How to celebrate #Giving Day!!

Updated: November 28, 2017

How to celebrate #Giving Day!

Ok, can I just say how much I LOVE what today means? Not sure if its everywhere in the world but it is an important day in the USA and Canada.

I’m not sure who made it official but it’s the day of the year where charities call out to us to help their causes.

There are so many charities that depend solely on our donations to survive and to make a difference in the world. Today is that day when we really can make a difference.

I know it can be SO overwhelming too I mean I got 30 emails from organizations looking for help on top of the 100s of others from online stores wanting me to buy something we don’t need.
Although those cute reindeer ears that light up for my dogs looked pretty tempting.

But, today does represent something important. This is something greater, something that calls us to pay attention to what really counts, what is really needed.

So, Maybe this gives you anxiety thinking a whole day is set aside for charities to ask for help and you want to hide under the covers, or you might feel bad because you are limited and on a budget, or maybe you’ve already cracked your credit cards on HO HO HO or whatever you celebrate, or maybe, just maybe you could spare a couple bucks to a worthy cause?

I lived hand to mouth for a long time but I learned to tithe a portion of my income to keep the flow moving, (more like a drip and a trickle for me back then) but when I was down to nothing it felt awesome to give a little something to make someone’s life better that were worse off than me.

I know this sounds kinda weird but I get high giving to charity when I know an animal’s life will be saved and they get to have a forever home, or when I know someone homeless will get a good meal, etc.

Today I’ve manifested a life that enables me to give more than a little. I do entire events where all the profit goes to charity.

Next week in NYC I’m having Spirit Jam with medium Thomas John and we’re doing it to raise funds for an awesome charity my friend Kris Karr told me about called Second Chance Animal Rescue. They may even bring adoptable dogs!! I’m so excited about it. I LOVE doing my events for charity

No matter what even if it’s just a dollar we can help someone in need.

Let’s give together and make this planet better.

Just one dollar will make the world of difference.

But before you do get quiet, put your hand on your heart and be conscious of it and send it off with imagination, intending it to help, imagining wings and sparkles around it and whoever receives it putting it to really good use.

You’ll feel awesome.

LOVE YOU always!

PS a suggestion- choose your charity wisely, make it mean something.



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  • Tamara

    Wow! This is like you read for me. Something from the past is rearing its ugly head again. In the past I did everything I was told to do by officials, yet still managed to NOT save someone’s psyche, emotional body, and her-Self. This past Sunday I was in a group session of opening portal doors up to the 9th dimension, and when I was there I knew that the past isn’t over, and I see a ring of fire on my belly, it’s big, but like a ring of a giant. This time around dealing with this old, horrible thing from the past I don’t know what I shall do, but I think that the one who was harmed is actually reclaiming that lost part. The statute of limitations ran on this crime – but that’s man’s rule and law, now we’re dealing with universal law and I know and feel that my guides are going to help me and the victim get it done. I hope and pray. Thank you for the reading.

  • Deborah M. Tibbetts-Tumiel

    This was a great message & Thank You, for sharing it. I might not donate to something specifically today, as I donate to causes all year long. I never leave a checkout w/o Donating something to those jars sitting there, the homeless shelter, the local humane society, etc., etc. I always have felt I’ve been so blessed & have always wanted to share.
    This Christmas, I’ve sponsored, a child, dog & dolphin & there will be more.
    Many Blessings To You, for passing this message onward.

  • Joyce & Paul Thai & Ash & Brad & Paula

    We decided to adopt a family for Xmas again this year , we started it last year with a Mom with 4 small children . We give up our Xmas gift pool our Money together and buy clothing , Xmas gifts & food . This year is we are adopting Cindy & Jaden . They live in Inuit , and are all alone , Cindy is 21 Ty’s old and Jaden 2 yrs .

  • Therese Willging

    What a beautiful post. I will give what I can. I also want to suggest if funds are tight, why not pledge to give your time. There are no shortage of places that would be more than happy to take a few hours of your time. It’s will be a big reward for you too. If everyone on our social media feeds did one good thing think of how much love that would spread.


    • Colette Baron-Reid

      SO true!! Time is abundant and is needed

    • Lyn

      Hi Therese, what an amazing thought you have shared. Woldnt it be amazing if more people thought like you
      Thank you thank you for being you

      • Therese Willging

        Thank you Lyn. I believe we lead by example. Reading some of the comments, I think there are many of us out there.

  • Linda

    I donate monthly to several charities, but today I am going to donate blood and sign up for platelet donations that are needed. Spirit multiply all our gifts!

  • Linda-Joy Clarkson

    “Just one dollar will make the world of difference!” What a profound statement that I know the “Universe” is messaging. I awoke a few weeks ago with the thought that if every single person in each village, town or city, wherever they lived were committed to donating just one dollar a month and a few hours of volunteer service each year, we could assist all those whether they are human or animal with this aid. We would have enough surplus to assist other areas. “WE ARE THE SOLUTION,” and “THE DIFFERENCE!”

  • Shannon

    I regularly give to The Smiletrain. I love the name and that they repair cleft palettes so that children can have a chance at a normal or should I say wonderful life!! And being able to help to physically put smiles on their faces makes me Smile!

  • Mollie Vernon

    Last January when I lost my job , a made a small monthly commitment of $ to people and children who need it more than me. I am now grateful to finally getting a job ,I tithe 10% every week. It feels great.

  • Anonymous

    I ate the whole pie. It was a lemon pie and I enjoyed every bite sitting openly at the kitchen table so that part of the blog made me laugh out loud. Thanks for this message and every wonderful message you send. I am grateful.

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