow this year it feels more desperate, and the Light more blinding, even though we need more of it.

Judging any of it as bad bad bad and wagging the proverbial finger with pursed lips in fundamental reproach does nothing to change any of it.

And, I don’t know about you but I can’t stand blogs that whine without solutions. Even a crappy solution is a start in the right direction.

So here is mine.

Be here now. Love all, serve all now. Love the skin you’re in, love the breath you inhale. Love God, all the angels, and whatever Higher Power you know has the groceries for your starving heart. Share the pie with strangers especially with people who are different. Practice an open heart even if different brings fear. Love your past that too.

Sing Jingle Bells in July and bring the holiday spirit into everything you do. Or why wait til then let’s just start now!

I have to be honest .. all that holiday stuff was pretty effective. I didn’t buy anything. I just doubled up my efforts for my Charity event in NYC and listened to Bing Crosby all day.

I’m gonna do Jingle Bells but I’m not looking forward to the holidays. I am going to be with it now not then! I’m going to celebrate today and be tuned into the Spirit right here and now. The holiday spirit is about love, sharing, kindness, compassion and gift giving. Gifts are inherent in your time, your full attention and your presence. And, you can lead with gratitude, wrap it up in a bow and send it to the world. Yep.. it’s all right here. Right now. No purchase necessary.

“But will we be ok? Tell me we’ll be Ok”.

If we stay awake, and present in the moment we will.
We really are the ones we’ve been waiting for.


Love you always,

PS – wanna help out a worthy cause? Dec 6th in New York City  at Middle Collegiate Church we have a night of fabulosity and messages from Spirit for 2 hours with me and the Manhattan Medium Thomas John raising funds and awareness for the NYC Second Chance Animal Rescue. 7pm – 9pm. ( for details go to my event page on my website )



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  • Jennifer

    I absolutely love this blog, wrap it up for the world.
    Thanks Colette

    • Mary

      Love i! I thought I was the only one listening to my Mixed Nuts cd in my car!! We do what we have to to keep the positive vibes going! Thank you!

    • Krystalle LeBray

      Dear Colette:

      What you said is so true. I noticed it too. An uncomfortable undercurrent that I felt but
      couldn’t understand until now… Normally I tend to just jingle jangle along my day to day,
      but for some reason I felt this undercurrent.. It almost seemed everyone I looked at in
      the store were speeded up in motion, like I was watching a movie that was revved up and I was watching it all unfold.

      Thanks for the insight and thanks for your inspiration.

      Warmest regards,


  • Malini

    Hi Colette,
    I stumbled upon your free oracle card reading once and was amazed by the pure clear messages that were 100% for me!
    I’m very grateful to have come in contact with a beautiful soul like you. Thank you for your tireless help in uplifting those of us who need it and letting us find our highest selves.
    Much love and thanks

  • Anonymous

    “We really are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” This resonates on so many levels. Just yesterday, it dawned on me that I want to come ‘home’ to ‘myself’. When our health is compromised in some way, it puts life in a whole new perspective and I found myself immersed in fear and anxiety – about the future and whether it even exists. It brought me down down…gravity seemed more magnetic than usual. I felt so tied to the earth but not in a positive sense, not in a ‘rooted’ sense. I’ve been searching for my anchor and that anchor can only be found within. I’m the anchor and all that “I” represents. It was a good reminder…showing me how I’d ‘forgotten’ myself, how I’d stopped being aware or perhaps, there was a sense that I didn’t want to be aware too much because awareness can be so painful. I’m so aware of time, now, how it comes and goes, how the days slip into the next, how I can’t remember things I did only yesterday. Sometimes I’ll tell people where I work, “We wish time away when we say we can’t wait for the holidays.” No one knows how to live in the present. The present isn’t as glamorous as future ‘potential’. And then the ‘future’ comes and it’s still always the present…moments that slip us by because we’re always in search of the next best thing – that degree, the house, the car, the body, money, spouse. Thanks so much for this, Colette. There is beauty in this NOW, so much to be experienced right here, right now…every moment, every day…no matter what.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thank you for your profound sharing.. oxoxoxo

    • Cheryl

      I love your reply. On so many levels coming home to who we are is ‘enough’. Thank you!

  • Alice

    Totally agree!! It’s all great but too early! It’s Like TV shows that haven’t ended before the next one starts! What’s The hurry??!! 😬🙄🙄🙂💕💕

  • Ivana

    Thank you so much!I love that Christmas is coming soon.My favorite days.I’m calling spirit of Christmas holidays and chant in my mind my songs from time when I was young.

