How to Dream a New Story for Your Life!

Updated: March 26, 2018

What negative story do you tell other people about yourself over and over? Most of the time when we repeat our “shadow narrative” we aren’t aware of it, we can’t see that the telling of it anchors the memory deeper into the universe, making it a part of your current condition.

Take a minute to really think about this.  Do you see yourself in your story as always being disappointed by people you elevate? Do you tell a story of the world as a place you need to rebel against? Perhaps you tell a story about being a victim of other people’s issues, or maybe you tell one of you overcoming obstacles, always having to do everything yourself. Help never comes. (Sigh) Or maybe you tell a story of being pushed out, isolated by others, so you can continue to live in an illusion of being a victim, and so you can enjoy vicious gossip to vent your unprocessed anger.

It’s the way we unconsciously set ourselves up to stay in a familiar pattern, rather than face the unknown. I know plenty of people who would rather blame the outside world than be accountable themselves for their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and consequent actions. I also know if we want to dream a new story for ourselves, we can do it and we can change for the better!

I am sure many of you reading this have moved beyond your worst stories, but seriously, even repeating stories like “I am so stressed all the time!”, or “I have No time for myself, I work so hard” etc. continue to perpetuate the very experiences you want to avoid! So what is our solution?

One of the aspects of my latest oracle card deck, The Mystical Shaman, is to help you stay on track with the New Story of you- the one you dream into being, the one that takes you from powerless victim to strength and grace; from angry gossip to good friend; from insecure to full, safe and trusting in well-being; from feeling silenced to being able to listen deeply, and share, and be heard. You can dream a new dream and tell a story of moving from poverty to prosperity. You just need to want it more than telling the old story. Working with the deck and asking the right questions, will create a basis for a new foundation for your life, so you can trust in your new story.

Alberto Villoldo, my partner in the deck is a medical anthropologist and expert in the Inca tradition of Shamanism. When we created the deck together, we spent a long time discussing how ancient wisdom teachings “explain how to birth reality from the invisible matrix of creation”, that all we need is courage to dream our world with awareness. Shamans have known this since the beginning of time -what modern science is only now exploring.

My expertise in oracles brought forth the idea that we can gain more clarity about what that dream could look like, how would we get to the next step, and how we could heal, and course correct if we find ourselves out of alignment- sleepwalking and storytelling, rather than story making. So this is why the Mystical Shaman was designed- to help you dream a new empowered story that you can be proud of, trust, and share with others, with grace and humility in service to the world beyond yourself.

So, as tomorrow is the official launch date of the Mystical Shaman deck, I invite you to go to my website and try the cards (for free) by asking the questions below! Then come back and tell us your thoughts on your new story and the relevance of the cards you chose!

Sending you much love always and forever!



I’d love to hear about your experience with the Mystical Shaman Oracle deck, please share your review on Amazon– (Others will benefit from hearing about your experience with this deck as well!  You will be able to leave a review starting on 3/27

Here is what others say about the Mystical Shaman Oracle:

These cards are PHENOMENAL! I received them yesterday and felt such a connection straight away. Beautifully presented and in a wonderful box they even feel lush to touch. Buy Buy Buy… you will feel their essence and wisdom as soon as you open the box. Thank you Colette for yet another inspiring deck.  -Sophia Krzeczunowicz

I tried the 3 card reading you offered and the result was exactly in answer to what I had been asking about – the guidance was easy to understand and profound – these are a very spiritual source of Divine guidance. -Annette Jones

Love love love these cards. They definitely speak to a deeper part of my Being. I feel strengthened when I use/read them. I feel a remarkable resonance that I’ve not felt before. It’s like I feel more connected to myself thru them and stronger for it. Amazing.  -Connie Mercurio

Anything is possible when you open your connection to the Universe



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  • Debbie

    This was amazing!!this morning BEFORE I saw this, I pulled never ending story, clean it up, and tick tock!
    I am feeling very shadowy today as something I thought I was past reared its ugly head. I feel such grief because of it and feared being out of alignment. What came to
    me was also, maybe I AM in the right spot right now, settle in don’t fight it but it is safe and I am being guided and I will be able to let go.
    Thank you!!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      the shadow accompanies the light. I wonder if you might ask in spite of this showing up, what could go right today?

