As We Clean up the Dirt… Let There Be Light…!

Updated: December 18, 2017

As We Clean up the Dirt…Let There Be Light…

This week is an interesting one given that we begin with a serious New Moon on Monday, providing us an opportunity to make intentions for how to say goodbye to 2017, real and clear.

Then we close out the week with the Longest Night (in the northern Hemisphere/ opposite Down Under) followed by the Winter Solstice where we celebrate the rebirth of the Light.

Speaking of which I’m going to do a special Facebook Live on Friday the 22 at noon EST to celebrate- yes I am doing readings! You must come!

Symbolically this season is so rich with metaphor, that if you pay attention, you really can see the connections between all of it. Yes we’re still being invited to clean up the dirt in our lives in the last week of mercury retrograde, refusing, reassessing, re-calibrating, revisiting, repairing and reinforcing. Even though this is the symbolic time of greatest darkness there is so much Light being called into the world right now it’s amazing.

Can you feel it? You know it comes from you .. and from every person that is willing to make the necessary changes to the way they think, to say no to fear and yes to Love.

Although we still need to slog through the lessons, no doubt stumbling without a whole lot of grace, (speaking for myself) we’re called to learn from this cycle regarding our beliefs, philosophy, and the way we communicate with each other and manage our relationship to power.

If you look closely around you, you can’t help but be moved by all the changes initiated in 2017!

I find it fascinating how we can track our evolution by watching the stars and listening to the best astrologers tell our human story in broad strokes. Right now, the stars are amply active with housecleaning tips for removing the hardened layers we’d all just come to accept as “ the way things are”, and I love how the Light is illuminating our collective shadow.

We still need to act, speak up, choose and create within these amazing aspects and we can never say we weren’t given the opportunity to do so. We are the ones to give ourselves the opportunity. It’s not coming from outside us. The # Me Too movement is like a wild river moving through the world with a fury for now, that will eventually settle, but right now it’s amazing to watch and be part of it all. I know the legacy of accepted abuse that goes all up through generations of women in my family is being healed by this.

Of course this is only one piece of the global story shifting under our feet, but an important one.

But, I thought I’d mention it given it’s a subject many of you relate to.

No coincidence the latest Star Wars movie main character is female! Synchronicity is everywhere!

So as we approach the Solstice this week, we can do our personal inventory to see what needs to go, what needs more energy, what needs less etc. Our individual lives are intertwined to make up the bigger picture after all.

This brings me to consider what we need more of.. So I think about what I need more of, and so rather than speak for you I will speak for me and hopefully you will identify.

At this time of year, yes, I am a blend of Silly Happy Holiday Hippy and Thoughtful Life Inventory Maker. I experience both of these equally. But I also have another deeply personal experience that maybe you share too.

During the holidays, I think of all the people I loved and lost. Both my parents are gone, and although my relationship to them is healed, I am still reminded of the human journey so fraught with suffering, frailty, and sorrow, along with the joy. I think of so many dogs, each one breaking my heart wide open, and then some friends too, that have crossed over and are now experiencing a different reality in another dimension than mine. I think of how fear prevented me for being more present in my relationships, and how now I choose to risk Love with all my heart and soul in spite of the fear.

I know to have more Love in my life I need to be a channel for it, for forgiveness, for honesty, courage and authenticity.

What I’m saying is I need more to come from inside me, less fear, more Love, more Faith, less judgment, less need to control.

I bring it all back to mortality. What we do with our lives while we are here, in the blink of an eye we come and go. How many of us, myself included held back because it was too threatening to love fully? So many stories told and accepted choke us from being present to the truth of the world we have built and the opportunities to change it.

I came across a poem that speaks to this so eloquently.

Tis a Fearful Thing

‘Tis a fearful thing
to love what death can touch.

A fearful thing
to love, to hope, to dream, to be –

to be,
And oh, to lose.

A thing for fools, this,

And a holy thing,

a holy thing
to love.

For your life has lived in me,
your laugh once lifted me,
your word was gift to me.

To remember this brings painful joy.

‘Tis a human thing, love,
a holy thing, to love
what death has touched.”
― Yehuda HaLevi

To Love is to fully live.. And I think this is what is happening now around the world, as we begin our journey to healing, shining Light on the rotten foundations so we can make something new. I know it is only the beginning and I feel like it’s only getting started now, the momentum to Love is growing. Love, respect, inclusivity, collaboration, connection, is what I’m aiming for.

We risk the hurt, the vulnerability and the mortality of it all. But.. without it there is no magic, and isn’t that what life’s all about? Something to think about.

Love you always and forever!




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  • Sue Walker

    Thank you Colette for a wonderful blog. Such warm, wise words, and much that resonates with me, and I’m sure many others. Thank you too for your Wisdom of the Oracle cards, and your weekly readings. They have helped me grow, with increased self-acceptance and love.

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Winter Solstice, and a Happy, Healthy and Light-filled 2018.

    Lots of love from Somerset, England xxxx

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      big love!!! Happy Holidays

      • Anonymous

        Amazing! Thank you for your kind words. It brought me back to my center after a rough night. Much love!

