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Updated: May 28, 2018

The Cledon…tune in to the messages that you need to know

One of my favorite spiritual phenomenon to talk about is the cledon. It’s a message from Spirit that is innocently and unknowingly delivered to you by someone or something else. And, once you tune into the cledons all around you, you’ll be truly amazed at the personal and powerful messages Spirit has for you.

Though the word “cledon” sounds a little bit star trek-ish, (I get a kick out of it when people refer to it as a klingon!) it’s a concept that actually originated in ancient Greece. For our ancestors in the Greek civilization, and for 1400 years, it was common practice to pray to the gods for guidance and then go out into the world to get a message- specifically they prayed to the god Apollo for intuitive oracle guidance. People expected to get their insight from Apollo through day-to-day interactions; for example, they’d overhear a conversation between strangers at the local market, or a friend would unknowingly deliver a message over dinner.

The cledon is a way for us to tune into the messages that we need to know about that will be delivered to us through sound, and from an innocent or unwitting source. A cledon grabs our attention as if out of a lot of noise we zero in on just what we needed to hear- something that rises above everything else. We distinctly feel the connection to the message as the synchronicity becomes obvious. It’s also easy to discount once it’s passed as “nothing more than coincidence” because our innate connection to the consciousness in the world around us has been conditioned out of us.

We still receive cledons all the time today. You might hear a conversation at the mall in which two random strangers say just what you need to hear. Or, perhaps you’re having lunch with a friend who says something that answers your question on what to do next in your career. You may even be listening to me do a reading with a caller on my radio show or with someone at one of my events and just know that what I told them is also a message for you. (I get many fascinating emails from radio listeners and event attendees who have had this experience. I love hearing them!) Common cledons can come from other people, songs on the radio, the T.V., and billboards.

Here’s an example of one of my own cledons from a long time ago. It was actually pretty amazing when it happened. I was in LA with my husband at breakfast. At the time, I’d been wrestling with becoming a vegetarian; I’d just read a book supporting veganism and saw an upsetting video on factory farming and dairy cows. I wasn’t sure that the milk in my coffee was organic and wondered if the cows that produced the milk were treated well. I mentioned this to my husband while we were sipping coffee, and he said, “Why don’t you pray about it or ask for a sign?” So, I asked Spirit for a sign. Just a few seconds later, this little girl not even yet two years old had sat at the next table with her father and she started looking at me and saying “No!” Her father profusely apologized to us saying, “She never does this. I’m so sorry!” I was taken aback because little kids and puppies always respond well to me. Even my husband said how weird it was. Then the little girl looked right at me and loudly exclaimed: “MAD COW!” Well, her father was beyond shocked and turned to her to ask, “Where did you learn those words?” The little girl just looked at me giggling and smiling and then turned to her dad and continued on as if nothing had happened. I have not touched milk or cream since that day and have only used organic coconut milk in my coffee and have become pretty vigilant about only eating cruelty-free animal products… This is only one story among the many cledons I’ve experienced.

So, how do you know you’re receiving a cledon? Your sense will be heightened in a noticeably different way. It will feel like truth amplified. For instance, you may experience a heightened feeling and suddenly in that moment you’ll just know intuitively that what you overheard was a message for you. Or, you may experience more sensitive hearing; perhaps the radio will suddenly seem louder during a song with a message that Spirit intends especially for you. When you receive a cledon, it’s as if Spirit, or the Universe knows exactly what’s on your mind and addresses it.

Of course, the Universe does know what’s going on because it’s part of you as you are part of it. It lives in you expressed as your higher self, and your intuition is your connection to the Divine. The highest desire of the Conscious Universe is to help you manifest your utmost life experience. But rest assured that life experience isn’t all going to be happy and serene.

