Celebrate the Spring Equinox!!

Updated: March 19, 2018

Feel the Pulse of Co-creation

Happy Spring to all of us in the north, and happy Fall to my friends Down Under! (Although where I live on my farm outside Toronto it looks like winter has come back- but heck I am hopeful!)  The Spring equinox is when the Light and Dark are equal and then a new cycle begins as the Light begins to grow and become more powerful. This time of year always triggers a shift in everyone just as Nature shows us new beginnings and new life so will the natural flow of seasons in our lives, our projects and our dreams begin to naturally evolve.

When new life begins to appear its natural to feel the same compelling drive within you too. I find it most apparent at the spring and fall equinoxes. Something just begins to turn on the magic so to speak.

If you slow down enough to tune into your inner awareness you’ll sense that urge to spring clean, to make space for new life , or in the autumn you’ll feel the call to clean up to make space to incubate new dreams.

This time of year we really begin to feel the pulse of co-creation, abundance and our infinite potential for prosperity. There’s an anticipation, a palpable energy that we can tune into that turns on a switch, like all of a sudden going from dim and hazy to bright and shiny.

The click happens when we fully embrace ourselves as we’re meant to be not as we’ve been taught, conditioned or coerced to be, and not mirroring others so we to fit in which many of us do as a result of comparison. “ I want what she’s having!” isn’t the way to our unique inspired authentic lives at all. We will always be disappointed if we do that.

Now, we have a  beautiful window of opportunity that requires casting off the shell of conformity, removing all the masks that we thought might help us gain social acceptance, to get to our molten core where Spirit’s spark waits for us to ignite our destiny.

Click on your Light, ignite your inspired inner fire and abundance seems to appear as if magical sparkle dust got dumped on your head. One minute you were struggling to figure it all out then BAM you’re at a party!

I want me some of that- don’t you?

The best part is there is no complicated esoteric secret formula to discover. This is what’s needed to hear and feel that “click” and turn on that bright shiny light.

Like that quote by Oscar Wilde I love so much – “You be you, everyone else is taken” it’s our job to find out the answer to the question “What really turns me on?” Not “How do I compete for what she’s having?”

The click happens by going inside to your heart and listening to your truths with your intuition.

Stay out of your head – the switch isn’t there! It’s not an intellectual exercise in fact the biggest way people get screwed up around the subject of “purpose” or the definition of prosperity or abundance is when you get into analysis paralysis!

When I left Hay House ( seems like a very long time ago) for “ bigger and better things” I got them superficially but I lost a big part of “what turns me on” consequently my successes were not in alignment with my true core and I wasn’t happy.

When I came back it was because I had come to know 1000% who and what I was, and with sincere gratitude and humility I let go my ambitions and surrendered to the flow. I’m happier now than ever.

My passion for creating oracle cards and other ways to communicate with Spirit is #1 for me and as a result I’m getting to do deeply satisfying work. It’s my service. Will it get me on Oprah like my colleagues? Probably not and who cares. Others don’t bestow the magic upon you. Spirit is the source of the magic dust!

I no longer “want what she’s having”. I want what I’m having!

Wherever that takes me I’m jazzed every morning with gratitude. There are lots of us in this field and that’s ok. There is no shortage of pie. There’s only one me just like there’s only one you! Inspiration is intimate and personal.

Just like Joseph Campbell said – we follow our bliss and miracles abound.

Is it easy? Well that’s a matter of perspective. Asking “what turns me on?” is answered through experience and being curious, allowing, receptive and playful. You can’t think or strategize this one.

The answer nor the method feels like a contraction.

Quite the opposite… its more like a YAHOO.

And, the most interesting part is that it doesn’t feel like “self” oriented. It’s like you forget yourself totally and are just present, connected and yes.. that’s what abundance really means. Destiny clicks in.. and the Light shines.. on the real truth.

Spirit is everywhere, the all is in the small.

Yep that means you! Anything is possible when you hone in on your uniqueness. What a paradox isn’t it? Get to the real you, only to have the self dissolve into a palpable sense of unity?

Once you taste it… nothing is ever the same.

I know the magic is waiting for you. May this week lead you to your “click” to turn your Light on full beam!. Stay open.. it’s rarely what you think it will or should be!