      • Lea McKibben

        Thank you for a year of inspiration in helping me go even deeper in my in my spiritual practice! As I did my daily readings for myself and others I looked forward to your Weekly readings to add greater clarity and confirmation to what I was feeling!
        Blessings to you this holiday season and ever expanding possibilities amping up for the new year!!!

    • Anonymous

      You are so much fun.. You make me laugh and cry- it’s so refreshing to meet someone who is down to earth with heavenly wisdom.
      Keep up the fun/great work and let people know that only good things are a coming..
      HAPPY 2018!

  • Anonymous

    Thank u. 🙏🏻💕

  • Cheryl

    Thank u! 🙏🏻💖.

  • Anamarija

    Thank you Colette, you always have the right lesson for us at the right time. Thank you for your guidance and your words of wisdom.

    Gratitude and hugs.


  • Deb Baron

    Thank you Colette – this so resonates with me. Blessings to you!

  • Yvette Moreel

    Thank you Colette. We all need to remember not to let our fears get the better of us. We all have so much love in our hearts and we spread that love to others and sending our light to others. The Ego has a way of slipping in to make us uncomfortable depressed worried. When we dive deep within ourselves we heal ourselves and others. Namaste.

  • Anonymous

    …😊❤️❤️❤️🌲😘😘😘thank you so much dearest Collette…

  • Lisa Lawrence

    “What I’m saying is I need more to come from inside me, less fear, more Love, more Faith, less judgment, less need to control”. Pretty sure you wrote this for me Colette!

    This is my goal, what I work towards each day to find a way to believe that it isn’t the outside world, people, events, memories that define me…it’s the way I believe in myself, what I am capable of and how I chose to show up is about me and no one else!

    I believe that 2018 is going to be an amazing year where we collectively will continue to spread light, love and joy. Thank you for the wonderful reminder Colette!

    Merry Christmas

  • Deborah de Nourie

    Merry Yule may you all be blessed and so it is ❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻😇💝

  • Claudia

    What a blessing this post is. I have been working on opening my heart for a little bit and it has been such a rewarding journey.
    Love to all.

  • Lisa

    Thank you Colette again you to speak to my heart and my truth ❤️🙏🏻❤️
    Sending love and positive vibes to all corners of the Universe❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • barbara techel

    Right on this message is! Thank you! I actually picked from the WOTO this morning, “Clean it up.” I had some fear arising around my worthiness in doing a reading for someone today, so I sought guidance from WOTO – yup – time to clean up that fear and trust Spirit to move through me and be of service in a way I know deep down that I can be. 🙂
    And this line you wrote: “inside me, less fear, more Love, more Faith, less judgment, less need to control,” really resonated for me, too.
    I’m so looking forward to Shared Wisdom in February (already signed up!)
    Beautiful blessings to you, Marc and doggie’s!

  • Jennie Miller

    So thankful to you for sharing your wisdom and insights with us. Merry Christmas! Many blessing to you and yours.

  • Tammie Kruse

    Amazing, wonderful writing. I can relate to what you are saying. I am filling my life every day with trust, love, and sharing.

    Love conquers all

  • Renee Sugar

    Thinking about how fear blocks us from being loving toward all life forms, including ourselves. When we judge, we criticize, we distance ourselves from what we are unfamiliar with, what is foreign. Considering what we know is a teensy part of a much greater story, my wish for the coming year is about allowing in, all kinds of people, places, experiences that I have no familiarity with. I have just finished Dr. Joe Dispenzas’ newest book about becoming a “super”-natural being. So we are reduced to being ” no-one, no-where, no-time, no-thing. Humbling for sure but also integrating, and embracing the all-oneness. Aloneness becomes ALLONENESS. So on that note.
    Wishing everyone a blessed holiday . As always thank you Colette for creating a thought provoking lesson to reflect on and to remind me that the process is a never-ending unfolding. There is no ending, or beginning, but an opening to a higher perspective that usually is healthier, more compassionate, inclusive and life-giving for all concerned.
    Many Blessings to you Colette for the Holidays and Always.
    Lots of Love

  • Maria

    Thank you Colette always feel uplifted from your readings and ponder on the messages between the lines blessings to you dear friend and wishing you a great week.

  • Debbie

    This was purrrrfect for me to read, today !
    Much Love, Thanks & Blessings To Wonderful YOU ❤️

  • Linda

    Thank you Collette for opening your heart and reflecting love to us so that we may mirror that love (and more) to you and the world. Yesterday my meditations were on love, readings from Unity were all about love and my anchor card from MOTO was Regeneration. Amazing thing, where I thought there was dissonance, suddenly the flood gates opened and love poured forth! There were celebrations of love all day long from unexpected phone calls and unplanned meetings with love reverberating everywhere! Thank you so much for your love and sharing Collette, “it IS only the beginning” I join you in the sacred quest for “Love, respect, inclusivity, collaboration, connection”. much love and many huggs back to you. Linda

  • Anonymous

    Such a lovely and heartfelt blog. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!

  • Suzanne

    As always, your words ring true and straight to my heart. Thank you, Colette, for sharing your gifts and wisdom as we navigate these most interesting of times. You’ve been a guiding light.