Our world is changing at a pace far beyond our capacity to comprehend it. So much that has been swept under the carpet is coming up to be recognized. Issues like racism, sexism, social oppression are going to be calling all of us to step up. We’re dismantling systems and it’s messy and scary and yet we can’t put our heads in the manifesting sandbox. It’s ok to be scared. We must never be shamed for being afraid. So sometimes you will get a cledon that speaks directly to your personal desire for yourself. Lately, the cledons are also calling us to listen and lean in to the bigger story that we are all a part of.

When I began creating my new Goddess Power deck I was clear it had to be multicultural and inclusive and I knew as an artist I would take some risks in my choices. But I wanted that to mean something more than just the art we chose. I was standing in a lineup at a Starbucks in a bookstore in NYC. Two beautiful black women were standing in front of me holding a deck of oracle cards by another author. The one said – “I don’t see myself anywhere in this!” “I wish there was one with more diversity.” Exactly what I needed to hear.

Remember that Spirit is always communicating with you through the world you inhabit. So, as long as you ask for guidance, you’ll receive a message. It’s up to you to listen, take it in and then take whatever action you’re prompted to. Spirit, however, decides the how, when, and what. And, of course, you will not necessarily get the answer you want. But if you have courage you will be part of a Great Awakening. This is indeed an amazing time to be alive.


Take a moment today to ask Spirit for a message about something you’d like guidance on. (For example, your career, love life, finances, a decision you need to make, etc.)

Now, continue to go about your life and trust that Spirit will send you a message in Divine appropriate timing. Sometimes you’ll get a cledon right away, but other times it will come a few weeks later. Just have patience and trust Spirit will answer you.

I’d also like to encourage you to start a journal and begin recording the messages Spirit sends you. In future blogs, I’ll share more ways for you to communicate and receive guidance from Spirit. So, be sure to start a journal and you’ll be truly amazed at how you’re never alone—the Divine is always guiding you to your perfect destiny even if sometimes you land in a salt marsh head first!

Also, be sure to report back and share your cledon experiences!!

Anything is possible when you open your connection to the Universe



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  • Nancy Shearer

    Hi Colette, love this blog, wow, my cledon was big. Being prompted to stand up for an injustice is way outside my comfort zone, yet I did. Being told I had to choose 1 of 2 people, both new and excellent at their job to be replaced because of a downsizing, by a different person (long story) was mine to make. I am the very low person in this scenario. I said no, I wrote a letter (email) 1 week later stating my dislike with this scenario (very polite but firm). To know me is to know this is far outside my norm, 31 years with this company and I never stood my ground like this, this was big. Yet I knew it was important, your blog today just confirmed this, thank you for all of what you share, offer, reveal, reflect.

  • Reply

    Lovin’ it!

    I shared a cledon in the comments via FB.

    However, I have another cool one to share here.

    I had found out some really serious news. I needed to respond quite ca quickly, but I didn’t have the financial means to do it. So! I got on the phone and started calling friends and family to ask if any of them could help. Everyone I called said no. So now I’m sitting in my office wondering how do I fix my problem? I asked God for guidance and help.

    Within minutes, a not so nice employee who I had plenty of not so nice exchanges with, approached me and said “I don’t know why I am doing this, but I feel lead by the Spirit to do it”. She literally handed me the exact amount I needed in cash. I was in tears. Grateful tears nonetheless.

  • Rene

    Hi Colette! I love the Wisdom Oracle deck, I pulled a daily card sure enough message in a bottle. It was reversed I need to the pay more attention to the messages from spirit. Talk about synchronicity. Thanks for the blog post.

  • Rene

    Hi Colette,

    I love the Wisdom Oracle deck. Just before I got your email about your blog. I pulled the message in a bottle reversed talk about synchronicity. I need to pay attention to the cledons all around me. Thanks for your post

  • bobbie edwards

    Thanks so much. This was a cledon.

  • Anonymous

    Loved learning about this today! Thanks so much 💜💜💜

  • Patricia Lynn Stevens

    I hadn’t even finished the request when my husband interrupted me…with a CLEDON
    Patricia Stevens aka

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Colette, this was exactly what I needed to hear.
    You are truly inspiring.