Ok now.. tell me a story when something “ clicked” for you.. You know when the doors of destiny swung wide (red sea parted, etc.)


Love you always and forever,


Anything is possible when you open your connection to the Universe



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  • Anonymous

    I am loving the shamanic deck and it is beautiful! Still pulling cards everyday( since personal mastery). Love, Rena

    • Sandy Golden Eagle

      I loved your reading! I love your cards. I have the Avalon, Hidden Realms, and the Map! Wonderful cards! I definitely would like to purchase this app on my phone.
      Sandy Golden Eagle

  • Sandra

    Thank you 💛

  • sheila

    Best blog ever!
    This was /Is Soooooooo on point for me!
    Thank you for leading the way and for sharing the process! Its one thing to share the story and the end result success but to share the truth along the way with the Zig Zag along the way is authentic. An excellent guide ,Thank you !

  • Leticia

    I loved the Be You/follow what turns You on/let Spirit shine in you in your unique way message! Thank you from the heart and blessings!!!

  • Christine Sawyer

    I love you, fellow Canadian, and as a senior, I’m still mentally treading through the paths that I feel might be waiting for me to embrace life with joy and exuberance!

  • Gillian

    Very good reading! These cards tie in with another reading I gave myself. I’m going through some issues in the musical band that I play in – there are a couple of members butting heads and both “know” they are right. I wanted to see how I could help for the highest good of all so I pulled a card from Wisdom of the Oracle and low and behold what came up? Flexible! this helped me to start in on a dialogue with these guys that helped with a resolution.

  • Harriet Sugar Miller

    You light up my life–every single day. Though my vista, too, is still blanketed with snow, I can smell the seeds awakening in the earth and in my soul. Would love to co-create a Colette debut here in Montreal one of these days.

  • Anonymous

    What an awesome forecast…I am so loving using these cards and can not wait for the release of the physical deck…😊It’s so refreshing and releasing to know that our first sense is Spirit guiding and Co-creating with us and has our back…Namaste Spirit 🐺❤️

  • Tracy St. Croi

    Spring has sprong for sure here in Austin Texas. Gorgeous wildflowers and the feel of anticipation is in the air. Last October Spirit lead me to the Small Business Expo in Austin Tx. When I say lead, I mean the sychronicities, angel numbers and the flow of that day were unbelievable. I was guided to find one particular presenter at the expo and I had no idea why, but I knew Spirit has surprises in store. As my coordinator Christen and I listened to his presentaion I was getting visions that I would be working with this man and hearing I would be featured in the presentations as well. We were so excited about the synchronicity during this presentation that Rey, the presenter noticed us giggling a bit.
    Afterwards, we were the only ones to stay after to speak to him about this packages he offered. The synergy was palpabol in the room and I knew I had just met someone that was going to help co-create a new part of my journey. Rey asked what I did and the look on his face was priceless as he didn’t know how to respond. I politely reminded him in his presentation he stated “I have seen every kind of business out there and I want something new”. Law of attraction had instantly responded to his request.
    During the next few months we worked together on my branding and marketing presence. The whole process was fun and even challenged me to grow out of my comfort zone….a lot.
    This past January I received a call from Rey asking me to be a part of the 2018 nation wide tour with him on the Small Business Expo. He would feature me in the presentations and have me share my experience working with him. It would also allow me to be business build for myself in large markets.
    OMG,heck yes!
    Its been a trip so far with massive opportunities to grow,embrace and show my true self. Being the only psychic/medium on a business tour can get interesting to say the least but I love it.
    This all happened because I listened to Spirits advice when I knew I need to grow and didn’t know what my next step was. Stepping in the great unknown has been rewarding beyond anything my “small self” could have imagined.
    Spring is in the air and I am excited to see what miracles and magic she has in store for us all.
    Thank you for all your knowledge, energy and time Colette.
    Tracy St. Croi

