This Is What I Know About Predictions!

Updated: January 15, 2018

How often have you wondered “what’s going to happen?” and gone to see a psychic, astrologer, or intuitive to answer that question. I used to be that professional that would peer into the future to tell you what I saw. I actually built my reputation on that talent. In fact, there was a time that it wasn’t hard to do. Not many people were interested in self-evolution or creating their own reality. Most of us didn’t even know we could! Futures could be predicted because we moved at a slower pace. The world was different 20 years ago.  Our species was not as connected the way we are now.  We were not distracted, nor pushed forward by the same velocity, nor were we as focused on our human potential as powerful co-creators in partnership with a Conscious Universe.

So, things have changed and making predictions have changed.

Early on I recognized that what I was foreseeing were potentials realities- likely possible futures that would show up about people I was reading in my other awareness. Yet they were never shown to me as absolutes. Oh sure sometimes I’d have bet my life on something happening, as I watched something that was already in motion, arise.  Over time, however, I started to see how people would give their power away to a reading and not work on what they actually needed to do to continue on their path to achieving certain things, or the experience they hoped for would not be provided by the event predicted. Things have drastically changed in the past few years.

Predictions are a funny game and the game has changed.

If you are reading this you are likely someone on a spiritual path seeking to create a better life, looking for ways of tuning into the universe to find purpose, meaning, prosperity and love. You may want to know what’s coming but deep down you know that predictions can be changed as you choose to make various shifts in your life. You also might be looking for a prediction to make you feel safer in your uncertainty or to give you an absolute of your future so that you can relax. However, neither work beyond the teeny bit of time when you first hear the words you want to hear.

We live in deep uncertainty, and when you look for someone to predict your future, you in danger of giving your power away.  You also end up grasping at something ephemeral that really has no substance at all in the now. Fear can also creep in as a cynical outlook or idea that you might be doing something wrong (especially if you are told something would happen in a timeframe that it doesn’t).

Predictions do have their place. Everything shown to someone making a prediction is now part of a rapidly moving grid or map of energy. If you don’t change anything your future may indeed show up as you’ve been told in a reading. But you have an opportunity to go one step further with the information you are given. You have the choice to course correct, or hold this map of potential as loosely as you can and allow the universe to call into form that which is best for you. Look at all of it as a reflection of your point of vantage and where you are heading. You can always change direction. Times have changed and how we interpret readings can too. Use these kinds of readings only as a guideline and never as an absolute.  

Give yourself a beautiful gift and appreciate the potentials and power you already have to shape your future. You are in charge of co-creating your reality.

Predictions can be a beautiful way to confirm where you are and where you’re heading. Just remember it’s all a journey not a finite destination.

Love to hear your thoughts too on this subject!


“ Anything is possible when you open your connection to the Universe!”



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  • Chris

    “Colette predicts the future of predictions” – haha – my humourous take on your blog. Love your blog(s) Colette, I try to read them every week and always get something interesting and relevant from them. I use one deck of your cards at home and will now view them from a potentiality point of view, rather than an absolute, as you say. Thank you for your ever insightful thoughts.

    • Rosemary DeTrolio RMT

      As an angel communicator, people always want to know what to do. The angels always guided me that free will is a Universal Law. I was so thrilled to hear you verify that you do the same. I love your cards and although I never use tarot, your deck resonates with high frequency and love. You are awesome!

  • Marian

    Love the blog but the gray lettering on a white background is really hard to read and became so much of an effort that I had to stop partway through. I hope you reconsider this particular aspect of the display. I’m sure I’m not the only person experiencing this challenge.

    Many thanks for all you do.

  • Catherine

    Yes. Future reads are in the moment and are open to us being able to re-create our future and change our future by releasing limiting unconscious programs. It also depends on Divine Timing. Its wonderful to have insights of what could be and how you can move along that positive path!

  • Janns

    I love this. I don’t think I’ve ever heard this articulated in quite this way. Especially how the sped up culture can affect predictions. It’s nice to read something new and fresh.

  • Bonnie Norman

    Thank you for this guidance, I have learned this to be true so many different times and from information that was both sought and offered up by intuitive friends. I’ve stepped away from getting outside guidance and rely instead on my own readings even if I don’t fully understand the message I am given. I am grateful for what I do intuit and try my best to embrace uncertainty allowing the universe to bring me gifts that are right for me.