  • Ginnie

    Funnily enough, nearby Cleddon Hall in Wales, UK, is the present name of the property Philosopher Bertrand Russel grew up in… fascinating man! Your blog prompted me to read about him. Many thanks!

  • D’Von Wilson

    Hi Collette! Just yesterday Spirit used my 6 year old goddaughter to deliver a cledon. As I heard the words coming out of her mouth, I knew exactly what it was. The funny thing is I immediately thought of you! Not from your current blog but from a time I saw you and Sylvia Brown in San Antonio some 13 plus years ago! Then, today, I found your email. Spirit Rocks!!

  • Frances

    Thank You Colette. I really needed to read this. I feel so overwhelmed right now as there are so many voices expressing their views and beliefs, whether it be through motivational speakers, books, mediums, psychics, angels. All of which I am learning, or studying as I try to find my path that truly resonates with me. Thank you again

  • Diana Flumian

    Wow! My story….I’ll try to keep it short. I saw you in Toronto at the Hay House conference last weekend. I had no idea who you were but I watched you walk past me and was immediately drawn to you (sounds kind of creepy, I know!). I ended up buying your book Messages from Spirit in my pursuit to learn to live in the moment and listen to the universe.
    I read part of your book yesterday (and thoroughly enjoyed it!) and decided to look you up online and was blown over when I recognized your photo (For whatever reason I didn’t notice your photo on the back of your book). And today, I read your blog and asked a question and was hoping to receive a Cledon. My question: do I open a wellness retreat in my Villa in Mexico? Do I keep it small, or do I buy the property next door and build a larger facility?
    Then, I watched your weekly oracle card lesson and WHAM! I feel like you were talking directly to me. The 2 protection cards: Truth be told and Come to the edge and asking if I have the substance and expertise to make this dream come alive and help people in a world where so many people and businesses offer wellness retreats and centers. I have the answer and need to work on how and where I differentiate. It also tells me that starting small right now and building my capabilities is the right way to go. Also, when you asked “are you willing to take the risk”, this is where I get stuck. However, I believe intuitively that I will succeed. Seeing the Milk & Honey card is reassurance!
    Then, I picked my own cards which have made things even clearer. I picked from the same deck and the cards told me that although it may seem like I’m going ’round and around, it’s part of my process to teach me lessons. I’ve been frustrated about the cycle of building this business plan and making this decision (I’m usually very decisive but have been afraid to jump in because of the emotional and financial risk) and know that there are likely areas where I need to learn from and address before I move forward. I’ll start by looking at the areas that frustrate me most.
    I’m so happy I’ve come across you, your books and your website. Looks like the Universe wanted me to find you last weekend :). I look forward to staying connected with you, Colette!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      BIG HUG welcome Diana and congrats on the possibilities !!!

      • Jeanie L

        Oh my I’ve been having a hard time with a decision to move back to Texas I’ve gone back and forth between TX and Cali for the past several years. I pulled round and round in protection and then land of milk and honey. I read the above comments and they were milk and honey and round and round. Still a bit scared to make the move but feel it would be best as my daughter is a single mom with 4 girls who desperately needs help. Thank you and God bless you Colette I’m so glad I am part of your tribe!

  • Ariel Laman

    Dear Collette,

    I ordered 3 oracle card decks & received 2 of the 3 I ordered. The Mystical Shaman deck wasn’t sent. Instead I received the Good Tarot.

    I’ve been reading tarot cards for over 50 years, & didn’t want to order another Tarot deck. I’m disappointed I didn’t received the Mystical Shaman Oracle deck.

    Any suggestions for me?

    By the way I find the Enchanted Map & the Wisdom of the Oracle cards really
    good, informative, spoken with respect for where a person is on the path & gives numerous ways the wisdom can be interpreted.

