The Prospering Power of Intention!

Updated: March 12, 2018 secret everybody forgets when getting on the manifesting train

My friend the late Dr. Wayne Dyer always said that the power of Intention was the single most important aspect to keep in mind when considering the subject of “reality creation”. What’s that? The ability to create our own reality is wired right into us and is the most natural thing we could do (nobody teaches us this hmmm I wonder why?)

SO, If you’re reading this you are probably already a card-carrying manifesting enthusiast and if you’re new to me you may not be aware but you are seriously doing it all the time!

Let’s first talk about when we do it without awareness. Our thoughts feelings beliefs and all the chatty stuff that runs through our minds arise from a conditioned part of us that runs on automatic pilot. It’s called the subconscious, and essentially shows us what we expect to see in the world (even the crappy stuff). This “programmed” mind has only so many stations to tune into (imagine your mind is a radio). The stories you hear and experience relate to what you tune into. So when you are driven by anger, greed, resentment, racism, scarcity, you may not even be aware you’re generating this dial.

The Universe is Conscious and aware of us and itself and will present to you anything you’re constantly dialed into as your reality. You know the days you wake up all pissy and every driver on the road is that way too! The day you wake up all happy and grateful (or, after you meditate) notice how the world around you reflects that? Your response to what you see is decidedly different and your perspective changes. Same world different colors etc. You don’t end up on a different planet you just see different things, tune into a higher vibe, and get a new dial on your mind’s radio.

Conscious Intention is when you have decided you are going to listen to a different station. You choose to listen to say, SoulFM instead of ScarcityAM. You use your imagination to consider what you determine and call it forth from the Conscious Universe. Now, if you are consistent BINGO – consistent opportunities to see things differently and manifest new experiences.

The one thing people seem to forget is that it’s not just you that is the manifester. The secret is in learning how to engage in the partnership with the Universe. You have the power to make the invisible visible, the unmanifest manifest, the desire made real only when you work within the partnership. You do your part- the deciding, then the doing-(you can’t just sit on your butt and dream)  then the crucial most forgotten part is the surrender.

You set the Intention in motion, kind of like curling, you keep your little broom on the ice but the movement is in the hands of the Universe, the end result and the how is not yours to know or to bother to figure out. Once the Intention is mobile you let it go and then watch the miracles as your world starts to rearrange itself. Synchronicity begins to show up all over the place just like unwrapping holiday gifts. It’s all a fabulous surprise!

We will talk more about this in the future but just for today, check in with yourself and see what your thoughts and feelings and beliefs are projecting. Don’t like it? Change it! We always have a choice. Even when life hands us gross rotten lemons. We could turn around and make it fertilizer for our Field of Dreams. Beautiful things grow out of stinky manure. It’s all about the Intention and your partnership with the Universe.


Love you always and forever,

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Anything is possible when you open your connection to the Universe



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  • Renee Sugar

    Thank you Colette;
    I appreciate exploring this topic. Important to be re-minded that process is done ” in concert” with many others. Recently, (last week) it was time for me to renew my passport. Need a new one so I can leave the country and take a break. All of the people contacted to act as a reference responded promptly, and were happy to assist, providing all of the necessary details. All except the guarantor who was not
    informed about the new requirements of the current application. She signed everything, in a very efficient way, and even with patients in the office, sat with
    me to do the task. Some information was not provided as she was not aware. Off I go to the passport, even found it easily!!!! A very short line; everything was flowing well until the attendant told me the application wasn’t completed properly and it was blocked. Darn!!! I persisted to ask if he could just call the office and even though that wasn’t usually done; he was willing. However another part of the information wasn’t included yet. I borrowed someone’s cell phone to call back a second time. Yes I was greeted with resistance; and some annoyance; but the information was provided. So the reason I share this; is that yes the universe is “conspiring in your favor.” There can be however a few bumps that occur. Not denial, just a delay. “Spirits’ delays are NOT denials”. Sometimes, if the request isn’t granted in the timing and form asked for; it might feel like this isn’t going to happen, but it does, and it did. Everyone participating was helping toward the same outcome to process the form so I would receive a new 10 year passport. Now I have to decide WHERE?? WHEN?? I desire to go but leave space for other information, ideas, to appear in that unexpected way they often do. Staying open, and allowing the best outcome is necessary. Non-attachment, surrender not the easy part for me. Stay-tuned!!! ” Leave room in your heart for the unimaginable.” Mary Oliver. Lots of Love

  • Linda

    thank you, thank you, thank you Collette! You are opening so many doors of learning for me, shining light on the darkness, and helping me tune to SoulFM. Reflecting blessings and light your way, much love, Linda

  • Marilyn Kurtz

    What would Love do?! Have faith in Love! Have faith in Us!!!
    Big smile! & a lil Giggle Hug!!!
    (Have your song on repeat! Love it so much!!! THANKYOU!!!)