  • Kieth

    Thank you, and I love the new Cards. I here an owl on days and I love how it showed up this week, thank you and have a great happy week. Happy Easter .Keith xoxo

  • Casandra

    I love these cards. They’re so beautifully expressed both artistically and the interpretations. They give us the kind of shove we need to look at everything from a fresh perspective. The Shaman is known as “The Wounded Healer” and there is no healer greater than the wounded one! We empathise, harmonise and connect with everyone via the highest and purest of love.

    This oracle deck are my favourite at the moment. It doesn’t matter who you are – or what you’re looking for – this deck will send you what you need, even if you didn’t know what that is.

    Let the Shaman intervene and with her wise medicine direct your highest good and for everyone around you.

    Thank you for these dynamic oracle cards.


    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I am so proud of this deck- a lot of love went into dreaming it into being xoxox

  • Jan

    Love these cards ,can’t wait to get my deck. So enjoy your weekly readings always something I need to hear.Thank you & Thank you Univese . I also would like to say you look especially lovely today with your choice of color in your blouse the lighter color really looks good on you ,love your style.:)
    Blessing & Love

  • Diana

    I simply love you Colette! Thank you for bringing us another wonderful deck(knowing your other decks, I already know it will be awesome!) I am SO excited to receive mine. When will you release another song from your recent recordings?
    “What Would Love Do” is on my walking playlist now! 🙂

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      O wow well I think I will release the next song next newsletter! So happy you like it!

  • Lauren

    Are the Shaman cards read Upright and Reversed? Is The Medicine part of the information in the booklet for the Reverse?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      yes and if you try them on the website you will see that is true and of course the booklet is extensive

      • Lauren

        Thank You….I thought that there might be a Reversed way of reading these cards. I have been playing with them on the website but since all my cards have been Upright so far I was not sure. Impatiently waiting for my “real” cards to arrive….;-)

  • Jo Ellen Newman

    I take notes every week from these weekly guidance messages. I review them and find them not only amazingly powerful but sent full of love. I feel like they help us tap in to our best selves so that we bring a ‘higher’ us to shine in the world. Guess what, for me, it’s a continual egg cracking open and woo hoo, what an adventure and fun discovery. Love the deck and can’t wait to receive mine. Thanks Colette.

  • Diana Boles

    Amazon just let me know this morning that they are on th way! I cannot wait! The treasures that will unfold by getting familiar and studying each shape, each word, each name, each number the card is given—-well it sets me into deep breathing mode just thinking about it. And this reading for the week is pretty spot on as the future is always ahead and the past cannot be grasped.

  • Melisa Robinson

    The cards are beautiful! I can’t wait to get them. The artist that draws the pictures is amazing!! And the reading for the week is perfect, although I am having a very difficult time right now with moving past some stuff….maybe I can’t see my own shadow side? I feel like I am always looking at what I am doing in a situation to understand it for what it is, but I can’t quite get it…I’m blocked somehow. I can’t let go and surrender….I especially can’t let go of a person and don’t know why….Oh well….more introspection and asking for help, I guess.
    Anyway, thank you so much for your inspiration and your weekly videos…I look forward to them every week!

  • Maximilliano

    Hi Colette,

    A friend sent me your article today.
    It reminded me of a saying by Alan Watts:
    “I am responsible for this life.
    Whether a tragedy or a comedy; I did it.”