    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom in this way.

    Blessed be
    Ariel Laman

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Ariel did you buy them from hay House if so contact their customer service line and ask for the Mystical Shaman deck. The Good tarot is really a hyrbrid tarot/oracle as it shows the evolved experience for the person using them, or how to evolve beyond the challenges. They are very different from classical tarot 😉 xoxoxo

  • Ariel Laman

    I’ve had many cledon’s occurring in my life over many years. Yes there is a timeless quality I’ve experienced, taken to another place where magic prevails.

    Ariel Laman

  • Connie Baldwin

    I look forward to your blogs @ other teachings. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with others!

  • Sharon

    I thought these were synchronistic clues? Never heard the word “cledon” before reading this.

  • Deepaa

    Dear Colette,
    I was just reading ur article on cledon,
    I went to reread the para “Take a moment…..”
    As I have just taken up a project for children who are orphan,
    r juvenile and was concerned to arrange teachers who will teach them
    Sudarshan Kriya and
    I need sponsorer, how the timing will be arranged etc… as they have to be brought back in the society with utmost dignity.
    1400 Indian Rupees is the fee for per person /child And Guess… A white feather just flew right in front of my window pane assuring everything will work out in a DIVINE manner.. Thank you so much Colette. Blessed u..

  • Miranda Kate

    Thank you for this Colette. I often overhear things ot tune in at just the right moment to hear something I need. I never really thought about it as a message before but it makes sense so I will pay more attention.

  • Marie

    I love it, Colette! Your reading this week is my cledon today 🙂 . Love, Marie

  • Sarah

    This was a great message for me today – thank you, Colette.

  • Elizabeth

    Colette, I have noticed this for years and think it’s so cool! And now I know the name for it.
    I have to tell you about a funny one that happened to me fairly recently. I was on my way to the grocery store and I was talking to Spirit ( I do this a lot in the car!) and asked if my daughter really had a blood sugar issue. She is chronically ill, mostly digestive issues but lately she had been almost obsessing about her blood sugar being the cause of some new symptoms.
    While I was shopping I had forgotten about the question while I was busy getting groceries. I was walking to the checkout past the isles of food and all of a sudden a plunger bounced to the floor beside me. I stopped and tried to figure out where it came from. ( I could only surmise someone had left it on cases of canned tomatoes at the end of the isle) And then I thought, laughing, “That’s my sign? A plunger??”
    It wasn’t until at home after dinner while I was quietly washing the dishes that I thought about what a plunger is used for. Almost immediately I ( and my Higher self at the same time) said, “To clear blocked pipes!” So yes, a digestive issue. Always listen to the bouncing plungers!

  • Barbara

    Love you! I’m always amazed at how accurate your readings are for my world. I own Wisdom of the Oracle and cherish their illustrations and messages! Thank you

  • Joanne Boulter

    Hi Colette,
    Because of you and your guidance my life has changed drastically over the past nine years. (I am 63 years old) I was the lowest that I could ever be. I lost everything and I do mean everything, from husband, children, grandchildren, home and health. I even tried to take my life because the pain was more than I could bare. I was Job from the bible. Now I have a new life! It’s all about growing and sharping my intuition and having gratitude for all things! Just this week I have started a new spiritual journey that I am so excited about. I have started this journey many, many times before but I know now that it is the right time. I’m rereading your books and exercising your thoughts and ideas on being an intuitive empath. I’m breaking out of my cocoon. Just yesterday the most beautiful large light yellow butterfly fluttered around my front door for a while to tell me “Yes, it’s time”.
    I chose 4 cards from WOTO and the first three were protection cards. My first thought was oh no! But I remembered your advice and saw them as loving helpers. 1- Yin, It’s time for me to be the student! 2- Unfinished Symphony, wisely telling me to not procrastinate this time around. 3- Yang, Go with caution and gusto. 4- Never ending story, upright. Time to write a new story! Love , love, love it! Timing is everything. Thank you for your beautiful work!
    xoxo Jo

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      big blessings and KUDOS for the courage to step into your truth and intuitive path!!