  • Louise Egan

    I absolutely agree with everything you have said Colette. I was also working as a clairvoyant 20 years ago and it was like following a silver thread timeline forward then dropping down into any future landscapes that Spirit highlighted.
    I now work as a cranio sacral therapists and pockets of the clients future do reveal themselves but differently. Rather they are tactile, emotional, sensual, experiences with taste, smell and touch where I witness the person experiencing a desire for their future for example holding their first newborn grandchild, ( I felt this on a client who was terminally ill but recovered). Or sawing timber with salt water and the sound of the sea in the air, (from a guy with a desire to restore a beach house on our wild west coast).
    A witness of a client.s heart’s desire for a future they seem well on the way to manifesting.

  • Adriana Medina

    Una hermosa mujer! una hermosa alma y muy hermosos mensajes!!! gracias¡¡¡ Bendiciones multiplicadas! amo sus oraculos!!! gracias!!!

  • Anonymous

    In the past I knew a Gypsy who was so accurate with me and friends it was so accurate and a palm reader. Now the past 4 years when I really needed some help with the future I was told different years dates and non have come true. My heart was broken as it was so important to me. Being a Medium and healer I was so trusting. Now when i ever do tell the future I am right. So whats going on. ????

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      focus instead on co-creating your future instead of trying to predict it.. why bother when you rob yourself of your true present.

  • Art Bresnahan

    yes , I agree completely

  • Marjana

    Dear Colette, I totally agree with you. I would actually hate to have someone tell what my future will be and wouldn’t want to give my power away to some external force or thing. I like to think we always have a choice. If and when I go for a reading, I primarily want some help in regards with seeing the bigger picture or understanding on a deeper level what is going on at the moment so I can course correct and do the right steps. But because sometimes we fall asleep , as you like to say, and we forget our Divine nature, it is good to have someone to turn to, to remind us that there is more than we can see with our own eyes and that we can get back on track in co-crating our destiny.

  • Jacob Enns

    Beautifully said.

    I have articulated this to clients and friends in simular ways but never as well and completely as you have. I have turned people away that were going to give me money because they were set on giving their power away.
    I would love to print this on a poster with your name to give people. Many would benefit and you said it so well. May I do this?


  • Zoraida

    Thank You Colette for of your spiritual guidance. I have all of your beautiful and powerful decks of cards. Use them and get Wonderful and love message for my highest and greatest good.
    Beautiful Blessings to you always 🌸👼🏻🌸💫💫💫

  • terry

    Colette, you caught me..i had a reading lol…received this message from you at the same time! spirit is guilding me. I am loving these classes. with gratitude and love, terry

  • Anita

    So encouraging to delve into your oracle readings online, combined with your weekly videos on Youtube. THANK YOU.

  • Lily Wilson

    Synchronicity is a wonderful thing. As I am reading your post which is excellent and a great resume of what I have thought on the subject of predictions.
    I am reminded of my uncertain state a few days ago which pushed me to go to a psychic fair to consult somebody I had heard of. As it happens this specific person was not giving readings anymore and while I was looking around the room to be guided to another psychic, none of it felt right and so I left.
    It really is for the best, “I was in danger of giving my power away” in my search for certainty and clear direction, although I know very well that I can’t get it from somebody else. Thank you Colette for this timely clear reminder.
    I very much enjoy your videos and the wonderful energy coming through.

  • cindy

    Abaolutely love this blog!!! You are awesome ❤❤❤

  • Darlene Harvey

    Love your blog & this weeks’ cards! Absolutely what I needed to hear!
    Darlene Harvey

  • Karen

    2017 was all about lessons. Why did she do that to me? Why didn’t I get the job I SO wanted? It was made for me! It was perfect. I realized around November that all those events ; I had tolerance something. It was such an amazing year of learning and not at all hurtful. I’m so happy they happened and that I got it. And I don’t know how this came into my head, because I’m. not interested in climbing the ladder etc. I’m 55 and just want to do the position I love. Let the young ones strive; I’m about to retire. But I’d really like to specialize a little bit in my job. I’m not old. I’m in my prime! So I started phoning people in higher ranks, who I know. Can’t get any information or anything. So I decided I need to stop trying to manipulate things. I’m going to put it out there to universe. Stay positive but enjoy my days. I’ve done a lot of work on myself and so proud of myself.
    Thankyou Colette
    It’s a beautiful afternoon today☀️