  • Cheryl

    Thank u Colette! I love the time before Christmas. I love the music, the smells, the “sparkle”, quiet times of reflection, and a prayer for peace. I especially appreciate the way these moments fill my souls….cuz, at the end means time with extended family….biggest practice of self-love for me. Extended family can push old buttons, stories, and conditioned behavior. I do NOT want to be run by conditioning any more! So, enjoying the moments I’m aware of, allowing that old hurts will arise, and practicing compassion for self and others!

    May we daily offer love and compassion to all beings! 💕

  • Janet VonFeldt

    Thanks for this timely post! We’re heading towards home, after a month in nature’s splendor, already feeling the encroachment of holiday commitments and responsibilities.

    Grateful I have your Oracle Card decks along for the ride 😎, helping me to keep the 24 hour perspective, reminding me to be present and experience the beauty, adventure, and gifts of synchronistic nuances each day❤️ Happy today 🌈

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Colette! This reminds me of one of my favourite song lyric’s by John Lennon; “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans” Life is meant to be lived today not tomorrow or yesterday- thank you for the reminder- ho ho ho 😉

  • Sarah

    Awesome! And synchronicitous – yesterday I drew ‘Here and Now ‘ from Wisdom of the Oracle and then read day 3 of Kyle Gray’s Raise Your Vibration and the theme was the same. Today, the Oprah/Deepak meditation is on the same theme too! Love your writings. Please keep them coming!

  • Lisa

    Thank you Colette- this reminds me of my favourite lyric from John Lennon; “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”.. Live for today not for tomorrow or in fear of yesterday..Be Here Now ..Thank you for the reminder that Christmas is about Love, Spirit and giving not about buying more stuff!
    Much Love ..ho ho ho 😉

  • Anonymous

    Firstly, thank you so much for your wonderful energy and willingness to share your life experiences and extraordinary insights. Secondly, I very much look forward to your weekly oracle reading (loving the different decks) I have wisdom of the oracle cards and they’ve been awesome guidance in my life. Lastly your Blog rocks! Christmas is exciting and my husband and I have already begun watching the Hallmark channel lol. But one of the many things I’ve learned from you is to conciously live in the present. I am definitely a work in progress and would never even comment or join in conversation in the past (shy, insecure and perhaps a few other things) I am grateful now to be part of something “Tribe” thank you Colette 💜

  • Therese

    Ha I had that pervasive fear last week take hold after my elderly parents were robbed. I’ve always felt safe with a golden shield around me but this time it wasn’t working. I couldn’t let go of the fear. Then a friend suggested its the fear the collective we has had. I’ve been releasing it once I identified it.
    This was a perfect reminder to live in the present moment and enjoy. Thank you Colette.

  • Nancy Jensen

    I just want to thankyou from the bottom of my heart for your love teachings inspirations and magic!!! this is exactly what I needed to hear yet again today… I’m being hit over the head lately with it!!! I picked up your Messages from Spirit yesterday and my friend and I just fell in love with them!!! Little does she know shes getting them for Christmas!!! lol We got them in a beautiful witch store called Scared Circle on the Tenandanga reserve just outside Napanee!! What a beautiful great energy place!! You are such a blessing… thankyou…. I plan on coming to Oracle School next year…. big hugs and love

  • Patricia Lemieux

    Hi Colette, You hit that nail right on the head! I was wondering why this year felt so desperate, awkward and forced. It’s been like having to have a great big smile on your face while your heart is breaking. Be present, be here, be now. I like that. Maybe if we bring more real peace into the present, the future will brighten up.

    Merry Christmas….. XOXO Patricia

  • Lisa

    When I leave the house, regardless of the season, I turn on the Christmas music on for my dog. Yes, he listens to Christmas music all year! Our family lives the spirit of Christmas and we roll it out Extra early. But it’s a personal thing and the stores and all the Christmas hoo-hah don’t get our attention till much later. To be honest, it’s all in spirit. And if you use music, hoo-hah, stores or whatever, to bring you to that space, then do that. Because that IS the solution…to everything.