  • Renee Sugar

    Hi Colette;
    I’m still working on the G-d box project !! I love it when “Spirit” has a message; usually a musical One for me. It can also take different forms. Recently I was at the market and overheard someone saying I have the cheque. This reminded me that I had folded a cheque and placed it in my wallet. I needed to deposit it. Other times someone might be in line ahead of me and put down an item, then once again it reminds me that I need to buy that as well. License plates, signs, often reinforce something I need to remember. I suppose I could just make a list, but this is more creative and often very amusing. Notice I am being brief today!!!


    Tooo funny just an hour ago Id been talking to my friend about a project I wanted us to do. I saw and read your blog, and there was the Cleadon….. confirming the project!!!! How amazing is that 🙂

  • Kathy

    I never knew the word “cledon” either but have had so many, I even wrote a book about my signs. Thank you Colette for this post as we all have things every single day but just need to respond. Mine are music, feathers, a blog post, ( so true!) flowers, and even my kids with messages!

  • Keith

    OMG, How i love to her about the little girl, It makes me wonder how many time I have had the answer to a question and have just not got it? I will be doing this exercise, and be looking for the answers. I did my cards today and got fork in the road, for the first, and I have been thanking of looking for a new job, I don’t mind my job, but I thank it is time for a change, then I got Mending, and I have been doing a lot of pass healing trying to see if that would help me visualize. I think something is my pass stopping me? the next card is Why and I don’t have a clue.(lol) And the last was the tribe. and I love it, it reminds me the spirt and the angles, and the great plant has my back and well guide me if I get the ego out of the way and try to listen. And think you for the store and have a great week. Many blessings and thanks agine Keith

  • Ann

    Hi Colette!
    Enjoyed reading your blog post.

    I feel like some messages I receive are upsetting to me and sometimes not supportive. Feels sometimes like being punished or getting bad karma back or being blocked or pressured by life. Like I’m being told to have peace in a place part of me finds upsetting or stuck in a place part of me really doesn’t want to be.

    I’ll mention some specific things below to explain, sorry if I come across really bad or messed up. Please don’t feel obliged to read everything!

    1. I asked God for help and later overheard a conversation where something was said like, ‘No-one came to save her’ or something. Also I once was upset due to an issue and walked past a sticker or something with ‘Could be worse’, like my upset wasn’t being acknowledged.

    2. Also I have many negative events related to housing, relationships and sometimes financial security and at times it feels like God wants me to be in difficult situations to learn my lesson or to punish me or something. Sometimes I believe God wants me to be on the street.

    3. Another example of a message I received is, someone suggested music to me with lyrics with words like fake, alone, cold, inconsiderate. Like life thinks I’m a bad person.

    4. And a stranger came up to me at the book store and angrily said out of nowhere, “You only think about yourself”. I felt so upset.

    5. And once a stranger asked me for help and I didn’t feel like it, for several reasons. Right after this request I overheard a conversation with, “You HAVE to serve”. I feel like God is so pressing.

    6. Also I believe I deserve to be punished because my laptop broke, found my bike in the street broken and my favorite cowboy boot broke..

    7. I know this is vague but I feel at times that I keep coming back to a dark place where I feel like it’s hard to get out or maybe I have to stay there. I’m so upset in those places.

    I don’t even bother asking life for help anymore because the answers I receive such as ‘You have to go’ or being told to have peace on the street, feel too upsetting to me.
    Maybe I should just surrender but I don’t like some of what life seems to want for me. I believe life wants me to be homeless and then clean up things I’ve done wrong.

    Sorry for all of my negativity! And for mentioning way too much! I know it’s really inappropriate.
    Sorry for that. Especially because you have such an awesome vibe.. Sorry.

    I’m sure this all comes across really messed up as well.