  • Angela Binch

    Thank you I really loved that message, I can resonate with it. God bless you for that!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Colette. Thank you for your article explaining the art of predictions – I have always believed in “free will”, when something is mentioned that I am not comfortable with, I then decide to change it. I believe in co-creating your own reality :). Predictions are a fascinating process – just like everything else in life there is no permanence. As a child I have sometimes been able to see past lives within the appearance of other people and the colours of health surrounding other people’s faces – it is fascinating. I could also sometimes see from which state of their country they were from too. This ability was much more heighten when I was a youngster. I enjoyed reading your article :). Carole

  • Linda

    Love this Colette! When I used to do readings I would tell my clients that minute you walk out of this room everything can change. The giving your power away statement really resonated with me. Thanks so much for your candor.

  • Lindsey

    This resonates with me Colette, especially when I was going through my very difficult divorce 10 years ago- I was in constant contact with anyone who could help me find my way and give me hope, a bright light at the end of a dark tunnel. After my esoteric studies with my reiki Masters and other certificates, but the most recent and so empowering, was reading your Uncharted book which brought me to WOTO and Personal Mastery. I realize I am in constant cocreation with Spirit, and we have the power to manifest our hearts desires or even better. What we are experiencing is the past cocreations. I still find my small self sometimes wanting to give my power away for someone else to tell me things about me and my life- when I have spiritual narcolepsy suction cupped to my face (but its not that often-knocking on wood)
    Thankyou for teaching, inspiring and showing me my magic wand in life with love, knowledge and power.

  • Donna

    This is so true and you are right on course. My experiences and understanding are being validated constantly. Spirit is forthright with me as it needs to be in a loving way. I was told, “don’t just sit there wishing things were different, get up off your butt and make it different!” So true and I have been changing so much in this life. I’ve discovered that with doctors who keep saying if it’s working, just keep doing what your doing! That was not acceptable to me and was not getting to the core issue – that I needed to change something to make it different. I’ve also come to realize that labels are just labels, and scars show us where we’ve been, and do not determine where we are going. That was their old way/pattern of thinking and I was going to break the mold as I HAVE and continue to do. I’ve gone through ovarian cancer and numerous surgeries and challenges in my life. I have progressed enough to change my thinking and get off things I had been taking (never do this on a whim – always work with your doctors), and I am changing my life because I didn’t like the patterns we too easily can fall into as we age. Age is not a grim prediction of what has to be and in a certain way, it really is a Blessing and Gift to challenge it and our limitless potential of how it CAN be. Of course its work! Isn’t a better quality of life worth it for the time you are still here? You know the answer to that. We have to stop looking at what has been and KNOW we CAN break the mold. Do it and then be the Light for others to follow. Make it different!!!! You deserve it. Doctors now validate for me what I know and feel and there’s the peace and validation I need that keeps me moving in the right direction. Like you said, Colette, self-evolving. I choose health and wellness and, yes I have to work at it – sometimes pushing past the initial pity party and then elated that I’m doing it as I see how much easier the world can be to navigate through from a higher perspective of what it can be if I so choose. It’s all up to us. To work on ourselves with helping hands and then sharing that with all who are learning right along with us. It can be like passing the baton to the person behind you or holding the Light so others can see the way. I’m a medium and constantly working on myself with Spirit’s guidance and trying to keep the oars in the boat and not fight the flow. What we can see for you is a possibility YOU are currently most focused on continuing to choose the direction you are walking. It is not what WILL happen, only what CAN happen. You decide. Trust me, it goes much smoother in all ways when you allow the current to guide you. You will see all the synchronicities. Be who you are meant to be, because that is the true norm and it is oh, so beautiful. Be in the now holding Love and Gratitude foremost in your Heart and let IT be your guide. You will always feel and know it’s the right thing to do. This is why we’re here. To remember who we are and what we’re capable of. To shift, learn, grow and expand. To work through this life from the moment we are born back to the Light and Spirit that we are. To help others along the way and then return to our Universal Family – the unseen conscious awareness that is our effervescence of presence while we are present and working through our current form. Thank you, Colette, for all you do and being the bright Light that you are. I’m so glad you are here with us. God Bless you and all of us on our journeys. With Love, I give thanks with a grateful heart.

  • Li

    Good blog today! I’ve been wondering about that. Thank you, Colette!

