Your Delicious Drama Free Zone for December!


Updated: December 12, 2017

Your Delicious Drama Free Zone for December

So has this mercury retrograde brought some unwanted drama to your life? Do you want to know how to create a delicious drama free zone for December?

Mercury retrograde in the chatty unfiltered sign of Sagittarius is one where you’ll notice a lot of people ( maybe even you?) opening their mouths, and typing ALL their feelings and opinions without any thought or censorship at all, any time anywhere. Can you hear the cacophony of thoughtless angry noise in the energy of the world? What about inside your head?

Entitlement, resentments, and a sense of not enough are thought viruses that can infect a crowd faster than you can sneeze. The question now is what do you believe in your heart and soul, and can you bring compassion and understanding to that which you most fear or loathe? Can you take on the friendly curious nature of Sagittarius and see this all as an adventure traveling through Uncharted seas, co-creating with Spirit and discovering treasure as you go?

We’re also approaching the time of greatest darkness in the Northern Hemisphere where we’re reminded that we need more Light in the world, as we approach the Longest Night on Dec 21 followed by the beauty of the Winter Solstice celebrating its return.
That’s all beautiful and sacred and important to know about -yes, but boy oh boy the illumination process is painful as the Light shines on the cracks in the foundations of our world and in our hearts. Fear is a dangerous companion when partnered with disconnection and its antidote is radical acceptance, and love.
And there is always chocolate, and pumpkin pie, and hugs and helping strangers for no reason and deciding to look for beauty in the cracks!

So wanna do December drama free?

First off… Stay off the internet as much as you can, and if you must ONLY go to sites that won’t trigger your anxiety. It’s good to be informed but given the amount of trolling right now, I suggest a media diet.

Stay away from people who suck your energy, want to dump on you, or want you to rescue them. If you must see them, put a boundary around the amount of time you will spend so there is a beginning, middle, and end.
The world will not end if you say no to drama. Even if it’s how you felt needed in the past.
Do you want someone to rescue you? Put a pin in that one. Remind yourself you are accountable for your reactions, feelings and thoughts. You need to participate in your own rescue by keeping an eye on your side of the street.
Keep an eye on your own motives. Why am I doing these things? What am I willing to tolerate and why?

Now. Every day, look into the world with deep and abiding gratitude and be willing to let go your need to judge the outer world, other people. You might not be wearing the most helpful pair of glasses to peer through. By all means, stick up for yourself but ask yourself “ How important is this in the larger scheme of things?” “What would peace do?”
At the end of the day, drama brings nothing but pain and anguish and is a total waste of time. Spend December drama free. It is a choice and you will be glad you did.
Love you all!!


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  • Dee Janes

    Yes early last week Mercury and I met head on ! The best way to put
    It is overwhelmed! So, after a couple of anxiety ridden days I did what needed to be done.. I meditated and then I meditated some more! I heard your voice saying. Meditate. 😘And just like that…voila! (Like the Commercial). Things shifted. Continuing to meditate and stay in the present as much as I can. Happy Holidays , much love. Dee Ps. We are considering a local move, Yesterday i asked for a sign from Spirit if it is the right thing to do ..this morning jammed into our apt door was an advert from a local moving company….grins. Here’s your sign LOL can’t make this up.

  • Lisa Lawrence

    The last paragraph so resonates with me Colette- getting out of my “judgy” pants and seeing everything with Love and Compassion is my goal. Not always easy but I am so much better at catching myself now and letting the negativity go allowing peace and acceptance be my guide. Co-creating my UIA with spirit. Much Love

  • Anonymous

    Thank you…. 🦋🌹🧚‍♀️

  • Angela Kirby

    Thank you that is a very good reminder not to step into any drama around me but also not create it in my head… much gratitude to you 🌹😎🦋🧚‍♀️

  • Carrie Ann

    Wow your interpretation of Mercury in Sagittarius is spot on! Yes unfortunately some “unwanted drama” came up and those thought virus feelings you mentioned. Whenever this seems to happen out of nowhere, I always reflect on why it is happening. I am an Empath, so I tend to pick up on the collective’s thoughts and feelings even when I’m not connected to the Internet. I was wondering why unhappy thoughts are surfacing right now. I prefer my December Christmas month to be cheery! Well after studying the astrology around the Full Moon and the past week, there has also been a strong Mars influence, so that can exaggerate or trigger aggressiveness as well. When Mars is around, I try to lay low. Also I was reminded that many people are in need of emotional healing. So I asked the Archangels (specifically Archangel Raguel for relationship harmony, Archangel Chamuel for peacefulness, and Archangel Michael for escorting away negative energies) for their help and to send extra love and light to everyone! Sometimes we humans can only give so much of our own light and love resources. It’s better to be a conduit for the Angels to send love and light where needed, rather than deplete ourselves trying to give too much of our own energy. This unwanted drama reminded me that the Angels are always around to help us. Just ask! Cheers to a Drama-Free December!

  • Anonymous

    Colette, Thanks for the reminder. It is true we all are responsible for our own actions and we have choices whether to engage in negative energy or not. I hope you and Mark have a blessed holiday! Thanks for all that you do.

  • Anonymous

    On Monday, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia…I do not care about diagnoseses too much, just a name, it just gave name to my pain in my body…This pain has been going on for two years now, so time for radical change…Lets see where I can start with baby steps….Being myself even more, being authentic even more, I start with dying my long hair red on Friday, ha ha us women and our hair, ha….

    So stepping in my spiritual teacher role, very well knowing we are more than our roles…Love to you Colette…Love, B..

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