  • Lisa

    Hi dearest Colette ..
    Another timely blog about time ! >> and looking forward to times that are to come, and about time, the time that exists now, and how we could gift ourselves by being present in the now.
    You hit the nail on the head for me .. my sentiment is be kind everyday, like it is Christmas. The love that we share on Christmas ought to be the love that is shared the other 364 days of the year. I have had a love-hate relationship with Christmas; due to the fact that if we could be so kind, so loving, so giving, so forgiving, so wonderful on that day to our family and friends, couldn’t we all continue to behave that way daily ? after Christmas too .. Well here is to an awakened consciousness of love, kindness and acceptance being born in hearts of humanity. May this be the gift that we all receive in excess !! .. Blessings and Loads of Love, Lisa

  • Lisa

    When I leave the house, regardless of the season, I turn on the Christmas music for my dog. Yes, he listens to Christmas music all year! Our family lives the spirit of Christmas and we roll it out Extra early. But it’s a personal thing and the stores and all the Christmas hoo-hah don’t get our attention till much later. To be honest, it’s all in spirit. And if you use music, hoo-hah, stores or whatever, to bring you to that space, then do that. Because that IS the solution…to everything.

  • Anonymous

    Love this .I work in retail so I am surrounded with Christmas the music decoration etc.I love what you said about living in the now Christmas is dec 25th not now and when it comes I will celebrate .Today is today a beautiful magical day. As far as Christmas resents I give presents all year round.

  • Diana Boles

    “What’s the rush?”——I live with that question tucked into a corner of my soul and it’s tied to the silver thread of the light that is in the beyond. The one that sets My Own Private Clock and teaches us all how to live in the present.
    I love to decorate so I love the decorations but I agree with waiting for the proper time. Avoiding that “spend spend spend” tactic that the malls exude.
    I believe that we should pause for the Thanksgiving of what we have. To recall those times before the NOWADAYS – when the Amerinds helped the Pilgrims in that first coming ashore,in spite of what they feared was in prophecy. To use this time to reflect on my own personal need for forgiveness and to provide forgiveness to those who may of harmed me.
    It is the Advent of the Joy – no matter what you celebrate or don’t celebrate. It is the preparation time and what’s wrong with remembering those Salem Witches until the days have become so short that the candles lit are tiny prayers to get us thru the dark back to the light through the Silver Thread of our connected souls.
    Blessings to you all.
    I’m still with you but still in illness assistance mode and there is much to be done. 🌬💋

  • linda adair

    Thank you Colette…you are a bright light in such a dark world. Thank you for helping us maneuver through it!!

  • Claudia H.

    I’ll follow your advice, love ❤️ you always. 😘

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for this post . This is the first year by the time Thanksgiving comes my house will not be decorated in full for Xmas . I really started to shift into Spirituality earlier this year and am loving every step along the way . I felt as this month was moving along something different also – the Desire the Need from deep within to Stop and take this time to really be Thankful for what myself and my children do have . I am a single mom for 14yrs now – of 4 absoultely amazing children / young adults . It took me until just this week to Thank myself for doing so a good job and not saying I should be doing more . Now everyday I say Thank You to the Angels , spirit , guides , trees , animals , the sun , the sky and everything I Love …. 💚💛❤️💜💙🧡 Thank You Colette for I found you along with many others helping guide me to a place where everyday – the Now is such a Blessing …

  • Lorraine McHale

    Hi everyone. I may not like Christmas in the way that everyone else does and perhaps I am a grinch? When I meditate about it, it really isn’t Christmas I don’t like ……it’s the shopping. The first thing that comes to my mind when I walk down the halls of a mall is the acute anxiety I get about what to buy who? Who should I buy for? Will people be upset if I decide that they are now adults and don’t need a wrapped present under the tree.? Is it just me? or has the cost of gifts and expectations of the gift receivers increased? Are people assessing love by the size and price of the gift ? I wish I had the guts to announce that no one is getting store bought gifts this year and the gift to each other is time, attention, love, an empathetic ear, music and prayers! I am making a promise to myself that I may not be able to do it this year but I will touch, hug, listen and help people heal. I will share my experience, strength and hope and give the gift of understanding and acceptance . Life is so good and I will continue to ask for direction as to not get consumed in the push and pull of expectations at Christmas. Happy November my friends ❤️

  • Christine

    As I get older it gets harder to accept enforced early Christmas. Rarely does a year go by that someone isn’t missing from the table and their absence takes some of the shine off the season. But Colette, you have expressed it perfectly – “Gifts are inherent in your time, your full attention and your presence.” These are the gifts I am bringing to the season. Toys and trinkets lose meaning, but spending time with loved ones leaves an indelible mark on the heart as we give and receive in equal measure.