  • Lorraine

    I wish I would have realized this sooner rather than later. Many years ago when I first started visiting psychics, I took their words like they were from the bible. I didn’t leave room for my own power in the situations. As time went by, I began to realize that I needed to keep my power in the matter and take control of my life, realizing that what was being told to me was only an evaluation of where I was at at that moment in time. I really had control over where my life was headed to a certain degree and I could change course. I find it is still beneficial to get clarification of my feelings about a situation and the direction I shou,d take so I still think there is a benefit to psychic readings.

  • Rose

    This was brilliant, I’ve had readings in the past and tried to fit the mould so to speak, I prefer your ‘story in motion’way of looking at things and using the daily anchor card has been such a revelation,more than any past readings.You help to empower me by your writings and card explanations it’s inspiring
    And wonderful to do the inner work!
    May you continue to be an inspiration to us all🦉🕯🕯🕯

  • Cate

    One of the most eye opening ( yes a der moment ) was when a guide said in a reading, had I known of an unexpected situation that occurred, I would have done everything in my power to change it. Hello! Whose got the power? LOL

  • Lynne Garrick

    Thanks Collette I totally agree with your comments. I too help people/ clients with readings and like you I give them answers based on this time and moving forward on this path or looking at options if you do this … I’ve met a few that came to me and said no that can’t be right I’ve been told by a reader… for example I’m moving so I can’t do this!! Or something similar they hang onto the message we give but I also find over time it’s like Chinese whispers they only heard part of the story. Do your recommend recording the reading? I love your cards and find they give so much clarity 🙏 particularly for my own readings 😍 thank you

  • Janet rumohr

    I saw you privately for a reading 20 years ago
    I worked at the Inter continental hotel with your friend and neighbour I think
    I can t remember her name but her partner was a police officer
    Anyways a friend connected me recently to your page and weekly readings and I just love them
    Thank you for doing what you do and I feel so fortunate to have had that reading so many years ago
    Jan Rumohr

  • Trudy

    Thank you for all you do Colette. I can hardly wait until I can afford Oracle School!

  • Denise Demaras

    I love this! It’s so true that readings can limit your possibilities rather than show you the vastness of possible outcomes. That is why I love your cards – they inspire courage and hope and serve to comfort and encourage dreams! thank you so much – you are an amazing guide and teacher, I do hope to take a workshop with you soon.

  • Victoria

    I always love reading your blog. This was an interesting one for me as I feel like it was written for me. I love the perspective you present…I’m only just beginning to learn about the power I have and feeling grateful for the journey. Thanks for this one ❤

  • Debbie

    After taking your Personal Mastery Course, I couldn’t agree more w/ actually living this course correction & personal power !!!
    I highly recommend to any of your readers/followers to take this class….it will
    Change Your Life & You Will Know Your Worth !!!
    Thank You, So Much Collette….YOU ROCK !!!!

  • Cassandra

    Brilliantly said and an accurate reminder of everyone’s free will and choice in all matters related to prophecy

  • maggie

    Thank you Colette wise words and true. I believe we all have a power. Special if we work with our loving spirits. They do help and guide us. Have to say I was one of those people to, who went for a psjchic reading because I was impationed. I learn the universe knows whats best for us , even if we don’t always like it to hear in the moment. look back they safed me.

  • Mary Borroum

    Well said Colette… No ones future is written. Trying to predict an outcome for someone is like putting the experience of life itself “in a box”. Waiting for the right time to open it again putting their life on hold. It reminds me to be mindful of the advice I would be seeking. I hope you and yours are well, happy, healthy and your dog is a joy! My chickens are well…

  • ' * ARIA * '

    Hi Colette … Thank you for presenting & reading the Oracle cards for today (Jan. 15/18). They (& YOU) are certainly “spot on” with life being in “change mode”! I am currently preparing my home for the Real Estate market come early Spring. A garage FULL of TOO many things that have to be weeded out and incredibly diminished in order to be ready for the “BIG sign” to be put on the front lawn to say I am MORE than ready to head off into the *sunshine* and start the NEXT chapter of my life. I will close my private massage therapy practice and head towards “family” in southern Ontario. I am overwhelmed, excited, scared and THRILLED to see what awaits. I will soon be 72 yrs. still working and have the *sparkle* and enthusiasm of a MUCH younger woman … too bad my birth certificate doesn’t affirm that 🙂 !! All is before me and I am more than ‘ * excited * ‘ as to what lies before me! Love your show… would love to be in the audience sometime… just maybe it might happen given I have family in Toronto AND Ottawa! Absolutely love the white flowy outfit you are wearing on the blog that I just opened up to hear your readings. Continue to *shine your brightest light * ‘ .. you are a *delight* and I love your *sparkle*… it sure is fun to have that *sparkly light* live within does it not! Kindest of thoughts and most beautiful of *Blessings* being sent to you, your hubby and your beloved “fur baby”. ♥ ♥ ‘ * ARIA * ‘

  • Adeline

    U really make me feel like I have so much life to live when the world seems to get kicking me down I want to thank for three years of lifting me up cause they were times I didn’t know if I was going to be on earth so thank u

  • Tonia Hudson

    Thank you great insight!