    I myself took the record player’s needle off the broken record, and threw away the record 🙂

    Thank you!
    Best Regards,

  • Dee Janes

    Hi Colette I wanted to thank you for something lovely today. It was not a joyous afternoon I got word my friend is the hospital, it’s serious. I got pretty upset and realized I really needed to ground. I decided to take a bath to cleanse and recharge I had wanted to share Reiki with my friend but was so upset I couldn’t get to observer .i prayed to Spirit and I felt led to listen to music I went to Spotify couldn’t find anything, and was Spirit led to look at radio options which I never do. What did I find?. Your radio station!,
    I had no idea!!! so I prayed a Prayer with you, sang to become an open channel , And sang about gratitude for Today, a healing day! I cried I laughed , I healed , and then shared healing with my friends .. I am so grateful …for you…. .a different type of cledon. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher , 🦄Dee

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I didn’t know I had one? What radio station? did SoundCloud make me one? sending love to you and your friend

  • Karen

    Hi Colette,
    I have said goodbye to the past events that were always following me and I kept going on and on and on…And I threw them in the fire pit. Now I think of the happy memories of the past.
    All of a sudden I am experiencing joy, happiness, weight is finally coming off. Go figure.
    I am definitely buying your cards tomorrow.
    Thankyou so much 💓

  • Patricia Stevens

    I have to order this deck because when I gaze at the images, I cry.

  • Renee Sugar

    Hi Colette;
    I love the mystery, and deep wisdom of this new deck. I wish you an abundant response to their birth and launch.
    The three cards I chose 1. The Council 2. The Blade 3.The Child
    Especially the first one. That there is a circle which I am an integral part of. There is wise divine guidance all around me if I would just tune into it more often. I “need” to stay open to listening to others, accepting help, and being a “part” of a larger picture/story. Raging, resisting, reacting does not and never has served me. Put the weapons down, as they are not necessary. Power is not earned/gained with a sharp edge. Softness, calm and gentleness attracts/creates outcomes which supports the highest and best for all concerned. The child is the joyful, playful part of my soul. Being so responsible, and independent from a very early age I didn’t nurture that aspect which is such a vital, spontaneous, inspired part of a person. Children respond from the heart. As my heart was encased in a very protected chamber; the child part was shut down early. Am learning to just be more playful, less serious, and allowing the “spirit” to lead the way. Thankfully
    we never “arrive” in this life. We just leave behind what no longer serves our health, vitality, and evolution. “It’s so easy when you use Lestoil.” or LESS TOIL!!!! (remember that commercial for a cleaning product?)

  • Louise Cramond

    Your cards are so beautifully crafted and embued with Spirit. I love them❤
    I asked a question around what I would gain from pursing a business opportunity I have been looking at for sometime and if it was for my highest good?
    My first cards was: The Journey
    Second: The Witnesses
    Third: The Giveaway
    The Journey helped me to remember its not the destination but who you become throughout the journey.
    The Witness encourages me to be still and really listen and The Giveaway to be grateful for what surrounds me in my life now.
    Thankyou Colette for the gift of these cards.😚

  • Lisa

    This blog message is exactly what I needed to hear…I’ve been telling the same tired story about myself for far too long! And the crazy thing is, I don’t even believe that story about myself anymore! Thank you Collette, for reminding me to create a new narrative and become a story MAKER ❤️
    Yesterday I received the Mystical Shaman Oracle deck which I had pre-ordered, and let me tell you something- it is some powerful stuff! I felt an instant bond with it, and can tell I will glean much wisdom and guidance from my readings.
    The artwork? WOW! – absolutely breathtaking. The packaging – spectacular! I can’t wait to make this my daily deck and use it as I create my new life journey. Thank you, Collette!

  • Terry

    Love the artwork on these new cards! I seem to have a problem accessing your daily oracle readings, the website seems to crash! Any ideas?!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      mercury retrograde! it works fine for us, also check your internet connection 😉

  • Alice

    I love my Mystical Shaman deck. They are Sacred and Magical.

  • Melinda

    So many thoughts to put here. I find them all to be self-serving. But I’ll try. 1.The Drum 2.Pachama 3.Thunder They all relate but I oppose the message stubbornly. I’m purposely staying stuck, claiming to be patiently waiting for guidance, offering all my free time to family in crisis in order to continue abandoning self. It’s clear to me, that in being so opposed to taking action, especially with Pachama, the thunder card and how it relates to my life is still holding me in this comfortable position of remaining stagnant. I’ll meditate on these and hope they convince my logical mind to “knock it off”

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love your reply. The cards offer reflection and guidance for the highest good.. you still get to choose to stay stuck if you so desire!

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