  • Renee Sugar

    I have to say that I experienced this kind of magic as an emerging artisan/printmaker. Everything fell into the category of “beginners’ mind”
    where there was no history, or “experience”. The process was about “experiencing”
    a present, current unfolding. The practice of this lost art form began to shape my
    life in ways that I could never plan, predict, or even imagine. I was invited to exhibit the collection of patterns I had created in the kitchen, as a hobby in a very upscale complex of interior design showrooms. When they asked me how I felt, I said it would be an honor. I never expected that this could happen. Least of all could happen “for me”. The collection of wallpaper samples was launched at a National Interior Design show, and there I was for 4 days beaming like a beacon while the trade and public wandered through this part of the show where prototypes were being shown; some in varying stages of development. Although I had a twisted spine, an injury and could barely walk; I stood in front of this booth, with work that I created from no prior training; with no teacher/guide. HOW??? It seemed that NO wasn’t in my vocabulary at that time. Many people advised I was jumping into the deep end; but one thing I have embraced in life; is that there might never be a second chance. So if the potential is there and the door is opening, WHY NOT ME?? What I loved most, wasn’t the exposure, or attention; that was actually uncomfortable as I am really quite humble; but definitely was open to explore where this adventure would take me?This started in 2008, and I am still exploring the possibilities in a different form. “If we knew what we were capable of, it would literally astound us.” Life is really so short. So rather than doing nothing flawlessly, why not attempt to do something imperfectly. Bound to lead to growth, and carve an uncharted pathway that has never been tried before. Regardless of the “success” of the ad-venture; I took risks that were not in my repertoire. That was the beginning of recreating a new vision of who I am. Not the in the box definition limited by prior professional assignments; but rather an evolution and unwritten story that was born from a place of curiosity, mystery, passion, not control, ego, or mastery. If I could only package this, the framework can be applied to any aspect of life.

  • Darlene Harvey

    Loved your blog ❤️
    Had a light on moment when I was in the shower. I heard a voice deep inside my soul – like the cracking open of my path. It said
    “ Your vessel is empty now, start filling it with your joy! You’ve done all you need to do – now fill your vessel with your joy of being your true self!”
    It was an amazing moment, because I was worn out TRYING to do and be what I thought was needed for others.
    Thank you for sharing Are that you are with all of us .

  • Suchitra

    My “click” happened end of last week when suddenly I realized that in order to be a better mom, a better caregiver, a more complete professional I do not need to become trained in a certain field.

    I am a loving, give-it-all mom/ homemaker already and my dance is great now. I don’t need to change career paths, learn new moves to be meaningful to my children, spouse or to me. I am already “It” …granted may be not the most perfect “It” but which of us I? We’re all a work in progress and actually Colette it was one of your Shaman Mystical card decks that I pulled electronically midweek last week that led me to this epiphany! That evening I got two more messages, one in Sanskrit during prayer and another on FB from motivational quotes.

    Here I was dreading embarking on a new journey to “prove” myself when all along I was already “home” in my current field. True am still seeking employment…never been through a slump like the one am facing where with both experience and enthusiasm am not getting hired.

    But in my core I believe this is my yin and yan, what I was born to do and I can serve anyone through and outside of this career path…I just need the attitude which I have always had. Just love teaching, come from a family of teachers, so not about to desert this path now. My turn to work will come in Divine Timing. Until then my services continue where they currently serve best.

    I connect to this blog more than any of the others because it reads like it was written to me! Your work is Great because your work connects with so many of us. With so much love and Light to you Colette.

  • Colleen

    Thanks for the reading for the week They are beautiful cards! I look forward to getting my own deck when they are here. 🙂

  • Nick

    Love the synchronicity of the Invisible bringing you, Alberto, and Marcela together at Omega last fall and for these cards now. We are co-creating more authentic lives as the wisdom makers. Amen. Peace, Love, Nick (met you and Maureen at the coffee urn at Omega cafeteria when Spirit aligned us)

  • Jen

    Thank you Colette! ❤ Your message always come in a timely manner. 😉 Thank you for shining your light. Much love from Toronto Canada! 😘

  • Cindy

    Wheeee! Story time! (I love story time.)

    Many, many years ago, my friends moved to northern central Pennsylvania, in a tiny town in Pennsylvania state game land, in the mountains, near a beautiful creek. They invited me to drive up there and visit, and I just fell in love with the area. I wanted to live there. But it was really remote, an hour drive to get groceries, brutally cold winters with lots of snow, and a lack of employment for anyone who isn’t retired or lacks farming skills, such as….me!