    It’s mentioned on your website that you are no longer doing private readings or personal coaching. That’s alright!
    Is there any way I could enquire with one of the email addresses on your website as to whether you have suggestions for someone who could help me out with figuring out the mess and interpreting the events in the right way?
    Like perhaps a coach or something? I don’t want to bother you with it personally but perhaps I’ll send a general enquiry to ask.. Would be really nice to have some feedback.

    So sorry for the negativity. And for coming across so messed up.
    I really enjoy your videos and your vibe.

    Kind regards,

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I wanted to write you here to let you know I heard you and can see you are in pain and confusion about all this. I highly suggest a therapist or coach. I always recommend Nancy Levin. Read her book Jump and Your Life will Appear and go to her website which is her name. I think you will be also best served by a good therapist. Hang in there..

    • Rosslyn Picton

      I’d just finished reading Ann’s post from back in May. My thoughts and prayers are with you and I really believe if you are able to look up some positive videos on YouTube it may help you to get into a more positive head space. I don’t believe God has left you behind, I think your mind is playing tricks on you. The mind is not always your friend and the EGO wants you to stay stuck! I can relate to some of what you say (not the homeless aspect, ) but I’ve been a very negative/fear based thinker and I am only now starting to shift out of this. I truly believe you can change and move forward!! I also agree with Colette about finding a therapist. I love what Colette does and there is also EFT Tapping (Brad Yates is a super great vids on YouTube) BLESSINGS ANN!!!

  • Bradley

    I was actually drinking milk when I opened your blog lol. I am trying to get off of animal products, but it’s a challenge. And this morning I was thinking I really need to start journaling again. You were my cledon today! I look for signs and messages everyday. They are usually birds and numbers. A cardinal and hummingbird yesterday. Awesome stuff<3

  • Kirsty

    wow, today already even before I read your blog has been full of cledons, I had enjoyed a coffee watching the full moon set at dawn this morning, and asked the universe and my guides, for a sign that they were hearing me, then as i read your blog I got my answer and I hadn’t realised I had been receiving “cledons”for two whole days straight and hadn’t seen/heard them. I listened to your oracle cards and then went and picked my own, I always use your wisdom of the Hidden Realms deck, it never lets me down. the cards I pulled this morning were The Hungry Ghosts in protection, The ring master of scrutiny and the Lady of the Mirror, oooh, how very true were they. Thank you, once again your blog and card reading were right on time. Thank you so much.

  • Jonathan Spears

    Now that, is a moment! I receive this megs at he right time and in the right moment. Blessing, and the highest of positive energy.

  • Brenda

    Wow great wake up I knew this and had forgotten thank you 🙏

  • Ruchi

    Loved this Colette , thanks .
    For years I have been receiving these , but I never knew that there was a specific term for it .
    Thanks for expanding my vocabulary.
    Am definitely grateful for concrete real life examples you shared to illustrate the experience.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Kristin

    I have experienced these moments many times in my life. I never knew there was a word for it until I read something you wrote! How neat!

    The first one that popped into my mind: I was in the grocery store in the cereal aisle. I had been having a really bad day. A lady came up next to me and started to chat with me about the nutrition labels that we were both reading. I don’t remember what she said that prompted to me to bring up my grandparents who had both recently left this plane. I used to do their grocery shopping for them and I missed them very much. The lady looked right into my eyes and said, “they were so lucky to have you!” I was instantly filled with love and gratitude and I knew they were both there in that cereal aisle with me. My bad day was suddenly transformed and I was bathed in gratitude and light. I felt like that lady was an angel speaking to me for my grandparents and letting me know how much I am loved! I drove home with a huge smile on my face!

  • kitt depatie

    I just finished reading your blog on cledons or klingons and I asked about launching a kickstarter project and the reading you just did clarified YES o thanks for that message!

  • Rani

    I have had such messages in the past but so far have not had a clear response to the question I asked! Maybe there is no answer at this time.

