Surrender = Doing Your Part & Get Out of the Universes’ Way!

Updated: June 11, 2018

Sometimes no matter how much you want something, you must let go and surrender it to a Higher Power. In fact releasing attachment is key to the co-creation process.

You may be thinking, “But Colette, what if I really really want it with all my heart?” Maybe you’re in a relationship that you really want to work, but things just haven’t come together. Or perhaps you’ve been pursuing a career path that you’re determined is best for you, yet it’s not moving forward. It may even be that your efforts to change or avoid a difficult situation aren’t working.

Most of us have had the experience of wanting something so badly, we’d do almost anything to have it or make it happen. Determination is after all one of the most important keys to success in any area of your life. Yet, what happens when you keep trying to make something happen but it’s just not falling into place? Could it be you’re holding on to it too tightly?

When we resist or try to control an outcome in our lives, and when we become too attached to an outcome, we create more of what we resist, and less evidence of what we desire. As we push harder, we become stressed out, exhausted, and emotional. All that wasted energy just feeds our wounded ego we all have that tries to keep us focused on separation, abandonment, anger, and so on. There’s the missed sleep, the blaming self-talk that comes from feeling stuck, and the worry that takes up valuable space in our minds. With resistance, we disconnect from our intuition and disconnect from the conscious universe, as well as from the present, which is where all of our power is. In the end, resisting stops us from moving on by keeping us trapped inside emotional pain and longing.

Surrendering involves doing what you can and then letting go to let Spirit, or the universe ( you choose the label)  lead the way. As much as you might try to be general manager of the universe, you aren’t; ultimately, you’re a spark of something greater and your self-will alone cannot just make things happen.

If we want to live authentic and purposeful lives, we have to co-create with the Divine, which has the true power. We must do our part and then get out of the way so Spirit can work the magic. We must trust in Spirit’s plan for us, which is only revealed in Divine appropriate timing. And we must accept life on life’s terms, allow things to be as they are, and see the greater truths hidden in plain sight. When things don’t happen as we want, they’re usually being withheld for a reason. For example, losing a job could be a push from the Divine to finally listen to your intuition and start your own business. The end of a relationship may be making space for something better. A difficult situation often opens our eyes to strength we didn’t know we had.

I’ve often said that I haven’t let go of anything that doesn’t already have my claw marks all over it. I’m the first to admit I’m a bit of a recovered control freak who used to try to map out exactly how things were “supposed” to unfold in my life. As I share in my books I was dead set on how I thought all the areas of my life should unfold, from my relationships to my career. When I finally surrendered in each area and trusted Divine guidance, and did the inner work necessary for me to become the person that could live the life I desired,  my desires were paradoxically fulfilled for the highest good. I ended up with a career that I love, a relationship that is beyond my wildest dreams, and have experienced more than I ever imagined by letting go but I will say that none of what I expected happened, and the form of my life was not at all what I thought was best for me. The essence was true, the form was something I would never have considered. Surrendering brought it all home.

So often we put off surrendering until it’s a last resort, as if it’s something negative that we’re forced to do when there’s no other option. Yet, surrendering isn’t about giving up or relinquishing your power. It’s about aligning with all that is in your highest good as well as the highest good of the universe. Surrendering gives you freedom to respond to life rather than live through reaction. It also allow the universe to do its part in the co-creative partnership. We forget that we are not alone in the co-creating.

Remember, when you do what you can, then let go and trust in the inherent goodness of the Universe, you have the most power to experience more joy, purpose, and happiness.


What might you need to surrender? Perhaps whether or not you meet that amazing partner, a job search, whether or not someone likes or loves you, worry about your adult daughter’s spending habits, the outcome of a relationship, or whether or not you land a new client. Once you’ve done what you can, it’s time to let it go, and if its a much bigger goal and intention then you focus, and do the do things, surrender the results and keep chopping wood and carrying water.

Create a God Box or Jar: Hand all your attachments over to the Divine. If you don’t already have a God Box or Jar, find a simple shoe box or empty jar. (You might even want to decorate it!) Then, write down all the worries, fears, concerns, and anything you’re trying to control on pieces of paper. Fold each paper up and then as you put each in the box or jar, acknowledge you’re handing it over to Spirit. You might say something like: “I can’t, He can, so I’ll let Him”. (or if you decide on a Goddess Box use the feminine, or if you’re more neutral call it a Sacred Manifesting box) It’s OK to be creative about this. You are doing this as a sacred ritual of symbolic meaning.

Meditate: Even ten minutes of meditation a day helps quiet our mind and focus on the present. And, if you find yourself starting to resist or worry again, stop the thought process and count your breath for a few minutes.

And, please share your experiences and advice on surrendering. Remember, we all learn from one another.