  • Cheryl

    Thank u. 🙏🏻💕

  • Lauren

    Rule Number 1: what your Soul wants to manifest and lessons it wants in a lifetime come first
    Rule Number 2: Your Personality in the current lifetime can work on/dream up/visualize all manner of things/experiences, etc. but these must fit with Rule Number 1 or they don’t happen
    That said…go ahead and Intend, Dream, Manifest and have fun with whatever shows up knowing that it is somehow for the Highest Good that your Soul Intends!
    P.S.Ummm….you don’t Curl do you….LOL

  • SRS

    I definitely needed this reminder today. Thank you Colette.

  • Sharon Hiebert

    Truth! I was handed a rotten bag of manure last Monday but because I’ve learned how to work with the Conscious Universe/Spirit through your Oracle School, I have been able to put myself into the position of neutral observer and accept things as they are without fear or a need to control outcomes. I will have some influence on how this particular situation turns out in the end but I have no attachment to what form it will take. Manifesting by being liberated from expectation and rich with curiosity.

    Sweet blessings to you, Colette!

    xo Sharon

  • StephanieR

    Thank you Colette. I had an episode of spiritual narcolepsy (or maybe it was more like a caterpillar in it’s cocoon preparing to transfer into a butterfly) where I had to let go of activities and people in my life which didn’t serve me. I’ve been redefining my journey to be 100% mine and not living someone else’s dreams & goals. The oracle cards have been nudging quietly and sometimes not so quietly to redefine my intentions for creating my unique, inspired, authentic life. Your blog is reinforcement (I hear ya Universe. 😉 ) to make the time to define and write my intentions for me and play with the Universe’s guidance, support and love.

  • A C

    I haven been following your work for quite some time now. I do my own readings through your website and with my own personal Good Tarot deck. I’ve been “keeping track” of the synchronicities and while not always spot on there are uncanny messages ALWAYS!
    I feel compelled today to comment for the first time as the message resonated so deeply with me. I am going through an extremely difficult emotional time. It felt like this message was directed especially to me.
    I have to make some decisions that will have a long lasting impact on myself and others. Your talk of setting boundaries, discernment and protecting myself are so true for me. There are aspects that are not happening fast enough and I know I must surrender, be aware of my thoughts and feelings that I don’t want. I set some new intentions and one of them has shown up. I am not sure if I am ready.
    Postcard from Spirit message was the exclamation point for sure!! I believe I am facing conditions that were set in motion by past decisions. I am just not sure if it was MY past decision/intention or someone else’s. That small distinction makes a HUGE difference in how I proceed.
    Thank you, Colette for sharing your light and love with the world. You are making such a positive, loving difference. <3

  • Keith

    Wow and thank you, I love the cards every week and love how they go with mine, that i pick from the Enchanted Map,( them are the one i use every week). Today when pick them and I Meditate every time i do them before,
    I got confuse of what i picked, I got ghost lands , Commitment, Dry Desert, Wizard of Awareness, and they are all up right not in protective. I understand the commitment and the dry desert, the ghost lands and the wizard are a litter confuse on what they mean. I read in the book, for the meaning
    but for this week i could use a litter intern of what you thank If you don’t mind for this week. I also picked the cards Balancing Act and Come together, best I feel like it was a great store, wish i do. All great cards and I like to get a litter in side to how my week will go. thank you for doing these weekly reading with the universe, I learn so much and love it. Thanks again and have a great and blessing week. Keith

  • Arleen

    Thank you

  • Beka

    Perfect just what I neede to hear. 🌀 I love that deck and use it often to readings for others 🌟🐞

  • Alberto Ratmiroff

    Good blog, AIR, the intellect, the minds set, the goal, the overall destine, one is trying to project, over time, and over itself, or oneself. I little difficult, by the way, it takes a lot of energy and concentration and consistency overall. But possible, since I am doing it, on a regular basis, but it is not a perfect machine, not even a well OILED machine yet, but I am trying. Cheers!!

  • Shirley E

    Thank you Colette. Please can you tell me what the music is playing in your video this week. It was, for me, very peaceful.

  • Nina

    Thank you it’s amazing I loved

  • Denise

    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom on the subconscious mind. I am so very blessed to have learned the LifeLine from Dr. Darren and practice on myself of course whenever I find myself triggered by life’s stresses. It becomes a treasure hunt now and not so overwhelming as it once was. It is so powerful to be in the Observer’s seat and own exactly what is my compost! Keep spreading the good messages Sweet Collette!

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