  • rhona kocsis

    love your weekly readings. You have brought so much awareness to my life. Thank you

  • Delaine Lowry

    A psychic told my husband and I that he was going to leave planet earth (heart problem) unless he changed his mission as he had done it before. We came home and he said he wasn’t ready to leave and I said do you want to change your mission and he said yes, and it was changed. (Heart doctor was amazed when she saw my husband the next time) I’ve noticed myself that when a psychic told me something would happen, I changed it.

    I stopped asking friends that were dowsers or psychics for readings as I realized that I was always fearful when I asked. I When I am at my highest frequency, I remember that I am creating my reality. When I am fearful, I’ll count backwards from 100 until I laugh. I practice ho’oponopono daily also. I love clearing the old data.

    I do use your card decks from time to time to get my own reading. They always reflect my frequency and are very valuable at the time.

    The Good Tarot is my favorite! And I love The Oracle with Pam Grout. I am loving her new blog about the Course of Miracles daily.

    When I do pull a card, I’ll ask my Inner Child or one of my guides to pick it for me. It’s amusing to get the same cards 2 or 3 times in a row.

    Thank you for sharing this!

  • MariVal

    It is exactly as I feel!! Love your words because you put into words what I think but could not describe!! I love everything but this part just describe it superb!!: “Give yourself a beautiful gift and appreciate the potentials and power you already have to shape your future. You are in charge of co-creating your reality.
    Predictions can be a beautiful way to confirm where you are and where you’re heading. Just remember it’s all a journey not a finite destination.”

    I love and have worked with Tarot for a few years now I use for my readings not only Tarot, but the Wisdom of the Oracle and the Good Tarot!!
    Thank you!! Blessings and Love!!

  • Connie

    I get what you are saying because my daughter has the gift and will tell me things. When she reads the cards nothing goes like she says. Do you think it because of free will that goes before and changes everything?

  • Diana

    Wow, Colette! It’s just like that reading was exclusively for me, and I am so appreciative of your sharing this at exactly the moment I needed to hear it. 🙏 thank you!

  • Carrie Ann

    Hi Colette, yes I agree that predictions really cannot be 100 percent accurate particularly because there are many variables involved regarding whether something happens or not. From my experience of using tarot and oracle cards as insights into the near future, they can be helpful with indicating a particular energy or situation that is happening and the effects of that energy as well as suggesting ways to handle the situation. Each person has the option of acting or not acting, and either way something could still happen regardless of our attempts to prevent it or make something happen. I like the philosophy of co-creation. Although we can focus our mind and energy in a particular direction, from my personal experience I have discovered that there are other forces (human and spirit world) which have shaped my experiences, many times without my conscious intention. It is because of things happening despite my conscious intention that I believe we really do co-create experiences and that we don’t have full control over our life experiences. Thank goodness there are good forces in this world and universe to help us! 🙂

  • Eva

    Thanks for the insite; I have always avoided readings because of what you mentioned. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the above subject.
    xoxo, Eva
    PS Was sad I could not make it to NYC; perhaps next time! 🙂

    • Eva

      insight 🙂 …oops

  • Julie

    Well..I agree, completely, I really need the readings of old to be true. Actually I’m counting on it.

  • Sharon

    Wonderful insightful article. My current belief is that if Spirit wants to me know something, Spirit will find a way to get the information to me. If I get a reading, the information I receive during the reading is what I am suppose to know in this NOW. What I do with the information is part of our free will. I once had a reading where I was told about an event that would occur to a family member and things would be resolved by June. They were dead on right.

  • sheryl a dill

    Hi Colette,
    I am learning this lesson about predictions changing. I got so tired of getting answered that changed before the appeared. Now, I ask Spirit and wait on Spirit to show me, and this woks a lot better for me. Thank You for this information.