  • Karen

    I did a Spirit Guide spread yesterday afternoon, then last night as the hubby & I were getting ready for bed he started singing
    Light up, light up
    As if you have a choice
    Even if you cannot hear my voice
    I’ll be right beside you, dear…
    Sang it twice then shut up!
    My cledon right there, still smiling today about it 🙂

  • Meredith

    Sometimes the cledons I’m aware of are feelings… of peace or excitement… sometimes they are butterflies anywhere, fish and turtles when I swim, and recently when I was holding to my truth as regards my kids I saw 3 ladybug cledons…which felt reassuring… I’m on the right track with my feelings…

  • Darla

    During a time I was feeling lost and disconnected from spirit, I asked for a sign as a book I was reading suggested. I asked for a sign that my spirit guides or angels were with me. In order to be perfectly impartial, I opened my dictionary, with my eyes closed, to a random page and put my finger down. The word I landed on was “Tinkertoy” which I thought was perfect. Not something I would stumble upon in normal life, but not impossible to find. Weeks passed with no sign and I resigned myself that it may work for others, but it doesn’t work for me. Maybe I truly am alone. Then in speaking to a friend on the phone one day, she mentioned that her child was in her room playing withTinkertoys. I’ll take it! It’s not that common of a toy these days. I then told her the story of my quest for a sign and she said “OH my goodness!” She worked at Disneyland and she said literally EVERY TIME they started off the Toy Story parade and she took her place near the giant Tinkertoy float, she thought of me and thought she should invite me to come see the parade! But then she would think, oh, why would she want to see something so juvenile? So she never did mention it. She could have given me my sign months before! She was a psychic medium, too! Maybe that is why she would think of me when she stood next to the Tinkertoy, but she never followed through. But still, she did eventually give me my cledon!

  • Nicolas Duquerroy

    Très beau message, merci à vous !

  • Rosslyn Picton

    Thank you Colette for this “TIMELY” article! I’ve been working hard on my inner self, to raise my vibration and my self esteem. I’ve been talking to myself, saying the phrases “I am worthy,” and “I want more” as often as I can remember. I had a visit from a dear friend two days ago, whom I only chat with on the phone because she lives in another city. We were sitting chatting away and she suddenly said “you deserve more!” Believe it or not, no one has ever really said this to me before and my ears perked up. It felt like a message and her words have been going around my head ever since. I really believe the Universe is validating my positive self talk!

  • Patricia

    Thank you, Colette for this article! I first came across this new word for me during your video in Part 2 of The Art of Card Reading free online course through Hay House. I’ve experienced signs throughout my life which are distinctly noticeable – like when a dove hopped up three steps to come closer to my feet, whilst ignoring two other persons sitting near me (I looked it up afterwards and discovered that it was a Barbary/ringneck dove) or when I’d accidentally stepped onto a slug as I got out of bed during the night in the dark, or when a butterfly flew into my face. Is there a special term for these signs from wildlife? I know in shamanic practice, they are interpreted as being significant. In all cases, I am not consciously going out there to look for answers to questions but they always turn out to be timely and bring metaphysical/spiritual messages to me through their symbolism.

  • Monica

    I find this so interesting and feel like this is just what I needed in my life
    Thank you

  • Carla Williams

    I will keep this short:) I had a dream that highlighted how, being a healer, I sometimes have to srep back and allow people to be sick. I cannot MAKE someone do what is necesary. The next day as I share my dream with two elders, I become aware that the message was not for me but was for me to pass onto one of the men I was talking to. The heightened awareness and intent focus I had was directed towards him, felt like the universe was yelling at him-using a language he would understand.

  • Kathy

    The most fabulous cledon I had was when my mom’s husband pasr away and she told me she saw an angel, when she told me about this on tv at the same time the name of her hisbavd was called. I told her the Universe confirmes it was him as an angel that showes up

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