  • Dena

    …. ‘groceries for a hungry heart’ … so beautiful, so perfect !

  • Rose

    I love lines that jump out at me. “whatever Higher Power you know has the groceries for your starving heart.” Making my list and going shopping for me in the now.

  • Karen Crawford

    Colette, you and your work are such a gift to me now more than ever! This blog is so right on as to my feeling and my perspective right now. I am going through the biggest changes I’ve been through in my entire life and decided to read a postcard from Spirit card. It was so perfect as if the spirit was sitting right next to me talking with me. The validation that comes from your work straight to my heart is a precious gift I have no words to impart. Today my gift from Spirit is you and your work ,thank you for being you and all you do much love and light to all!

  • Shelley

    Dear Colette
    Another blog that speaks to me completely . I’ve actually felt kind of nauseated a few times in some of the big, glitzy malls…. and I LOVE shopping… but it’s a feeling I get that I couldn’t have described. I’ve mentioned it to friends but could not really explain what I was feeling, but the exact word desperation came to mind. I guess it’s the spirit of competition for the dollar , with each business pushing hard to get the buyers. As I said, I love to shop, so I have no judgement towards the stores. We’ve all asked for these to exist . I think what I’ve been feeling is the end to the way of life of buy buy buy, for me. I can no longer afford -financially OR spiritually-to be part of this. The beauty of Christmas is in the sparkle, the glow, thehonouring of the return of Light. I set the intention now to make this about love, giving time and attention, buying from friends who are artists, shopping local. I am a person who really does sing Christmas Carols all year round.- they are just part of my internal sound track!! ☺️
    So I applaud you and join you in avowing to make every day a holy -day, and to be as mi ndfull as possible about this moment.
    Joy to the World. right. Now. 💖💖💖
    Blessings and love to you, your family, and all of us in this Tribe .and thank you ✨💖

  • Frances

    I️ love this blog Colette and all your blogs. Thank you for r,eminding us to stay in the present as it’s so easily to get distracted. Thanks again.

  • Lyn

    What an awesome feeling of calm came over me whilst reading your words, thank you Colette. I thought I was alone in thinking “why so early” let us breathe and enjoy each day

  • Mary

    Yes! Yes! Yes! (Love the sentence, “and whatever Higher Power has the groceries for your starving heart!) Thank YOU for being the gift so many of us need!

  • Judy Howsam

    You are brilliant Colette! Love, love, love this blog! Thank you so much for being you and sharing with the world! xo

  • Sandra

    Looking at all the glitz already in New York shops, I can really relate to your blog. I love the Holidays, but now think that Thanksgiving is being completely overlooked in the mad shopping everyone does before Christmas. That Holiday, after all, is the time to give thanks for all the abundance in our lives and there used to be more observance of this than there is now.

    The true meaning of Christmas is often lacking too. Scrooge, at the end of the Christmas Carol says to the spirits that he would keep Christmas all year in the future, with all the love, kindness and charity that the Season asks of us, and as Tiny Tim says, God bless us, everyone. Happy Holidays.

  • Marissa

    Thank you! These cards were so resonant with my week, and the messages I have been getting about being true to myself, focus on being of service and clear in motivation. Not easy, but oh so worth it. Love your process, Colette!

  • Cheryl

    I love the anticipation of Christmas! And here I am 6 weeks before Christmas feeling the joy, with gratitude for this day and what it holds. I am home. Wonderful blog Collette always.

  • Debbie Buck

    I so needed this today. I was feeling the pressure of lack of time and money to ‘do’ christmas the way I really want. Then I realized this morning that the magic is inside and it isn’t about a day or a segment in time. I want to feel that love, openness, giving and peace ALL the time. It is my alignment. I still want to play, have fun, give but I am willing to let go of the particular form.
    I don’t need to feel the pressure to hurry and beat myself up for the supposed lack of financial abundance I desire at the moment. I know all that has no timeline or “special” day. I want to love my family, myself, smile at strangers, and feel that open heart that we seem to let out more on the holidays. I can do that now, today and let it flow. That you for the post. I felt like I was cuckoo to feel a thread of sadness and the pressure I was putting on myself. The magic is inside!! Yaay. I can tap in anytime… so I can surrender to where I am now and trust. All is well.
    Thank you!!

  • Janet Williams

    Wow this was so powerful to me. It is so what I’ve been feeling each year at this time but never could put it into words. Thank you for the Aha moment and the way to proceed. Light and Love to you and everyone

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