    For many years, I dreamed of living “someplace like that” but not that cold, no snowing in for weeks on end, and a grocery store within a reasonable distance. The job I was working prior to this one went from bad to worse, and I desperately wanted to find something else. I was searching for something in the area where I lived at the time without success for months when one day, I had a thought. From spirit? Hmmmmm. I had moved to that area to go to college, never really liked it, but ended up staying because of my friends. But visits with them became increasingly rare as their lives were full of family and work, and the thought that came to me was, “Why don’t you look for a job somewhere you might actually like living?”

    But where was that? I wasn’t really sure. Then some changes started happening at work, and I was asked to re-write my job description. I figured that the easiest way to do that was to search online for similar jobs and cut and paste bullet points that described what I actually did. And I stumbled across this job description for all the things I enjoyed about my current job, and none of the things I didn’t like. So I applied.

    The job was in Oregon. I had never been there and knew nothing about it. The company offered me the job, and flew me out to see where I would be living to make sure I wanted to live there. O….M….G!!!!! It was SO beautiful, I started to cry when I was driving around thinking that if I accepted the job, I would be living there. It was just like where my friends lived, but it almost never snows here, and when it does, the snow melts by noon. Click! Does the Universe know me or what?!

    The best part is that about 8 years ago, I went kayaking with a friend, and there was a house right on the edge of the creek, and I had thought to myself, “I wish I could live somewhere that I could have a kayak and launch it from my backyard.” I initially rented when I moved out here, because the timing worked out in a way that buying right away just wasn’t possible. Last summer, I started looking for houses, and the one that ended up being the most affordable to me? Yeah, it’s riverfront property. A fixer upper for sure, but I love doing the work (as the Universe knows), and I still pinch myself when I land my kayak on the bank of my yard and pull my kayak out and walk up to the house. The grocery store is 10 minutes away.

    The interesting thing is that you are blogging about new beginnings and new life, and while the location is “me” and the money is way more than I could ever have conceived of making, the job is not me. I think I kind of sort of knew that the field that I stumbled into with the last job wasn’t me, but I was hoping that it was just THAT company and THAT boss. It’s not. I think it was just the path of least resistance to the location. And lately, I’ve been feeling that feeling I had when I was at the last job, trying to write my job description. The best way to describe it is like I feel a “click” coming.

    You’ve got me feeling all kinds of optimistic now, when lately it’s been more like I’m wearing this itchy old wool suit that is three sizes too small and pink. I hate pink, it is SO not me. My suit should be 100% cotton, but it’s ok, because I have someone who irons for me in “clickland”. It should be navy blue, light blue, yellow and white stripes.

    Love the way you inspire and encourage me. Thank you!

  • Mena

    hi Colette…loved your blog and reading! I didn’t know you were on a farm north of Toronto now? I’m north of Toronto too, and here’s my story of when it felt like the ‘red sea parted’ – in late July 2015, I moved from my apartment in Oshawa to a 30 acre horse property in Caledon and had 7 horses (mostly former rescues) join me in less than a week! My team of 8 four-legged, equine partners (aka the Freedom Herd) have moved twice since then and we are here to assist people to free themselves up so they can find inner peace and pursue the life of their dreams. Your reading is so timely especially as I often feel like I am ‘behind’ or not far enough ahead….and have to remind myself that it’s all happening in perfect, divine timing. 🙂 I have several of your decks and use them personally as well as with my clients, so thank you! Looking forward to seeing more of your new one. Blessings and big gratitude your way!

  • Jo Ellen Newman

    I love this deck too. Right now I am using it off the web as it’s not going to be delivered to me until after the 27th. I love the spirit of this deck so much I bought one as a gift for my intuitive friend. I hope she loves it. Love each and every deck you make, the voices are different and the council is the most unique connections that guide me every day of my life. Thank you for teaching me the cards but also blowing my mind with aha moments about my own patterns that I was selecting to not see until now. Amazing body of work, this deck continues your legacy with balance and love always shines through. xoxo


    I have ordered mine they are not out till the 27 March in England.they look amazing .

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