  • Jennifer DeWilde

    This was very helpful because I am working on a project that a psychic picked up on and told me would be very successful. Fear and second-guessing are blocks that keep creeping their way into this and I know what I need to do, but if I don’t it won’t be because the psychic was wrong it was because I’m overthinking it and getting in my own way of co-creating! Gratitude for your message.

  • Lynn Marie

    I’m glad you wrote this. I personally do not like some of these tarot card readings people do where they show the 10 of swords card, that card really creeps me out!!! I like your oracle cards much better. Thank you for all you do, bless you!

  • Anonymous

    Really awsome! amazing how it hits on what is transpiring.

  • Kate

    I am an empathic tarot reader, so I do tell my clients they are on a journey toward improving their spiritual lives. I also use rune readings by the book to offer more clarity and any pitfalls that may arise. Thank you, Colette! I will use your advice to make sure my clients know they can always change their world!

  • Renee Sugar

    Life is like a spider web so fragile in the making.
    While weaving the pattern it grows and expands
    A process that is mysterious and painstaking.
    At times it leaves you dangling by a thread with
    no safety net below, exposed to all the elements;
    no place to hide or go.
    Somehow the structure emerges intact by some
    miracle of grace;
    With each new strand the web is strengthened
    and the design falls into place.
    Renee Sugar 2008

    A thought provoking topic to explore. One of my favorite quotes, ” If we knew everything beforehand; it would be called dictation, not creation. ” Gertrude Stein
    I have had mixed feelings about “predictions” and receive the information with an open mind; and unstructured perspective. I did however have one reading which was a very “rare”
    opportunity. It happened with yourself, Denise Linn; and Lisa Williams on Hay House radio.
    As I know the line is “always” busy, I usually don’t bother to try. On that particular show, three psychics were collaborating and the information I received was fairly general, but provided food for consideration. It was a huge blessing to have the call forwarded to speak with you and your special guests. Did what you forecasted come true? There was some correlation to what began to unfold in my life and continues to date. I am not one to contact an intuitive for consultation; but felt the day the call was connected; I was unemployed and as Denise Linn said I was in a hole. She encouraged me to explore whatever attracted my curiosity; which is a theme in my life. Lisa Williams said that I would find my way into a new creative project which would happen quite organically and that I “had it in me”. You added that I would start a new work situation by the summer of that year. I did actually open a new door;
    but not until late November. Nonetheless; the reading was a gift that I was totally not expecting to happen; and a sign that our luck does and can shift as we open ourselves to the “unknown”. I live my life; in this 24 hours as I know that in any given moment everything can and will change. What I have come to embrace is that Divine Spirit does know the way; and if I ask for guidance; it will be revealed in exactly the right timing and way. I just need to not worry about the HOW. As Dr. Joe Dispenza says; the HOW is none of my business.
    Truthfully I would prefer to not know. I love when you say ” If it be your will, work through me and in divine right timing according to the highest and best interests of all concerned. Anyway always learn something new and every new experience adds to shift our perspective.
    Thank you as always for your insights, and wise counsel. They have left an indelible imprint on my life. XOXOXO

  • Debbie Carter

    Thank you so much, Collette.

    I haven’t been to a psychic in 13 years or so. That was my only time and I overrode my own inner voice because he was touted by my friend as a “True” psychic. He agreed to see me even though he was ill.

    I was very leary because this Psychic gave me the creeps even though he runs a big “psychic festival” twice a year. I’ve only gone twice because my energy field felt so attacked there. It took me days to reset back then. It made me a nervous wreck. I felt there were really a lot of people there with creepy Energy.

    Anyway, I went to this psychic and he read me Dad who was my abuser. My dad reiterated nearly exactly what he’d said to me a few years earlier before he died, when I confronted him in person (previously it was only by letter). I could tell enough to know that my dad was not in an elevated spiritual realm, but felt he was an sad, unembodied spirit without direction. I’ve since shown him the light many times and I believe he’s moved on because he speaks to me from time to time, not in that manner. Perhaps I’m connecting with his higher soul, I don’t know.

    Anyway, it confirmed my inability to trust “spiritual teachers”.its only been recently since I found you and a couple other teachers on Hayhouse that I’ve felt safe enough to try again to learn.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for confirming my OWN guidance.

    In retrospect, I do believe I got exactly what I needed, because I have come to rely only on myself mostly and much of what I feel is true for me, even if I’m not always in a p,ace to receive.

    Please keep up the good work.

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