In service and love,

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Anything is possible when you open your connection to the Universe




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  • Marlene Snell dula


  • Jennifer

    I enjoyed the blog this week much more than I did this week’s oracle card guidance video. The interpretation of the cards given on the video felt constricted to me since the cards were introduced and discussed in a certain context (social order/issues of the world today) rather than allowing for a more general and personal interpretation. I kept wanting to interpret the cards in a different way for myself, but felt distracted by how the cards were being discussed in a way that I felt was a less genuine intpretation of the cards (for me). The blog obviously reflects the message of this week’s cards, but it does so in a way that feels more relatable to me so that I feel I have a better understanding of the message in terms of how the cards chosen for us all are related to me personally. Good blog.

  • collette

    As usual today’s reading was just what I needed to hear— still so grateful that you share your wisdom with us——thank you so much for today’s insight.

  • Cindy

    Thank you. I needed this reminder so much today!

  • Claudine

    I just today made the commitment to myself that I’m going to hand it all to God, all the unknowing I have about where I am in life and where “I’m supposed to be” because in truth I just don’t know. But I do have faith that a higher knowing does know, far more than I ever could. So, my commitment is just to be present and to cultivate joy and gratitude and happiness NOW. As if everything I could possibly want for myself is already in existence in my life at the moment. I think that’s the only thing I can do. Nothing else seems to be working and in a strange way that feels like the most empowering thing I can do for myself. Thank you Colette for a great post as usual x

  • Annette

    Thank you Colette. This is by far the best blog of this nature I have “stumbled” upon. I resonate completely with your Oracle card reading also.

  • Rhona Bronson

    So fascinating to get yin and yang in one reading! These are times when perspective and positivity are so important, and your readings help in so many ways. I look forward to the readings each week . Thank you for bringing this forward each week.

  • Sharon

    How timely is this subject for me!! I am trying to manifest good health. First dealing with adrenal fatigue and now torn rotator cuff. Changed my diet, taking wonderful supplements, going for physical therapy and I am still frustrated because I am not seeing the results as fast as I’d like (yes, I’m impatient). Perhaps there are lessons I need to be learning from this slow process and the only way I can see those lessons is to surrender. Perhaps patience is the lesson. 🙂

  • Annie

    I’ve been so stressed applying for jobs and not hearing back – sending my resume into the wind. Reading this I consciously thought about letting go of the need, and acknowledging that I already put the work in and did my part. Half way through reading and letting go, I got an email for the next step in an interview process for one of the jobs!

  • Aparna

    Thank you so much for this timely article Colette! I am going through a big transformation in my relationship and the emotions sometimes can grip the surrendering process.
    So glad I read your article, thank you 🙂

  • Isabel Fagoaga

    Thank you so much for the article Collette! I so needed the reminder! I’m dusting off my sacred manifesting box and filling it with (yes, claw marked) aspects of what I am handing over 💖

  • janice dzwonczyk

    thank you


  • Barb Parcells

    Fork In The Road also came up for me as the #3 card! The other two cards: To The Sea and Why? Seems to agree with your reading for this week that I need to know what I want to do and why, what drives me to want to do this? Awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you very much for this serendipitous blog post! I know I have to let go and trust that the right buyer for my house is out there. I’ve been struggling to ACTUALLY let go, even though I know that is exactly what I need to do. Your post also reminded me that a friend gave me a Guatemalan worry doll. I think I will go talk to the doll. 🙂

  • Heather

    Hi Colette! This article really resonates with me. One of the things I love about your oracle cards is the focus on surrendering to a higher power. From my own experience, any time I push or try to control what I want, one of two things happens: 1. I either push it away completely — which is what I fear, or 2. I get it, but, because pushing happens from my ego not my soul, what I’ve gotten isn’t really right for me! I’ve had this happen many times. What’s hard is trying to let go of the fear. When I want something, I try to focus on how I already have the essence of it in my life and that helps. Meditation also helps a lot. I love the idea of a God Box/Manifesting box. I’m going to try it! I love articles on surrendering, even beyond manifesting. Thank you for this!

    • Anonymous

      I love it Believe in the manager who is god the divine. And do the work.I meditate.And i was looking for the surrender card meaning.It brought me here.In order to better things to fall,some must end.Because they dont longer belong in our lives.They were made to be temporal.

  • Barbara Bunting

    I absolutely loved your blog and of course always love your weekly tarot cards. Your joyful authentic beautiful soul always shines through with grace and lifts my day. I read your blog this morning in the hospital where I arrived yesterday with chest pains the night before. I felt in my heart that I was fine but had to be prudent about my body care. There were moments when I was concerned and unhappy about being admitted to the hospital but I thought I need to just surrender and live in gratitude for all the wonderful people I have encountered in this stay and that I felt fine. I just got the words that I am fine and will be discharged with no more tests required! I feel like your blog came to me as a confirmation of surrendering!! Bless you Colette for all you are doing!