  • Lisa

    Colette your words are so rich in emotion, with the importance of pausing letting go and allowing in.

  • Louise

    Best I’ve read in a while Colette. Perfect timing, perfect poem. Thanks so much.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      it was in a Western mini series I saw on Netflix and wow it touched me..

  • Debbie Wilson

    Thank you. You are truly making a difference in many people’s lives. Mine for sure

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      that made my day 😉

      • Lynn Marie

        You’ve made a tremendous difference in mine too. I had NO idea who you were until one fateful evening about a year ago, I Googled some question about relationships, and one of your blogs popped up and I read it, and I thought to myself, this woman seems to be really wise and has a lot of insight, – who is she, I thought maybe you were a psychologist. Then later I find out about these psychic abilities you have and this show you had in Canada and these Oracle card decks; and I’m like, what am I getting into here??? But I don’t question all of that about you anymore, I’ve been having a very rough time going through my 40’s, I’m 47 now -and this whole mid-life crisis stuff is really no joke, and there have been times where I just felt really desperate and doing one of your 3 card readings gave me the hope to carry on. I wish you a great holiday season, and to anyone else out there reading this-to you too all of you light warriors!!!!!!! Peace:)

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Colette, such poignant words as always much love. 💜 Jennifer, London,UK

  • Jennifer

    Thank you Colette, poignant words as always, much love. 💜 Jennifer. London, UK.

  • Connie

    Love, love, love. Thank you for always bringing a smile to my face & heart Colette ;-))) xoxo

  • Dee janes

    Once again you’ve touched my heart and my soul.Thank you for being the Oracle and for mentoring us on this journey. May I share this ?

    Merry Christmas from the Janes to you and your family. Love and light Dee

  • Anonymous

    Inspiring, uplifting and challenging in a good way. Thanks and looking forward to your FB lives this weekend. Holiday season I am not alone in valuing spiritual support.❤️❤️

  • Anonymous

    So very well said, Colette, and the poem resonates the truth and worthiness of risk. You are a Gift in my Life and one to countless others… Simply by being your authentic Self. Thank you for sharing You. XO, Skb 💖

  • Sherry K. Basile

    So very well said, Colette, and the poem resonates the truth and worthiness of risk. You are a Gift in my Life and one to countless others… Simply by being your authentic Self. Thank you for sharing You. XO, Skb 💖

  • Julie Cressall

    Colette, I loved your message. I’m sitting here crying over not living fully at times. I lost my son to cancer and I think I’ve held a part of myself back from other relationships. I picked Mending AGAIN in protection and I know that my heart is healing and you gently prompted me to love fully in order to live! You are a sweetheart and I appreciate you!

  • Jennifer

    When the student is ready the teacher will present herself! You came across my radar this past week when I caught your Inspirations episode on Gaia. I’m so glad you happened to pop up for me. I had no idea you wrote the Postcards from Spirit. The Reiki practitioner I go to introduced them to me about a month ago..I felt such a strong resonance with your words and of course you come up again for me shortly after. Thank you!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Welcome to the tribe!! You can try a few of my decks for free on my website see how they resonate – You might like Wisdom of the Oracle, or The Good Tarot .. all my decks are also iPhone apps. Xoxoxo

  • Shareen

    Beautiful Colette! Thank you for sharing your love 🙂

  • Susan

    Heartfelt and heartfull…so grateful…a vessel for healing and growing, one being (or many) at a time..hugs

  • Anonymous

    I continue to be blessed by your unexpected and timely words and teachings which I then pass on ……. left to right ……. left to right ……. left to right. Today an amazing poem, tomorrow something else, all of it touching and connecting at a very deep level and feeding the never-ending circle of light that spirals up and out from your heart. Sending much gratitude and many blessings to the you as the equally Silly Happy Holiday Hippy and Thoughtful Life Inventory Maker and to your family of both the human and the furry kind. Much Love!!

  • Lis Nygaard

    Colette, I continue to be blessed by your unexpected and timely words and teachings which I then pass on ……. left to right ……. left to right ……. left to right. Today an amazing poem, tomorrow something else, all of it touching and connecting at a very deep level and feeding the never-ending circle of light that spirals up and out from your heart. Sending much gratitude and many blessings to the you as the equally Silly Happy Holiday Hippy and Thoughtful Life Inventory Maker and to your family of both the human and the furry kind. Much Love!!

  • Patricia Stevens

    I will forward this to others…it is important. They will also love the poem. In my inventory process this week, I have declared completion with poverty. Poverty and poverty consciousness will be left behind in 2017. That darkness is complete. I embrace unrestricted open heartedness. By the way, I especially giggled at how your wizard is showing in the oracle video this weeki. Blessings to you Colette, for your undaunted service.

  • Sandee

    Thank you so much for introducing us to Yehudah HaLevi. I immediately spent some time looking him up online. The poem you chose is absolutely beautiful. Raw, emotional, and from the heart and soul. Sandee

  • Marielle

    Wishing you and your loved ones Happy Holidays, Colette… Thanks for the Love…
    Right back at you multiplied!

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