  • Sarai

    Colette I don’t always read ypur Blogs but when I do they perfectly align with the situation I am living in. I am so thankful for this blog and your willingness to communicate the massages from spirit. Thank you. God bless with thousands of more blessings.

  • Anonymous

    I love the “God Box” idea. I’m using it now. Thank you.

  • Deborah

    Thank you Colette i needed this. I am practicing surrendering on a daily basis but definitely need reminders from a wise woman or friend and the universe a little more some days than others like today especially. I visualize lifting my problem issue whatever it is to goddess source and releasing and it being taken away to be worked on. This helps so much.

  • Kathy Pickett

    Love your blog Colette and I just subscribed to your YouTube channel. I found you last year thru the Hay House World Summit and have even mentioned you on my spiritual blog! This is so spot on for me about surrendering and I am getting better st it everyday. Being an empath means we worry a lot, right? You know what I am so I am always trying to get my own website and new blog moving along with my book sales. By surrendering everyday in meditation, I am finding some more connectors little by little. I think I moved too fast at first so now I need to just keep going and let the Universe guide me. Thank you for your light and love! I also watched your video with Alberto on the Shaman Oracle cards. Loved that! Keep being your adorable self with such positivity!!

  • Keith

    Love the cards this week, but I ,miss the Post cards from Sprite. and I got 3 cards in protection, this week, and I thank it goes on the mind of why can’t I visualize. so I’m going just do my meditation, and try to go out of the why for the universe, and wait to see what happens. Thank you and have a blessing week. Keith

  • Sandy B

    How absolutely hilarious. Just this morning, after struggling with an impossible situation, I realize I had to give it to The One to handle. I tried everything I knew possible to get the results I thought were good for me, yet, nothing was working out. In exasperation, I finally realized it’s time to let it go, and let The One do it. I read this article immediately after I had let it all go. How hilarious and what great confirmtion I’d done the right thing. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Thank You!
    And a question: Is it OK to put the same thing in the God box more than once? Something that comes up over and over – even after you let it go?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I do sometimes but I do one God Box then don’t open it until the following year

  • Rio Simone

    I loved both this blog post and the week’s reading. Last week and this week were both spot-on for me. This post is a good reminder to examine all the areas of my life where I might be attached to outcomes. I appreciate you and your contribution to the world! Thank you!

  • Jill

    Colette, I have so much respect for you. Your oracle cards have changed my life, and this blog post was exactly what I needed to hear right now. Thank you!!

  • Diana

    Colette, as usual your blog hit home for me. I’ve been dealing with a very difficult situation with my siblings concerning my elderly mother and her declining health. I realized I can only control what I say, think, and do. I was praying and meditating on “acceptance, surrender, and forgiveness”. Then I read your blog. It validated what I
    was already feeling I needed to do. Thank you for your wisdom. Sending God’s love and light your way!

  • Bradley

    I’ve had a god box for a few months. I got one of those christmas cardboard things that had chocolate and popcorn in it. There is a lot of stuff in it now. They really do work. Tangible, physical things are manifesting in my personal life now. Thank you Colette<3

  • Dolores

    I, too, was a master of control. Then when things didn’t go according to my plan, I would sometimes suffer with severe anxiety. I am coming up on 5 years sobriety. Turning my life over to my Higher Power has transformed me. It is such a feeling of freedom. I no longer have to control everything! I try to always remember the greater good. Thank you, Colette. You are a true gift!

  • Brenda

    This is a great reminder today!

  • Renee Sugar

    “You’ve got to know when to hold them; know when to fold them;
    Know when to walk away, know when to run. You never count
    your money when you’re sitting on the table, there’ll be time
    enough for counting when the dealin’s done .
    Kenny Rogers
    Here is some wise council from music. I am inspired by more lyrics than I can possibly fathom remembering how I do this.

  • Renee Sugar

    Much that I sought I could not find;
    Much that I found I could not bind;
    Much that I bound I could not free;
    Much that I freed came back to me.

  • Diana Boles

    So true so true. I was called to be present for a Karmic Care Giving for my X husband as he battled stage 4 cancer. His journey ended on May 19th, but my Karmic Care Giver duties do not end. That is one of the roads of the divine. Being present in what you are doing for the needs of others is a way to turn control over to the Higher Power. Create your own Big Bang.

  • Debbie

    Thank you for your amazing blog post of giving up one’s will to God’s will.

  • JJ

    Beautiful. Part of today’s sermon in my church was on Surrender. Then, I “happened” to look at an inbox I rarely check, and read this. Divine perfect timing. Thank you, and many blessings!

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